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Live from Staples- Lakers vs. Raptors

Things I'm thankful for:  Good health, family, and that I don't have to type Garbajosa tonight.

BK with the first.


4-0 Raptors, 10:30.  I know Rasho Nesterovic ain't exactly a beast down low, but when he's got Derek Fisher on him, that's a matchup that'll work in his favor.  Sometimes switches will do that. 

9:52- LO gets the Lakers on the board with a three.  4-3 Toronto.  6-4 LA, as Kobe hits a triple of his own.  Decent start from outside, but it's never good to see them live out there.

8:20- Another three for Kobe.  That's three straight for LA, accounting for all nine points, but that's not what the coaching staff wants to see, I wouldn't think.  The Lakers tend to fall in love with jumpers.  LO solves that problem by taking the ball strong to the hole for an and one.  Misses the FT, but still, it's a nice change of pace.  Took the rebound and went coast to coast, nobody on Toronto stepping up to stop ball.  When LO gets in open space like that, he's almost unstoppable.  11-6 LA.

6:30- Kobe has the ball slapped away by Anthony Parker on the crossover, and he goes in for the easy dunk.  14-11 LAL.  Kobe then tries to counter with a three, which he misses.  As a team, they did get the memo that they're allowed to shoot things that aren't threes, right?

5:44- Timeout on the floor, 14-11 LA.  Can't say I like what they're doing right now.  No ball movement.  Defensively, they're fine, but they're not really forcing the issue by settling for a lot of jumpers.  Perhaps the intimidation factor is playing into it?  Nesterovic is awfully tough down there.  Like Mutombo.

5:33- First possession out of the TO, Kobe takes it to the hole.  Foul.  Then they go inside to Gasol, who kicks it out for a Fish three.  Better.  At least they're going inside first.

3:53- I hate to harp on this, but the Lakers have, after a Vlad airball, shot eight threes on 14 total attempts. 

LO gets hosed on a travel call- he actually fooled the ref with the pump fake.   Got the ball in the lane, pumped up, fooling everyone, then had an easy run to the basket, but they blew the whistle.

2:57- Kobe loses the ball, thinks there was contact, and ends up on the ground complaining.  That's the second time Parker picked him when he went for the crossover at the top of the key.  The Lakers still aren't getting into their offense at all, save for a couple possessions.  Very little activity for Pau in the post.  Thus far, Kobe really isn't playing well at all.  He's hit a couple shots, but is also spending too much time trying to go one on one.  He's neither carrying them, nor distributing.  Worst of both worlds.


Lakers down 25-22, and it really has nothing to do with anything the Raptors are doing.  Farmar commits a terrible foul at the end of the quarter, getting his hand in and grabbing Ford as he started his shot.  Jordan let go, but not before altering the play enough to the get the whistle.  Offensively, the Lakers are spending way too much time on the perimeter, not moving themselves or the ball very much.  Not enough touches for Gasol down low, no effort to get LO posted up.  Everything from the outside in. 

Defensively, when they're not giving Toronto free points off TOs, the Lakers are doing okay, though it wouldn't hurt to shore up the glasswork.  Hopefully it'll happen in Q2, with AK at the keys.


At the 10:18 mark, Luke Walton enters the game.  So does, and this is not a typo, Coby Karl.  Sasha and Kobe sit.  I believe this would be Phil's way of saying to everyone, "Start moving the ball around and stop jacking up jumpers from outside the minute you touch the rock."

8:39 - During the timeout, the jumbotron showed a montage of Kareem, which culiminated in the crowd giving him a standing O.  They liked it much more than T.J. Ford burying the long jumper after play commenced.

8:15 - Coby Karl skying for the block!

7:14 - A flgrant 1 is called on Kobe for coming down hard on Kris Humphries in the paint.  To Kobe's credit, he handled the assessment well.  Didn't like it, but kinda nodded along and kept it cool, opting instead to take it out on the rim with a standing dunk.  I gotta believe the ball bouncing off the court was by design.      

