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Live from Staples- Lakers vs. Mavericks

Saw Mark Cuban in the press dining area before the game.  Nothing else to add to that, but I thought I'd mention it.  In hindsight, not a great story.  Oh well. 

BK with the first quarter...


Starting lineups: Fish, Odom, Luke, Gasol, some Kobe dude.  Kidd, Terry, Dampier, Howard, Howard.

As an aside, the older Dick Bavetta gets, the more I like him.  I hope he hangs around until he's 100. 

10:45- More screen and rol issues, as nobody accounts for Dampier going to the hole on the roll.  Easy pass from Kidd for the alley oop.  Got to be tighter than that, especially with Kidd delivering the ball.

9:39- Walton very active on the defensive end.  Forces a steal to draw a foul on one end, then blocks a shot and forces a jump ball with some quick and active hands on the other.  LO is the beneficiary of a goaltend from Dallas, and it's 7-4 Mavs.

7:44- Kidd on Kobe, which is a tough matchup for 24.  Kidd can't hang with the Paul's of the world, but can still body up most two guards and wings.  After posting Kidd down, he passes on a fadeaway to feed a cutting LO, who draws the foul adn goes to the line.  Very good play.  The Lakers ened to stay aggressive without the ball and create good and easy lanes to move the ball. 

Howard picks Kobe up on the next trip down, and Kobe blows by him for an easy dunk.

5:36- Timeout on the floor, Dallas 12, Lakers 11.  After a slow start, the Lakers are finding more space offensively, in part because they're moving themselves around the floor, and not relying on too many isos (save the last four Kobe points, which came off abusing Josh Howard- they'll probably have to go back to putting Kidd on him).  Gasol cutting to the basket on breaks, LO cutting to give Kobe an outlet.  That sort of thing. 

On the other end, they've been hit by a couple pick and rolls, and Kidd has managed to find his way to the basket one one drive. 

Kidd to the bench off the TO, and the Lakers immediately force a TO by putting ball pressure on Terry.  On the other end, a little slip screen on the P and R gives Pau an easy dunk off the Kobe feed. 

4:25- Another good sequence for Luke, who with some hustle on the offensive glass forces the Mavs to lose the ball.  Then on the inbound, he hits the floater off the drive in the lane.

3:39- Gasol gets Dampier deep on the block, then spins baseline and drops the easy two with the left hand.  Still wise, Dampier can't handle Pau, if he can get position against a stronger player. 

19 up.

2:21- Fish drives baseline, draws a double under the basket, but is able to sneak a pass to Gasol moving down the lane.  On the next trip down, the Lakers again take advantage of a double, as Kobe gets the ball at the top of the key, drives, and as three guys move towards him (very moth to flame, actually) he drops an easy pass to Gasol for the dunk.  The key was getting rid of the ball the instant the defenders committed to him.  He still had the space to make the pass, but the defenders had no chance of recovering to stop the dunk. 

Lakers up now 25-21.  Timeout on the floor.  Farmar and Turiaf into the game for Fish and Odom.  Gasol picks up Dirk, who immediately blows by him for an easy dunk.  He'll be able to take Pau into space on the open floor, which is not a good place for Gasol to be. 

:50- Bummer for Luke, who flipped a fantastic pass on his way to the floor, behind his back and spinning to hit Kobe in stride for what would have been a dunk.  Instead, Luke goes to the line for FTS, which he hits.  Lakers up 29-23. 

On the next trip down, Kobe helps Pau, who was again beaten by Dirk fairly easily.  He took just a little too long to get the shot up, though, and Kobe was able to come over with the help to get the block.

END OF THE FIRST:  29-23 Lakers.  LA has done a great job offensively, setting each other up and finding easy looks close to the basket.  Very few instances of settling for jumpers.  Everything on the perimeter has been with a clean look.  Defensively, with Kidd out of the game, the Mavs have been far less effective putting pressure on the Lakers.  LA has put a lot of ball pressure on Terry to get the ball out of his hands. 

The only wrinkle comes with Dirk, when LO isn't on the floor to guard him.  Then he's given an automatic mismatch, because LA doesn't really have anyone else who matches up well with Nowitzki.  Then again, nobody does, which is why the guy has won an MVP.  Solid first 12, all things considered.  AK will have the second.


