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Jeannie and Phil on The Dog Whisperer

We've mentioned the stint Jeannie Buss did on The Dog Whisperer- seriously- a couple times on the site, but have never actually posted the footage.  It's particularly entertaining to watch PJ, who I believe, zen as he may be, seems ready to call &(@^^%@$ on Cesar (said soother of canines), but like any good boyfriend, sucks it up and plays along.  UPDATE: A couple people mentioned they heard Petros and Money talking about this with Jeannie yesterday on their show, and I completely forgot to mention that yesterday (I heard it, too). Doubtful I'd have remembered without that reminder.  Funny show, by the way, for those of you who enjoy afternoon radio.


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ps good job on the embed.
maybe embedding the audio files could happen in the future?

Way to establish your dominance, Jeannie. Slow night at the news desk, huh?

Princess Cujo, Jeannie?


What was she thinking?

Isn't there a report on Pau's workout today or something.

Instead we get Princess Cujo and Cesar the dog whisperator.


Boy, that Jeannie sure has a nice rack.

I was just listening to this on the Petros and Money Show on AM570.

She's a hottie

Since you guys can embed youtube.

Maybe you can embed audio files as well?

Try [audio _____] with the underline containing the link. Maybe it'll work?

By the way, who here thought for a minute there the dog whisperer the K Bros were gonna feature was Luke? I mean there had to be a reason why he got consistent playing time when he sucked haha, jk.

I was just listening to this on the Petros and Money Show on AM570.

Kudos on the embed!

Yes, Phil embedding Jeannie at his age is quite impressive.

I guess the video embed has its charms as well.

I completely agree with this POV (Point Of View).

Posted by: JustaLakerFan


(Just wondering, whats the point of the abbreviations if your going to write what they mean right next to it? Why not write the whole thing down in the first place? Have a good day).

Fairweather Fatty,

Where was PJ talking about Gary V's treatment method?

Cesar was a lot nicer to Jeannie given what a horrible disciplinarian she was than other similar guests on his show.

Usually you see Cesar whip owners into shape when they don't act in a manner getting their dogs to behave.

Phil is a pretty cynical smartass so I'm sure he just thought it was more investment than was worthwhile toward that little white mop with legs.

This made me laugh. Not sure if it was supposed to though.

I'm going to come right out and say it:

I'm writing in Cesar Milan for President. The world is ready for a "Pack Leader" foreign policy.

How old is Jeannie? She looks a lot younger than PJ. I thought she did her spread on Playboy a long time ago.
I guess PJ already knows how to handle the alpha dogs.

The Original Ken (by Mattel) said:

"Keep it up, buddy.:)"

If you insist.

This Sunday, at Arco Arena, Superior California, God's Country and your source for clean water, one or both of the following will happen:

(1) The Sacramento Kings of Basketball will slap you around again.
(2) The Man-child will earn at least one more "T".

What are the odds?

Ceasar Milan, my hero. He's done it all. The American Dream. Training people, rehabilitating dogs, and advising basketball coaches in La La Land made him a wealthy man. Did you know that? Carefully watch and listen for the mystery of the video above.

Faith: ...Defense! defense! I want this job, to be their leader! To take on that role in their lives.
Ceasar: ...Even 24?
Faith: ...Of course. 18 points, 5 dimes, lock down coverage, and keep it zipped, keep everything zipped, and all will be fine.
Ceasar: ...I like the way you have taken complete control.
Phil: ...Yea, right on Ceasar. I teach the same thing. Establish dominance and take responsibility for it!
Faith: ...Take control? I'm out of control!!!
Ceasar: ...She''s sharing a little bit of the insecure side, and then the curious side.
Faith: ...Which is really where I want to be.
Ceasar: ...You are out of control, that's it. You'll make a great nurse.
Mike T. (whispers from the closet): ...Faith, is that you?
Faith: ...Stop Whispering Dawg.
Phil: ...Time to feed the coyotes. Now where's that little dog?
Readers: ...Huh?

Is there a hidden clue?


It's late.


Phil is the Dog Whisperer of this team LOL...The lady is hot for PJ's age. hmm

God, I hate rat dogs. It seems such an perverse abomination of all that is Holy in Nature to take a noble animal like a wolf and then inbreed it over generations to produce some, demanding, yipping rat-dog.

Good thing Kobe FINAL got himself an Akita after placating his wife for years with a heard of rat-dog Pommeranians (the rattiest of rat-dogs).

Personally, I couldn't handle coming home after losing to the Suns in the playoffs to be greeted by four Pommeranians angrily yipping at me. I'd lose my mind and stomp every one of those rats to death.


By the way, Jeannie and Phil should just get married instead of ridiculously living in sin for so long. Be a man, Phil! Get her a ring!



That's a pretty happy home Phil and Jeanie've got there. Keep it going Phil buddy, and maybe get your guys to play some defense too.


Since we're doing important news stories, how about this one. The vanishing ghost car:


Sonny - that was spectacular!

The only way Phil is going to get a tenth ring is to get married.


So... you're saying that cars in New Jersey are possessed? Makes sense.



So... you're saying that cars in New Jersey are possessed? Makes sense.


Troll Man - you promised you'd never post on this site again - I guess you're a troll who lies.....oops - I guess that's part of the definition of troll.....never mind.....



VN (very nice)

So... we have Doggy Cheerleader on the team now?

No wonder PJ is always so chill on the bench....he's got it made in the shade!

Cesar should teach parents on how to raise their kids.




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