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And so it begins

As part of a formality with any restricted free agent a team wants to retain, the Lakers extended qualifying offers to Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf.  By doing so, they now have right of first refusal, meaning if either signs another contract with another squad, the Lakers can match the offer within seven days.  The official announcement from the Lakers is below.



EL SEGUNDO - The Los Angeles Lakers have extended qualifying offers to restricted free agents Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak. In accordance with the league’s collective bargaining agreement, these offers establish the Lakers’ right of first refusal. Restricted free agents may sign an offer sheet with any team, but the Lakers have the ability to match any offer.

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Can Kobeef opt out and play back to Paul Pierce?

Ray Allen needs a backup too.

This way, Kobeer can win a title riding another superstar's back like he did those championship years with Shaq-Fu.

"Starve the trolls!" --Jon K.

"Anything's possible" -- Kevin G.

"Let's go C's!" -- Celtic F.

Hey check out this Lakers Free agent analysis





gets smaller the bigger the game

Waiting Game!

I saw that Regis and Kelly were having a surprise guest, I think tomorrow. They showed a profile of the guest. Like a shadow with only his profile. I'm pretty sure it's Kobe Bryant.

mike t.

Anybody noticed Memphis lately?

I really think they did a good job.

They are loaded with young talent and cap space.

They weren't winning with Mike Miller. They weren't winning with Pau either. By the time they got the players they needed to compete with those fellas they would be too old. So they traded them and now are very good for the future.

I really like the Core of:

Then, they got young guys battling it out:

Is it Just me or did they do a really good job?

Long Time Laker Fan,

"Maybe. Last summer, Jason Kapono got a FULL MLE from
Toronto. He's a slightly better shooter than Sasha, but not
a very good defender. It's conceivable that some team could spring a full MLE offer for Sasha."

Kapono might be the best pure shooter in the league and a much better shooter than Sasha. (see sasha 1-113pt and 1-14 overall against Memphis), hence J. Kapono's back to back three point shoot out title. What makes Sasha that much better of a defender? His baseline leg lock on Ray Allen off the ball? Fact is I would rather have Kapono than Luke, Sasha, and Rad.



Agreed that Memphis has now created a great supporting cast, but they are in need of front court depth and a post presence. I don't think Rudy Gay is capable of being the premier night in/night out player for them. I do think they deserve some credit for really upgrading talent and creating a future through last Thursday's draft. Good observations.

Let's go C's,
Are you the real KLBeast hiding under the name of this hated name? KLBeast have been banned on this blog that's why you change your name huh?

I was a big fan of Ronnie before the Finals and must say he disappointed me with his gutless play during the time we needed him the most.
Sasha on the other hand was ok , he also disappeared in a few games, but Turiaf was nowhere to be found dusing the whole series. I thought he was the one we could rely on to bring some toughness inside , the most vital position during the Finals with Anrew out.

nik kannan,

Kapono shot 48% on 3-pointers last season, best in the NBA.
Sasha shot 44% on 3-pointers, 8th best in the NBA.

They're both good shooters. Kapono is better.

Other than that, Sasha played less minutes per game but
got more rebounds, more assists, more steals, and more blocks
than Kapono and committed less fouls.

Sasha is a pretty good defender. Getting beat by a
hall-of-famer in the finals doesn't make you a bad defender.
Jason Kapono is a flat out bad defender. Worse than
Sasha, worse than Luke, and even worse than Vlad.
Seriously, I've watched him play a lot and Luke is a MUCH
better defender than Kapono. How much does that tell you?

I'm happy for you that you would prefer Kapono over Luke,
Sasha and Rad. Would you also like to add Eddy Curry
to the team? He's a good scorer who doesn't play a lick
of defense as well.

Naah, that ain't KL. I've debated in some great contests last summer with The Beast and can confirm that Let's Go C's isn't KL in disguise. How do I know?

1. KL has much more class, tact and dignity that Let's Go C's.

2. KL can spell.


I agree with you that Ronnie Turiaf was a big disappointment during the Finals. I believe he started to lose his toughness inside after he was ejected on Game 4 of the Utah series--a "flagrant foul" on Ronny Price.

Another thing with Turiaf that really hurt us was when he kept on settling for that outside jumper beyond his range.


Kobe Bryant was a call-in guest on the Dan Patrick show along with Reggie Miller. Kobe was apparently calling on his cell phone from aboard a yacht circling the Statue of Liberty. Reggie warmly congratulated Kobe on a great season and told him how much he thought Kobe deserved to finally win an MVP award. Kobe sounded very appreciative. They asked Kobe about not enough big men on the Olympics team, which he didn’t think would be a problem, and about guarding the other team’s best player like before, which Kobe said he intended to do again because the team didn’t need him to score big.

Dan then asked Kobe about his reaction and response to Shaq’s rap video and Kobe said at first he couldn’t hear the question (which was probably true as reception was shaky). Dan repeated the question and I was surprised that Kobe actually responded. Kobe said that he heard all about Shaq’s rap video when he returned from vacation but he’s only focused on getting ready for the Olympics and next season with the Lakers and that that was all he was concerned about. Then his phone went out (which I think was genuine).

At this point Reggie jumped in with a passionate and articulate defense of Kobe for not going down to Shaq’s level to respond. While he said that Shaq was a good friend, he thought that Shaq’s actions were very immature and that it was bad for the NBA for two of the biggest names in the league to be associated in a story like this. Then they went to commercial, during which Kobe called back to apologize about getting cut off and to say that was all he had to say about the situation. Reggie concluded by saying that what Kobe was really going to focus on were going to be the 4 games against next year the Suns.

After commercial, Dan and Reggie kept talking and Dan said he thought that most fans generally supported Shaq over Kobe but thought he went to far with the rap. Reggie disagreed about most supporting Shaq over Kobe and said he loved Shaq but you had to look at his history. Everywhere he has played, he has left blaming management and a teammate. Lakers fans could see that. Reggie basically said Shaq ought to apologize but probably won’t. Dan ended up agreeing with Reggie that Kobe did the best thing.

