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Lakers vs. Mavs: Fine Sunday viewing

12:30 tip + LA Marathon = early start, so no regular links this morning.  Still, with anticipation for Sunday's matchup with the Mavs percolating like morning coffee, a little news/preview can't hurt.  Coming off the loss in Portland, the Lakers are hardly the picture of concern.  Still, they fully appreciate that to start a new win streak, they'll have to do a better job defensively.  Portland was able to generate a multitude of clean looks, particularly off the pick and roll.  Dallas, as Phil Jackson noted earlier in the week, is pushing the ball more with Jason Kidd, meaning transition D, not exactly the strength of the Lakers, will have to be sharp as well.  Taking care of the ball will help in that department, no doubt.

Other things to watch:

  • The Second Unit: They've been great this season, but weren't as strong in Portland.  A better showing is needed Sunday, because unlike Phoenix, who these days are shallower than a gold digger at a millionaire widowers convention, Avery Johnson has been willing to reach deeper into his bench, even while integrating Kidd and adjusting to a new rotation.  This won't just be a matchup of starters vs. starters, and the Lakers are a much better team when they get balanced production.
  • Kidd's D.  He's starting to play very well, and while the big benefit for Dallas in bringing him in should be in the cajones department, the Mavs are pleased thus far with his defense.  They're putting more pressure on the ball and have cut down on points against since he arrived.  When the Lakers last visited Jersey, Kidd spent some time guarding Kobe and was generally successful, though that was the night 24 hurt his finger.  So take from it what you will. 
  • Kidd as a Scorer: After WhyWasn'tKiddOnTheCourtLateAgainstSanAntonioGate, Avery Johnson asked Kidd to be more of a scorer, and Kidd responded with 21 points on 9-18 from the floor in their win over Sacto on Friday.  If he's pushing things offensively, it's one more scorer the Lakers need to account for, along with Dirk, Howard, and Jason Terry.
  • Getting Down Low: After trading DeSagana Diop in the Kidd deal, the Mavs are thin up front.  They've added Jamaal Magloire to back up Erick Dampier, but that won't help them much, since Magloire really isn't that good anymore.  The Lakers need to take advantage and find ways to get the ball down low and attack the hoop.  Granted, they should be doing this anyway, since L.A. is a better inside-out than outside-in team, but until Dallas shows their interior game isn't a weakness, L.A. should attack. 
  • Dirk vs. L.O.: Odom is one of the few players in the league who truly matches up well defensively with the Giant German, so when the two meet it's always entertaining. 


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looking forward to it, should be a great game!

A good morning to all and wish for a victory over Dallas today.

Some of you have noticed that Gasol looks tired.

PJ has a tendency to play Gasol (and Odom) the entire first quarter plus deep into the second. These guys are not Kobe.
This strategy causes unwanted fatigue and could lead to injury.
I have never been a fan of Philip's substitution patterns but could someone explain to me the benefits of playing your big men this way?



I believe in you Kwame Brown.

Edwin G,

Nothing to forgive. Just fellow fans having a difference of opinion. Happens all the time.

Plaschke has outdone himself kissing up to Jerry Buss, a skill he's been working on for a long time. But for once it's a pleasure to read because... well, everything's hunky-dory these days in Lakerland.

It was nice to learn that Buss loves Kobe and that Kobe is hpleased as Punch with Buss and that bygones really are bygones. But I don't think there's anything surprising in that news. Why are people so convinced that one day's sharp criticism is a pretext for endless war, as in the well-codumented case of Phil Jackson's "last season" with the "uncoachable kid"? In the real world -- though not in places like Washington DC, which after all is a fictional construct -- wars are not endless. In the interest of all, they can be settled and people can go about their business with a certain sense of harmony (unless of course they see their little war as a source of permanent profit, but that's another question that has nothing to do with this blog).

But on this obliquely political note, are there any reactions to the "face of the Lakers" (a certain courtside movie star) doing campaign ads for a certain Democratic candidate? My question isn't about political choices, but a challenge to Nicholson to concentrate on what really matters: beating Dallas today and winning the championship in June. If he allows himself to get distracted by politics, everything he brings to the Lakers will be compromised.

