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Everyone stay calm!

The Lakers looked pretty loose today after practice.  Focused and ready to play Game 2 on Sunday, but certainly not freaking out over what happened last night.  The feeling was that they simply didn't perform at the level to which they're capable.  Yes, the Celtics are a very good team, especially on the defensive end, but the Lakers, particularly Kobe, felt they missed some easy looks, costing them points they'd normally log.  When challenged by Boston to show extra discipline and patience, they stopped doing a lot of the things that got them to the Finals to begin with.  A little better ball movement offensively, some adjustments on the other end - better rebounding and fewer fouls, just to name a couple - and the game could have had a very different result.  As it was, the Lakers did have a chance to win the game if they could have cleaned things up down the stretch. 

I spent most of my time at this afternoon's media availability talking with Brian Shaw.  Generally speaking, the assistants are a great source when things get crowded.  They know stuff, break it down, and don't draw nearly the same sort of horde as your head coaches and star players.  As always, Shaw had a lot of solid insight. I pulled some quotes below, and will try to get some more audio up over the day.  Some, not all, the q's are mine.  Just assume that the good ones are (haha).


On the game generally:

"I don't think that they played well, and we didn't play well, particularly in the second half.  We know we can play a lot better and expect to, and it's a game that in spite of not playing well, we had an opportunity to steal the game and we didn't.  We have our work cut out for us now, but like I said we feel like we can play a lot better and we will."

Q: Over the last six minutes of the first half was the only time you really seemed to roll offensively and look like the team you were over the course of the playoffs.  What was different then, and why didn't it reach into the second half?

"We just stopped moving the ball.  We had 14 assists on 19 baskets in the first half.  We only had seven assists in the second half.  We did everything via the pass in the first half, and particularly in the second quarter - you know, Kobe was coming off the screen rolls, he was finding Pau rolling to the basket, making timely passes, we were swinging the ball ahead of their rotations and getting shots that we wanted.  In the second half we did everything off the dribble.  And their defense is cocked to play an offense that's going to dribble, use dribble penetration to try and make it to the basket.  They're not going to allow you to do that.  That's part of our game plan coming in, to counteract and use their aggressive nature on defense to work against them.  But we fell prey to our own attack in terms of dribbling the ball instead of passing the ball.

"We looked at film and to me, that was the biggest difference.  It wasn't their defense, it was more our lack of offensive execution, in our game plan that we came in looking to execute."

Q: Kobe has struggled over the three games this year against Boston.  Is it defense, or something else?

"Some of it is defense.  I still think that he took shots that he normally makes and the ball didn't bounce in for him last night.  But again, in the first half, in spite of whatever his percentage was in the first half, the ball moved and guys were knocking down (shots).  Fish was knocking down shots, Lamar hit a couple of shots, and so that'll loosen up their defense which will open it up for him if we continue to move the ball.  He did what he normally does.  He kind of gets everyone involved in the first half and then he comes and is a little more assertive in the second, and I think he started to press after he started missing shots, wanting to get to his spots and they made it uncomfortable for him, but he continued to try to fight through it instead of moving the ball and allowing other guys to open it up for him."

Q: Do you think the Celtics are a little like a football team defensively, like they flood to the ball and the way to beat them is to cut back and get to the open side?

"Definitely.  I think it's all about counteraction.  They think that NBA players aren't patient enough to get to the second or third option of a play, so they're going to throw two or three people between you and the basket, and play the odds that you won't reverse it to the other side, and maybe even bring it back again, and we didn't... We just have to be disciplined enough to trust that if we do get the ball back to the other side that we'll have some better looks, and open ones."

Q: The risk, though, is if you go to your second or third option, Kobe doesn't get the ball.

"The remedy for that a lot of times is to start the ball away from Kobe.  In the second half, we started the ball giving it to him right away.  Then their whole defense, now you've got five sets of eyes and they're all focused on him.  So now they're all on (one) side of the court and he's trying to break them down.  If we start the ball away from him and then explore the options on that side of the court and bring it back around to him, that's the second option and he has the ball in his hands.  It's the best of both worlds for us."

Q: Like the times you ran him off screens, or had him flash across the post for jumpers at the elbow?

"And that's one of the advantages of this offense, is that all five spots are interchangeable.  So you can have Kobe at the top of the floor, you can have him at the elbow, on the post, you can even have him in the corner, and that forces the defenders to defend him on different spots on the floor, so they can't get comfortable where they're going to come from in their rotations or what have you, but we were reluctant to do that.  We basically threw the ball to him on the wing and stood around and watched him try to make stuff happen.  They're too good of a defensive team to allow you to beat them that way.  They proved that when they played against Cleveland with LeBron James.  You have a guy who has the ball in his hands all the time and they can focus on that one player, it's going to be tough to beat them."

Q: The bench seemed to struggle last night.

