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Live from the Finals, Game 2: Lakers vs. Celtics

BK here.  Wow, fans are fired up.  During the National Anthem, whenever they showed a Laker on the Jumbotron, the crowd booed.  Then a Celtic, with wild cheering.  Another Laker, more booing.  Right now, the members of the Boston Pops who performed tonight are wondering why the crowd only seemed to enjoy half of their effort. 

After the Lakers were introduced, they're now showing highlights from Game 1, leading off with Paul Pierce's return to the court in Game 1, and capped with KG's offensive rebound and dunk that sealed the deal for Boston.

It's certainly a hostile environment for a very important Game 2. 


Celtics turn the ball over on their first trip, as Kendrick gets dinged for the illegal screen.  The Lakers respond with a nice possession- an offensive rebound for Gasol, then the reset, swing the ball around and Fish finds a cutting LO to get the Lakers on the board.

Pierce hits a three on the other end, and the Celtics are up 3-2. 

10:20- Kobe grabs the offensive board but misses the putback.  I know he talked about bunnies in Game 1- that was a bunny.

10:06- Vlad picks up his second foul, and PJ comes back with Ariza.  Solid move.

In Game 1, when Vlad got into foul trouble, PJ responded with Sasha, and it threw off the entire rotation once Fish had to come back in on Cassell, Kobe had to pick him up, etc.  Now with Ariza, they basically keep the substitution pattern the same and hopefully get the regular minutes that they want from everyone else.

8:00- Nice play from Gasol, backing Perkins down in the post, faking right, going with the left hand for the bucket.  Points in the post.  They need that.  10-5.

5:07- Timeout on the floor, Lakers up 15-12, and Boston making a little push.  The Lakers are doing a much better job early in Game 2 getting the ball inside.  LO had a nice tip in off the offensive glass over Perkins, Gasol hit a baby hook with the left over Perkins in the lane, then had a great move backing down Garnett and throwing down with the right hand.  Good patience, good aggressiveness.  If they can keep this up, combine it with Kobe's normal crank up as the game goes on and they could be in good shape.

The important thing is that they don't want to freak out and stop doing all the things that got them there, just because the Celtics are a strong team.

Walton in for Ariza out of the TO.  He's guarded by Pierce.

4:18- Good play by Gasol and Walton.  Luke had Pierce sealed on his back, Pau led him forward, and Walton was able to go in for the layup.  Good recognition, good pass, good finish. 

3:45- Allen hits a three over Kobe, and it's tied at 17. 

Allen fouls Kobe on the other end- it's the first Celtics foul of the game, over eight minutes in. 

3:04- 19-18 LAL.  The Celtics are still making things very tough for Kobe, who is now trying to get into the post on Allen.  The looks are coming for other players right now, and they'll have to get Kobe catching and moving to find him some space. 

2:06- Kobe throws a pretty weak elbow- it' looked more like he was putting his arm up to gain position on Allen, and he just wasn't there yet.  Either way, it was a pretty soft whistle to pick up his second foul of the game.  Full speed it looked much worse than it did on the replay... and at full speed it still didn't look that bad. Two on Kobe, two on Vlad. 

Farmar and Sasha in off the TO.

:44.3- Farmar draws a foul on Rondo, his first.  The trip before, Garnett hit a big shot for the Celtics at the bottom of the 24, after the Lakers had done a nice job and forced the Celtics into a hurried shot. 

Wow, that was a clear flop on Perkins. That kind of thingThen it gets worse for the Lakers, as LO picks up his second foul on the next Celtics possession.  The Lakers end the quarter with Vlad, Kobe, and LO all with two fouls. 

Farmar hits a big three at the end of the quarter, and the Lakers are up 22-20.


On the scoreboard, it's a good quarter.  The Lakers got inside with Gasol, Odom made his way into the lane a couple times, Fish has stuck some good open looks.  Kobe has only taken four shots, made one.  On the other end, the Lakers are doing a good job, holding Boston to 20 points, keeping them off the glass (one offensive rebound), and forcing five TOs.   They certainly look like a more composed bunch tonight.  They've had much more to say about the pace and flow of the game tonight than they did on Thursday.


Seconds in for LA- all of 'em.  Ariza, Turiaf, Walton, Farmar, Sasha.  With three starters having three fouls, PJ has to try and get some minutes from these guys. 

11:21- Sasha gets hit for the reach before Powe gets contact inside, but fortunately he misses the shot.  Two FTs go down, and we're tied at 22.

9:40- Pierce hits a three, and PJ is forced to call a timeout, likely to get some new personnel on the floor.  There's just not enough offense with that group.  The bad charge call on LO and the faux elbow against Kobe have certainly hamstrung the Lakers at the top of the quarter.  10-0 run to start the quarter for the Celtics. 

PJ hoped to squeeze some minutes from the seconds given all the foul trouble, but I don't think he'll be able to.  Kobe, LO, Vlad all back after the timeout.

Kobe hits his first shot on the return.  They've got him operating out of the post, and he and Posey are beating on each other pretty good. 

