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Talking With: Jim Cleamons (Part One)

Cleamons Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons has a history with the Lakers that runs back to his rookie season in the NBA, when he was L.A.'s #1 pick in the '71 draft and was a reserve guard on the '71-'72 title team.  He'd go on to have a nine year career with the Lakers, Cavs, Knicks, and Bullets.  His long relationship with Phil Jackson goes back to the '78-'79 season, when they were tammates in New York.  As a coach, Cleamons joined Jackson's staff in Chicago for seven seasons, then again in Los Angeles during the threepeat years.  After a trip to New Orleans to work with Byron Scott, Cleamons came back to L.A. and Jackson's staff last season.  He also has head coaching experience, with the Mavs from '96 into the '98 season.  To say the least, he's seen a great deal over his 35+ seasons in professional basketball.

I had a chance to talk with Cleamons last week at the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo, on topics ranging from his tenure as a player and how it helped shape him as a coach, working with PJ and how the staff operates, and issues on the current squad from Kobe to how they'll have to adjust without Drew. 

Click here for the audio (Download jim_cleamons_1.mp3), and below for some quote pulls (Note: What comes beneath the jump isn't a full transcript.  Call it a highlight reel). 


On how good timing, hard work, and luck all play in to success and winning:

"Without a doubt it's a combination.  The period of time I was born, the people who crossed my path as teachers, as teammates, the competition that I've had to play against and compete against, and the friends that I have as a result of this game.  It's all important.  It's all been, really, a highlight to me.  Nobody else will probably ever really care, but it's part of my experience and a legacy that I very comfortable about, because it is my experience." 

You were a rookie guard on the '71-'72 championship team, which was stacked with great players from Wilt to West to Goodrich, with Jim McMillan, Elgin Baylor for part of the time, and on and on.  What was it like to be on that team? 

"They were my teammates, and I caught a lot of grief, but there wasn't a lot of hazing.  There were rookie duties that I was expected to fulfill, and I did what I was supposed to do... They taught you the ropes.  Those things to me weren't monumental.  This was what I had to do to become a teammate, and it was part of how you were accepted... because on the other hand of it, when you start talking basketball, I had Flynn Robinson on one side of me, Leroy Ellis and John Q. Trap on the other, and we sat down at the end of the bench and we'd talk basketball for 48 minutes... because they wanted me to know what was happening..."

"...During timeout, KC Jones, who was an assistant coach, he kept a little three-by-five card, and he'd write little things down.  I was a point.  I always enjoyed learning the game, so I'd go up to KC and ask what he was writing down.  And he'd write it down before the timeout, and the timeout would come, he'd hand it to Coach Sharman. Coach Sharman would review it, then they'd step into the huddle. I wanted to know what he was writing down..."

"...I would just sit back and just marvel at the knowledge that my teammates had, and they were willingly sharing it with me, so I could become a good pro.  That's just the way the game used to be passed on. In this day and time it's not passed on that way.  Guys don't share as readily, because being a veteran sometimes you try to hold on to spots or positions, and don't share..."

Could there be a better lab than watching and learning from a team like that?  You won 33 in a row, so obviously good things were happening.

"What has to happen is that the people who were involved had to care about what they're doing, and their responsibility to the game on one hand, because it's the future generation that you're training... And you have to have people willing to learn... One of the things about that team was that our second unit used to beat up on that first unit, and that first unit had a lot of All Stars... 

"...Coach Sharman told me early in the exhibition season, "You're not going to play very much."  And I looked at him, because I'm accustomed to playing.  At Ohio State, I averaged 38 minutes a game.  I said, "I'm not going to play very much?"  He said, "Yeah.  I've got a veteran team.  They've earned the right to play in front of you.  Your job is to keep a notebook on all the guards that you're going to compete against, and get to know them and how you're going to defend them." Their strong points and weak points, and so forth and so on, and to come hard and play hard every day in practice.  So if I'm going to be judged by those things, I'm going to give my coach what he asked for. So I practiced hard.  And sometimes that didn't endear me to my teammates..."

