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A result Robert Louis Stevenson might have authored, were he a sports novelist

Why?  Because this 115-111 fall to the Warriors closely resembled the plot line of "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," one of his classic and timeless works.  Split personalities to the strongest of degrees.  The first half was the Mr. Hyde" persona, the one completely out of control and often beyond hideous to look at.  Scary as all get out, too.  The second half, however, was all about the more refined Dr. Jekyll.  And like that quack when he wasn't drinking his bad seed elixir, the Lakers were sophisticated, refined, efficient, crowd pleasing and earning the town's respect during that time period.  Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom were the biggest purple and gold Jekyll's down the stretch, making some huge plays to transform what appeared to be a blow out into a seriously contested showdown.  And for a while, a happy ending appeared in the works, despite all odds.  But in the end, this game and the novella shared one distinct element in common. 

Things don't end well for Jekyll, Hyde or the Laker box score

The breakdown is below.


The second half discipline:  After spending the opening 24 minutes attempting to pass themselves off as a Run n' Gun Warriors Xerox (one where the machine needed a LOT more ink to produce a useful copy), the Lakers settled down and began forcing their will upon Golden State.  More looks inside.  More ticks allowed on the 24-second clock before firing (which typically produced better and more successful shots).  More defense (The Warriors were held to 26% from the field).  More care of the ball (only four turnovers).  Had the Lakers adopted this mindset from the jump, or at least by a few minutes into the second quarter, there's no doubt in my mind they'd have come out on top.  Phil Jackson would seem to agree.  "We had a large gap to make up in that third quarter.  Probably took a lot of energy to get there, but we just couldn't make a stop down the stretch."   

Lamar Odom: A career-high 22 boards (13 of which came on the offensive side) reflects a night where LO, even by his own high standards, was all about cleaning the glass.  But after a first half featuring 2-6 shooting and four turnovers, LO really came on strong.  The faulty shooting continued throughout the evening (6-19), but he kept attacking and visited the stripe seven times, where he earned a 100% mark.  He tapped back a Luke Walton miss to tie things up 101.  One of his four blocks nixed a Baron David layup what would have put Golden State up by 6 with under two minutes to go.  All in all, LO was all over the place down the stretch and typically making good things happen.  I understand why fans worried that Pau Gasol's injury would simultaneously hurt LO, given how Odom hasn't consistently succeeded when thrust into a "second option" role.  I think it's fair to say that, all in all, the dude has stepped up not just tonight, but since that unfortunate game in The Big Easy.   

Kobe Bryant: Let's be honest.  Bryant's first half was hardly Mamba-riffic.  4-12 shooting.  A trio of turnovers.  The same propensity to huck some quick (and bad) shots as his supporting cast.  But man alive, did Kobe play himself some sick ball after the halftime Gatorade and orange slices.  9-18 shooting (3-7 from distance) for 27 points.  Nine rebounds.  Five assists.  A clean turnover clip.  A three ball sunk to bring the team back within one with just under a minute left.  Another three ball to bring them back within one with just under 30 seconds left.  Just the kind of monster performance that's keeping  Kobe in the thick of the MVP race (and if you read Don Nelson's comments below, you'll see some Bay area support coming his way). 

Kobe's behind the back-spin-regain the handle-wrap around to Ronny for the "and one" dunk that tied things up at 95: If you actually read this description, need I really explain why this fell into the "good" category?


Everything in the first half: I'm not saying this to either make use of hyperbole or avoid being specific.  I'm just being blunt.  Little, if anything, happened in that first half would remotely qualify in my mind as even "mediocre," much less good.  The events taking place left little to be desired.    Horrible, rushed shots with zero ball movement in any direction, much less inside.  Fourteen turnovers trying to ride with Golden State's break-neck pace, a few of which were actually startling (Walton with careless turnovers on consecutive possessions, Ronny Turiaf leading Sasha Vujacic about six rows into the stands on another).   25 points scored by the Warriors off those turnovers.  Defense that wasn't great to begin with, but made worse by continually remaining on their heels as a result of the pace on display (18 Golden State fastbreak points).  Way too much Monta Ellis in the paint.  The Lakers got completely caught up in Golden State's tempo and abandoned their game in the process.  No Laker that stepped on the court wasn't guilty on some level. 