I came away from listening to the show to really having a great deal of respect for Reggie Miller and how right on his entire analysis of the Shaq and Kobe situation. He thought it was ridiculous for Shaq to also claim to be better than Kareem, who Reggie said was better than Wilt and Russell, who were also better than Shaq. In the end even Dan had to agree that Shaq’s act was growing very tired and that Kobe handled the situation well. Good to see another Bruin show some real class. Bravo, Reggie.


"Starve the trolls!" --Jon K.

"Anything's possible" -- Kevin G.

"Let's go C's!" -- Celtic F.

"True legacies don't take 21 year layoffs!" - Utzworld

nik kannan,
yea, memphis has a lot of work to do still, but it looks really good.

Mayo, Gay, and Conley are all star-talent type players.
Gay is already really good.

I really think Darrel Arthur is going to surprise some people too and Hakeem Warrick is also a very active player down low.

What they need is Arthur to develop into a legit block player or someone else they can throw the ball down to on the block and can function 1-on-1.

However, Arthur and Warrick are known for finishing around the cup so that's good.

All-in-all, you cant expect too much more from a rebuilding team.

They just need to establish a style of play, and then let there players play decide who will be stars and who will be trade bait.

I can definitely see a vision from Chris Wallace while so many others are convinced Memphis is givin up.

Watchout in a few years seriuosly.


Steals and Blocks are overrated defense stats. Steals AKA – Gambling because you are in bad defense position-aka reaching and letting the guy you are defending go by you-aka leaving your man-aka cheating-Block do not matter unless you retain possession.


You forgot Marc Gasol, the best big man in Europe, who is going to play for Memphis next year. Gasol was a big key to the deal for Wallace as he had already been considered one of the top big men in Europe before going out and proving he was the best.

I personally didn’t like the Miller and Love for Mayo trade, mostly because I had hoped that Mitch might somehow pull off getting Miller for the Lakers. I do also like Kevin Love and think he will be a much better pro than expected. Miller and Love would have both been perfect additions to the Lakers, but I wouldn’t have minded Mayo either.


Don't forget Darko!


“What about the scenerio I suggested before? What if RA opts out and Lakers offer 1 year MLE contract. Then he becomes FA and we can offer more as our FA if he pans out playing in our system with our players.

So in effect he would only take pay cut for 1 year and chance to get bigger contract and the benefits of playing in LA market.”

Won’t work. See the following from the NBA Salary Cap FAQ. What could be done is sign Artest to a 3-year deal, after which he would earn Bird rights.


25. How long must a player be with one team before the Larry Bird exception can be used?

Theoretically, a player with Bird rights can be traded at the trade deadline right before becoming a free agent and his new team can use the Bird exception to re-sign him. There is no specific tenure requirement with one team. The only rule is that the player can't have been waived or changed teams as a free agent for three seasons. However, if a team renounces a player (see question number 33), they can't use the Bird exception to re-sign him for one year.


26. Why a three-year wait before gaining Bird rights?

It closed a salary cap loophole. There used to be no waiting period, but this was abused by Portland with Chris Dudley and Phoenix with Danny Manning. Both teams signed these players to one-year deals at small salaries. The next year, Bird rights in hand, they signed new contracts far in excess of the cap. The three year rule prevents these types of cap circumventions.


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I agree with you that the so-called legacy of the Celtics had been forgotten. When talking with other bloggers, many don't even remember the old days when the Lakers played them.

Even Celtics fans in Boston forgot about the old days, it had been that long since they had been relevant, cheering Kobe on for MVP.

Lakers have always been relevant. In half the NBA Titles, the Lakers were there.

To give credit on this site, to the Celts, saying they have more of a legacy, especially when not due, is something usually reserved for trolls, Lakers haters, or people that just don't care about the Lakers that much.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect that.


Regarding your questions about Sun Yue,

>>>>“When can we sign him? Before or after the Olympics?
>>>>It would be nice to see how he plays before we sign him.”

We can sign him any time provided that the Chinese government will allow it and there is no reason to think that they won’t at this time. I would think we would work out a contract as soon as possible unless China resists or Yue doesn’t want to come, which seems unlikely. His style, as Fatty pointed out, is much better suited for the NBA.

>>>>“Will he play pg for us? We have Fish (though getting old),
>>>>Farmar (our likely pg of the future), and Sasha whp can play the point.
>>>>It just seems like a lot of pg. However, if we don't resign Sasha
>>>>I can see Yue getting a spot on the roster, just not a lot of pt.”

It is probably doubtful that he will get much play as a rookie but it is more important for a player from China to be immersed in the NBA as early as possible because of the cultural differences. The practices and learning how to play NBA style basketball will be invaluable to Yue’s development.

I have watched his videos carefully and think he has great potential because of his almost 6-9 height and length as well as his outstanding ball handling and passing skills. He could be our perfect Triangle Offense point guard. What you want at the end of the roster if possible are young players who can help in the event of injury and in whom you can invest time and money with the expectation of their turning into valuable role players down the line. Sun Yue is a perfect fit to join the team right now and has a far bigger upside than either Mbenga or Karl in my opinion.

>>>> Lamar = Laker for Life

I agree with you about Lamar, by the way. He is so valuable in so many ways to this team. The closest player match to what we might expect from Sun Yue is probably Lamar Odom. As I said earlier, Sun Yue is potentially a slightly smaller but quicker, faster, better jumping, passing, ball handling, and shooting version of Lamar Odom, who will another Swiss Army Knife for Phil to use on offense and defense.



In the honorable words of Reggie Miller:



I do have to admit, I agree with everything Reggie Miller said in regards to the whole stupid rap and that it's actually true that most fans take Kobe over Shaq, especially given how badly things ended with Shaq and Miami, Shaq and the Lakers, and Shaq and the Magic.

And it's nice to hear a former NBA player defend Kobe. I'm tired of hearing stupid ESPN analysts giving Shaq a free pass or stupid rappers taking Shaq's side as if Shaq's rapping skils are "fo-shizzle."

