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The NBA: Where hella fouls happens

WhistleCertainly was the case during last night's 108-102 loss to the Celtics.  What began (and ended, to some degree) as a reasonably tight game unraveled down the first quarter's stretch, when Kobe Bryant joined Vlad Radmanovic and Lamar Odom on the pine with early foul trouble.  The second unit continued their starters' fate as whistle magnets (and just as importantly, repellents), a foundation laid for a 38-10 discrepancy at the stripe.  Phil Jackson questioned later how reserve Leon Powe- who undoubtedly played well- can live at the line more in fourteen minutes than his entire team did in 48.  That margin wasn't entirely without explanation (even a miffed PJ conceded his opponent was more willing to take a charge or attack the rim with showy aggression), but certainly not to the degree that it played out, which undoubtedly affected the game in a way that made adjustments difficult for the Lakers.   

But lest anyone think this blog is pinning a loss squarely on the refs, think again.  Even when the Lakers return to Staples on Tuesday for some theoretical home cooking, if some issues aren't ironed out, friendlier officiating ain't about to guarantee a happier box score.

Too many instances where the Lakers become content not to execute their offense, particularly in terms of the spacing required to make it hum.  Whether Vlad Rad, Luke Walton, Trevor Ariza (whose first foray into meaningful playoff PT yielded no stops and gummy offense), Kobe Bryant, or a newly activated 2X4, somebody needs to come up with a stop against Paul Pierce.  Lamar Odom and the game plan are anything but simpatico at the moment.  The Mamba struggling to find his shot until deeper into games isn't helping matters (although his speech making prowess is aces).  And even if you're upset about the difference in physicality displayed (or allowed), it can still underscore a toughness exhibited mostly by those donning green.  The almost-comeback staged by the Lakers can provide some optimism hopefully carried back to their turf, but it still begs the $64,000,000 question.  Can the Lakers compete like the team that cut a 24 point lead down to a bucket in eight minutes play that way for an entire game against these Celtics?  Because right now, even if your belief in the Lakers remains, they're still getting outplayed.

If for whatever reason you've been losing sleep over what Curt Schilling thinks about Kobe Bryant, read this, then grab a pillow.

Like you people needed another reason to dislike Red Auerbach.

Summer school could be required for this here report card.

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The Celtics did what they had to do. Now it's our turn.

4 The Hard Way!




DVR don't lie.


I am worried, but not discouraged. Take a look at the playoff series record of the Eastern Champs. This is the job that they were supposed to do. The C’s played a full 20 games.

Now it’s our time to hold court.

Enough about of the calls. Off to Game 3!

Posted by: Charles | June 09, 2008 at 09:05 AM

Haha... finally the media (OC Register) is catching up to my assessment that the Celtics are the better team.

Glad to see that you're back, Charles. I agree: time for the Lakers to earn it the hard way. Take care of home court, then try to steal one in Boston. It's a long uphill battle, but one that I honestly believe this team is capable of winning.

Lakers in six.

Go Lake Show!

Now we get to play our game.

Starting off on the road is tough. It just is. The great thing is that all the game has boiled down to is hustle and questionable reffing. When the Lakers find their groove, they are unstoppable.

When they go back to Boston, they will be up 3-2. There is no way the Celtics get away with their game under the bright lights of Staples with the home crowd helping the officials see things. And when the NBA has a taste of how the Lakers would like the game called, game 6 will be where the refs call it fairly at Boston for our side. We will win the championship on their court, just like '87.

==== IF I WAS OBJECTIVE .... ====
Be objective for a second.

I'll give you guys the numbers and you tell me:
The Lakers took 30 shots within 5 feet. THIRTY!!! and they
got 10 FTs. Boston took 18.

dont believe me?, check:

So all this "they didnt drive, they didnt try", is BULL. I repeat BULL.

Somebody, please explain that to me.

I am resigned to the fact that this will be a long series NOT because
the teams are evenly matched, but because how the NBA is manipulated
by refs for the homecourt team.

In the NBA, you might as well spot the home team 15 points.

If it is 2 evenly matched teams, dropping buckets doesnt work. This is
why Game 7 should be on a neutral site for the Finals. Boston gets the
best record playing in a dramatically wacker Eastern conference.
Cleveland doesnt even make the playoffs in the West.

We're gonna win in 6 or 7. Have faith!


my observations:

1. pau gasol improved his aggressiveness in game 2 on the offensive end, he still needs to turn it up one more notch or two. gasol needs to be attacking the basket and getting to the line. i have no problem with him attacking and occasionally drawing iron. much better than the million jump shot clankers that we've seen in the first two games.

2. lamar odom's finishing has been horrendous. the guy attacks and just lofts the ball up hoping it will go in. lamar needs to improve of the defensive end first, and then let everything else take care of itself.

3. luke walton does not belong on the floor.

4. we have vlad rad, luke, and turiaf...and the celtics have posey, pj brown and powe...and to me - this is a significant difference between these two teams. their reserves are simply better players.

5. turiaf's pony tail is annoying.

6. the refs were horrible in game 2. delayed whistles, make up calls, phantom foul calls. i am not asking for every call to go the lakers way...but call the game as straight as you can...ticky tack calls when we're on defense and "let em play" no calls when we have the ball...sick to my stomach...

7. the celtics moving screens...called twice yesterday...but not is the king of the moving screen.

8. put kobe on paul pierce and take your chances on ray allen and kg beating you.

9. paul pierce is the difference in this series thus far.

10. i was clamoring for trevor ariza to get more playing time, and now i see why he's on the bench...the guy is not 100% back from his ankle/foot injury. sucks for us.

11. kobe needs to be a playmaker for us to win. i'd like to see him bringing the ball up more and setting up the offense. attack the rim when it's there, find the open man when you can, and settle for the jumper when there's nothing else available.

12. vlad rad is a liability...too bad he's all we got...we have to make due (leaving paul pierce alone at the 3 point line is INEXCUSABLE!)

13. gasol is defending kg pretty well, i think his series versus duncan helped out.

14. and many of the lakers issues are a result of the celtics excellent defense which makes the lakers work for every shot.