"...but we played hard (the second unit), and the vets just kind of sloughed it off  until we started talking about how we were kicking their butts everyday in practice.  And it wasn't bragging, it was fact... And the vets must have started to realize that they weren't winning that many games in practice, and lo and behold, that's when things really got good, because they were a competitive bunch... 

...Somewhere during the middle of the season, our games got really competitive.  And we had our best games- and you're talking about a team that went on to win 69 games- we had our best games in practice. And when that happens, you know you're on a good team..."

"...that's what made that streak last, and that's why that streak won't be broken, because guys don't have that passion for the game..."

How does playing on a team like that shape the rest of your career, as a player and a coach?

"We did it so easily, I always felt that number one, this was the way basketball should have been played.  We shared the basketball.  You're talking about Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Gail Goodrich, and for the first month of the season, Elgin Baylor, but we shared the basketball. And that's the way I thought the game should be played.  No matter who your "star" is, you share the basketball..."

"...It perpetuated what winning was about.  These were the principles that if you wanted to win, you adhere to. If you don't violate these principles in your game and in your life, you will eventually win. It gave me something to always be pointing to to get back, if the principles weren't violated.  And guys were willing to buy into the principles.  That is difficult in this business, because a lot of guys have their own agenda, and don't want to sacrifice for the common good of the team, because they have personal agendas they want to address first and foremost..."

"...You have to try and find people who are unselfish, so that they will understand that in winning, the ultimate sacrifice is giving.  The more you give, it'll come back to you.  Players don't believe that, but if you give, somehow the karma that works in life, it finds it's way back to you and you have more than you started out with.  But the greed in this business and in society in general often spoils the very positive things that can happen if you're willing to share."

More to come later.


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I have nothing against Jim Cleamons...but man I wish Coop was our defensive coach.

Game just ended Mia v. SAS. Sucks to be a Miami fan, heh.

YADA YADA YADA...the thuth be told
Lakers Fans have a new weapon…..
At the last home game fans were very patience rather than BOO they gasped at Kwame and LUKE miss-steps, it was like AAAAAHH …OOOOOOO. PJ was afraid of being Booed so he had good rotation (good minutes spread all around). We got a win and the BOOO Birds were silent. …… NO MORE WAITING.. WE WANT TO WIN NOW

Road Games a different story… no threat of being booed by home fans, so PJ goes back to his old ways. PJ whole game plan seems to be centered around keeping his beloved injured non producing Luke Walton on the floor as long as possible in hope of being able to just squeeze by and get a win. Keep in mind that we have better and rested players on the bench.
Fans have very little input on what Jackson and the player will respond to. There is a time to Cheer and a time to BOO that’s just a part of the game. I believe it is time for fans to step up, to send a message to the front office (BAD TRADES), Jackson (bad rotation) starting/playing wrong players. PJ whatever happen to playing the best player able to play now and is producing now. Players need to shape up or get BOOOOED. FANS NEED TO STEP UP AND TELL THE TRUTH ON THIS BLOG WHEN A PLAYER/COACHES/ OFFICALS ARE STINKING UP GAME. AND DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THOSE FRONT OFFICE PLANTS ON BLOG TRYING TO COVER UP THE FACTS. JUST LOOK AT THE BOXSCORE STATS.

If you care about your team, you must speak out ON THIS BLOG, you must BOOO (when needed) as well as cheer. What else can you do? No more letting them play out of a bad let down without much effort or a time out, PJ (BOOO to YOU TOO).

Cupcake get real!!! Bring on Wilcox and Villanueva



Boooooooo! Kwame!


Next time Walton plays so bad.... booo him too. PHIL will get the message quickly. LO no more 3 point attempts....this is a booo

This is the NBA, we deserved to watch NBA caliber type players not d-leauge talent. No excuses!

