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Coby Karl might still be running

The Lakers, fresh from last night's road win in Seattle, took it easy today in El Segundo, getting a later start than normal and keeping the workout relatively light.  "We have a lot of guys who have played a lot of games.  We need to still keep our rhythm, but not suspend ourselves with too much activity," Phil Jackson said.  After all, things are going pretty well.  Eight straight victories, with an opportunity to run it to nine tomorrow against a slumping Portland team on Tuesday.  Big picture, things look good as well.  "Our schedule is favorable, because we've played the majority of our games on the road.  So we have a relatively good home schedule," Jackson noted.  Still, "we have a lot of work to do."  True enough. Now that Lakers fans have regained the taste for winning, expectations have gone up.  People ain't screwin' around no more. 

Kobe didn't speak to the media, and Jackson played coy on the issue of possible fines connected to last night's ejection and his postgame comments, in which PJ implied ref Brian Forte, son of veteran whistlebearer Joe Forte, might be a) the beneficiary of a little nepotism, and b) something of a red-ass.  "Let's say that because the explicitness of your reporting," PJ grinned, "I'll just let it lay where it is right now."  I was left with the distinct impression that Jackson doesn't care an iota if he happens to get dinged by the league.  It's not the first time, it won't be the last... and besides, he's rich. 

Derek Fisher said he was happy to see 24 continue to show that sort of intensity in a blowout, and noted that Kobe was probably aware of the situation.  Had the game been closer, Bryant probably would have kept his emotions in check.  "I don't think he intended to get tossed, though," Fish said.  "I don't think his intention was to prove a point.  He was just playing with that same fire and emotion that he always plays with.  Different officials have different tipping points.  The gentleman last night had I think a quicker tipping point than most."

I asked Fish if he's ever been tossed for mouthing off at a ref.  He laughed.  No (with a caveat, found in the audio), "but we still have a lot of games left to play, so I don't want to say too much."   


  • Vlad Rad is going to get more evaluation on his bum right calf, but said he was feeling better today than he did Sunday.  That's good.
  • I saw Chris Mihm, who was doing rehab work and said things are coming along well.  He's more comfortable now with the screw removed from his foot, and is getting some pretty fancy treatment to induce healing.  The sort of thing that isn't likely covered by your HMO. Incidentally, he said the screw they pulled out was about the length of his pinky, which is saying something since as a seven footer, the man has substantial pinkies.  We're going to try and get a picture of it for the site.  (The screw, I mean.  Not his pinkies.)
  • After practice, when everyone was done with extra shooting, Coby Karl started to do some supplementary fitness work.  He was running baseline to baseline, seemingly forever.  I'd stop to talk to one player, look back, and he'd be running.  A few minutes later?  Still running.  And running.  And running.  Such is life when you're not getting a lot of PT.  Players have to stay in shape somehow. 
  • Moment of the Day:  Ronny Turiaf and Luke Walton attempting to bounce pass a ball into the lower shelf of a ball rack from maybe 20 feet.  For those of you who need a visual, there might be about two inches in each direction to play with.  It's a narrow, narrow fit, like trying to bullseye wamp rats back home/shoot proton torpedoes into the Death Star.  Normally, guys make one attempt, then leave the ball for a rookie to pick up.  Those two kept at it, and kept at it, and kept at it.  Finally, I heard Ronny yell, "Ten dollars!" and he passed by, arms raised in triumph, on his way to the locker room, apologizing with a smile for his outburst. 



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KOREY! KOREY r u there? where r u hiding?

"That's the beauty of the Lakers' makeover – unlike Phoenix's facelift (Shaquille O'Neal, 36 next week) and Dallas' Botox injection (Jason Kidd, 35 next month). Kobe Bryant is 29, Pau Gasol is 27, Andrew Bynum is 20 and Farmar is 21. Yes, Farmar very much merits mention in that line, because the day is most surely coming when FARMAR IS MORE VALUABLE TO THE LAKERS THAN ODOM"

What else can I say to you! It's all said right here.

Lakertom, I guess I do not have to wait till the lakers win it all, you can apologize your foolishness now! C'mon you can do it! HAHAHAHA!

To KOREY AGAIN! A big slap on your face man!

