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Questions a-wondered

March 30, 2008 | 10:20 am

A variety of inquiries rest uncomfortably on every Laker fan's mind as a showdown against the "solid in the east, not all that mind blowing by western standards" Washington Wizards approaches.  Can the Lakers break their recent two-game slump against teams most pundits would classify as "beneath them" and regain sole ownership of the Pacific?  Assuming the answer is "yes" (which would be great, because many a Laker Nation resident is noticing how much lower the sky looks these days), the mysteries then shift to personnel.  What up with the walking wounded?  Well, Andrew Bynum is considered close to a return and will board the plane with the team for next Sunday's upcoming two-game roadie (although not necessarily play in it).  Save an unexpected setback, Pau Gasol should certainly be back in the swing of things by then.  Tonight's status, however, remains up in the air, as he's still unable to get the lead out in pain-free fashion.  Oh, and for those wondering how often Kobe Bryant naps, the answer is "not particularly often and always with the help of his daughters."

If T-Mac wants to avoid another offseason of soul searching, it would behoove him to win his first round match this year.

David Stern is concerned about teams tanking for ping pong ball purposes.

C.Webb had a great career, but one that will always make people either yearn for more, wish there was a real life reset button, or simply admit they don't quite know what to think of it.