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The road to matching Houston's win streak begins tonight

March 11, 2008 |  9:33 am

Which would be pretty cool, since it would actually mean the Lakers won out their final 19 games (and while we're at it, congrats to the Rockets to a seriously impressive ride still in motion).  If that is the Laker mission, should they choose to accept it, tonight's contest against Toronto (7:30 pm PST, FSN) represents the kickoff effort.  If yesterday's practice vibe serves as any serious indicator, the team certainly seems more open to the idea of creating a one-game winning streak than enduring consecutive losses.  Nobody is up for a headless chicken panic, mind you.  As far as the Lakers are concerned, the deficiencies during Sunday's loss were fairly obvious (focus, manning the paint, getting too upset with the refs, etc.). Thus, quit doing that nonsense and everything should be just fine.  Like the friendship between Sasha Vujacic and Pau Gasol, even if the latter is a card shark.

Similar to Kobe with Darfur, Greg Oden isn't afraid to get political.

Like Nelson Mandela, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and Daniel Day Lewis' character from "In the Name of the Father," Smush Parker has finally been set free. According to the newspapers, he's expected to sign with another NBA team, although he wouldn't be eligible to help a team in the postseason.  Which means, ironically, he'd be the perfect guy for the Heat to sign.

O.J. Mayo may have done enough to entice NBA scouts, but has he done enough to make his mark on USC's history?

Every few months or so, Mark Cuban feels the innate need to grab attention.  It's about that time.  Cuban has declared bloggers verboten in the Mavs locker room.   The Mavs owner claims its a matter of conserving space in the locker room, a pressing issue that may have come to a boil right around the time of a critical article on a Dallas blog.  Cuban explains his "logic" on own blog (irony alert!).  He's already been taken to task by folks such as KCAL's John Ireland, with more sentiment along these lines expected to come.  Quite likely on this site.  To be continued.