11:02 - Man alive, does Brandon Bass come flying in outta nowhere to snag an errant triple from Stack and score the putback.  Nobody put a body on him, but the way he was moving and elevating, I don't think anybody could have.

9:38 - Sasha puts the kibbosh on a pair of offensive boards by Dallas turning into a trio.  His means of stoppage?  Fouling Malik Allen, as opposed to letting him put up a shot and allow a Mav to grab the seemingly inevitable loose ball.  That's two straight Dallas possessions where the Lakers allowed their opponent to clean up and capitalize on their messes.  They're also up 9-2 on the Lakers, all in all.  Can't have that.

There's a trip of fans right behind BK and I with the weirdest, most "finger nails on the chalkboard" voices.  They all sound kinda like McLovin from "Superbad," but with varying vocal ranges.  Granted, this doesn't have much to do with the game itself, but y'all seem to like when we "put you right in the arena," so there you have it.

7:23 - Sasha drives the lane and puts his up a circus shot that almost hits the backboard on its way down.  You could likely give him another 50 tries and he wouldn't sink the same attempt.  Thankfully, he only needs to do it once.

5:23 - Kobe throws down what's likely among the top 5 "uncontested, totally unbothered" dunks of his career, thanks to Sasha swiping the rock from Josh Howard.  I actually expected more of a thunder dunk, but I think there was so little struggle leading up to it that Kobe was kinda like, "Meh.  Doesn't feel right."   

5:07: - Devean George clangs his one-handed dunk attempt into Fish's hand, the Laker possession eventually converting into a 19-footer from LO.  Dude is still among the least accomplished finishers in the league for his athletic abilities.  Always has been.  Likely always will be.  But at least he made up for it but airballing a three ball.

4:11 - I'm saying it's necessary easy for Sasha to prevent Dampier from any "and one" baskets, given the amount of size he's giving up.  But he's gotta do better than the offering he just threw out on that foul.

2:52 - Kobe backs down a few dribbles in the post, then shittles the ball to Fish along arc.  A couple more dribbles followed by a fake left gets Terry to bite and provides him enough space for the long jumper.  Fish has 8 points, but he's also been to the line four times (all converted).  With a 2-7 clip running from the field, it's easy to remain concerned that Derer ain't quite done slumping yet.

2.2 - I'll give this much to Dampier.  He may have hands of stone, but he knows how to use them for cracking a dude while fouling.  Just ask Kobe, who converts one of two from the line after finding himself on the recieving end.

Stackhouse puts up a prayer that falls good from just inside half court, but it came after the buzzer.  The half winds down 50-47 in favor the good guys.  The Lakers have taken Dallas' first quarter shooting percentage from 43% to 37.5, so they're doing something right when it comes to overall D.  Unfortunately, they're getting beaten on the glass (27-22) and still haven't gotten it together when it comes to guarding downtown city limits (7-12).  Thus, they're not doing everything right.  It's harder without Bynum, but the windex needs continual applying.  Don't love the 67% work at the stripe, either.  We'll see what happens in the third with BK at the helm. 


10:40- Mavs take the lead on a Terry three pointer on the kick out. Then on the next trip, Dirk drops the ball low to Dampier who had excellent position in the lane on Odom.  54-50 Mavs.

8 :40- Good feed from Kobe to Walton ont he break puts the Lakers back up by two, on the heels of two drives by Kobe to the hoop.  Dallas has cranked it up in the second half for sure.  I have to say, in the long term, I don't know how the Kidd deal will work out, but for now, he's playing very well with them.  I can see the appeal of bringing him in, that's for sure. 

6:30- Kidd drills another shot form outside, this time a three.  He's not a shooter by nature, but th eLakers are giving him way to little respect in that area.  Kobe drifted off of him to double the ball, adn when it went back to Kidd, essentially conceded the shot, which Kidd buried.

5:57- Mavs 59, Lakers 58.  TO on the floor.

3:55- Erick Dampier has Kwame hands.  Though in this case it helps.  His inability to catch the ball cleanly actually gave him an easy dunk attempt.  On the next Dallas trip down, LO blocks Nowitzki.  If he doesn't score another point tonight, LO gets big ups for the work he's done on Dirk tonight.

