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Live from the Finals, Game 6: Lakers vs. Celtics

You folks cheering at home better do some screaming, because your Lakers need all the help they can get drowning out these Bostonians.  They seriously know how to yell at whatever this arena is called.  There was even a small "Beat L.A." chant going an hour before the game.


Big cheers for Kendrick Perkins, who is starting.

By the way, I know longer feel bad about my nose bleed dwellings.  I'm actually seated next to Kevin Blackistone, of "Around the Horn" fame.  He's a considerably bigger and more prominent figure than yours truly.  That provides me some comfort in a petty kinda way.

And look, David Stern is on the other side of me!  Okay, that part isn't true.


Lakers win the tip.  That's certainly not a bad start.  And 14 seconds before Perkins picks up a foul and Kobe cans a jumper.  All in all, not too bad. 

11:00 - The Celts fans don't like the charging call against Pierce, but the replay shows it was the right one.  PP was neither set nor square when taking the contact from a driving Fisher.  Derek hits both freebies.

10:18 - Some tightness by the Celts (a terrible missed trey by Ray Allen against the side of the backboard, Perkins bricking a put back) is finally offset by Rajon Rondo, who strips Gasol and streaks towards the bucket, then dishes out to Allen outside the arc.  Money this time for Jesus Shuttlesworth.

9:01 - Kobe pulls up and cans his third three ball early in the game.  He's 3-3 from the field, all behind the arc.  Good results, but I definitely don't want to see him there all night.  But still, great start for Bryant.

END OF THE FIRST: 24-20 Boston.  (BK here, as AK is having interweb problems at the Gah-den.)

Not a terrible quarter for the Lakers from a score standpoint, but they aren't looking good in some key areas.  First, Pau Gasol has been nonexistent on the offensive end, and has been extremely passive.  Four turnovers assigned to him (I might have given one to Kobe that was tagged to Pau, but that's not the point).  They need him to find some confidence and start giving the Lakers another outlet.  Kobe kept the Lakers in the quarter with some very clutch shooting from downtown, but that can't be expected through an entire game.  Defensively, the Lakers are doign a nice job in the halfcourt, but are giving up far too many offensive rebounds (five) and have shot themselves in the foot with six TOs. 

That's given the Celtics 24 field goal chances already.  Clean up that stuff, and the Lakers might be able to make some progress.  Good moves thus far include getting LO on PP more.


8:23- Timeout on the floor, Celtics up by five, 28-23.   Boston is making the Lakers a perimeter team.  Lots of deep jumpers, and Kobe in particular is having trouble getting some space.  They're stagnant right now on that end- LO has found some rhythm and is getting aggressive, but they have to figure out a way to find holes in that Boston O.  Inside out.

6:25 - Eddie House connects from distance one possession removed from Posey giving him the idea.  Same left corner of the court, same result, pushing the Celtics' lead to nine.   Rotating  around to cover is leaving guys way open.  Everyone needs to make sure not to overcommit and keep a bead on their guy.  In particular, Posey was given days to measure up his shot and fire. 

Belichick gets puts on jumbotron and gets thunderous ovation.  I have nothing against the Pats, but I really hate that dude.

6:15 - Another quick three from Kobe fails to connect.  He's enjoyed some early success, but he needs to knock it off with the downtown stuff, especially early in the clock.  Take it inside, keep the ball moving. 

5:53 - Third foul on Fish around the perimeter, sending House to the line.  Farmar checks in.

5:37 - Kobe turns the ball over after working iso'ed in traffic and it slips into House's mitts.  Another three ball from Posey comes from it.  Theat would be the ninth turnover by the lakers, for those keeping a running tally (and I am).

3:57 - Vlad takes a catch and shoot from Kobe and comes up bad on his first attempt, both from the field and behind the line.  He compounds the error by sending Pierce to the line after fouling him (his third) along the baseline.  PP shoots a pair and Walton comes in for Vlad.