When asked about the issues in the first half, both PJ and LO reflected upon what I just talked about, the inability not to play in Warrior fashion.  "I wasn't happy that we didn't get the ball inside the right way and do the things that make us a team that has always hurt (the Warriors).  We just got away from it.  We got a little helter skelter trying to run with their tempo a little bit too much. The second unit got a little wacky out there and lost their poise."  Lamar Odom concurred that the Purple and Gold opted for rapid jumpers over a methodical, balanced effort.  Any by the time they did something about it?  "It's too late," admitted Lamar with a shake of his head.      

Interestingly enough, Kobe had a different take.  From his perspective, the problem wasn't the Lakers trying to play like the Warriors, but rather the way the Warriors were guarding them.  "We're pretty dedicated to our style of play.  That first half took us a little getting used to, in terms of how quick their hands are.  They're really, really, quick, so you really have to be careful with the basketball."  I'll agree with Bryant on that particular sentiment, but I'm going to have to politely disagree when he assessed it as his team having more problems with the Warriors' defense than their O.      

Ronny Turiaf passing up a few too many inside:  All in all, Ronny played himself a nice game (and has by in large done a very good job filling in for Pau Gasol).  But there were a few occasions during the game where he passed up a pretty good look inside to pass out.  The results weren't good and, in one case, led to a three-second violation called.  As the back-to-back career assists (6) hit by Ronny against Utah and Seattle, Turiaf is clearly capable of finding an open man.  But sometimes you need to take what's in front of you and on these occasions, Ronny appeared either gun shy or just intent on making one too many passes.

There was also a heated exchange at one point between Turiaf and Jordan Farmar, which didn't exactly make The Zen Master pleased as punch.  He was willing to chalk up these "disturbances" in team play to youth and kids not always knowing "how to keep their mouth shut and take advice and not retort immediately."  In and of itself, not a panic button situation.  But also not the composure you're seeking out during a comeback.

The guarding of Stephen Jackson with a minute or so to go: Back to back Jax from behind the arc.  The first three ball came after some miscommunication between Fish and Walton after both pursued Monta Ellis heading towards the rack after a switch.  I can't confidently say for sure who was at fault on the play (Walton's explanation is below), but somewhere, a breakdown took place.  Jackson's next three was just Fish providing a guy red hot from distance way too much space.  Dude ain't afraid to take a big shot like that and if you offer it, the ball's going up.
The effects of Easter: I'm not knocking the holiday itself, of course.  But it's safe to say, the observance of this holy day didn't necessarily meld with focused round ball.  "It was Easter Sunday," lamented Jackson.  "I didn't have a shoot around this morning.  Sometimes you just have to honor that day.  It was one of those things where they just weren't focused when they came."


On what happened on the defensive end of Stephen Jackson's first three-pointer during the final minute
"He (Ellis) went away from the pick and then they reset it, and to me it looked like Derek kind of got hit and was a step behind, so I called out  "switch," and Derek was playing the centerfield.  Then (Ellis) knocked me off balance, and then at that point Derek came to him to pick him up, because I was backpedaling. I was in the key at that point, and that's when (Ellis) kicked it out.  I didn't see if there was anyone back there that could have rotated to Stephen (so he tried to close).  There's different ways to defend it- you can switch, you can plug and recover to your own guy, you can show and recover- it kind of depends on the personnel and how much time is left on the shot clock.  At that point, I felt that I saw that Derek on the other side of the screen, so that's why I tried to pick (Ellis) up.  We practice on all of those scenarios."

On it often being hard to hear
"It is sometimes, but you yell as loud as you can and hope that your teammate can hear you."

On what could have happened if Walton didn't lose his balance (which PJ said after the game he thought was an offensive foul)
"Then he would have stayed on Jackson.  I felt I did a good job of stopping the initial penetration.  I had my body squared up to him and then I felt like shoved a little with his forearm, and that's when Fish probably made the judgment, "Well, he's wide open from 15, so let me run at him and make him make the extra pass."


On Kobe's validity as an MVP candidate
"He's my vote for MVP.  He's the best of the best and deserves the award more than, I think, anybody else and I hope he gets it.  He's a marvelous player, makes everybody else better.  There isn't anything that he doesn't do.  He's a pretty sensational player.  I have enjoyed watching him all these years and I have enjoyed coaching him in one All-Star game when he got MVP."


