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Live from the Finals, Game 2: Lakers vs. Celtics

BK here.  Wow, fans are fired up.  During the National Anthem, whenever they showed a Laker on the Jumbotron, the crowd booed.  Then a Celtic, with wild cheering.  Another Laker, more booing.  Right now, the members of the Boston Pops who performed tonight are wondering why the crowd only seemed to enjoy half of their effort. 

After the Lakers were introduced, they're now showing highlights from Game 1, leading off with Paul Pierce's return to the court in Game 1, and capped with KG's offensive rebound and dunk that sealed the deal for Boston.

It's certainly a hostile environment for a very important Game 2. 


Celtics turn the ball over on their first trip, as Kendrick gets dinged for the illegal screen.  The Lakers respond with a nice possession- an offensive rebound for Gasol, then the reset, swing the ball around and Fish finds a cutting LO to get the Lakers on the board.

Pierce hits a three on the other end, and the Celtics are up 3-2. 

10:20- Kobe grabs the offensive board but misses the putback.  I know he talked about bunnies in Game 1- that was a bunny.

10:06- Vlad picks up his second foul, and PJ comes back with Ariza.  Solid move.

In Game 1, when Vlad got into foul trouble, PJ responded with Sasha, and it threw off the entire rotation once Fish had to come back in on Cassell, Kobe had to pick him up, etc.  Now with Ariza, they basically keep the substitution pattern the same and hopefully get the regular minutes that they want from everyone else.

8:00- Nice play from Gasol, backing Perkins down in the post, faking right, going with the left hand for the bucket.  Points in the post.  They need that.  10-5.

5:07- Timeout on the floor, Lakers up 15-12, and Boston making a little push.  The Lakers are doing a much better job early in Game 2 getting the ball inside.  LO had a nice tip in off the offensive glass over Perkins, Gasol hit a baby hook with the left over Perkins in the lane, then had a great move backing down Garnett and throwing down with the right hand.  Good patience, good aggressiveness.  If they can keep this up, combine it with Kobe's normal crank up as the game goes on and they could be in good shape.

The important thing is that they don't want to freak out and stop doing all the things that got them there, just because the Celtics are a strong team.

Walton in for Ariza out of the TO.  He's guarded by Pierce.

4:18- Good play by Gasol and Walton.  Luke had Pierce sealed on his back, Pau led him forward, and Walton was able to go in for the layup.  Good recognition, good pass, good finish. 

3:45- Allen hits a three over Kobe, and it's tied at 17. 

Allen fouls Kobe on the other end- it's the first Celtics foul of the game, over eight minutes in. 

3:04- 19-18 LAL.  The Celtics are still making things very tough for Kobe, who is now trying to get into the post on Allen.  The looks are coming for other players right now, and they'll have to get Kobe catching and moving to find him some space. 

2:06- Kobe throws a pretty weak elbow- it' looked more like he was putting his arm up to gain position on Allen, and he just wasn't there yet.  Either way, it was a pretty soft whistle to pick up his second foul of the game.  Full speed it looked much worse than it did on the replay... and at full speed it still didn't look that bad. Two on Kobe, two on Vlad. 

Farmar and Sasha in off the TO.

:44.3- Farmar draws a foul on Rondo, his first.  The trip before, Garnett hit a big shot for the Celtics at the bottom of the 24, after the Lakers had done a nice job and forced the Celtics into a hurried shot. 

Wow, that was a clear flop on Perkins. That kind of thingThen it gets worse for the Lakers, as LO picks up his second foul on the next Celtics possession.  The Lakers end the quarter with Vlad, Kobe, and LO all with two fouls. 

Farmar hits a big three at the end of the quarter, and the Lakers are up 22-20.


On the scoreboard, it's a good quarter.  The Lakers got inside with Gasol, Odom made his way into the lane a couple times, Fish has stuck some good open looks.  Kobe has only taken four shots, made one.  On the other end, the Lakers are doing a good job, holding Boston to 20 points, keeping them off the glass (one offensive rebound), and forcing five TOs.   They certainly look like a more composed bunch tonight.  They've had much more to say about the pace and flow of the game tonight than they did on Thursday.


Seconds in for LA- all of 'em.  Ariza, Turiaf, Walton, Farmar, Sasha.  With three starters having three fouls, PJ has to try and get some minutes from these guys. 

11:21- Sasha gets hit for the reach before Powe gets contact inside, but fortunately he misses the shot.  Two FTs go down, and we're tied at 22.

9:40- Pierce hits a three, and PJ is forced to call a timeout, likely to get some new personnel on the floor.  There's just not enough offense with that group.  The bad charge call on LO and the faux elbow against Kobe have certainly hamstrung the Lakers at the top of the quarter.  10-0 run to start the quarter for the Celtics. 