If we lose today, blame it on Jack!

Quote of the day (Steve Nash):

"You don't want to push the panic button and get yourself all messed up, But at the same time we realize how tight it is and we can't play like this for too long and put ourselves out of the playoff picture."

When the Suns made the trade they were n° 1 in the West. This is the first time in at least four years I've heard anyone suggest that the Suns might not make the playoffs. And it's none other than Steve Nash!

Shaq, be kind to the Suns. Let them buy out your contract. I'm sure Memphis will agree to make Kwame available to replace you. And if Smush becomes available the Suns will be able to start next year with 40% of the starting lineup that nearly ran them out of the first round two years ago!

Let' rock n' roll the Dallas! no cowboy music please.... By the way, can anyone tells me of what is the Status of Jon K in the Blog? BK if you don't mind, can you please response? I like Jon and we needs him here..

If we lose this game, we have reason to be concerned...

"Dirk vs. L.O.: Odom is one of the few players in the league who truly matches up well defensively with the Giant German"

No, no he doesn't.

Lakers will win this game..

i live in Surinam and the game is delayed for 2.5 hours. That means when it starts here on tv i can already check the final score on the internet.
What should i do !! Anyone got advice?


the day game is great for me i am in moscow russia and it will be 12 am instead of the usuall 5.30



Jon K. isn't banned. We've discussed the issue and it's hopefully dead and buried. He's welcome to post and I assume he'll be in the mix on Sunday.


There's only been one person that was ever banned, and that came after an explicit warning(s) and then an announcement from the K-Bros.

I would probably say that Jon K was warned, based on the post we read the other day, but I didn't see anything suggesting he was banned... he would have had to say something unbelievably nasty to get banned so quickly.

We all have our off days. The K-Bros are the most consistent guys though, they've never taken things personally or stooped to a flamer's level. I'm pretty sure Jon K is still welcomed here...

In fact, we need his liquid sea minerals!

Surinam and Moscow in the house!

The Mavericks will be leaving LA losers.

Fish: heat up
Pau: tough up
Vlad: wake up
Luke: look up
Sasha : face up
Ronny: jump up
Farm: gear up
Kobe: always up

GO Lake show

as long as your playing Walton over 20 minutes in any game.......especially against very athletic teams at his position ........expect a loss

WHEN HEALTHY..................

We should go back to a 10 man rotation
drew..............should only play 30-35 min a game

bench mob
ronny.........20-25 min a game. case of foul trouble.
PJ...........should subs the starters out around the 8-9 min...... mark in the first.........than bring them back in around 7-8 min........ mark in the second close the half.
That way every-body is fresh.......KOBE .....PA close the game




TSphere, i think Jerry Buss was the laker 'insider'...

The Suns, Nuggets and Mavs are after Tyron Lue. The Lakers should go after him ASAP before it's too late. Two of our biggest weaknesses are defense against quick little PG's and athletic SF's. Lue would address one of those problems. He would've come in handy the other night against Jarred Jack, and he will come in handy against AI, Tony Parker, Chris Paul, Monta Elllis and Rafer Alston. If Farmar and Fish are struggling defensively against the one of these quick little PG's, Lue would be a nice luxury to have coming off the bench.


"turning a team into a fabric, a city into a neighborhood, conflicting hopes into a singular dream, everyone huddled against the oncoming light shouting, "Showtime! Showtime!"

You may not like what Plashke says but the man gets paid 'cause he can write.

Ak/BK get paid in kind and because they have a dial on their temper, not a switch. The blog is ruled benevolently but it is ruled and for good reason.

Good Morning Charles---Good Morning Everyone....

As always I am looking for the intensity and concentration early and sustained throughout......

Bring the swagger Lakers.....

Phil---please play Ronny more today---and play him alongside of Pau....

We need to pick and roll that German (who I do like as a player and who seems to be a good guy etc) right out of his lederhosen---Kobe / Pau--Kobe / Ronny--Famar & Fisher / everybody etc.

I would like to see an aggressive bounce back game out of Pau today---along with Fisher, Famar and Sasha hitting their shots....



It ABSOLUTELY SUCKS that I have to leave for
work right now!

Luckily, there is the "R" button on the remote. There's
also the internet to keep me up to date on the score.