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I was at that game, and I feel like I should say something about the boos. A lot of people write negatively about it going on, and I'm sure the Lakers weren't too thrilled to hear them. I'm afraid that they might take offense to it, and so I'll share my point of view. It's kind of hard to hear the intensity of it and how it builds through a game on t.v., but in my opinion the crowd hear can taste a championship - we all know full and well that we have a good if not great chance at winning it. It's true that during games the team gets booed and individual players get booed, but this is a desperate crowd feeling like we can help the team by turning up the intensity and scrutiny of play. This kind of close reading and exposing of deadly flaws might lend feeling to the team that there is no space for error when pursuing greatness.

Because Phil Jackson skipped the Lakers shoot around today to honor Easter Sunday, our God in Heaven will bless our game tomorrow night @ Golden State.

The Lakers shall prevail sayeth the Lord. I say amen to that!

Wow. What a classy comment by Nelson.

"There were other moments of concern for the Lakers, including some words exchanged between Jordan Farmar and Ronny Turiaf.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson noticed, and disapproved.

"I thought there were some disturbances tonight where players didn't play team basketball and other players picked up on it at times," he said. "But that happens in games that are highly emotional like this. They're young players and they're still learning how to keep their mouth shut and take advice and not retort immediately."

Both of those guys come from good college programs so let's hope they get it together. I did not see the game (damn channelsurfing! and no league pass this year!) so I'm wondering what happened...

I can't see Turiaf really getting down on a teammate, so watzup with that Farmar? Are you channeling your energy right man? Let's pound fists and get this W back tomorrow night...

i'm concerned about the lakers defending their home court. somehow, i get the feeling that other teams do not 'fear' playing the lakers at staples center. i don't know if it's only me but a 24-9 home record is kind of disconcerting for a supposedly championship caliber team. All I'm saying is playing for homecourt advantage would not amount to anything if the lakers do not strike fear in the hearts of its opponents when playing in staples.

Gotta say I agree with PJ, that offensive push-off by Ellis was a pivotal non-call by the refs that basically gave all momentum to the Warriors for the final minute or so.

I'm really getting sick of the officials having such major stamps on the outcome of games.

Frustrating loss Laker Nation. It's on the whole team. Too much energy needed to come back after playing a braindead first half. The turnovers and the way they just let Golden State waltz out to that lead...they lost right then.

This is a habit the Lakers have. They don't know how to (cliche alert!) PLAY 48 MINUTES.

I don't agree that it's Luke or Phil's fault. This was a team loss, and maybe Kobe and Lamar are slightly less at fault, but I believe they were on the court in the first half when the Warriors went on a 13-0 run while we turned it over repeatedly, took contested jumpers without moving the ball and refused to get back on defense.

It takes more energy to fix something after it's broken than to just do it right the first time and we ran out of gas and luck.

But the continued problems on defense at the end of the game are just as troubling. It's not on Luke and it's not on PJ, it's on the team defense. They somehow manage to leave the other team's best shooter wide open on a regular basis. PJ cannot decide for them whether to switch, show or fight through. It's up to them to figure it out on the fly, and they seem very bad at doing that.

A quality win tomorrow night on the opponents' floor erases the bad taste, but concentration and execution for the entire game cannot be won so easily.

But I still believe we can do it. With a healthy, complete roster, we have a chance this year. And for years to come. The future is bright Laker fans. Stay positive!

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot...


Well, at least this game might have stopped us from trying to play that way, at least for a game or two. When we get all shot-happy, we can get hot, but that's not the way for us to play. We don't have enough talent to sustain that and play with GS or Phoenix, it negates our advantages over those teams.

I personally don't know how much home court, or placement is gonna mean in the playoffs this year. It's all about match-ups this year, that's it. Who do we want to play?

Tough loss tonight..
But im very high that the lakers will bounce back tomorrow at Oaktown..

anyways, here's something to brighten up your mood after a loss..

this is the team photoshoot..i never thought vlad was
and you'll see some funny shooting froms by sasha and vlad..haha, it went in though..



A few observations from tonight's game. Which I attended after a 2 hr drive. (Man that drive home is a bitch after a loss)

1. Luke really doesn't belong on the floor for the minutes that he is getting. He sure didn't belong in the last 5 minutes. Matt Money Smith on the aftergame couldn't even find a reason why he was on the floor, and Money always makes up something to cover PJ's a$$.