"Perhaps you get Odom to take a major pay cut from the $14.3 million he's getting next season if he's – let's put it in the terms of one of Odom's all-time favorite bands – not the Lakers' main source of Earth (Bynum), Wind (Gasol) or Fire (Bryant) anymore. Or Trevor Ariza might well be ready to do Odom's job by then, just with more of a defensive flair. Or with guard Sasha Vujacic keeps growing this fast, Bryant might slide over to be the full-time small forward. There are fat-contract options Luke Walton and Vladimir Radmanovic who can play Odom's positions, too."

C'mon come out from hiding little baby korey... HAHaha!

Edwin Gueco,

>>>Don't think of trading Odom, pumping the obvious, you divide
>>>loyalties by creating controversial stand.

If you're going to comment on my post, at least read the whole thing.
Like the part where I SPECIFICALLY SAID we should (myself included)
drop all the trade talk until after the season.

My comments about the Lamar thing were just rehashing my
thoughts on the topic of $$$ issues, and they were a response
to someone's concern about what would the Lakers do if someone
offered Sasha 5 million. I was pointing out (in my usual, long-winded
way) that it would really be 10 million.

And by the way, I have also been accused of "dividing loyalties
by taking a controversial stand" when I was proposing that the
Lakers should trade Kwame and Critter to improve the team. I
was repeatedly attacked by the Critter fans for those comments,
but we all know how that turned out. Controversial ideas are not
always bad ideas.

ONE MORE TIME KOREY! This is so good!

Perhaps you get Odom to take a major pay cut.

"Or Trevor Ariza might well be ready to do Odom's job by then, just with more of a defensive flair."

"Or with guard Sasha Vujacic keeps growing this fast, Bryant might slide over to be the full-time small forward."

"There are fat-contract options Luke Walton and Vladimir Radmanovic who can play Odom's positions, too."

Have enuff Korey baby? You're grilled!


>>>Kobe doenst talk to the media the day after he gets kicked
>>>out of a game...What a BIG baby..
>>> blah blah blah - Kobe bashing - blah blah blah

Hey neal, is your middle name Bob?


>>>I admit I cheated but I don't believe it. LMAO.

Yeah, neither did I. The assists wasn't too far-fetched. But the
steals? and REBOUNDS? I feel like I must have been watching
Kobe too much at the ends of games and ignoring what else is
going on on the floor.

Korey it's for you again! LAST TIME, I swear!!!

Yet this season's leadership infusion via Derek Fisher, the sudden seriousness brought by Bynum and now the passion of Gasol have all crystallized what Odom continues to lack!!!!.

"The only three-game losing streak of the season came after Bynum got hurt, before Gasol came over and when Bryant came to Phil Jackson to note how hunched over Odom looked from shouldering the pressure."

RIGHT THERE!!! RIGHT HERE! is when Bryant came to his Coach asking Lamar Odom to be traded. Both PHIL AND KOBE knows Lamar can not handle pressure.

Even if Lakers win a championship this year, I keep saying the team needs to continue to IMPROVE to build that dynasty, that's why I keep saying Odom should not be in the plan for the future.

Edwin Gueco,

>>>Stats will count the number of attempts based on a block of time
>>>frame. So if you compare Kobe's stats or Fisher's, it will be
>>>lower because they play longer.

Which shows that either you didn't go look at the stats I pointed to
at 82games or you didn't understand them. They normalized the
block of time for the table. So all of the stats are "per 48 minutes of clutch time played"

So it's # of points per 48 minutes, # of assists per 48 minutes, etc.

Korey! Korey! Korey!

"Staples 24, You are done discussing with me because you are outclassed in this argument.


Come again! Can you look in the mirror now? Stop crying u little baby...

Here is a podcast of Phil Jackson on Loose Cannons 570 AM today - Very on Phil & listen

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | February 25, 2008 at 10:34 PM

great interview

also if u r there listen also to charley rosen for a different perspective and a historical reference to 71/72


"More likely the changes will come to the bench rather than the starters, unless Farmar pushes Fisher. Otherwise, I think we will see a repeat of this year's playoff lineup of Kobe, Fish, Drew, Pau, and Lamar."

You can still change your mind about Odom. You've done well in the past, I like your thoughts, so I am giving the chance and respect to correct your mistakes.

Our Next 8 Games - Can you say 16 in a row...