6:28 - Coby Karl takes Ford's miss downcourt and hits Ronny Turiaf in the air for an alley.  The pass wasn't quite timed, so Turiaf found himself kinda hung up too far from the rack.  But he stayed aware and dished the touch pass to Farmar behind the arc.  Three ball falls.  Lakers take a 37-35 lead and prompt Sam Mitchell to call a timeout.

5:15 - The Kobe to Coby connection.  Kobe walks the ball just outside the paint, finds a defender, then dishes to George Karl's kid for the triple.  I don't have the stats in front of me, but if tonight wasn't the earliest Coby ever checked into a game, it would be close.  And thus far, he's made fantastic use of the minutes.

3:15 - LO checks in for Karl, who gets a huge round of applaude from the crowd.  His exits almost immediately cues a three ball from Fish, assisted by Kobe. 

2:24 - Walton misses a three ball, but LO is there to snag the loose ball, snag his own short miss, then finally tap it back.  Nice resourcefulness on the part of ther Lakers, repeated on the next possession by Walton.  Getting the ball behind the arc in the corner, Luke hesitates to take a shot, gets double teamed and finds himself cornered.  But he keeps his head and notices Gasol cutting to the rim.  Ball threaded to Gasol for the layup.

46.3 - Nice recovery by Kobe, who lost the handle working his way into the paint.  Through a series of short dribbles, he eventually regains control and gets layup to fall.  His next possession involves some paint entry as the clock winds down, but the ball's eventually kicked out to Fish situated in downtown.  Good for Fish's 10th of the half.  He also bumps the Lakers up 58-52 to close down the opening 24 minutes.  The ball movement and shot selection improved considerably from the first quarter.  Less iso'ed work and quick/long jumpers.  The rock actually traveled inside every now and then.  That's a formula for getting 'er done.  Back at the third with BK.      


First possession for Toronto sees Moon beat Rad off the dribble.  IT's happened a couple times, actually.  Moon isn't a great offensive player, but he's not afraid, either. 

Two Lakers possessions end with two buckets for LO in the paint, one on a drive, the other on a postup. 
9:46- Vlad misses an easy layup, then Pau bricks the easy put back.  That one hurt.  It really hasn't been a great night for Radmanovic.

9:10- Not a great sequence for the Lakers.  Calderon takes a three, and it hits off the rim with literally nobody raising an arm on the defensive glass.  Calderon dumps it to Parker in the corner, and the Raptors have a triple. 

6:55- Gasol gets the bucket down low, taking Nesterovic across the lane and then using the left hand.  The Lakers have been much, much more effective getting the ball into the post.  Then on the next trip, LO uses the little slip screen off Kobe along the baseline, takes the feed from 24, and drops the ball in.  Easy points. 

The Lakers are starting to get a lot more of those in the third. Timeout on the floor, 73-65 LAL.

Overall, since the second Q when PJ yanked the starters, the performance overall for the team has been much better.  This quarter, they're looking like the group we're more accustomed to seeing.  Good ball movement and player movement.   This isn't a team that's going to beat them up physically, so there's really no issue to force the issue and work the ball inside.  LO has been a real catalyst in the third.  He's just killing Moon down low when given the chance.

5:20: "Good Three."  LO penetrates then kicks back to Fish to Kobe who rises and shoots in rhythm.  That's the sort of clean three they should look for. 

Bargnani hits a pair of FTs- 76- 69 LAL.

4:44- Not sure what happened there.  Seemed to be some sort of communication issue defensively with teh Lakers. Kobe had Parker in the corner, but was completely giving up the baseline.  He must have thought help was there, but Parker had a straight shot to the hoop.  Don't know if he should have been or not, but Kobe seemed genuinely surprised that nobody was there once Parker went by.

4:24- 78-71 LAL.

2:48- Vlad blocks a shot, very possibly the first constructive thing he's done tonight.  PJ has stuck with him, though, which isn't always the case when he's not playing particularly well.  Timeout on the floor, 80-73 LA.