8:10- Great offensive rebound from Vlad, then a lucky break as the pass he threw out to the top of the key as he was falling out of bounds was tipped, but went right to Odom who put it down. 

On the other end, Turiaf picks up a questionable foul on Powe- looked like he went straight up to defend the shot as the ball came into the post.  That's two on him, and another Laker with some early foul trouble. 

7:04- Kobe hits a jumper at the top of the key over Powe.  Said Mark Heisler sitting next to me, "That's another 20 foot bunny with a hand on his face."  Lakers down 36-30.

6:40- Fish reaches in on the Garnett drive and picks up his second foul.  They really do like to do things as a team.

5:50- Pierce blows by Vlad on the perimeter like he's standing still- was he actually standing still, and has way too much room to roam inside on the Lakers- he dishes to Perkins who up-fakes Pau completely out of position, and as Gasol lands on his back Perkins gets the layup.  He'll go to the line with a chance to put the Celtics up by nine.  Right now, it's 40-32 with a timeout on the floor.

The Lakers are still struggling to find rhythm offensively after a pretty strong start.  Only 10 points in the quarter, and most importantly, they've been to the line all of one time--- on a technical foul.  Boston: 14 trips, nine alone for Powe.

5:30- Nice play by Odom, tipping in the Vlad tip of the Kobe miss from downtown.  That's Odom's second tip in, but it was set up by a good effort from Vlad to keep the play alive.  Vlad hurt them with the early two, but it seems to have fired him up a little.  He's been very active since he returned to the game.

4:42- The Lakers finally get a bit of a make up call, as Perkins is hit with a pretty weak push off call underneath.  Looked like he had position on Odom.  That's his third.

4:22- Nice recognition by Vlad and Pau- after the screen switch, Gasol had Pierce on his back.  Vlade left him the ball, and Pau want straight over Pierce, backing him down and putting it in with the right hand to get the bucket and draw the and one on Pierce.  That's his second.  Lakers down by 4, 41-37.

2:52- Timeout Lakers, as consecutive triples from teh Lakers give the Celtics a 10 point lead.  The Lakers have totally been removed from their offense.  They're struggling to find good looks for Kobe, who is in turn trying to create them himself, which is hurting the offense.  The threw in a little P and R on the last possession before Fish took a very bad shot from downtown.  That could help.

2:05- A triple from Vlad Rad cuts the lead to 47-40.  He's been one of their best players in the quarter.

1:53- Ouch.  Kobe picks up his third, running through Pierce while chasing Allen around the floor.  He'll have to sit for the rest of the half, and Allen gets both FTs (the Lakers are in the penalty).  Sasha in for Kobe.   

:23.9- Fish picks up his third.  This isn't good.

HALFTIME: 54-42 Boston. 

A promising start has turned sour for the Lakers, as they've continued to struggle with fouls.  Kobe has three, Fish has three, Vlad started the game with two, LO has two, Ariza two, Turiaf two, and so on.  All told, it's 17 personals in the first half for the Lakers, 10 for the Lakers.  FT disparity, 19-2 Boston, and one of those for the Lakers was on a Garnett technical foul.  So in game play, it's 19-1.  The Lakers are getting it done in the paint behind a strong 13 from Gasol and eight from Odom, but the Celtics have effectively removed Kobe as a threat going to the basket, and you can see he's getting frustrated.

On the ol' to do list, the Lakers have done a good job on the boards, with a 19-17 advantage, but clearly haven't mastered teh whole "don't foul" thing.  Some of that is home court for Boston, some of that is aggressiveness on their part, but the officiating hasn't been particularly helpful to say the least.  Some very critical calls on Odom and Kobe early that have changed the flow of the game considerably. 

It's a good thing halftime in the Finals is long, because they have a lot to talk about.


Nothing like web access in the upper press box.

Anyway, with 4:29 left, the Lakers have used a 6-0 run to cut the Boston lead to nine.  Three straight plays off screens, with Kobe moving the ball.  High screen and roll with Pau and Kobe, LO flashes to high post, Kobe hits him, Pau rolls, easy dunk.  Pretty.  Next play, Kobe comes off the Pau screen, finds space, hits the tough J.  Then Kobe rolls over, finds Pau flashing to the FT line for an open jumper.  Better ball movement, more baskets. 

The Celtics are a tough team to come back on, especially if things get rushed.  The Lakers just have to continue to be patient and work the ball around.   PJ employs a baby press out of the TO.  More for show than anything else.

3:00- Consecutive poor plays from Vlad, as he drives and kicks to... nobody, then loses Pierce on hte other side for an easy Boston bucket.  Kobe forces two straight threes and the Lakers look extremely close to coming unglued.

Luke in for Vlad, and misses his first J.  Allen hits a three on the other end in the left corner as LO can't find him on the break, Kobe turns the ball over trying to lob the ball to Pau in the post, and off the TO, the Celtics come back and get an easy layup for Powe, from Rondo on the little lob in transition.  The Celtics lead is now up to 20, and the Lakers officially have, um, issues.  They're just getting thoroughly outplayed in every aspect of the game. 