02/26 (H) Trailblazers – Win
02/28 (H) Heat – Win
02/29 (A) Trailblazers – Win
03/02 (H) Mavs – Win
03/04 (A) Kings – Win
03/07 (H) Clippers – Win
03/09 (H) Kings – Win
03/11 (H) Raptors – Win


I haven't posted anything in a couple days and I feel the need to post something. GO LAKERS!

Portland always comes out to play against the Lakers regardless of who is on the floor. I predict the Lakers to lose today. I am just writing this long post so I can try to sneak in my valuable predictions. If you have read this entire post, hopefully you didn't see that I predict the Lakers to lose today. Anyway, I wonder if the Lakers should pick up Lue and release Karl. I love Karl but business is business. What am I saying, if it's not broke don't fix it.

Wowww you guys are going to enjoy this...

Amare is talking about Kobe "LEARNING" how to be a playmaker...

Staples 24,

"Bynum will be back! He holds the key to the Championship"

I think this team can compete for a ship without Bynum so kinda disagree. I'd argue instead that Bynum holds the key to our dynasty. i.e. with him we wont just compete, we'll dominate.

I stopped posting because of all the fair weather fans...but every now and then I come back and read the blog. It still amazes me, no matter what the situation, people here continue to stir up drama. THIS LAKER TEAM DESERVES NOTHING BUT PRAISE....EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!

They have finally worked out the kinks, each one adding their own value. Enjoy it...stop picking this team apart. I too have been watching the Lakers for going on 30 years. My observation, I finally see a TEAM....not since Showtime have I seen such a bond between players.

Should the team read this blog, let them come here and only see positive..a pat on the back, words of praise are all they should be reading...especially here on the LAKERS BLOG...they have been nothing short of flawless lately.


BD and LakerTom,

Thanks for sharing that article on Farmar. I'm becoming a big fan -- he may not have the highest level of raw talent, but his passion/perspective/competitiveness will take him far in this league. And his core skills and unselfishness also fit perfectly in the triangle offense.

Let's all keep in mind that while the other teams in the west have traded away their futures for an immediate shot at the championship, the Lakers have the pieces and potential to start yet another dynasty. With so many of the western teams' short-sighted trades, I think we'll see the balance of power shift to the east over the next 3-5 years; but the Lakers will continue to be the fortress in the west, ready to conquer whoever emerges from the east.

No doubt, it would showcase the best frontline ever assembled in a team. KB24 and company will rule and get will get the title come june.

Any chance the Lake Show can get Jamal Magloire? I heard he has been waived. With Mihm and Vladrad out indefinitely, the team needs Magloire's big body to grab rebounds and play D against the bigs of the Western Conference.

Local papers are reporting the following.

Brent Barry will sign with PHX. Barry - 37 years old, currently not playing due to injury. A 3 pt specialist, unless the Suns plan on playing 6 guys at a time, it makes little sense. Yup, sounds like a Suns plan to me.

Sam Cassell will be released today by Clippers and he will sign with Celtics after he clears waivers. Sam - currently 57 years old and not playing due to injury.

Lakers need to counter these moves. lol

Actually, I would strongly recommend we sign Tyronn Lue if released.
It would purely be for insurance if Farmar or Fisher gets hurt.

Lue knows the the triangle. Its very rare to pick up a guard who knows it, and could adjust to the Lakers game this late in the season.. Good quick defender, shoots 3 very well. Has championship experience, has won a ring with Lakers. I loved the way he handled AI in title. AI was mad at Lue for guarding him so closely

Plus, not a reason, but a benefit. It will keep him off Denver or Dallas roster. Denver is looking more likely to be our first round opponent. Lue is a certified Lakers killer.
(see Atlanta/Lakers game at Atlanta)

It would be a good conservative move by the Lakers.

Lakers - Prove you are worthy to wear the Ring.

AN 1, didn't Lue dis Kobe a few years back in a Chucky Atkins type way?? lol

Any ole wayz, can the Lakers even add another player to the roster if they wanted to? Don't know how that stuff works so I am asking..


I've been reading Magloire is most likely headed to the Mavs -- I don't think he fits anywhere for the Lakers anyway. Who would he sub in for? If you want a big body, we have Mbenga, and he hardly sees any PT. Once Bynum comes back, size won't be an issue for us.

See this article about LO and also see what KB said in the last few paragraphs.

First I wonder is LO has been hanging around vic the brick a little to much with the "carpe diem" qoute

Second I hope this puts any questions about KB opting out.

