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A smorgasbord of Kobe (and some pre-Raptors thoughts)

A website called Hardwood Paroxysm has declared March 11th Kobe Bryant Blog Day.  Since around here, we generally refer to that as any day ending in Y, conceptually speaking it's nothing outrageous.  But should you have a Kobe itch that needs scratching, there's a whole lot of stuff in here to read.

Some thoughts on tonight's game: Chris Bosh won't play, which obviously makes Toronto a very different team.  They're extremely perimeter oriented as it is, and without Bosh (easily their most productive player) that tendency becomes even more exaggerated.  Rasho Nesterovic becomes the closest thing they have to a post presence, and he ain't exactly Wilt down low.  Both Toronto points, Jose Calderon and TJ Ford, are quick and capable of getting into the lane for drives and kicks.  The Lakers, then, will have to close out on shooters.  On the other end, limiting TOs and efficiently running the offense will help give prevent easy run outs for Toronto, and make them more one-dimensional. 

Additionally, the Raptors, not a good rebounding team as is, are even worse without Bosh. So crash them boards, Lakers!  Just watch the long ones off jumpers on the defensive glass.

Over at
, they have their keys to victory posted.  Click below for that.


"1) Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. Without Chris Bosh, who now will miss at least this and the next game on the road trip, the bulk of the scoring load falls on Bargnani’s shoulders. Bargs has played better lately but hasn’t had one of those “he just can’t miss” games in a while. Toronto needs that from him tonight to combat the likes of Kobe and Gasol, who really the Raptors have no answer for. In fact, Bargs may find himself matched up with the newly acquired Spaniard and needs to stay out of foul trouble while doing solid job against Gasol on the inside. Pau isn’t going to want to trail Bargnani out to the three-point line so Andrea needs to realize this, put the ball on the deck, and get to the rim. If he could get Gasol in early foul trouble (instead of the other way around) this might force Kobe into trying to do too much offensively at the expense of the rest of his team-mates. Or…it could mean he scores another 81 points…

2) Don’t get in a hole early. Toronto has had some horrendous first quarters to inferior opposition of late so the last thing I want to see this evening is a 37 to 22 lead for LA at the end of one. This means that the entire team needs to come out aggressive and looking to attack the rim. Settling for jump shots against a Lakers club that likes to get out in transition could seal Toronto’s fate early on and therefore it’s crucial to try and get some semblance of an inside-outside game going early. Yes I realize this is somewhat of a tall order with this club of jump-shooters and that’s why key 2b) here really is getting Rasho involved early. Without Bynum, LA is a bit soft on the inside, especially when Ronny Turiaf isn’t in the game. If Toronto can get Rasho some easy looks around the basket, and then use Humphries down low in the same way as they did against Seattle, this might then open up shots for Toronto’s jump shooters. This is an area where the Raps really miss Chris Bosh (the team has struggled from 3 since his injury) and without clean looks, the offense gets mired down and the Dinos have a tough time creating their own offence. The other part of the equation for preventing an early deficit on the scoreboard is quite evident I think; keep the Lakers off the glass!

3) Bench play. Early in the season many spoke of the Raptors’ bench as being “the deepest in the league.” Now the Lakers seem to have taken that title and based on the last time these teams met, it would be hard to argue the point. That’s why much like against Seattle, the Raps need a complete team effort to get this win. In their last encounter with the Lake show, guys like Radmanovic, Farmar and Vujacic made Toronto pay and Toronto can ill afford to let the same thing occur tonight, especially minus CB4."

I actually think the Lakers will put LO on Bargnani, which is a much better matchup for the Lakers, and leave Gasol on Nesterovic.  Jermario Moon is a bit of a mismatch for Vlad in terms of athleticism, but since Moon isn't all that great an offensive player, that shouldn't be too big an issue.   It's interesting to read about how others see this Lakers team, and that they worry about some of the same things we (or at least I) do- too many J's leading to easy run out opps, for example.

I'd be surprised if the Lakers let this one get away, considering what happened Friday and the stiff roadie they'll kick off Friday in New Orleans. 


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A Fantastic site. THANKS BK.

OMG, that first photoshop rendition of Kobe He-Man makes Keving Sorbo look cool.

At Shooting Guard.....

NUMBER #24!!!!!


First Derek Fisher Day, now this, so is there gonna be a Coby Karl Extravaganza Day too??


Unless I'm mistaken, March 11th (today) is Kobe Bryant Blog Day? For the record, I'm happy extending Kobe Bryant Blog Day to the 12th as well...