Boston is able to break them down in almost every trip down, and the Lakers haven't been able to stay disciplined on the other side, or hit anything from the perimeter that might stretch things out.

1:20- Lakers down 79-59.

1:10- And in the "bad to worse" category, LO picks up his fifth, a charge into Brown trying to drive to the hoop. 


Powe punctuates the quarter with a dunk, as the Lakers get burned by Rondo penetration to end the quarter.  They double Pierce on the wing, he passes out to Rondo, who drives in space, has an open look and an easy dump to Powe who has an even easier dunk.  83-61.  There's always hope... but man alive, there ain't much right now.


10:00- The Lakers are still down by 21 as the Lakers are getting some ball movement, but no stops defensively.  They're still being broken down.  At this point, though, they're being careful not to foul and put the Lakers on the line.  The only way they're going to lose this game is to give them free points. 

9:20- Farmar hits another three, and the Lakers are down 18.

KG comes back with two jumpers in front of Turiaf on the other end, and the Celtics lead is back to 20. 

During the TO, they're playing "Don't Stop Believing."  Not a hard thing for the Celtics fans to buy into right now.  PJ comes out of the TO with Gasol and Rad back on the floor, and give up what might have been the worst baset in basketball history, a coast to coast dunk from Leon Powe, in which nobody even moved to defend him.  That was awful. 

6:45- Pau to Kobe attempt at the alley oop goes awry, as Kobe can't get the handle the pass, and the ball goes out of bounds.  That's about how things have been going. 

5:56- Lakers down 96-78.

4:41- The Celtics are more than willing to trade buckets, and are now laying off the Lakers on that end, which is why they're scoring with more easy.  Unfortunately, because the Lkers are down by so much, they have to take a lot of risks defensively, and Boston is getting a lot of clean looks, making it tough to get any traction. 

3:48- The lead is down to 13, so it's still a game, but barring a miracle, the hole is too big.

2:45- But at least they're still playing.  Kobe triple cuts the deficit to 11, but they'll send Rondo to the line out of the TO, as Sasha fouls him on the drive.

2:15- Kobe drives and hits the floater along the right block to cut the lead down to nine, but Pierce converts inside on the other end.  Back to 11. Kobe gets inside again for another layup.  Fish gets the steal, Vlad goes the other way, hits Sasha, who buries the three.  Celtics now by six with a minute six to play...

1:03- Vlad Rad forces the steal, then goes the other way for the dunk.  It looked initially like he traveled, but on the replay it was that Euro off-step takeoff.  Lakers down by four with a minute on the clock and Boston with the ball.  Clearly I put this one in the win category too early.  The Celtics went into the prevent defense, and the Lakers have brought the game back.  Now it's a question of a) if the Lakers can get stops, and b) if the Celtics can turn it up again.

Pierce fouls Kobe on the floor, and Bryant goes to the line and hits two.  Lakers down by a pair.  They need a stop...

Fish fouls Pierce on the drive, and he'll go to the line for two with 22.8 left on the clock... makes the first.  Three point Boston lead.

and the second.  Lakers call timeout, down 106-102. 

Sasha tries to take a three, and Pierce recovers to block it. Not the shot they were looking for.  Posey tracks down the ball, and is fouled by Fish who was pushing for ball.  Posey makes two, and that's gonna be it. 

Final score 108-102.

More to come.



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Sorry we are kickin ya'll ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!

Wow you laker fans are whiney. Funny how LA hasn't beaten Boston ONCE this year and they think they are going to win the series? Typical Southern California fantasy. Sweep ... and you won't here Bostonians complaining about the LA refs ... they'll just win.

Kobe is a baby.

I love the Lakers and all laker fans that stayed true to them through these last 2 games....

All you other laker fans that gave up, talked shit...

Go to boston. we don't want hear.


Troy will you please stop with this mafia talk
you sound like an 11 year old kid

The refs took the wind out of play in the first half. Only when it became apparent that it was no longer a game did they let them play. I turned off the tv at halftime, the refs made it difficult to watch. I only hope they call it for the home team the next three games or this series is over.

Funny how Mike Breen stated that Paul Pierce had 24 pts and 8 assist on a superb effort and Kobe also had 24 pts and 8 assist but it was a struggle? What the hell is the difference in the same numbers. Why can't Kobe get the same if not more credit than pierce, Kobe finished with 30 pts on 8 assist shooting 50% and pierce had 28 pts on 8 assist.? Go figure. Lamar sat out the 4th quarter as he should. I hope he and Pau pay attention and take a lesson from Kobe about playing with some heart. 38 free throws to 10, come on folks, we all saw the game......

i have no words to describe what the refs did to kobe and the lakers today, that was a disgrace to the NBA

I just sent the league an email complaing about the officiating. I encourage all of you to do the same.

Posted by: Rick Friedman | June 08, 2008 at 08:29 PM

Rick, that's just like sending a complaint letter to Osama bin Laden about the insurgence in Iraq. Dude, THE LEAGUE IS DIRTY.

You need to send a letter to Dr. Buss. Only he and his $$$ can deal with things on this level.

