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I was wrong about "blank"

With a Laker regular season now completely (and triumphantly) in the books, I can't help but think about how crazy these 82 game's worth of October-April have been.  Kicking off with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over a superstar's unbridled desire to elsewhere and the quality of the team he's stuck playing with, pegged by most to win between 44-48 games and finish anywhere from 7th to 10th place after little upgrading in the offseason.  Concluding with a 57-25 best in the West record and talk as a legit candidate to make the finals.  If the Laker season has accomplished anything, it proved one of the oldest cliches in sports: "That's why you play the games."

I could have also gone with the tried and true, "You don't play games on paper." I, however, firmly maintain that technology will one day allow us to actually play the matches on parchment and therefore don't subscribe to that saying.

In any event, this season has been one where much predicted by sports' talking heads went straight down the ol' porcelain.  I've heard many a fan talk about how when "the media" (because, you know, the entire industry is one person) gets something wrong, they never admit it.  As BK and I have reminded many times, we're not "the media," just two dudes with a media outlet blog.  But that doesn't mean I can't buck the "can't man up" trend among my fellow journalists.  Therefore, I've dedicated an entire post to bricked statements made in regards to the 2007-2008 Laker season.  Without further adieu...

I WAS WRONG WHEN... I said the Lakers would need to trade Kobe Bryant   Kobebryantbulls 
In fairness, my opinion that The Mamba would require relocation was based entirely on a notion backed 100% by the player in question.  The basic idea being that this Laker squad wouldn't be good in ASAP-enough time to satisfy Bryant's wishes, meaning the season would evolve into 82 games worth of eggshell walking and the brass finally realizing that a deal, however unpalatable, was inevitable.  This wasn't me "wanting" to trade Kobe, but thinking the situation would demand it.  But then came the fortuitous sucker punch that nobody, including Bryant, ever predicted, prompting The Mamba to evaluate his franchise as possessing all the pieces necessary.  Bully for Kobe, the Lakers and Lakers fans alike. 

I WAS WRONG WHEN... I felt Kobe wouldn't be emotionally invested enough to lead this team.
Clarifying note: This wasn't me predicting Kobe would either hold out (an occurrence I considered less likely than Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph meshing) or phone in the season (not a guy wired with such 24/7 competitiveness).  What I'm talking about was Kobe competing hard, but flipping the "detached" switch the minute games ended (because of issues cited above), which would prevent him serving as a true leader.  Whether citing a Media Day where he exhibited the enthusiasm of a patient awaiting a proctology exam or a preseason treated with obvious disinterest, I figured Kobe's regular season would operate on a very high level of autopilot.  Then came Phil Jackson calling him out.  Then came Kobe turning it on in convincing fashion from the regular season opening bell, well before Andrew Bynum truly came into his own (much less Pau Gasol's arrival).  I don't know for sure why the 180 degree sea change happened, but to some degree, it doesn't really matter.  Whatever the spark, Kobe deserves credit for handling this aspect of the situation with total professionalism. 

I WAS WRONG WHEN... I predicted that Derek Fisher would help this team more in the locker room than on the court.      070720_fisherinterior
I never doubted the Threepeat Club member would be an upgrade over a certain Mr. Sunshine when it came to point guards providing a voice of calm, respect-laden reason.  In my time covering sports, I've encountered few athletes with a vibe of instant credibility matching Fisher's.  Whether interacting with teammates or the media, he can always be counted on for introspective viewpoints and straightforward honesty.  Along those truth telling lines, I also pegged Fish as considerably better suited for a backup role and wasn't terribly confident about the 33-year old's prospects playing 27-30 mpg, especially coming off his worse season as a starter.  As it turns out, he's done a more than capable job, offering 11 ppg, heady decisions on the floor and, if not quite lockdown D, continual effort on that side of the ball.  When you compare his season to Smush Parker's by the numbers alone, they're actually strikingly identical.  From there, it's all strikingly different.