BTW, I'm enjoying the Suns with Shaq and knowing
that the Heat have Smush Parker. It makes me feel
warm and toasty inside.

Go Lakers!
Go Kobe!

ps. Ak/Bk, can y'all get a comment on Ariza's health?

Good morning Laker fans. Looking forward to the game today. Go Lakers!!!

Watching the pre-game show on ABC and I have to say again that Jon Barry is one of the biggest Laker haters around. I'm not taking anything away from the Spurs because they're the defending champs and are always in the mix, but Barry said forget about the Lakers. These guys do so much flip floppin that it's ridiculous. I just say wait and see what happens come playoff time. Go Lakers!!!

i hope the bulls beat the cavs, i hate all the lebron is the best talk. i also hate which ever berry is on the pregame abc show talking up the spurs, its really annoying. i wanted to punch him when he was announcing the laker spurs game and totally rooting for the spurs. i actually hate all other teams announcers. i have league pass and couldnt stand the blazers announcers either. everyone hates the lakers. anyways, stu and joel arent that bad, but i really really wish we could bring chick back for one more game. i used to listen to him on the radio when i was a little kid and he really did paint a picture. anyways, sorry for my rant.

lakers will step it up today, they know its a big game and will not dissapoint. in order for the lakers to win we need a good game out of either fish or farmar, but both cant play bad.


Today will be a good test of our strength and resolve...

The tricked out Suns aka the new look Mavs.

Kidd > Nash
Nowitzski > Amare
Terry > Hill
Howard > Shaq
Stackhouse > Diaw

Can we hang? I guess we'll know soon enough!

Don't think it, KNOW it.

"forget about the Lakers"????

I guess we should all forget about the Mavs, forget about the Jazz, forget about New Orleans and forget about the Rockets while we're at it.

So it's pretty much a one-team western conference?

Yeah... and we should REMEMBER the Cavs, right? Riiiight.... they're two games up on Portland playing in the Least... but I'll keep them in mind.

Doesn't have to be said or mentioned.

HOW MUCH I DESPISE ALL THAT IS MAVERICKS..(i lived in dallas for 4 PAINFUL YEARS)....i hate them.
Lakers will beat them down!

How is everyone today?

We need to do a better job defensively, take the ball out of jason kidd's hands, make HIM be the shooter, b/c we know he is not very good at 39% FG this season.

We also need to set the tone early, and show the Mav Nots how to get the job done.

I look for us to be aggressive early and often, b/c we SHOULD be wanting some redemption for the lack of execution we had the last 4 mins of the Portland game. (I still think we very well COULD have won that game)


I cant stand mavericks fans.....OBNOXIOUS STUPID, dont know anything about basketball and fair weather.

NEmaia F,


Remember how we made his SAC QUEENS cry over and over and over again?

He is still bitter, you would think he is D'Antoni's illegitimate child with how much he whines.....


We dont care about haters..


Dont lose we start a new winning streak!

Phoenix is getting ready to lose at least 2 out of the next 4 games...


How good is Steve Nash if he cant get his team to the playoffs? MVP?

What about Shaq?Amare?

That would be hillarious.

Plus the likelihood they would get the #1/#2 pick is really low!

maybe he is preparing Odom & Gasol for playoff level basketball and conditioning?

We are like 10-2 post-Pau.

Not much to complain about man!

SUp Tim 4 show!

Hugoooo where are you maing?

Colorado rollllll call!

Colorado...where it is snowing...but STILL 2nd home of the greatest NBA franchise.....L A K E R S

I remember when I said the Suns aren't going to make the playoffs.

I would love to be a mosquito right now just to be around Shaq.... What is he thinking right now??? Is Phoenix the best team he ever played for??? ...

What about that big move of his, pointing his finger like ..".YEAH! I'll give you the championship people".. I bet right now he has been placing his hands on the pocket.

D'Antoni was almost in tears last night...that was great to see...He probably checks this blog constantly as any other Suns fan... so send him a message "He should save those tears for when he'll be bounce from the playeoffs every year"

As for Barry... Well he never lied... I always said... the team to beat is the SPURS until someone beat 'em, they should always be a concern for every team... not the Lakers... we haven't done nothing... we just add a couple of players.