1:00- Luke just outjumped Jamario Moon for a rebound.  He's gonna get made fun of in the Raptors locker room later. 

Smart foul by Farmar on Ford at the end of the quarter.  They had one to give, and it slowed him up.


LA 83, Toronto 77.  Great Q3 for LO, who had 13, and for the Lakers O generally. Much better ball movement, much better player movement.  On the other hand, Toronto had a few too many easy looks on back door and PandRs, but the Lakers are holding the Raptors to 42% from the floor, so the D has been fairly good.  Hopefully it stays that way, if it doesn't, blame AK.


10:55 - Two straight defensive stands from Walton lead directly to a pair of Laker buckets.  The first admittedly involved Luke getting away with a foul on Kris Humphries, but he causes the Gopher to miss a layup.  The rebound goes to Luke and eventually Farmar for a clean 17-footer.  The next play sees Walton do a solid job bodying Joey Graham down low, giving him enough trouble that Kobe can go in for the strip.  The ball goes again to Farmar, this time from 20 feet out.  Same result.  Toronto calls timeout.

9:55 - A great bounce pass from Sasha (weaving in and out of the paint) sets up Ronny for the two handed dunk.  He can't convert after absorbing the contact from Graham and gets one of two at the line.

9:01 - As Kobe dribbles at the top of the arc, Sasha keeps moving from one side of downtown to the other, eventually losing a trailing Kapano.  Kobe spots his Slovenian buddy on the run and sets him up for a sweet reverse layup.  Of course, one good need deserves another, so less than a minute later, Farmar rewards Kobe with an alley oop feed.

5:42 - Kobe takes Anthony Parker at the top of the elbow, left side.  Backs him down, then faces, one twist, jumper around the stripe.  Parker had absolutely no chance.  The next possession sees Kobe good from a little further back on the opposite side.

3:29 -Good job by Fish running Ford into traffic and a spot in the paint where a layup goes all airball.

2:09 - Too much time in the post without a decision leads to Gasol telegraphing a pass to LO.  Interception Toronto.  Ford comes streaking towards the rack and goes up for the dunk.  He's met by Kobe, who makes a spectacular stop at the top of the cylinder.  But the rebound goes to Nesterovic, who converts the layup.

41.0 - Big money three ball from Fish to create nine points of separation and keep this from being a two possession game against a team that specializes in bombing.   Kobe does a great job spotting him from the interior.

Final score 117-108, Lakers on top.  After a headless chicken-like first quarter featuring way too many bombs and not enough ball movement, the next three saw the Lakers put together a pretty good ball game, especially in the second half.  Kobe led all scorers with 34 and got double digit help from all starters, save Vlad's goose egg.  The bench also provided some nice support after a bit of a lull.  Nice bounceback after Sunday's disappointment.  Thanks for dropping by.  More to come later.        

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But you do have the towel boy. Make sure sure to guard him with a vengeance haha, jk.

L.O. !

bad start..

What's the alternative to Anyone?

Any live connection? Channelsurfing is not working. Help.

I have a feeling kobe is gonna go off 2night.

anyone know where to watch the game? channelsurfing has radio feed only

channel surfing is downnn

Maybe 82?

The Mamba esta caliente!

pinky alert pinky alert.. this cant be bad can it??????????


F-Fish is SERIOUS tonight. Go Lakers!

Its not down its a chineese feed :<

No worrys about the pinky. It hurts. Will all season. Kobe doesn't care.

"Repost from previous thread"

"AK;BK I appreciate the hard work and dedication you both put into this blog but I had assumed you were both had credentials to get into any locker room with a media pass. Maybe I dont understand how it all works but I think Cuban makes some good points. The problem is you guys are doing a great job but how would he and the Mavs know that and be able to evaluate every blogger who wants to enter the mavs locker room. Lets say I started a blog tomorrow and went to the game. How should I be evaluated in comparison to you guys or other bloggers and how many bloggers would take the opportunity to get on the "inside".? Kinda seems like a free pass to me.