2. It seems to me like Farmar is having a lot of issues with his teammates lately. He obviously has issues with Kobe as he comments on Kobe's team play (or lack thereof) everytime he is interviewed. Then he seems to have issues with Sasha on the floor. Now he is having issues with Turiaf (possibly the nicest guy on Earth). He needs to check himself or have someone else do it for him soon.

3. Dallas Maverics are toast. Period.

pslakerfan (yawn, bedtime)

Lakers are going to win the second game of the homeandhome. They were basically schooled by the Warriors in the first half yesterday, yet fought back almost to win in the 2nd half by finally playing Lakers ball.

In Oakland, the Lakers will be playing 48 minutes of Bball like they played the 24 minutes of the 2nd half yesterday. And I bet they won't be leaving Jackson open at the 3 pt line again.

When Farmar left UCLA early apparently his teammates were relived on the fact that they thought he was somewhat of a dick head and not very liked,well it looks like the old farmar is resurfacing i believe one of the lakers should chin check him and i mean a good broken nose or maybe a fat-lip he is becoming obnoxious and he needs a good ass kick like they do in the joint when some idiot gets loud one of the convicts will sock him up to teach him a lesson,advice to the Lakers chin check the punk so he can grow up.

I would rather see Golden State than Denver in the first round. When GS plays LA, they can only win when Lakers beat themselves. That's the first half of last night's game.

GS basically do not have the players to beat LA. They have a great perimeter 3some of Baron, Monta and Jackson and that's it. No inside game whatsoever.

Denver on the other hand, has 2 players Iverson and Melo that can put 30+ on the board on any given game. Denver does not play defense yet on paper they have 2 prime time defensive players inside in Camby and K-mart. I especially see Gasol will struggle versus Camby.

Lakers vs. GS in 1st round 4-0. Lakers vs. Denver in 1st round 4-1 or 4-2. The thing is we don't want to play too many games in the 1st round because I can see facing either San Antonio or Phoenix in the second round because one of them will end up 5th in regular season standings then beat Utah in the 1st round.

Mamba, et al.,

Well, it's a good thing I didn't open my big mouth and start a "Lakers Win Out" bandwagon, huh?


No fair that Captain Jack hit those huge shots down the stretch! He's supposed to break under the pressure of Kobe's ridiculous clutch shooting!

Warriors are a strong team and we played badly the first half. It was a helluva comeback, but not quite enough.

When we get our boys back, revenge will be ours.

One helluva an entertaining game. Crowd definitely got its money's worth.

Let's hope we can execute better tomorrow. Oracle is a tough crowd.

Phil Jackson should stop playing Luke down the stretch. After he had two consecutive turnovers in the 2nd period, which made me really so angry at this idiot, he goes and leaves Stephen Jackson for an open 3 - what a dumbass this Puke Walton is. It's like the Lakers are playing 4 vs. 5 because stupid Puke is not a threat offensively and is a big defensive liability. I truly believe Sasha would have done better and would not have left S. Jackson open.
Phil - it's one thing for Puke to score 17 pts against the Sonics - when the game was practically over, it's another thing to put him in the crucial stretch against a dangerous team as the Warriors.
I've long lost my patience on this guy Puke, he's such a deadweight on the team, I can no longer stand his stupidity and inefficiency. I truly dislike this guy that I really hope he gets traded in the offseason!

I think the first half was the worst I have ever seen the Lakers play, ever. It was getting close to midnight here on the east coast so, with visions of Luke simply passing the ball to the other team, I called it a night. I think it speaks volumes for the respect the Lakers have for themselves that they did not call it a night as well.

Good morning Laker Family!!!

If you look to Lenovo +/- stats it is pretty clear why we suffer last night loss.

Lakers outscored the Warriors 92-77 while BK was commenting the game.

But we got a -19 performance from AK during the second quarter.

Talk about belonging to the "BAD" category.