I have to admit, I thought the game was over. I'm proud of our Lakers for never quitting, never giving up.

I'm not going to complain about the refs, there is no point to it. All I hope is that they call the games in Los Angeles in the same way, the home court advantage that the Celtics enjoyed in this game.

Still, we also need to play better, obviously.

Go Lakers!! It's our time now!!

Today's game is obvious proof that the NBA is staged. A friend of mine told me this and I found it hard to believe, but watching the past couple of games and how they ended, it's evident that the NBA is in this for the money.

Point #1: With a game so close in game 1, why was Sasha Vujacic shooting three point shots with under three minutes to go.

Point #2: With a big comeback and the game down by 4, why didn't Kobe get the ball back. If you take a look at it agian, Kobe is the in-bounds player, and when he passes it in, he doesn't even attempt to get the ball back. Instead, Kobe disappears to the other side of the court and you have Radmanovich shooting the three.

Sorry guys, but I know the NBA wasn't like this back in the 80's and maybe up to the mid 90's. The NBA is obviously wanting to make money in this series and this is why this series will go 7 games. I also beleive the seventh game will be the only one not controlled by the NBA.

Lakers WILL win 3 games in LA.

Take it to vegas.

phil is giving a press conference. He is PISSED about free throws

And some people are still trying to find one last crevice of weakness to stick one last fingerhold of negativity into. Yeah, if we had West, Wilt, Kareem, Magic and GOD HIMFRIKKIN SELF we might have won. We almost won anyway. Go practice your self abuse somewhere else.

Mamba, if you're reading this, I want a roll call tommorrow AM, and every damn day between now and at least next thursday.








Can't wait to hear the NBA statement tomorrow about how that happened, especially when anyone who watched . It's gonna have to be a 2 hour press conference just to cover them all.

I think the refs gave this to the celtics...

just imagine a finals game with a 38 vs 10 in free throws...

where's the consistency...

the 4th showed the true lakers identity..

Let's sweep them at STAPLES and put a dagger in their heart at the celtics arena on the 6th game...

The Celtics must be the exception to the defensive 3 seconds rule. They sometimes have 2 or even three guys guarding 1 guy in the lane. They did the same thing to my Cavaliers. If you can't drive you have to settle for poor jump shots. It ruined Lebron's game and kept us from meeting Detroit again.

Just like Detroit four years ago. Refs "let 'em play" at the defensive end, then call every tick-tack foul on the Lakers.

38-10? In FAVOR of Boston? After Atlanta was getting to the FT line 30-40 times a game in that series?

Delaney, Crawford and Mauer ought to be investigated. WWE officials are less biased.

Probably the worst screw job I've ever seen for 48 minutes, topped off with that phantom foul for Pierce with 30 seconds to go.

Lakers would have done better if the Boston coaches had officiated the game.





I will not be turning on BSPN...or anything like that..hell i prob wont even read anything in any paper..b/c i know people are saying we are DONE.

I beg to differ.


complex my brotha - I'm with you. I'm so mad I could spit. Good thing I can't afford to break this TV and get a new one. I'm fired up that the boys came back the way they did, but it was a ridiculous game from the git go. I turned the TV off now - don't want to hear anyone from the hated greenie weeners speak, and don't even want to hear about our comeback in a losing effort and maybe how we now have some momentum. Nothing less than an absolute @$$ kicking at Staples will make me feel better. And I'm talkin' all 3 games. It better go down that way, or else the fur will fly.

its just hard to accept the lopsidedness of this game...

youre not suppose to put blame on the refs but you can see how they are taken out by the touch fouls...

powe went to the line MORE than kobe... wow...

When is the league going to address the dispairity in reffing between home and away teams?

It's ridiculous how even announcers say "they'll get more call when they go back home". WHY? This is the stupidest thing ever and basketball is the only sport I can think of where being the home team matters so much when it comes to OFFICIATING.

PJ: "There is no way that Leon Powe should have more free throws than our entire team"


Okay, we've got them right where we want them. Boston
thinks they're going to dominate the Lakers. Now the Lakers
will come back home and take all 3 at home. And Boston fans
will say, "that's okay, cuz we'll dahhhhminate at the gaahhhden."

And then the Lakers will come out and shock the Celtics on
their home floor.

Lakers in 6.

Are you kidding me. Let's just say Ref's gave the game to Boston in the first quarter. That's as bad as I have seen a game called since 2002....Of course in 2002 the calls gave us the rings....But this was soooo bad.....Lakers win this game going away without the calls.....Go NBA I hope your happy......What a joke......Could you have called a worse game if you tried???? Give the crown to Boston now if that's what you want. AGAIN the game was over in the first quarter when we had the lead, the ref's took over and gave it to Boston. I guess they know we will win the next 3 or 4 with our center back.....but that was bad, way bad.... are an A***holllllleeeeeeeeeee!

He was a mafia insider for the police. Is he now a mafia insider for the NBA?

Posted by: troy | June 08, 2008 at 09:06 PM

Lesson: The only good rat is a dead rat.