I WAS WRONG WHEN... I figured the Laker bench would remain as inconsistent in 2008 as 2007.
Whether Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum, Sasha Vujacic, Luke Walton, Vlad Radmanovic or Ronny Turiaf (who began the season slated to start the four but injuries forced him to play backup center), not a single pine dude who'd put together anything resembling a consistent season in Laker Land.  Between the inexperience on hand or some reasonably well established track record of erratic performances, I figured another season of second unit shakiness was on the horizon. In no time flat, they jelled into "The Bench Mob," among the NBA's best.  This transformation was due in large part to the drastic improvement of Jordan Farmar (who chose gym ratting over pouting when Fish was signed and Javaris Crittenton was drafted) and Bynum.  The pair formed a legit inside-outside threat that allowed the others more room to operate and succeed.  In particular, one constant flourished to such a high degree that he merited separate mention...      

I WAS WRONG WHEN... I doubted Sasha Vujacic was talented enough to contribute at the NBA level.
As Lakersblog readers who've been around from the start are well aware, I've always rooted for Sasha to put together a solid season, since he's a nice kid who busts his ass.  As these same readers are also well aware, I've never been terribly confident that season would actually happen, but happily awaited the need to admit I was wrong.  And here we are.  Sasha's gone from a player I rarely wanted player I rarely wanted on the floor during minutes of moderate importance to among the more steady Lakers with a  game in the balance.  Maybe it was the new hippie locks, being labeled a "Machine" or finally learning to play under control on either side of the ball (I'm voting for the third option), but whatever the impetus, Vujacic is finally garnering mention from the K Brothers for more than his foul-protesting physicality.  Thankfully, "The Face" hasn't actually abandoned the "elbows in/palms out/look of disbelief," because what would be the fun in that?

I WAS (BASICALLY) WRONG WHEN... I told reader "John Michael" in May '07 his Kwame/LO/Evans (expiring contract) for Gasol/Mike Miller was too one-sided in the Lakers' favor to happen.
Technically speaking, I was correct.  But considering Kwame/The Critter/Stuff Mitch Kupchak found at a garage sale for Gasol is essentially the above proposal minus a "name" on either side, I hardly came out of the statement looking like my finger was on Griz GM Chris Wallace's pulse.
Having just scrambled all the egg on my face into a humble pie omelet, I thought I deserved to at least bring up A FEW ITEMS I DID INDEED CALL CORRECTLY.

Andrew Bynum would become a high caliber center. (For the sake of extreme accuracy, I didn't see it happening for another season or so, but I never doubted it would eventually happen).

That trading Bynum/LO for JO or Bynum/every big on the roster for Kidd would have been terrible deals.  If we've learned one thing during the last year, it's that Kobe is an all-time great player who'd  make an all-time disastrous GM.  I don't think he's got any immediate desire to switch day jobs, which should allow everyone to breathe easy.

Lamar Odom would be a fantastic asset once the word "second" was no longer attached to his role.  For so long, the Lakers were cramming a square peg into a round hole with Lamar, as opposed to figuring out a way he could play within his comfort zone, which has ironically turned him into an increasingly prolific scorer.  If for no other reason than allowing BK to live his life without hearing me bitch 24/7 about how the Caron Butler deal not only weakened the Lakers, but also LO's effectiveness, Bynum's emergence and Pau's arrival have been multi-faceted positives.

Oh, and if I can add one more to the "futures" section of the right column.  I've been saying for months, whether on the blog, the Purple, Gold and Blue podcasts, or The Steve Mason Show, that Kobe should and will win MVP this year.  I'm still treating this as a correct prognostication waiting to happen.


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I was wrong when I listened to Tex Winter about Andrew saying he didn't have the "fire in his belly". I'd just seen evidence of that in summer league. The safe bet is that a big won't become dominating since so few do. Ya can't know about a player. You can guess with hope in your heart.

Fate played the biggest hand in this. No one in the Laker Org had a clue this would end up this well. Better to be lucky than good but both is best.

Bynum (prior to the injury) was at least a year ahead of where I thought he would be.


Good man. Now if we could get the other 909234324 media members to do just that.

3 Hail Mary's, One visit to the Synagogue, A Moseleum kneel, and a Buddhist Water Fall Meditation, and you will be forgiven...

Not to be offensive to any faith out there.


Can you please ask RIc Bucher to write a similar post to this one addressing


I wish I could write that bigger to give it more emphasis.


That's why we say that God is a Laker Fan!!
All things work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose!!
This is not luck that we are here--it is fate. This is our year. It's our destiny!!

Well AK,

Thanks for leading the way.