As for the Maverics... well the major concern for this game is.... J.Terry and Bass. Trust me guys... those guys are going to give us headache today.

As for T.Lue... I agree with all those who say that we need to get that guy especially because... Fisher has been manipulate games lately... He's a point guard therefore he should be looking to handle the ball and make plays around the basket since his shoot are not falling... Look to make a basket around the basket!

Luke...I read the other day when someone posted that if Luke scores more than 12 point...something is wrong with the Lakers... well I don't know if I would agree with that although he is a ..... well fill the blank. But just imagine if he did not score as he did?? :) we would lose badly.

LAKERS will go 18-5 'til the playoffs


Dont lose we start a new winning streak!

Posted by: Lakers4Realz | March 02, 2008 at 10:00 AM


Now that's what I'm talking about. Lakers all day, everyday. Go Lakers!!!

Forget about getting Tyronn Lue. First of all, people forget how limited he really was. Second of all, he's explicitly stated that he wants to go to a team that's not so crowded at the point, and there's no way he plays ahead of Fisher or Farmar, which doesn't leave him a lot of minutes, so even if the Lakers did pursue him, chances are he would pass. It's not like he would hitch on just to get the ring - he already won one with us the year he earned every paycheck since when he guarded AI and got stepped over in the Finals.

I loved that piece by Plaschke, even if he is a two-faced douchebag. I honestly couldn't believe the bombs that were being thrown at Jerry Buss this past summer - dissing Mitch is one thing. Mitch was still relatively new to the scene and didn't have a track record, hadn't proven himself yet - but Buss is without question the best owner in sports and has been for almost 30 years. I couldn't believe how angry and personal people were getting with him - even if we don't win any more chips under Jerry, he will be the greatest. Maybe people should look back at this past summer's experience and check themselves a bit before they sling crap at people like Phil, who are PROVEN winners? Just a thought...

Tsphere - well put.

It seems like it's the media or just other people who want to perpetuate these perceived grudges.

People change their minds all the time. Sometimes from one day to the next.

Maximmo - how dare you suggest the Lakers will lose 5 more games!

You put your right foot in.

You take your right foot out.

You put your right foot in, and you shake it all about.

You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.

THAT's what it's all about.

Kobe will put on an MVP SHOW today...Lakers by 5

Looking for Pau to bounce back and must score 20 or more to give Kobe some help.

LakerNation we want this game today. Go Lakers!!



What's up J? What's with the blizzard outside? It's crazy... wearing shorts and a t-shirt yesterday, then snow boots today.

Don't hate on the 6ers... they're in a fight for their playoff survival. Suns will be okay.

Even Hollinger has the Suns squeking into that 7th spot to face the Spurs first round (though that's just a forecast)... they'll make it.
If Nash can't carry a hall of fame Shaq, a former all-star Hill (who's playing near the top of his game) a current all-star in Amare, a defensive force like we've never seen in raja... if he can't "carry" that team to the playoffs, then he should have to give back his MVPs and they should go to Kobe.

That aint gonna happen.

Larry Hughes is under rated.

What was all this crap about LeBron not having team mates??

Let's give him Smush, Cook, Kwame, and Luke to start along side him and see how he takes them to the finals. I've been told he carries teams like no one else in history...

Not much to do while waiting for the game. I remember someone posted about the not so good looking players. My Fugliest first five will be:

Center: Greg Oden
Power Forward: Ben Wallace
Small Forward: Lebron James
Shooting Guard: Jerry Stackhouse
Point Guard: Nate Robinson

Can anybody top this selection?


Bill Plaschke’s journalistic tribute to Lakers owner Jerry Buss should be a must read for every aspiring and practicing Laker fan, a moving reminder of how much we owe Jerry for the chills and thrills and 8 championships we have enjoyed during his 29 year reign.

Jerry Buss is truly an icon himself as one of the greatest owners in the history of sports. What brought a lump to my throat, however, was how Jerry in the end is as much a wack job about the Lakers as we are. When he says he loves Kobe, we know exactly what he means. When he says the Lakers can literally bring him to tears, our eyes moisten, too. When he says he gets so angry he has to leave his box, we knowingly smile. And when he says he truly loves the Lakers, we can only thank God we have him as our owner.

