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Maybe not with a bullet, but they're No. 1

Kobe_sonics Given their current circumstances, it's hard to figure on it lasting all that long, but this morning at least, the Lakers wake up as the best team in the Western Conference, courtesy of a 123-121 OT win over the Sonics in Seattle Monday night.  It was hardly easy, and if the game was any indication of what life without Andrew Bynum is going to look like, folks might want to make sure their home defibrillator is charged and encourage Kobe to get all the rest he can between games. 

The former because for the second night in a row, the Lakers found themselves in a close game against a less than spectacular opponent, and the latter because for one night at least, the L.A. offense was W.K.O.B.E. Radio: All Kobe, All the Time.  48 points on 21-44 from the floor, including huge points down the stretch and the game winner in OT, a patented Kobe pull up jumper from 18 feet.  It was a night where 24 felt he needed to be more assertive, considering the mood of the squad.  It was a night of offense as the Sonics attack, not exactly robust of late, found room to roam on the Lakers D- particularly Nick Collison (24/18) inside.   

The young Sonics did their best to keep up with Kobe, but the box shows it just wasn't enough.  Kobe was just too much... though if this is the only way for the Lakers to win in Bynum's absence, it's going to be tough going for 24 for the next two months.   It 's a matter of holding down the fort until a healthy Bynum can return, which (unfortunately for their rivals) could be in enough time for the Lakers to return to their form of, well, about three days ago.   Meanwhile, speculation about everything from how the team will fare to how it will impact the previously dormant "Kobe Situation" begins. 

That, and where exactly the Lakers, desperately short on the front line, might find a big to tide them over (Webber?  Brown?  Mbenga?  Other?).  Webber says he'll be back soon... but not with the Pistons.  Hmmm....

Not all the news is bad.  Marc Stein's Power Rankings, for example, remind fans the Lakers do have some depth.

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It was good that they got the "W". I was very dissappointed with Kwame's defense and Lamar's easy misses. I hope they do a better job on Thursday.

How long before we get "The Machine" back in action.

It was good that they got the "W". I was very dissappointed with Kwame's defense and Lamar's easy misses. I hope they do a better job on Thursday.

How long before we get "The Machine" back in action.

Hey guys,

Can anyone post the Thorpe article about Bynum ( ESPN Insider pass required.)?

Also, if the Suns were to beat us, we can say that they beat us without Bynum. I hope that we come out with Guns Blazing. I want our bench to score 40 on them and make them pay for each second they have their bench in.

Bynum is a warrier. This kid is going to get us to the promised land with Kobe. Did you hear the props that Kobe gave him? "We are a CHAMPION CALIBER TEAM WITH BYNUM IN THE MIDDLE".




Awesome game last night, people. I was reppin the Purple & Gold hardcore in the Emerald City.

Are you listening Mike T? Kobe said last night that Bynum was a "Phenominal player. We are a championship caliber team with him in the lineup."

He never has said that with Kwame Brown!

I think last nights game was pretty obvious how important Bynum is to this team.

If I have to hear or read about Kwame's defensive prowess for the next two months all I have to say is, Nick Collison!!!!

Last nights game was a perfect example of why Bynum is overvalued.

Sure, Bynum may have the best fg% in the league, but that is only because other people are setting him up for dunks. He can't make moves on his own as we all know. And the only reason Bynum gets all those rebounds is because he is out of position on defense and stays close to the basket. And the only reason Bynum gets all those blocks is because he can't move his feet like the GOD Kwame Brown.

Yes Lakers fans, if there is anything that Kwame Brown's magnificent performance showed us last night it is that Andrew Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD. Don't believe the Bynum hype--he is a joke and unreliable.

Kwame Brown, as you witness last night, is a double double MACHINE. And more important, Kwame Brown is a defensive GOD. Did you see how Kwame shut down the Sonic penetration and how he basically dominiated the paint defensively?

Kwame Brown is the REAL DEAL. Andrew Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD.

With Kwame Brown back starting you will see the Lakers start to win games again.

I know that a lot of bloggers will be critical of Kobe taking too many shots, but I didn't have a major problem with it. By far, the majority of his shots were easy by his standards - very few really forced attempts. And we still had about five people in double figures and the team scored over it's season average. Not saying that I would like to see this as an every night occurrence, just that I was ok with it as far as last night. Some of the other Lakers were not hitting their shots - especially Lamar. I didn't feel that his team mates were deferring to him although once he had the ball good luck getting it back.

Also, while not a Kwame fan, I thought he did a reasonable job considering the pressure that he must be feeling.


I don't think kobecentrism is the answer. he needs to get everybody else involved now more than ever. Before Bynum evolved into the beast we were beating teams because of contributions from everyone else. Our bench unit made a nice run the first time kobe went to the bench. The problem is then preventing a counter-run. When kobe shoots 40 times nobody else gets into rhythm, their confidence wanes and we suffer on both ends of the floor. PJ needs to sit this team down and tell them not to panic. We're still good. Bynum wasn't the only thing standing between us giving up 120 ppg.