I was wrong about Bynum, I didn't think he would be anywhere near as good as he is, regardless of the 1-on-1 tutoring from Kareem.

I was wrong when I thought Mitch Kupchak didn't have any power to do his job as GM and Jerry West should have come back.

I was wrong when I thought the Lakers needed Kevin Garnett and/or Jason Kidd to succeed in the West. But I never wanted to trade LO, I always thought and still think he should be a Laker for Life. I was wrong to want to trade Bynum.

I was right that Kobe was not going to be traded regardless of his requests and inspite of what Dr. Buss said to about looking to give him his wish.

I was right (like you) when I said Kobe was not going to hold out nor was he going to dog it during the season to make a point for the same reason as you stated his competitive nature.

I was right when I said Dr. Buss needed to be more visible in the organization cause Jim had yet to garner the respect of other owners and they all (The Buss family) needed to let Mitch do his job and stop interferring with player personnel decisions.

Like Kobe said, "alls well that ends well!

I was wrong in thinking that Brian Kamenetzky was the one with Hair.

I was wrong in thinking Mbenga had small ears.

I was wrong in thinking Scola and Sasha share the same look.

I was wrong in thinking Jason Kidd's son needs an eyebrow trim.

I was wrong in thinking Vlade could Snow Board.

I was wrong in dating a chick from the U.K. and her Visa was expiring.

I was wrong in not buying that Chocolate Brown Kobe Bryant Jersey at Staples...

nameless blogger,

"I was wrong when I listened to Tex Winter about Andrew saying he didn't have the "fire in his belly".

Well, to your credit, a lot of us thought he was playing with Snicker Bars in his belly...

I am not wrong when I say that the Lakers will win 5 championships in a row, starting this year.


Brilliant post, absolutely golden.

"I was wrong in dating a chick from the U.K. and her Visa was expiring."



It takes a big man to admit when he has been wrong.

Well done.



I was going to write a post like that, but couldn't think of any calls I missed. I mean, I'm pretty sure I picked the Lakers to win 57 games and finish atop the Western Conference, right?


The Bozz,

It was a Year and a Half quandary....


I was wrong when I thought we should trade for Kidd.

I was wrong when I thought we should trade to get Marion.

I was wrong when I thought we should trade Lamar.

I was wrong when I thought there weren't any moves to make (wow was I wrong).

I was wrong when I thought we should trade (gasp!) Kobe (he didn't want to be a Laker, and I hate the thought that my favorite team was going to be lead by a guy that didn't care for them as much as I do On that note... ).

I was wrong when I thought Kobe wouldn't be emotionally invested.

I was wrong recently, about thinking Pau can't play defense. He did a fine job when it counted.

Lastly, I was wrong about where we'd end up....I never thought we'd be #1. No way.

Ahhh....that feels better.


I was nameless briefly. Snickers, perfect. The summer league game I caught, he got dominated by a slow white guy listed at 6'9 who didn't make the Memphis roster! Posterized and blocked numerous times. I love Andrew, and can't wait to see the options with Pau, but we all gotta pay homage to the frivolities of the Injury BUg god... AB is a bad MRI away from a distinguished list of short lived big man careers. Knees are dicey. Tiger just got scoped today.

I was wrong in thinking that Navajo White was close enough to Antique White when I had to make a trip to Home Depot because there wasn't enough paint to finish.


Bully for you. Not many dudes would post an article about how they were wrong about stuff. For the record, I think you and BK are both more than fair when you do happen to be wrong about stuff (which happens to us all).

Personally, I feel vindicated. I bet my uncle at the end of last season that the Lakers would win a chip with Kobe within the next three years, and he took it instantly. This season, I bet him that Kobe would win the MVP and that the Lakers would finish #1 in the West. I can't wait to see him at the parade wearing the shirt that says "I Heart Kobe"... look for us on the coverage; I'll be the one laughing and snapping pictures of him.

I was wrong when I predicted Kobe was a goner.

I was wrong when I doubted that Andrew Bynum would mature this year.

I was wrong when I felt that trading Mo Evans & Brian Cook was a lop-sided trade. I feared the worst...and then he made THAT DUNK during our Christmas Day game against the Funs...

I was wrong called Jim Buss THE REAL CANCER. I actually confessed that one shortly after Drew's injury. A few days later, we trade for Pau Gasol. Coincidence?