Final tally...38 to a six point game...5 more made baskets...1 more made 3 pointer...+ 11 from the field...and lose by six...this was, without question, the most blatantlt biased officiating I have ever seen...let me repeat the numbers...38 to 10...the Lakers averaged 29.4 freethrows a game in the regular season...fifth most in the NBA...Kobe was fouth in FT attempts...first in FTs made...Lamar was 13th in attempts, ahead of Paul Pierce...tonight for Lamar...0 attempts...this game was a disgrace to professional sports...period...

Stop with the conspiracy theories please. Your Lakers don't play defense. You can't win a title without playing D. It's that simple. Oh, and you need to rebound.

I love Phil!!!

Blast them

i can't wait for them to get back to LA!!!

we will murder them here

I'm not upset about tonight's loss.


The Celtics didn't beat us.

We didn't beat ourselves.

We played well.

The refs determined the outcome of this game. Pure and simple. And I'm not saying that as some delusional homer.

Someone or some group was pressuring the refs before this game. It's pretty clear.

Professionals do not make one-sided errors like that as consistenly as they did. It just doesn't happen.

The refs took this game. And the fact that mafia bookies picked the Celtics to win only compounds that fact.

Something is wrong.

We played to win and should have won.

It was just taken away.


Hey Boston fans


Stand behind your faker Paul Pierce.....


Thats right, i said it..... You Suck!!!

I LOVE LA!!!!! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Jackson, in referring to the free throw disparity:

"I've never seen a game like that in my years of NBA ref (sic).. er, coaching in the NBA Finals. Unbelievable."

Justin N,
"When is the league going to address the dispairity in reffing between home and away teams?"

Hopefully not until the offseason.

I been saying this for so long . Ist you keep changing the basket ball rules every year until the call can be any way; A charge or blocking foul , a reach or a steal ,a push or a travel and so on. Then fine anybody who complains or give them a tech. Now the refs are free to call what ever they want even though they play the instant relay to show us the deceitfulness of the call)
Next you arbitrarily decide what is flagrant foul (Dave Stearn said a flagrant is what ever Stu Jackson says it is). Then when the Lakers (or any team the refs choose) is up by10, you call several bad fouls in a row to take them out of their game, until the other team passes them.
Cheat them enough and they can't play anymore , meanwhile the other team relaxes , knowing they can do no wrong. They look like stars. Gotta blame some one so the Announcers go to work blaming the Lakers(damage control).
Isn't it strange that every bodies been winning on their own courts only. so that mostly the team with the best season record(home court advantage/one more game) wins. That means the Celtics will win if things go as the Nba (that toad david stearn )wants . Either way we know the Celtics are not the best(watched them in the other playoff games).
I know there's a special place in Hell for nba Refs,

They're not dissing just the Lakers but they're thumbing their nose at us. I also wish that some looney would beat the crap out of the refs . I'm too mad to go on , but maybe we should all complain to someone or threaten someone?

Thank You Michael Wilbon.

That officiating was EMBARASSING and I'm glad somebody finally said it....

Thank You.


Chopper Man,

I concur with your assessment. It's all on the line now and the Celtics are every bit as hungry as the Lakers. Momentum from tonight's finish should carry over for the Lakers back at Staples, but as you've heard me say before...

Don't count your Kobes...

These guys (Celtics) are tough, talented, and mean business. From the west, only the Hornets might have matched up better against them. But the Lakers too are tough and talented...and full of surprises.

I'm pleased your team scored a hundred points. I was worried. You don't want to be eating Boston tacos. You'll get the runs.


Again!!! We're blaming this loss on the referees!! Even Phil in his press conference said that Powe had too many trips to the line. Do you see why LA fans get such a bad rap??? How many times were the purple N gold the beneficiaries of calls from the refs this season?? A million!!

Stop with the crying, you babies!!! You're not helping.

Instead, focus on the disappearance of the Bench Mob!!!!

the most hillarious thing....

PP asked how his knee is doing.... he answers, "adrenaline is making it hold up"...

STOP THE CRAP.... we all know youre not injured!!! you dont injure and suddenly play GOOD....

its making me sick

RIVERS get ALL the CALLS he wants and STILCOMPLAINS... CELTICS make me sick...

Troy will you please stop with this mafia talk
you sound like an 11 year old kid

Posted by: shneurson | June 08, 2008 at 09:08 PM

No, I will not. I won't sit by and let dishonesty and corruption take place, and neither should you.

Who are all you freaks going to blame after the Celts win game 3? It's going to be pretty tough to look in the mirror ... but the whole ref/free throw thing will make you feel better. Excuses are for LOSERS.


The thing that sticks out from this game is that when the Lakers were beginning their runs that the refs all of a sudden started calling ticky tack fouls and not being consistent with those calls against the Celtics. THE REFS HAD AND AGENDA. If I see these same officials next game I'm changing the channel.

the Celtics almost choked it away. At the end nobody wanted to take a shot and the ref bails out Pierce. What a surprise...The effing reffing was no help throughout. Also it was not just the lack of shooting fouls for the Lakers, but the ticky tack calls against Kobe in particular that seemed particularly ridiculous. There has to be a better way of recruiting and training refs.