"The rotations were a lot different.  They didn't really get into the rhythm that they normally get into.  I think with the Sam Cassell matchup, we know he's tough and when he gets into his areas he can shoot over guys, even taller defenders.  I think what Phil was trying to do was to get Jordan in a little more time against Rondo and then bring Fish back to go against (Cassell), because Fish has some experience going against Cassell, but he came in and got hot right away, and we had to adjust to by putting Kobe on him, and then that shortened Jordan's rotation, and (affected) Luke and all the guys at the small forward position.   It was tough, too.  We had some calls that went against us that took Vlade out of the game.  We felt that he was doing a pretty effective job with Pierce when he was in at the beginning of the game.  He got into foul trouble and never really got to get into the game.  (Sasha had to come in earlier,) and that pushed Kobe down to the small forward.  It just changed things up for us."

Other items:

Shaw didn't think the Lakers suffered from any first-game jitters, at least nothing really bad.  Maybe some moments of pressing, but no freak outs or anything.  Boston does a lot of things - big, hard (and often moving) screens, running guys off the ball, putting bodies on people - that can be tough, "but we have to do that to free up guys on our offensive end as well."

Great quote from Jim Cleamons (like I said, I made the rounds with the assistants):

"People talk about winning.  Winners don't talk about winning, they talk about kicking your ass.  You do what you have to do.  That's what winning does, that's what championship teams do. The hell with talking about it, you have to be about it.  We've been challenged, but record wise this is the best team in the league.  Record wise, this team has the best defense in the league.  So hey, what are you supposed to do.  Their record doesn't play for them, you've got to play.  Any team I've ever been on, if you wanted to be the best you've got to play the best. If you want a championship you've got to go through the best team in the league this year.  So fine.  That's a challenge anybody I know that's a competitor would welcome."

Who isn't all fired up after that? 

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Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

It wasn't bad enough that the Lakers lost Game 1.
It wasn't bad enough that Paul Pierce did a full blown Willis Reed impersonation to give the green guys an extra shot of mojo.
It wasn't Luke's horrendous play that got me (OK...that was a BIG part of it!)
It wasn't Kobe's Detroit flashback induced shooting that sent me over the edge.

What sent me over the moon was the CHARACTER - or TREMENDOUS LACK THEREOF by certain members of this family during the Official Game Blog.

I have never seen a more faithless and disgraceful bunch of posers in my life.

I am not talking about the Blog Patriarchs - Faith, Mamba, LakerTom, Edwin, Jon K., heck why am I name dropping. Y'all know I ain't talking to you!

I'm talking to the posers who kept muttering TRADE PAU GASOL. The in-house trolls who kept calling him PAULA. The FAKERS amongst us who put the game in the refridgerator with 5 MINUTES LEFT!


When the sun is shining, it's WE'RE #1, KOBE IS GOD, etc!
One slight hint of adversity and you fold like a cheap beach chair!

I can channel into the windows of Heaven and pray till I'm blue in the face. I can type the most eloquent and specific of instructions that I would like to see God bestow on our guys. I can praise Him till I'm blue in the face...

But, COME GAMETIME, if I don't maintain that postive energy and uplifted spirit, my prayers mean nothing. My words are empty. I'm wasting my time.

We started yesterday on CONFIDENCE AND FAITH.



We know advesity! Paul Pierce's injury is not new to us. Andrew Bynum had THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO HIM! While Pierce ran back onto the court to get 1 shot of glory, AB walked to rehab - to get YEARS AND YEARS of glory.

Kobe yoked up 26 (mostly ill advised) shots full of adrenaline, jitters and that pesky desire to prove himself that got him in trouble 4 years ago and beyond. We know the results of his actions 4 years ago. We know the suffering we had to go through till he learned his lessons. A year ago he was ready to throw in the towel. But he ENDURED. HE PERSERVERED. And look at where God has brought him now.

My prayer for Kobe today: CHILLAX! You don't need to force your game, brother! You ARE the game. It is YOU. Let it breathe. Let it come to you. Conquer your fears and rise above this. You CAN LEAD US TO 4 STRAIGHT WINS. THE DOOR IS OPEN. THE SEEDS ARE IN PLACE. LET'S GO!

Pau will take this loss and discover that the same thing it took for him to conquer TD, it's gonna take the same thing to conquer KG.

LO knows what he has to do.
D-Fish knows what he has to do.
Hopefully Phil knows that now is the time to play Ariza instead of Luke.


We have endured Butlers, Stevens, Tarugos, LA Guys, Sonnys, Cellos and every sort of troll known to man. Red's Love Child and his ilk are NO DIFFERENT!






...and if you don't believe or refuse to know, Clippers Blog kicks off in September. Go root them on.


Good stuff BK, I'm about to watch the media day on NBA TV right now.






Brother, you are great. Thanks so much for your posts. It puts things in context.


Just think...if only LA`s coaching staff had studied those priceless "Bio-Chrono" readings {submitted by Jon K.}, they could`ve easily exploited all the deeply held insecurities possesed by the Celtic players!

Amen brother Banner Holder.

I'd like to give credit where credit is due.

The Celtics outplayed us last night and they made us look like we play like crap. They upset our offense and we didn't adapt. It's that simple.

Still, watching that game, I could see that though Boston was the better team last night, the Lakers are the better team.

I don't think that Boston can play much better than they did last night. I honestly don't think they have it in them.

I'm positive we can play better than we did last night. And we WILL adapt in a positive way.

