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Live from the Finals, Game 2: Lakers vs. Celtics

BK here.  Wow, fans are fired up.  During the National Anthem, whenever they showed a Laker on the Jumbotron, the crowd booed.  Then a Celtic, with wild cheering.  Another Laker, more booing.  Right now, the members of the Boston Pops who performed tonight are wondering why the crowd only seemed to enjoy half of their effort. 

After the Lakers were introduced, they're now showing highlights from Game 1, leading off with Paul Pierce's return to the court in Game 1, and capped with KG's offensive rebound and dunk that sealed the deal for Boston.

It's certainly a hostile environment for a very important Game 2. 


Celtics turn the ball over on their first trip, as Kendrick gets dinged for the illegal screen.  The Lakers respond with a nice possession- an offensive rebound for Gasol, then the reset, swing the ball around and Fish finds a cutting LO to get the Lakers on the board.

Pierce hits a three on the other end, and the Celtics are up 3-2. 

10:20- Kobe grabs the offensive board but misses the putback.  I know he talked about bunnies in Game 1- that was a bunny.

10:06- Vlad picks up his second foul, and PJ comes back with Ariza.  Solid move.

In Game 1, when Vlad got into foul trouble, PJ responded with Sasha, and it threw off the entire rotation once Fish had to come back in on Cassell, Kobe had to pick him up, etc.  Now with Ariza, they basically keep the substitution pattern the same and hopefully get the regular minutes that they want from everyone else.

8:00- Nice play from Gasol, backing Perkins down in the post, faking right, going with the left hand for the bucket.  Points in the post.  They need that.  10-5.

5:07- Timeout on the floor, Lakers up 15-12, and Boston making a little push.  The Lakers are doing a much better job early in Game 2 getting the ball inside.  LO had a nice tip in off the offensive glass over Perkins, Gasol hit a baby hook with the left over Perkins in the lane, then had a great move backing down Garnett and throwing down with the right hand.  Good patience, good aggressiveness.  If they can keep this up, combine it with Kobe's normal crank up as the game goes on and they could be in good shape.

The important thing is that they don't want to freak out and stop doing all the things that got them there, just because the Celtics are a strong team.

Walton in for Ariza out of the TO.  He's guarded by Pierce.

4:18- Good play by Gasol and Walton.  Luke had Pierce sealed on his back, Pau led him forward, and Walton was able to go in for the layup.  Good recognition, good pass, good finish. 

3:45- Allen hits a three over Kobe, and it's tied at 17. 

Allen fouls Kobe on the other end- it's the first Celtics foul of the game, over eight minutes in. 

3:04- 19-18 LAL.  The Celtics are still making things very tough for Kobe, who is now trying to get into the post on Allen.  The looks are coming for other players right now, and they'll have to get Kobe catching and moving to find him some space. 

2:06- Kobe throws a pretty weak elbow- it' looked more like he was putting his arm up to gain position on Allen, and he just wasn't there yet.  Either way, it was a pretty soft whistle to pick up his second foul of the game.  Full speed it looked much worse than it did on the replay... and at full speed it still didn't look that bad. Two on Kobe, two on Vlad. 

Farmar and Sasha in off the TO.

:44.3- Farmar draws a foul on Rondo, his first.  The trip before, Garnett hit a big shot for the Celtics at the bottom of the 24, after the Lakers had done a nice job and forced the Celtics into a hurried shot. 

Wow, that was a clear flop on Perkins. That kind of thingThen it gets worse for the Lakers, as LO picks up his second foul on the next Celtics possession.  The Lakers end the quarter with Vlad, Kobe, and LO all with two fouls. 

Farmar hits a big three at the end of the quarter, and the Lakers are up 22-20.


On the scoreboard, it's a good quarter.  The Lakers got inside with Gasol, Odom made his way into the lane a couple times, Fish has stuck some good open looks.  Kobe has only taken four shots, made one.  On the other end, the Lakers are doing a good job, holding Boston to 20 points, keeping them off the glass (one offensive rebound), and forcing five TOs.   They certainly look like a more composed bunch tonight.  They've had much more to say about the pace and flow of the game tonight than they did on Thursday.