Posted by: Laker Lover | March 11, 2008 at 04:48 PM "

Bloggers: "white"
Laker Lover: "black"

Bloggers: "up"
Laker Lover: "down"

Bloggers: "left"
Laker Lover: "right"

Bloggers: "Kobe rocks"
Laker Lover: "Kobe sucks"

I have been trying to figure you and your monniker out for weeks. Now I got it. You don't hate Kobe. You are just a juvenile ass that likes being the contrarian. Or maybe you just need to argue to feel important. Whatever. At least now I get it, and you have been exposed. I guess every group needs "that guy". Congratulations you are it......

Gary wong

"I have a feeling kobe is gonna go off 2night."

He's trying to make everyone believes that he's so mad about last game.

What he's doing right now is making this a one against five game as a result he has two turnovers right now.

As I speak, there is the open line... every team will make a trip to the paint like it is a jewerly store with no security or alarm system to protect it.

Kobe is being more aggresive....4 turnovers already..good job Kobe!!!

I really hope I'm wrong, but I have a bad feeling we're looking at technical #14 for Kobe. He's already screaming at the refs and was laying into the closest official heading off the court at the time out. He really needs to watch it. He can only get two more this season before it's an automatic suspension.

Kobe had been doing a great job for the majority of the season not getting so chippy with the officials, but the last month or so, he's really reverted. He's getting on them almost every possesion.




Common LAKERS. Lets not let this one go down to the last 4.3 seconds.

Hey I thought with Luke not starting we'd be up by millions!! What's up team? Stop mourning and get Killing!!!

Does anyone have a working link to the game?



right now, the way they're playing... they should be in the WNBA.

AK/BK, after the one game suspension for the 16th technical, does the count reset? Should he time the technical for a less challenging night? Please tell me the count does not go into the playoffs!

I'll be away for a couple of days, but I feel called upon to respond to the Guru.

"Teams that will, assuming no drastic changes, be better than yours (the Sacramento Kings of Basketball) next season include:" and so on.

Shirley you Jester. Except for Denver, we've beaten all of the top eight teams you listed; sometimes twice; sometimes in their own houses. Remember? Say, a couple days ago? Ouch!

I'm frettin'. It's looking more and more like we're just going to have to slap you around again come April 6th, but not tonight. With Bosh out you've got a chance to get back into the win column. Good luck.


I don't get it, started during their last winning streak. It's like Kobe's trying to play mad. We don't need him barking his way into a day off.

weak, weak, very weak defense!!! that's even against raptors!

It seems like the Lakers did not solve anything.

Too many turnovers and easy points for the raptors. Well here it comes the homecort advantage that this team is claiming all season long...

Why the hell aren't we attacking this team on the inside??? No Bosh and we're down after the first? You kidding me? Cmon Jordan, you're killing us.

So, Kobe's going for 60 tonight, right?


That jumper in the paint by Kobe was not only a welcome sight bevause it went down, but because it was something that didn't involve the arc. They've already taken WAY too many threes (10 and counting). Folks need to settle down and work the ball inside a bit.

Great two man game on the next possession between Kobe, Pau (with the LO cameo) Lot of ball movement. Nice shot inside for Kobe to eventually put up (and down).


Kobe has 13 but his lack of D and not getting back has costs us 14...There is more to the game than scoring Kobe......Read McGradys quote after yesterdays game for a clue....

smart foul by jordan geeeshh


You guys can talk to Sasha, right? What is Slovenian for "YOU CAN'T TAKE A DRIBBLE WITH 0.6 SECONDS LEFT ON THE CLOCK"? I know the end of the First Quarter is not that big of a deal, but he did it last game too. Seriously if we really need a late basket and he dribbles away the last few tenths of a second, I am gonna lose it.



AK your right about the nice possession that got Kobe the little baseline shot, but I was a bit concerned that Pau passed up what looked like a perfect opportunity for his nice little hook shot. Seems his confidence is waning a bit. What's your take?

Johnny P,

After that 16th, Kobe would get suspended every other technical during the regular season. From there, I don't think anything else carries over into the playoffs, although I don't know the exact number of technicals that constitute a suspension.


