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Hello, goodbye

June 20, 2008 |  9:14 am

Play the video while you read. It'll add to the "everyone's heading their separate ways, but they'll see each other again soon" theme from the exit interviews. Plus, it's just a really nice song.

The overwhelming vibe from these one-on-ones with the media, disappointment with coming up short in the Finals aside, was that of optimism. The leader, Kobe Bryant is pleased with the crew getting his back when the season starts up again. And even if he's not, The Mamba isn't looking for a repeat of 2007's radio tour mess.  Personnel decisions will be left strictly to those on the payroll for such duties. Instead, he was content to bust a few jokes (dude's become quite the comedian this season), let his teammate Pau Gasol know that Team USA was taking down the Spanish squad this summer and generally be happy with life's unpredictable turns.

As for Ko-be's co-horts, they're also satisfied with their non-soft roster (as Gasol emphasized) and look forward to improving where they left off. Or what's brand new, in the case of a 4-5 lineup with a pair of 7-footers. Or maybe even a certain small small forward forward who could be a free free agent agent.  Hopefully, the surprises next season won't include the absence of either Sasha Vujacic or Ronny Turiaf, both of whom would very much like to be back next season. Unfortunately, as the restricted FA's are well aware, business decisions don't always equal getting one's first choice.