(Even though I'm sure if this team finds a way to tank it this year and next he still would leave- Obviously I hope that does not happen nor do I think it will)

Hi, I am a relatively new Lakers fan, from Princeton, NJ. Got into the whole thing, believe it or not, after playing NBA 2K7 on Xbox 360. I always picked Lakers because of Kobe; saw some of his dunks on the game. Then I was curious: can he actually jump that high in a real game? So I watched some youtube videos of Kobe, ... and the rest is history!!

I enjoy reading this blog, although I think sometimes fans become over-critical of the team. But all is good...

Question for all of you: can you suggest a better way to watch Lakers games that are not broadcast on national TV or NBA TV, etc? My only option right now is follow the scores on yahoo! and search for 4-min youtube clips the next day. Appreciate any suggestions...

AN 1,

I like the Ty Lue idea. He was actually an important contributor
to the 2001 Lakers championship. Fisher was having trouble
keeping up with Allen Iverson. I think Philly even won a game.
So Phil threw Ty Lue at AI, and that slowed him down just
enough that the Lakers swept the rest of the way.

I can't see Lue getting a ton of play for the Lakers with Fish
and Farmar in front of him, but he would be good to throw
in for spot situations like guarding Chris Paul or end of
game when the Lakers need a 3. Lue is like Sasha --
he hits over 40% of his 3's and he will shoot without conscience.

re trading Odom: I would say to wait and see what his game is like when he is playing SF with both Gasol and Bynum on the floor. If his production drops off and his perimeter defense hasn't improved, then a trade would certainly be reasonable.

Pau in good company:

Pau Gasol maintained his 22-PPG scoring average in the Lakers' 111-91 win at Seattle on Sunday, his 10th game with the Lakers. Only five other players averaged at least 22.0 points over their first 10 games with the Lakers: Elgin Baylor (24.1) and four legendary centers: George Mikan (29.0), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (28.8), Shaquille O'Neal (24.8), and Wilt Chamberlain (24.5).

(from ESPN's daily dime page)

AN 1

>>> Actually, I would strongly recommend we sign Tyronn Lue if released.

My sentiments exactly. Mitch, get it done!!


can you guys believe what the jet has predicted?

Lakers made best trade; don’t overlook Suns
By Kenny Smith, Yahoo! Sports
15 hours, 42 minutes ago




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More From Kenny SmithBlockbuster trades raise questions Feb 11, 2008
The NBA just got interesting. For the first time in a long while, it looks like the league really has parity. There’s just no clear-cut championship favorite. This could even be the first time that a 50-win team ends up sitting at home when the playoffs begin.

The East has improved with the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic joining the Detroit Pistons as division leaders. The Cleveland Cavaliers have retooled their roster, though I don’t think they got better.

The league’s best story, however, will be out West, where everyone in the conference who makes the playoffs will believe they have a realistic chance of winning the NBA title. Many of those teams have improved. So let’s look at the recent trades and see who came out ahead.


1. Los Angeles Lakers: Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton and a couple first-round draft picks for Pau Gasol? It doesn’t matter if you want to rebuild. You just helped an opposing team build a possible dynasty.

The Lakers go from playoff team to championship contender overnight, and Andrew Bynum hasn’t even returned to the lineup. The Lakers have the rest of the league on notice that they are now the team to beat. They also are the only team that has set itself up for a bright future.

2. Phoenix Suns: Any time you add one of the 50 greatest players to your team, you’ve improved.

Shaquille O’Neal is smart enough to figure out how to fit into the Suns’ high-powered offense. He has played on international teams as well as All-Star teams where he wasn’t always the first option. I also believe players start to lose their lateral (east-west) quickness as they get older, but can still be effective playing an up-tempo north-south game like the Suns. Shaq’s value wont truly show until the playoffs.

3. Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks needed toughness and leadership, and they got both with Jason Kidd. Dallas will no longer panic in crunch time and Avery Johnson won’t have to coach every play. In Kidd, the Mavericks now have a true on-court leader.

4. San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs made the subtlest of moves by adding Kurt Thomas, but Thomas could be the piece that puts them over the top. Or, to be exact, back on the top.

Thomas is a great defender, rebounder and team player. He should also allow Tim Duncan to not have to work so hard on the defensive end. Thomas also is a very underrated midrange shooter.