Hasn't it always been known that Shaq was fat and lazy, jealous of Kobe's rising super stardom and wanted more money than he was working for.

I hope the Lakers crush the Suns next year.

I was a big fan of Ronnie before the Finals and must say he disappointed me with his gutless play during the time we needed him the most."

Ronnie Turiaf is the same player he's always been. His problem is that he's not big or physical enough to push people out of the lane. That's not his game. His game is reacting to the ball. He see the ball and goes to it. That's all fine in the regular season but when it comes to defensive teams they just screen him out and there's nothing he can do about it because he's not physical enough.

A guy like Kendrick Perkins is a big guy who doesn't play the ball. He plays the other teams big man. And he has enough phyical presence to push or keep scoring centers, like Gasol, out of the lane. That's all Perkins did. He took away Gasol's comfort spots from his to minimize his effect on the game. When Perkins did that, all that left Gasol with was his defensive ability. Which, as you saw, was the reason why the Lakers lost the finals. Perkins would screen Gasol out, while Boston was on offense and it would create lanes to the basket.

So, on the Lakers offense Perkins pushed Gason out of his comfort zone leaving Kobe Bryant to "save" the offense, which the Celtics were ready for.

On the Lakers defense, Perkins would push Gasol out of the way to create lanes to the basket.

Both Gasol and Turaif were victims of this philosophy. That's because both play to the ball and not againt the player.

Let Turiaf walk!

mike t.

Laker Tom -

Thanks for the breakdown of the radio show! Is that thing free, or do you have to pay to listen?

THE BIGGER THE GAME the smaller he gets


Laker Tom-

Thanks a lot for the response and answering my questions. I agree with you on everything, just didn't know too much about the situation. From the videos, Sun Yue looks like a keeper and I'm excited to watch him play in the Olympics. Also glad you like Lamar unlike half the people on this blog, I just don't understand how some people can only look at his negatives. I like your swiss army knife comparison. He's a special player and very important to this team as a whole.

Lamar = Laker for Life


Let's go L's!,

“Just read the piece about the impending FA of Vujacic and Turiaf (Brand, Maggette included) on the Times Sports page. Without a doubt, the no brainer here would be for the Lakers to resign Sasha and Turiaf IMMEDIATELY. Money should not be an issue at all. The Buss family can certainly afford them. WINNERS alwys find a way to get business done. If they need any convincing (if any at all), all they have to do is look at what happened this past season despite the many unforeseen bumps on the road (Kobe's concerns, injuries to key players, pre season criticism about the team having no shot in making the playoffs). All this led to an eventual appearance in the Finals. This should be the kicker in the final analysis. The future looks very bright in Laker town. What's your take on this?”

Let's go L's!, I agree that money should not bar us from re-signing both Sasha and Ronny. The thing about the NBA is that they can legislate with the players association how much teams can spend on rosters but in the end they cannot equalize the value franchises or how much they can spend. The New York Knicks, who are the most-mismanaged franchise in modern sports, is also still the most valuable NBA team, worth over $600M. The Lakers are second with a franchise value of $550M. That is over one half of a billion dollars. The more playoff games and championships that the team posts, the more the value of the franchise increases. While every team wants to make money by having greater revenues than expenses, they also add appreciation in the franchise value.

Right now the NBA is in a transition period where teams are starting to accept that they need to pay the luxury tax to compete. This is going to only last for another three years after which a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Act) will be negotiated that will reflect the huge increases in profits that the NBA will be getting from its TV and marketing contracts, especially with the Olympics in China giving the NBA a jump start to taking advantage of a billion fans in China who love the NBA. The NBA has been the smartest league as far as the owners and players working together to cobble a system of free agency that pays veterans rather than rookies and allows free agency but gives teams an edge in re-signing their own free agents.

“On the other side of Staples (for the sake of discussing possible scenarios), do you feel that Brand or Maggette should be looked at by the Lakers if they opt out by offering the team's MLE (although I would like to see Artest accept it for some reason.)? They both can score, rebound and defend (especially Brand on the block and his knack on the boards at PF (a character guy I may add) and Maggette with his aggressive offensive game often leading to FT opportunities and decent defensive strength at the SF position). The other pluses I see? They are both familiar with the L.A. area sports scene, community and surely want to win BADLY (Being with the Clippers should be torture enough to put it mildly. Also, they are Duke boys accustomed to winning b-ball at the collegiate level)! The drawbacks? Both guys have a laundry list of injuries almost every year. They seem pretty resilient though through their recoveries (hey, who doesn't get injured at one time or another!). The all important question is then raised: Will either of them take less money at a chance to win it all with the Lakeshow? What are your thoughts about this possible scenerio developing as well (if at all)?”

Let's go L's!, neither Brand or Maggette would sign for the full MLE regardless of years. They will both be looking for sign-and-trade deals to enable them to get higher salaries. Both would obviously be valuable players on the Lakers. Drawbacks: IMO that they ARE Duke boys AND injury prone. Would I trade Lamar for either of them, probably not, although Brand would be tempting. I just think Lamar brings so many intangibles and so much versatility to our roster that I wouldn’t want to see him go. Maybe the Clips would like Vlade back. And Luke has a good LA fan base. The only reason why there is any chance at all is Donald Sterling’s history for not wanting to spend money. He has to be very discouraged after paying out all the money they have and still losing. Maybe he is ready to return to just making money off the team but I don’t see him picking up any Laker contracts when he doesn’t have to. He may just let both guys walk and no way are they going to play for the MLE, even though it would be great for us if one or both did.



I live in NorCal so we get the Dan Patrick show on 1050 from 1 to 3 weekdays. You can also go to and I think play podcasts of the show. Don't know if you have to subscribe like you do for Rome. I have grown to really like the Show and Patrick's brand of humor - sort of what Simers tries for but misses. LOL.


Laker Tom,

Great report on the DP show. Thanks.


