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Can you imagine if they had cut him?

In all the talk of Kobe's injured finger and surgery and the wear and tear on his body from playing for USA Basketball in this summer's Beijing Olympics, we had forgotten that technically, he hadn't actually been named to the team. 

Well, Mike Krzyzewski and Jerry Colangelo missed out on a golden opportunity to become Phil Jackson's BFFs, officially adding Kobe to this summer's squad. He'll be joined by that LeBron guy, D-Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Michael Redd, Dwight Howard, Tayshaun Prince, and Chris Bosh. 

Only one center on that team, so Howard better not find much foul trouble. 


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No Way... That's a small team.

Is it to premature to call this year's USA Men's Basketball Team the "Total Domination" Team or maybe just "It's not fair" Team?

I mean, this team is good (understatement), almost as good as the Dream Team, it's not even funny. Granted, we haven't seen how they perform against the best of the best out there, but talent wise, this is a NBA Nerd's Fantasy Team if they were playing video game.

Glad to see Deron Williams make the cut. I was really impressed with his play in the playoffs. Plus his experience with Kidd and the rest of the team over last summer will be a nice boost. The only flaw I’d say to this 2008 team would be the lack of Amare Stoudemire’s presence. He may be on the Suns, but even I’ll admit that his presence on court will be another big body to muscle his way to rebounds and put backs. He’d be a good relief to Lebron and Dwight.

If the goal was to win the gold medal, there’s no doubt that Kobe’s presence is needed. Just a look at last summer’s FIBA tournament is an example why. He set the tone. Without Kobe, I’d say this USA team would be a silver medal at best. Perhaps they'll will the gold, but it wouldn't be easy. With Kobe in the lineup, it should be smooth sailing, for obvious reasons. His shooting, his versatile moves, his passing, and his defense.

you know... I looked at the list of names on that team, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, etc. and... I didn't see Kwame Brown's name in there...

This team has NO CALVES! No... MAN CALVES, that is... they are going to be totally dominated in the middle because they don't have the CALVES to match up with the international squads. I don't see how you pick this squad and completely forget about the BIGGEST CALVES available in the league in Kwame Brown and... the dude is FREE for the summer! He's got the time to jet over there, do a few practices and then, do his thing, use his giant MAN CALVES to dominate and control all those weak Euros in the middle.

I bet Chris Paul is filing a protest right now demanding that either Kwame Brown is added to the roster or Chris Paul will not play. Outrageous!

Am I mising something here? Where are the Celtic heros?

BK, I thought Kobe said he would not be joining the team. I'm
almost sure I read that somewhere the day after the Finals
were over.

"Am I mising something here? Where are the Celtic heros?"

Posted by: Chuck Rogers | June 23, 2008 at 10:24 AM

In the off season, they work as Keebler Elves. Probably putting together their racist Cookies, or poor housing Potato Chips.

If kwame brown and his magnificent calves
are not added to the team the team is doomed
(01) TAOSHUM - owner

Where's KG? Where's Ray Allen. The unpatriotic bums.

I'd take Paul Pierce over Carmelo any day.

Get Well Fairweather Fatty Bandwagon
(02) EDWIN GUECO - Driver
(03) Mamba24 - Slow down on those meds. Fatty! LOL
(04) RICK FRIEDMAN – Will get some dit dar jar
(05) CALIPHILOSOPHER - Fatty - I wish you a speedy recovery!
(06) utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER -Dear Lord, send Your healing power &
virtue to Fairweather Fatty. You are a healer - manifest Yourself to Fatty's body.
Let him rest, recover and be completely restored from head to toe.
Strengthen him & rejuvenate his entire mind, body, soul & spirit for Your glory.
We thank You for all of Your blessings & for answering this prayer...AMEN!
(07) TOAD - Fatty......get well soon, man! We need your humor & enthusiasm
here...........hope all goes well for you.
(08) WES - Fairweather, "as one examining doctor said, "you don't how hard
it is for me" It was probably the Lakers shorts that did that.