15. and the celtics have been shooting the ball well from the perimeter...when you are expecting every jumper from pierce, allen and even posey to go in...that means they are playing well.

gonna miss game 3, will be at a erykah badu/roots concert i have always said, i'd much rather miss the game and the lakers win...then watch the whole thing and see them lose...

c'mon lake show! we still believe...let's win 3 in a row at staples!!!

Lakers just have to fully concentrate on playing their game. The refs are going to do what they do and we HAVE to adjust accordingly.

I still have faith - they held home court. If we take one game at a time and win tmrw nite - it's a whole new series. I am feeling okay about all this. PJ and MVP will make the adjustments accordingly and off we go.

It might be tough but I am feeling good about this. Our chance, our time, our season..........


As much as i hope that we can sweep all 3 games in LA, realistically I think it would be pretty good if we can go back to Boston down 3-2. Yes, the ref didn't give us the call, and yes, the way they called fouls on us took us out of the rhythm.

However, it looks pretty clear that we are being out-hustled, the players' body language showed that they are frustrated. Even Kobe (as nice as he speaks during post game) took out some of his frustration to his teammates. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Yes, the teammates made some boneheaded plays, but there is no need to yell at them in public. That's a big no-no for a leader. Calling them out is one thing, yelling and screaming at them is another.

I'm not by any mean blaming Kobe for the loss in last two games. As I said, we lost as a team and and we win as one. You'll never see Tim Duncan yelling at TP or Manu. Really, Spurs is the example of how a team should work.

We might not win it this year, it's not a failure by any means. We are Lakers, we don't settle for anything less than championship, but we have made a huge progress.

I still believe in the Lakers, and I say(hope) they'll win it in 7. For that to happen, Kobe has to start trusting his teammates and live with the result. It's a team game.

Like MJ said before "I can accept failures, but I can't accept not trying"

Good morning Laker Nation.

I'm still mad enough to spit, but I need to get over it - I guess just like we all do. There's nothing we can do about games 1 & 2 now except realize that the C's held court (albeit with help from the zebras) but now it's our turn to do the same.

I have to believe that our boys did not come all this way to give it up easily. I'm sure that now they are pi$$ed off and will come out with something to prove - because they DO have something to prove and they know it. The home court "advantage" will once again prove to be a truism, and the energy from the crowd will give our bench what they need to play the way we know they can.

That being said, it's absolutely ridiculous that even the announcers were talking about how at Staples the Lakers should get the benefit of more calls. WHAT THE ???? IS THAT????

AK/BK/anyone - are there stats to show that NBA ref'ing is the worst? That the home team gets more calls in their favor in an NBA game as opposed to any other major league team? Inquiring minds want to know if it's our "homer" perceptions or not....sigh.....

Growing up in Canada (northern Ontario hockey country), by dad & brothers & I watched NHL hockey all the time. I NEVER remember complaints about how the ref'ing cost the home team the game or anything along those lines. Was I just too young??? Or - more likely - is it a non-issue except for the NBA???

Ok - 'nuff said for now I guess.....Let's just get our game face on and go into Staples tomorrow like the warriers we need to be.

I want some @$$ kicking going on. I want a foray into the paint by someone in green to end up a bloody heap on the floor. (OK - maybe not bloody, but at least a hard foul to make the fool think twice about trying THAT again). I want passion! I want determination! I want the proverbial "eye of the tiger" in EVERYONE! I want the green weeners to CRY out in anguish. I want FEAR in their eyes.

Most of all - I want a fairly called game.

4 to O'Brien........


My fellow bloggians,

Have we forgotten the hard work it took for the Lakers to get this far?

Have we forgotten how we almost lost our franchised player?

Have we forgotten a major part of our team went down with a major injury?

Have we forgotten how we had the best darn road record in the NBA for a stretch?

Have we forgotten our front office pulled one of the best trades the NBA has seen?

Have we forgotten after 12 years or so Kobe has gotten an MVP?

Have we forgotten we took the best record in a tough Western Conference?

Have we forgotten that we are the Western Conference Champions?

Have we forgotten this is the most home friendly post season run the NBA has ever seen? Just look at the trend this post season, Boston did what they were suppose to do… win at home.

Until we lose at home we are good shape!

I will not forget; I will not stop believing!

Never forget this incredible season, I am a proud Laker Fan; you should be too!

My pep rally for free!

The first two fouls against Kobe were ticky-tack fouls. The refs called so many fouls on the Lakers it kept us from gaining any momentum, and kept us out of rhythm. Kobe is going to have to come out in Game 3 and take it TO the basket, something he didn't do a lot of in Games 1 and 2. Pao showed signs of life (and muscle) in Game 2, something he was lacking in the first two games. If there is one thing to stress more than anything else, PLAY some D! Damn! If there is ANYTHING that opens up a game offensively, it's DEFENSE! The Lakers are capable of beating both the Celts and the Refs if they have to.

Let's go Lakers!

The Lakers need to take it to the hole. They need to do it over and over again until the refs have to give them something.

If they don't, we will lose. We did that throughout the playoffs. I don't know why we are taking so many jumpers. Get mad guys. Let's get back in this.


Actually, this series should put to rest the notion that the West is the superior conference. The Celtics have been toughened by playing Cleveland and Detroit, two very physical teams, by comparison, the Lakers are more of a finesse team.

Anyway, the Celts have won in LA this year, as well as in the Texas triangle. Give the Lakers a win at some point, maybe. If Leon lets em.

It's disappointing to come back down 0-2. And it feels strange being behind in a series. It feels strange as well playing from behind the whole game. This series seems to have a feel different from the rest of the post season for the lakers.

I'm not giving up on the team though. If they just hold home court they'll have 2 more shots to win a game in Boston, and if they can't win one out of 4 on the road they don't deserve the title.

I won't even give up if we lose tomorrow night and go down 0-3. Some day some team will come back and win from down 0-3 in basketball.

Let's hope it doesnt come to that though.

Go Lakers.

and one more thing:

damn proud of the lakers 4th quarter effort...some might say they were spinning their wheels (myself included last night)...yet it shows some light at the end of this tunnel.

i was yelling at the tv...telling phil to cut his losses, put kobe, odom & gasol on the bench and rest them for game 3.

yet the laker players still believed they could steal the game, and they almost did...

i realize it's good for fans to believe in their teams...but it doesn't mean anything if the players don't. and it's obvious the laker players believe in themselves...

they coulda mailed it in last night, good thing i'm not their coach...

never happy with a lakers loss...but i must say i am damn proud to be a laker fan...

c'mon lake show!!!