Wow! Early C-Karl appearance!

coby karl??? wow, phil must be desperate. though its not like ck can play any worse on D than the other fellas.


Do me a favor and tear the head off a cute Barney the Dinosaur doll and throw it on the court for me!


Coby and Luke in. Fair to say PJ is sending a message, and I can't blame him. LO is the only starter on the floor.


anyone have a good working live feed?

jesus 12 threes already??? don nelson would be proud

Poor Lamar out there with the send a message squad. Nice jump start 3 from Farmar.

Hey kobe show some profesionalism, if you want to play one on one sports just leave the nba and go play some golf, I bet you have enough money left to support a dozen African countries for the rest of your life.

So yesterday you did so because all your team mates sucked so what is it now? love personal glory more than anything huh?

Coby in early! Phil must be Pi**ed!

That's the problem with having guys w/o much court experience on the floor. Karl left his man, who ended up going back door and getting the and one.

I think this game is actually worse than the Sacto game, thus far.


The intensity is there. The rhythm is not. I'll take the intensity. They'll find the rhythm. Go Lakers!

somebody wake me when the la lakers decide to show up to staples. if this garbage continues, the upcoming roadie is gonna be humiliating.

What happened at 9:03 in the second?

Rony has a shooting foul and a TO. And at 8:56 he has a bad pass.

Confusion ensues. Please put back the real Lakers.

neil and staque suck! Kobe has been fouled on at least two of the turnovers. PS each other!!!!

Lakers on FSN in English.

Good time to start to struggle!

I would like to know where is this type of defense and offense is taking this team to? It certainly is to the early exit in the playoffs.

I just figure this team is the synonymous of the Phoenix Suns...

When we (Lakers) are great, the Suns are wack.. now the Suns are getting better and the Lakers are getting wack

Carlos Delfino's gamecast picture looks like Jeff Goldblum from "The Fly". Yuck.

Coby Karl with the REJECTION!!!

Should Canadian be allowed to have a basketball team?




God, I really hate that dinosaur mascot. I just can't get over it.

I think I need a doughnut and a beer.


Hold Up Hold UP.....Did Coby Freakin Karl just pull an AK47?? Wow... Maybe PHil knew somethin I didnt.

The Lakers need to slow down. They seem to be in a hurry to win the game instead of executing and letting the game come to them. I like the line up right now. Coby Karl can make a name for himself right now. We need him as a shooter come playoff time. I hope karl makes the most of this time on the floor...

That's a terrible call .. Kobe got ball and he gets called for a flagrant... terrible

I think they gave 24 the flagrant for coming down on Humphries with both arms...

Wow! A cut to the hoop!


Coby Karl is playing in the second quarter?

The Apocalypse must be nigh.

Frick! I don't even have my survival supplies together. I thought I had until 2012.


Ariza and Baby.....PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE get well soon! Laker Nation is BEGGING you...

They called that a FLAGRANT????? What a little @#$%%@#!!!!!!!!

Have I ever mentioned...

The Refs Suck-Arse!!

Where in the world do they get a flagrant out of that Kobe foul? This is getting absolutely ridiculous. KBros, we're gonna chat about the refs on your show tomorrow, so be ready!

Let me be the first to say ATTABABY COBY!!! Kid's playing well. Good call Zenmaster.

They called that a FLAGRANT????? What a little @#$%%@#!

Looks like another 5 against 8 night. The play calling by the refs is ridiculous.


Go Lakers.

Everyone needs to lay off kobe a little! Its tough to not say anything when you're being fouled right in front of refs and they continue to not call it! For the last month or so, the lakers (especially kobe) has not been getting any calls while being played quite physically. Lots of obvious fouls arent being called. This coincides with Kobe getting frustrated with the officials. The guy is human ya know....we forget that sometimes

Coby must be busting his butt in practice.

Hey has anybody noticed how poorly Pau Gasol has been playing of late. Simultaneously the Lakers have been struggling as well. Is Pau injured?