The fans have spoken in Staples last night. ENOUGH OF KWAME BROWN!"

Keep up the chant until we get some results. Keep Booing until the FO is too embarrassed to bring the offenders back for another season.

Don't just sit there and cry!!! FLY BOOOOO BIRDS FLY.
FO needs to drug test all players 2 times a week.
The official’s seems to be gambling again, while the league looks the other way.



I second the Coop vote. The man is intense. He fell in my lap 3rd quarter of a Lakers Pistons playoff game. I've never seen such a look of determination and focus on an athletes face ever. He was possessed and it's contagious.

I can't second the Joel must "go" vote 'cause I posted that the first TV game he did. Stu needs a younger counterpart, as he was the youngster with Chick. Bad hire.

I'm feelin' your LO frustration. 13 mil off the salary cap and still can't find a corner of the triangle to score from. One question: if we feel that frustration boiling up every game, can you imagine what Kobe feels? What GM would take his contract? When it's up after next season, he's going to get a Kwame size pay cut.



Why do we have so many duplicated posts? This happens to everyone, perhaps another job for IT to solve. It is a reflection on your part being the moderator supposedly you read all posts. Is it true that IT people create their own online problems in order for them to extend their job? How many times did they tinker this Blog, it used to be purple and gold, became black and white, small fonts on the comment box, we went back to the fifties. Then, these bots or horizontal reading the posts solved them, now double posts. Well, what do you expect from the deciples of Bill Gates? Follow what the billionaire does. lol!

Vman, unfortunately this is the's a league where the likes of Luke Walton gets paid 30 mil, haha, jk.

In all seriousness though I don't think we're asking for much. I mean it's not like I'm asking for the moon, or for him to suddenly become dominant...I'm asking for him to learn how to go right, learn another move than that one which always leads to charges. But what they hey.

RE: the younger counterpart, I'm with you there. I even wrote Jeanie once (didn't answer back lol) to say maybe Spero should be partnered up with Stu. He's young and he's pretty good. Not great mind you, Chick's shoes are hard to fill.

Coop is absolutely contagious. That's why I love him. One time I was watching a Sparks game (I know, I know lol)...and the man was just so into it, so much fun to watch. Then there was that time he was a guest at abc7's sports thingy with Rob Fugazaki and he was literally bouncing off his seat, chanting, "Kobe, Kobe" like a regular fan. What a hoot. Gotta love a man like that. And a Laker through and through to boot.

By the way I'm assuming that "Kobe frustration" comment was redundant lol.

We all assumed that Kobe was mouthing off about Socks this offseason, well in reality he's really just one of many...Props to Socks whom has used that criticism as a positive (though it's fair to argue that he was working out even before all the drama). As for everyone else, well.

Though to be fair, LO did have offseason surgery this last offseason.

I thought it was worth a moment to acknowledge bloggers who have recently joined our forum with some fun and creative monickers:

Stranger in the Night

[and my absolute favorite:]

Occupant - cell 186

I'll be the first to plead guilty to sometimes taking this all much too seriously.
But whether you're veteran bloggers with new handles, or just joined the party, let me say thanks. A little levity goes a long way.

Mamba24, please add these friends to roll call, if you haven't already done so.

why did the FO sign MJbenga for 10 days instead signing of webber? would that be make a different?

props to Jim for that little slice of mystic basketball philosophy ...
makes sense that Phil and he are tight.


Kobe is the starting guard in the allstar game and it seems Luke, Lamar, are starters in the ABA game with Kwame as a back-up.

Kobe's 9 turnovers against Spurs represents Kobe's mis read of what the team needed. He should have started the 3Q as Kobe the distributor. Instead he missed the first 3 shots and set the table for stand around and turn over land.

PJ needs to acknowledge that Kobe screwed up the game and move on.

The less shots Kobe takes early in the halves the better for us. He needs to get Kwame, LO and Fish involved. PJ needs to sit Luke and play Sasha who can score.