3:18- Kobe complains that Dampier should have had a flagrant, I guess, but on the replay, it's clear Damier made a play at the ball.  He also took Kobe out with a hip check, but that's how you do it.  If you're goig to foul on the break, make sure the ball doesn't get up to the rim. 

2:35- Tough call on LO at the other end.  Could have been a block, could have been a charge, could have been a non-call.  Ref picked block.  Timeout on the floor, Lakers down 65-61.  Very good Q3 for Dallas.

1:20- Wow!  Great recovery from Ronny on the Kidd move, and good lord, Kidd just juked Sasha in a bad way with a wicked spin move.  That was nifty. 

2.8- Kobe goes to the line with a chance to bring the Lakers to within three heading into the fourth.  He makes them both, and the quarter ends with the Lakers down 68-65. 

END OF THE THIRD- First of all, this has been a very entertaining game.  The Lakers are still doing some good things, but aren't finding those easy buckets that they were getting early.  Only 15 points in the quarter.  Defensively, they're not doing a bad job.  Nowitzki has been neutralized by LO, and overall the Mavs are having to work to get good looks.  Kidd has played well, and had moements where he really controlled the tempo of the game.  The Lakers need to get back to aggressive cutting, and will probably have to start knocking down a jumper or two to keep Dallas from packing down inside.

AK will have the fourth.


10:03 - I'm not sure what was hurt more by the dunk by Stackhouse.  The  Laker morale or Stack's back.  That could fill his "elevation quota" for the next three years.  I'm suprised he's not on a stretcher after that.

8:38 - Sasha mishandles a pass from Walton and lets it dribble over the sideline and out of bounds.  It's too far into a game too tight for lapses like that.

8:01 - Walton pushes his way through the painted area, then muscles up the layup for a much needed  laker bucket.  Luke fouls out about a minute later, but with 11/6 and two steals, it's been a pretty good performance, his third in a row.  Hopwefully, it's a sign of a season-long slump falling to the wayside.

6:38 - Kobe initiates some contact from Howard, then gets to the line for two converted freebies.  He's been enduring the odd struggle at the line today, but as his man Shaq used to say, he "makes them when they count."  The Dallas lead is cut to a scant basket, with Pau making it a knotted 79 after sinking two of his own.

5:25 - And speaking of making them when they count, Kobe hits a very deep triple that not only counts (literally and figuratively) but puts the Lakers up by a point.

4:14 -  Sasha used to be known as an "11 O'clock" player, since he was always good during morning/afternoon practice, but couldn't hit anything during an actual game.  This year, he's draining them during the p.m. hours, but is currently suffering through a "Bizarro-Machine" afternoon.  2-8 from the field, with the latest miss coming from behind the arc. Thankfully, Farmar tracks down the loose ball and gives that Kobe Bryant character a chance to make something happen.  He opts for a made mid-range jumpoer.  Avery opts for a timeout.

2:08 - Dirk draws the foul against LO courtest of a Nicholson-worthy flop (Jack actually seemed impressed from courtside) and shoots a pair.  Been a very strangely called game, truth be told.  I don't even think it's been as badly called as totally inconssustent.  The refs spent the first three-ish quarters just letting dudes play (which I'm fine with), then deciding in the fourth to tighten it up.  I hate when that happens.  You can't switch horses in mid-race. 

1:19 - After Dirk cans a very hard-earned basket with LO all in his grill (nothing you can do about that), Kobe one-ups the "work for my bucket" stakes.  And one racked off some contact from Dampier, who's now gotta sit and watch with his sextet of whistles.  I rarely ever say this, but I'm happy Erick Dampier is no longer able to play.

28.5 - Jason Terry cans an impossible floating bank shot amnd

6.1 - Kobe with three GI-NORMOUS clutch plays down the stretch.

a) Stripping Dirk, which led to a frenzied scrum and a quick, missed three by Stackhouse (Gasol may have gotten a piece of it)

b) Snagging the loose ball after LO missed both of his freebies

c) Hitting both of his chances at the line.

2.0- As a guy who's often slagged Dirk for not coming through in crunchtime, I must admit, that three ball to tie it at 93 was big.  Of course, it was made much eaiser by Gasol, who inexplicably decided to hang in the paint after LO was caught up in a screen and only close on the reigning MVP at the last second.  Bad play.  You gotta hang with him from downtown.  Give him the two if needed and let your team work from one up.  But you can't allow him a tying bucket.  Which is what it turns out to be.  And that means only one thing.