Keep coby karl in the game phil, don't take him out, he has the crowd in the game. He just got a rebound and made a good pass, the fellas need to get him a shot and if he hits it the Lakers will close this game out.....


Dude, liquid sea mineral and Dit Da Jow!

I feel like I've been teleported to Crazyland. Somebody get these people what they fricking need to get better.



justintv... finally a working link.. the buffering is killing me, but it's the game.. let's go lakeshow!

KOBE TO COBY! Haha that sounds suhweeet

I'm happy to see Ford playing again. Hopefully he can sustain his health from now on. Now let's D his ass up!

and now i see that neil is a second(third?fourth....??) coming of kl beast & the reast of "crew". I'll never understand people who desperately needs to draw somebody's attention by being controversial and/or actin like a .Go on smarty, tell us how kobe is killing LA whole game/seson/his carrer and than give a world a favor & go back to your cave low life creature.

I think the refs have it in for the Lakers for offending Jr!

This unit is finally moving the ball, and themselves, and using the post to create shots all over the floor. Much better flow offensively.


goddammit put your frickin beers away this is a basketball game not a dinner party. if you're gonna spill it, do it on their guys not ours.

I can't believe Ronny didn't get up to give Coby a high-five when Karl came off the floor...

We're taking a lot of threes, but we're nailin them...they're clogging the lane like mad and giving up the outside shot we have no choice but to take em.




Maybe he's destined to end the madness. They're not really a country anyways.


Nice shot Luke! thats what I'm talking about! Go Lakers!

can you imagine what would happen if rony and mark madsen somehow ended up on the same team? i think the bench and everyone sitting behind the bench would spontaneously combust or ignite in flames from the energy. could we somehow make this happen next season? i wouldn't mind seeing mad dog back in purple and gold. he's still in the league, right?

Chris Edwards,
I have noticed but I don't think it is because of injury. I think teams have figured out that if you play physical with Gasol, it will take him out of his game.

Good movement, snappy passes, looks like Coby reminded the rest of the guys how to play.

anyone else find that dirk nowitzki nba tv spot still waiting for the "where colossal upsets and monumental chokejobs happen" shot of dirk looking like he was about to crap himself in oracle arena while the midgets from the bay poured it on.

98-59 for Phoenix with 5 min. left in the 3rd. Wow!


Braveheart is a much better player than Mark Madsen. Still, Mark Madsen played hard as a Laker. I'd like to see Mark Madsen back in Purple and Gold, but we don't need him.

Still, both players have heart.


Chuck,Chuck,Chuck Kobe WAS NOT fouled on those turnovers...

I want perfection as much as the next Laker fan and to be quite honest as long as we play hard and with passion I can live with that. Besides we got rid of smush and Kwame picked up Fish and Gasol, Bynum and Farmar improved and Luke well Luke is Luke HOF son! Go Lakers!


Memphis is that bad. It's not the Suns.



The refs have been bad in every game this year, not just this laker game. Too many phantom calls and bad angles on the play most of the time. The league has to start making officials accountable, they are making too many bad calls, for example, Iverson was called for pushing off Tony Parker last night which was the correct call but they didn't call the foul on parker on a key play in the game for pushing off Iverson. Bad calls can and will cost a team a playoff series, just watch.....

That's the problem with having guys w/o much court experience on the floor. Karl left his man, who ended up going back door and getting the and one.

I think this game is actually worse than the Sacto game, thus far.


Posted by: Brian Kamenetzky | March 11, 2008 at 08:14 PM

That is why you give them pt early in the season. I have repeatedly said PJ needs to give minutes to the rooks so they would have some experience towards end of season. Especially when he would ignore Crit and now Coby. How do you expect them to respond if you have not given them experience?

Just more of PJs questional rotations and handling of rooks. I said the same thing about Bynum when he sat him and did not allow him to develop.

Lakers on FSN in English.

Posted by: theDude | March 11, 2008 at 08:17 PM

Thanks that one worked!

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