I was wrong for chasing Mamba 24 down with my Mama's belt all those times he tried to leave Lakers Blog...

...I should have chased him with a baseball bat instead!

I know this piece was written by AK, but I think you should admit your mistakes too. Here’s an example even though I’m 105% sure that you won’t remember but whatever… OK, so here’s the deal: In November, second game of the season, the Lakers pummeled the Suns in Phoenix by 21 points in a game they had led by 33 points and I wrote the following on the blog as a result:
So the Lakers absolutely destroy the Suns on the road without Lamar, and they're still gonna be better than the Lakers?
I really see the Suns dropping this year. Their big chance came last year. Steve Nash is gonna return to his mediocre level of play like when he played for the Mavs. Because, let's be serious, Nash has never been a great player. He's only benefited for a great system and a nice supporting cast. How did the Mavs do when both he and Nowitzki played togother? Not great, never got to the Finals. And now they both get MVP's? Isn't there something terribly wrong when Kobe, Kidd, Lebron, Shaq, and KG combined have less MVP's than Nowitzki and Nash?”
It turns out I was right, because the Lakers ended up with the first seed in the Western Conference and the Suns could still go as low as the fifth seed. I was judging the game of what I had seen, an energized and effective bench, a distributor in Kobe, leadership from Fisher, and an improved Bynum, (even though he had not shown all of what we saw later throughout the season). Oh, as I had mentioned, Lamar (who at the time was our second best player) did not play that game. On the other side I saw the Suns as a team with an aging star, not much depth bench, playing in the shadow of their past, albeit relative, success. I’ll be the first to admit that at the beginning of the season I had lost a lot of confidence every part of the Lakers, the management, Kobe and the rest of the players. I think that two people I most respected were Fisher and Turiaf. But ever since the second game of the season, I knew that this team could be pretty successful (maybe not 57 wins, but no one really expected that). As a side note, when Kobe wins the MVP this season, the five players I mentioned will be tied in terms of MVP’s with Nowitzki and Nash.
You responded by writing this:
“laker hopeful-
AK wrote the preview, but yeah, the Suns will be better than the Lakers, assuming they stay healthy (as I mentioned int he comments, they don't have a lot of depth). It's an 82 game season, not a two game season, and Phoenix is a more talented team.
And as for Nash not being a great player, you're just wrong. He is. You can always argue that someone else should be MVP in a given year, but to argue that Nash isn't really that good isn't even close to accurate.
Well, it turns out you were wrong but, hey, no one is infallible. The Suns stayed healthy, other than about ten games missed by Grant Hill. The Lakers on the hand have been plagued by injuries and have still been able to surpass the Suns. The Gasol deal helps but if Bynum had not gotten injured and sustained his level of play, it would have been as if Gasol was playing. Therefore the roster at the beginning of the season with just Bynum, rather than Gasol and Bynum, was still better than the Suns’ roster. That means you were wrong. I know it sounds like I’m rubbing it in your face, but I’m sure you won’t care especially with the Lakers having won the Western Conference. Oh, and I still think Nash is just an above-average player, but that’s a debate for another day.

Brian Kamenetzky,

Yeah... And remember your prediction for Lamar to wear a Purple Velvet-Velour suit?


I think you were wrong about Phoenix trading for Shaq.

I think they are a better team for the playoffs. I also feel you underestimated a motivated, healthy, Shaq.

I sure hope they lose though!

Lakers and Suns in the playoffs will be the biggest TV ratings jump in years.

I was wrong when I predicted the Lakers to lose so many games. Now they're the #1 seed in the west.

Oh well! I predict the Lakers not to make it to the second round, conference finals, NBA finals or even win the Championship.

Let's see if things turn out the same.

I was wrong to say BK wasn't a good writer last year.

I was wrong to have a total freakout on the blog this year.

I was wrong to needlessly insult Rick Friedman on the blog this year.

I was wrong to thing that DJ "The Banger" Mbenga wouldn't benefit the team.

I was wrong to celebrate when Michael Teniente immediately left this blog.

I was wrong to think that the Lakers wouldn't get above a fifth seed this year.

I was wrong to think that a major trade wouldn't happen this year.