Faith -- a couple of things...

1) Lamar
>>> LO did have offseason surgery this last offseason.

True. But what the guy seems to need is a heart and brain transplant. Yes, most nights he's good for a double-double -- but he doesn't consistently rise to the occasion. When Lamar's inconsistent, so is the team. He's physically capable. Just not hungry enough.

2) Joel Myers
>>> I even wrote Jeanie once (didn't answer back lol) to say maybe Spero should be partnered up with Stu.

I'm for switching the radio and television teams. Spero is telegenic (I've seen him on NFL network); Mychal Thompson is like Stu, without falling back on phrases we've all heard a million times. Thompson seems also more willing to be critical. Gotta believe more people watch on TV than listen on radio. On a new topic, more annoying than Joel Myers is the FSN team of Bill MacDonald and Norm Nixon.

3) On Coop vs Clemens. Considering how inconsistent the Laker defense is, would Coop instill a stronger Defensive mind-set? The Lakers usuually lose because of their Defense, not their Offense. Coop's stronger personality might change the equation. What do you think?

Ugh on Norm Nixon. There's a walking awkward propaganda.

I think our team is too laid back sometimes. It's ok to be laid back in some after a loss, we sometimes have a tendency to take it too much to heart and seem incapable of rising above. But in other times, that fire, that drive will go a long way. Coop will bring that kind of intensity. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he can perform miracles...make some players more athletic for example, but I think he can effectively use their strengths and get them motivated enough to actually put forth the effort.

Time was championship pedigree is enough to do that. This team doesn't know they're learning from greatness, this team doesn't recognize the power/enormity of that jersey. Maybe with Coop, they can get a glance of what we fans saw as something so fun from the Showtime era. And I don't just mean the winning.

Well this fan can only hope lol.

Question for you all, is Stephen Jackson a better player than Lamar Odom?

I just wanted to get this off my back and what a better place in the whole world then right here on the Official Lakers Blog. I think Phil lost us this game. He absolutely lost it because if you want to win you have to use any means in your possession to stop the MOMENTUM of the opposing team. The game of basketball allows this to occur by supplying the teams with time outs. We could have turned the Spurs momentum and gotten back to game plan with a timeout. I think that correcting something wrong when it begins will actually give the players a sense that hey this isn't right lets change. Lets compose ourselves and play the right way. There is no such thing as bailing a team out of a tough situation. If you really want to win then use time outs. On the other hand I do believe that with these types of loses that a team can actually mature more and be more receptive to improving in the long run. The loss might be good for this team in the long run like in the playoffs if they get there. But with that being said I don't think that we can risk any more games this year by not calling timeouts. The west is very crowded right now. Lakers need every win possible if they want to be a top 8 contender for the Western Conference. That's all I have to say about that.

A tip to Kwame. Visualize your hand going through the hoop. Keep that same visualization. Throw your hand at the hoop but with the same exact proper stroke and all. Visualize your hand gliding through the air and going swoosh through the hoop. Don't worry about the ball. Eventually things will correct themselves. Keep this same approach for the rest of the season my boy. Another tip is every day go right underneath the basket and make about 30-50 consecutive shot just using your WRIST motion (right underneeth the basket with the same approach of visualization. This will hopefully put your mind in a certain belief zone. Do this each and every day before you actually shoot any shot at practice. (I DON'T THINK THIS WILL HELP HIM BUT ITS A TRY). LOL

Rick- totally agree about Lamar lacking heart. I was very happy to see him replaced as number two by a player who plays with intensity and passion. Now that he's back in the number two spot for a while, it's apparent all over again how lacking Lamar really is.

Rick, you don't like billy mac and norm nixon? i think norm tries too hard to be cool sometimes, but i think bill macdonald is pretty funny and good at what he does. but one thing's for sure... patrick o'neal is super annoying don't you think? he talks way too much it's like the player is interviewing him... well sorta.