Lakers: 10 freethrows.

Celtics: 38 freethrows.

The Celtics are a more physical team. Physical teams tend to attract more fouls because they're playing physicall and result in more physical contact.

Lakers: 10 freethrows.

Celtics: 38 freethrows.

Final Score: Celtics 108, Lakers 102.

A moron with a sixth grade education can tell you that something is clearly wrong here.

This kind of stuff just doesn't happen. There's a reason for it.


Interesting approach by Phil in the post-game news conference on the subject of officiating. He didn't take on the refs; he put the onus on his own players. Smart. Getting into a p***ing contest with the League would be of no benefit to him or the Lakers. (As fans, we know the officiating was awful. Phil didn't need to say it.) There's a lot of work to be done between now and Game 3, and very little time. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Great to hear that Jackson is complaining now, when it has no effect at all.

Where the hell was he all night? Why didn't he at least pick up a T? Hell, how could he watch this garbage for 48 minutes without getting kicked out?

This guy is just too cool for school. I don't know how he could just sit there and not go crazy. And I am disappointed that he didn't.

These are the finals. Shouldn't we have the best non biased officiating of the entire season?? Instead we are seeing inconsistent calls by the refs. WTF?? WHO BOUGHT THESE GUYS OFF??? IF WE LOOSE THIS YEAR IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE OFFICIALS. THEY ARE WEAK AND ARE EASILY RILED BY THE CROWD. These guys are not professionals at what they do. All I ask for is consistency. Call the same things at both sides of the floor.

And LA is such a bastion of fair play, give me a breaak. Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo? When was the last time LA won anything other than a World series over the 'Roid-Head in SF. LOSERS! Rather die than be in LA.

ah-ha Lakers do suck!

Kobe is a piece of garbage and karma doth come

The NBA is the WWF. The playoffs exist to make money. Nobody makes money on 4 games series. The obvious storyline of this entire playoffs is the blatantly rigged officiating for the home teams.

The fact that media is silent is amazing, particularly given the fact that one of the NBA officials was busted for fixing games and implicated other refs.

4 point games w/ 25 free throw disparities in favor of the less athletic team?

It is sad that we still watch this glorified And 1 garbage but we do. The LA DA should investigate David Stern's operation and review every email sent and every communication with the officials. I'm confident it would turn up indictable racketeering facts.

what is this? only boston replays too...i hate abc

"Isn't it strange that every bodies been winning on their own courts only. so that mostly the team with the best season record(home court advantage/one more game) wins. That means the Celtics will win if things go as the Nba (that toad david stearn )wants . Either way we know the Celtics are not the best(watched them in the other playoff games).
I know there's a special place in Hell for nba Refs,"

Let the home games win, this means 6 and 7 game series. Which means more money for Stern's NBA. And you tell me the refs aren't being influenced.

Phil is going to get fined.

There's a lot of work to be done between now and Game 3, and very little time.

Posted by: Rick Friedman

The Lakers have to do very little work actually, at least in my opinion. They're still clearly the better team, and when not getting shanked by the refs... a week from today they'll be up 3-2 headed back to Boston. They only need to get one game there, they have 2 more chances to do it, and they've had the chance in both games so far, so there's not much tweaking needed.

Game 3-5 will be Laker wins, with them controlling throughout. The refs can't call that kind of biased game in the Celtics favor on the Lakers floor, there would be a riot. The officiating has to be more even at home, if not heavily biased for the home team (we're owed at least one game) so I don't think they'll have any problems winning games 3, 4 and 5 in strong fashion.

In a week from today, everyone will be talking about the Celtics being in danger of being closed out in Game 6.

Stop with the conspiracy theories please. Your Lakers don't play defense. You can't win a title without playing D. It's that simple. Oh, and you need to rebound.

Posted by: red's ghost | June 08, 2008 at 09:15 PM

Hell has ghosts? Can you hear me down there, Red?

my observations:

1. Bad news with Ariza. He did nothing for us defensively when he was in and now I understand why Phil gave him no minutes in Game 1. (I was going insane in game 1 when he got no minutes)

2. Pierce is a faker and I cringe everytime one of those horible commentators talks about his "injury."

3. The NBA has a real problem on its hands with the refs. Ruining the game.

4. Walton. If anybody has shown they deserve to get cut, it's him. He is worthless as a pro. BBall player.

5. Gasol played much better but blew some critical defensive rebound opportunities. He needed more looks in the second half as well.

6. What was that play call with 20 seconds? No way Kobe shouldn;t be shooting that.

Alright, people.

Please go and look at all the commentary from Spurs fans about the Brent Barry call in the San Antonio series

Then look at what Popovich, Barry and the rest of the Spurs said about it.