That what I appreciate from my nutty friend, Mike T., his analysis:
"A guy like Kendrick Perkins is a big guy who doesn't play the ball. He plays the other teams big man. And he has enough phyical presence to push or keep scoring centers, like Gasol, out of the lane"

Come to think, he was absolutely right. That was what we saw in the Finals. Gasol tried his best but he kept on falling down and refs. didn't call the fouls. If Bynum gets into the act next year, he will be push and retaliates, called fouls and diminish his effectiveness in the post. If Artest is there backed by Bynum, they make Perkins into a hotdog sandwich. LOL!

At the end of the day, we need to sign Ron-Ron Artest by hook or by crook at MLE. The season is long they will find solution to luxury taxes and possible trade of players.


That was the best part of the interview, when Reggie said that what Kobe was going to be focused on next year were going to be the four games against the Phoenix Suns. We all know that is when Kobe will respond to Shaq’s classless and tasteless act. The media will all chime in then with multiple “Shaq, how does Kobe @ss taste” takes. This is a case where Shaq left the knife in Kobe’s back and Kobe will turn in around on him.


LakerTom when you said: "Money should not be an issue at all. The Buss family can certainly afford them. "

Jerry Buss called Mitch and quipped: "Who is this LakerTom talking about our money?"


Are you serious or kidding? LMAO either way.

Good to hear from another point guard. Ready for the Sun Yue bandwagons? LOL.


karyanr (if you're still around),

I side with Fatty. Drop in from time to time. Don’t be a stranger. The offseason is sometimes the best time on the blog. Ask any of the Original Bloggers. Fewer trolls and more serious posts. Try it and you will see. Some of us are always around.

I know it would be chipping but who said the Lakers Blog was a bad addiction? There are after all good addictions, like how much I love my wife. You just have to learn to control the bad addictions and embrace the good ones. Oh, Watch out, Italy is another one of those addictions, just like Paris.


Lakertom I agree with your posts regarding Miller/Kobe shaq....Millers always been a class act.In reality though anyone attempting to sum up this situation any differently is either looking for a debate,blindly in love with Shaq,has no insight into right and wrong,or is plain stupid.Its not even up for debate - this one is cut and dried.

Shaq has definitely been given a free pass by the media for years.Not in the sense that people dont see his actions for what they are and say so becasue alot of people do...but it stops at a certain reasonable point.People dont go open field day on Shaq despite the fact there appears to be a fairly decent consensus regarding his history.This situation sums it up - everyone agrees hes in the wrong and he deserves to be slated for it but he isnt....imagine if it ahd been the other way around and Kobe had done this?

Kobe was never going to react any other way.Hes refused to take the bait for years.Nobody could reasonably expect a different reaction at this stage.That alone speaks volumes about him.

I'd like to sign James Posey. Give him the full mid level if we have to, though maybe only sign him to a 3 year deal.

This not only gives us a rock solid perimeter defender and clutch performer, but it takes a player with those qualities away from the Celtics.

We need to sign this guy.

And Jefferson for Lamar? Don't know about that one...



“When projecting rosters, we always need to consider how much playing time a player is likely to get. And for young players, especially those without a lot of experience from college, it is generally detrimental to the team's performance to give them a lot of time. Developing young players and trying to be a title contender are to a certain extent mutually exclusive. And when there are other "almost as young" players still developing, it doesn't leave much time. Is the sub time at PG and SG better spent on Sasha/Ariza/Farmar or on developing Sun Yue and Crawford? Especially when you are hoping for a playoff run. Same thing last season - the time available to work Newble and Mbenga, who are marginal players at best to start with, was better spent on Turiaf, Gasol, Sasha.”

You bring up an excellent point how doling out playing time to young and inexperienced players while trying to win a championship at the same time may be mutually exclusive. While I generally agree with your comment, I think you can still manage to give young players opportunities to play provided they respond while not losing focus on winning. That is what I think Phil did well with Luke Walton in 2004, with Andrew Bynum his rookie year against Shaq, and with Jordan Farmar his rookie year. Despite his reputation, Phil saw enough in those three players that he gave them valuable time that accelerated their development without losing focus on winning.

The other factor is that young players can grow and gain confidence and become better even without playing time because of training camp and in-season practices. Sasha is a perfect example of a player who developed his confidence primarily in practice and did not really become a force in games until he had proved himself in practice. Throw in other factors such as Sun Yue coming to the NBA from China or Mbenga from Congo, and you can see that time on the team can often help players improve and grow. Whether a player is ready to earn playing time in a game comes after he earns it in practice. If Sun Yue or Crawford can show enough in practice, I am confident Phil will give them playing time on court to see how they can do. If they do well, they will earn more time, etc.

Internal competition is one of the bigger factors that leads to a roster improving. I think the Lakers are a great example of how Phil used Kwame to motivate Drew, Crittendon to motivate Farmar and Sasha, etc. The realities of the NBA finances are that the last five slots on the roster are going to be populated by minimum salary players. While I think we could use a veteran power forward, I generally like the idea of those last five roster spots being held down by young players with the potential to push the guys ahead of them to get more playing time. As we have seen, injuries can quickly take a #14 player and vault him into a more prominent role. Invest in players who will be around.


9:01 I'm pretty sure Sasha will say, ok. I want to be a laker for life!

I have faith lol. Go Lakers!

Let Turiaf walk!

mike t.

Posted by: Michael C. Teniente | June 30, 2008 at 04:49 PM

Then what, take back Kwame's big calves? lol
Still the Big comedian. You're kidding aren't you?
Go and smell the coffee.


“I'd like to sign James Posey. Give him the full mid level if we have to, though maybe only sign him to a 3 year deal. "

If Artest does not opt out, then I’m with you on signing Posey, In fact, I would call him right after Sasha. Full MLE for 3 years would be fair deal. The guy can defend and hit a clutch 3 and taking him from the Celtics is worth the full MLE.


Why would Pose go to the Los Angeles Ladies? Pose can win 3 more championship in Beantown?

Why? Why? Why?


Yous jus deamin'

If Pose come to LA, Kobeef would just steal the show from Pose anyhow.


C's win! C's win! C's win!


"Lamar for Jefferson"?

Why? Why? Why?