5. Houston Rockets: This was all about addition by subtraction. The Rockets realized they would stunt the growth of their young players if they tried to give Bonzi Wells and Mike James minutes, so they traded the two veterans. Rookies Carl Landry and Aaron Brooks won’t be fighting for playing time anymore. They’ll be fighting to win games.

6. New Orleans Hornets: The Hornets needed bench scoring and they should get some in Wells and James. In the Western Conference, depth is a necessity. When your subs come in the game they better be able to do one of three things: protect the lead; take the lead; or change the game’s tempo. Wells and James should help the Hornets in all those areas.

My prediction for how the West will be won? The Suns will rise and beat the Lakers to advance to the NBA Finals.

jordan is NOT hands down the greatest basketball player ever . . . jordan was by FAR the best marketed player . . . and we see that again today with Prince James/Dwayne Wade and any other johnny come lately who is foolish enough to try to pry the mantle of best player in the league from King Kobe.
He is definitely in the discussion, but with the evolving style of play and the different demands on each position it would be unfair and an egregious INSULT to many greats of the past to say that jordan is the greatest without at least discussion . . .

possible nominees?

The Big O
Pistol Pete
Bill Russel
Jerry West
Elgin Baylor
---- over the years ive read legitimate arguments for each of these players, however, the blind fanaticism of the casual NBA fan of today precludes logical discussion of the greatest ever of all time. The general argument is that HE'S MICHEAL JORDAN . . yea . . . and so what?

Staples 24,

You've officially joined the land of the trolls. I hope you enjoy your company. Gunner, KL, Mike T and Laker Lover welcome you with open arms.


Welcome to the blog.

Try Sopcast is the best.

Some have posted or an IE viewer.


That's the exact approach we should take. I don't understand why people want to trade LO right now when he's been a huge part of our winning streak. A decision shouldn't be made until the offseason at the earliest.

Thanks for the Ventre article.

I didn't even click on the Amare article.

I'm glad for him and his success after his microfracture surgery, but he should worry about his own team.

re: our 15th slot, I don't think we should sign anybody. We've got great depth, great chemistry. The team's in a groove and things will only improve when our injured players return.

Kevin Ding's analysis is pretty good :

The part I liked? The nickname he gave to our favorite trio:

Earth (Bynum), Wind (Gasol), and Fire (Kobe)

....I don't think there is a more appropriate nickname. Fits their respective parts to the triangle pretty accurately, wouldn't you say?

The next stretch of games -

The Lakers next stretch of games is kinda average hard. In
their next 7 games, they have 4 games against winning teams -
Dallas, Toronto, and Portland twice. But Dallas and Toronto
are both at Staples and Portland is without Brandon Roy, at
least for tonight. They also have home and away games vs.
Sacramento, who are a very dangerous team. And the Heat
and Clippers are in that run for comic relief.

Winning all 8 of those games is not out of the question, but
I'm betting the Lakers will slip up at least once, and perhaps
twice. Most dangerous games - this Friday at Portland and
next Sunday at Dallas. I predict the Lakers will go 7-1 through
this stretch.

As for the other top competition at the top of the West, here's
what they have coming up:

San Antonio: HARD schedule
Dallas, Denver twice, Indiana, Phoenix, New Orleans

Phoenix: HARD schedule
Memphis, New Orleans, Phlly, Portland, Denver, Utah,
San Antonio, Memphis, Golden State

Utah: pretty hard schedule
Minnesota twice, Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis, Dallas,
Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Milwaukee

New Orleans: pretty hard schedule
Phoenix, Utah, Washington, Knicks, Atlanta, New Jersey,
Houston, San Antonio.

Dallas: HARD schedule
San Antonio, Sacramento, Lakers, Utah, Houston, New Jersey,
Knicks, Charlotte.

Houston: fairly easy schedule.
Washington, Memphis, Denver, Indiana, Dallas, New Orleans,
New Jersey, Atlanta.

If the Lakers can stay tough for those two weeks, they could
build a little bit of separation at the top. I'd prefer if they had
a 2 or 3 game buffer instead of a 1/2 game buffer. Because
right after that stretch the Lakers play 4 straight road games
at New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, and Utah. Now THAT will
be a gauntlet.


It's is so buddy, the Jet is one smart cookie.
I'll put it this way, on NBA on TNT who has always made more sense, who always speaks like he has his head on straight?
BARKLEY or K. Smith?
You got smith, but don't start hating on him b/c he said something you dont agree with and might be a threat to what your team is trying to do.