PJ hoped to squeeze some minutes from the seconds given all the foul trouble, but I don't think he'll be able to.  Kobe, LO, Vlad all back after the timeout.

Kobe hits his first shot on the return.  They've got him operating out of the post, and he and Posey are beating on each other pretty good. 

8:10- Great offensive rebound from Vlad, then a lucky break as the pass he threw out to the top of the key as he was falling out of bounds was tipped, but went right to Odom who put it down. 

On the other end, Turiaf picks up a questionable foul on Powe- looked like he went straight up to defend the shot as the ball came into the post.  That's two on him, and another Laker with some early foul trouble. 

7:04- Kobe hits a jumper at the top of the key over Powe.  Said Mark Heisler sitting next to me, "That's another 20 foot bunny with a hand on his face."  Lakers down 36-30.

6:40- Fish reaches in on the Garnett drive and picks up his second foul.  They really do like to do things as a team.

5:50- Pierce blows by Vlad on the perimeter like he's standing still- was he actually standing still, and has way too much room to roam inside on the Lakers- he dishes to Perkins who up-fakes Pau completely out of position, and as Gasol lands on his back Perkins gets the layup.  He'll go to the line with a chance to put the Celtics up by nine.  Right now, it's 40-32 with a timeout on the floor.

The Lakers are still struggling to find rhythm offensively after a pretty strong start.  Only 10 points in the quarter, and most importantly, they've been to the line all of one time--- on a technical foul.  Boston: 14 trips, nine alone for Powe.

5:30- Nice play by Odom, tipping in the Vlad tip of the Kobe miss from downtown.  That's Odom's second tip in, but it was set up by a good effort from Vlad to keep the play alive.  Vlad hurt them with the early two, but it seems to have fired him up a little.  He's been very active since he returned to the game.

4:42- The Lakers finally get a bit of a make up call, as Perkins is hit with a pretty weak push off call underneath.  Looked like he had position on Odom.  That's his third.

4:22- Nice recognition by Vlad and Pau- after the screen switch, Gasol had Pierce on his back.  Vlade left him the ball, and Pau want straight over Pierce, backing him down and putting it in with the right hand to get the bucket and draw the and one on Pierce.  That's his second.  Lakers down by 4, 41-37.

2:52- Timeout Lakers, as consecutive triples from teh Lakers give the Celtics a 10 point lead.  The Lakers have totally been removed from their offense.  They're struggling to find good looks for Kobe, who is in turn trying to create them himself, which is hurting the offense.  The threw in a little P and R on the last possession before Fish took a very bad shot from downtown.  That could help.

2:05- A triple from Vlad Rad cuts the lead to 47-40.  He's been one of their best players in the quarter.

1:53- Ouch.  Kobe picks up his third, running through Pierce while chasing Allen around the floor.  He'll have to sit for the rest of the half, and Allen gets both FTs (the Lakers are in the penalty).  Sasha in for Kobe.   

:23.9- Fish picks up his third.  This isn't good.

HALFTIME: 54-42 Boston. 

A promising start has turned sour for the Lakers, as they've continued to struggle with fouls.  Kobe has three, Fish has three, Vlad started the game with two, LO has two, Ariza two, Turiaf two, and so on.  All told, it's 17 personals in the first half for the Lakers, 10 for the Lakers.  FT disparity, 19-2 Boston, and one of those for the Lakers was on a Garnett technical foul.  So in game play, it's 19-1.  The Lakers are getting it done in the paint behind a strong 13 from Gasol and eight from Odom, but the Celtics have effectively removed Kobe as a threat going to the basket, and you can see he's getting frustrated.

On the ol' to do list, the Lakers have done a good job on the boards, with a 19-17 advantage, but clearly haven't mastered teh whole "don't foul" thing.  Some of that is home court for Boston, some of that is aggressiveness on their part, but the officiating hasn't been particularly helpful to say the least.  Some very critical calls on Odom and Kobe early that have changed the flow of the game considerably. 

It's a good thing halftime in the Finals is long, because they have a lot to talk about.


Nothing like web access in the upper press box.

Anyway, with 4:29 left, the Lakers have used a 6-0 run to cut the Boston lead to nine.  Three straight plays off screens, with Kobe moving the ball.  High screen and roll with Pau and Kobe, LO flashes to high post, Kobe hits him, Pau rolls, easy dunk.  Pretty.  Next play, Kobe comes off the Pau screen, finds space, hits the tough J.  Then Kobe rolls over, finds Pau flashing to the FT line for an open jumper.  Better ball movement, more baskets. 

The Celtics are a tough team to come back on, especially if things get rushed.  The Lakers just have to continue to be patient and work the ball around.   PJ employs a baby press out of the TO.  More for show than anything else.

