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It'll soon become official

May 6, 2008 |  9:03 am

Podoloff_trophy "It" being Kobe's ownership of the MVP trophy, which will be formally pronounced his at a hotel press conference this afternoon.  To put this in reality TV speak, Kobe's "journey" to this point has been quite the ride, even within the context of just 2007-2008.  But here we are, with Kobe being recognized for being essentially impossible to guard, as his teammates can knowledgeably attest.  Those same teammates are also bearing the fruit of Kobe's play this season, specifically the confidence he's created in them by allowing them a little more leeway.  But all heralding aside (and warranted), don't expect Kobe to get caught up in hoopla and lose his playoff focus.  He, along with the entire roster, remain aware of the tasks still at hand, like getting their hands on more loose balls.  The lion's share of step up will have to come from Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol, but a group effort will be needed for the Lakers to iron out a rebounding margin leaving them shortchanged.  Rebounding is often a matter of tussle willingness, but whether or not a lack thereof is causing the glass eating woes, matching Utah's physicality is also being labeled a must for game two.  The Lakers spent much of the game pushed around in victorious fashion, if that makes sense.  The Jazz to-do list is topped by a mission to keep the Mamba from kicking it so often at the line, which will require a team-wide improvement on the defensive end.  That would include the man called D-Will.

The Hornets are not only making the Spurs look like a team in trouble, but an old team in trouble.

Chicago, Chicago.  That toddlin' (and D'Antoni-in'?) town.

Not sure exactly who's overlooking Tony Parker when it comes to listing top- flight point guards, but apparently, we should stop.