4:43 - Sasha ain't been hitting the borad side of the ocean today, but picked a HUGE time to come through with a trey ball.  The Lakers are first strike.   With Kobe quickly adding to the mix, it's a five point Laker lead.

1:49 - After Dirk hits a pair (foul on Pau), it's a four point Laker lead.  Which is two tight for Kobe's liking.  Couple of dribbles just outside the elbow for the pull up J.  Kobe's 50th point puts the Lakers up by 6.

9.4 - Not sure what shocked me more: Pau giving Kidd a Cottonelle-cushiony foul as the newbie Dallas member attacks the paint (either knock the crap out of him and make sure the basket doesn't go or concede.  That helped nada).  Or Kidd, a 78% career marksman at the stripe and a pretty cool cucumber to boot, missing.  Kobe comes down with the loose ball for his 11th board and sends both attempts through the cylinder.

LO cinches the ball game by making one of two down the stretch, which cancels out any potential damage had The Jet's prayer gone down.  108-104 Lakers.  A big time effort from Kobe helps make this one go down easier.  52/11/4, to be exact.  And not nearly as much help as he's gotten on average.  Some solid supporting work can be credited to Luke Walton, Pau Gasol (defense aside), Sasha (all D) and LO on the glass and defensively.  But all in all, this was one of those times where the league's best player needed to carry his squad for rather large chunks of PT.  Thankfully, that's been considerably more rare occurance this seasion. Thanks for dropping by.  More to come later.

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Hey Nation,

Great day to be a Laker fan. I know that the term "Statement Game" is overused, but I think today's game applies.

Mavs are a top team and very motivated now with Jason Kidd coming in.
Lakers coming off a loss and have had a day off to rest.
Lakers don't play any other top teams for more than a week.
National TV games always brings maximum motivation to both teams.

The obvious result to make us all feel good will be a 10+ point win. IMO that is what a "Lock" championship team would do. That is what I want to see......That is what I think will happen.

Lakers win comfortably. Go Lakes!

On another point, I would love for Kobe have one of his "games for the ages" today. This would be great coming right after ABC has spent 2 hours fawning all over Labron.

Hopefully the defense get a little improved today, I really miss Ariza.

Gametime everyone!!! Go Lakers!!!

wow. Luke with 2stls and a block already? i love it! gotta pick up the D though

Lakers... cold as can be

Luke has been playing better lately, but he has to be one of the worst finishers when it comes to potential three point plays. Just an observation. Lakers need to buckle down defensively. Lakers need to attack the basket instead of settling for jump shots. Nice dish by Fish to Pau.

what a pass by FISH! noice. j kidd is pushing the ball ike a madman.

Luke is dominating!!!!

kobe absolutely schooling Howard the last two plays.LUke almost with another steal! Who is this guy?

Kobe on Kidd defensively -- I like.

I think Pau needs to change the way he attacks Dampier. Going away from the hoop after getting bumped is exactly what Dallas wants - he needs to drive INTO the defender, and get to the line

Ragged start, but we should be alright. Lakers need to just settle down and execute their offense. Go Lakers!!!

Decent start to the game. The opening punch by the mavs had me worried for a bit, but the D has picked up considerably since then. Hopefully Fish can break out of his shooting slump today and the bench mob can dominate. Need to go inside to Pau to get damp in foul trouble. They are thin up front since they lost Diop. Lamar's constant dives to the bucket remind me of the alley oop plays lakers would run with bynum before he got hurt - you would see the play a couple times every game and it would almost always work. Go Lakers!

Luke is alive!! Nice runner

LMAO at Van Gundy: "Dampier is the human illegal screen"

Yeah, as much as I hate on Luke, he's playing well finally

Mamba to Pau

kobe to pau = $$$$$

gasol is unstoppable!!!

I just got home from playng a pickup basketball game. How does our energy look tonight? From what I've just seen on Kobe's alleyoop to Gasol we look pretty lively today.