3:00- Consecutive poor plays from Vlad, as he drives and kicks to... nobody, then loses Pierce on hte other side for an easy Boston bucket.  Kobe forces two straight threes and the Lakers look extremely close to coming unglued.

Luke in for Vlad, and misses his first J.  Allen hits a three on the other end in the left corner as LO can't find him on the break, Kobe turns the ball over trying to lob the ball to Pau in the post, and off the TO, the Celtics come back and get an easy layup for Powe, from Rondo on the little lob in transition.  The Celtics lead is now up to 20, and the Lakers officially have, um, issues.  They're just getting thoroughly outplayed in every aspect of the game. 

Boston is able to break them down in almost every trip down, and the Lakers haven't been able to stay disciplined on the other side, or hit anything from the perimeter that might stretch things out.

1:20- Lakers down 79-59.

1:10- And in the "bad to worse" category, LO picks up his fifth, a charge into Brown trying to drive to the hoop. 


Powe punctuates the quarter with a dunk, as the Lakers get burned by Rondo penetration to end the quarter.  They double Pierce on the wing, he passes out to Rondo, who drives in space, has an open look and an easy dump to Powe who has an even easier dunk.  83-61.  There's always hope... but man alive, there ain't much right now.


10:00- The Lakers are still down by 21 as the Lakers are getting some ball movement, but no stops defensively.  They're still being broken down.  At this point, though, they're being careful not to foul and put the Lakers on the line.  The only way they're going to lose this game is to give them free points. 

9:20- Farmar hits another three, and the Lakers are down 18.

KG comes back with two jumpers in front of Turiaf on the other end, and the Celtics lead is back to 20. 

During the TO, they're playing "Don't Stop Believing."  Not a hard thing for the Celtics fans to buy into right now.  PJ comes out of the TO with Gasol and Rad back on the floor, and give up what might have been the worst baset in basketball history, a coast to coast dunk from Leon Powe, in which nobody even moved to defend him.  That was awful. 

6:45- Pau to Kobe attempt at the alley oop goes awry, as Kobe can't get the handle the pass, and the ball goes out of bounds.  That's about how things have been going. 

5:56- Lakers down 96-78.

4:41- The Celtics are more than willing to trade buckets, and are now laying off the Lakers on that end, which is why they're scoring with more easy.  Unfortunately, because the Lkers are down by so much, they have to take a lot of risks defensively, and Boston is getting a lot of clean looks, making it tough to get any traction. 

3:48- The lead is down to 13, so it's still a game, but barring a miracle, the hole is too big.

2:45- But at least they're still playing.  Kobe triple cuts the deficit to 11, but they'll send Rondo to the line out of the TO, as Sasha fouls him on the drive.

2:15- Kobe drives and hits the floater along the right block to cut the lead down to nine, but Pierce converts inside on the other end.  Back to 11. Kobe gets inside again for another layup.  Fish gets the steal, Vlad goes the other way, hits Sasha, who buries the three.  Celtics now by six with a minute six to play...

1:03- Vlad Rad forces the steal, then goes the other way for the dunk.  It looked initially like he traveled, but on the replay it was that Euro off-step takeoff.  Lakers down by four with a minute on the clock and Boston with the ball.  Clearly I put this one in the win category too early.  The Celtics went into the prevent defense, and the Lakers have brought the game back.  Now it's a question of a) if the Lakers can get stops, and b) if the Celtics can turn it up again.

Pierce fouls Kobe on the floor, and Bryant goes to the line and hits two.  Lakers down by a pair.  They need a stop...

Fish fouls Pierce on the drive, and he'll go to the line for two with 22.8 left on the clock... makes the first.  Three point Boston lead.

and the second.  Lakers call timeout, down 106-102. 

Sasha tries to take a three, and Pierce recovers to block it. Not the shot they were looking for.  Posey tracks down the ball, and is fouled by Fish who was pushing for ball.  Posey makes two, and that's gonna be it. 

Final score 108-102.

More to come.



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i guess rondo didn't foul gasol on that play this is becoming really hard to watch! Is Kobe's past really behind him or is he destined to be denied time and again. with stern sitting in the stands this is unbeleivable,. no one should be suprised though cause Garnett was never suspended in that hawks game earlier in the playoffs. also after Kobe was suspended twice last season, no one else in the entire league has committed unnatural basketball motions. Neither does any other ref fix games only ! in the entire game.Fans must be sheep, this is pure bs!!!!!!!!!


Watch your language.


last possession of the game...

no frickin foul on obvious plays...

Boston thinks their good, but their not.


Call the god damn fouls. I counted at least 4 fouls that final play of the half.