Seconds in for LA- all of 'em.  Ariza, Turiaf, Walton, Farmar, Sasha.  With three starters having three fouls, PJ has to try and get some minutes from these guys. 

11:21- Sasha gets hit for the reach before Powe gets contact inside, but fortunately he misses the shot.  Two FTs go down, and we're tied at 22.

9:40- Pierce hits a three, and PJ is forced to call a timeout, likely to get some new personnel on the floor.  There's just not enough offense with that group.  The bad charge call on LO and the faux elbow against Kobe have certainly hamstrung the Lakers at the top of the quarter.  10-0 run to start the quarter for the Celtics. 

PJ hoped to squeeze some minutes from the seconds given all the foul trouble, but I don't think he'll be able to.  Kobe, LO, Vlad all back after the timeout.

Kobe hits his first shot on the return.  They've got him operating out of the post, and he and Posey are beating on each other pretty good. 

8:10- Great offensive rebound from Vlad, then a lucky break as the pass he threw out to the top of the key as he was falling out of bounds was tipped, but went right to Odom who put it down. 

On the other end, Turiaf picks up a questionable foul on Powe- looked like he went straight up to defend the shot as the ball came into the post.  That's two on him, and another Laker with some early foul trouble. 

7:04- Kobe hits a jumper at the top of the key over Powe.  Said Mark Heisler sitting next to me, "That's another 20 foot bunny with a hand on his face."  Lakers down 36-30.

6:40- Fish reaches in on the Garnett drive and picks up his second foul.  They really do like to do things as a team.

5:50- Pierce blows by Vlad on the perimeter like he's standing still- was he actually standing still, and has way too much room to roam inside on the Lakers- he dishes to Perkins who up-fakes Pau completely out of position, and as Gasol lands on his back Perkins gets the layup.  He'll go to the line with a chance to put the Celtics up by nine.  Right now, it's 40-32 with a timeout on the floor.

The Lakers are still struggling to find rhythm offensively after a pretty strong start.  Only 10 points in the quarter, and most importantly, they've been to the line all of one time--- on a technical foul.  Boston: 14 trips, nine alone for Powe.

5:30- Nice play by Odom, tipping in the Vlad tip of the Kobe miss from downtown.  That's Odom's second tip in, but it was set up by a good effort from Vlad to keep the play alive.  Vlad hurt them with the early two, but it seems to have fired him up a little.  He's been very active since he returned to the game.

4:42- The Lakers finally get a bit of a make up call, as Perkins is hit with a pretty weak push off call underneath.  Looked like he had position on Odom.  That's his third.

4:22- Nice recognition by Vlad and Pau- after the screen switch, Gasol had Pierce on his back.  Vlade left him the ball, and Pau want straight over Pierce, backing him down and putting it in with the right hand to get the bucket and draw the and one on Pierce.  That's his second.  Lakers down by 4, 41-37.

2:52- Timeout Lakers, as consecutive triples from teh Lakers give the Celtics a 10 point lead.  The Lakers have totally been removed from their offense.  They're struggling to find good looks for Kobe, who is in turn trying to create them himself, which is hurting the offense.  The threw in a little P and R on the last possession before Fish took a very bad shot from downtown.  That could help.

2:05- A triple from Vlad Rad cuts the lead to 47-40.  He's been one of their best players in the quarter.

1:53- Ouch.  Kobe picks up his third, running through Pierce while chasing Allen around the floor.  He'll have to sit for the rest of the half, and Allen gets both FTs (the Lakers are in the penalty).  Sasha in for Kobe.   

:23.9- Fish picks up his third.  This isn't good.

HALFTIME: 54-42 Boston. 

A promising start has turned sour for the Lakers, as they've continued to struggle with fouls.  Kobe has three, Fish has three, Vlad started the game with two, LO has two, Ariza two, Turiaf two, and so on.  All told, it's 17 personals in the first half for the Lakers, 10 for the Lakers.  FT disparity, 19-2 Boston, and one of those for the Lakers was on a Garnett technical foul.  So in game play, it's 19-1.  The Lakers are getting it done in the paint behind a strong 13 from Gasol and eight from Odom, but the Celtics have effectively removed Kobe as a threat going to the basket, and you can see he's getting frustrated.

