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Taco Night and O, Canada! Truly a red letter evening

Not that I don't love our National Anthem, and I'd like to think I'm as patriotic as anyone else who doesn't cry at truck commercials, but that said, I've always been a big advocate of the one used by our neighbors to the north.  When I was a mere tyke back in St. Louis, I used to look forward to Blues games when the Maple Leafs were in town (or any other Canadian team, for that matter, but the Leafs were in the old Norris with the Note) just because of the whole O, Canada thing.  Combine that with taco night and a fine NBA basketball game, and it's really a celebration of North America generally.  I couldn't be happier.


News on Andrew Bynum:  He ran today on the fancy, futuristic treadmill the Lakers brought in. 20 minutes at 60-65% body weight.  Is that good?  Well, just as Big Jerry wasn't actually sure if Little Jerry Seinfeld's sprint from his place to Newman's in under thirty seconds was good, honestly, I don't know. It's probably better than 10 minutes at 35%, but not as good as 30 minutes at 80%.  Chris Mihm also ran, but figures were not available for his effort.  If I see him later, I'll ask.   Ariza was still in his walking boot as of this morning, but Phil said he was close to getting out of it. 

Beyond that, not much new to report.  Keep an eye on the mini-scouting report from earlier this afternoon.  The Lakers will need to close out on perimeter shooters, because Toronto loves the outside game, even with Chris Bosh around.  Without him?  Yikes.

More from AK below.


I talked to Sasha in the locker room and brought up the card sharking accusations he lobbied at Pau Gasol. He said they play a card game called "tongue," and despite considering myself fairly well-schooled in the green felted world, I've never heard of it.  Turns out, neither has Sasha.  His basic description of the game is that the rules constantly change, and always in Gasol's favor.  Gasol then walked by and Sasha reiterated that the Spaniard was a cheater and called Gasol out for saying the same about him.  Gasol defended himself, saying that he was only reacting to what the writer told him Sasha said.  But Sasha also claimed to have been called a cheater first.  What they were witnessing, I joked, was how the media plays teammates against each other to get the dirt and create "problems." Especially on a team where everyone gets along and (God forbid) seems to like each other.  Can't have that. 

A quick fashion update: Vujacic will be debuting a slightly different skinny headband today!  I think it might have been slightly skinnier, but to be totally honest, I doubt anybody will be able to know the difference without the use of a Tivo pause button and a magnifying glass.  But as you know, we break all the stories, however trivial.

I also quickly ran into Trevor Ariza and asked how he was doing.  "Feeling better, getting better." Of course, he's said that a lot, so I wonder if it's just his way of saying, "I'm tired of answering that question."  Can't say I blame him.


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We need a victory tonight and focus for the tough road trip. Remember our last road trip?

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Question..If Houston finishes with a better record than the Lakers is it any doubt that McGrady is the MVP??? Also with Kobe's stupid comment about being more aggresive on offense it wouldnt surprise me if the Lakers lose in the playoffs...Kobe doenst understand that D is more important than him being more aggresive on O.....That is why he has NEVER won an mvp...he just doenst get it...Gambling on D...Yelling at the ref...straying from the offense....Blaming the lack of space for his missed final shot....Please Kobe GROW UP....

Game links anyone...

Channelsurfing link sucks...

We will win this one without pain..

Guys! Mention the Dit Da Jow!



Then maybe Trevor would appreciate the question, "So, Trevor, have you heard about liquid sea minerals and the Chinese herbal liniment, Dit Da Jow?"

Maybe Trevor would appreciate THAT question.


(lather, rinse, repeat)

anybody got a link for the game channelsurfing not working


Remember when you said earlier on today that if you ran into an injured player you'd ask them how they were supplementing their diet, post-injury?

Remember that?


this one shud be easy.

any link to the game?

channelsurfing's not working.

My father's Canadian. "O Canada" is pretty dope.


Unleash the beast today.. So we can again witness the best offensive weapon that the world has ever seen.

Fish is feelin it tonight!

Dallas loves the Lakers!!
And yes, Mark Cuban is a pantload.

Since many of the bet problems persist and those that say Kobe hould quit I will REPOST from earlier thread.
Note Phil is not the authority to do this as he too can be "T'd Up too and fine and tossed".
I think we can all agree with PJ that the team needs to stay off the referees' case and stop protesting EVERY call. Maybe a team fine in addition to the mandated league fine would help the message get through. Kobe needs to lead by example here and take out his frustration with the referees on the opposing team.
That being said, Phil needs to let the players know that he's got their back,too. Granted, I'm not sitting near Phil during games to hear the interaction between him and the refs, but his laid back demeanor is well known. I'm not suggesting that PJ go D'Antoni on us, but sometimes the refs need someone to put their feet to the fire and hold them accountable to do their jobs properly.
Posted by: bronxlakerfan | March 11, 2008 at 04:26 AM
I kinda disagree on this. I think Kobe and every other player should complain more not less. In fact I think every player on any team complain if bets don't call game correctly. Every team should send video on purely obvious blown calls.
The problem is not the complaining but the inferior bets who can't call a game as the rules state. Call the games based on rules and not on own bets criteria. They need to be brought to task and call fouls as fouls and remove criteria such as tenure (rookie calls). Or flopping or Moving screens swinging elbows etc. A foul is a foul no matter who commits it.
If the league does not like flopping or any other criteria then change the rule.
The bets need to be the police and enforce rules and not be judge, jury and executioner. Take the game outcome out of their hands and whistles and let the players decide the outcome. If they foul call it and the player will have decided the outcome not the bet.
Officiating is what needs to be corrected not complaining.
Just my opinion and I stick by it.
Posted by: JustaLakerFan | March 11, 2008 at 05:44 PM



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