David Stearn + the Mafia = NBA CHAMPS CELTS

Sorry for the language...just really frustrated

good job NBA. why don't you just hand the trophy to the Celtics already, it's obviously what you wanted. this is such 1-sided officiating it's bogus. gasol just got mugged on the last shot of the half, whoops no call. these commentators are bone heads. "TOUCHDOWN!!". this is ridiculous, I'm turning my TV off now David Stern, thanks.

i hope the celtics don't sweep, how embarrassing that would be for the mvp.

Lakers play through when the going gets tough.

They show up for this kind of games.

No, they LIVE for this kind of games.

Is this team a Laker team?

Go Lakers!

19 - 2 FT advantage for the Celtics.


19 free throw for the celtics.

2 for the lakers...

if that isnt fixed...nothing is.

Paul Pierce: "Hey, we've got the refs on our team, there's no way we're gonna lose. Hahahaha!"

17 to 2
enough said

That was absolutely a foul by one of the Celtics on Gasol with :01 left. These zebras have green and white stripes. The ESPN/ABC announcing crew is all about the Celtics. This is a travesty like none I've seen.

Last possetion Pau I gues never got fouled. Playing 5 on 8 make it dificult to play or keep concentration.

I'm so sick of Pierce's hero act. He can't even lie with a straight face about his knee.

I am not one to blame bad games on the refs since it usually evens out but this is one of the worst officiated, one-sided, biased games I've ever seen!
On such an important stage - this is unexcusable!

I have 2 words:

this sucks

Pierce is a faker. Pierce is a drama queen. HAHA I can't believe he pulled that act in game 1.

19 to 2 free trhows should tell you something. Gasol got fouled in the lane at the half and no call. There is nothing Kobe, Phil or Pau can do if the game is not called evenly....

If there was ever an NBA agenda it is clearly obvious right now. The fact the referees are handing the lead to the Celtics and obvious the momentum to win the game is disgusting. It makes me lose faith in watching this sport. It's not fair. It's biased. It's an insult to these players who work hard and take a tremendous beating on their bodies for months out of the year only to be given a FAIR chance to win a championship. I will forever stop watching basketball on TV if this continues.


I feel your pain. I'm frustrated, too. But unfortunately, the Times rules remain the same even during times of terrible reffing. haha


Gasol get couple hits on the last run, still no call..... OK we dont have to play, for sure we are losing ... this game is fixed ! they get rid a lot of moving picks for ray, garnet and paul. We get all the call from running through the screen ! if the NBA want to help celtic to won first 2 games and want us to win in Game 7. THEY GET IT !

How david stern has the audacity to even show his face..

the refs are so favoring the home team..if they did it any more obviously..they would actually LAY the ball up for the celtics...

I dont like the look, feel and call of this still isnt over by any means..but it looks bleak if we cant be aggressive b/c we look at the other team and we get whistled..

just absolute horse doo doo

let's get something straight. The celtic have an hedge b/c of the referees. THey can defend phisically as much as they want; no calls. 19-2!!! Are you kidding me? THe lakers cannot touch anyone without fouling. Jackson should do something. Get a technical. delay returning to the game after time-outs. Send a message to the nba, either they take care of this or we'll make so much noise that nobody will watch basketball anymore.

Okay bloggers. Lets stop the infighting and lets get organized. It's obvious organized crime is behind what is happening tonight. Stern already has one of his bookie refs go down.

Now, what can we do to expose what Stern is doing? Can we get politicians involved? Can we take it to the streets. If enough of us converge on Staples and block traffic like the illegal did, we can certainly get TV coverage.

17 to 10 in fouls against. Not as bad as I thought. The difference is their fouls are shooting fouls, or in the penalty fouls, and ours are not. They have 12 extra points on the line. And that's the difference so far. Same thing that happened last game.

If we can stop fouling and get them off the line in the 2nd half we can still win.

This is beyond ridiculous.

F*** the refs!


kobe has been disappointing in the finals so far...he really needs to dominate if lakers want to win, but I guess he IS a human after all

Kobe better check that body language or else they're going 0-2 tonight. Don't sweat the refs, they better keep their heads in the game.

Rick Friedman,

The travesty was 20 calls ago.

It's now officially heart-wrenching.

Can you say fixed?

Even when the Lakers are winning, the announcers don't call the plays with all the emotion like they do for teams.........

F@%!........ the celtics

F@%!........ the celtics

F@%!........ the celtics

F@%!........ the celtics

You know, I can take losing. I can handle not being the best team this year. What I can't handle is the unfair calls and the biased announcing.
Something needs to be done. Laker fans cannot be held responsible for the fallout that is sure to come if this keeps up.

GO LAKERS! Pick it up in the 2nd half & jam the ball down their throats.