3:04 - Walton passes up the three ball, steps inside a few, then clangs off rim and eventually to the top of the backboard.  The Laker O has gone seriously cold, with Boston outscoring them 15-4 since the 7:50 mark.  Time out Boston.

2:12 - After turning the ball over working his way into traffic, Farmar redeems himself with a steal under the Boston basket, then draws a foul going back to rack.  One of two fall.

1:12 - A little floater by Rondo under the bucket goes down.  The Celts are back up by 18.  Scratch that.  20, after KG sinks the fall away floater after picking up LO's second foul.  And now it's 21, when the freebie strokes nylon.

23.6 - Some criss cross action between Celtics eventually works the ball into Perkins' hands down low.  He works the layup into the goal, making this a 23 point affair, where it sits at halftime.  Hard to say which is hurting the Lakers more.  A shooting percentage that's plummeted to 30% (8-27 from the field).  An absurd 11 turnovers.  Getting beat 26-14 on the boards.  Being outdimed 17-5.  But whatever you label the #1 factor, they all need to be corrected ASAFP if the Lakers want to maintain any prayer of a miracle comeback.  We'll see if they can get it together after some halftime Gatorade and orange slices.


11:42 - Boston's first possession is a mid-range jumper by Rondo gone good.  That's not what I would categorize as a proverbial "good omen."

10:51 - More movement inside by Boston, with Rondo drawing attention around the tin and kicking out to Ray Ray at the arc.  Kobe's late to close.  Three ball goes down. 

9:52 - After missing from behind the arc, Fish thinks again from that distance after receiving the kick out from LO.  Instead, he worms inside and works a layup home, drawing a whistle on Perkins.  And one good.  L.A. finally gets on the board with a field goal this frame. 

9:32 - LO sets up Pau for the dunk.  It's back to 24, then back up to 26 after a PP driving layup.

8:48 - Vladdy finally gets on the board after slipping a defender, then parking himself back behind the line to spot up for three.  But before any momentum can be found, Rondo drives the lane and picks up a whistle on Kobe.  "And one" layup made good.  We're still in "tough sledding territory" for the Lake show.

7:30 - An LO turnover creates yet another score for Boston off transition.  This time it's Ray Allen, who's left beyond wide open for what's essentially shooting practice for him behind the arc.  He drains it.   

6:11 - Pau can't handle Fish's pass inside, resulting in... you guessed it... another turnover (a baker's dozen and counting).  On the other end, he picks up an offensive on the ground in a scrum with PJ Brown.  It's been that kind of night for him... and everyone wearing his uni, really. 

5:09 - This game's tone was just neatly summarized, as Pau tries to work his way to the bucket against KG, who stymies Gasol's motion and forces a jump ball while grabbing the rock with ONE HAND.  Not a typo, folks.  One hand.  If you need an example of how and why nothing is going right for L.A. (or how and why everything is for Boston, depending on your POV), there you have it.

2:54 - Time out, Lakers, with a 30-point spread staring them down.  I just receive an email.  "This isn't going well, love Mom."  The woman knows her hoops. 

2:49 - Pau gets the chair pulled out from under him by KG, adding another turnover to the mix.  No Celtic bucket comes from it, but the Lakers don't get a chance to capitalize.  Kobe quickly adds a turnover of his own, with a sequence ending with Rondo at the stripe.  One of two go down.

1:47 - Kobe earns a pair at the line after driving and drawing a foul on Brown.  Both are good.  Coming on the heels of a converted layup, am I the only person wondering why he didn't do more of that earlier on instead of all the long jumpers?

The quarter wraps up with Kobe's 17 foot baseline jumper going errant at the buzzer, leaving the Lakers with 29 points to make up for in the next dozen minutes.  That would be a tall order under any circumstances, but the way this team is playing, it's beyond ludicrous to picture.  I just want them to go out playing hard, playing with heart and, if we're lucky, maybe playing smart.