Before the "Sky is falling crew" gets in..let me put my 2cents in! For some reason we get real lax at home. Some were in the back of my mind I knew we would get alil lax. I'm shocked Phil let that happen for a whole half without making in game adjustment. Before some of yall go off the deep end...while arguing with a blogger who hasn't been around the past few days but will surface on this day with a minimum of 15 posts..let keep our heads remain confident that phil will let every last player have it from now till game time tonight about last night so called defense. You would think there would be some kind of sence of urgency being how tight the west is. we will have our vengeance tonigh. WE WILL!!!

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Allan - Brazil,

Thank you for pointing that out! I have long suspected that there was a correlation between the K-Bros and the Lakers performance!!

still damn proud of this squad, they were down 20+ points at the half.

could have mailed it in.

they decided to make a comeback and fell just short of a great win.

not contesting both of stephen jackson's three pointers is simply inexcusable...

this was a game where trevor ariza was sorely missed.

anyhow, the lakers still showed plenty of resolve and hopefully they can get some payback tonight.


Jordan Farmar is fast becoming a hard case player. Mr. Farmar, remember you are a college drop out and a NBA sophomore ONLY. Get your feet down!!!!!!!

Damn, you better be right Mamba24 or there goes my 60 win season. Put me on the bandwagon.
You should note that I am not a bandwagon jumper but I really believe we can win everything down the stretch, especially after last night's wakeup call ... That's what that was, a wakeup alarm, not a fire alert, so I think today I'll just remain on troll patrol ....

Good morning Mamba24, Charles & the rest of the GREAT LAKER NATION!

Yah, it mostly sucked last night, but it's GAME DAY baby - no time to waste! We've got to go in there & get our revenge on GS. WE MUST WIN OUT!! The WC is too tight for any lapses in focus - can't take any game for granted right now.

It was weird watching PJ NOT coach last night - no time outs, no subs - weird....Let's hope the fire has been lit so they'll come out blazing tonight - let's hope!




I, like you, reside on the East Coast, at half-time, I said to myself EFF it, they gonna lose. They made me soooooo mad with their bad play in the 1st half, I refused to watch the LEAGUE pass I purchased just 4 them! Any ole wayz,

I REMAIN hopeful..We will have our moments but I like our resiliency going forward.

Go Lakers!

what's up w/ PJ? pleaasseeee stop playing Luke. everytime he's in, i'm like.. we're going to lose. please trade him. ican't watch him for another game. i had enough for the past few seasons. i've nver thought that he's good or decent enough to keep. he might have some good games, but that was game over when he had them. or when he was closing to signing contract. i'm on Trade Luke bandwagon. and Kobe for MPV. and lakers alll the way this year for sure.

Good Morning Fam! Unfortunately, I only saw the first quarter and first 3 minutes of the 2nd quarter, and the last 2 minutes of the game. (Long story, buddy's dog got lost and found him) I hope with all the spats with Farmar and Ronny (per the blog) are resolved pretty quickly. I hope the Lakers will not take the GS as lightly as they did last night. Again I did not see the whole game and that is a very big assumption. Moving on to the next game. Gotta fight harder, stronger, faster and better. (Kanye to the...)

Have a great work day and week!

Mamba24! Love that roll call. More Mamba24 Bandwagon!!! CEO...

Morning all.

Be back a little later to talk about the game last night.

Jon K. is right. The Lakers are fine. Ignore the troll scourge that invades the board after every loss.

Gunner can only blame Laker losses on Kobe Bryant. You are a fraud Gunner, and we all see right through your wild rants. If you have DVR, you should consider recording a game and watching it through thoughtfully.


Comments on Last Night's Game:

1. Lack of mental discipline. The Warriors set a trap, and we KNEW the Warriors were going to set a trap, and we not only walked right into their trap, we sprinted into it. You beat the Warriors by not playing their game, unfortunately we decided to play their game for some reason that I am presently unable to comprehend.

2. The wide open three point shot. Too many times I've seen that hot player shooting a wide open three in the fourth quarter as a panicked Lamar Odom runs at him from 12 feet away with a hand outstretched. TOO MANY TIMES! And it's the guy who's been killing us all game. The team clearly has to shore up its perimeter defense.

3. The play in the Third Quarter was phenomenal. We should play like that all the time.

4. I predicted one loss to the Warriors. I thought it would be in Oakland, looks like it was at Staples instead.

5. A win tonight through more disciplined play.

6. Things are still good Laker Nation. I know we've gone through three rough years and that experience has put everyone on edge, but it's still wise to have faith with this team. Dynasty begins now.


we dont have time for attitude players here. Only winners and champions will remain.

