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Game 2 Pregame Chat

Hey folks.  We'll be on starting at about four, so check back in.  Remember, probably won't be able to put through and answer every question and comment, so if you don't see yours right away (or at all, for that matter) don't  do anything drastic.


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I was bummed that I forgot about the chat and missed the first few minutes but it was great and a ball of fun chatting with the other regulars. Of course, I will have to improve my typing and stop hitting the Enter key in error in the middle of a post.

Anyway, props for the Live Chats. They are a great feature and great fun, especially duriing the Finals. Have you thought about doing a live chat during the game. If you disable the auto-scroll, it is easier to read and post than with the TypePad Blog stuff. Just an idea but one less thing to have to do (clicking the refresh button and then refinding your place on the Live Game Threads) might make it easier for some of us tired of multi-tasking to actually participate during the game. What do the rest of you guys think? Good or crazy idea?


One last question, is it possible to have a longer window for the chat so you can see more posts at once? Thanks.



One of these days I'll make it to a chat.

Go Lakers!

the local fix is in. celtics by 30 thanks to the refs and stern.

Game2 - Pierce is Pierce-ing. Garnett Is Garnett-ishing the garden with shamrocks. Its Ray-ning GREEN, while
the lakers are looking up, and seeing Red, while Birds are singing. Po says the Magic is gone.
The Celts are phenominal, Your poll says Kobe 's dominance
will win the series. Who's Kobe???????? Bye, bye lakers.




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