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An open letter to Mark Cuban

Mark_cuban_2 My name is Andrew Kamenetzky.  Along with my brother Brian, I cover the Lakers for the Los Angeles Times' Lakers Blog.  The work we do complements our paper's beat writer and columnists. In some ways, we bridge the two parties, combining a style similar to the latter with a goal of spending as much time around the team as the former.  We attend and cover practice whenever possible.  We attend every home game, doing extensive pre/in/post-game reports.  We occasionally go on the road (I'm actually planning on being in Dallas a week from today for their game against the Mavericks).  We've covered the Lakers since 2006 and through a combination of hard work, creativity and professionalism, have garnered ourselves a loyal, intelligent readership.  I would also imagine we're not the only bloggers who've found similar success with a newspaper. 

Because of this, I must say your decision to ban any writers with the word "blog" attached from the Mavs locker room is nothing short of a slap in the face.  Not simply because it makes any work we'd do that much harder, but because the explanation provided on your own blog (irony alert!) doesn't even do us the respect of creating a plausible rationale.  Your locker room is too small to house a few more writers?  That's really what you're running with?  A premium on elbow room?  If things start getting really crowded come playoff time, will you demand that scribes lose a few pounds or find their credential yanked?


(By the way, I've been in your locker room.  Not particularly small, by any means.  And if you're looking to prove this weak point by linking a photo into your essay, you should have selected one with people actually clogging up the works.  In your pic, the area looks sort of... well... big.  Just a suggestion.)

The explanations you provide in backing your case are equally flimsy.  For example, to say that ESPN's Marc Stein can write a blog, but escape "blogger" classification because of his reports on or ESPN's airwaves is not only a leap in logic, but actually undercuts your blog-banning premise.  Stein's credibility doesn't come from whatever medium employed, but his employer.  Are you telling me that if Stein wrote formal features for a low-profile website, then dropped by Wayne and Garth's pad to do his TV broadcast, he'd be treated the same way?  I seriously doubt it.  Stein is (and should be) issued a credential because he's with "The Four Letter Network" and they have credibility.  As does a newspaper such as the Los Angeles Times.  I'd say we've pretty much reached "on the map" status.  As such, a certain amount of respect is expected.  And in every case but yours, accorded.

Which brings me to my next point.  Your theory that it's unfair to penalize certain bloggers because they're not backed by a paper is absurd.  That's literally the job of your media relations department.  They receive credential requests and evaluate their legitimacy.  And I'm willing to bet a substantial sum (by my standards, at least) that they occasionally deny someone access, likely because the outlet they represent doesn't have enough clout, a scenario that goes beyond the cyberworld.  I guarantee there's been a time when favor was granted to a writer from Sports Illustrated, but denied to a writer from Mom and Pop's Basketball leaflet.  And guess what?  That's exactly the way it should be, whether you're talking TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet, etc.  Certain people have business brewing in the locker room, while others may desire that access, but either don't need it or haven't earned it.  And at the risk of sounding like a snob, I should be in the Dallas' locker room and a guy who created an absolutely killer Mavericks blog in his spare time shouldn't.  Why?  Because this is my job and that's his hobby.

I can also put it to you in a way that paraphrases your own logic.  "A blogger isn't a blogger isn't a blogger."

In making this dubious decision, you'll inevitably end up granting better access to various "non-blog" reporters who spend less time around the NBA (much less a specific team) than somebody in the trenches that happens to go by a certain title.  By focusing on the semantics of "blog" and not actually bothering to evaluate content and context (one phone call to the Times would assure you that we're indeed held to strict standards, which is far closer to the norm than exception), you're punishing an entire group of writers with generalizations.  Not to mention undercutting your own credibility. 

I'm sorry, but this decision is miles beyond "curious." I can believe it's vindictive, considering this issue just "happened" to strike you as pressing right around the time you booted the Dallas Morning News' Tim MacMahon from these apparently tight quarters.  It's rather coincidental that MacMahon has blogged about a team you own in your city's largest paper since 2006, but the day you learned of his existence "happened" to coincide with the day he wrote a post critical of Avery Johnson sitting Jason Kidd-- and doubting the honesty of your thoughts on the matter-- down the stretch of a 97-94 loss to the Spurs.  I can also believe that you're looking to distract from the fact that the Mavs are an unimpressive 6-5 since acquiring Jason Kidd.  I can also believe this is simply you craving a little spotlight.  What I can't believe, however, is that a man who made a fortune through the Internet and can legitimately pride himself on an innovative nature is unable to distinguish between what I do as employment and a fan blogging in his basement.  I ask that you please stop insulting my intelligence by claiming otherwise.