This extreme homecooking of the refs is totally sick. I´m disgusted

19 to 2....I have NEVER seen that in an NBA Finals Game...NEVER...

If i was Phil Jackson i would really think about taking my team to LA and not playing the second half, the Lakers have no chance with these reffs, but that would send a big message to the worls and Stern would s### in his pants

People, pls dont pick on Vlady.. Look at what we did in 1st half, he get rebound, he spread the floor. This is the best D he can give us amoung Luke and Ariza. I think LO and Pau need to step up. they miss some easy shoot. also, Kobe dont force shots, if u struggle, pass to the open guys.

Pass the ball to Pau!!!

Lakes in 5!

They need to train a camera on Stern to see if he's giving hand signals to the refs, or perhaps a relay. Of course, Stern is in bed with the networks, so they won't show him.

Buss needs to come up off some of his millions and "influence" some of the west coast mafia to put heat on the refs. We need to fight fire with fire, dammit.

Lakers are playing gutless and heartless

They don't deserve nothing


Thats what happens when your coach wants them loose and to enjoy the experience.
Bet the Celtics were intense in their practices.

Ray is schooling Kobe, and if Kobe keeps chasing Ray around, Kobe will have nothing left.

I guess PJ still hasn't learned from the Detroit Finals.

PP just said they can get to the basket any time they want.

Guess we will have to wait till the Lakers get back to LA before the old man has a counter, he's already had 5 days for the first game and 2 for the second.


I just puked in my mouth.

ABC =the reasons for the celts lead...paul pierce...the fact that their defense is great.

certainly not the fact that they shot 19 ft's we shot 2.

right right.

Lakers are being called for touch fouls, Celtics are flopping, Lakers can't get a call no matter how much they're mugged by the Celts - it seems that Stern is determined for this series to go back to Boston for the 6th and 7th games.

Looks like the NBA wants to make up all the $$$ they didn't make in previous boring Spurs' Finals series by making sure this series goes the distance. They're really milking the Lakers-Celtics Finals cash cow for all the money.

And yet eveybody is wondering why our D is bad. The Refs aren't keeping the C's in check!. The C's are doing whatever they want cus they know aint no fouls being called. And even still people are questioning our defense or wondering why we take bad shots. Look at the game! better to take a jumper that way u can get back on D then drive..get slapped around and pushed on the floor then get burnt on transition D. Were playing the way the refs are allowing us to play plain and simple. Boston aint doiing nothin

The Cs are attacking the rim with the ball.
The Cs are attacking the glass for the ball.
The Cs inside O game leads to open 3s.
the Cs D and O rebounding is deadly.
The Cs go after loose balls.
The Cs role players play hard.
Vladdy/Luke/Lamar/Ronny do not do the above.
The Lakers (including Kobe and Derek) have that deer in the headlight look.
Pierce said it best: "we feel we can attack the rim all night."
The Cs play as if they know they are part of Celtic lore.
The Lakers play as if they do not understand the hate for the Cs.
Vladdy/Luke/Lamar/Ronny must be traded.
I will not watch this soft team play with the above players.
Leon Powe?
Leon Powe?
9 free throws!
He attacks the basket.
The truth hurts, but the truth is what it is:
The Lakers are soft (both mentally and physically).

Walton changed the momentum of the game.

He came in and let Powe run all over him and then had those two straight turonvers to start the 2nd quarter.


WOW what the F is this? WWE? They set up a bum leon powe for this interview. Wow this shiz is rigged up the hizzy!

I wonder what the NBA would do if we forfeit the rest of the game...

They (refs and the NBA executives) will get what they wanted!

Those Celtics big 3 are getting old and it maybe their last chance of getting a ring! So... since the Lakers are an upcoming big force in the league for years to come, I think the league is thinking ....

Why not give the championship to the Celtics? I mean we finally have made everyone happy with this finals matchup ... increased the TV rating views, are selling merchandises like never before and at the end of the day, they be happy to give the championship to the oldies!

I bet if the lakers be this aggressive down here in LA, the refs will call tons of offensive fouls against the lakers!

Thats it... this is definitely the year in which the only part of country that will be sad, will be here in LA and billions of people around the world!

I bet the league will lose millions of dollars next year thanks to the results of this finals in which has been one sided so far thankx to the refs!

This is a pretty ridiculous game.

This game is fixed, I can't believe I'm watching a historic fixed game.

Whenever the lakers go on a run they know exactly when to throw in 3 fouls for the celtics so they can stop all momentum.

I gotta hand it to the refs, they're good at what they came to do. I thought it couldn't get worse than game 1, but they shut me up.