Eleven seconds in, we have LO at the strip on another fouled and unconverted layup (0-5 on a tough night) and hitting one of two at the line.  Trevor Ariza makes his first appearance of the night.

11:02 - Ariza at the line after drawing the foul underneath the cup on Big Baby.  One of two are good.  In the meantime, the crowd is chanting "Where is Kobe," in reference to #24 taking a seat on the pine. 

10:44 - Clear path foul on Farmar while trying to prevent a layup by Rondo after the point guard receives a Hail Mary from Brown.  Curious how the sequence got started?  If you guessed "turnover," give yourself a gold star.

9:11 - Allen buries another three, bumping the score to 101-70, Boston.  Of course, it's only an 11-possession game, so really, this baby is still wide open.

7:27 - At least the Lakers are getting interesting turnovers now.  After pulling down Rondo's miss at the rack, Farmar attempts the Hail Mary alley oop to Ariza.  The ball bounces off the backboard and into KG's hands.  Points for originality, I guess.

5:21 - Another bomb from distance courtesy of Ray Allen, giving him a grand total of 26 on the night. 

They're playing the music from "The Departed."  I figured it had to come soon enough. 

The "nah nah nah nah, hey, hey, hey, good bye" chant has started up.  Frankly, I imagine the Lakers wouldn't mind obliging the invite to leave. 

2:21 - Time out Celtics.  A jumbotron montage of "Dancing Gino" from the 70s comes up, mixed in with American Bandstand footage.  All to the tune of the Bee Gees' "You should be dancing."  I desperately wish it came under different circumstances, but I'm also a sucker for anything of that era.  I must admit, it's actually kinda cool. 

1:30 - Ariza attempts a dispy doodle layup to no avail.  Garbage time can't end quickly enough.  This is growing tortuous. 

Thirty seconds to go.  Boston players, staff, and fans are getting ready to storm the court.  The baseline is stacked with spectators.  This place is about to go insane.  KG, PP and Allen are hugging. 

4.4 - House dribbles down to a 24-second violation.  Then the last four tick away.  "We are the Champions" by Queen plays.  131-92 Boston, in a game that was every bit as lopsided as the score would indicate.  On the jumbotron, I see Kobe, LO, Turiaf, Fish, and Sasha seek out various Celts to  offer congratulations.  I'm sure other teammates followed suit.  Glad to see the display of class by the Lakers.   It's gotta hurt bad, but they're doing the right thing.  This will be a tough one for the team and the fans to swallow for quite some time, but this was still a fantastic season that nobody could have seen coming and can only be built upon.  Try to remember that while absorbing this sting. 

And yes, before you ask, I do smell many a cigar lit up.

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any LINK for tonight's game?

Got a chance -- Rondo and perkins in the lineup

Game time, baby! Let's go Lakers!





Let's get ready to RUMBLE!! Go Lakers!

This sickens me. Everybody is picking the celtics to win tonight. I think the celts will win too but even wade is picking them. Which just makes me sick..

our gameplan for history

win game 5 CHECK
survive game 6
all bets are off for game 7



Lets go LAKERS!!

One love, people. One game, one quarter at a time.

I believe. 1-28


here's a link- I hope somebody has a better one


Man - in the pregame chat they showed PJ talking to the Lakers on "WIRED" - Rambis was yawning!!!! I hope he's the only one doing that, cuz the guys need to be focused!

Chris Mihm should be in street attire, and Mbega should be in uniform! WTF!

All these former Celtics players attending the game tonight are kinda
like a premature celebration, if you ask me.

Let's go Lakers... leave the old guys wondering "what happened???"






This will not be easy. But, nothing worthing doing in the competitive realm is.

Let's do this.

Exploit their weaknesses.

Quick foul on Perkins... gotta love it.

And now one on Pierce!

good call, ref!

blatant flop

couple quick fouls on Boston... that's big.

good start -- except for the boards. getting hurt early

Everyone Relax the fix is in!