Like I said, I'll be in town for the Lakers-Mavs game.  If you take exception to my thoughts, I'd be happy to discuss the matter with you in person.  We can meet in front of the visitor's locker room.  Or in the media room.  Or the area where I'm seated for the game (which I'm now concerned might be up in the nosebleeds).  Or your office.  Or a particularly cozy AAC parking lot.  Anywhere that's not inside the Mavs locker room works fine with me.

Thanks for your time,

Andrew Kamenetzky       

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Mr. Cuban,

I'm Tim-4-Show, and I approve Andrew's message!

Nice one AK! Support this letter! Strength in numbers!!!




nicely said, I sure hope Mr. Cuban reads this.

Preach it K bros!

Lets I remind you guys I lived in Dallas for a painful 3 years...and it was great making fun of Cuban and his "antics" and just his stupidity in general.
The idiot is just a billionaire, that is all, he doesnt know squat about the game of basketball..dont let it fool you.

I find it ridiculous he is banning bloggers...he is a big TECHIE himself..what a dufus...

It can only hurt his ballclub ...oh well...yet another reason to hate the Mavs....
And make fun of them and their fans..and their 0 titles.


Lakers for LIFE!

Good letter AK. Let us know if he responds or if you do end up meeting with him.

not 1st



I assure you you will have the undivided support of the Laker Nation on this..............

Be sure to cc David Stern!

Whoo! Preach brother! Damn, that should shut that pompous @$$*** up. Glad to see that someone has the cajones to tell him off...

Mavs will not, have not, and will NEVER
win a championship.
write it down quote me..whatever

AK tell him (f#@$$#@ cuban) that he can go cry in HIS locker room when this season goes to waste again....

AK 4 pres!.haha.


The Laker Nation supports you.........Cuban is indeed a TOOL!

Be sure to cc Davis Stern!

THat should be "complements" in the third sentence.

The L.A. Times should just give you guys a monthly column in the paper. That would qualify you guys as "writers" then, right?

It's ridiculous what Cuban is doing, so you gotta just circumvent his flawed logic.

Wow..nice write up! And to think..when I ask for you do a similiar write up about the descrepencies (sp?) with the mvp voting and criteria to obtain said harware not only was your answer non-existent..but you also did a pretty good job of glossing over my question by not just answering mines..but by attempting to answer 3 or more at one time. Now low and behold..a topic that hits closer to home! The Blogger community has been banished from Mavs lockerroom..and as a wroter I suppose you had to take a stand (wether or not your open letter was serious or not) and you did a good job of it. As always I must commend you on your job of covering the Lake Show and providing us blogger with insightful information concerning our team..again Thanks!!..To bad you couldn't do a "OPEN LETTER TO ALL SPORTS WRITERS ABOUT THE BIAS AND EVER CHANGING MVP CRITERIA"...ahh..who am I kidding..sorry to beat a dead sure this topic was very important you and other ill just follow suit.

Boo Marc Cuban

You're a good guy Mark, but don't get fooled into thinking you're doing the right thing on this one. Just apologize, give the worthy bloggers their access back, and the whole thing will disappear before you know it.

power to the people!

oh wait wrong century..

power to the bloggers!

no more MVP bias talk til next month, we could lose the next 20 games and everything will be moot.

Very good, legitimate letter, but will he respond? Responding would tend to validate your stance, and invalidate his. Which (from what I have observed) he doesn't like to do.


I agree. I mean, we'd all rather see either of the K Brothers have a column... and see T.J. Simers fired.

Mark Cuban is a tedious narcissist.


Here is an idea....(_)

Why don't you invest in 300 T'shirts? When Lakers go to Dallas or LA, wear these shirts and give it to Lakers Blogs member residing the area.