Nice two man game between Kobe and Pau. If it weren't for a couple of bobbled would be steals, we'd be up by more. Keep up the execution, go Lakers!!!

maybe all Luke needed was a good kick in the arse, we all hate on look but we have to remember he was a very solid player for us two years ago even a bit last year before the injuries.

Re; Announcers.

Jeff Van Gundy is the best color guy in the game right now. Unbiased, on point, and humorous.

Nice start. The Ballerina is dominating and Luke has really turned it around.

So far so good... but there is something missing...

Luke has been fine
Kobe has been Kobe
Pau has been Pau
Odom has been fine
Fisher continues in the Suns world.

The game has just started... my next comment will be form now on... at teh end of every quarter. :)

Lets go Lakers

dammit bavetta. did he have to call that???????

Our defense is lovely!

Challenging shots!

theoretically and logically, that should've been a clear path foul

Okay..want positive instead of negative? This effort by Luke is what some people want to see every time he plays. He must feel good physically. He is playing excellent!!

Okay, I'm still stuck in Dallas, so we MUST beat up on these Mavs today.

I want none of the smack talk from the locals tonight! haha


Their Euro vs. our Euro

Beautiful pass by Luke to Kobe negated by the refs. Farmar getting the bench mob started. Go Lakers!!!

you gotta be kidding me about that call!!!

Damn. Nice quarter, but the lead could be bigger. Keep up the energy DEFENSIVELY that is the KEY. I'm confident we can put up 110+ on these guys, if we can play solid D for 3 more quarters, we'll be fine.


Yeah, that's definitely one of those rare times when you curse a ref for making the correct call in favor of the Lakers.


I don't like Gasol on Dirk -- too much chance of fouls with him flaling around. Lamar of Ronny can handle Dirk.

Thank God! Luke may finally be coming around.


down with the Stupid irritating mavericks! and their fans..and their ghey ass owner!


Slow start but i am loving their intensity..HAVE to keep it up though through 3 quarters!!

purple and gold FO LIFE!

Kobe get yourself and the team under control, Dallas will not be able to play with you.....

PJ must have really ripped Jordan a new one after the Portland game. Normally he would have taken that shot instead of passed.

Nice first quarter by the Show. Keep up the intensity!!! Go Lakers!!!

I agree Van Gundy is very candid, humorous and tells it like it is.

I am sick of all the homer commentators..

Chickie baby was NEVER a homer..he loved the lakers but he would be the FIRST to say something like

"we cant throw a pea in the ocean"

"this is the worse I have ever seen the lakers look"

and so on.


go lakers!


I agree. I enjoy listening to Mark Jackson as well. The Mike Breen, Jackson, Van Gundy is the best in the NBA right now.

Pedal to the metal!

Eight dimes on 10 FGs in the first quarter. That's some mighty fine sharing.


They've got D. George on Kobe?

I think that is called a mismatch.

It's the usual Luke on the offense, but at least is playing good D: he challenges and blocks shots, and has two steals already


We're turning it over and missing rebounds now.

Come on Lakers!

No rebounds...No rings Lakers...

worst defensive rebounding team in the league. Everyone is watching the ball instead of finding their men to box out. Absolutely no excuse for violating basketball 101

what the .... is wrong with deffensive rebounding??!!

Too many offensive boards for Dallas. The matchup with Farmar on Kidd has been really one sided, too. Kidd has basically gone wherever he wants against him, and the Lakers are forced to give him a lot of attention once he gets inside. He's really just too strong for JF.


rebounds again is going to kill us...

too many jordy jumpers, too many poor passes and not enough defensive rebounding

let's go back to gasol

happy camper..

Sorry you have to be in DALLAS.

I hate that city.

Like i said before, obnoxious fans.

We will crush them!

When we do, wear your lakers gear tonight!

happy camper..

Sorry you have to be in DALLAS.

I hate that city.

Like i said before, obnoxious fans.

We will crush them!

When we do, wear your lakers gear tonight!

what? we missing free throws left and right now?

Sasha is white Kobe!!!! almost....;)

This set is our best set right now. I would milk it.

There was a day when seeing Sasha near the hoop was a very scary proposition. It's becoming less and less so these days. Good to see.


it's hilarious how these national TV guys are jumping on "The Machine" nickname

Ok, we all know Kidd is not a great shooter, but he's not exactly Chris Dudley. Lets not give him two hours to set his feet, lick his fingers, etc.