LETS GO LAKERS....we arent ready to call it a season....EVERYTHING ON THE FLOOR TODAY

nothing to lose

lets go!!!
LIsten we won handily in UTAH's place...10 times louder than this..

Nice start!

Good early D from LAL.


At least we're getting foul calls so far!

Bad play by Vlad. He can't pass off that shot with two left on the clock.


Rad man scared. Take him out!!

It looks like they told Allen to go as hard as fast and as long as possible.

I don't think he'll hjave it by the 4th quarter

Kobe!!! 3 pointer!

Kobe again!!


Less than 3 mins into the game, already talking about the poor Celts sitting on a plane for 4 hours. I sleep like a baby on planes....especially after a game 5. haha.

Lakers looking strong to start.

At this point I would trade Vlad for Cook straight up. Vlad is completely irrelevant. Maybe he's been hanging out with Shawn White a little too much. puff puff give.

Wow... they're really letting them play tonight.

Where is Gasol ?

Lakers need to weather the first 7-8 mins of Celts adrenaline.

Kobe again!!!
Oh yeah baby!


Offensively, they're forcing a lot of tough passes, trying to be too fine. LA nedds to get aggressive and try to create action which will create the lanes. Move, move, move.

Great bail out there from Kobe.

Defensively, they're playing pretty well, but need to maintain it. Pau a little tentative early, but LO is strong on the boards.


So far,

Great Kobe. Good D. 1 foul on 4 of Boston's starters.

These are all very good things.

Only problem is sloppy offense with too many forced passes.

Officiating has been a little unkind, but who cares...

Pull Vlad he got his two fouls and he's excusing himself from the game. Boy was he nervous. Pau is too. Everyone else is good, and yes it's Kobe time tonight. Just as I predicted he plans on going off tonight. The legacy is on the line.

first time I heard JVG giving lakers love -- albeit only to Kobe

There's our MVP! Go Kobe! Go Lakers!


Vlad Rad looking for the pine early -

Passed a wide-open 3 up against the shot clock and cannot guard a warehouse.

kobe is unconscious

pau is playing like weeny

we gotta get them in the penalty now

I am feeling sorry for Kobe. He is the only one scoring and keep Lakers in the game. Rest of the Lakers stinks.

By the way, I heard Ron Artist opting out and would like to join Lakers, Spurs, or Hornets. Better be Lakers.

Is there a link where there are a couple of different cam views, like tnt had?

After Kobe's last 3, I love the little smile on his face. It's like he know's something they don't.

I think the tree was shaken & the jaguar fell out.

who ever would've thought that kendrick FREAKIN' perkins (who???) would be limiting pau like this

c'mon PAU! STEP UP

can't play this kind of game and survive -- too many TOs. And too many offensive boards for Cs

Pau has to get more involved

For those of you who get mad when someone talks about how soft Gasol is and how stupidly Odom plays and try to defend Vlade, well the first 7 minutes of this game shows that Gasol is soft, Odom makes the worst decisions, and Vlade is clueless. 3 seconds left on the clock and Vlade is open at the 3 point line and he passes. Odom tries to dribble out of a crowd and almost turns it over. Gasol, does he have a rebound? The slim lead the Lakers have now is fools gold because Kobe isn't going to make 30 3 pointers. The rest of team is doing nothing. This is not going to turn out well for us.

too many 3s

Perkins with 2.

Good move with Odom on Pierce. But need Pau to pick up the offensive slack.

This just in....Allen shaken up from the long plane ride. Apparently there was a lot of turbulance. That was great D by LO. =)

Stronger, more confident start from Walton. Hopefully some production early keeps him going.

Good move putting LO on PP. They must be reading the blog.


sc"lakerfan" -

I love the confidence after 7 1/2 minutes.

What is Gasol doing? Anyone?

Hey folks. The wireless at the Garden is again misbehaving. AK's having trouble, so that means slow updating on the live blog.


Gasol is on early vacation.