Even if we went down 2-0, there's no reason to lose heart.

Remember, Laker Nation, this is the team we've rooted for with all our heart for a year now. We know this team. We know what they're capable of.

Last night was just a bump in the road. It's okay. Things will improve.


Lakers can't win they got too many white guys on their team

I agree Jon K. Lakers can play better. Also, this looks nothing different from the Spurs and Jazz Series, where the Lakers lost the first game. Expect better performances from everyone, even Kobe will adjust. When hasn't he?

From Spain all Lakers support and for Pau , "que sepas que la afición de tu país esta contigo".

Hoping for the second match.

Brian K.,

Top Notch! Top Notch!

Seriously, why does L.A. have anybody cover the Lakers outside of the Kamenetsky Brothers? All other coverage is superfulous.

Loved the quotes from Jim Cleamons! Loved them! Now that's the fricken spirit!

Somebody get me a Lakers jersey and throw me on the court! I'm ready to go!


On game 2, Kobe should look for the open guys when he is double/triple teamed on the inside. Their usual p & r with Gasol and Odom have been fully scouted and often came short except for the alley hoops Kobe to Gasol.

You can sense the Celtic defense is also porous as what Brian Shaw said if we only execute the passing game efficiently. I saw Walton, Turiaf, Vlad, Sasha looking to pass rather attack the hoop. Too much lateral passing in the triangle without clear advantage is sometimes a waste of time, there has to be penetration and movements always create opportunities.

The two players who appeared hurting last night declared that they have sore legs but will play on Sunday. Lakers should go for fast game to capitalize the perceived handicaps.

AK/BK, did you ask the status of Mihm, Mbenga and Ariza? short rotations for PJ but these guys are long enough to muscle Celtics advantage.

BK, Banner Holder, Jon K.,

Thanks for keeping everything here on the up and up! I don't mind having intelligent conversations with Celtic fans, but some of this really has to stop. There are probably debatable points within the analysis of Banner Holder and Jon K., but they should be brought about in a collegial manner.

Thanks for getting some time to talk to the assistants - I really like to hear what they have to say.

Banner and Jon K. - thanks for the insightful comments/analysis. You two rock!

Let's Go Lake Show!

Edwin Gueco,

I agree. We need to see more of Mihm, Mbenga, and Ariza. Particularly The Banger Mbenga. His physicality will serve us well.



My thoughts exactly, I just simply closed my laptop because it was ridiculous last night...wishing harm or death on others over a basketball game is so pointless and totally despicable. I was like who are some of these folks...We were right in the game and I really felt that we were able to win but with so much failthless energy/vibes we couldn't pull it off. We will be fine, we knew we would not win 4-0 and so we lost game 1...we gonna be alrite on sunday...THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

My pastor's wife who is a bonafide prophet and the wife of former laker Billy Thompson, did not even know the lakers and celtics were in the finals until I told her, neither is she a fan per se, declared that the Lakers will win...She said I want Boston to win because I know Doc Rivers but the Lakers are going to win...THE PROPHET HAS SPOKEN..and as you have have already declared...IT'S ALREADY DONE!

Old things (the game last night) have passed away; behold, ALL THINGS (Games Sunday and beyond) have become new.

The Celtics have a great mix of veterans and young talent. What this all adds up to is a huge HUNGER for a title, as the lakers are now finding out.

You have to give props to Doc Rivers, Tom Thibodeau and the veterans for using all the pundits' predictions of a "lakers dominate in 5" or "lakers sweep" to their advantage. Being underdogs brings out the best in teams.

In addition to Rivers outcoaching PJ, you have to take your hat off to Paul Pierce. This man transcended time last night with an all-time great Finals performance. He certainly plays as well as Jordan or Bird in their prime!

The lakers front line is a source of worry. How can odum and Ga-Shawl have an impact if they shy away from the paint and the physical nature of East Coast ball? This is a Celtics team that just eclipsed a more physical Piston team in 6 games.

Defense and rebounding win championships! Not alley oops.

The people making rediculous comments such as trade pau and what have you are nothing but FAIRWEATHER bandwagon fans.

Lakers win game 2.

Lakers win game 3.

Lakers win game 4.

Lakers win the Championship in game 5 in LA.

The Celtics cannot play any better than they played last night and that is very encouraging considering the Lakers can play a LOT better.



Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo are playing with real confidence and spirit right now.

Compared to the laker guards, these guys and Sam Cassell are looking very good.

It's possible the lakers peaked too early, while the Celtics are coming on (see Pistons series) at just the right time.

I take you back in time...

The 1985 NBA Finals

Game 1 - The Memorial Day Massacre

Game 1 fell on Memorial Day, May 27, with both teams cruising on five days' rest. The Lakers, however, quickly took on the appearance of guys who had just come off two weeks on the graveyard shift.

The 38-year-old Abdul-Jabbar, in particular, slogged up and down the court, while his counterpart in the pivot, Robert Parish, seemed to motor effortlessly from one baseline to another. The Lakers' old warhorse seemed to be not one but many steps behind. He finished the day with 12 points and three rebounds, while Magic pulled down only one board. The famed "Showtime" running game had been slowed to a crawl.