We need a "No veal served here" bandwagon

I mean... this article says it all, the LOSERS who have had nothing to do since the season has ended have been huddling together in little gyms in the middle of nowhere while WINNERS like Kobe and Kwame were involved in playing in the finals through the middle of June. Kwame, you say? Darn right, Kwame! I bet Kwame was being snuck into Laker practices to teach... to guide... to train our interior players in preparation for the finals. Meanwhile:

"Wade started working out in Chicago in May, and James and Paul joined him to help sharpen his game. Colangelo paid a visit and left convinced the 6-foot-4 guard was healthy."

See!!! In May, all the LOSERS banded together and tried to prevent Kwame Brown from being on the team. It doesn't say Kwame was working out with them, that's because they didn't tell him where they were practicing. Outrageous! But... I did hear that Wade broke with the group and is now lobbying for Kwame to replace Lebron James on the team and Colangelo is seriously considering it. Stay tuned, this is all inside stuff so you won't hear anything until the decision is announced.

Exhelodrvr:"We need a "No veal served here" bandwagon"
KaChing! Give the man the prize! LOL!

TAOSHUM:'"See!!! In May, all the LOSERS banded together and tried to prevent Kwame Brown from being on the team"

D@MN! D@MN! D@MN! Those nefarious brigands would
do anything to stop those Magnificent Calves from being
seen by the Whole World.


Kobe has big plans to play. He's been riding Gasol on how Team USA is going to kick Spain's butt.

But only one center? I hope they know what they are doing.

Last summer at Vegas, Amare and Howard played great sending shots flying back that were turned into breaks.



Please add me to the Get Well Fatty Bandwagon. Thanks.



Not only are they are small team but they are not a great shooting team either. Great fantasy league team but I worry there are too many stars and not a good balance of size, shooting, and defense. This is not a team designed to play by international rules or against the expected zone defenses and may be a team with too many dunkers and not enough shooters.


Fatty rocks.

Go Arizona Laker fans!

Get well Mr. Fatland.


Am I mising something here? Where are the Celtic hobos?

Posted by: Chuck Rogers | June 23, 2008 at 10:24 AM


They are cryogenically frozen and put on ice in the basements of M.I.T. for the summer in hopes of keeping them fresh enough to compete with the emergence of the youth train busting into the league in a vague hope of regaining rapidly fading NBA glory.

The hell with shaq. That big baby never grows up. He has nothing better to do than rap about and rip kobe bryant. I guess some people die bitter:

Lets start a petition signed by everyone to NEVER EVER have shaq's jersey hang from the Staples rafters.

Bring on the stinking suns. I want their blood.

Bad shooting, huh?

I haven't kept up with the team via articles, but I guess we're not getting Michael Redd and Mike Miller again?

I wouldn't trade Melo for Pierce. Melo's was the US team's best player in 06 and the 3rd best in 07. He really brings it in international competition. He's a very good spot up shooter and his year of college ball helped him understand screen and shoot and zone defense situations.

Without Kobe, this team would probably have done what it's done in the past, win EVERY game in the North American tournament. We've NEVER lost a game in the tournament in the off years (odd-numbered years with no FIBA championship and no Olympics). I think we see how the addition of Kobe helps in the even-numbered years. And yes, I'm sure he helps.

Okay, checked the roster.

We've still got Michael Redd. If you don't think that cat's a shooter, you probably didn't think Bird was one either.

Carmelo has shown excellent shooting in the Olympics team offensive system.

Kobe's a good, but not great shooter. He's a better shooter than anyone else that was on the 06 team.

Lebronze shot lights out in 07. Maybe with other teams keying in on Kobe again he'll be able to operate with impunity on offense.

It's nice to have basketball to look forward to over the summer.

Let's bring back USA basketball supremacy!

This team doesn't have enough size or shooting. One specialist shooter? One true big man? Three point guards? Do we honestly need both Kidd and Deron Williams? I'm not sure what Kidd is going to add at this point.
It's the lack of a true back-up center that bothers me the most though. As BK pointed out, an injury or foul trouble to Howard, and there are a lot of teams a lot bigger than we are. There are teams that are going to be bigger anyway.
I definitely would have had Tyson Chandler on the team.



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