Wonder why David Stern and the NBA have this set up to go to a seven game series? Wonder no more:

The opening game of the NBA Finals in which the Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers on ABC last night (June 5) drew 9.5 million viewers and earned a 3.7 adults 18-49 rating, the best showing for an opening game of the NBA Finals since 2004, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

Total viewers were up 54 percent over last year’s Game 1 and the 18-49 demo rating was up 28 percent.


The OutLaw: Thanks my brother.

Vman: Nice one.

Korey: Keep it real!

I would like to see KG and how he reacts to his team when they are down 20 points in the finals, and the refs are making calls against them.

Like I always say its easy to beat up on someone when they are down. It's not like if Schilling does not cuss when he his playing bad. I really get tired of him trying to be the moral voice.

When the Celtics played bad, KG and Ray Allen weren't buddies. When everything thing is good people are jubliant, but when everything is bad it brings out the worst. Thats why 50 percent of marriage fails.

That just totally BS from Curt, he always wants to put other people on blast. Kobe and his teammates are fine, leave it alone Curt. You come to one Boston game, and you become the voice of reason.

due to the fact NBA try to manipulate the result of the game for having a long series. I will quit watch on tv. I want to send a message to Stern that the way they running this business is NOT working!!

If the Celtics had lost while shooting 10 free throws to the Lakers 38, they'd scream for a Senate investigation.

No fan wants it to be about referees.
Take the loss, try to do better, if we don't win next,
it's over.

Personally, I'm just thankful digital weapons have yet to be invented. Some of these lonely Bostonian trolls sound like they'd do anything for a headline.

I think most of us agree the officiating has favored the Celtics. Too bad, the Lakers need to deal with the crap officiating.
Second: The Lakers have played poorly. Some of that is due to the Celtics but a large part to me appears to be self-inflicted.
Third: The Celtics have out-hustled the Lakers - getting to lose balls, and selling calls that may or may not be there as opposed to the passive Lakers.
The Lakers need to get back to the crisp ball movement and good defensive rotations they made earlier in the playoffs. There has been too much standing around and too much complaining. There has also been too many times the Lakers players have over passed - trying to make the hero pass rather than taking the open shot - typically resulting in a turnover. You just can't have that against a very good Celtic team. If you have a wide open shot that is in your "wheelhouse" TAKE IT! I am very disappointed with the way this team has played vs. the Celtics. The last half of the fourth quarter it looked like the light finally went on - that it dawned on these guys that the Celtics while vulnerable are a good club and will need precise execution to beat Boston. I hope that mentality carries over to LA on Tuesday. That the Lakers realize they are playing for keeps, that there is no more time to dawdle. It is here, it is now, and if Kobe and the gang don't want to relive that embarrassment to the Pistons in 2004 they better get in gear.


Bummer to read what Schilling had to say about Kobe. However, turn the tables on the Celtics, put them on the road in a totally frustrating environment and let's see how KG reacts. IMO, Kobe is the best on the planet, all time. His passion to win is above all. I get tired of everyone dumping all their crap on him all the time. Even our own fans do it. Truth is, without him we'd be on vacation since April.

Anyway, it is a 7 game series for a reason. I think our young players,seeing this level of basketball for the first time in their lives, (certainly not their last) had to be a little taken back by it all. When we are back at staples, we will see a turnaround, refs included.

Let's get in on Tuesday night!!!

This is what the great Curt has to say about Pau. And he doesn't think his team just bought NBA superstars with Pierce, Garnett and Allen. Total hypocrisy from Curt. If you don't know that much about something, why write like you are the king of the court.

"I don’t know much about the NBA beyond some of the star players and the famous teams. I heard that the Lakers got Gasol in a horrible steal of a deal and that the league should have investigated the trade for some sort of punishable crime I saw a 7 footer last night who grabbed like 4 rebounds and spent the entire game whining about getting fouled"

Just a thought for all the Celtic bloggers who are talking a lot
of smack here.

7 to 3.

Not enough information for you?

February 3, 2008. University of Phoenix Stadium. Glendale, Arizona.

The Patriots were the best team during the regular season
and they led the Giants by 7 to 3 at halftime. Their
defense was pretty stifling. I bet all you folks in Boston
were talking a lot of smack during that half time show.
Talking about how you were the best team and how great
your defense was.

But you know what? A Super Bowl is 4 quarters, not two.

And an NBA Finals is 7 games, not 2.

So keep talking all the smack you want. It'll just make
you look the more pitiful when the Lakers take the next
4 games.

Lakers in 6.

Somebody get PJ and kobee some warm milk in bottles!

Crybabies have no place in a Finals. It's about imposing your will on a team, which Boston has done consistently vs. the lakers all season long.

The SUNS took one from Boston this year, and would make a preferable WC representative to the lakers.

There's precedent for the lakers:

The lakers need to take inspiration from SHACK - his Miami team is the only NBA team in the last 30 years to win a title after going down 0-2 in a FInals.

Of course, Boston plays a little tougher than Dallas did.

Bottom line, SHACK is a leader who is responsible for lakers and miami titles. And now, a SUNS title is on its way.

kobee on the other hand, is best as a 2nd banana who might compliment a great player, kind of like Sam Cassell when he played with Hakeem.

Leon Powe - the best 6th man in this series!

Sasha - the playa who Boston wants taking an important shot.

Doc Rivers - outclassing Phil Jackson with ease

Need more comments on Ariza.. he seems to be the only one who can put a body on fouling fierce (i mean paul pierce).. without getting Kobe in foul trouble. Space Cadet needs more pine time ;0


Well you started the opening blog message truthful..but ended with the whole "Even when the Lakers return to Staples on Tuesday for some theoretical home cooking, if some issues aren't ironed out, friendlier officiating ain't about to guarantee a happier box score" routine. Let be honest for a second. Let assume in the NBA that bad calls will happen..this we all know. But while you guys were watchin the game didn't you notice our aggresiveness being punished with whistles and bogus calls. Eaits easy to say "Lakers need to be more aggressive blah blah" team can play against 5 players and 3 refs. Personall I saw nothing wrong with how we played. We plaed according to how the refs let us play. 30 shots in the paint against Bostons 18 and yet somehow we didn't run the offense the right way? Not sure what game u saw..but I say BS.