You saw what happened to Smush , Cook, Kwame, etc. You develop a hard-head and the Lakers will find a replacement.

Learn from this experience and let's go man!


Love that enthusiasm man!

Morning Y'all! What up Mamba24!

Come on everybody, cheer up! Yeah, we lost. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. Yeah, there are some wrinkles to iron out. But look on the bright side: our bigs are ever closer to returning, we're still the top team in the west, we still have Kobe and we still have the best damn fans in the whole league. It's game day y'all! Whoo! Lakers roll: 113-96.

Good Morning CHARLES,

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Michael A,

Good to see you post!

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So what really went down with RONNY and stubborn arse JORDAN Farmar?? I didn't watch the whole game so I dunno what all happened?? Lemme guess, Jordan went off on one of his shooting tangents and didn't pass to open teammates or even attempt to move the rock around?? Somebody care to advise???

Good Morning Charles---Good Morning Everyone....

Well it was cool to see us come back and play a great second half--well except for that last minute or so---we had three chances to get to 100 first and blew it---the Clipper dude was right again.....

still can't believe leaving Jackson open so much---he is the one guy (even though at times there may be several) on that team (like other three point specialists on other teams) that you have to shadow constently and always have someone in their grill---seems pretty simple to me---make someone else beat you etc.

Tonight will be a another telling and pivotal game for this team---how will we respond?--Oakland is a hard place to win---great crowd---tonight's game will speak the proverbial volumes....

Positives For Puke: again he made a couple shots (oh boy!)---I think Arnie (see above) put most of my view point on this glorified High School player rather eloguently indeed---all this playing time better lead to a trade----more positives.....wait for it......only 19 years left on his contract......

If I have to read or hear Puke and "basketball I.Q." in the same sentence ever again I will disembowel about oxymorons......

I can't see Dallas stayng in the play off race--which means Denver will probably make it in---I would love to play Dallas in the first round though---it is far too early to speculate on who we will play and what the brackets will be---it will probably change every day....

Neamia summed up my thouhgts on Mike T. to a "t'" yesterday---why would anyone one welcome that idiot back on the blog---even his more sensible writings were never right in my opinion---he knew as much about basketball as my cat Elwood, maybe less.....

I don't really give a rat's ass who gets the MVP--but sure, I would love to see Kobe get it--I know a lot of bloggers like to talk about it and there are a lot of heated player bashing and comparisons etc. and that's what this blog is for---I just skip any posts about it (which is what everyone should do about any subject they are not intersested in etc.) I really think the MVP award has become quite meaningless and question it's validity just like any other award (Oscars, Grammy's et al)....



Lakers will be back in first by the end of the week.

Dallas my be out of the playoffs by then.

OMG!! The sky is falling! Quick get Pau and Drew!
-- Helene Elliott, LA-LA Times.

Relax, Helene. Go out and get your nails done or your hair permed. Have a double latte. The Lakers can get it done with what they have. Lapses happen. Deal with it.

BTW, somebody needs to get in TURIAF's arse about consistently passing the ball out when he has a wide open dunk beneath the basket! That ISH, mark my word, will come back to haunt us if he keeps that up! Seems the only times he goes hard to the basket is when he gets a lob or he ru ns the lane and occasionally when he picks and rolls. Otherwise, its like he is SCARED KWAME like, making quick passes out from under to an open shooter! He has gotten his shot contested a few times and now I am wondering if Ronny is scared..Sometimes its okay but for the most part, he needs to go up hard and dunk the ball! HIGHER percentage shot, ya think?


Love that post!

I am not too worried about us loosing this game. The Lakers played like they wanted to lose to this team. Just like the Portland game. I am dissapointed but I am hoping they pick it up today.

As Kobe said, Golden State is very good at what they do.
A loss without our bigs is not unthinkable.

A win tonight on their home floor would be another notch up the confidence scale.

It's time to start winning the close ones.

Dallas is out of the playoffs. That's my feeling. Good for Denver.


Puke is Kwame reincarnated. Let's all pray that Mitch could find a way to trade him this summer!!

Bad News: Through most of the game, the Lakers were totally outclassed by the Conf's 8 seed.