I was wrong to think that the Mighty Mo Evans and Brian Cook trade for Trevor Ariza wasn't a good move.

I was wrong to move to Cleveland, Ohio.

I was wrong to not have shared a Bio-Chrono reading for Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, Coby Karl, and The Banger Mbenga.

I was wrong not to get on a jet and fly down to El Segundo, hog-tie Gary Vitti, and then give Bynum, Ariza, Mihm, and Gasol each their own high-grade bottle of Dit Da Jow.



haha, eggshell white got me once. BTW:

Props on the Yosemite Sam ref. last post. A personal fav. He could play Cuban in the movie.

Had the pleasure of working with Mel Blanc once. Conversing with Porky, Yosemite, Barney Rubble, Pepe Le Pue, Bugs, Sylvester and others was, well, animated.

I hate RIc Bucher. Especially his hairdo. What a pompous chode that guy is.

I was wrong about...nothing.

I had no expectations, no predictions.

Just rode the wave. What a ride it's been.








Don't feel bad AK. only Mamba24 is always right. If you don't believe me, go back and check his breakout lists posted last October. He was on the Sasha, LO, and Bynum lists as well as the 55 win list.



Nice. BTW, I already said my "I was wrong"s.

Go Lakers!
Go Kobe!

BTW, does *it* feel good or what? 1st seed heading into
the playoffs. WOW! Been grinnin' like a fool all day long.

The Artist formerly known as "Nameless Briefly",

Thanks for your reply. I really didn't expect Bynum to crash the gates like he did. Our wins before Bynum went down were such head scratchers... None of the teams knew what to do. I was rendered "Quietly at Awe."

AB's finishes were both sophisticated and powerful. His rebounds were of a gargantuan effect. Reaching on top of people and avoiding the over the back fouls. His footwork was almost in parallel to Hakeem's placement. The chiseled body show determination and dedication.

Man was I wrong.


Nice job. I didn't think you had it in you.
"In a (Laker) season full of the improbable, the impossible has happened".
Now if you finally admit that you are (were?) a Kobe hater, than you will have completed Step 12. :}

LOL....I nominate your post for post of the day.

This morning I went to Van Nuys with my LAKERS FLAG (I have the gold with white trimmings from '02 wars. I have preserved it in the garage at a well ventilated place and in dark shelves so the color would not tarnish.) To my surprise this afternoon, I have traveled more than 50 miles from San Gabriel Valley to S. Fernando Valley and LA downtown here in Vermont, you know I have not come across a single a LAKER FLAG. Where are the so called Laker fans in LA? I was the lone nut out there. lol!

Utzworld, where are the Laker Flags?

Since last night, we have been inundated here with dynasty projections, alignment of the stars....a lot of OMG's...again reminder, lets walk the walk, what we talk to talk, display those laker paraphernalias first, so that the Lakers move on from the No. 1 seed would cross the 1st round hump, 2nd round, 3rd round. Are we all waiting for the Conference Finals before we BELIEVE that this is real? I am only referring to the No. 1 seed, not Championship, not dynasty because those C or D have to be earned with great defense, not discussed at the beginning of the playoffs. Like what Kobe said: any of the teams in the West will be tough and it will not be a piece of cake. (This is like playing golf wherein you're counting on birdie, wrote it down on your card coz it was only on a three feet putt downhill but later on, made a double bogey for you were missing the hole.) So fellow fans, let's be realistic with our projections but show loyalty by committing to the Lakers display NOW.

I was wrong about not joining the 55 win bandwagon..Although I was factoring injuries, and we got lucky with that Gasol trade!

I won't join the 2008 NBA championship bandwagon because I honestly think we have no chance against Boston and a slim chance against Detroit. If someone else makes it to the finals, then maybe!

If we had Bynum, then I would say "YES"

I was wrong about Lamar Odom..In fact I honestly feel he can be a #2 option now..You guys are forgetting that he went all year injury free for like the first time in 3 years.

We are seeing the real Lamar Odom with the swagger back..I think he would be scoring more too with or without Gasol in the lineup..

Gunner? Is that you? APOLOGIZING?

Somebody must have spiked my Aquafina!


You are all wrong to think that I am human.

(I am wearing an evil grin as I type)


Speaking of wrong: Hollinger again.

"Alas, it appears that Bryant will end up winning, based on his superior Q rating and the fact that the Lakers are likely to end up as the West's top seed."