Not that it's an excuse...BUT the Lakers that seem to be struggling the most this year are also the one's that are overcoming injuries from last year (and this year): Kwame, Walton, Lamar and Radmanovic. If and when they are completely healthy, we can better evaluate them. I just remember each of them playing a lot better in the past.

let me ask you guys a crazy ? What do you think our record would have been if shaq played like he did when miami won their title, and the way kobe is playing now?....maybe just maybe we will get to see this next year when drew is healthy and becomes even more dominating....lakers vs cavs finals next year bet on it highest watched nba final in history!!!

Now, Braveheart's hurt. Fricken great.

Excuse me while I hit myself in the head with an aluminum baseball bat.


Nice one, BK. Could you please ask Coach Clemmons about our second unit? Quite frankly, it seems like our second unit generally outplays our first unit. How does that compare to the '71-72 Lakers? I'd appreicate comparisons.

By the way, am I wrong or was it the worst decision of Elgin Baylor's life to retire early that year? Does Clemmons think the team would have been better or worse if Baylor stayed on for the rest of the season?



"Don't get me wrong, I don't think he can perform miracles...make some players more athletic."

Hmm, I wonder who you're talking about. LOL


>>> it seems Luke, Lamar, are starters in the ABA game with Kwame as a back-up.

I'm not sure they're good enough to start in the WNBA All-Star Game.

Whenever there is a 3rd quarter meltdown, I want my fellow bloggers to check the rotation. In the SAS game, Lakers has Fisher (who had an off game), Odom (who is off most of the season), Kwame (who is off perennially) and Luke (who doesn’t belong to NBA) on the floor. PJ has assembled a team that is basically one-against-five.
I also want to debunk about Luke was playing injured PR. If he was really injured, why PJ asked him to play so many minutes when there were role players just as good if not better at the bench? In fact, in the 1st half, Luke was very good (by Luke’s standard). He lost his energy in the 2nd half, no offense, no defense, no rotation, leaving 3-pointers wide open! Luke cannot play big minutes. Why kept using him? Let’s make PJ accountable to the rotation that he put on the floor.

I am not into booing but I must point out that booing also happens in high society. When an opera singer misses her notes consistently, she will be booed too. As a fan, other than booing, there is no venue to express our disdain. So, here is my suggestion, whenever Lakers lose more than 10 points in a game, Lakers will refund 10% of the ticket price. It will be done proportionally. So, if Lakers lost by 20 points, the game is free. Cinema gives out refund too, if we think the movie stinks. Why not basketball?

Finally, please do not give PJ more credit than he deserved. There is no Zen in basketball. At the end of a game, it is either win or lose. If you hear any zzz’s in a Lakers game, it is probably the sound the PJ made.

Jon K.
"By the way, am I wrong or was it the worst decision of Elgin Baylor's life to retire early that year? Does Clemmons think the team would have been better or worse if Baylor stayed on for the rest of the season?"

Actually you are wrong and right. For Elgin Baylor it was the worst decision.
For the team it wwas the best. Baylor was an aging superstar, yet he was
still defered to like he was a full fledged superstar. After he left they became
a team. You even had alltime scorer Wilt content to be just a passer and rebounder. I doubt they would have set the record if Baylor had stayed.

Jon K.
"Excuse me while I hit myself in the head with an aluminum baseball bat."

Owwww, Hey stop that.


Stephen Jackson is a better player than LO largely because he's a smarter and mentally tougher player than LO (save for the moments when he decides to jump into the stands). You could make an argument that he's more skilled than LO as well. He's a better shooter and defender than LO, though LO's size advantage allows him to guard power forwards. If our team were healthy I wouldn't totally object to trading LO for Jax (that is if Phil believed he could beat the bad habits Jackson has undoubtedly picked up in Golden State).