(Banned Lakers Blog in the Dallas locker room)

Distribute a petittion to the mainstream media like ESPN, FoxSports, NY Yimes, Sports Illustrated, MSNBC sports, CBS sportsline, CNN Sports. One these news get widespread, be aware of potential legal action and the billionaire have lots of mullah on a prolonged legal case, so I hope you will be backed by LA Times legal department.

Goodluck, Cuban is a small-time JERK and a well to do RED NECK & everyone in LA knows that.

akr_68, PsychedLakerGirl , justanothermambafan,

Thanks for the reply from the previous thread!

As a member/fan of this blog,
I ban all HDnet owners / NBA franchise owners from posting here.

AK, well written and great points!! You would think someone who made millions on the internet who would have more respect for a blog, not too mention one who is a blog writer himself.


Thanks. That's actually one of those items spell check won't catch. And as we've established over the years, I'm a terrible speller. I guess that's why I'm not worthy of entrance into the Mavs locker room. haha


Why don't we all write to David Stern, and threaten to boycott the NBA finals if the Mavericks win the western conference.


lol just kidding..

Nice writing AK! I guess thats why you do it for a living. You tore his argument up and ate it too.

Cuban just stepped in the biggest pile of e-doo-doo we've ever seen.

"A blogger isn't a blogger isn't a blogger".

I loved that haha

GO LAKERS! #1 seed


Actually, it wouldn't shock me if he did respond. I've had to email Cuban with questions for ESPN work in the past and he not only responded, but responded incredibly fast. We shall see.


Firstly, Mark Cuban is a Total Jerk to do such a thing or a matter of fact any NBA Owner I would say.

Secondly, What Harm does a Blogger do to a Team?

I can be a news reporter and might give some of the locker room information to bloggers to put it on their site.. then what? How is Cuban going to stop that.

Blogging is new way of interactive communication which brings News media closer to the Readers. This would in no way will hurt any Team in any way.

This will Bite back Cuban's Butt soon.

By Cuban's logic, the average 7th grade journalism student has a greater right to access than a blog writer for LA Times.

Now that's some sound reasoning. Tell Cuban if he's paper and ink are the sine qua non of true journalism, he can feel free to print out the K Bros numerous outstanding blog articles and user comments. Several reams (!) later, he'll regard you guys as real journalists.

If he wanted to be principled, Cuban could just say something like, "no more than 'x' reporters per media outlet; print periodicals and blogs operating under their aegis together count as one"

But that would require principle.

I particularly enjoyed the transparently thin excuse about if I allow one, I have to allow all.

Um.... why?

Oh wait a minute, one more observation....

Is Mark Cuban cross-eyed or crossed eyes? I'm curious, he could not look straight, his eyes always look inwards. In medical terms, the condition is called strabismus. Or maybe, I'm the one who have a biased eyes. lol!

You are right Cuban got strabismus. He might have stared at a Busty young blogger and she might have cracked his Nuts. who knows..

" Edwin Gueco

Oh wait a minute, one more observation....

Is Mark Cuban cross-eyed or crossed eyes? I'm curious, he could not look straight, his eyes always look inwards. In medical terms, the condition is called strabismus. Or maybe, I'm the one who have a biased eyes. lol! "


I don't post much, but I come here almost every day. I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you've been putting into this website. It's been nothing short of professionalism and dedication every day. In fact, I actually think that keeping a 'round the clock blog is more time consuming than what a typical beat writer might do.

So I just want to say thank you, and I hope that this place will continue to be the gathering place of all online Lakers fans.

Edwin Gueco,

Great idea.

Well, we of this blog have even more reason to truculently root against the Mavs next time they play the Lakers.






Edwin Gueco,

No, Mark Cuban has the beady black eyes of a serial killer or a deviant. That's what it is.


A blogger is a blogger is a blogger...
unless its a Laker Blogger!!

1st Quarter:
Kam Brothers 1
Cuban 0


Great letter. But I'd stay away from Dealey Plaza, if I were you. Weren't the Cubans linked to.... ???

What's ridiculous is that Cuban actually has the legal right to do this. But I do like the suggestion above that the Times make you "legitimate" print columnists. It would serve the Mavs' owner right.


AK IN THE HOUSE!! Telling Cuban like it is! Too funny!
I, like so many others, would be very interested to see if he responds and how he would rationalize the valid points made. What a cross-eyed troll.