On the ol' to do list, the Lakers have done a good job on the boards, with a 19-17 advantage, but clearly haven't mastered teh whole "don't foul" thing.  Some of that is home court for Boston, some of that is aggressiveness on their part, but the officiating hasn't been particularly helpful to say the least.  Some very critical calls on Odom and Kobe early that have changed the flow of the game considerably. 

It's a good thing halftime in the Finals is long, because they have a lot to talk about.


Nothing like web access in the upper press box.

Anyway, with 4:29 left, the Lakers have used a 6-0 run to cut the Boston lead to nine.  Three straight plays off screens, with Kobe moving the ball.  High screen and roll with Pau and Kobe, LO flashes to high post, Kobe hits him, Pau rolls, easy dunk.  Pretty.  Next play, Kobe comes off the Pau screen, finds space, hits the tough J.  Then Kobe rolls over, finds Pau flashing to the FT line for an open jumper.  Better ball movement, more baskets. 

The Celtics are a tough team to come back on, especially if things get rushed.  The Lakers just have to continue to be patient and work the ball around.   PJ employs a baby press out of the TO.  More for show than anything else.

3:00- Consecutive poor plays from Vlad, as he drives and kicks to... nobody, then loses Pierce on hte other side for an easy Boston bucket.  Kobe forces two straight threes and the Lakers look extremely close to coming unglued.

Luke in for Vlad, and misses his first J.  Allen hits a three on the other end in the left corner as LO can't find him on the break, Kobe turns the ball over trying to lob the ball to Pau in the post, and off the TO, the Celtics come back and get an easy layup for Powe, from Rondo on the little lob in transition.  The Celtics lead is now up to 20, and the Lakers officially have, um, issues.  They're just getting thoroughly outplayed in every aspect of the game. 

Boston is able to break them down in almost every trip down, and the Lakers haven't been able to stay disciplined on the other side, or hit anything from the perimeter that might stretch things out.

1:20- Lakers down 79-59.

1:10- And in the "bad to worse" category, LO picks up his fifth, a charge into Brown trying to drive to the hoop. 


Powe punctuates the quarter with a dunk, as the Lakers get burned by Rondo penetration to end the quarter.  They double Pierce on the wing, he passes out to Rondo, who drives in space, has an open look and an easy dump to Powe who has an even easier dunk.  83-61.  There's always hope... but man alive, there ain't much right now.


10:00- The Lakers are still down by 21 as the Lakers are getting some ball movement, but no stops defensively.  They're still being broken down.  At this point, though, they're being careful not to foul and put the Lakers on the line.  The only way they're going to lose this game is to give them free points. 

9:20- Farmar hits another three, and the Lakers are down 18.

KG comes back with two jumpers in front of Turiaf on the other end, and the Celtics lead is back to 20. 

During the TO, they're playing "Don't Stop Believing."  Not a hard thing for the Celtics fans to buy into right now.  PJ comes out of the TO with Gasol and Rad back on the floor, and give up what might have been the worst baset in basketball history, a coast to coast dunk from Leon Powe, in which nobody even moved to defend him.  That was awful. 

6:45- Pau to Kobe attempt at the alley oop goes awry, as Kobe can't get the handle the pass, and the ball goes out of bounds.  That's about how things have been going. 

5:56- Lakers down 96-78.

4:41- The Celtics are more than willing to trade buckets, and are now laying off the Lakers on that end, which is why they're scoring with more easy.  Unfortunately, because the Lkers are down by so much, they have to take a lot of risks defensively, and Boston is getting a lot of clean looks, making it tough to get any traction. 

3:48- The lead is down to 13, so it's still a game, but barring a miracle, the hole is too big.

2:45- But at least they're still playing.  Kobe triple cuts the deficit to 11, but they'll send Rondo to the line out of the TO, as Sasha fouls him on the drive.

2:15- Kobe drives and hits the floater along the right block to cut the lead down to nine, but Pierce converts inside on the other end.  Back to 11. Kobe gets inside again for another layup.  Fish gets the steal, Vlad goes the other way, hits Sasha, who buries the three.  Celtics now by six with a minute six to play...

