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Kobe Bryant exit interview, parts 1 and 2

No surprise that Kobe's interview is a long one. I meant to cut it into fours, but looking at the time codes, I apparently made the second cut 13 minutes long. Oh well. He covers all sorts of stuff, from the Olympics to his health, to the growth of the team this season to how different a place he's in now than at this time last year. Kobe touches on Sasha, what the team needs to do to get back to the Finals next year, with a better result, of course, and what he hopes they learned during the season and into the playoffs. Interesting to hear him say that he can accept losing, as long as it teaches lessons teammates learn and apply toward the next year.  Very philosophical. 


(Click below for the video)

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Laker Land is once again a happy place.

Kobe is smilin' like the sun shining on our basketball world.

My television is back on, the blackout has been lifted.

Next year, the long tall Laker lineup will dominate...

The enemy has been identified, the goal is clear...

Beat the Celtics. Beat their players. Beat their owners. Beat their blog.

Go Lakers

I'll be back.

-Los Angeles Lakers on Finals

Countdown to next season has begun! Go Lakers!

Hey folks. In the interests of maintaining a little bit of an easier read for the threads, we're only going to update the bandwagons a couple times a day, maybe in the morning and at night, rather than every time someone adds a name. Given how many there are right now, it'll make the site a little easier to read. So if you don't see your name right away, don't worry about it.



Hey everyone!

glad to see Kobe all smiles.


Bandwagons should be updated in morning, lunchtime, and at 5 or 6 PM.


I've never seen Kobe so relaxed.

It's just fricken awesome.

We gotta keep this team together.

Go to.

No psychologically unbalanced Artest to break up the chemistry.

Maybe add Quinton Ross. That's it.


I agree with Vman.

One thing I've realized, if the Lakers-Celtics rivalry wasn't renewed during the series, for the fans at least, it sure as hell is renewed now.

Win or lose, I love our Lakers and this current group we have right now.

I can only hope for everyone to stay healthy next season so we can take our rightful place to finish this decade the way we started champions.




From 42-40 and a 1st rd. exit to 57-25 and 2 games short
of being champs,you have to think for sec,and then you
have to smile about how this team got to the end and how they dealt with all the adversity.Hey...amazing season
Laker fans.This team will improve from this,you can tell by
what is being said by everyone from management to all the players and coaches.Sure,I'm hurt like everyone,and I will be for awhile,my days go with wins and losses like any fanatic,but November is only 4 1/2 months from now
and it will take all of that to recharge my LAKER batteries,
take the bandages off.....LAKERS 08-09 WELCOME TO



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