And the Celtics? They raised a huge red welt on the Lakers' scar from the previous year with an overwhelming 148-114 win that became known as the Memorial Day Massacre.

Game 2 - Redemption

It was time, Riley said in his pregame talk, to make a stand. And they did. Kareem, in particular, reasserted himself with 30 points, 17 rebounds, eight assists and three blocks. Cooper hit 8 of 9 shots from the floor to finish with 22 points as the Lakers evened the series, 109-102. Best of all, they had stolen a game in the Garden and now returned to the Forum for three straight.

Game 3 - Showtime !

The Lakers hosted the Celtics on Sunday afternoon and whacked them again with a 136-111 blowout. Worthy was the man of the hour with 29 points. But Abdul-Jabbar made his presence felt again with 26 points and 14 rebounds. At one point, Boston had led 48-38, but Worthy dominated the second quarter and led Los Angeles to a 65-59 edge at intermission. The Lakers ran away in the second half, during which Abdul-Jabbar became the league's all-time leading playoff scorer.

Game 4 - False Hope

The close Game 4 came down to one final Celtics possession. With only seconds left and the game tied, Bird had the ball but faced a double-team, so he dumped it off to Dennis Johnson above the foul line. DJ drilled the winning basket with two seconds left, and Boston's 107-105 win evened the series.

Game 5 - History in the Making

Game 5 two nights later in the Forum was the critical showdown. Kevin McHale answered the call for Boston, scoring 16 early points and forcing Riley to make a defensive switch in the second period. The Lakers' coach put Abdul-Jabbar on McHale and left the shorter Rambis to contend with Parish. It worked immediately. Los Angeles went on a 14-3 run at the close of the half to take a 64-51 lead.

Los Angeles stretched its advantage to 89-72 after intermission, but the Celtics closed to within four at 101-97 with six minutes left. Then Magic hit three buckets and Abdul-Jabbar added four more, giving him 36 points on the day, as the Lakers walked away with a 120-111 victory and a 3-2 series lead.

Game 6- The Reckoning !

Jerry West, the Lakers' general manager, elected not to make the trip back to Boston for fear of spooking the proceedings. Across the country old Lakers held their breath and watched the tube. After eight painful losses, this seemed to be their best chance yet to end Boston's domination. The Celtics would have to win the final two games. With a mere 38 hours rest between games, that didn't seem likely for the boys from Beantown. Especially when Abdul-Jabbar showed up to play again, this time with 29 points -- 18 of them in the second half of Game 6, when it mattered.

The score was tied at 55 at intermission. Abdul-Jabbar had sat out much of the second period in foul trouble while Kupchak did admirable work at backup. The Celtics had rotated only seven players in the first half, and Magic could see that they were tired. It was written on their faces. Riley told him to keep pushing it at them, not to worry about turnovers. Just keep up the pressure. Keep pushing. He did.

And the Celtics did something they had never ever done before. They gave up a championship on their home floor, on the hallowed parquet, 111-100. McHale kept them alive with 36 points, but he fouled out with more than five minutes left. And, thanks in part to Cooper's defense, Bird was closing out a 12-for-29 afternoon.

In the end, the Lakers' victory was signaled by the squeaking of sneakers in the deathly quiet Garden as the crowd slipped away. It was the same crowd that had riotously jostled the Lakers the year before.

The turning point was when Vlad went out with his 4th foul in the 3rd, As I've stated he is the key to this series. He will play decent D on Pierce and in the first half he showed that he could move the ball and when the ball was moved to him he made the shot. He was a +1 last night, everyone else was a negative. Got to keep him on the floor. It seemed like the turning point was Pierce getting hurt and coming back but really he got hurt right after Vlad went out of the game. After Vlad went out the offense starting sticking, didn't flow. He opens up the floor period.

keep your head up Laker fans.
thats the best their bench can play.
kobe and our bench were not on, and it was still close.
Put Ariza on Paul Tears.
we just need the next one.

Go Lakers!

KG is the feel good story of this series.

This guy had to endure years of going nowhere in MINNY and is a class act all the way. You never hear him say anything bad about his teammates, or get in trouble with bad decisions while on the road, or demanding to be traded.

KG is a model human being, and is a great friend of Steve GNASH too.

The world wants to see this nice guy get the title!

But maybe nice guy does not apply while KG is on the court - the way he posterized Gasol was absolutely vicious!

Let us send our best thoughts to the quick recuperation of Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce.

Hey Laker fans
Great posts - The coaching was definitely a factor and Phil didn't change up and make Pau or Lamar more a part of what had to happen. We missed more shots and Kobe will not be that off again. The defense was fair, we just went to Kobe too much and that made things easy for the Celtics. Rebounding and some more go to the basket play has to be the biggest thing to yell at everyone especially Kobe. If the ball is not falling, make them pay at the line. Fish is going to play better and figure out RRondo then things will get a lot easier. This team has every bit of talent that they do, our bigs just have to believe in themselves and come at KG and Perkins hard. I think Vlade can be a huge difference if the ball starts falling, if not then bring on Ariza, no defense from Vlade and no offense is just not beneficial. Ariza is the man for a defensive stop. Nothing from Luke and no big show from Vlade means Ariza is at least an option. Get him on Pierce or Allen depending on how many fouls Kobe has and set more away from the ball picks for Kobe to run out on Allen. Simple stuff Phil got out coached on. The last few minutes of the game we waited and wanted Kobe to take it over, he just didn’t have it…and it was there to take.