Unless his Q rating has changed drastically since March, Kobe has the second highest NEGATIVE Q rating in the league.

Nice try John.

Is that really Gunner? I don't know, it seems fishy... but I'll take it!

giantsquid ,

I was on all those bandwagons except for LO. I knew Bynum and Sasha would have a good year since it's their contract year.

Bynum is eligible for a $75/million extension this summer. Do you think he will get it?

Speaking of Sasha, I think he's worth about 4 or 5 mil a season.

Also, I have never been wrong.

And that Bynum guy, the Lakers should ship his a$$ out! What a stiff!


I just heard you on Purple, Gold and Blue! This is the type of exposure you'll need to get Phil Jackson to name you as a defensive consultant. haha

Speaking of Sasha, I think he's worth about 4 or 5 mil a season.

Posted by: zen | April 16, 2008 at 03:52 PM

If Kapono can cop the mid level, so can Sasha Makemeitch.

Nice writing. This should be required for all sports writers and dudes writing on media outlet blogs.

Yeah, I thought the folks who jumped on the 55 win bandwagon before the season even started were not passing the pipe.

Good to be wrong...


Thanks for the confession, we have absolved you before you uttered that you were wrong.....

We are aware that you were off the mark, but since you are a blog brother, it is best that you get it yourself. As one old quote says: "The acquisition of knowledge is the appreciation on one's ignorance."

However, you should also realized that you are not the only one who is wrong. WE WERE ALL WRONG IN THIS BLOG IN MAKING MANY ASSUMPTIONS. No one, even the owners, front office, coach, Kobe expected that we'll get the top seed of the conference from what the team has undergone. In short, we were all ignorant at the beginning of the season, now we came out a well educated fan. When the playoffs begin, we go back to being ignorant...that's the cycle of the Laker fan this year.

I was wrong when I thought the Lakers front office would rather waste Kobe's career by casting him as a ticket-selling sideshow rather than supporting him as an all-conquering champion.

They have really stepped up to maximize the championship potential of this era's greatest player in service of the league's greatest team.

Interesting to note:

This years season tally is our second best finish for the decade. The only record better was 2001-2002 where we swept through the western conference playoffs.

The Payton-Malone error, ahem, era, was 1 worse at 56-26!

2007-2008 57-25 .695
2006-2007 42-40 .512
2005-2006 45-37 .549
2004-2005 34-48 .415
2003-2004 56-26 .683
2002-2003 50-32 .610
2001-2002 58-24 .707
2000-2001 56-26 .683

I was wrong in feeling that Bynum was a year away.

I was wrong when I thought trading Kobe was the best move for he and the Lakers.

Why does the blog feel like it's turning into some sort of intervention or 12-step program? lol

On everything that we are wrong.....

There is one thing that we can't be wrong in order to reach the NBA Finals.

Whether you are Kobe of MBenga, Pau or Newble, LO or Luke, Vlad or Sasha if they will all follow the advice of Faith, they can't be wrong.

This is Faith's advice from the beginning of NBA Season: Good Defense leads to Championship.

EG - At the town hall meeting a couple weeks back, everyone in attendance got Lakers flags for their cars bt were told not to display them until the playoffs. Mine have been sitting in my passenger seat every since.

I think we should keep Mbenga and let Chris Mihm go. More flexibility, more speed, better scoring, better defense, let's see. hmmm

Red letter day...props for manning up AK.

But is it really an apology if there are qualifiers? Like when you were a kid...and your mom would make you say sorry, but you'd say..."I'm sorry, but you made me do it!" Just thinking out loud lol.

In any case, thank you for being a man about all this. I think most of us here would admit to somewhat similar views and probably wouldn't dare reverse it.

That's like saying, I'm sorry I'm wrong, it's not about D! Can you imagine! lol.

nobody is perfect AK!!!

That's why the Lakers finished this season as no. 1 in the west because of the challenges coming from someone like you. the lakers were challenged by some reports that they are not going to make the playoffs. but as we said, The rest is history

LOL Xodus. I would have thought it'd be the LA Times quotes...isn't that equivalent to a resume? lol, jk.


Lamars' outfit at least the top of it.

I was wrong to think Suns fans couldn't get any more annoying.