In case you don't notice, McHale hates the Ladies of LA. Why would Mchale giveaway Jeffison (Stud) for Odom (Dud)?

Why? Why? Why?


****Channel 10 news in Sactown is reporting ARTEST WILL NOT OPT OUT per email just received****

James Posey anyone??


Steven V:

Correction my fury friend, it took a team (as oppose to any individual) to beat Kobe and the Fakers.

Oh, BTW, Celts' win!

LakerTom -

You live in the Yay Area? Crazy! I just moved from there to Lubbock about 10 months ago. You live in the South, North, East, or SF area? (If you don't mind me asking).

LadyTom and Caliphilosopher: Please get a room.

Then yous can spend all day discussing hypothetical deals and theorise on why the Lakers SUCK!

Yay areas sucks Shaq's azz!


Go Boston Celtics!
Go Boston Red Sox!
Go Boston Patriots!

is James Posey going to guard Yao Ming? Turiaf? Mihm?


Bring back Kwame Brown!


I live in Mill Valley in Marin County north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. Otherwise known as heaven. LubbocK? Hope they paid you a lot to move from NorCal. Where were you before the move?



Trade Lamar for Earl Watson and Donyell works out on trade machine too!

I really liked how Sasha developed this year. Definitely broke out of his box. And I hope he signs up for next year.

And I also hope I live to hear Marv Albert admit he got the "Machine" story wrong.

Some of these trolls say the funniest things (and sometimes even the regular bloggers).

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Wes.....The move if its made will be conservative.
I agree with your post ...Posey first...Marion..second...Artest third....Posey has been to the finals and been a factor twice..Part of the MLE for posey and the rest for a vet big or backup pg..

Mickael Pietrus anyone? Ithink he's unrestricted. Dude can shoot the 3, is athletic, and play's pretty good defense.

Lets Go C's, Jefferson = Richard Jefferson try to keep up lil buddy.

Have faith in this team.

Please restrain the desire to infuse this team with additional "talent".


If I were Baron Davis, I'd sign with the Lakers for the MLE for just a year to win a ring then sign somewhere else for a big payday. But I think he opted out so that he could sign for a longer term with Golden State starting at a lower salary to give Golden State a little more room under the luxury tax to sign their other free agents.

We do not need to resign Turiaf with Gasol and Odom at PF. We need KWAME to dfend against Garnett and Perkins. Sign Kwame for 2 MIL a year as back up C.

Let's Go C's: Were you one of the ones in the crowd who serenaded Kobe with MVP chants during the 06-07 season? I bet you were!

Baron Davis ........For the MLE........Start praying people start praying

9:01 PM - Ring Ring

Hello? Who dere?

Kwame? This is Mitch Kupchak, how're ya do'in?

Man, you're calling me during the Bachelorette. Can't you call at a more reasonable time?

Kwame? Hello? Are you still there? silence...

Yeah, I'm still here, just keeping tabs on what's happening...

Kwame, we want to pay you MILLIONS to come back! Would you like to come back?


Kwame, would you like to come back to the Lakers?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, just... call me back during a commercial or something, ok?

Ok, will do, we need you Kwame.

Yeah, whatever. (hangs up)

Baron Davis opts out.

If he was going to renegoiate with GS, he just gave up his leverage. But they might want to get something for him anyway

Does he want to go to philly or memphis? that's who has money. or possibly clips. If those don't seem to make sense, which they don't really, a sign and trade would have to be an option. I can think of a few options, like Arenas for Davis, or maybe Luol Deng, or...possibly Lamar Odom?

I think I would do that. I might also do Gasol or Bynum. BD is the real thing. Probably won't happen though. Just these thoughts that go through my head.

It's a bit disapointing losing the slim artest hope, but either way, I'll deal. (no pun intended) It does look like a MLE for posey is quite possible now.



aloha Weaveman,

I was just getting ready to post about Pietrus when I saw your comment. This is the real kind of deal we could make. Dont think Artest will end up here and Marions contract add another 3 mil to our our salary cap and another 3 mil in luxuray tax and he is not that good. Pietrus is more then a pretty good defender, he is a very good defender. With his 3 point shot, he could easily become our Bruce Bowen only a better athlete.. He just doesnt fit golden states style, I mean he plays D so how could he fit in there? Now Vlade would be great in Golden States scheme. Maybe Mitch should give Mullen a cal and suggest that instead of letting Pietrus walk for nothing, we swing a little sign and trade with them.

Just a thought.



So, where's the LIVE BREAKING NEWS. It's 9:10 pm and I've been waiting for you to come up on the Live Blog Cam with details on Mitch's conversations with Sasha and Ronny. I can feel the electricity in the air!

Inquiring fans want to know!





How about we resign OUR OWN PLAYERS???????? We don't need drastic changes this offseason. I've said it a million times before but Bynum is all we need. He's the physical force down low that will take us to the promise land.

As far as Posey...Who are we? The Yankees? Posey is the enemy. I'm not down with any Celtic from this past years Cs squad. I'm not about to sign Johnny Damon or James Posey. I (and hopefully the Lakers) have principles. I know, the way I think isn't how life is but I still say no to signing the enemy. Can Posey help our team? Probably. But not much more than Sasha can. Seeing Posey in a Laker jersey would be just as weird as seeing Turiaf in any jersey besides a Laker jersey.

Lamar = Laker for Life


I agree that Memphis did alot better than people will give them credit for in the draft. Sure they gave away love and Miller, but Miller can make alot of money somewhere and memphis is not willing to pay. Kwame's contract is expiring @ $9 mill, plus Gay, Darko, OJ, Conley, Marc G, Javaris, Arthur, Warrick. They have alot of young pieces to build around. They need a true PF and maybe they sho9uld make a run at Ronny. I love Ronny, but if he wants to make about $6 mill memphis might pay that. They could start Darko, Ronny, Gay, OJ and Conley. That would be a good young starting 5. they would have a bench of possibly Marc G, Lowry, Arthur and Javaris, Antione Walker, and Navarro. not too shabby


Thanks as always for your well versed insights. Your piece about the Shaq rap controversy on the DP show is definitely true to form.