The Lake Show-

I appreciate the sentiment, but what did I say about Luke on Powe? If someone asked me before the game, I would have said we would at least have a push there. But either the way Powe is playing/How the game is being called, nobody can match up with Powe

Oh, look at that, the halftime analysis is gushing over how Pierce makes a comeback. Hey, I'm making a great comeback from being hit by a train yesterday. Ok, I didn't get hit by a train yesterday, but if I pretended I had, could I get some props?

Ok, now I'm doing it. The Lakers need to play as well as they can, and it will work out. If the Celts are really this good, then I'm happy that we will have a legitimate opponent for our next five or six titles.




are u watching this? Rondo is running into Gasol..No Foul! Perkins over the back..NO FOUL! We drive and kick or just drive..NO CAll! There callin fouls on there pawns..but not there star players

Posted by: lakeraholic





Hmm ... i ust hope home court advantage will serve us well cuz we getting our butts kicked right now ....

they won 66 games, have the defensive player of the year and are the best defensive team in the nba, hats off to the celtics ... now having said that can the lakers please start fighting back ... i dont care if the entire team fouls out cuz right now they're physically dominating us

Well this game looks over...from what I am seeing now...the Lakers can't hit shots...they get called for fouls...Celtics getting plenty of And 1's....Kobe looks depressed...Gasol is the only one who showed up to play....this is looking like a 0-2 hole

Buss has millions. Millions = "influence".

Palms needs to be greased if we're to have a chance in LA.

How much would you pay to be a fly on the wall in the Laker locker room during this half-time break? This is PJ's biggest challenge ever. I don't know how, but he must get this team to settle down and simply start over coming back at the top of the third. This is Game 2 and the Lakers MUST find a way to win. Do I know what it is? No. But it is do or die time for the Purple & Gold at the Boston Garden. All together now: GO LAKERS!


The ref took the momentum from Kobe, the ref took the momentum from LO, the ref took the momentum from Pau, the ref took the momentum from Lakers.

Man I hate these Celtic holes.

At the start of the series they didn't really bug me nut i'm tired of seeing their ugly mugs.

vlyumc ,

No this time he should get picked on. I defended him many times, but he is doing absolutely NOTHING that contributes to the game. Yeah, he hit one 3, but his defense has given up countless more. Blocked by Rondo? WTF? WTF? I'd rather have the offensively challenged Ariza out there, at least with him we get decent D and maybe an occasional cut to the basket.

Doesn't matter much, these f****** refs already decided the outcome.


So now that we've seen what Trevor Ariza can do, we know that he's not a weapon at least for the rest of this season.

Hopefully, Walton and Vlad Rad can give the team some meaningful minutes on D and stay out of foul trouble.

well half time points of view.
Lakers back to shooting jumpers and not attacking rim. When Kobe drives he is met by a wall of at least 3 Celtics and shooots jumpers. Not all his fault because if he drives and 3 Celtics on him he should have inside relief with PF or SF diving to rim. I see no Laker under the basket and all outside for 3 point shots. Not good.

Bets at it again as usual but that is something that has been going on for years and no change in sight. It will only get worse now that they can call flopping at THEIR discretion. Wow more power to control game.

Last the substitution was better but not long enough and at times wrong players in. Ariza thankfully got a little run and was effective as he held PP to 2 points while he was helping out on another player. Mbenga should have been playing center instead of Rony and Rony pf instead of Luke.

Attack the rim stop the love affair with the 3 point shot and play D. This game can still be won.

John n Houston,

Good point - the foul disparity is not as bad as the free throw disparity. The problem was committing 4 fouls in the first minute and a half of Q2. The 10-0 run the Celtics had at the start of Q2 - when we had no starters in - was a real killer. I know we've won 3 play-off rounds, but I have felt all play-offs long that the "all sub" line ups PJ uses at the beginning of Q2 and Q4 have not been a good idea. It was OK in the regular season, but it has not worked well in the play-offs.

The green goblins have outhustled us. Same story as game one, foul trouble at the 10 minute mark in the 2nd quarter.

We haven't been to the free throw line as much either. We're within 4 points and next thing you know- 12 point lead.

Not another good night.

Colorado still loves the Lakers!

Are you ready for a 20+ point blow out?
As expected, this game and series is going just as expected.
Where's all the talk, and the coaching strategy to open up the game.
Lakers just don't match up.
But, Gasol is finally playing.
But, Kobe has his worst game of the season. And the Celtics already got into his head.
And the rest is getting mauled by Powe.
That's the type of player Lakers need to get next season.
I sure was wrong about Ariza, he sure sucks, no wonder Jackson was hesitant to play him. This dude either is not ready or is just another long body with no game.
Are the Lakers really this badly overmatched, or badly prepared, how can they play so bad?