Laker Hopeful-

Sure, you were certainly right about that one. The Lakers were obviously a better team, since they won the Pacific. To your more specific points, though, I was more wrong about the Lakers than the Suns (the prediction was based on LAL winning, I think, 46 games).

So really, I was less wrong about the Suns falling off- they went from 61 to 54 wins, but that's not a massive drop off considering how much tougher the conference was this year, top to bottom, over last season- than I was about the Lakers. And along those lines, there were six other teams I thought would be better than the Lakers that weren't. No question about that.

It's one of many things I didn't forecast correctly, mixed in with some of the stuff I got basically right. All you can do is make reasonable guesses based on the information at hand. Hey, even Kobe thought I was right about the team in October (haha). If they turn out to be wrong, what can you do? It happens.

Basically, if there's a prediction that involves the Lakers and win totals, or playoff seeding, I didn't get it right. I still think you're wrong about Nash being average, or a system player. The system works/worked specifically because he's so good.

Wow, the blog has turned into a confessional, LOL!!!! Amen!!!!

"To err is human, to forgive divine"

--Alexander Pope.

Why does the blog feel like it's turning into some sort of intervention or 12-step program? lol

Posted by: Xodus | April 16, 2008 at 04:12 PM

My name is Charles, and I was wrong...

Your response?

Lakers Legacy,

How about the previous purple one? He look like the James Brown back-up brass section. With an Austin Power touch.

If the Lakers play the Nugs, I'll buy my tix tonight.

Lakers Flags
I bought my Lakers flag in 02 and some guy in Hawaii offered me $60 when I lived there. I still have it and fly it proud here in CO.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Complex Brotha and I will keep bumping this post:

An online poll where you can vote for the K-Bros blog. Let's put them on the map.
(Any pay raises they get from this are all theirs.)

Once you get to the West, you'll notice the very last box has "other" add in LA Times Laker Blog on all categories that are applicable.

****This poll is only open until April 20, so get voting. Vote early and vote often.****

One more word..........."COOKIES" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was wrong in thinking the Lakers were a 50-win team regardless of AB's development and the Gasol deal. I figured with a healthy Kobe/Lamar/Vlad/Kwame/Fish and improved Turiaf/Farmar they could compete for the Pacific Division crown.

Truth is without AB's rapid rise and later the Gasol deal, we'd be looking up at the Warriors from Lottery Land and trying to make the best available deal for KB24 before he opted out.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, and believe me I want another banner as much as any of you, we're a tweaked ankle to any of our big three away from an quick playoff exit.

I think all this "I am wrong" stuff is fantastic! AK's confessional corner or something.

Of course, I have nothing to atone for as I am inevitably correct in all matters. Thank you.

I've been saying for four years now that the Lakers would win 50 plus games! I was right this year!

I was right... to listen to Faith.

I had faith that AB, Farmar and Sasha will improve this year.

I had faith that LO also be better this year.

I had faith that KB24 will be playing his heart out no matter what (trade talk notwithstanding).

I had faith that the Lakers organization will always do the right thing.

Have faith. It works wonders.

Go Lakers!

Good evening, Charles!!

I was wrong to not jump on every bandwagon available.

Speaking of which.... and noticing a lot of late bandwagon jumping...
Is there a Better Late to a Bandwagon then Never Bandwagon!

What a great season so far and the excitement keeps building.


htj, you're so right about that tweaked ankle. this team is kind of soft at the moment and has to be a well-tuned offensive machine to get to the Finals.

But i am extremely excited about this team's future. I was wrong that Kobe would be traded and that the Lakers wouldn't make the playoffs.



To err is human; to forgive, infrequent.

I was wrong in thinking that my wife wouldn't know "when this game is over", and that now it was time to mow the lawn.


I'm actually surprised its as close of a game as it is. It seems pretty clear that the Hornets aren't crazy about winning. I expect Paul to rest most of the 2nd half though. Hopefully Dirk (I hate Dirk) can make a few shots in the 2nd half.


Forgive me, for I have sinned.............
I was dead wrong to side with the surgury option for KB.

I never thought he would be able to adjust his game without skipping a beat.

The bottom line is that

It's OK for Laker fans to be WRONG and the team landed on the top seed

Than to be always RIGHT like the

Clipper fans back to the drawing board again

Trade players on draft day

Change Coaches to nth time.


