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Bryant. Kobe Bryant

April 11, 2008 | 11:45 am

Just like Bond (James Bond), The Mamba knows how to get down with an Aston Martin.  I'm sure y'all have seen it by now, but it's still worth tossing up on the ol' blog.

Also, to address a question freaking out a few of our worry wart-ier readers... no, The New Jack Bauer is not really pulling off the stunt.  Kobe described the sequence as "Hollywood" after last night's game ("If 'Rambo Part XX' can be a one-man militia, I can jump over an Aston Martin.") Beyond that, it stands to reason that if Vlad Radmanovic violated his contract simply by snowboarding, jumping over a moving vehicle has got to be a no-no on some level (even if that specific activity isn't expressly prohibited in Kobe's agreement).  Plus, the pinkie.  You can't jump a speeding sports car unless you're 100%.  Everyone knows that.

Having said that, damn cool comercial.  Kobe's casualness about the whole thing is very funny.  And "That is how you jump over an Aston Martin" killed me.  Because really, so many people are trying and failing all the time.

By the way, am I the only person who thought, "Ronny just picked up the easiest money of his life?"  That was a pretty sweet gig for Turiaf.