They were pretty damn classy

I know that there were some (a lot of) bad calls in this game. And I also know that we have had the benefit of some bad calls in the past. Maybe they equal out, maybe they don't

But y'all are embarrassing yourselves, and you're embarrassing the rest of us Lakers fans. To be the champions in the NBA, you have to be able to overcome the bad calls. Maybe in these particular playoffs, the Celtics haven't had to overcome so many bad calls. It's possible. But we don't care. We're Lakers fan's, and we don't need any steenkin favors. Let's not fall short of the example set by lesser teams.



Well, that's too bad that no one in this town has any objectivity.... Does the world look better with purple glasses?

1. Celtics have better defense
2. better rebounding
3. more reliable shooting
4. veteran players (3 Hall of Famers)
5. History favors the Celtics (8-2 vs Lakers in finals)
6. I forgot about the Heat, but it's still very hard to win 3 in a row during the Finals. If the Lakers cannot win 3 in a row they are toast.

kobe needs to make Gasol the finals MVP in order to win a championship specially with this celtics team.

I think the NBA needs to take an approach to get involved on an international level and start rotating international referrees into the NBA. Guys who have know financial interests to this game. Guys who haven't been in the league for over 20 years where, they could have easily been bought off during the playoffs.

You start rotating international referees through the playoffs and you won't see this disparity in fouls.

But, you know Stern would not want that!

Is everybody and their grandma a friggen Lakers fan on here WOW!

OK, the refs are not favoring one team here, they are payed PROFESSIONALS and dont get bribed and they dont have fans out there reffing cuz then their would be some favoratism going on.

Now idk how you c it but the LAKERS have another L and the CELTICS have another W, no matter how much the laker came and cut that lead to, they still lost, and to tell you id rather lose by 24 and not 6 when it comes to cutting a lead down that much.

And to tell you, the celtics did have like 3X more freethrow attempts but ALL of that is lakers fault if you r at your foul limit play safe ball not press.

Kobe had another good game but that celtics Defense deserves a lot of credit for making Kobe stay out of the paint.

those of you out there who say kobe is better than MJ give me a break, MJ overcame gamrs like this and if you dont believe me then go watch some of his playoff games.

I am not a fan of either team but i just cant stand people saying a win was rigged or cheated.

Interesting. The major newspaper and wire service headlines aren't that the Celtics have a commanding 2-0 series lead. The headline is "Celtics Hold Off Furious Rally." The Lakers still have respect everywhere except on ESPN/ABC. Go Lakers.

2 stolen games!!! This is a complete conspiracy of the league and the refs. all manipulated for the corporate dollar!!! so sad...


*sigh* Lakers, maybe next year.......

Celtics are Garbage.

Game was fixed, pure and simple, and we still almost won.

Celts can't beat this Lakers team unless they get outside help.

We get only 9 FT's (tech don't count) and we are agressively going to the basket? Right

If you don't want to get mad, don't watch this on tivo.

It was the most one sided, biased called game, I've ever seen. And it was the NBA's showcase game?

I'm like Jon K, I don't EVER like to blame a game on refs, but this was too easy to see.

Yeah we was cheated out of a win, hopefully we can get some honest and fair calls on Tuesday.

If I was a Celts fan I would be mad, thinking "we don't need any help from the refs to win a game" It only taints our team.

The lakers need to get some toughness. They need to look at moving lamar and get some value back during the off season. 10 pts tonight and 14 points in game 1 from odom just doesn't cut it, especially when boston gets 28 , 17 and 17 points from their main 3 and 21 points from a sub, leon powe. Kobe had 30 on 50 % shooting Pau had 17 and lamar 10 stinkin points.....

I don't what to say.....

LOL, Kobe was asked about the free throws difference and he said, "I didn't notice"
very smart

Just curious: those of you who are so sure that the refs are deliberately giving the games to the Celtics - why do you bother watching at all? There is no way that the Lakers are good enough to beat the Celtics and the refs.

So why watch a sporting event when the outcome has been pre-determined? And I can assume that you won't be following the team next year. Because if the Lakers win, that will obviously have been pre-determined, too. WHich makes it worthless.

What's the script for Game 7?

Will they let them play in the last game? Winner take all? Sudden Death?

I wouldn't be surprised if the game 7 result goes against whatever the prevailing odds are in Vegas.

Will there be a Senate Committee hearing in the summer about game fixing in professional sports?

Don't be surprised, international soccer, which is an even bigger money sport than the NBA has been filled with game fixing scandals.

"No, I will not. I won't sit by and let dishonesty and corruption take place, and neither should you. "

Then the best thing you can do is not watch or listen to the games, buy/wear any NBA apparel, buy any products that are advertised by NBA players or during/at NBA games. Or be involved with NBA-related blogs.





Rather die than be in LA.

Posted by: Brian | June 08, 2008 at 09:23 PM

It's mutual. Everyone in LA would rather die than have you there.

Enjoying all your new Celtics gear, front runner? How many games you been to the last 20 years? Bostonians suck.

David Thorpe on ESPN's game blog:

"A tight game like this only magnifies the free throw disparity."

Lol, i believe in home court advantage but this is a riot. The Lakers will win the next three home games but lose the next two. So the perfect Boston ending will be complete. Sad.

Is everybody and their grandma a friggen Lakers fan on here WOW!