Most of the Laker games end at 10 pm, what lawn are you mowing at that time?


Your Ads on the heading of this blog are too provocative - "Once she squeezes, you won't want to get free." Don't you have any decent sponsors? huh!

Lets get this playoff thing going!

Well, I was wrong in thinking the lakers couldn't win the west.

Please, let dallas beat NO tonight.

look what i found on youtube. i see this in the near future.

I hope I will be wrong that the Lakers will need AB to win the ring.

I was wrong in thinking that AK was the ONLY funny one.
While AK comes at you with many jabs,
BK comes up with a big hook.

Anyway, ONLY tonight, I'm rooting for Spurs and Rockets.

That way, we won't have to see Spurs or Suns until
the conference final

Jon K. -

You moved to the Cleev'? I just visited a few good friends out there about a month ago!

Sorry about all the non-sunny weather out there. Hope you get back to Cali soon (as do I !)

Actually, that was referring to a soccer game.

come on N.O.! I want to play dallas in rd. 1

Good news, bloggers. The Mavs will beat the Hornets.

Looks like we have the suns v the spurs and the hornets v the mavs.

All of our true threats are going to fight each other first round. Best news for the Lakers.

It looks like Dallas is going to take tonight's game. I don't know what the hell Stephen A. has been saying all day about Dallas being the better matchup for LA. I think we'd win either way, but the prospect of playing a veteran Dallas team is less appealing than playing Denver.

And the Hornets are kind of backing into the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised to see a first round "upset." I wouldn't bet my life on it though.

looks like it will be denver in round 1...

Bring on the Nuggets....


here comes Denver...

- Sasha is not Vujawack. His name is not Sasha Vujawack. I thought it was for awhile becuz of how wack he played. I thought he was not an NBA player. He still has a quicker trigger than John Wayne in a cowboy movie but at least now he makes a good enough % of shots for him to be deemed a "shooter". No longer Vujawack. It's just wack for other teams now.

- Odom must stay. I wanted Odom traded for his uninspired play. But Odom as a #3 players has been a revelation. No team could ever make Odom a #3 because of the salary cap and his vast talent potential. But as a #3 player Odom is the monster that the NBA has been waiting for. Odom's game since Gasol came back has been a complete revelation.

- My most egregious mistake of them all. Trade Bynum, we need to win now. Yea, we did need to win now, so we kept Bynum. I saw Bynum in his 1st summer league and he sucked. 2pts and 2rebs in like 20 mins. He has come a long long way...

That's all I got as I am usually right 95% of the time you know!!!!@ :)

- H . Holla

I was wrong when i said Bynum has no fire in him.

I was wrong in thinking the Lord Mitch Kupchak was an idiot

I was right in not wanting L.O. to be traded, after he played his heart and shoulder out in last year's playoffs

Well, looks like we got the Nuggets....Lakers in 5



Kobe and Lamar eat ThugAI and DrunKarmelo for breakfast, and Pau has Camby for desert, as young Coby whups his daddy.

Now let's see how the Spurs/Jazz game shakes out and who we face in round 2.

Well -- we're getting Denver --

Does anyone know if the NBA re-seeds after the first round? -- I can't remember.

looks like the Nuggets

ITS the LAKERS and DENVER in the first round west playoffs...!!!!


OK, how can any writer justify voting for Chris Paul considering his team lost 4 of 6 at the end of the season, squandering the #1 seed while the Lakers won 8 of 9, including defeats of NO and SA? Wasn't the argument that:

1. Hornets would have the best record
2. CP makes his teammates so much better than Kobe?

Plus Byron's COY award just went back to Doc.

Here come the Nugs. Think Kobe wants to knock Denver out of the playoffs? Maybe a little.


Yep, stuck in Cleveland. My work is supposed to move me back to Los Angeles, but the transition is taking longer than I expected.

Oh well... what matters is that I honestly don't think anyone in the West can beat us in a seven game series.


Bring on da Nuggets babyyyyy!!!!

Lets go, LAKERS IN 5

My name is Charles, and I was wrong...

Your response?

Posted by: Charles | April 16, 2008 at 04:45 PM

WELCOME CHARLES........ I also was wrong not to join the 55 win bandwagon.

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