I think it's great our bench has been embarrassed. I think they got too cocky by reading all the hype and it went to their heads.

Now they have to get back to basics and reach deep into their souls as to why and how they did what they did this year. I am glad for the long plane ride back sulking to make them think about this.

I expect greatness at Staples! And for once I expect one of our "role" players to have a career night - hello any of the bench mob! GET IT GOING!

"FIXED" game. Just talked to my Sports Bookie he told me too much "MONEY" goes to Lakers. Lakers must lose to cover all the bookie and Vegas ass. I now understand why Mr. Donahue get caught by fixed game. They have to fix game cuz there is too much money involved

tha show, JBizzo,

Great post's!

By the way when Kobe got on his knees to tell his teammates lets go, it was in the third quarter when they had cut the lead to nine, and it went up to 20. And Curt is the same guy that was really watching the game.

Curt should just say he loves the celtics and hates the lakers, rather than trying to be mister know it all. Im highly frustered in this series, espicially with Pierce (faking a injury and I hate his stupid swagger that he doesn't even have) and the Boston fans. They've been acting like ignorant fools, and here comes Mr. Schilling. This is the last time I post something on this issue. Its pratically stupid.

I think Doc Rivers studied MIKE D'ANTONI and used his approach on how to strangle Phil Jackson in the playoffs.

You take a great PG, like GNASH, and then put the pressure on the lakers spongy swiss cheese D.

And then, the mentally flawed lakers - lamar odumb, kobee "I ain't got no game without SHACK" bryant, Luke walton - will self destruct.

Much Love to Laker Nation

All is good. We will win the next two and see where it goes from there. I still feel good about our chances and feel as though there is at least a 50 or 60% chance that we win this series.


We might as well give it up and hand over the trophy to Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone.

I'm disgusted on so many levels.

I'm glad to see (and hear) that I was not the only one who thought the officiating was horrible. Listen, I RARELY bitch about the refs, but I had it last night.

I did not even watch the come back because I had turned off the TV. I would have dropped dead had I allowed myself to watch.

From what I saw, the Lakers (again) missed a lot of lay-ups. I thought the energy and effort was there. I was disappointed that the Lakers went away from what was working, and they did this at the worst possible time. I was happy seeing that the players (well, at least Kobe) was getting angry.

We all know the game is one of match-ups, and the Celtics are the only team in the NBA that the Lakers looked like they could not beat in the regular season. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but when it's 5 on 8, there's no way.

It's time for Phil to work some magic. I'm not sure if he's ever been down 0-2 in the finals... but I know the Lakers have been down 0-2 and have come back before in the 2-2-1-1-1 format.

I'm finding that I have a deep hatred of these Celtics and the City of Boston.

Who are these A-holes that have taken over the site? It's dispicable.

One last thing about the refs... I don't mind calling a legit foul, but when you call questionable fouls, it magnifies those questionable ones. Kobe got one bad one, and the second was marginable... then that monster screen w/flop (it was an honest foul) sent him to the bench and the game was over.

Phil cannot afford to take Kobe out in game 3. I don't care if he gets 4 fouls in the first 4 minutes. No Kobe, no victory. Make the refs take him out so that perhaps ESPN will go crazy like they did with that BS after game 4 in San Antonio.

Why did PJ blame Ariza for the momentum swing? Things only got WORSE once Walton was put in there...


"REFS: 2 LA: 0"


The refs beat you up throughout the series (you argue); I mean really pound on you, but the Lakers are good, really good, and still manage to make it a series.

At the buzzer in game 7, Nocal Powecat puts one up; it miraculously falls, and the Celts own the trophy. Of course, gloating by the East Coast (National) media makes you throw up in your mouth, and every Celtic fan, to the man/woman, swears the game was won fair and square in game 7.

Like a stroll down memory lane.

If you were playing any other team but the Darling Celtics, the issue would not exist for you. Whether you win or lose this series, you're starting to sound like Kings fans. If you lose this series, the stench of Bad Boston Tacos will remain on your palate for a long time. Get the picture?


Face it, bandwaggoneers....your guys just aren't tough enough or good enough. Kobe can't do it by himself, and Doc has outcoached Phillip by using team defense to shut him down. Time to put the flags away until the next time it looks like "your" team might win it all.

The reason why every sports fan (outside LA) relishes this incredible humiliation is this:

There are no free lunches. A swindle took place when the league made sure to get the lakers their 7-foot Ga-Shawl. It was all working according to plan and the title seemed like a foregone conclusion.

Is it right or even sporting to hand the lakers such an easy path to the promised land? No.

Karma and justice have a way of working themselves out, and karma is called BOSTON CELTICS. If the lakers had the misfortune to have faced the SUNS in the playoffs, it would be called PHOENIX SUNS.

There are no free lunches.

curt schilling is a self-righteous blowhard.

The one thing that I liked is that every time we rebounded and made quick outlet passes - we scored. Can we try to do more of that?


I suppose the refs were to blame for the thunderous LEON POWE dunks that went completely undefended?

Man, don't bring even more shame to the Pacific Division by complaining and making excuses!

Ok, so Doc Rivers is outcoaching PJ and Paul Pierce overwhelms kobee - do something about it. I mean, everyone outside LA knew that kobee could not contend with the superior Pierce. kobee can't defend bigger playas like LeBron and Paul Pierce.

The SUNS should be in there representing the PD and WC with some fight and pride!

It's amazing how Celtics fans act like they've won the series. All this talk about how great the are when in reality all they've done is hold home court for 2 games. When the Lakers do the same, we'll go back to Boston up 3-2 and have 2 opportunities to steal 1 game in Boston.

After watching game in and the 4th quarter of last night's game, we're more than capable of taking it.

Lakers in 6!!!! Still!

thanks Charles, your takes on the lakers?

you still think the lakers can turn this around...the fourth quarter was pretty promising...