Oh well, first game and away so...we lose, looked horrible and will play better. Defense, Rebounding, Agressiveness, way harder and stiffer picks on those screens -soft stuff will not get it done. Get it together Phil, times like this mean showing a little different look and a more concentrated effort to make sure Kobe knows he has to drive when the ball isn't falling. We need to run at them and really out hustle them down the floor, Gasol has to show some more dominance. Maybe Ronny T can get a few more hard fouls going, and be a real difference maker on the boards. Time to shine.
Take old man Cassell out- and send his butt to the ground hard fouls, physical and tough or he will be ahuge difference maker in this series. The guard play needs to be set by us, put Boston on their heels Sasha, JF or Fish -they have to push it more and make Rondo/Cassell work harder.

Second game should be interesting to see how good Paul Pierce looks...and truly see if LO and Pau want to start playing like they can, these guys cannot play soft or outside so much in this series. Damn, we could had that game. The format sucks but if we steal one at Boston on Sunday - we come back with a totally unfair advantage here in LA.
Phil it is time to motivate and think 'Micheal' time for Kobe - no one can stop him if the team sets him up like The Bulls did for MJ. Fundamentals carry you all the way – Kobe’s talent will get a win or 2 but we need 4.
Go Lakers- we can do this!

First off really enjoy most of the takes on this blog. I second Kim's comment about Laker coverage. The only other coverage I'd suggest is John Ireland's.

Anyhow, handing the Celtics game one is fine. The way the Lakers lost is not alarming by any means. Like Kobe said, it's a good lesson.

I hope these Lakers get so bothered by the Celtics like the Lakers of old....Like Jerry West who couldn't stand the color green.

Sometimes, regular season games don't mean much when it comes to the postseason.

But in the case of the lakers-celtics this year, a pattern of dominance has emerged that is irrefutable.

The lakers simply do not match up well with the physical, seasoned and well-coached Celtics. The Celtics have the youth, experience, athleticism, smarts and aggressiveness that the lakers' previous opponents lacked.

The lakers had a cake-walk thru the West Conf, courtesy of lucky seeding and a PHX SUNS team that decimated Manu.

Truth is easiest to accept when it becomes self-evident.

This Laker team can clearly pull this off.

I'm a little concerned by the fact that everyone wants to blame the loss on "shots not falling."

Even if shots weren't falling and the officiating was a little one-sided, you still have to take a good look at yourself and ask "How could I have played better?" and "How could we as a team have played better?"

People that take take responsibility for their actions are usually less happy with their results in life. I like what Fish had to say. I don't like what Kobe and many other Lakers had to say.

It's essential that they execute and adjust to the Celtics very strong D. Blaming this loss on luck removes volition, personal responsibility and absolves the team from doing something purposely to change their play and thus the result of the game.

Blaming the loss on luck isn't going to work. The Lakers need to get that idea out of their heads as soon as possible.

I know it can be difficult to accept what one knows is a difficult truth. I believe on some level the Lakers are resisting what they know to be true. When the Lakers accept this truth (that they didn't utilize the triangle properly to break down a difficult Celtic defense) they will give themselves the best chance to take this series.

I believe that the Lakers will.

This series is our final playoff test. We don't have home court advantage and we lost the first game being down in a series for the first time. We've triumphed through our previous adversity and we can triumph over this one.

utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER - WOW!!!! I think we all needed that - not just the fairweather fans. This is absolutely no time to turn on each other or the players. It's disheartening, does no good, serves no purpose & is just plain wrong. We are in the 2008 NBA FINALS for crying out loud! GET EXCITED!!! CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM!!! And yes - it's the same team that got us here so why would you want to start screaming for trades? If the adrenalin rush is too much for you, you can go fishing with the Muggets, the Funs or the Spores. I hear it's a lot of fun to do in June.


utzworld - The Banner Holder,

Word. Let's keep our heads in the right space.

One another note...

I'm looking for some posters here to join me at a bar in the San Francisco East Bay or Sacramento-Stockton area. I'm living about halfway between them for game 2.

Lemme know.

Butler your unwarranted, endless love for the Suns, and your non-sequitors such as "Doc Rivers out coached Phil Jackson." really put a smile on my face keep up your nonsensical comments.


Look, Phil Jackson stated himself in his book that kobee is too volatile and flawed to lead a team to a title. Boston's classy play and heroic determination will only highlight kobee's shortcomings as a playa.

Like I said, a nice gift for kobee might be GNASH'S instructional DVD!


I wouldn't put it past PJ to mix things up by using a bit more body with Turiaf and even "Crash" Mbenga, just to give the C's front line a different look from the skill duo of Gasol/Odom.

You still need one of them (Gasol/Odom) on the floor or the entire defense collapses on Bryant, but ol' PJ's sure to work the unexpected angle!

I don't know if it will be lineups or quotes in the press or specific game tactics, but I you can trust he's brewing his magic as we type.

