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Kobe Bryant exit interview, parts 1 and 2

June 20, 2008 |  8:59 am

No surprise that Kobe's interview is a long one. I meant to cut it into fours, but looking at the time codes, I apparently made the second cut 13 minutes long. Oh well. He covers all sorts of stuff, from the Olympics to his health, to the growth of the team this season to how different a place he's in now than at this time last year. Kobe touches on Sasha, what the team needs to do to get back to the Finals next year, with a better result, of course, and what he hopes they learned during the season and into the playoffs. Interesting to hear him say that he can accept losing, as long as it teaches lessons teammates learn and apply toward the next year.  Very philosophical. 


(Click below for the video)