The Lakers outplayed the Celtics in 3 out of 8 quarters in Boston, and the Celts outplayed-outhustled the Lakers in 5 out of 8 quarters. Just what you would expect from home court advantage with 2 very closely matched teams.
And the refereeing w/d have tilted the table just enough for this series to have been 1-1 if the refs were not so determined to make Boston win game 2.

So, no way that those first 2 games indicate that Boston is a better team than the Lakers.
We'll have to see how different the Lakers play in LA to see which team is really better.

The refs gave one game to the Celts in Boston but it's a 7 game series. We can only hope that we get that one game back in Staples w/some favorable calls on our side in at least one game out of 3.

One stat stands out to me: The assist to FG ratio of the Celtics in game 2. It indicates that the Celtics were getting open space on the way to the basket. Was that due to poor defense by the Lakers or by the Lakers being afraid to be called for fouls since the refs were calling them for touch fouls?

The Lakers actually need to play defense exactly the way Boston has been doing it. Sure, the aggressiveness and hustle, and the physical play has to be matched.

But also, the Lakers need to play Pierce the way Boston plays Kobe. Send 2 or 3 guys at Pierce whenever he leaves the perimeter. Let the rest of the Celtics beat the Lakers. So far, Pierce has been the only money player the Celts have had in offense (aside from that freaky one off by Powe in game 2). Garnett will fade after the 1st quarter, he's not going to be the one who's going to be beating the Lakers. As Rosen suggested, defend Garnett with Radman. Switch Odom on Pierce.

Whenever the Celtics overplay Kobe with 3 guys, that means the rest of the floor has 4 Lakers being covered by 2 Celtics. At some point in this series, the Lakers offense will have to make the Celtics pay for that gambit.

Good Morning Charles---Good Morning Everybody,,,,,

Well it was almost one of the greatest comebacks in NBA playoff/finals history---it would have been so sweet---mere words wouldn't have described it....but apparently it was not to be....

I am trying hard not to be negative and get discouraged but part of me is sensing a sweep....losing to Boston would be bad enough (mere words can't decsribe that pain) and a sweep would be virtually impossible to bear....good thing there is next year and the years after...

We still can win this series but the following would have to be addressed and fixed and real frickin' fast,,,,

Right now it doesn't seem like

1) we have any answer for Paul Pierce---absolutely none

2) we have no answer to the the type of zone Boston is playing--we can not get to the rim or penetrate very effectively...

3) we apparently have no answer for Leon Powe

And right now it really seems that

4) If Lamar does not show up for all of the rest of the games, there will be only two games for him and us to worry about

5) we can guard ANYONE without fouling the crap out of them

6) Boston doesn't commit ANY fouls whatsoever apparently--it may be almost impossible to beat a team that can defend without ever fouling

7) we get one shot and out, they get to shoot untill they make it (or are fouled)

8) Boston is playing with a hell of a lot more energy, passion, determination, and urgency

9) Boston has a lot more consistent weapons than the Lakers do

10) We do not match up with this team well at all---it might be just that simple

11) we seem to be getting outcouched by a guy name "Doc" with a strange hairline

12) our only chance is if Bynum pulls a real Willis Reed

But there is still hope--the Lakers will have to win all three games to stand a chance in winning the series---that seems like a very tall order indeed.....

I really hope my prediction that whoever won last night's game would win the series does not come to fruition....

If I never see Puke play in a Laker jersey again it will be too soon---will Mitch be able to pull off the trade of the century and trade him this summer? A second round pick in 2032 and a stale bag of crakerjacks would qualify for said trade of the century...

Hopefully my friend Zeke's is correct about the NBA (and most sports) being fixed just like professional wrestling and we get to get to a game 7 which may or may not be an actual unfixed game.....

Zeke says his theory wil be validated with three home victories (and especially if they are blow outs) for the Lakers.....

I hate, despise, and loath the Boston Celtics with all my heart, soul, and being....

but even with all that being said.....



"Get the picture?"

This is different, though. This time it's our team.

Any Boston fan that thinks their team "won" the game last night has some serious denial issues.

In the 4th quarter, when the Lakers STILL weren't getting to the line despite being hacked on every play, the refs finally let the Lakers play defense without the phantom whistles, and the Lakers outscored Boston by 16 points! Imagine if the refs weren't making up their own rules for the first 41 minutes, it would've been a Laker blowout!

Now there's going to be 12 straight quarters in LA with the refs NOT spending the night in the Celtics jock straps. Boston is in serious trouble, Lakers will win 4 straight and close out the series next Tuesday in Boston.

I hope the Celtics fans and bandwagon Celtics fans get all their licks in today. They were up 2-0 on the Hawks, and they were up 2-0 on Cleveland. They didn't have to stare down 3 road games after those.

Its time for the Lakers to do what they do. They can absolutely win the next 3. A 10 point deficit and a 6 point deficit on which the Celts thought they destroyed our confidence? They are falling into their own trap.

Lakers in 6. Win on Boston's homecourt just like the last 2 Laker championships against the Celtics. Hopefully the refs play for our side now.


Just think that this Laker team has not yet played their best ball, like the one in ther final 6 mins of 4th quarter last night. I feel very confident that this team will prevail. We just need to find that rythm...that has carried us to the finals. We have been disjointed and have not yet displayed the team vibe that we showed in previous games against the Spurs, Utah and the Nuggets.


kobee needs to study playas such as D-Wade and Steve GNASH for inspiration.

D-Wade didn't let his role get away from him - he simply kept attacking. kobee is shying from the physical contact.

GNASH always does what's best for the team, especially when facing the lakers in the playoffs. Stay within your limits, kobee..

And lamar! We SUNS are mighty glad you have odumb as opposed to a killer like my cousin Caron Butler!

With one minute left in the game Radmanovic stole the ball from Pierce & ran down the court dunking the ball, making the score 104-100. I watched SportsCenter this morning & the announcers joked he took 50 steps. Thanks to tivo I backed it up & watched the play in slow motion, they were right. Radmanovic took four steps without dribbling the basketball ... I think that's called traveling (& a gift considering the ref had a clear view). Stop whining about the refs ... the calls went both ways & the Lakers were not good enough to beat the Celtics.