I think this lineup could put us over the top:

C: Bynum
PF: Turiaf
SF: Jackson
SG: Kobe
PG: Fish

We'd probably have to pick up another PF to back up Ronny. I cringe at the thought of Vlad getting extended minutes at the 4.


Edwin Gueco,

You are a real dumb person. people are posting duplicate posts. Don't blame IT folks if you have constipation.

BK- Cleamons obviously didnt name names but this comment struck me

That is difficult in this business, because a lot of guys have their own agenda, and don't want to sacrifice for the common good of the team, because they have personal agendas they want to address first and foremost..."

did you ask him to give some examples?


>>>why did the FO sign MJbenga for 10 days instead signing of webber?
>>>would that be make a different?

You see, the players aren't slaves of the league. They aren't required to play
for whatever team asks them to play for whatever they offer. The news out of
Webber's camp is still that he expects to play for Detroit.

The Lakers can't sign Chris Webber if he doesn't want to sign.

MBenga is low risk. He doesn't cost much, and they could waive him if
Webber changed his mind and decided to sign. If Mbenga actually proves
useful over the next 5 or 6 days, they could re-sign him for another 10
days. If not they could sign someone else for 10 days. Once they sign
Webber, they're stuck with him, even if he sucks.

man the LO ripping never stops. I dont question his heart/desire, I just dont think this is the right system for him and he is what he is- good rebounder , good passer poor shooter who doesnt really like playing a physical game. This year more than any other, I see him playing mad and out of control at times.

To me thats coaching, because he is being put into a position to fail. Its unfair to expect Lamar to average 20 and 10 based on potential he has not fullfilled.

That being said the Lakers need another consistent scorer and point guard to be a championship caliber team.

How about Corey Maggette?

Laker Lover,
"BK- Cleamons obviously didnt name names but this comment struck me"

Yeah Laker Lover we had the same idea. That Coop for defensive coach
is startingt ot sound a lot better to me.

Disgruntled,Frustrated Laker Fan,
"You are a real dumb person. people are posting duplicate posts. Don't blame IT folks if you have constipation."

Ah there you are wrong my friend. Edwin has forgotten more about Basketball and IT than most of us know. I know I've been in IT for 10 years
now and I've learned a thing or two from him. Lighten up man.
amd IT than most of us

Faith- I dont know if you were listening but charlie rosen was on the radio yesterday talking about the lakers and PJ.

Of note,

1) he said Kobe isnt a good leader because he doesnt buy into the team concept.

2) he said Kobes defense has been terrible and PJ consistenly tells him to stop gambling on defense

What say you?

Can't help but gloat at Miami's 15 in a row. Made me think of Orlando's 17 in a row during the T-Mac era. Note that both were led by outstanding SG/SF's, not unlike Kobe. However, can you imagine a Kobe-led team losing that many in a row? I think Kobe would kill, cook and eat the entire opposing team before he allowed something like that to happen. I also think that when he got arrested for dodecaple murder, he would be genuinely surprised.

"What? Geez... C'mon... We were losing again.. what you do? They had to forfeit, right? - we win!"

No to Coop (wait, hear me out), only because Cleamons is a proven defensive COACH. While I love Coop, the capacity in which he would serve best is as a defensive adviser to guards...... but not head defense coach. Much like Kareem tries to help our bigs.

With that said, I'd stick with Cleamons as the overall defensive coach. His concepts have gotten him favor with 9rings himself, and he has more coaching experience and assistant coaching experience with some very good championship teams. I have a feeling he has a better overall concept of defense that Phil wants, especially how it transitions to the triangle.


>>>and it seems Luke, Lamar, are starters in the ABA game with Kwame
>>>as a back-up.

Is that the Apathetic Basketball Association?

the Always Broken Association?

the Afflicted Basketball Association?

the Anti-Bargain Association?

the Accomplishment Bereft Association?

the Aggravating Behavior Association?

Disgrunted Laker Fan,

Calling someone "dumb" is equivalent to calling another blogger as stupid or a moron. I guess we regressed in this blog on how we treat fellow Laker fans. Anyway, with your name disgruntled I'm not surprised but I do not agree with your myopic point of view.