1:03- Vlad Rad forces the steal, then goes the other way for the dunk.  It looked initially like he traveled, but on the replay it was that Euro off-step takeoff.  Lakers down by four with a minute on the clock and Boston with the ball.  Clearly I put this one in the win category too early.  The Celtics went into the prevent defense, and the Lakers have brought the game back.  Now it's a question of a) if the Lakers can get stops, and b) if the Celtics can turn it up again.

Pierce fouls Kobe on the floor, and Bryant goes to the line and hits two.  Lakers down by a pair.  They need a stop...

Fish fouls Pierce on the drive, and he'll go to the line for two with 22.8 left on the clock... makes the first.  Three point Boston lead.

and the second.  Lakers call timeout, down 106-102. 

Sasha tries to take a three, and Pierce recovers to block it. Not the shot they were looking for.  Posey tracks down the ball, and is fouled by Fish who was pushing for ball.  Posey makes two, and that's gonna be it. 

Final score 108-102.

More to come.



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Man I swear...

Now, 2 fouls on LO....

These officials are effin FAKE....

cant wait till we get to L.A.

phew farmar....ball never lies.....


we got the first quarter lead, in spite of having two starters with two fouls


Come on LAKERS, we're playing their game. LET'S GO!!

Another B. S. foul call this time on Odom who had his handa straight up in the air...Whats going on here...What eve it is , its blatant...

the refs want to give the game to boston ?

The ABC coverage continues to be blatantly lopsided in favor of the Celtics. An outrage.

The NBA doesn't need this kind of BS. Should have put a buch of money on Boston cause the fix is definitely in.

Kobe MUST establish himself. He must get his game going.

Now you know it's bad when AK joins in!

Ticky tac fouls are killin us. Are we allowed to play any D at all? officiating aint got bad yet..but it looks as if its heading that direction

These refs think that people are paying all this money to watch them call cheap fouls on the biggest star in the league.

I really believe these refs are on the take or are point shaving.

These calls are just too obvious.

Even my better half - who NEVER watches the games - is commenting on the cheap fouls.
I hate the Greenie Weenies AND their bought & paid for zebras.......

Kobe is playing bad and the refs are rigging the game.

Lakers chances of winning the game are slim now.

Story of the 1st quarter... 10-5... that's the foul calls Lakers/Celtics. 'nuff said.

F@%!........ the refs

F@%!........ the celtics

F@%!........ them all

LETS GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear the Refs and probably the entire NBA want the Celtics to win this thing!

I mean.. they're calling cheap fouls on the Lakers!.. and by watchin this thing, you see it takes the rythm out of the players.

1. I hope stop shooting jump shots and starts to attack the rim! He has to be determined to score down low and not relying on the refs to call the fouls! It will come along.

WHERE IS THE FOUL ON vujacic, he just stood his ground, ARE u kidding me?!

Make that 12-5. Wow

39 seconds in

2 fouls


they'll be in the penalty by the 8:00 mark

What happens if all 12 Lakers in uniform foul out of the game before it is over? This is nuts.

Phil Jackson has Luke Walton checking Powe?? THis is a recipe for disaster

What has to happen to get luke out of this game??

Can we BREATH without getting a foul??

I'm gonna go ahead and say that

a) not a great decision or pass by Walton on that alley oop to Farmar

b) I'm not confident about where the offense is going to come with Luke-Farmar-Ariza-Turiaf-Sasha


o wow, foul on turiaf now? ok how about just foul out the whole lakers team?

Man, I cann't find a link. That does it. Tues night, I am flying to Cleveland and finding Jon K's bar.

And if there has ever been a more serious act of fandom than to voluntarily go to Cleveland to watch a Lakers game, I wanna know.

Nah, seriously, can a brother get a link? Or even me?




I swear man... I swear....

Cheap early fouls.- killing us

What he hell is going on with these Refs??

Another B.S. call on Ronny. Absolutely great block!!!

Guys - seriously - I'm not sure how much more of this I can take before I start throwing stuff at my TV....

That was another HORRIBLE call on Ronny.

I am SICK of the zebras changing the game.

I love the Lakers energy and they are doing a much better job on the boards tonight, but too many fouls....