Dude, you talk a lot for a team that never made the final EVER (the only MVP who never made the final) and lost in the first round...You never beat Spurs in playoff. What free lunches and what not??? Your team is so desperate to go as far as trading for a 34 years old centre who is owned 40 M for the next 2 years. Now, that's what I called ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET.

Get to NBA final and we'll talk again, meanwhile, just shut up.

Heres what I seen. I seen Pau make his adjustment by getting more aggressive. I seen Lamar make his adjustment by crashing the boards and getting some good put backs.
What I didn't see though, is Kobe make his adjustments.Kobe was still the same jump shooter he was in game one.

Oh where, oh where has our Most Venomous Player gone?

Ok, let a real Celtics fan of my entire life (30 years) thinks about this series and then you Laker fans can gripe all you want.

1) Celtics have completely out hustled the LAkers in every facet of the game. Not by help of refs, but by shear determination
2) Phil Jackson is a far better coach than Doc Rivers. Let's not mince words here. PJ is right up there with Red Auerbach as one of the greatest basketball minds ever
3) Lakers will win at least 2 of the next 3. No question the C's are playing better on the road, but the Lakers are a terrific home team
4) Kobe is exceptional but I've been quite surprised his temper has gone crazy this series. This is one of the things I've admired about him but when he starts complaining about fouls, it means he's not focused.
5) Agree with previous poster that the Celts have been toughened up by playing Detroit and Cleveland. Lakers are in for a brutal series
6) Some calls went against Boston last night and one that sticks out in my mind is when Powe took the ball away from Fisher in the 4th quarter. Unbelievably bad foul call there. No place for that garbage.

Ok Laker fans, go ahead and talk about this...

Anyone got the address of the NBA league offices?

I'm gonna burn the game onto a DVD and send it to them asking for an explanation.

Let the mockers mock.
Let the haters hate.
Let them dance at the prospect of our demise.

Adversity reveals character.
Without struggle there is no progress.
You can't have a TESTIMONY without a TEST.

Prayer time at 10:30 AM tomorrow.

Also...was there a Roll Call yesterday? I didn't see one.

In Jon and Kate plus Eight Talk:

Schilling is a Ka-ka Face Poo-poo Head!

Good morning nation --

How humiliating is it for the Suns fans to be on this blog cheering for the Celtics? I mean I knew that the City of Phoenix sucked in general, but I thought some of you had some self respect -- I guess not -- enjoy your 120 degree summer, your $400 energy bill, and you inferiority complex.

Nothing you say will ever change the fact that your team will never win a title -- never -- I have lived through 8 Laker titles already -- OMG the pain of not even having one! And even if you were good enough to win one, know this, the NBA will make sure you don’t get to the finals , because a finals with the Suns in it would bankrupt the league.

Take two Vicodins and don’t call me in the morning.

Just as I expected espn dot com is flying its east coast bias colors in full glory today... so sad.

Congratulations, Celtics, you have won the last game you will win in this series.

Also, this I give you this little nugget from the folks at :

"The Celtics are now 65 percent favorites to be crowned champions, but they should not get too comfortable just yet. If Los Angeles wins the first two contests at home, certainly not out of the realm of possibility considering their late rally and their superb performances at Staples Center, the Lakers will go back to being the favorites for the title. Kobe Bryant and company would be projected to win 57 percent of the time of a potential three game series despite the final two games being held in Boston."


I have to admit I was asking myself why Kobe was still playing with 7 mins left in the 4th Q? I love the heart the Lakers showed and hope that it carries over in our home series.

At this point, I say we should play more loose and try something different. When we catch Boston unexpectly, we should give them an upper cut and take their momentum. Keep your heads up Laker Nation.

Colorado loves the Lakers!


AK/BK, Well you started the opening blog message truthful..but ended with the whole "Even when the Lakers return to Staples on Tuesday for some theoretical home cooking, if some issues aren't ironed out, friendlier officiating ain't about to guarantee a happier box score" routine. Let be honest for a second. Let assume in the NBA that bad calls will happen..this we all know. But while you guys were watchin the game didn't you notice our aggresiveness being punished with whistles and bogus calls. Eaits easy to say "Lakers need to be more aggressive blah blah" team can play against 5 players and 3 refs. Personall I saw nothing wrong with how we played. We plaed according to how the refs let us play. 30 shots in the paint against Bostons 18 and yet somehow we didn't run the offense the right way? Not sure what game u saw..but I say BS."

As the author of this post, I guess I'll respond. Clearly, I agree the refs did the Lakers no favors, which I thought was made clear by the title and devoting the opening paragraph to the topic. But even if you don't agree that the offensive execution wasn't always up to snuff (an opinion also belonging to the coaches, by the way) , unless you think ALL the other issues I brought up aren't legit, the general point still remains.



I can respect your post. Since I just came back to work today from having a 4 day fever and Epiglottis, I will send you a later reply.

Pajaro y Fuego,

Que tal?

It was a HORRIBLY officiated game.
We were basically playing 5 on 8.
However, I liked it when I saw Ariza out there with Kobe.
He seemed to bother Pierce.
Why didn't PJ play him more?
And what have Luke Walton done for us?
Luke couldn't pass, shoot nor defend.
He was getting all the turnovers and had no confidence.
Celtics were giving the ball to Powe most of the time,
when he was guarded by Luke.
While I admire PJ and sees how great he is,
the only problem I have with him is his weak spot in his heart towards non-gifted players.
Tex said once that PJ likes that kind of challenge where
he tries to make an underacheving or non-talented players
into a good one (ie. Kwame, Cook, Luke)
So, in order for him to not play Luke, we have to get rid of him.
Luke is only good for non-defensive teams(sonics, denver)

On a different subject,
What if we lose(knocking on the woods 1000 times),
will we trade LO and try to get a player more suited
for SF position, such as Artest?
I read it at the Fannation that Knicks could sign him with MLE
if he opts out of his contract, or could sign & trade.
I know it makes no sense for the Kings, but I wish
they would sign & trade Artest for Luke & Mihm...

Man, I'm so depressed...

All this talk is starting to drive me crazy. Ive probably read every story about last night game. If you ask me its time to lace up and play three already.