"Since around here, we generally refer to that as any day ending in Y"

What about Leap Years?


I've never been good with dates. I think it's because my schedule isn't dependent on Monday-Friday type things, but sports schedules, which are much more random. I rarely know what day of the month it is without looking, and will lose track of the day of the week more than I should, too.

Thanks for the pickup!


In honor of his blog day, Kobe will drop 82 points on the Raptors in 3 quarters. :P

Glad to see Kobe getting love. He's like James Brown - the hardest working man in show bizness.

Ajax:"First Derek Fisher Day, now this, so is there gonna be a Coby Karl Extravaganza Day too??"

You know they say that cat Coby Karl is a bad mother.....
shut your mouth! But I'm just talking about Coby Karl,
Then we can dig it. Coby karl day? You D@mn Right
(01) AJAX - Owner and driver
(02) MAMBA24 - COBY KARL number 1 fan

I really appreciate what people are doing today. I feel like Kobe is not only under-appreciated as a player, but also a person these days. The way he's working with the 50 mil pound club and coming out and making comments about Darfur really speaks a lot about his character. LBJ is getting so much media attention because of his stats, but really deep down he's just a money making machine (for whatever reason I don't know...with that kind of talent i'd just want to be a winner like Kobe). Anyways, here's to a greay day of readen!

EXHELODRVR:" "Since around here, we generally refer to that as any day ending in Y" What about Leap Years?

Come on EX. you know thats any Leap Year ending in
0, 2,4,6,or 8

mark my words-the lakers will not make it past the second round of the playoffs. thats a guarantee!

"Ive never been good with dates. I think it's because my schedule isn't dependent on Monday-Friday type things, but sports schedules, which are much more random. I rarely know what day of the month it is without looking, and will lose track of the day of the week more than I should, too."


I hope you don't do like that one commercial about those to guys rappin in a concert and towards te end of the song..the lead yells 'THANK YOU DETROIT'..a silence broke out and the guitarist came up and said "Detroit was last night dude"



I'm the exact same way -- absolutely horrible with dates. I am, however, good at keeping track of what day of the week it is... as I simply cannot wait for Fridays.

Sorry, let me translate for you -- that's @NO-day in your lingo.

Lakers Legacy,

I was just going to write the same thing as I scrolled down.




Uh oh - troll alert....oh well - poor things - they really don't have much else to do seeing as how their teams are in the crapper...where their attitude has been all along.

It's GAME DAY baby!
I really hope our guys come out with a chip on their shoulder after that ugly game against the Queens. I'm all for Kobe going nuts for 82, but seriously - I'd love to see some inspired play and HOW ABOUT SOME "D"??!!! Someone's got to knock someone down if they try to walk through the paint - we need everyone to have some dit da jow (is that right?) if it will toughen our guys up and harden the hits! Nothing dirty, nothing flagrant, just a reminder that the Lakers are going to be rejecting that kind of sashay to the paint! If I see another layup line to the hoop tonight, I don't know what will happen!!!!




Okay. Do you want to give us a reason why perhaps?


Haha. No, I generally know where I am (generally), just not when I'm there.

BTW, I love that commercial.



How can you garuantee something that you can't control.

Do you play?????

Can you guard Kobe??????

How is it possible that you can guarantee something???


You know who you sound like. T-MAC. Are you from Houston? You see what happen to T-Mac when he garuanteed them getting out of the first round.

Man please. I smeel haterade all over you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh - forgot to add - I am so very happy/impressed/satisfied to see Kobe doing his thing speaking up against Darfur. It's funny how the other "superstars" of this league aren't stepping up & putting themselves out there to do something as worthwhile. It just goes to show you the level of maturity and character that Kobe is now demonstrating. Too bad the lack of that has gotten him into trouble in the past, but in this world it's all about what you're doing today. I for one am happy to see this new leaf - as a person and of course as the player he has become this year too.



From Justin N. "LBJ is getting so much media attention because of his stats, but really deep down he's just a money making machine (for whatever reason I don't know...with that kind of talent i'd just want to be a winner like Kobe). Anyways, here's to a greay day of readen!"

I think LBJ is closing in on yet another record: the number of chest pounds after sinking a basket. One of these days he's going to crack his sternum.

AK/BK/All Bloggers,

I didnt have a chance to watch too many MJ's game during his prime (combination of young age and nba broadcasting in Indonesia). Looking at Kobe recently, did MJ complain that much to the referees like what Kobe is doing now? can anyone please share their vast experience, :)?