Perhaps, your contention was on the posts of fisheye. Well, true he sent it twice at different time frame and repost it on another thread. Why don't you review the past threads where there were duplicating posts, posted at the same time? It happened to one of my posts, jon k, ltlf and several others, that's why I called your views myopic, you were referring to a narrow frame. Besides, it is not only the duplicated posts that I addressed but the transformation of comment box, the purple and gold never came back, etc.

Perhaps, I hit a sensitive button and you happen to be an IT guy, did I hit a disgruntled button? Well, I'm sorry if that was the case. I am not referring to you or all IT's making a good living. It is just an observation of new paradigm in today's world, always updating and tinkering what is already working at the expense of ordinary citizen who have no choice but to join the new online world order.

No worries, we are here to be happy Laker fans not disgruntled to address someone "dumb". You may have a free speech but I'm not a public figure, so you are not privileged to use that word. Next time be courteous in this blog, using unnecessary words like "constipation" doesn't score any point and would not elicit you same respect next time we read your posts.


>>>Kobe's 9 turnovers against Spurs represents Kobe's mis read of what
>>>the team needed. He should have started the 3Q as Kobe the distributor.
>>>Instead he missed the first 3 shots and set the table for stand around and
>>>turn over land.

Don't be a hater. Or if you insist, at least check your facts.

Although Kobe missed HIS first 3 shots of the 3rd quarter, they weren't THE
first three shots of the third quarter. Kwame missed a layup in there and
D-Fish missed a jumper. After that Kwame missed another layup, then
Lamar backed over Bruce Bowen, then Kobe missed another shot. If you're
going to throw blame for losing the 3rd quarter, you need to throw it at ALL
FIVE starters. They were ALL bricking, not just Kobe.

And as for Kobe's 9 turnovers? More than half of those were trying to pass
to teammates in traffic and getting picked off. San Antonio clogged the
lane in the second half, and it worked. In the second half, Kobe would
have been much better off being a selfish shooter in that game. If he
gets off 6 or 7 more shots, then maybe the Lakers are in the game at the

So look at your logic, you complain about Kobe's 9 turnovers, which were
mostly trying to pass to teammates, then you complain about him shooting
too much.

Kobe's play contributed to the loss, but EVERY Laker had some blame in
this loss:

Luke: 2 for 3 for 5 points. Why only 3 shots?

Lamar: 7 shots ain't much better. and 5 turnovers

Kwame: Matador defense the whole second half

Kobe: 12-27 shooting, 9 turnovers

Fisher: 4 for 12 shooting

Mbenga: contributed nothing but fouls

Farmar: 0 for 4 from 3-point line

Turiaf: 4 for 8 on free throws

Sasha: Left Udoka open for a couple of shots

There's not a single Laker who had a flawless game. The closest would
be Ronny. He played well, but if he makes a couple more of those free
throws, it would have helped. And he blocked a couple of shots right back
to Duncan, who caught the block and put it right back up to score.

It's like I said before. Any time the Lakers lose a game, the haters come
out. The Kobe haters blame the loss on Kobe, the Luke haters blame it
on Luke, the Sasha haters blame it on Sahsa. It takes a team to win a
game, not one player.

Long Time Laker Fan,
"It takes a team to win a game, not one player."





Despite being an rabid anti-booer, a small part of me really hoped that after Kwame was "welcomed back into the fold" by a positive, supportive Lakers crowd, he would take that negative experience and the forgiveness fans offered him and light some fire within him.

He gave me some hope, playing a solid game and a VERY GOOD first quarter against the Spurs.

And then there was the rest of the game....

In which he was just awful and uninspired again. Urgh. So soon after all this drama too.

Do you know what Kwame needs? He needs the crap kicked out of him by a lesser paid, less significant teammate. Being beated by an Alpha like Kobe would just call him to curl up into the fetal position.

