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A nice article about Coby Karl

As most of you know, Coby Karl overcame cancer twice before making it to the Lakers. That victory is one he shares with his dad, who also beat the disease.  Chris Tomasson of the Rocky Mountain News wrote a touching profile of their battle. It includes words of praise for the rook from Derek Fisher, who certainly knows how this situation can affect a family.


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Let's go L's!,

“In reference to Chris Mihm, can he flourish as our season long backup center considering that his surgically repaired ankle is still a question mark? Is he TRULY going to be the backup center we can count on to spell Bynum without losing too much defensively in terms of presence?”

The key issue with Chris Mihm will be whether or not he really gets back his hops, which were really pretty damn good, especially for a white center, who are traditionally slow plodding rebounding type guys. The reason why I think there is good reason to be very optimistic is that Chris finally feels he is getting his explosiveness back. Like AK noted, if Chris could come back to the level he was playing before he was injured, he would be the best backup center in the league.

I have to agree with you about the thinness at center, although having Pau who can play the position too gives us some depth, but only at the cost of our depth at power forward, which is why Lamar is such a critical player on the team. Even if Chris comes back, I would like to see us get rid of one of small forwards and add either a true power forward or center, maybe even Mbenga if we cannot get Artest or Posey, who would help though both are really small forwards although tough defenders.


“One aspect of overall team improvement I haven't seen and read much about from our fellow Laker fan bloggers is the talent the Lakers have in the D-League.”

Unfortunately, none of the players on the Lakers D-League team belong exclusively to the Lakers. The NBA still does not allow teams to control more than the 15 players on their roster and the rights they own to any overseas players they have drafted. The only possible advantage right now the way the D-League is setup is for the Lakers to have their D-League team run the Triangle Offense so if they send 1 or 2 of their 15 players down to the D-League team, they will be running the same system as the parent team. Hopefully, when the next CBA is negotiated in 2011, the league will allow teams to have more young players under contract and a true minor league system for their players.



“I find Karl and Mbenga have upsides that could help the Lakers. It is unfortunate that you have low ratings on these players who have not played enough minutes under PJ style of coaching. In the short minutes, I saw Karl, he was a good defender, shooter, passer the ingredients needed in young players. He just have to be on the floor longer to establish his rhythm, learn the moves of his teammates as they also get used to him. With regards to Mbenga, you placed your bets on Mihm instead. You haven't seen what Mihm can do in the next season. He has been injured for two seasons and in the Finals. As of this time, Mihm and Walton are odd players of the Lakers with diminishing returns in terms of talents and defensive energy. Will they continue to be liabilities, I hope not. Have we not learned anything from our loss in the Finals? If you're banking on Andrew, Pau, Kobe and Lamar to dominate next season, they should be surrounded with productive players in the bench who can shoot and rebound with confidence and maintain the lead rather lose it. I hope Mihm will improve by preseason.”

I actually like both Mbenga and Karl and appreciate and respect what they have both endured to make it to the NBA but I don’t see how we can keep the two of them. We now have 10 players under contract for next year. By the time we re-sign Sasha and Ronny and sign Crawford and Yue, all of which we play to do, there will only be one slot left, which could end up being a free agent signed with our MLE or perhaps Mbenga but I cannot see any way in which we ended up with both Mbenga and Karl, unless Crawford is a bust or Sun Yue doesn’t want to come to the NBA. It’s just the numbers, Edwin. It’s not that a have a “low rating on these players.”

As for Chris Mihm, who knows for sure whether he will pan out next year. The last two years have been total losses for Chris. But he has a player option that he exercised so he is on the team for sure. He also says he expects to be all the way back by training camp. If he really can get back, he would be a great addition to the team and far more valuable than Mbenga as a backup center. Though the Lakers had no choice, I would still say that there was more to gain by keeping Mihm than Mbenga or Karl. But that’s just my take.

Good to have someone to blog with, Edwin. Hopefully, the trolls will get bored.


Lets go c's.......Is there any chance of getting an xray of your brain?, because i am trying to build an idiot and going by the way you post you seem like the only logical fit.


Inspiring article about Coby Karl. I have just been exchanging posts with Edwin as it looks to me as if Coby’s stint with the Lakers will likely be over since we already have 10 players under contract not counting Sasha and Ronny or Joe Crawford or Sun Yue, which would bring the roster total to 14, with Mitch stating that he would like to keep 1 roster spot open for a veteran player, maybe Artest or Posey signed as a free agent. What do you think? Is Coby Karl done being a Laker?

Which brings to mind the issue that it would be great to see the next CBA allow teams to stock D-League teams with players under contract. It seems like the next logical step to develop a minor league system where players can invest in young talent and control their contracts. For teams like the Lakers who run a unique offense, such an arrangement would be great and would enable us to keep young talent like Coby Karl or JR Pinnock.

The other thing that needs to be fixed in the next CBA is some modification so that teams are not always over the cap and so that free agents would really have the opportunity to get more than just the MLE each team has. Other than that, you have to love what the NBA and its players have created contract-wise. The rookie salary schedule and the ability for teams to offer more years and more money to re-sign their own free agents are features that even the NFL is envious of and are hoping to incorporate in their future.