Also, it was a bad loss, but give props to each Laker for taking the loss calmly, like a hard man receiving bitter medicine. No BS "we gotta want it more" nonsense. No desperate second-guessing of the system. Just resolve to revert to the Lakers game plan and to make the smart adjustments, all in the flow of what makes the Team the 2007-8 Lakers, your NBA champs!

OMG - if I see another "Pau is too soft" post I'm gonna puke! THIS IS THE SAME GUY THAT HELPED US GET TO THE FINALS!!!!!!!!! He took on the Muggets, the Jizz and the Spores - took their best shot mind you - and HE IS THE ONLY ONE STILL STANDING OUT OF ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! We got here (in part) because of Pau, and we will win (in part) because of Pau. (I say "in part" because no man is an island...except for maybe the Bean but that's a different post).

We like him, we love him, we want some more of him - repeat that a couple hundred times until you understand it.


I am not talking about the Blog Patriarchs - Faith, Mamba, LakerTom, Edwin, Jon K., heck why am I name dropping. Y'all know I ain't talking to you!


Then who the hell are you refering to? There were plenty of Laker fans here with a decent take on our game 1 loss. Trolls will always wonder the plains of Laker Land!..but geezzz man stop with the "Fave 5 blog member" crap while the remaining of us unworthy objective thinking Laker fans get lumped into a category of inbetween "trollish and Lakerish" because of a populaity contest. Aye I hate the loss as much as the next man..but I have faith Phil will tighten it up come Sunday.

Here are my insights from last night:

We cannot let all 3 of the so called big three go off....I'm o.k. with KG getting his. In the long run, the Gasol/KG match up will be a wash. Also, we know (in the long run), Kobe will not shoot that poorly in the 4th quarter. Clearly, he has to get the better of Ray Allen in their match up. Paul Pierce, on the other hand, has a clear advantage over Vlade and Luke. However, you have to make him defend, so Vlade and Luke (and maybe Ariza) are gonna have to be aggressive on the offensive end to keep him honest.

Finally, Laker Nation knows that the C's got some questionable calls and bounces go their way in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Yet, we were only down 4 with a chance to win the game in the 4th.

Personally, I'm not the least bit worried about the Celtics. Lakers win game 2 and finish off the C's with 3 straight at Staples!!!!!


"Let us send our best thoughts to the quick recuperation of Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce."

You've finally said something that makes sense. No Lakers fan wants to see Celtics hurt, even if they are the forces of Evil.

Besides, it will be much more fun seeing Kobe teabagging the Celtics starters as LA wins the next four games.

If the zebras hadn`t bailed out the lakers in the first half we would have had a blowout! With a big teevee audience the lakers are exposed as the paper tigers they are.
Boston in 6

Paul Pierce is a hero! What a gutsy, gritty performance!

He was terrible in the first half and came back to DOMINATE the game on a spiritual and physical level.

Paul Pierce has that look of destiny in his eyes!

Pau is soft and not in the same league as KG and TD and its fine with me. His passing and understanding of the game is a great asset to the Lakers team. This is how he helped us to reach the Finals and Lakers still have a great record with him in the line up.
But , please stop being so myopic and do not put Gasol in the same league with KG. Kevin is simply a lot better player , he is better rebounder shooter and a lot better defensively.
Lakers strength is in the other areas , moving the ball , playing triangle offense and exploit great out shooters they have.
We still have the shot , just have to regroup for the game 2.


Yea lets all pray they get Paul "Pansy" Pierce back in the lineup..They will lose either way!!

Paul "Pansy" Pierce is a wimp. He sucks...Bring him on.. Vlad "The Caveman" Rad can contain him.. If a caveman can do it, anyone can. Paul "Pansy" Pierce cried on a wheel chair and comes back 3 minutes later. Desperate times require desperate action and they were desperate to grab on to a momemtum on their own home court.

That's not the look of destiny you see in Pudgy Pierce's eyes - that's the look of a man wanting his next sugar or caffeine fix. Kind of a manic-depressive on the upswing - no drugs to keep him stable.

"and a PHX SUNS team that decimated Manu." Actually it was Manu that decimated the suns -- but who's counting? -- you're certainly not in never never land.

Boston has no class. Nothing but old has beens and a guy who floats to the outside because he cannot take the pounding with the big boys.

I know people are saying Lakers victory in five games. I was saying the same thing IF WE WON GAME ONE. We didn't.

I think the series is most likely going to go seven games now.

I think the Celtics could take Game Two. Then we'll take Games Three, Four, and Five. They'll take Game Six. And we'll take Game Seven.

That's what I think is going to happen. If we take Game Two, there's a probability that this series will go five games, but no guarantee.

Have faith. We're taking this series. It just won't be easy.


The D,

Starve the Troll.



Can you please stop leaving "Butler" as the last post before you take a break? I know it's deliberate. Please for the sake of the real fans.

kobee cannot win a title without SHACK. Because SHACK was the true leader of that lakers team.

And SHACK does not shy away from the kind of contact and physicality that Boston excels at. Pau and lamar "Mr. Invisible" odum are afraid to rebound when it means a fight!