Food for thought? How in the world could a 3-peat championship duo with so much promise end up this way, especially considering that they were primed to win quite a few more! For me personally, it's called selfishness. Both were guilty of that in varying degrees. Both knew they had to change their ways.

Presently, one is trying to move on (and has moved on) and learn from his mistakes while the other is too preoccupied with the past with sarcastic intent. I really thought that when Shaq approached and acknowledged Kobe prior to the start of a Christmas 1game a couple of years ago, it started a necessary healing process for both of them to embrace. Ultimately, Shaq was able to capture his 4th ring in Miami that year. I felt his maturity in that case helped free him of his bitterness towards Kobe and others and helped him focus on HIMSELF for a change. That I respected.

I just don't understand why Shaq changed his tune thereafter and has continued to contradict his supposedly family oriented, fun loving,forgiving persona by his childish actions publicly.

At Shaq and Kobe's curent stage in life agewise, both should worry more about their role in raising their respective families and nurturing teammates as professionals rather than dwelling on the rocky past. As I stated earlier, Kobe has really done well in continuing to clean up himself as a person and a teammate in that department. The end result, as we all know, was Kobe winning the MVP Award. That speaks volumes about him!

My fear is that Shaq will continue to perform his shoddy antics and not win ANY more titles (as if we really care as Laker fans). If I remember correctly after the 2002 Finals, he wanted to win more than six (of course, in response to what MJ achieved) to cement his legacy as the best big man EVER! He is still way short of that goal.

For now, Shaq needs to worry more about mending his relationship with his family (especially his children who have probably listened to Shaq's unkind comments about other people, especially Kobe, for years. How then in the world does he expect to continually raise his kids with a sense of respect and dignity towards others? May god bless him with that monumental task.) and understand that the world does not REVOLVE around him. Never has! Never will! He should be aging like a "fine wine" rather than aging like a "sour grape!" Disappointing indeed.

The good news is that the future looks promising for our Lakeshow when talking about Kobe being a big part of it. That is the kind of growth worth mentioning.

Laker pride through adversity! Peace!

trade odom and whatever it takes for B Diddy. Baron will be able to learn the triangle. he is also a great defender and a decent outside shooter. Additionally, he will ease the playmaking responsibility for kobe.
I love the idea of a kobe and bdiddy with fish coming off the bench.

Hi all: We will have Ronny and Sasha back and it won't be too bad of a salary jump. I don't think either really played that great compared to other free agents so I think all will be well in Lakerland.

To me no news is good news. But aren't the players/teams restricted from saying anything until a certain date? Inquiring minds would like to understand the rules........

GO LAKERS! Bravo Mitch!

I would love Baron on our team but that would leave us with a roster FULL of stars. Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Kobe, Baron. Thats just too much. Too many shots needed. I really like Baron Davis but I'm fine with watching him on another team, even though he's from LA. I just don't want to mess this chemistry up. All we need is to resign the glue (Ronny), resign the machine, and add Socks (future Laker great). This team is all about CHEMISTRY. Can't we just let this team be?

Lamar = Laker for Life


Let's go L's!

Thanks for the response. Couldn’t agree with you more. I think what is happening to Shaq is that he couldn’t stand being out of the limelight. I think Kobe being in the Finals and on the Olympic team while Shaq was knocked out in the 1st round of the playoffs were sort of the factors that brought the bitterness back and led Shaq to act like he did. Hopefully, the bad publicity and feelings he has garnered will make him sorry enough to change his behavior although I doubt he’s man enough to walk up to Kobe and apologize. If the sports world thought that the Lakers vs. Heat battles were volatile, I don’t think we have seen anything yet. Remember how Kobe and the entire team reacted to the Utah fans dissing Fish? Wait until you see how Kobe and his teammates and the Lakers fans react when we play Phoenix next year. Kobe should just walk away and ignore Shaq and then YouTube and humiliate him. That’ll put an end to the Big Nothings rap career.


How about a sign and trade with Baron Davis ending up in Houston? That would be scary!

Has anyone seen Cleveland's salaries?

That's crazy!

mike t.

Yo Baron, if you're there, please join the C's if you want to win a championship.

You gettin' old dude and Starlet Kobeef dosn't care about winning unless it starts with Scoring Championship or the MVP.

Ray Allen welcomes you.

Paul "Finals MVP" Pierce welcomes you.

Kevin "Anything's Possible" Garnett welcomes you.

Doc "I Outcoachec Phil Jackson" Rivers welcomes you.

Sam "I Look Like an Alien" Casell welcomes you.

Most importanly,

Let's Go C's welcomes yous.


LadyTom: Your anal-sis SUCKS Shaq's fat azz. Period!

You Faker Fans are such a funny, funny bunch of whinny Ladies who need to be pampered 24/7/365.

The last Laker hero is Shaq "Kobe can't do without me" O'neal and you fooooools talk down to a hall of fame center like he's some kind of trash.


Can't wait until Kobeef joins the C's to win a title. Kob can ride The Big Three's back or be part of the Celtic Bench Mob to win a title as The Ultimate Robin.

Shaq o'neal called out Kobe: "Kobe can't do without me" Big-O-Smile. "Kobe can't do without me" hahahahah


Then LadyTom will be saying, "yo, yo, yo, Kob is selfish like a punk"


Yo Banner man, I was the one chanting:

"Where is Kobe" during hte 40-point BLOWOUT


"You're not Jordan" during the Historic 24-point comeback.


What would it be like, if Lakers traded Gasol for Brand? Would Lakers do it? Would Clippers do it?