Someone please tell Pau Gasol that the game has started. No wonder the Celtics are controlling the tempo. There's 5 Celtics on the floor but only 4 Lakers.

someone made the comment about the Lakers taking the bench position that would not allow the Cs to play D in front of their bench in the 2nd half.

Good call.

Somebody please explain to me why Luke Walton has to be the guy to show our team how to drive to the hole?

I don't get it.....

sc"lakerfan": guess we know who the blog loser is.

I have limited confidence in these guys who come out not ready to play the 6th game - in a row -against the same team.

Gasol is a Forward, but he can at least play like he knows not to throw a pass into 3 Celtic defenders. He HAS to know what to do on the KG pick and roll - but he is out of position on the first two they run.

WTF KNOW better...bring the PASSION!


CHEER FOR OUR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gasol needs to be more assertive....he has the SAME freakin moves..i think they arent buying into it..them being the celtics...

Yes Pau is nervous, he's a little tentative again today, but if they keep going to him he'll get in rhythm. They're going to need him and his scoring down low tonight. Kobe has to go from hitting 3's to driving for layups and free throws. We know the outside shot will fade and that's when he has to take it to the hole.

The rest of the team is nervous. They're on the road and it's a finals game 6. If they settle down we'll be okay.

Perkins has punked Gasol right out of the game!

I had this premonition earlier and if the game continues like it's been going,
it seems likely to come true... Lakers keep it close to the very end and then
either Fish or Kobe deliver the dagger ala 0.4... Celtics can't recover in
Game 7 after losing a heartbreaker.

LAKERS NBA CHAMPIONS! You heard it here first.


PJ&J sandwiches????????

THAT's the storyline during a break????????????

OMG - how LAME IS THIS????????



Put LO on KG NOW PJ. Jesus Christ.

Did Luke show up tonight?

two on Rondo...


The Lakers need a complete game. Everyone must contribute.

Lakers have ZERO offensive boards through one. Celtics at least seven.

Luke is our second leading scorer with 4 points.

I don't think that's a good sign is it?

Somebody get Pau a damn Red Bull. The large can.

I meant five offensive Boards for C's.

I actually don't mind the Lakers being behind, as I think they play better. So long as we don't got down by more than 10.

Anyone else think that Ron Artest would be a good matchup for Pierce? Mitch has got to sign that guy; he has to.

I repeat for the 400000th time.

WE simply CANNOT get behind.....

we cant fall behind 10-15 just will be too tough to come back.



play hard..move the ball...

We need to establish Lo or Gasol in the post!

Let's see what the sub pattern will be now...

Pau and Odom need a blow and PJ has already said he's taking Kobe out. So this may be a real touchy next 5 minutes...

the garden is fierce for some of these young subs

It's a good thing that what counts is how you finish, because so far the start is unimpressive. Kobe needs to fire up his team mates. Only Kobe looks like he believes. Go Lakers!






Gasol had 4 turnovers in the first, team 6 turn overs. Real nervous.

Phil told Kobe to take over! Green Light

I'm so helpless for Gasol and Lamar so helpless.

Can someone tell me if Pau has a nagging injury (knock on wood if he doesn't) The guy is trash....I don't think we need him if Bynum can show us he's at that level he left off...even better.



Hey BigGameJames, no need for personal attacks. I want the Lakers to win as much as you do, but I'm just frustrated that each of those guys keep making the same mistakes that they've been doing all series. You can be a fan but be realistic too. I don't go around saying trade Powe for Lebron James like Boston Cetlics homers do. No losers in the blog man. Peace.

We can also get Posey next year. Can you believe the kind of team we'd have with Posey and Artest?

Go to the hole Kobe!

Kobe has to do it himself if he wants to get to a game 7. He can't afford to wait on odom and gasol tonight. gasol just will not be agressive and put pressure on the defense by driving the ball to the basket.

unfortunately -- points wise this is the Cs pace.
Lakers have to pick up the pace of the game.

Pasol for Artest, anyone?

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