Sasha is so the new Fox haha.

Check out that D!

NICE rebound Kobe!!

Everybody say it with me...One...two...three..THE MAAAAAACHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNEEEEE!!!

The Machine is making the Sasha Breakout Bandwagon mighty happy.

I think Sasha banked that first layup of the shotclock. lol

machine is incredible tonight!!!! and he even didnt take any 3 yet !!!!

An 8 point lead is good. The Lakers can put Dallas away right now if Kobe would mix it up by taking every open shot and draw the defense and pass off if they try to guard him. Its that simple folks....

Really nice to see Sasha attack the rim two times in a row. As well as Farmar has been playing lately, he still settles too much for the three. He needs to attack the hoop more and keep the defense honest. Both Farmar and Sasha would be even better and deadlier if they went to the hoop a little more. We're doing a little better rebounding and defending today. Go Lakers!!!

1...2..3.. MACHIIIIEEEN!!!

Sashas 1st name is Aleksander???



Oh, I will wear it, alright!

Loud and proud!




Thank you George for sucking with the other team lol.

Wow, D George trying to get NASTY....Lamar with the confident J...Great stretch for the LakeShow!

Lakers D has been really solid tonight. Only two things have hurt us - second chance points, and whenever our guys (Kobe...) have gambled on steals

Come on Sasha, be smart. Park in front of the line for a charge. Don't challenge and foul.

What I like about Sasha is that he is not only a good shooter but he attack the rim. Lamar Odom is playing good D on Dirk.

hahahaha.....van gundy is on fire right now "free throw rebounds should not count"...i wonder if he was like this in the locker rooms in new york and houston.

What the heck is going on with Moving Picks?

It's like it's predetermined that they won't call them against the Mavs, Suns.


Van Gundy with the "Memphis Grizzlies" for MVP.

That's awesome.

kobe's got 3 of 6 on the line..... c'mon Kob!!!

Why was Turiaf replaced early? Is he injured?

Can't be overstated. Defensive rebounding and interior defense is where we miss Bynum the most. Lakers really need to finish this quarter strong and go into the half with a good lead. Kobe missing his free throws today. Go Lakers!!!

Van Gundy was always a great defensive coach - listen to him on that one: make Kidd come off the pick and make that mid-range pull up, instead of leaving the roll man

Why was Turiaf replaced early? Is he injured?

Posted by: justin young | March 02, 2008 at 01:35 PM

Turiaf wasn't showing any energy and was getting beat on the glass by Bass. Go Lakers!!!

We are making Eric Dampier look like an MVP... Make Jason Kidd be a shooter, the passes inside to Dampier are too easy....

make your damn free throws Kobe! 50 percent, are u kidding me?!

Way to stay with the rebound! Nice.

From now on, I'm calling Avery Johnson Curious George

Awesome block by LO!

Barely even heard Dirk's name today. ODOM = D LOL

nice close by luke on stack.....and lamar with the monster block! we're really protecting the rim today with lamar/pau. great job.

LUUUUKE! Snatching the ball away from Dirk...can't capitalize though..

Kobe's hitting free throws at a Shaq-like clip. His jumpr shot isn't falling. I think his pinkie has flared up.

How many Damm times are you going to let the Mavs shoot wide open 3 point shots!!!. Jason Terry has 3 of them now.

Need to do a better job on that lob. It's killing us.


The Lakers are losing on the rebounds category and it seems like it is becoming natural.

Kobe is missing free throws

No need to double J.Kidd because I think the lakers can live with him shooting jump shots.

I think the lakers could live with J.Kidd passing the ball to Dampier as long as he's away from the basket...with that I am saying that there is no need to let dampier slide to the basket when we know he won't make his jump shots.

Lamar Odom should aggressively attack the basket since we all know that Nowitzky won't even dare to guard him.

In general... Kobe, Odom and Fisher are leavin their men open and their men are making this contest a game.

Go Lakers

Why are the Lakers overplaying Kidd? He has made a couple of shots, but let him shoot! We are making Erica Dampier look like an all-star.

Odom is shutting down Dirk. Fisher's shot is still off.

Someone broke Kobe! What is wrong with his free throws!

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