GO LAKERS! guys are great writers and do a wonderful job. But, isn't this a waste of time? Are you feeding the beast?

Any media relations department for any sports team can refuse access to any journalist they want, so what's the difference?

Move on...

Laker Fan.

Well, that Cuban was smoked!

But with the embargo still in place, hopefully the Feds won't be coming after you.

AK you did that!

ladies and gents... That's how you smoke a Cuban!

Easy to say you got about 300+ of us riding shotgun with you on this one. Kbros, just say the word..........


There's an easy solution to this! All you have to do is simply stop calling this a blog -- so that you and BK are technically no longer "bloggers".

Now, following the general sentiment of commenters on this "site", might I suggest changing the name from "Lakers Blog" to "Constantly Updated, Brian and Andrew's Notable Internet Site with Admirers' and Trolls' Opinions Of the Lakers" (CUBAN IS A TOOL).

AK/BK - I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the hard work & effort you put into giving the fans an excellent, intelligent forum for our beloved Laker-chat. You are true professionals - thanks for your dedication.

That being said, Cuban is a tool not to allow you guys in. A cross-eyed, serial-killer looking, tool.


Just a couple of hours to tip-off - yyyyeeeaaaahhhh!!

Nice letter, AK. Cuban's logic in this instance is absurd. By his logic and his desire to keep things equal I, as a writer for my college paper should be able to receive a credential to a Mavs game and have a right to enter their locker room at my leisure.

I've never covered an NBA game, or any other pro sporting event. I've never interviewed a pro athlete other than Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Taurean Green, and that was a couple days after they were drafted last summer. I've done some work for SI though so I'm sure Mark would love that. But by Cuban's estimation, as a 21 year old, inexperienced sports writer, I am more qualified to be in an NBA locker room than AK/BK. That makes sense.

AK -

Fantastic for you to put that man on blast! Maybe he'll recant later this week.

"That's how you smoke a Cuban!"


I'm probably going to get banned for life on this blog, but I actually agree with Mark on this one..

Everyone is arguing that every reporter does blogging now. Did you guys read his statement? He said anyone whose "primary" job is to blog. He's banning all people who blog all day long because he doesn't have enough room or passes. Can you blame the guy? Pretty soon everyone and their mother will be blogging. Does that mean they all should have a free pass to the locker room?

I think thats the point he's getting at.

Re...Mark Cuban.....If his team was on fire and not in the position its in ...even termites would be allowed in that locker room...This team is not going to win it all and massive changes will be made...The coach first..Then the players...Its like kids playing in the schoolyard....When your winning you want to play ...BUT WHEN YOUR LOSING >>>YOU WANT TO GO HOME>>>WITH YOUR BAT AND BALL.........This guy is such a child.....Whats he going to next buy the neverland ranch..?

Wow this totally took out my anticipation for the game...

fuh-het about cuban. lake show needs to play D and rebound tonight against the raptors!

I just had a chance to review my tape of the Kings game. Are there any grumblings in the locker room about Martin throwing Sasha down and Udrih running over him? Sascha made no effort to foul him and the referee closest just called foul on him and none on Martin. It is one more example of how bad the officiating was in that game.

If the Lakers do nothing it will happen again.

Dropping in to fire up fellow Lakers fans for the game tonight against the Raptors!!! Lakers all day, everyday!!! Keep the faith Laker fanantics!!! Catch you later everyone, go Lakers!!!

Who cares about Cuban and his anti-blog stance

Lets talk about the Lakers
They will win tonight becuz the Raptors really suck and are injured






Not really, though after the game guys really hadn't had a chance to actually see the play. But I can tell you in the other room, they were killing Sasha for being a flopper. Honestly, my interpretation is that Martin likely pushed off to try and create space for the jumper, but that Sasha also took the opportunity- at a relatively inopportune time- to try and draw an offensive foul. He didn't see the play behind him, and ended up getting trampled.

The contact, in my mind, wasn't that bad, and certainly nothing you'd expect to have called at that point of the game.


I predict the Lakers to lose today.

Sorry about the second link guys!!!

You go K-Bro's!
If he responds - tell him we are ready to rumble in big D - he can pick the parking lot.

Hopefully, in another two weeks he will have to personally invite all the "respected" bloggers because there won't be enough media covering his lame choke-worthy team.


Troll Man,

Which team do you root for?