We're getting punched in the mouth.

And we're taking it.

Lot's of late whistles on the Lakers. The bench is not coming through.

The call on Ronny looked good- he got him hard with the body- but there have been some really poor ones already. No question.



You and I don't often agree on much. Mark this day as the one we fell into complete alignment on one topic. This is ridiculous.


OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow , every second there is a foul call against the lakers...


F@%!........ the celtics

Come on LAKERS


they've gotten offense before with this line up. But if you keep calling fouls and disrupting the flow of the game, forget it. As I write this, yet another foul. The Lakers now have 4 fouls in the quarter. Essentially, they are now in the penalty at 10:06.

That's 4 consecutive Laker fouls. I'm sorry, is Tim Donaughy ref'ing this game? Hello?

Every time down the court...


foul foul foul....

This is fake... We are playing 8 on 5 and I have never seen anything like this...

o yea... miami-dallas with dwayne wade....

Defense sucks ass.

no words

Oklay, are these refs paid off? Seriously, I have not seen such a one side game so far. Farmer drives in the lane, has his arm grabbed, no call. This is getting disgusting now.

the bench turned it over 5 or 6 times in a row and scored 0 points in 2 and a half minutes.

get the starters back in!

Wow! There is something really wrong here... and it's THE REFS!!!

we need starters in the game..what is phil saving them for?

umm someone explain to me how phil jackson put all 5 reserves with nobody generating the offense into the floor and expect us not to lose?

This is eight against five basketball. Somewhere tonight, Tim Donaghy is smiling.

I don't usually complain about the officiating,

And I'm not going to start now; Stop commiting more fouls than you have ever committed in any game this season, to a ridiculously disproportionate degree! Man, you really have to be working hard at committing fouls, traveling, and other rule violations as you are earning tonight. Come on, guys, stop working so hard at it.

Dude, Farmar literally got grabbed on that drive to the rack. I don't agree with him standing around and arguing instead of getting back, but I get where he (and his teammates) are coming from.


Stat of the game?

Celtics FTs: 7-11
Laker FTs: 1-1

okay, so we have two options:
1) give them a wide open shot

2) foul them ...

that's what the refs are telling us.

Someone please Link me up!!! Im stuck at a desk at work with no tv...

Go Lakers!!!

the referees are making this game!!!!!!!

They grabbed Farmar by his jersey

Casell blatantly grabbed farmars arm on the drive and no call? Go figure. The Lakers are playing against the Celtics and the refs tonight....If they win tonight it should count for 2 wins since they are playing against 2 teams tonight.....

I cannot even type straight at this point... I'm so infuriated by the officiating.

I can only imagine how the Lakers players and coaches are feeling right now.

C'mon Zen Master... it's up to you to earn your $10 mil and make them ignore
the refs and get their heads back in the game.

Constant fouls, Kobe not doing anything, Lamar not being effective, our bench being out played.

We just don't have any answers. We don't. I said it day 1; the Celts are just a better team. Nothing can be done about that.

Lets just hope we don't get swept.

Leon Powe 8 fouls attempts?? Are u kidding me? Are you freaken kidding me???

Im guessing the Celtics are flawless and never foul?

I was going to say...

let's make our voiced heard and write the nba.

but by then we'd have already lost the championship with these bullcrap calls.


Go Lakers!


I've never been this extreme before, but 2 of these refs (don't know their names) both deserve to die. They are either incompetent or on the take based on their body of work, and frankly we shouldn't have to share oxygen with either of them.

I am disgusted.

Gotta fight through this 5 on 8 for a bit. Need to get more physical and get to the rim!! 'Cuz nothing else will get called our way tonight, i guarantee it.

Walton sucks!!!!!
2 turnovers. Overmatched on Powe.
SIt his worthless ass down

The friggin refs are giving this game to the Celtics...

12 fouls Lakers -6 fouls Celtics
1 FTA Lakers - 11 FTA Celtics

"I'm gonna go ahead and say that

a) not a great decision or pass by Walton on that alley oop to Farmar

b) I'm not confident about where the offense is going to come with Luke-Farmar-Ariza-Turiaf-Sasha"


The Only problem with this lineup is the decision of PHIL JACKSON to have them in the game............Why don't you analyze the strategy of Phil?