It seems to me that, Kobe thinks that everytime he drives to the basket, he deserves to get a call, or he will complain afterward...I'm not a big fan of that attitude, but then I wonder, maybe that's how a star behaves...

NoCal Perspective:

If Kobe had ears, he could be Tuvacs nephew.

It is possible that we won't win another game. On the other hand, we have the talent and could go on a tear to finish out the season. Either way, with the Lottery and (possible sign and trade of Testes) we should be able to fetch a high impact 4 and more. Powerful West or not, we'll be back in the playoffs next season, and contending beyond.

I appreciate that many of you seem to "get it", that your loss to the Sacramento Kings of Basketball wasn't merely a matter of "looking past us" or "not giving full effort" (because, after all, it was the Kings) but that you understand that you were essentially outplayed in both games, irrespecitve of the 1 and 1 mark.

Save it, because I'm not suggesting that the Lakers aren't the better team; they clearly are, right now. But don't think that other teams haven't taken notice of what we did, and how we did it. You are not good enough to win it all without giving it your all, and even then you can fall short. It may be a good time for a team meeting. Let Fish and Ronnie do all of the talking.

On a side note, it's one thing to see Arco filled with teeny-bopper "gangsta" punks wearing piss colored jerseys, but (after selling out about 8 seasons in a row) I'm happy to support efforts to fill the seats during King's games whenever I can. Some great seats can be had for heavily discounted prices. The Kings organization assists season ticket holders in sales of their unused tickets, so for best results, go to the Kings website. You can find EXCELLENT lower section and courtside deals when you order 1 ticket for about $145.00. If you're going, let me know, and bring your cowbell.


Charles, whattup man, Makers Mark! lol

Jon. K,
Right on!!

Free Tacos!!
P.T. for Coby and DJ!!

on the Lakers being a soft team: where is rick fox and jerome kersey when you need them.

I'm glad Bosh is out because he's on my fantasy team. I don't like having to root for a good performance from an opposing team's player. I'm in first anyway, so I can afford to drop some stats until the playoffs goes down.

I suspect we're going to rebound from our last game in a major way. I also believe that Theus is a good coach and that the Kings match up well with the Lakers so I suspect we're going to continue to have a difficult time with Sacto. Not to mention, Sacto has that tendency to play up to the level of their competition and it shows when they've beaten many of the best teams in the league.

Go Lakes!

OMG, there are like 50 links already to other blogs for Kobe blog day. How am I supposed to read all of these?

Ypu Jon K. Dit Da Wan...


Just to be clear, Bill Simmons is judgmental while being about 1 million times funnier and smarter than Simers.

Not that anyone had any doubts.

"Jermario Moon is a bit of a mismatch for Vlad in terms of athleticism, but since Moon isn't all that great an offensive player, that shouldn't be too big an issue."

This means a record setting night for Moon!!!!

Kobe for 82? Been there done that.

How about Kobe, Pau, Lamar for 82(er 81)? Thats 27(.3) points apiece!

Lebron dominates Portland another triple double

by far the best player in the NBA

once you admit it you can live a better life


Imagine this guy coming off the bench till he shakes off the rust...

Kobe: "He's the player I've been praying for!"

AK/BK - just curious (NOT a criticism) - why does it take so long sometimes for new comments to post?

"Imagine this guy coming off the bench till he shakes off the rust...

Kobe: "He's the player I've been praying for!"

Posted by: Charles | March 11, 2008 at 02:17 PM"

I've almost forgotten just how good Andrew has become.

Can't believe it might be another month before he is back.

I'm ready.


Charles - awesome add. We can only dream.......for a few more weeks.

My number is "71" tonight.
If the Raptors end up there with a final score - and Lakers +1 - then I will be happy.


Charles - great link to see Baby Beast in action! MAN - I almost forgot how good this guy is and what potential he offers for the future. I can't wait until he's back - Lakers will be even more of a force to be reckoned with - how's that for an understatement!


justanothermambafan: I think we need to remember - this is a two man show. We'd like to think this is truly 24/7 Lakers all the time. But they also have their pre/post game interviews to attend and we certainly want to give them time to shower. Can't have smelly blog leaders or they might get booted from Mav's locker room...


2008 NBA Finals MVP!

Thanks for the link Charles. I'd forgotten how good that kid is now. Only 20 years old too. Can't wait to carry O'Brien home for the next 5 - 10 years. What a rennaisance for the NBA this year has been. It's about time. I think I'll write a post about that in the next couple of days.