The thing is he does have space because the same way every writer isn't granted a press pass is the same way bloggers should be dealt with. I write for my college paper and if I applied for a press pass I'd be laughed at. This is the same way bloggers should be dealt with. You've got to make these decisions the same way you do with traditional writers.

Being a blogger doesn't mean you're not a journalist and you're not professional. The idea that all bloggers are created equal is absurd.

never turn on the DVR



Loved the links.

We've got to get Andrew some Dit Da Jow, pronto!


Never - thanks man! We're sure to win now!


Posted by: Charles

Troll Man,

Which team do you root for?

the referrees
because they're still throwing games better than anyone

Troll Man,

Who's your favorite referee?

-LakerNorth on "bad" officiating-

"If the Lakers do nothing it will happen again"

If the Lakers do SOMETHING, it will happen again, to both sides. Get over it.

I'm gonna buy Never-Never Land, marry Janet, live in the treehouse and make babies.



Will Bynum begin running on that futuristic treadmill for sure this week, or is it barring a set back.

I googled a couple photos of the treadmill and the first thing I thought was, to quote Will Smith in Independence Day, "I got to get me one of these." haha.


Greetings Fellas

AK/BK, I have a feeling that Cuban's going to eat crow on that blogger ban. I dare say this LakersBlog has more of a following than most of the beat writers at the LATimes.

Like it or not, the press plays a major part in a team's market value and success. In a 3 NBA team state, start banning an ever expanding blogosphere and you can become the next irrelevant team (ie. Grizzlies, Clippers). I think Mark Cuban's forgotten how bad his team was in the 90s and how nobody cared.

Lakers are a lock to win tonight. I expect at least 50 from Kobe tonight as a revenge for his 1 point 4th quarter last game.


Bynum is going to begin SPRINTING on that high tech treadmill this week as long as we can get him some primo quality Dit Da Jow and convince him to apply it five times a day!

K Brothers, if you can get Bynum, Ariza, and Mihm some Dit Da Jow, then I'm buying!


AK;BK I appreciate the hard work and dedication you both put into this blog but I had assumed you were both had credentials to get into any locker room with a media pass. Maybe I dont understand how it all works but I think Cuban makes some good points. The problem is you guys are doing a great job but how would he and the Mavs know that and be able to evaluate every blogger who wants to enter the mavs locker room. Lets say I started a blog tomorrow and went to the game. How should I be evaluated in comparison to you guys or other bloggers and how many bloggers would take the opportunity to get on the "inside".? Kinda seems like a free pass to me.

Here is the post of the Blog dictator - Mark Cuban. He sounds like Mike T. LOL!

What a great travesty that people like Mark Cuban acquired enormous wealth and becomes power hungry. He got his wealth from suckers in the Wall Street technology mania in the late nineties when he sold Broadcom and now he is the No. 1 digital dissenter of what made him rich. This billionaire is hungry for recognition, one time he wanted to compete with Donad Trump TV show, put up his show but it was cancelled because it was too complicated. Then, Cuban went to Dancing with the Stars, anything that would feed his ego, he would delve into it. He has his billions, owners of Dallas Mavericks but still not satisfied and unsettled with what he has accomplished, he wants more. If you read at the histories of dictators, this is how lofty individuals with demented mind react when they become powerful. They started small and then they rose to power, becomes fidgety, unhappy with little kingdom and their accumulated wealth, so they create chaos to attract news and expand further their domain (power) from: Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin and most recently, Hugo Chavez.

Putting it in another context, AK/BK, Mark Cuban is a sick individual. He needs treatment not confrontation.

Posted by: Charles

Troll Man,

Who's your favorite referee?

The 3 officiating any Laker game

Those are some fightin' words, Mr. AK.

Much props and respect to what The K bros do for the Laker fans all over the world.

Cuban just bitter because he knows that his team is not in a position to win a title now or in the future.

I said old dog.

They thought I said old blog.

Ever since, and always armed with my big fat Cuban Cohiba, I'm seldom denied access to hot and sweaty locker and laundry rooms across the WNBA.