Good News: Plenty of players, not just Kobe, keyed an impressive rally based on quality ball.

Bad News: Though given on low percentage looks at the end, GS converted repeatedly. We need to figure out how to win in these "random" games; playing the odds is sometimes not enough.

One hell of a comeback last night.
Those consecutive turnovers at the end of the 2nd by Luke were heartbreaking. Very similar to the "T" he got when we were up by 12 in one of the last 2 games that led to a 12-0 run that almost let the oponent back in.

If Farmar wans to bitch more at this teammates than even Kobe did last year,...ship him out. Knock him down and shut im up or ship him out. Yesssssss, Ronny has been passisng out of good looks, but we need cohesiveness, not finger pointing. Why in the Hell wold fish leave Jackson for a three on that last play. A 2 and we are still within 3, but he lays so far off of him, so as to challenge him to shoot the wide open Trey.

All is still good in Lakerland. The rest of the league is getting more beatup by the minute and eveybody's schedule is getting so damn tuff, with the exception of us. Laker Tom, Mamba, you the Men. You too Jon.

Lakers 59-23 , Pac Division Champs, Conference Champs and same record as Detroit when it is all over. Did detroit beat us both times this season? Cant remember. Would like to have the homecourt when we face them in the championship, but with everyone back, that would be a luxury, not a neccessity.

Did any one notice Sasha seemed to be down alot during the game.
Has anone noticed that Kobe hasn't gotten a "t" in like 5 games or so..thank god.
Has anyone noticed Lamar has been dominant and aggressive. I'd rather see LO shoot 6-18 or hatever he shot than 4-7. Nice work on the offensive rebounding end as well. Vlad needs to not airball wide open 3s. He has been playing fairly well, very well, but thoe really take the wind out of our sails.

Kobesbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad (and he is)

Hey Blog,

The Lakers lost last night simply for lack of effort in the first half, and they learned a lesson because of it. Jordan and Sasha were trying to compete with GS by playing their game, and were torched in the first half because of it.

The Laker defense was fabulous in the second half, save a couple of possessions. The end of the game was especially disappointing because of the Lakers not forcing the Warriors into taking shots closer to the bucket. In both of the possessions where Jackson hit threes, the Laker defense sagged. No point in letting them take a three when you need a one possession game.

We lost because the team - much like Dallas when we faced them last week - came out lacking intensity. The Lakers took the Warriors lightly at the beginning of the game and hence they lost. A mighty comeback that shouldn't have had to happen.

I'm looking for the Lakers to come out and make a big statement tonight in Oakland. Their pride may have been a little bruised last night. The Lakers will come out with a purpose to play defense and look to run the offense with efficiency tonight.

Lakers by 17


KOBESBAD:"Lakers 59-23 , Pac Division Champs, Conference Champs"

aw kobesbad couldn't you add 1 more win and
make it an even 60-22.!

Good morning all

Even though Jordan has a big head and even feels comfortable calling out Kobe, we should not pick on him and Luke because Mitch just might want to package those two in a trade come summer time.
Lets forego the negativity and praise their strenghts.
We cannot afford to lose those two to get a player along the lines of Andre Miller. That would be disasterous.
And to the blogger that said that Farmar was a _ick at UCLA, please stop hating, because the blog police will call you a troll. Lets just be positve about everything and everybody and we shall succeed in the future.

I love you guys

Good Morning Mamba24, Charles, Blog Fam,

Another glorious day in LA LA LAND!!!

Remember, it is not the loss, it's how the team RESPONDS to the loss that defines a CHAMPION. In a hostile environment, against a quality opponent that schooled us the night before, let's see how we come back.

Jordan - what's up man? Should we sign another point guard in the off-season just to keep you motivated and in line? Buddy, your ish stinks just like the rest of us.

Sasha - that was some serious "down in the mouth" looks yesterday, what's up man? Moping like your dog died or something. WAKE UP!!!


As the pressure rises, our younger players are feeling the heat. This is how champions are defined. They learn from their mistakes and improve every game. Let's hope our guys have the mettle to grow and not crumble.



Random Observations:

-Lamar is turning me into a believer....again.

-Regarding Ronnie's overpassing, I'm not worried about it whatsoever. He knows what he did wrong, and will make adjustments going foward. It's an easy fix.