I will check all the stat sites but i am sure there has never been a 19-2 free throw advantage in a finals game, also the reffs know that they went overboard in the first half and are going to even this game up a little bit so look for the Lakers to get some call

FIXED! Ok, Faith. I said it. I mean it.

You notice how much "the network" is featuring the Celtic players? Commercials, half time. You don't think this was pre-planned?

I am much as all of you with the refs..
we NEED to play hard

i dont care....we need to chase..and do it this second half..or else we are down 2.


Please tell us what your take is on this refering. I have been watching basketball since MAgic and Bird. I have NEVER seen anything like this at this level. This is just unecceptable. Is this what the nba has come to?


A Kobe who doesn't drive to the basket= an average player which makes RAY a better player and the Lakers overmatched at every position.

I almost can't stand to watch this game. And seriously, this game needs to be reviewed by the NBA commisson because it's simply ridiculous the way the refs have been calling this game.

Funny thing...Leon Powe has this incredible first half and at half, they suddenly have a special on him.


I'm sorry guys, but this is all set up. Obviously. The Lakers are a far better ball club then this Boston team.


I have never in my life seen Kobe actually being stopped in a game, or better yet, a series.

Again, this needs to be investigated.

This is the biggest scam I have ever seen! I'm with sheneurson The anouncer's, ABC, Refs are all wearing green under wear.
I don't care about losing but call the game fairly because what I've seen someone is paying off somebody.

I'm so sick of Pierce's hero act. He couldn't even keep a straight face when asked about the knee by Michelle Tafoya.

Who do u think u are talking about u think the lakers so go home to LA i think u should just keep youre mouth shut and don't say anthing.Its all about the lakers and even if we are in a 12 point deficit we are going to come back hard in the third quarter.


Do you agree with Phil to put Luke on Powe? Anybody would do a better job than Luke......Mbenga would make better sense than Luke.

I put Kobe back in the beginning of the 2nd quarter and he has to be as careful as possible.......If the refs continue to make these weak calls on Kobe then we are going to lose anyway.

However, considering the obvious bias in the officiating we are in trouble unless Kobe can get it going.

Alright, alright, I was wrong about Gasol. So sue me.

Posted by: troy | June 08, 2008 at 07:13 PM

My attorney will be contacting you shortly

And there isn't really any infighting here. Someone called you on your obsessive Laker bashing, and AK slapped pfunk. That's all. Sorry.

Im eating the pint of Turtle Ice Cream now and keepin the sound off until the 3rd begins... I'm Mad... but its a good Mad.. I hope PJ and the Lakers feel even worse and prove it the 2nd half.. Its Go Time.. I wont accept a Loss tonight.. We'll pick it up.. Kobe is goin in Mamba mode.. the team will feed off of it and we're Rippin the Hearts out of Boston.. I dont see it goin any differently???

Great, a piece on Powe. Why not do one on PP's knee in between the 3rd and 4th.


No name poster,

I've already said a couple times during the half, the reffing has been terrible. I'm not a big ref complainer and think that generally speaking, even in games with a lot of bad calls, it evens out. But so far, doesn't seem to be the case.



After the game you guys should break down tape, and do something regarding this horrible reffing. You guys probably have the most influence through your writing rather than us bloggers.

This bias has to be brought into light. LEON POWE has more free throws than KOBE BRYANT??????? Kobe shot 14 FT in the last 6 games.

Do something man this is ridiculous. We are getting murdered 2 to 19 FT?

Phil has to get Kobe off Allen. Kobe is doing too much running all over the place. They have to play Sasha more. Im surprised not to have seen him with Fisher and Kobe there.

We can still win this game. One basket at a time. One stop at a time. Playing team ball at a time.

You notice how the NBA has been featuring Garnett and the Celts ALL F'N SEASON LONG. Him and that stupid wide open mouth grin, how many times have we seen that still on tv?

I'm telling you, David Stern and the Mafia have had this planned since day one. ONe of his refs got to greedy and was exposed, so you know the NBA is dirty and has been dirty.

Also, how the hell did the celts get 3 allstars so quickly anyway?

Put 2 and 2 together.

I say support your local radio stations and boycott watching the game on TV. The NBA drools over the Los Angeles viewing audience. Let's him them where it hurts and not watch game 3 on Tuesday. Let them no they can't cheapen our sport like a WWF match.

Everyone write to the sports writers and pressure them to bring light to this. They should be real journalist and expose the joke of a game we are watching.

Isn't it ironic that Boston also has a football team that has been proven to cheat? Remember the so called congressional hearings into that one? Notice how that has faded away?


I just hope the refs feel some remorse at calling the game so one-sided and
try to make up for it early in the 2nd half allowing the Lakers to get back in
the game.