But being beaten up by someone like DJ Mbenga, Rad Vlad, Javaris Critterion or Braveheart (I wish Brian Cook was still here), might actually teach him a lesson.

I think DJ Mbenga would be the best candidate. A player on a 10-day contract who has enough fire to break Kwame's nose because Kwame's being a wimp. Maybe that'll teach him what it's actually like to have passion and that life is more than making 8.3 million a year being a lazy, wimpy, mamma's boy.

What a waste of a life to have all that potential and not doing anything with it after being given so much opportunity. It just makes me sad.

There has to be someway to inspire that fricken lummox.



I like Lamar Odom a lot better than Stephen Jackson on almost every level. Stephen Jackson is completely lacking as a human being.

But he does help his team win more than Lamar Odom, because Lamar consistently chokes during crucial moments of the game.

The guy should be a perennial All-Star with all the talent he has, but he doesn't have the self-confidence and competitive fire necessary to reach that level.

Farmar and Bynum are future All-Stars. Sadly, Lamar isn't.


Rick and Long time

Nice job here, i guess i was shooting for the Moon Alice, i don't know what got into me.

But i do hope we can keep the pace( 8-2 in last ten ) so i hope these guys get it going or Phil decides to call timeouts when these guys are day dreaming, but how in the heck can you get distracted in Texas anyhow?

Long Time- you make a good point, it takes a team to win games, thats why I dont like seeing Kobe get all the credit when the lakers win and take NO accountability when the lakers lose. Same goes for the booster boy. They are supposed to be the leaders of the team.

Did he say after the Spurs game the obvious? He was outcoached by Pop. You will never hear that from 9 rings but good coaches say it. Arrogant coaches like 9 rings never admit when they are wrong or make a mistake.

"Arrogant coaches like 9 rings never admit when they are wrong or make a mistake."


What mistake did PJ make...not call a timeout sooner? Is that why he was out coached by POP? Did he leave Kwame in too long in the third quarter? Would it have been better to put Roni in for extended minutes with his injured great toe? Should he not be concerned that this injury might not heal if it is not rested? Will Bynum really be back in 7 weeks from now healthy? I think this injury is worse than it seems. Those were the world champs at home in need of a victory. We played well with mediocore players for 3 of 4 quarters. We had a chance to win. How was he out coached? POP survived that game....he did not out coach anybody. PJ rocks.

"We played well with mediocore players for 3 of 4 quarters. We had a chance to win. How was he out coached? POP survived that game....he did not out coach anybody. PJ rocks."

Well said! Kudos.

"That Coop for defensive coach is startingt ot sound a lot better to me."

I loved Coop as a player, but the effectiveness of someone as a player is really completely unrelated to what kind of coach they would be. You have one end of the spectrum as the Lakers coach, the other end as the Knicks coach.

"How was he out coached?"

Duh!! Jackson should have put a look of concern or panic on his face!!

The D,
"I think Kobe would kill, cook and eat the entire opposing team before he allowed something like that to happen. I also think that when he got arrested for dodecaple murder, he would be genuinely surprised.

"What? Geez... C'mon... We were losing again.. what you do? They had to forfeit, right? - we win!""

LOL! Duodecuple would only be the active roster; what about the inactives and the coaching staff?

You make an excellent point, though. Kobe is held to an impossible standard, even higher than MJ.

Best wishes to all ...No need to kill the messenger

I welcome all views. NO PAIN NO GAIN.
This is an election year. We are all free to lobby. Fire at will and repost as you focus on you objectives. Remember Smush and the reposting shellacking he got on this blog.

Can you imagine if we still had Kwame, Puke and Smush starting and playing 25 to 35 minutes a game?

Are we hoping to win some games or do we want a Championship? Look around the league and tell me which teams are preparing for a championship. Now can the Lakers bet them in a 7 game series?

Let’s help the team face reality now.




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