"Enviable depth" (from Stein's rankings)??

Like Vlad, Sasha, and Mihm? Or an obscenely one-dimensional Kwame?

The Lakers Suns game will be tough to watch without Drew in the middle cause thats when he's been most dominant.

Since last game kobe sensed the team was not ready to play he was aggressive, but we all know we need lamar and luke in the post to win the phoenix game.

go to the post lamar!!!

Is it true that Chris Mihm is coming back in two weeks?

but man, looking ahead, the upcoming tough games on the calendar aren't going to be forgiving....

With 27 games before Drew gets back... looks like Kobe will win his third straight scoring title if he keeps this up

Where does Kevin Ding get off making a supposition like this:

"...but now Brown will get a chance at increased playing time to earn a better contract, too. Brown will take a substantial pay cut from his current $9.1 million salary wherever he lands."

In the LA Times articles, PJ echoes the concerns that I and other bloggers expressed yesterday:

"Along the way, the core big men -- Kwame Brown, Ronny Turiaf and Odom -- will accrue more and more minutes, a prospect that didn't excite Lakers Coach Phil Jackson.

"This is how the dominoes start to fall on teams," he said. "Guys get overworked and worn and get in trouble physically.""

This is why they'll probably rush Radmanovic back and maybe sign a 14th player just to have another big body to give some relief.


I was vey impressed with Kobe's glowing comment of being "championship caliber" with Andrew!! It's the most telling sign this year that Kobe is ready and willing to stick it out!

With all the search for a center talk, I have to say I'm on the Webber bandwagon. Based on his passing skill and his experience of defending the triangle with the Queens. I see him as a nice "stop gap" to hold down the fort until Bynum comes back!!

One More thing,
Until the move is made to get a center does anybody see a starting front line with Kwame, Turiaf, and Lamar working? It's just a thought I had cause Turiaf seems to have an offensive feel, he'd play at his natural position (4 spot), and Lamar gets to play at the 3 (which he prefers).

hey, didnt catch the game last night because i was on a plane, but it didnt look pretty. i think we cant resort to kobe shooting 44 times, way too much. we should look for more offense from farmar. he should try to drive more and get fouled. he seems overly comfortable from behind the arc lately.

something tells me thursday isnt going to be anything good. our defense sucks now. oh well. hopefully we can put up a fight and and prove me wrong.

i think we can play above .500 ball while bynum is out. the next 5 games are hard but that road trip in february is mostly against crappy eastern conference teams. we just cant get too depressed and let those teams beat us.

i also think bynum will return sooner than 8 weeks. he has the same drive as kobe lately and will do whatever it takes to make the speediest recovery. im calling for out 6 weeks.


I agree with Jalen Rose's sentiments here:

"While Bynum is out, I think the Lakers will find a way to play .500. Look for Kobe to find a way to stay afloat, just as the Lakers did against the Sonics.

And when the playoffs roll around, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the top five in the West seedings. One of the effects of losing Bynum could be hurting their chance at homecourt advantage by getting one of the top four playoffs seeds. Even if they don't get the homecourt advantage, this could end up being a team that nobody wants to play, having Kobe and Phil Jackson on the bench. And a promising center in the middle."

Stranger in the Night,

Mike T. is that you? If not someone has infected this man with the Mike T. virus!! Mike T. is the I Am Legend infection of this blog!! He even hides during the day time!!! Haaaaa

The adjustments will have to come on the defensive end period. The Lakers are running the triangle so smoothly this season, smoother than I've ever seen them run it. Losing Drew isn't going to hinder that too much. If anything, our offense is going to have to carry us through the next two months. Its on the defensive end where it'll get interesting. Case in point these last two games.


I think that would be K.K.O.B.E Radio. The "W" prefix is reserved for stations East of the Mississippi River, I believe.



The choice word there is "chance".

Kwame will certainly get his opportunity to prove his value, it's just every Laker fan except one knows he will prove his value to be significantly LESS than what he makes now.

well said stranger in the night

I'm glad Heisler printed this b/c I forgot Kobe's exact words:

"As Bryant said after Monday night's win in Seattle, in a concession he hadn't come close to making before, "We're a championship-caliber team with him [Bynum] in the lineup."

From "ship his ass out" to making a comment reserved only for our resident clown to make about his basketball man-crush. Talk about extremes.

I think the points that we loose with Bynum are easy to get because he have many other options,rebounds could be taken by Lamar but what i am afraid of the defensive presence!!!!!!!

I m scared from the fact that we might suffer from the same fate against the suns and other teams with a quick point,easy lay ups!

"With Kwame Brown back starting you will see the Lakers start to win games again. "

what the hell are you talking about? AGAIN? they've been winning just fine with his ass in street clothes

(Repost due to the bots make it hard to read. This is addressed to those who have been criticizing Kobe for seizing the offensive thrust of the first unit.)