This is like deja-vu all over again if this isnt the 2004 finals with the pistons i dont know what to call it. For the life of me i still to this day dont understand why the NBA fix games. I just dont get it let them play we already know the refs are dirty and yet still they continue to put these dirty refs on the court and let them call these bs fouls. The lakers are really going to have to try and pull themselves up out of this one looks like game 7 is in the works..... LETSSSSS GOOOO LAKERSSSSS

On to the matter at hand --

JBizzo is absolutely correct -- don't forget how far we have come -- It is scary to consider where this team was 12 months ago -- really look at some archives. It's scarier for the league to consider where the lakers will be for the next 5-6 years.

Just don't over react -- not his year anyway -- we are playing with house money.

No, I haven't given up on this year -- not by a long shot -- but we are truly blessed regardless of what happens. And the calls will even out at home –

While the surge at the end of last nights game may provide a spark to the Lakers and provide some momentum going into the next game, it can be a double edged sword.

The Celtics too were awakened to the fact that the Lakers can make incredible, almost impossible comebacks. Let the games begin.

Screw that. Let next season begin. Go Spence!


Tomorrow is game day.

Tomorrow we show the ugly old C's what it means to be a Laker.

Tomorrow Laker Nation gets redeemed for putting up with the trolls on our beloved blog.

Tomorrow it's retribution time.

Tomorrow they will know that resistance is futile.

Hang tough today Laker Nation. It will all be worth it tomorrow....

Hello Laker family.

Stay positive. The swagger will come back over
the next couple games. We'll be okay. Breathe in, breathe out. Good air in, bad air out.

Stay positive. As in, I'm positive we can beat those A Holes!!!!!!!

AK/BK, your post suggests to me your lack of understanding of offensive & defensive flow. When officials F*** up your offensive/defensive flow, what the hell are you going to do when your hands are tied? There's probably always going to be a disparity in officiating for the home team, but when there's a WIDE disparity like the last game, you have to call it like it is. You guys accepting WIDE disparity in officiating for the home team AND blaming our team for playing badly reallly makes me question your judgement.

Like I've stated before, I don't like the format of your blog. Your language style blows. I'm just here to read objective Lakers' fans and other media's thoughts.

Heck, even AP & ESPN recognize there was a wide disparity. You have my visits for your site. However, you don't have my heart.


Celtics record this year vs. lakers


Celtics Finals record vs. lakers

Keep pinning your hopes on your beloved lamar, farmar, and flawed mental boy kobee! Maybe PJ will figure out some weakness in Doc RIvers? Maybe not!

You know that Schilling link is interesting, btw....The guy seems to be kind of a blowhard and means nothing to me (I'll admit I'm a Yankees fan), but his observation seems to make sense. It's good and bad, I'd imagine. Kobe's teammates probably can't stand him, but desperately want to perform so he'll get off their backs.

great posts today...glad to read supportive and optimistic posts.

all is not lost.

and even if we come up short, we still have come a LONNNNNNNNNNNGGGG way from a year ago.

and with bynum back in the fold next year - we will be in title contention for the next 5 years.

not conceding a damn thing, just trying to put it in perspective for all of us (myself included).

What up Charles,

"The Celtics did what they had to do."
And then some.

"4 The Hard Way!"
Apparently 4 The Hard n AGGRESSIVE Way.

i dont think you cant take away too much from 4th quarter. they made 7 threes, that probably wont happen again. they will win only if they shore up the mistakes from the first 3 quarters.

lakers/fans/sportswriters have every right questioning the officiating. it was 5 on 8 the whole game. even bill simmons (biggest boston homer alive) says "an unspeakable 38-10 free-throw disparity that I won't even attempt to defend" was absurd.

Well, the Celtics don't have Tony Allen, and the lakers don't have byenumb.

A fair trade off. The playing field is even. Celtics simply outmatch the lakers.

As I've maintained all along, the lakers are a flawed team. While PJ might be a decent coach (although he has faltered as of late, as evidenced by the way D'ANTONI has dominated him every time they have met), kobe does not have the championship leadership quality that SHACK and MJ and Hakeem and GNASH all have.

What's more, odumb is unreliable and prone to mental collapse. PJ even said he looked like shortbus kid.

Then there's Ga-Shawl. A good playa but lacks the toughness to really get physical.

Without SHACK, there can be no title for this team. He was responsible for the lakers success in the past.


Yeah, Vlad got away with a travel there (let's count it as a foul since that was the theme last night), so the edge for Boston is now cut down to 30 to 11. Good one genius.


Whoops, I meant 38 to 11. Still blinded by anger...

Tha Show. Thank you for your reply and mad props for all your posts on the blog.

I have a gut feeling that this team can make it happen. The adjustments truly must come from the MVP. The bench will follow if the MVP steps out of his cloak and joins the mountainous mental battle. Stop riding the physical riposte. The tactics that Kobe and the Coaching Staff have been using are tactics forced. I saw some glimpse of the Triangle Offense used with Pau and Lamar.

I get the feeling that I am watching the Detroit series all over from 04. We need to pound the Rock into Pau. Lamar was trying and was doing his best with rebounds and could’ve scored more if he played more. I truly feel this is not over. The 06 Trophy was all Dallas…

Remember, ATL and Ohio went 7.

Game 3 is the test of wills. The momentum of the 4th quarter comeback is great for the bench. It will carry over plus home court.

The Celtics are a great team. But for now, a meltdown is in the works if Vegas want a great series.

The Lakers are a great team. But for now, they should knock out the opponent and not hope for a split decision.


Hey, I'm back guys. The wedding and honeymoon went great, but what's really important right now is that our Lakers are down 2-0.

I'm not usually one to blame the officials, but that was some of the most one-sided officiating I've ever seen. Even Wilbon said that in the post game.

Thankfully, we're back on our homecourt tomorrow. We've got to take all 3 games at home and that begins with Pau and LO matching the intensity and toughness of Boston's frontline..


>>>What I didn't see though, is Kobe make his adjustments.

Really? Then you must have gone to the kitchen for snacks,
or off to your Phoenix Suns shrine to pray or something.

What I saw was Kobe driving the lane, getting nudged/pushed/
fouled by three different Celtics, complaining about it and
getting called for a technical for complaining. What I saw
was Kobe going up for an alley-oop, getting ridden out from
below while he was in the air and getting no call. And then
not being able to say a word because he couldn't afford another
technical foul. What I saw was James Posey grabbing Kobe's
arm as he drove past him, but no call.