Grasshopper 'ASM":

Besides regualr TV and NBA TV you can also watch it on:


Staples 24,

lamar odom is our temporary number 3 option right now, and we're playing our best ball of the year. and lamar is finally playing his best & most consistent ball since he became a laker.

when socks returns, lamar odom will become our number 4 option.

there isn't a better number 4 option in the league, point blank.

as for how long lamar odom remains with the lakers, that could be tricky because of the amount of money the lakers are paying him (a lot of dough for a number four option).

anyhow, big game tonight.

brandon roy will not play, but this blazers team still plays good ball.

let's keep the same intensity, and more importantly - keep the best record in the western conference.

c'mon lake show!

Can they do it?

Can Bynum and Gasol coexist?

The twin towers experiment sometimes works, sometimes fails.

Why will we be different?

How are we going to have two centers playing on the court together instead of one backing up the other?

If Phil can get these two games to mesh and find serious court time together for Bynum and Gasol, we're going to have something special in Los Angeles.

But that's a seriously big if.

Twin tower experiments have had about as much success as run and shoot offenses.

This only works if there's very little redundancy in these players games.

If it doesn't work, then we suddenly have a bench (Bynum, Turiaf, Vlad, Sasha, Farmar) that could probably beat half of the starting units in the NBA.

But if it works, if in two years time Bynum and Gasol are still starting together, they'll probably be doing it with rings on their fingers.


Good Morning Charles---Good Morning everyone....

Today for no apparent reason I want to relay some of my personal superstitions and wonder if any of you have your own rituals etc.

Phil Jackson said on Leno once that having superstions can be quite a burden--though I hope I don't believe in this stuff too much, there is always that lingering thought hanging out there....

First of all, any athlete or spectator should know what a sports curse is--more or less it's when someone says one thing the exact opposite will likely happen---I don't know what the percent of this is (Mike T could probably work up a study report in a few months) but it sure seems like it happens a lot.

A great example of this is during the World Series with the Dodgers (who I hated) were playing the Yankees in the 80's sometime--the game was on the radio at my work with all the Dodger fans (who I also hated) ferverently listening and the announcer says something like "this guy hasn't hit a home run since 1973" CRACK!
Yankees (who I could care less about--as well as baseball in general) win the game.

The sports curse thing is the reason in show biz they say "break a leg" before a show---that's actually the reverse curse (don't talk about it)

An example of the reverse curse (don't talk about it) is our fellow blogger Never, who always predicts a loss---he really wants us to win and is using the reverse curse (don't talk about it) to get us a win---the reason you can't talk about it is if you do, the reverse curse doesn't work--so ....don't talk about it....

A great example of a reverse curse is in one of the Laker-Celtic Finals---with the game and series on the line, toward the end of a game in Boston, Danny Ainge is at the line for a pair of free throws that would probably ice the game---just before he shoots Chick says "Ainge is an excellent free thrower, he's always been an excellent free thrower" CLANK CLANK---Kareem gets fouled and sinks his and we win.

Make no mistake about it Chick did that on purpose (don't talk about it)---Chick really learned his lesson with those Magic Johnson hamburger free throws "he's not missing these-if he misses these I'll buy everyone a hamburger" how many of your got your hamburger?

And most announcers know the deal too--you will hear Stu and Joel joke about it as well as other announcers too---and anytime they say "he's perfect from the line" CLANK---that word "perfect" is a real killer.

Whenever an anouncer, or someone in your vecinety says a sports curse--you better do a reverse curse (don't talk about it) to conteract it----at least knock on some wood for Chick's sake!

And just like the blogger who says everytime he TIVO's the games the Lakers lose (hey buddy don't TIVO the games please)---anytime a phone rings just before the game or in the early stages and I answer it the Lakers lose--I don't answer the phone anymore before a game....

I have also assertained that my living room is some kind of conduit--the center of the Laker universe---if I can find the right chair, the right position to sit in and hold that position throughout the game Lakers win--it's as simple as that. The problem is that each game the chair/location and position is different and I have to find it before it's too late. Unfortuanltely sometimes I can never find "it" and I can feel that I can't find "it" and we lose. Sometimes I have to keep changing during the game to keep counteracting the other guys runs. I have litterally been unable to walk or move, many of my limbs and appendages numb and cramped, after many a Laker victory. There are some games where I know I really don't have to do the position thing or at least not as serious--I just have the feeling we will win I guess.