Thanks for that. I have actually watched it about a gazillion times. I can never get enough of it.
Los Angeles is so Drew-prived right now!!!


Check the pic on this one. You'll know what I mean.

akr_68, justanothermambafan, PsychedLakerGirl, you're such an effing "Pig" Miller, and Rose.

Thanks and regards!!!


You are appropriately named as your prediction certainly looks on the sunny side, from the perspective of a Kings fan. Or should I say GHF? Or, perhaps, delusional?

I'm not a big fan of predictions but since you started it, I'll join in for a sec. Teams that will, assuming no drastic changes, be better than yours next season include:

Los Angeles (Will be healthier version of defending champs)
San Antonio (Still better than you even if the average player age is 74)
Portland (With Oden, they will be better than you)
Utah (Wouldn't DWill look great in a Kings uni? Back to reality, here's your starting point guard, Beno Udrih....)
Denver (Two players better than your best one)
New Orleans (Three players better than your best one)
Dallas (They suck, but they're still better than you)
and Houston (Yao back to join squad that won 19 straight)

Sorry, but Golden State is likely still the best team in NoCal next year and even the Clips will win more games with their bodies back. Unless they trade you Brand for Artest (good luck with that, though it IS the Clippers so it could happen), sorry, but it looks to me like you'll be battling Phoenix for the 9 spot.

"mark my words-the lakers will not make it past the second round of the playoffs. thats a guarantee!

Posted by: zosimo "

Nothing writes moron on your chest better than a comment like that. How can you guarantee anything? I would be surprised if you've ever played basketball competetively, or any other sport for that matter.

The Lakers have had some suspect defense lately but they are facing teams that feel their seasons are complete by beating the Lakers. They are also playing without 2 of their major players, who will be back at full strength for the playoffs. The Rockets are missing one star and people act surprised that they are winning. With the western conference this year there are 8 teams within 5 games of each other, so anything could happen this year. It's not like the eastern conference(F league) where only 2 teams have a legitimate chance to make any noise.


Charles, thanks for the link to the Andrew Bynum YouTube.

Everyone, click on this link to restore your faith:

Even die-hard Andrew Bynum fans like myself have forgotten just how dominant Andrew was playing before he got injured. Andrew has the best above-the-rim game in the NBA. Watching his incredible athleticism, unbelievable footwork, soaring dunks, and stifling blocks on defense, there is no question that Andrew is the NGLC (Next Great Lakers Center) and will someday succeed Kobe Bryant as the Lakers team leader and superstar.

I implore every Laker fan on the blog to click on the link you provided just to remind themselves that despite how great the team has been playing with Pau Gasol at center, they haven’t seen anything yet. Remember that the logo said that the Lakers were the best team in the league BEFORE they traded for Pau Gasol. Remember that Kobe said that the Lakers were a championship contender with Andrew in the starting lineup.

I have personally rooted my beloved Lakers to 11 NBA championships and I have never been as excited about any player as I am about Andrew Bynum, with the exception of Magic Johnson, the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). To have raised the level of his game as he has done where he is already among the 5 best centers in the NBA at age 20 is totally unbelievable. What is this guy going to be like when he is in the prime of his career?

It is not inconceivable that we are watching the baby steps of the greatest center to ever play in the NBA. There is a long way from here to there but there is no doubt whatsoever that Andrew Bynum is going to be the best center in the NBA for many years to come and the anchor for another series of Los Angeles Lakers dynasties. Watch the YouTube, guys, and then you will understand why we need this guy back. He instantly will solve all the problems we have on defense and give us the physicality and toughness to win it all.

Andrew Bynum, the NGLC – the Next Great Lakers Center.


Is there any link pointed to where can I see the game online? any website that offers free view of this game against the raptors?

You people are funny man. Kobe Bryant is a great player. This is very true. As great as he is is still overrated. He IS NOT the best player in the game right now. King James is by far the best player and KG is second. He can score but he hasnt even shot 50% in a season before. If you give alot of players 24 shots a game and 10-12 free throws they would average 30 a game. HIs defensive is suspect at best and yet he makes all-defensive team every other year. I missed it when he became a better defender than Ron Artest, Larry Hughes, or Richard Hamilton just to name a few. Which leads me to my next point he will NEVER be MJ not even close. Mike dominated at both ends of the floor and was always the best player on the court. You cant honestly say the same thing about Kobe even though I'm sure alot of you will.

Oh yeah and to answer that guys question no MJ didnt excessly complain to the refs



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