What I saw was Ronny Turiaf blocking a Powe shot, and
then hitting Powe AFTER the block and it being called
a foul. And then I saw a play that they re-ran in slow-mo
where Kevin Garnett CLEARLY fouled Pau Gasol after
a shot was released and knocked him to the ground, but
no foul was called.

What I saw was Leon Powe hooking Luke Walton to get
past him and then driving to the rim. But does Powe get
called for the hook? No way.

What I saw was Rajon Rondo hacking at Pau Gasol and
taking the ball away with no call, and then saw Derek
Fisher hacking at Rondo at the other end and taking the
ball away and it's a foul.

What I saw was Lamar Odom tripping over Leon Powe
while driving to the hoop and having it called a charge.
Then I saw Paul Pierce run over someone (Turiaf?)
going to the hoop and it's a block.

It's like the refs had one standard for a foul at one end and
a different standard at the other end. Yes, there will be
some calls the refs get wrong, but when the free throws
being shot are 19 for 1 team and 2 ofr the other in a half,
it's clear that there's a huge disparity in how the game is
being called.

If every touch on Paul Pierce or Leon Powe is a foul, but
the Celtics are allowed to mug Kobe all they want, then
the Lakers are at a serious disadvantage.


"AK/BK, your post suggests to me your lack of understanding of offensive & defensive flow. When officials F*** up your offensive/defensive flow, what the hell are you going to do when your hands are tied? There's probably always going to be a disparity in officiating for the home team, but when there's a WIDE disparity like the last game, you have to call it like it is. You guys accepting WIDE disparity in officiating for the home team AND blaming our team for playing badly reallly makes me question your judgement.

Like I've stated before, I don't like the format of your blog. Your language style blows. I'm just here to read objective Lakers' fans and other media's thoughts. Heck, even AP & ESPN recognize there was a wide disparity. You have my visits for your site. However, you don't have my heart."

Well, I critcized the refs on at least a few occasions during the game and in the title/OPENING parapgraph of this post, which you apparently didn't read. What part of saying that the foul discrepency "undoubtedly affected the game in a way that made adjustments difficult for the Lakers" wasn't clear enough? That's hardly me "accepting" it.

That being said, I don't think the refs were the only issue the Lakers faced in that game. If you don't agree, so be it. To to accuse me of not addressing the wide foul margin simply shows you didn't actually read what I wrote, because it's right there.

As for your take on our writing style, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I'm happy to hear what we could do better in order to win your heart.


One has to be impressed with the play of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo.

kobee has no business being on the court with Ray A - Ray is simply too quick for kobee. Same goes for Pierce, as Paul P is much too strong for kobe. The lakers are at a decided disadvantage in this series because simply, they no longer have the best player on the court.

Rondo is like a young Steve GNASH - 16 assists is incredible for Rondo. He makes Derek Fischer look like he needs to go back to the D-League to brush up on his skills. Either that, or get some metamucil.

KG is the best part of this series - he deserves a title much more than the popular rich kid lakers. KG has heart, and shows class.

Can anyone recommend a good English language "Hub of the Universe" Celtic Blog to peruse?



I kept sending you your Tickle Me Elmo doll at:

666 Satan St. Little Boy Village, Hell 666-666

And it kept saying rejected by mom.


Hey Plaschke, hows that prediction going? All you Laker fans forget that Defense wins championships....and you aint got none!!! Your European allstar team cant handle a physical game and Kobe cant do it by himself.

And Mr. Phil Jackson. Your comments on Pierce's injury are the definition of CLASSLESS! Then you mispronounce Powes name? Joke or not - you will never be on the same level as Red Auerbach. I dont care how many championships you cherry-pick your way on to, you are so full of yourself its sickening.

Go Celtics - BEAT LA

This series has exposed a few weaknesses that the Lakers need to turn into strengths this upcoming game. I noticed the guys are standing around too much on offense and not moving the basketball around quickly. After a shot, the guys are not running towards the basket for a possible offensive rebound. I also noticed how the boys are not sealing off the paint well enough and are not rotating quick enough on defense therefore giving up jump shots. In the words of Mr. Wooden, "Offense sells tickets....Defense wins games." The Lakers need to play strong defense, which they are capable of. If the Lakers play strong defense this upcoming game, then their chances of winning the game will greatly increase. I still believe in this team and I have them winning in 6. Go Lakers!!!!

KG - a class act all the way.

Paul Shirley studied him and kobee at close range. One has to appreciate Shirley's conclusion: kobee is insufferable and selfish, KG is a champion.

KG is twice the man kobee is.

Under no circumstances should any of the Lakers offer to help any of the Celtics off the floor after a foul. Lamar Odom in particular should have been pulled aside for doing this, and in some ways it illustrates the differences between these two teams. This is championship basketball, and I'm not sure if a number of the Laker player really have the will to hit the Celtics where it hurts, so to speak. I do believe there's still time. I certainly believe some of the members (on the bench in particular) need to take the Kurt Rambis approach to this series. With that said, go Lakers!

I think the best thing Phil Jackson can do at this point is this:

sit the young fellow down, and make him watch the Steve GNASH "Improve Your Guard Skills" DVD.

kobee might learn a thing or two.

What is up with all these trolls here? Can't yall just live us alone with our misery. I mean just leave us in peace. Alot of what you guys are saying is downright mean but very funny, like the one that said Tony Allen and Bynum are on the same playing field. Why do yall torture us so much? Please give us time to mourn, and I promise will be back by game six.

This is like beating on a dead horse.

W/R/T: Ariza- when he came in 1Q - they weren't stagnant at all - we started up 4-3 and he went out at 15-12. He fouled Pierce on a driving layup but got a rebound. I think that's good D. And if the refs weren't so whistle happy it might not have been so bad.

I believe PJ said stagnant when Ariza was in with the resst of the bench at start of 2Q when we dropped back 10 pts. I think when they go back and look @ tape - Ariza might be able to guard Pierce and help us there. We know MVP will be spending more time with him but somebody off the bench has to help out - Pierce is killing us!!


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