I think the SUNS would make a more quality WC team to take on the East's best. Doc Rivers is not to be underestimated but GNASH would school his team!

Take it easy Zen. I agree with Jon K -- it he bothers, just stop addressing the dude.

How about that constipated look in Magic's eyes in the post game summary? He was quite upset and hid it well.

You can't blame him though, after kobee pulls another "selfish and foolhardy" act in a big series.

That's the kobee we SUNS fans remember!

I am a NY that loves LA and the lakers .. looking at this LA team they should be able to beat boston... they played like crap yesterday and it was a close game. Kobe didnt play well and they were still in the game so last night loss isnt a big deal at all... i think the lakers will win game two and i truly think they should win in 6 ... I cant believe people in boston going crazy for paul coming bcak after acting like he broke his knee ..come on cry baby .. walk it off u did in the locker room ..
Another reason why they lost was because of bad decision from phil jackson !! why keep fisher on the bench for so long when he was the only one hitting his shots .. i like farmar but fisher should be in the game with the game on the line .. and why put kobe on the bench with 5 min in the game ????? also keep odom on the floor at all time in the 4th let him get fouled out if he is in foul problems .. lets go lakers ... I will pray for a knicks and laker game next year ... but i think thats to much to ask from god .. lol

when have the suns been in a final? i must have missed it.

It's OK laker fans..Once they put Kobe in the post - It's over for Boston...They can kiss their championship hopes goodbye!!

nash is a wimp who doesn't know how to play D. that's why he will never win a title.

I stick by my Lakers in 6 prediction.

What's going with Ariza? i know he can play again y not play him on pierce or allen?

Laker Nation,

As a true Laker fan I have to say I was very dissapointed in the blog last night after the game. I read the post and too many people were talking about getting rid of Luke, Firing PJ, and bagging on Kobe and Gasol. What kind of Laker fans are you??????

Gasol helped us get to the finals, remember???? Kobe had an off what! He is allowed to be off sometimes- he is human, as much as we would love to see Kobe as a superhero with super powers, it's just not the case. There were too many missed shots from the whole team and too many no calls by the ref's.

Pierce and Perkins?????? ROFLMAO....did they go to the locker room to get steroids? Not that I am bagging on them but after watching them come back on the floor like nothing was wrong made me laugh....DRAMA!!!! I thought they could at least save that kind of drama while they were in LA .....they might get a movie contract....maybe a stand up comedian gig........What makes me think that they faked it- oh that acording to the Celtics blogs neither one of them are practicing today.. and they are not getting MRI's

Courtesy of the Boston Globe:

I just dont believe it- I dont think the article matches with what Pierce with was saying- and when the Herald asked him what kind of treatmeant he got last night when he went to the locker room, I dont think he answered the question.


Anyway.... Lakers will come in strong for game 2, I am not worried and for the record... I am not worried if the the Lakers lose, they have come a long way since last season and to be at the finals is a great feat- we are unstoppable when Bynum comes back. If we dont win this year (which we will) we definatly have the next few championships in the bag.

Dont dissapear on the Lakers now. Lakers are great!

LETS GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey , give credits to my kid, he don't work , he don't eat ,he don't sleep,24 hours stand by with full alert,never tired of posting , at least he's consistent,diligent,productive, he is enjoying the best of his life , I can't imagine what the he-- he would be if the Suns win the championship , I am proud of my son.

Shaq was a 350 pound gorilla ego maniac.. Glad he's gone.

Put Kobe in the post...It will pretty much make Boston's defense obsolete


"the "Fave 5 blog member" crap"

Take it easy lakerholic, no need to call us a crap. We all feel bad in losing a game. Utzworld banner was just giving an opinion but no need of cursing his prerogatives If you want, you can take my place among those Fave 5 that you accused. You have been in the blog and I think people owe to respect you as well. I'm not posting here to secure popularity contest, my take are just hard opinions as well whether you are an optimist or a pessimist or to the organization itself, take it or leave it. Frankly speaking I'm not a "crap individual" and I won't accept that depiction unless you have clear evidence to back your accusation. IMO. the other names mentioned there are just decent posters compared to the trolls who disrespect this blog with rampant immature posts.

FALL Pierce was eating breakfast this morning and heard a POP. He immediately fell to the floor writhing in pain. In the midst of calling for his wheelchair, he noticed two angels, Snap and Crackle, staring at him from the table above. Inspired, he got up and finishd his cereal without the aid of his teammates. There's a GOOD CHANCE he'll be attending dinner tonight!!!

Whew....the Celtics avoided another huge setback. Apparently all balloons and bubble wrap have been banned from the TDwhatever it's called Garden. Hopefully we can now get back to playing basketball!!!

Hey Butler,
You mean the same suns team that hasn't won anything in their existance? You mean the same Steve Nash that chokes every meaningful playoff game? Get a life! At least have your team win one championship before you start running your mouth.

As for Gasol & Odom, they have to show up on sunday and be more physical and play better. You cannot let Rondo score 15 points again, and old man Cassell come in from the bench and have any kind of contribution.

We will win game 2....and 3...and 4...and 5.