Is there some kind of SF masterplan afoot that I'm unaware of? I've been advocating bringing in a backup banger at the 4 but it doesn't seem to be getting any traction with bloggers. Instead, all I've heard are pleas to sign Artest (granted he's not opting out now), Posey and Pietrus - all small forwards. Now by my reckoning, we've already got Lamar, who is supposed to be moving to the 3, Vlad, Trevor and Luke (our current small forwards in residence) and of course Kobe who logs a fair share of time there. I dunno, maybe you're all on to something though. Who needs all those other positions anyway? Let's not bring back Ronny - we'll use the open slot for someone in the 6'6" - 6'8" range... Hmmmm.... we should probably bring back Sasha cause he's got swingman/3 potential. Sun Yue's probably got future SF potential too... and since he's ALREADY a PG, we could use Fish, Farmar and Mihm to trade for Boris Diaw (rumors have him on the outs with the Suns and the salaries would match). Now, we just have to figure out what to to with Bynum and Pau. Trade for Melo and Najera?? Numbers work. One of the things that keeps bothering me though is L.O. - he's just too danged tall and I don't know that he'll ever really make the transition to pure SF-staus... somebody proposed trading him for Richard Jefferson earlier and I'd be down for that.

The whole thing still needs some fine tuning. .. and after all, it was the Ron-ron talk that really got me thinking. Sacramento must be getting tired of his pesky ways - think they'd trade him for Vlad, Turief (sign and trade), Crawford and a future draft pick???

Melo, Pietrus
Artest, Najera
Diaw, Trevor, Walton
Kobe, Sasha
Jefferson, Sun Yue... and Coby Karl!

Mike T. I could have sworn that on Lakers defense Perkins was being guarded by Lamar not Gasol. Gasol was mostly guarding Garnett. Or maybe I was watching another game? Oh and welcome back.

let's go C's

while you think about this past yr..and the celts..

think about the pats...18 and 1....thats right AND 1...

the biggest choke job of all time....

pop that superbowl win-err--lose in your dumba**

It has been 2 hrs. passed since Mitch called our two players, to this time we never got a clue what was the offer? Apparently, it appears Turiaf and Sasha will wait for the offers in the open market. I'm only guessing it could be low ball not as rosy as the Walton deal or else there could have been feedback by now on players boasting that they would like to be Lakers for life. I heard that cliche' for the last 25 years, they want to remain with the franchise provided their agents agree with the offers. It's all about marketing and self interest which is normal to the team and to the ball player.

Any inside information on what transpired? By now, the Lakers blog should have planted mole inside the F/O office. How about penetrating sole of Kupchak or sending them a pizza with microchip listening devices. haha!

Hey Ladies, enjoy the following:

"Anything's Possible!"

"We are the Champions of the Wolrld"

KG's livin it up in Malabu.

Now contrast your Starlet:

dave m,

I want some of whatever you are smoking!

lets go C's

show us the superbowl video...
where NY kicked your butts ...and the pats were the biggest losers of all time...

laker fans...

you are awesome..

i a celtic fan...i am the world's biggest idiot


What I saw was Gasol getting pushed out of the lane by the likes of P.J. Brown. Once I saw P.J. screen Gasol and I saw Gasol fall back like he was paper and on the same play I saw Pierce hit the lane off of that P.J. Brown screen on Gasol and Pierce made an easy lay-up. That play was what the Celtics did all series long. It didn't matter who was on Gasol because he's that weak.

I saw Perkins guarding Gasol and keeping him from the basket. And Perkins didn't need to guard Gasol to push him out of the lane. All Perkins needed to do was just plant himself near the lane when the action was taking place to clog the lane. No matter what you say: The Lakers offense was shut down because of Perkins, P.J. Brown and Garnett.

mike t.


The last time you all won a chamionship, your Starlet was bickering with the Star. You "true" fans do nothing but talk smack abou the person most responsible for your last three championships.

Shaq "Kobe can't do without me" O'neal.

Now, what's not to luv aoubt listing your wolfs eat each other up. That's why, you alll fakers.



You might be right about the SF master plan. If so, we’re looking good. We’ve already got five guys who can play the position not counting Sun Yue and Joe Crawford who could log some time at small forward, too, giving us a potential of 7 total. LOL.

If we just kept Drew and got rid of the guys who couldn’t play small forward, then we’d have a team like our current Olympics team: One center and a bunch of interchangeable same-size guys who can play anywhere. Wait a minute, isn’t that also the Warriors?

One of Phil’s fascinations with the Triangle has always been to have 5 guys that can be completely interchangeable. Well, maybe Drew and 4 guys who are interchangeable. The dream when LeBron was drafted was a center and 4 LeBrons as the perfect team.

Ironically, Phil may get something pretty close to 5 interchangeable guys. Down the road, we might see a Lakers line up of Drew, Kobe, Lamar, Pau, and Sun Yue – with the shortest player being Kobe at 6-6 and every other player over 6-9 tall with long arms.

Wow. Maybe Sasha’s phone was really busy. Can’t believe there is NO news.


What's up Lakerville!
Just got the news that Baron Davis opted out. Surprise, surprise! BD is real talented and all but I don't think he fits the Lakers. He's great drving to the basket but you're gonna hate him the minute he starts chucking up those 3's. His FG% and 3P% are not that great and he's injury-prone. Compare his stats to Fish who's great in the triangle. There has also been talk about getting Pietrus. He's a good (not great) defender (sometimes) and real athletic but he's more of a space cadet than VladRad. Rumor has it that he doesn't have a firm grasp of the English language and it would drive Nelly nuts cuz he doesn't understand what's being said in the huddle sometimes. I live in the Bay Area and watching the Warriors would drive me nuts with their propensity for making wrong decisions during the course of a game. Trust me... you don't want any of those players.

Robyn - oops, in my enthusiasm I forgot to include Posey. Revised roster as follows:

Melo, Pietrus
Artest, Posey, Najera
Diaw, Trevor, Walton
Kobe, Sasha
Jefferson, Sun Yue... and Coby Karl!

Of course, looking down the line, the pot of gold would include Lebron. All in good time.

dave m,
what are you smoking man?

by Mark Murphy for the Boston Herald

“The Celtics forward reportedly is looking for a midlevel deal that starts at approximately $5.8 million and carries over 4-5 years. The C’s split their midlevel exception last season between Posey and guard Eddie House. The NBA champions may be reluctant to spend the full amount on one player this time, especially if the exception extends into a long-term deal.”