OK, the refs are not favoring one team here, they are payed PROFESSIONALS and dont get bribed and they dont have fans out there reffing cuz then their would be some favoratism going on.

Now idk how you c it but the LAKERS have another L and the CELTICS have another W, no matter how much the laker came and cut that lead to, they still lost, and to tell you id rather lose by 24 and not 6 when it comes to cutting a lead down that much.

And to tell you, the celtics did have like 3X more freethrow attempts but ALL of that is lakers fault if you r at your foul limit play safe ball not press.

Kobe had another good game but that celtics Defense deserves a lot of credit for making Kobe stay out of the paint.

those of you out there who say kobe is better than MJ give me a break, MJ overcame gamrs like this and if you dont believe me then go watch some of his playoff games.

I am not a fan of either team but i just cant stand people saying a win was rigged or cheated.

Posted by: chrgrs | June 08, 2008 at 09:31 PM

Can you put up an English-language version of this post?

Btw, was the Belmont fixed too?
Very mysterious about Big Brown.

2 Positives:

1) Take the rally back home

2) Boston was up 2-0 against Atlanta and Cleveland and both series went 7 games.

You figure out the rest.

Colorado loves the Lakers!



The difference

KOBE shoot too much, selfish MJ wann' be.

CELTICS played as a TEAM

Don't cry baby, you'll always have a Bro to lean on.
We'll gave you game 3. (only)
See ya!


I agree with you to some extent. We need to be classy but the problem is the refs blew some calls our way at the end of the SA game too. Lamar had a clean block that was called a goal tend and then Fisher shot hit the three so the Barry play should have never been. The refs took control of this game from the start and only let it go once the lead was out of control. I'm not going to do too much complaining or blame this loss on the officials but it was bad. More importantly, I'm just glad we got some momentum to hopefully win games 3, 4, and 5.

Lamar prolly not the Finals MVP


bye bye Lakers...


RUN Lakers fan....

Here comes the CELTICS (the true champions).

wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh


why does commissioner Stern fine people for speaking their mind? hmmm let fine him for being the dictator for waaayyy to long! Radmonavich had to say no comment in is interview?

Paul Pierce did not fake injury.
The Lakers did not lose game two because of bad officiating.
Deal with it, Laker fans.

Go Celtics!





Your missing the point. The NBA doesn't fix games, but according to the crooked ref Daugnhy, he could get away with fixing games and nobody would notice, because other refs were showing favoritism or disdain to certain players or teams.

He just took advantage of the situation knowing they couldn't catch him. Its the norm to have poor officiating.

Bob Mathis, former head of officiating agreed with the crooked ref.

NBA answer to Daughny was he was a liar and you can't trust him.
NBA said Bob Mathis was a disgruntled employee and you can't trust him. Mathis even referred to tape to prove his claims.

We were just fortunate enough to have a couple of refs who favored the Celts over the Lakers.

The NBA doesn't fix games. But they have a systemic problem they aren't dealing with.

The Celtics will win this series in game 7 in Boston. They are not the better team they just have more games at home. I feel kinda bad for you Lakers fans cause you have do have the better team but in the end you'll lose by a few points in game 7. Unless Kobe can beat the Celtics, the refs, and Stern.

Lebron couldn't do it.

I wish the Lakers the best of luck.


Posted by: Gunner | June 08, 2008 at 09:33 PM


Now that I'm back from my temporary insanity
I would like to apologize for my lunatic rantings.

puke err Luke
LaL Fan

Phil addressed the free throw shooting disparity like only he can
"Poe got more free throws than the entire Laker team"
that quote pretty much sums things up

Shoot Kobe Shoot!

I am voting for KOBE to have his own ball in the next game.

HA! ha! ha!

Let's go CELTICS!!!

Phred says it best - you're all embarrassing yourselves by blaming the refs, teh league, Stern, etc. You sound like babies and you won't make a damn difference. You same babies are outside taking your falgs off your cars, right???!!
Well, we don't need you. Stop saying the game is rigged. How many times this season did the Lakers end on teh receiving end of a 38-10 disparity? Pretty often, if you read the year-end stats.

Lake Show,

It's a very true point you're talking about. People forget, when you start messing with the rotations after it's been set a while, it's not just about the new player inserted. It's about the other four guys, how they play with him, having a new person out there that may not be in rhythm with everyone, whose moves you can't anticipate. The individual effect that player in question may have isn't the only question to consider.


Posted by: Andrew Kamenetzky | June 08, 2008 at 06:23 PM


You mean like Powe. Sure changed their (Celtics) other 4 real bad huh?

It's not over...........


"No, I will not. I won't sit by and let dishonesty and corruption take place, and neither should you. "

Then the best thing you can do is not watch or listen to the games, buy/wear any NBA apparel, buy any products that are advertised by NBA players or during/at NBA games. Or be involved with NBA-related blogs.

Best thing I can do is do my part in exposing the corruption that is present. Best thing you can do is learn from me.

We got beat by the Big 3 all right: DeLaney, Crawford, and Mauer.

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