I loved the anecdotes about the 24-year old girlfriend, the 9XWCHMP license plate, the CPK take out, hanging out with Kwame, and – most important of all – “'Are we keeping the Lakers because I love them, or because we all love them?” It’s pretty cool that our owner wanted to make sure that his children loved the Lakers like he did before making a commitment not keep rather than sell the team.

To Jerry’s 10th championship! Thank you from a grateful Lakers Nation!

The new win streak starts today. Get well, Drew, Trevor, Vlade, and Chris.

We love the Lakers.



I don't think anyone really had any issues with Jerry... I think it was more that Jerry was off doing other things while the "loose cannon" was undermining Mitch's job. Lest you forget this summer only concluded with the Kobe radio interviews... it began with a front office circus act.

Never the less, I think we're all grateful for an owner that is passionate and CARES about winning and cares about the Laker legacy more than anything.

The Lakers are the life work of Dr. Buss....

I for one would like to see that life work not fit on a license plate... how could he fit 15xwchmp ??

That's what I'd like to see, and my guess is, he'd love that too. Good days to be a fan.

is it possible that both jerry and phil will have the same license plate?!


but phil and jeannie can have XXWCHMP

I am looking at the new cleveland players and i see

Dalonte West: can't shoot
Wally Scherbiak: old, streaky, injury prone and is horrible on defense
Joe Smith: very average
Ben Wallace: old, can't shoot can't make free throws and will make 45 million in the next 3 years

i just don't see this trade as a good thing for cleveland


I would rather follow the game real time by ESPN gamecast that wait 2 hours to watch it on TV.

If we win, then I definately watch it anyways, but, no, I wouldn't wait.


Amazing_ happens!

I did not suggest that the Lakers will lose five more games. I predicted according to what I see.

Have you looked at their up coming schedule??

I personally don't think the Lakers are ready to pass by the Jazz, Dallas 2x, Portland 2x, and some other games that are coming up without a healthy Bynum and Ariza.

Like or not... Basketball is a game of matchups and although Gasol who I love really as an offensive player is there, I don't think he's ready to cover the basket and players such as Mamet Okur, Tyson Chandler etc by himself... and even if he does a good job, what about those who Lamar Odom has to cover?? Boozer, Nowitzki, D.Davis etc?

Now if you place Bynum there, will be tougher to any opponet because a player may pass by Gasol but will find Bynum there and Kobe covering those two with a couple of blocks.

My concern is Fisher... I like him too... but PG are going to kill him and he has a tendency to let players pass by him perhaps because he assumes that someone will be there to cover the player who passes by him.

However, when he really wants, goshhh the dude makes unbeliveable defense stops.

So... don't stress... If the Lakers go undefeated the rest of the way... fine! and I'll enjoy it the same way you will but if doesn't, will be something that I'll prepared and I won't stress so much due to a loss or two. :)

Before they played the Portland on Friday,... I don't know if you read my past comments before that.. but I said they would lose on Friday 'cuz the Blazers played well here and the Lakers gave 'em too much confidence.

Now for today... I can guarantee you that will be a dogfight because none of those two teams want to lose two in the row... especially the Lakers 'cuz they have already lost the number one spot and have already lost to Dallas.

So... enjoy the ride...


team ugly
Dekembe Mutambo
Chris Caman
scotie pipen
charlie vilunueva
sam cassel

Everyone needs to step up and get to their man on defense. No lazy defense and letting your man drive the lane Kobe.

Enjoyed the Plaschke article. Buss is so cool. What shouldn't the man enjoy clubbing?

Speaking of cool, we all know Jack is the coolest dude in any room. Props to him supporting Obama, who just may be the heir to that throne (which would be kinda refreshing after that guy from Texas).

Theme of the day: Defeat Texas!

(...and yes, that was meant EXACTLY in the same way they mean "Beat LA!")

Finally this game is in the reasonable time to watch here from Europe...and it will be broadcasting by our national TV.. wooohoooo...
BEAT DALLAS!!!! and make my night!

lebron james putting on a show
hope it gets kobe fired up



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