I think it's time to turn the volume down on these announcers, y'all...


Who the heck is Powe? And how does he rate over Kobe, Gasol and Fish? Celt starters can run amok second half 'cause they got no fouls...except Perskin.This is just too much...only hope is refs are picking halves and we get the second one...

All right, let's put the reffing matter what we think.

What do the Lakers need to do? They're stuck just lobbing the ball around right now, then letting someone try to take it to the hoop one-on-one. And we all can see how that's turning out.

I actually think this is a stellar defensive effort by the Celts, really stifling PJ's triangle O. It's interesting that PJ seems a bit flustered, too, since he's not helping by calling plays to certain guys, as far as I can tell. Then on D, we're just getting beat by two and three picks being run at individuals...they're making us look like a group that can't play TEAM defense. No timely help, no cutting off passing lanes.

Kobe needs to get it to the rim, big time. And DON'T LOOK FOR THE FOUL CALL, 'cuz it ain't coming! Take it strong and either take it or dump it to one of our bigs cutting to the basket. Not sure what the assists-to-baskets ratio is, but it must totally suck.

Shut all 8 of those chumps down with some strong defense (stay in front of 'em), and that'll lead to better transition game...'cuz we're not looking great in our set offense right now.

The scary thing is that KG is not even inflicting any pain...he could come out very strong 2nd half.

We need to play some fundamentals, with pick and rolls, etc. (Why have we not used that at all so far?) Also need a couple of set plays for Kobe, Pau, and even Vujacic, once he's in. Get some rhythm going.

That's it. Then we turn it around and take it from these Pretenders!! (Yes, Stern should be embarrassed to be seeing this display from the men in stripes.)


If your offense isn't working try something, anything else.
Go to a Zone
Do Pick n Roll's

The Lakers are making the Celtics look like an offensive machine

Oh for crying out loud! When are the lakers going to get a call going their way!!!



My girl just asked me why they dont talk about the lakers? And she does not evn watch the NBA all like that. The only place to be a laker fan is in Los Angeles. Lakers get no love anywhere else. TNT shows us not love, ESPN shows us no love, and now ABC showing us no love. Its all good.

ok i can see pj losing a finals to the likes of larry brown...but DOC RIVERS? that would be embarrassing for the zen man.

Well, this is exactly why I wasn't sold on the Lakers taking this series....we make bum players better, we're softer than hot butter. This is crap, I hope the Celtics makes it quick and put us out of our misery....Gasol should already know that as a big man you do not stand with the ball below your waist...this is just sad.

Let's just face it;

The Lakers just cannot beat this team. The post season is simply a contiuation of the regular. Absolutuely no success. eveything fails. Celtics are stepping up making all the big plays. I don't even think we are going to win one game in this series.

Celtics in four I'm afraid, much to my disgust. :( The green curse is once again on our backs. :(

And now we have lost 8 out our last 9 finals games.

My new slogan for the NBA will be............

WWE with a basketball!


Powe's background is pretty legit. Shouldn't be comparing what he's been through just to be here to the pierce's attempt at getting an oscar.

passionate lakers fan-

You've never been afraid to say stupid things when things look a bit bleak, but I actually think you make a better point than those (myself included) who are floundering against the officiating. It might be weak, but that's not going to help us. The best players in this series on on the Lakers. Odom ate these people up when he was on the heat. Pau has better hands and more length that Perkins and KG. If they don't win, they don't have excuses, they have to get better. I don't think anyone needs to say anything about Kobe.



The way we are playing now, it is a sure way to lose. We are settling for jump shots, while they are constantly attacking the board, to score and get fouled.

If we can not make the right adjustment in the second half, this game is over.

I an very very very upset!!!


If you're asking me if I think Walton is the ideal cover for Powe, the answer is "of course not." But with a lineup already offensively challenged because of the starters in foul trouble, you can't take out Walton for DJ Mbenga. That just makes it way too tough to score. A lineup of Farmar, Sasha, Ariza, Mbenga and Ronny doesn't work when you actually need points. And I don't think this is the idea time to play Mihm (who can score, theoretically) in real minutes for the first time in like three months. Thus, you go with Walton, who's the next biggest guy they have as a non-foul trouble compromise.

Plus, Walton provides a secondary ball handler so it's not all on Farmar.

Again, it's not ideal, but the circumstances created the move, not some light bulb going off in Phil's head that says, "Walton on Powe! Of course! Brilliant!" I can guarantee you that much. You make the best of what's in front of you. In this case, I think that's the best of it.

Any by the way, Kobe actually did pick up a third foul relatively quickly, so if he'd checked in at the beginning of the second, it looks like it would have played out where Kobe ended up having to miss more first half PT than the way Phil did it.


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