Speaking of runs---talk about the sports curse thing---ever notice when a team goes on a run and either the announcers and /or a graphic will come up "Lakers on a 10-0 run" SWISH, the other team scores---I hate when they do that for our team (Stu should know better)--and I am urging they do it sooner than later to the other team...

In 1987 Lakers were in Boston for the finals---as the game progressed I figured out that during the commercials if I walked around a certain pattern around my living room and was sitting back down in my chair by the time the game was back on. we did well---well you can give me a lot of the credit for Magic's BABY HOOK---oh yeah.

I used to think I was a little crazy--but after mentioning that to my friend, he told me for that same game him and his 4 friends formed a circle with their heads together and spun around---BABY HOOK---oh yeah.

So I have hinted how bizzare I may be and the guantlet is thrown---what's your superstions... lucky socks---lucky underwear????



>>>re trading Odom: I would say to wait and see what his
>>>game is like when he is playing SF with both Gasol and
>>>Bynum on the floor.

Amen to that. A front court of Bynum-Gasol-Odom sounds pretty
badass on paper. We'll have to see if Odom can keep up this
exceptional play when he's out on the wing instead of at PF.
If he can, then that luxury tax hit won't seem so painful.
But if Lamar starts bricking 3's and his rebounds go down,
then that 15 million price tag for next season will look
awfully high.


You got it right. Michael Jordan is the "Most Marketed Player EVER!" I don't think he's even close to in the same league as Wilt Chamberlein.

It's the same thing with LeBron James. I don't think that LeBron James is even in the top five players in the league RIGHT NOW, but he is the Most Marketed Player Right Now, and whether or not people want to admit that, it does effect people's perceptions.

They asked Chick Hearn who was the greatest player he ever saw, and Chick had seen them all. He said, "Elgin Baylor." How much do we hear about Elgin Baylor? He's practically an afterthought among the Greats. Why? Amoung the Greats he was one of the Least Marketed Players Ever.


Staples 24 - I agree Bynum is the key to the lakers winning a championship, as well as an upgrade at PG. The Lakers are softer inside with Gasol at center that melted butter. They Lakers have been able to get away with that by outscoring lesser opponents but lets see when the playoffs come and defenses get more physical.

Mark Kriegel's article on Fox Sports:

My comments:

While Kobe has been playing amazing basketball this year and raising his team's level along the way, it's also amazing how some people expected a team of Smush, Kwame, Luke and a Odom who had been a career underachiever to be world beaters or close to it.. and claim Kobe has "never made teammates better" as Mark does in this aricle.. yeah, like Jordan and Barkely have said before, it's easier to "make teammates better" when they are talented.. You know what's interesting? Almost every teammate that's come on to the lakers have had their best FG% playing alongside Kobe.. (and not to slight LeBron, but, that's the opposite with his team.. all his teammates have struggled.. assists don't tell the whole story.. while people can talk about LeBron's stats, their offense looks awful and a major part of the blame goes to his coach and not having a true system but have LeBron dominate the ball.)

Kobe has had to carry a team of bench players (or even less in the case of Smush and Kwame) to the playoffs in the tough west, with players like Tierre Brown and Atkins playing significant minutes earlier and people have the audacity to claim that Kobe was doing too much and not making them better. Yeah, some people would rather fail like the Miami Heat than have a leader who has the ability to shoulder the load according to what he is working with.

Kobe always molds his game according to the situation.. this is a given. If the Olympics team needs defense, that's what he'll give. If the lakers need facilitator and defender, that's what Kobe will give. If they are in a drought and need some points, he will try to do that. A leader always tries to provide what the team needs. There is no one better in doing this: mold his game according to the situation.

The only time I was really disappointed with Kobe was in 2004 against the Pistons.. but that was also some of the best defense I've ever seen and the refs allowing Pistons to manhandle the lakers (like Phil said in his interview yesterday with AM570), get charging calls against Shaq and load the paint area.

Finally, I'm proud that Kobe is getting better in other aspects of leadership this year. Fisher and Kobe will provide the necessary leadership to take the lakers to promised land.