“A league source said yesterday the valuable swingman’s dance card will be top-heavy with contenders that appreciate more than ever the intangible ways Posey can contributes to a championship team. Posey now lists two NBA titles on his resume, after helping the Celtics to a championship last month and the Miami Heat to the 2006 crown.”

“Posey’s hometown Cleveland Cavaliers are said to be putting together an offer, in addition to the Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Hornets, LOS ANGELES LAKERS and Houston Rockets. New Jersey, which came close to signing Posey last summer before he was talked into going with the Celtics, also may revisit the situation, though like most teams the Nets are carving out cap space for 2010, when big names like LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade could hit the free agent market.’


Let's go C's.......
You are the most immature, stupid, get a life poster I have ever read. If you don't have something of value to add to this blog, then don't waste the space! Your incessant posts break up the flow and get in the way of good reading. Doesn't Boston have a blog that you can put your gibberish in? Maybe you can't read or maybe the finer points of the game are too much for your underdeveloped brain to handle, but the steady bloggers here are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about...and for now it's basketball and the Lakers and what possibilities are out there for us. But I doubt you have anything worth adding, so instead of engaging in constructive dialogue with your green weinie fans, you actually take the time to put your crap on this blog. Sorry to tell you this pal, but you are the true definition of a loser. Do yourself a favor and stop embarrasing yourself.
Good night!

Let's Go C's -

shut up idiot.

by Broderick Turner for


As I said earlier, the Lakers will sign Andrew to a max extension – $80M over 5 years. Probably won’t happen until training camp just to make sure but the Lakers and Bynum’s agent have basically agreed that the injury is not career threatening and should not keep the team and player from reaching an agreement. Drew does want to be a Laker. There should be no question or hesitation from the Lakers camp. Sign the Beast. Here are the key parts of the article thanks to Broderick


While the Lakers were making an announcement about their intentions to keep restricted free agents Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf, Andrew Bynum's agent announced his client's intentions.

Bynum can get a contract extension this summer from the Lakers. When his agent was told that Bynum suggested he would be willing to take less than the maximum of five years, $80 million, David Lee said they would be seeking the maximum.

"He was talking as a 20-year-old," Lee said in a telephone interview Monday. "He had not consulted with his representatives. I think the Lakers know how we feel about this."

The Lakers extended qualifying offers to Vujacic and Turiaf on Monday, which allows the team to establish a right of first refusal.

If Vujacic, whose offer was for about $2.6 million, and Turiaf, whose offer was for about $1.3 million, sign an offer sheet with another team, the Lakers can match the offer and retain them.

Both Vujacic and Turiaf are seeking long-term deals and hope their agents can come to an agreement with the Lakers.

The free-agent shopping period started at 9:01 p.m. Monday; players can't sign contracts until July 9. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said recently he would begin negotiations Monday night.

The Lakers could have a potential dilemma with Bynum.

He missed the final 46 regular-season games after he suffered a knee injury. He had arthroscopic surgery May 21 to remove some cartilage debris and smoothing some rough spots on the underside of the knee.

Bynum, a 7-foot, 285-pound center, has said he should be ready to start training by the second or third week of July.

"The ball is in their court," Lee said. "They've got a decision to make. The question is whether they believe in him the way I believe in him. It's their decision to make if they want him there for the future."

Bynum averaged career highs in points (13.1) and rebounds (10.2) last season. But he has played in just 163 games in three seasons.

"I don't think the Lakers have anything to worry about with Andrew's physical condition," Lee said. "The only thing is he wants to stay in the purple and gold. It's in their court."


espn is hyping the possibility of Baron Davis to the Clippers.

And it's a somewhat feasible scenario.

Both Maggette and Brand opted out, which means that if the
Clippers waive Shaun Livingston, they would have a total
of less than 35 million.

Assuming a salary cap of about 59 million, that would give them
24 million to split between Davis and Brand. I'm assuming
in this scenario that they let Maggette walk to any team that's
willing to pay him.

If Davis and Brand would each accept a multi-year contract
starting in the neighborhood of 10 million, that would leave
the clips 4 to 5 million for one more free agent. Note that
if you spend cap space, you don't get exceptions like
the MLE, so anything over 59 million (or whatever the cap
is) would have to be minimum salaries.

But they have a few other decent players under contract.
Consider this core Clipper squad:

C - Chris Kaman
PF - Elton Brand
SF - Al Thornton
SG - Cuttino Mobley
PG - Baron Davis

Tim Thomas
Brevin Knight
Nick Fazekas
Josh Powell
Paul Davis
Eric Gordon
DeAndre Jordan
Plus one 3-4 million dollar free agent (James Jones?
Mikael Pietrus? Kwame "calves" Brown?)

Not a bad start.

Troll Man,

I'm sure you would love to repeat your comments up front and personal to Mr. Bryant. Nothing but KNEES for you darling when it does happen (I'm sorry Kobe! Please don't dunk on and school me! I can't stand the humiliation as a grown up sheman facing a proven man with 3 rings and an MVP to boot! I beg of you on bended knees! NOOOOO......) OhOh! What's the matter dudette? Do you feel like your prized pair of PELLETS are going to drop to the ground along with that TOOTHPICK? A SHRINKAGE indeed. BTW, I loved Kobe's reaction to Shaq's tidbit as a person, professional, teammate, husband, and father. Maturity prevails as will Kobe.

Heavens! You seem carry a big but yet very small paper sword with a sense of ignorance when you post on the Lakers fan blog. Looks like you have Let's go C's! Butler! disease. Uncurable and meaningless! Isn't global warming bad enough for you already? Move along little doggie, move along!

True Laker fans stick together.

Laker pride through adversity baby!

p.s. - to those asking why there hasn't been a response on the part of Sasha and Turief.... the offer to Sasha was the original qualifying number that's been part of his salary structure all along - $2,605,559. As for Turief, the $1,000,000 is really quite modest. I wouldn't expect reps for either to be snapping up these offers... they'll wait and see if they get some play from other teams.

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