For someone who has made a fortune, being fortunate, he sure is an A-HOLE. I mean, besides being just that, and a fozzy hole, he is a hypocrite. To have an explanation as to why blog writers are not credible on a blog is ludicrous. Besides Kobe being slighted, this is greats me as heated as anything. Cuban is a fan who got lucky, and I was cool with it for a while, cause I want to be that lucky. But he is just abusing power, that he shouldn't really even have. He is a hack owner, with no class. AK and BK I trully respect what you do, as society dictates we must all have a function. As I am jealous that your function is considerably more fun than mine, I think you two do as terrific of a job as anyone on the times staff, and it is absurd to me that Simers and Plashche are all of a sudden more credible than you. I think from a reader standpoint, you guys leave your egos at the doors, while those other LA times writers are frequently talking about themselves instead of the team. Get a clue Cuban, next time Dallas is in town I am going to heckle Cuban about, Being an A-Hole, a hypocrite, and a disgrace to anyone with good fortune. More power to the two of you, and i vote for AK and BK to become new writers for the LA Times Sports page.

Laker Lover,

If you started a blog you wouldn't be granted a media pass, anyway. At least not until you established that you were thoughtful, accurate and had a large readership. Even that doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to receive credentials to an NBA game. Look at Kurt from the forum blue and gold blog. He's got one of the best Lakers blogs out there and he still doesn't get credentials.

And this still doesn't make all blogs equal, because the only way to do that is by not allowing bloggers to attend games at all, which he isn't doing.

Laker Lover,

Here's the thing...

The K Brothers are writing for one of the largest newspapers in the country.

Their blog has been mentioned on television and gets about 50,000 hits a week and growing.

And they are paid for it.

That makes them professional journalists. Period.

As professional journalists who work for a respected, major newspaper, they have every right to be treated as any other professional journalist.

The K Brothers both publish a hell of a lot of material daily on this blog. They have multiple threads and they respond extensively to a fair share of blogger posts each day.

They are certainly posting a greater number of words each week than say... T.J. Simers. I would estimate each of them publish at least five times the amout of words of T.J. Simers each week.

And they have a dedicated readership.

There's no way that someone of their caliber should be excluded.

I mean, if it's a blog that gets 100 hits a day, okay, the Mavs probably shouldn't give that person full press credentials.

In this particular case, it's clearly not appropriate.

Mark Cuban is clearly responding this way because he's being egotistically vindictive towards a major Dallas blogger. it's that simple.

Mark Cuban is a creepy, beady-eyed, tool.


Laker Lover,

The Mavs (along with every pro and college team) have an entire Media Relations staff and their job is to evaluate every credential request. If you started a blog and put in for a credential, they would take the time to decide. My guess is they'd say no, but in any event, they're fully equipped to make these decisions. Plus, 75% of the people getting credentialed are the same folks over and over. They learn who everyone is, so a lot of this isn't terribly complicated.

Xodus raises an excellent example with Kurt and That's an outstanding Laker wesbite (I don't even mind praising the competition. haha), but if Xodus is correct that he can't get credentialed (I honestly don't know), it's because they often distinguish by the outlet backing the writer, not the medium itself. And if the outlet has credibility, then the writer likely will, too. I'm not saying Kurt wouldn't deserve a credential. Not even. My point is simply that it's not easy to slip your way in like a free for all, which makes Cuban's argument ridiculous.

Plus, does Cuban actually think that BK and I, Tim MacMahon or whoever are just allowed to write whatever the hell we want while getting a check from a major newspaper? No factual accountability? No language standards? No quality standards of any kind? The Times honestly couldn't care less what we do, they just stamp their name on it? C'mon now. That's absurd.

And Cuban knows this, which is why, like I said, I don't even think HE's buying what he's selling.


Well I for one think Mark Cuban is right!!!!

I laugh at your logic.

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Ak and BK,

Props. Moreso even than juicy Lakers hype, I find a good contemplation of the writing process fascinating. And the (dying? transitioning?) newspaper business is close to my heart.

A meditation on what it means to be a blogger for the LA Times would be fascinating in and of itself, but your simultaneous treatment of that badly-coifed blowhard to a dose of logic-medicine was nice double.

That said, Mark, if you're reading, I would be an excellent choice for Official Mavericks Blogger. I can toe the party line at all times (ask the Kams, I haven't had a SINGLE post deleted here) and criticize Stern all you want and you won't have to deal with the repercussions. Just let me in that locker room. I promise I won't do anything to sabotage the food or equipment when the Lakers come calling in the playoffs.