Point taken. In my humble opinion, I think the Jet chose the Suns to win because he is comparing the experience of the Rocket team that won it's second NBA championship. The Rockets were slipping into oblivion in the regular season when they traded for an aging Clyde Drexler. Phoenix Suns trader for also an aging O'Neal likewise. However, the Rockets were the champions at that time; Phoenix has never won a championship much less advance to the finals. The comparison is so offbase.


Well said.


Who hasn't dissed Kobe when they left? lol

Tye Lue would also make for a good practice dummy, in preparation SAS, NO, Nash,..etc......



Let’s see. Staples definitely is not a Lamar Odom type of guy but he does think Andrew should start. Korey staunchly defends Lamar but would prefer Andrew to come off the bench. I love Lamar Odom but want Andrew will start as soon as healthy.

Know what? this is probably as close to complete agreement the blog will ever come to. LOL.





I already commented that I love Kevin Ding and respect his work greatly. Having said that, I don’t completely agree with his assessment of Lamar Odom’s situation. I think Lamar is playing the best basketball of his life right now and I fully expect him to continue to do so the rest of this year. Based on his history, it may be optimistic to think that Lamar has finally found his niche and role with the team but so be it. What else would you expect from a GHF guy like me. We’ll know by the end of this year if I am right or wrong. And based on how things have been falling the Lakers way…well, you get the idea. No problem throwing out a blind ante or raise when the cards are hot.

And if Lamar continues to play as he has been since we got Pau, then he will win the NBA championship and Lamar will sign an extension that will make him a Laker for Life. Or at least for another 3 years. lol. If we win it all, a big reason will be the play and heart of Lamar Odom. One thing Lamar said that is true is that “winning cures everything.” Make us proud, Lamar. And carpe diem.

Just heard the news that Yao is out for the rest of the years. Man, I feel bad for the Rockets fans but we all knew that the combination of Yao and Tracy would be hard to keep on the court due to their injury history. A real shame. I would have preferred all of our competitors to be full strength so as not to diminish our championship. Good luck coming back, Yao. You’re a class guy and a Bruce Lee to Chinese everywhere.




"If it doesn't work, then we suddenly have a bench (Bynum, Turiaf, Vlad, Sasha, Farmar) that could probably beat half of the starting units in the NBA."

Since when did you start smoking? ANDREW BYNUM is a rare commodity in THE NBA. There's only him and Dwight Howard right now, maybe Oden will join that list next year. He is a rare DIAMOND in the NBA, and you want him to come off the bench, r u kidding me? get real!

An ALL-STAR in the making like him will ask for a trade if you keep him in the bench. Yo don't want to loose an Andrew Bynum, every NBA team will gladly start him.

"as for how long lamar odom remains with the lakers, that could be tricky because of the amount of money the lakers are paying him (a lot of dough for a number four option)."

You got it. Not only that, the 4th option is really mixed with Fisher, Farmar, Sasha and Odom. Odom is not locked at 4th option anymore...

"Our Next 8 Games - Can you say 16 in a row...

02/26 (H) Trailblazers – Win
02/28 (H) Heat – Win
02/29 (A) Trailblazers – Win
03/02 (H) Mavs – Win
03/04 (A) Kings – Win
03/07 (H) Clippers – Win
03/09 (H) Kings – Win
03/11 (H) Raptors – Win"

I say we can, as long as Lamar keeps playing well. When Bynum comes back it does not matter how Lamar plays or if he is still with the team, Lakers will dominate with Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Sasha and Fisher/Farmar. It's plain truth!

Check out this great, in-depth analysis of statistics in context:

The author at shows why you can't just compare two players statistics straight up. So, when evaluating field goal %, rebounds, assists, etc., he shows that Kobe is a MORE EFFICIENT shooter, a better rebounder, and at least as good a passer as LeBron.


If and when Bynum comes back Pj should acclimate him back slowly. Right now the Show is on a roll, so why change things immediaely? Let Baby come off the bench for a few games. Allow the game situations to dictate personnel. Use the games to allow Pau and Baby to get used to playing with one another. Then, once Drew gets back in the flow and in game shape, decide on your best starting lineup. I realize that time is tight and that Drew's return may come with just a few games left in the regular season. But he's been out for a while and will be recovering from a major injury. Ease the kid back.

IMO need Bynum to start. He may work a few games coming off the bench but then he has to start.
He is a very dominant center and need to acclimate him into playing with Pau before playoffs.
We need to fly once the playoffs fly and not trying to incorporate AB into the rotation.

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