This game may have been lost in these past few minutes by Phil Jackson and his insistence on playing Luke Walton and his inability to gauge the pulse of the game.

WTF is Phil doing??

I can't stand this anymore. If we lose tonight game, we lose it to the official. They don't have to call Lakers for every f'in possession. Official is Celtic fan clearly. FFFF!

We get no respect for playing tuff defense.


The refs are BS.

I hope PJ gets a MILLION DOLLAR fine after this game.

He needs to put the NBA and basketball world on notice.

4 Fouls , 4 times down the floor.


come on man come on.

Foul! Foul! Foul! they call every time the celtics go down the court!

I guess the refs want to see Garnett, Allen and Pierce getting their rings!

Just give it to them! it makes no sense playing against the guys who officiate the game!

Our bench sucks big time. Not only this sereie, I don't remeber Farmar playing good game all entire game. And this suppose to be one of the best benches?

Well Leon Powe has shot as manu free throws in the first half as Kobe Bryant in the last 6 1/2 games


We lose 4 in a row to this team, then you have to admit they are the better team.

The Lakers will not win the Championship this year. We need to play for pride, and to avoid getting swept.


Yeah, that was sarcasm

Dude, Farmar literally got grabbed on that drive to the rack. I don't agree with him standing around and arguing instead of getting back, but I get where he (and his teammates) are coming from.


Posted by: Andrew Kamenetzky | June 08, 2008 at 06:47 PM

Just so you know, Mike Breen of ABC said that Farmar threw up a "wild shot" ....yeah forget that farmar got literally twisted in the air. Why on earth would Farmar do a 360 lay up in the air???? Seriously?

This is crazy !! this game is fixed !! Thanks for the ref !! they take our player out the game, they call foul against us !! they have no call to attack our player !! WTF

I'm wondering now, the Mafia involved in this?


Troy.... you are not a laker fan....

Get off this blog.

Laker fans stand behind there team win or lose....

Does everyone agree with me?

Lets go LAKERS


try this link and tell me if it works for crap.

not that great, but if you don't have anything else..




I'm not "analyzing" the decision by Phil because he reasons for that lineup were blatantly obvious. He has three starters in foul trouble before the first quarter is even done. And given the way the game's being called, he can't just risk them playing through it and picking up a third foul with the majority of the half to play. Thus, he goes with that lineup for a few minutes and hopes for the best.

By the way, what would you have done instead? Just curious, since you're criticizing non-stop and never actually offering the better solution.



This Powe must be an All-Star in the eyes of these refs.

Hey everyone LEON POWE 10 free throw attempts?!?!?

are you kidding me?

Powe can stay in the lane 10 seconds and it wont be called....

bogus bogus bogus

You know what
quit smiling on the bad calls and take a stand. Someone take a Tech
PJ where are you
How many fouls are the refs going to call?

Shut up Troy.

i've been telling you guys that troy has been a fake laker fan for awhile.

you see the evidence.

Man, I can almost understand how a Suns fan feels. Almost. My team has won a title

Lakers may as well mail it in...They won't be allowed to play or win this game...

this is fixed. the money from sports betts has got to the refs.
we are witness to a whole new kind of new england cheating.

they are bailing them out with these calls!!!
Just let them play!!!

hey..another foul on us...


And some of yall are screamin "Defense Sucks"? Is anyone watchin this 1 sided mess? Wudnt u be alil reluctant to play stiff D when the Refs are callin every ticky tac foul there is

Where's the foul
on KG!!!!!

did i hear right leom powe has 9 freebie attempts the entire lakers have 1 this is an outrage !!!!!!!!!!!!this league is becoming sickening to watch during the regular season it could be called chance but since the spurs series these calls have been totally awful

You know what would be hillarious. Lakers literally just walk off the floor. They might as well since they dont have a chance to play.

Foul on garnett hitting gasol on the arm with no call.....

Pau is stepping up.
Kobe is heating up.
I like Lamar's aggressiveness.
I hate griping about refs but we have been aggressive and have not been rewarded like the celts at the line.

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