... (a) nice double.

Fricken typos. Am I gonna have to start spell checking my blog posts?

I LOLed at Clark Muban.


Thanks for the link! I was really startin' to miss seeing Drew do his thing.


Cuban is a dope. I rather enjoy the fact that Kobe doesn't like him and takes it out on the Mavs whenever we play them.


I think Cuban just wants to be able to sue an entity with money if they say something libelous(?) or slanderous.

Just tell him that the L.A. Times and T.J. SImers have your backs!

By the way, Smush Parker has been released by the Heat.


Hey..maybe if your done being the hero of writing your highly popular "To whom this may concern open letter"..maybe you can do alil research for me and find out if its true because of the impact of the Rockets streak..and since we place them this weekend (i think).i heard ABC was picking up the game for 3:30et Sun in an attempt to garner more veiwers and cash in. Have you heard anything?


AK/BK - you had me at hello.


Have you guys forgotten that "Laker Lover" (i.e Flaker Loser) is a TROLL - he's just trolling for a reply that is already included in AK's letter that he doesn't read, and he does it the same way, "I think you're great BUT...."

Don't waste your breath AK, he just didn't get enough attention as a child.


Dit Da Pau for everyone!!!


Right on, Kambrothers!! Write on!!

It must be sad for Cuban - he's got all the money in the world but he just can't BUY THAT CHAMPIONSHIP NO MATTER HOW HARD HE TRIES.

Just not used to hearing the word "no" I guess when you are used to paying for everything.

why Kobe doen'st understand bb.His comment yesterday "Ill start to be a little more aggresive here offensively and making teams really have to adjust a little bit more and and commit a little bit more" ...HELLO KOBE>>>>>DEFENSE is the problem not offense....If Kobe is a leader he would ONLY motivate about D right now...It s this kind of comment that will kill the Lakers in the playoffs...It s D not O that will win you games!!!! Question..If Houston finishes with a better record than the Lakers is there any doubt that McGrady is the mvp????

Jow is good stuff. it works.

Well-reasoned argument AK. I really want to see if Cuban responds to this, and I have to say that I'm surprised by his stance. Seems really odd for someone in his business to be doing.


Charles, thanks for the link to the Andrew Bynum YouTube.

Everyone, click on this link to restore your faith:

Even die-hard Andrew Bynum fans like myself have forgotten just how dominant Andrew was playing before he got injured. Andrew has the best above-the-rim game in the NBA. Watching his incredible athleticism, unbelievable footwork, soaring dunks, and stifling blocks on defense, there is no question that Andrew is the NGLC (Next Great Lakers Center) and will someday succeed Kobe Bryant as the Lakers team leader and superstar.

I implore every Laker fan on the blog to click on the link you provided just to remind themselves that despite how great the team has been playing with Pau Gasol at center, they haven’t seen anything yet. Remember that the logo said that the Lakers were the best team in the league BEFORE they traded for Pau Gasol. Remember that Kobe said that the Lakers were a championship contender with Andrew in the starting lineup.

I have personally rooted my beloved Lakers to 11 NBA championships and I have never been as excited about any player as I am about Andrew Bynum, with the exception of Magic Johnson, the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). To have raised the level of his game as he has done where he is already among the 5 best centers in the NBA at age 20 is totally unbelievable. What is this guy going to be like when he is in the prime of his career?

It is not inconceivable that we are watching the baby steps of the greatest center to ever play in the NBA. There is a long way from here to there but there is no doubt whatsoever that Andrew Bynum is going to be the best center in the NBA for many years to come and the anchor for another series of Los Angeles Lakers dynasties. Watch the YouTube, guys, and then you will understand why we need this guy back. He instantly will solve all the problems we have on defense and give us the physicality and toughness to win it all.

Andrew Bynum, the NGLC – the Next Great Lakers Center.


booo cuban.

I appreciate your work K bros.

Great letter. Poised, well crafted and stinging---wow! I especially loved the face to face possibility. Just so you know I'm voting for the parking lot. hehe. Cuban is a tool. You're blogging and popeye pete's blogging are not even in the same universe. Now if some our loyal posters wanted access....that's a different story.

More power to you brother. Good luck with this one.



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