-However, there are no adjustments that can be made to fix Luke's game, aside from a 6 million dollar bionic body transplant and a brain transpant.

-Luke is this generation's Mark McNamara, except Luke actually gets minutes.

-Farmar was getting abused by Monte Ellis, and made the game personal. Simliar to the time Farmar STOLE the ball from his teammate, Sasha, for the easy layup, he was selfishly ignoring the game plan, as well as his teammates.

-Farmar might've come colse to breaking Luke's all-time Laker record for most shots blocked in a game last night.

-If Chris Webber was on the floor for the Warriors in the last few minutes, I have not doubt the Lakers woud've won.

Jon K,
"You beat the Warriors by not playing their game, unfortunately we decided to play their game for some reason that I am presently unable to comprehend."

Two reasons, I think, both of which speak to the "immaturity" of this roster (including the experienced players like Kobe, Lamar, and Fisher.)

1) I think all basketball players enjoy playing that style more even though they may not have the conditioning or skill set to do it well.

2) If someone "dares you" to do something on the court, it is human nature to try and do whatever you were "dared" to do.

The Warriors "dare" other teams to play their style, and the natural reaction is to accept the dare. The mature reaction is to continue to play whatever style your team does best. (Think Spurs.)

AK- The Lakers got back into the game the same way they were blown out in the first half- by getting early offense. The defense on the Lakers wasnt signficantly different from one half to the other, they stopped playing give away , Fish got hot and g state went cold. Its that simple, had little if anything to do with defense, unless you mean rebounding and the lakers didnt allow many2nd shots in the 2nd half.

Watch the tape of the 3rd quarter most of the laker shots were within 10 seconds of gaining posession- early offense and GS was missing shots they made in the 1st half.


Please add me to the Championship bandwagon.

Totally agree with exhelodrvr. That's the reason right there. Norm Nixon actually said the same thing on TV.


I would have us at 60,..but these no show games have made me think that we have at least another egg or so left in us. Good to hear from you brother. As long as the rest of my prediction comes true, with the various championship banners,..then good. Wow looks like a season where Phoenix cant hang their pacific division champ banner. When we get ours, we will give it to Rudy G or one of the towel boys to use as a dust rag to help keep staples clean.

Kobesbaaaaaaaaaaaaad (and he is)

Laker Lover,

"AK- The Lakers got back into the game the same way they were blown out in the first half- by getting early offense. The defense on the Lakers wasnt signficantly different from one half to the other, they stopped playing give away , Fish got hot and g state went cold. Its that simple, had little if anything to do with defense, unless you mean rebounding and the lakers didnt allow many2nd shots in the 2nd half. Watch the tape of the 3rd quarter most of the laker shots were within 10 seconds of gaining posession- early offense and GS was missing shots they made in the 1st half."

I get what you're saying, and to some degree, I think it depends on how you look at it. The Laker D did actually improve in the second half, but it was the result of, as you said, being more measured with their offense. More time being used on the clock. Fewer turnovers. Better shot selection (which led to fewer run outs and fast break points). That the Lakers were able to play better defense was a result of a better offense. But that being said, they still did play better D (and, like you said, get more rebounds, often also as a result of the more proficient offense).

Does that make any sense?


what's up wit ya boy Farmar?

Why no comment aaaaaaallll day?

Why isnt he being a "Kobe Klone" and playing D?

He is getting beat like Smush Parker on S&Rs now-a-days...

What is the "Blog-Sync-Think" now "Sync-Thinking" that Farmar needs to get his act together?

I thought Farmar was the ultimate team player, you know, from UCLA and all?

Farmar's a good player, but we all are concerned about him..

Since you have the pulse on everything UCLA and Farmar, then why dont you let us know what the problem is...

sir... LakerTom...sir

AK- yep as you said it all depends what you mean by "defense". Many people say Phoenix plays no defense or Golden State plays no defense but Phoenix is actually a decent half court defensive team.

Allowing alot of points does not always indicate poor "defense". Often its the result of turnovers or missed long shots which lead to run outs and transition buckets or just playing at a faster pace- see Denver

Case in point, Detroit allowed 120 points to Denver. Does that mean they played poor defensively?

Most if not all teams are poor transition defensive teams. Ive yet to find one who is good in transition defense. Having said that I am always surprised more teams dont run more and get into transition.



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