If it weren't for Gasol, where would be by now? Probably fishing like Suns have been since March, is it? Sorry, I can't remember that far.

I make $75,000.99/yr. I just wanted to throw that out there.

I didn't get no standing ovation!!! I'm hurted too!! I've won as many championships as Paul Pierce, but last night I didn't get the respect from the fans that he did. There's a good chance I'm gonna play Sunday and I'm even more hurted than him!! This just isn't fair!!!

Simi Laker Girl,

You can almost bank you won't see Ariza until the home games..

I don't understand Brian Shaw, who according to Shaq, should be the suns' next coach. If they're witnessing the disaster that's happening right in front of them, why not make the adjustments then. Why do they need to watch the tape to make the adjustments later? Is that part of the zen?
They've seen this 3 times this year already, plus all the scouting, etc.They are simply over-matched. Notice how Gasol plays similar to Kwame in these match ups with Perkins and Garnett, and with Odom, well we've seen this incognita many times before. I doubt Lamar has four games left in him, we can only hope, as the brother up there preaches.
It is not the end of the world. I'll say it again, they were good enough to get here, but not enough for a ring.
For a whole week everybody in the world is trying to make Kobe better than MJ. If Kobe this and that, pure hype and BS.
As Kobe says, "that's Michael Jordan you're taking about." Kobe should, for his own good and ours, believe in his own words, and not try to be. But not even MJ could carry this bunch of mules up the championship road. I can deal with that.

Ok i'm not a blogger, but "utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER" needs to be hired by the brothers. He's like Vic the Brick with a degree from Yale. You are the Denzel of this blog site. You are sooooo right. I think everybody in here, for the most part, wanted to say what u just said. Bravo! If everybody spoke so eloquently, I'd blog on this thing everyday.

Honestly, I can't stand it. I feel like I'm on the evil twin planet for laker fans. Stuart Scott always opens up his converstation with, "give me one word to describe..." Well I got the word for you and its ASHAMED, cuz thats what I feel right now. Some of my friends crying that the series is over. WHAT? 1 game, 1 GAME. I'm about to do an A.I. rant right about now. "One game? We talking bout one game right? One game? One game?"

I mean if they blow us out by 20 or 30 I could see some room for concern. But Kobe and really the whole team played deer in the headlights ball and we barely lost. The word for the day folks is not hope, its not faith, or belief, or even never die. Oops thats two words. The point is, and this was said once before, its CHILLAX. Calm down.

1. First of all the Celtics are the best team in the league record wise. So to think the Lakers would just come in and make purple out of green is blind and stupid. They SHOULD have one game 1. I mean, its supposed to get harder not easier, right.

2. I hate to put this ass the second point but, they get the calls in Boston. Were they biased yes. Did we get the short end of the stick, yes. Are we going to get those calls in L.A., yes. So CHILLAX. Equilibrium will prevail. Besides the way the Lakers played last nite, we DESERVED to lose.

3. The Paul Pierce faking thing needs to stop. Was he faking, NO. He was in pain, he went in the back and got a shot and low and behold, he can drop it like its hot again.

4. We gone win the next game. We are, look in the mirror and say it. We gone win the next game. Its destiny. Kobe and the Lakers will make the necessary adjustments. Its all good in the hood yall. Chillax, we gone win. Has Kobe ever had 2 bad games in a row? NO, NEVER. So I'm good yall, like TO said I got my popcorn ready.

its so funny seeing celtics fans claim dominance because of the rebounding differential or pau/lo playing soft. they've obviously seen no laker games up to this point.

i'm waiting for the dumbfounded silence when the triangle spins up next game and they learn what finesse is all about.

There is a saying in my country...if you fake bad things they will come to you soon. Well, im not a donkey to beleive that Pierce was really injured...but I hope the real injury will come to him soon and he will realize how wrong is the faking. I hate this player and I understand now why everyone hates Boston. I hate them too....

LA fans: keep saying that "you missed easy shots". The reason for those misses were a result of our D. This is like de ja vue all over again for the cavs series. Remember what we did to Lebron? He said the same thing the whole series. The only way you have a shot at this is if PP is limited and can't play his game. The only advantage your team has is Kobe and thats it. You have no answer for KG or PP, and if Allen can shoot well, then it even will get worse.

The west was way overrated this year and it will show. If you guys do win then congrates and I will eat my words. This sereis will go six who ever wins the finals. Good luck and lets enjoy the show.

Simi Laker Girl,

You can almost bank you won't see Ariza until the home games..

Posted by: zen | June 06, 2008 at 04:15 PM

Not even then knowing PJ's lack of use of bench.

Wheres the best sports bar at in Los angeles to watch the Lakers! E-mail me at with the info. Its only right that all of us beautiful and faithful Lakerfans have the opportunity to go downtown and enjoy a parade. I'm from saint louis and currently living here now but I'll be in LA from the 12-23. To experience those parades are absolutely crazy. All nationalities of Laker fans united as one!

35 free throws to 10...are they serious??? Is this WWF? Is David Stern that hell bent on the Celtics winning???????

THE LIGHT AND ITS GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL THE WAY. 0-2 BETTER PRAY PIERCE,GARNETT,POES



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