Coby Karl? Who? Hey nice guy and all but... This Joe Crawford is interesting, I'm not saying he's going to walk on next year and force his way into the rotation or... maybe he could? for say 10 minutes/game? The more I find out about him, the more he looks like he could fill in as a defensive assignment on the better guards like Deron Williams, Chris Paul, etc.

How funny that team "Nike" doesn't have a Center now... I'm telling you, Kwame Brown would hop on the 1st plane out there...

Laker Tom,

I wouldn't make the conclusion that (perceived) ethnicity has anything to do with if a person has a superlative ability to jump.

I do, however, agree with you assessment that Chris Mihm will be a supremely valuable piece of the puzzle if his explosiveness returns. If it does, I don't foresee much of an offensive drop-off from Socks' breakout year. Chris can finish strong, has a pretty decent left hand around the rim, and was pretty good on the pick and roll.

I expect his defensive prowess to show improvement if he plays an entire season and if he really takes to heart that he can't block every shot. Granted, these are two large 'ifs', but I'll take the healthy season if I am limited to one of the two choices.

I am not too sure if Sun Yue will be playing for the Lakers this upcoming season. Actually, I don't really know much about that at all - are there contractual issues that need to be overcome? Does anyone have any sort of video where I can watch him play for an extended amount of time?

Here's a Joe Crawford article written before the draft:

Thanks LakerTom for your reply, I know you have something in store for Karl and Mbenga given vacancies.. I have a feeling only one will be signed on our free agents, it is either Ronny or Sasha, one of them will leave for a better contract. I could also see Mitch looking for the right time to strike a deal that will send Vlad or Luke to another team, these are just gut feelings.

I was just thinking aloud that there should be a variation in the triangle to aloow a good shooter have a double screen just like the Celtic set up for Ray Allen. This is the type of offense where Sasha and Vlad will flourish, rather than catch and shoot which does not extablish their stand and also rhythmn. PJ's offense is becoming too predictable especially now when Pau becomes stymied with his offense, his vulnerabilities were exposed during the Finals. The reason I groom for Mbenga, we need a power forward or C who will take the fouls instead of Drew. With the success of Celtics storming the paint, other teams will try that offense against the Lakers, If Mihm improves why not, he is a keeper. Remember in '06 Tom, we kept on defending Mihm and Odom from being traded. I just wish they will turn around next season.

Laker Tom,

"it looks to me as if Coby’s stint with the Lakers will likely be over since we already have 10 players under contract not counting Sasha and Ronny or Joe Crawford or Sun Yue, which would bring the roster total to 14, with Mitch stating that he would like to keep 1 roster spot open for a veteran player, maybe Artest or Posey signed as a free agent. What do you think? Is Coby Karl done being a Laker?"

I'd say Coby Karl is about 50-50, maybe a little less. They obviously like him and he's gonna be on their SPL roster. But he's also sort of on the fringe, but not really for the reasons you mentioned (in my opinion). I'm not counting Joe Crawford as a roster spot until I literally see him on it (and maybe not even then. haha). If I had to bet, my money is on him not making the team. As for Sun Yue, I'm also not convinced he'll be around next season, despite Kupchak's recent words. It's not out of the question, obviously, but it's not a lock, either.



Good points. Crawford might not be a better shooting guard prospect than Karl, who I actually think has excellent potential. And with Sun Yue, you also have to factor in the Chinese government and whether they are ready to let Sun play in the NBA.

The reason I think Crawford and Yue would be on the roster this year is that the Lakers have done an excellent job judging talent in the second round, as evidenced by Luke and Ronny and their pick last year of Marc Gasol, who was a key piece to the Pau trade and will be playing for Memphis next year. Watching Sun Yue, I can see a lot of potential for another Lamar Odom type player who will be very difficult for other teams to match up against playing point guard at 6-8. He could be the perfect point guard for the Triangle.

I know less about Crawford but as a second round pick that the Lakers projected to be taken 15 to 20 spots earlier would give him a better pedigree than Karl, who was an undrafted free agent. Anyway, that’s why I penciled them into the 15 man roster. As for
Sasha and Ronny, we cannot afford NOT to sign both guys. We need Sasha’s outside shooting and would be rail thin at power forward without Ronny.

Bottom line, I predict our roster will be the 10 current under contract plus Sasha, Ronny, Crawford, and Yue. Anyway, a little Lakers is better than none. Thanks for responding. I thought your report cards were generally spot on, though I could easily argue about the +’s and –‘s like John. LOL. For some reason, I just cannot get excited about the Yanks and baseball yet. Maybe Joba needs to toss a no-hitter or something.


Keep Coby Karl at all costs

He will be a better version of John Paxon and Steve Kerr

Guy can shoot, pass and dribble. And he can jump.

That was a really nice article on Coby Karl.

I, for one, would really like to see him back again next year.


I bthink Coby Karl should be kept. Again this year with FA's Ronny and Sasha to sign, it is best to let Sun Yue develop another year in China and let J. Crawford play overseas a year or two. That way our team can stay vietually intact except for the addition of a healthy AB and TA.

Then next year we still don't have #1 pick so we can send for Sun Yue and Crawford.



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