You expect Kobe to pass the ball for an assist, you must be kidding - that's the formula for Turnover. I would rather see him dribble around and look for Fish or shoot it himself.

In the first string, he and fish are carrying three heavy baggages, one is Lamar who kept of shooting on the perimeter when he's badly needed on the inside and get some fouls. If you bait fouls on Centers of the opposing team, you discrupt their strategies in the later stages of the game. Odom could do it only if he has enough courage. I guess he's avoiding to get hurt and that's a psychological happenstance at the back of his head.

The same is true with Walton, he opts to pass to Kobe than create shots in the post or make way towards the basket. There players who goes for lay up to attract guards and there are players who has no athleticism as ball player in the post so he looks ACKWARD so he would rather pass the ball at all times, that's Walton. Again, it needs courage to learn new things and be a multi-dimentional players. He was trained by a great coach of the Wildcats, I don't why he never became a slasher or courageous like his Dad to look for shots rather avoiding them.

The heaviest baggage of them all is Kwame, all he knows is seal a slashing player that results to a foul. He moves his body faster than his feet so there is not much movement at all on the post. He is LAZIER than a python in hibernation that he won't jump or stretch his hands in impeding a shot from fellow Centers, or maybe his body is just too heavy for the feet to lift it up, so he'd prefer standing and let his hip do the blocking. When the ball is on imbound, It takes time for him to get down for defense, again that's court awareness, opponents will not adjust to your tempo, in fact they would take advantage of your SLOWNESS and TIMIDITY. That's how Durant, Szerbiak and those speedy PG's made some headway by outfoxing these three baggages..

How heavy are the baggages carried by Kobe & Fish at the start of 1st and 3rd of any ball game? This why he gets him into frustration and rants, any ball player get pissed when teammates are not active. When a person has a cold, tired and has been doing all the shooting, would you not be frustrated to be carrying all these baggages. After the game, here we are on the blog, blaming him for making 44 shots, he coud made 30 shots and distribute the other 14 to be wasted by Kwame and Walton.

Now if you have an alternative for Kobe, tell us to whom will he pass the ball to get a sure ASSIST

Laker's leading the Pacific: Terrific!

Bynum out 8-weeks: Horrible!

Kobe going for 40+ shots to beat lowly Sonics in OT: Not good!

Next 8 weeks: Fun to watch!

Come on yall LAKER FANS, Remember this is like last year or 2 years ago.. If Kwame would not have got hurt Bynam would still be on the bench.. Now Kwame is playing at 75% and we hope he can get back into shape...
But Now all yall Bynam folks, I love this guy, but How will he come back??? Look Kwame got hurt in Washington and he has never fully recoved because this is a business not a game.. The Lakers better be thankfull they have Kwame the original start back and Bynam can take the time to get to 100% because if they rush him back like they did Kwame... The Laker will be back where they were last year and the years before exiting early.

For a team to Win the Title you must have 2 Good Big men to complete againt the Duncans, in this league... So Be just as hard or fair to Bynam when he returns because trust me He will pick up weight like Kwame and it will take him about a month or so to get back into basketball shape.. so be nice because now we Kwame fans and Bynam fans are now on even playing grounds...
The good thang is Kwame will get back into shape faster now he is starting and hopefully we will be where we were before the Bulls game.....
Good Luck Bynam on your recovery.......

I'm seeing all this stuff in the press about C-Webb and have to admit that in the past I've advocated beefing up our bigs with a vet, maybe a Dale Davis or Webb or P.J. Brown. Right now though, I'm not so sure. The youth thing's been working out pretty well. Obviously we need help with Andrew down but what about bringing in a D-League big instead of a pre-programmed vet?

I don't want to come off all pollyana-zen but I have higher hopes for the next 8 weeks than a lot of people, especially irritable hacks like Heisler.

Kobe will probably get pretty centric for a while but we're going to need that in the short term - look for some mind-boggling scoring barrages. Look for pundits and beat-writers to try and find something negative to say ("see, we TOLD you he wasn't a team player").

Kwame - everybody's favorite whipping boy (except for MT) and certainly not my favorite center in the universe, but I'm hoping he plays to the best of his ability and helps us in this tough stretch. I think he will.

Let's hope our euro streak-shooters will find their way out of the infirmary and onto the court.

I'm actually excited about the coming weeks. We're #1 in the west for good reason and it's not just one player, as awesome as Bynum is. I hope we crush Phoenix and send a message to the league.

We literally Kobe'd our way to that win.

If Nick Collision can do that to our interior defense, what are the likes of SAS, DAL, PHO going to do in there?


My post was being a little sarcastic, aimed at Ding suggesting that Kwame would have to take a pay cut and that he wouldn't be a Laker.

I really respect the ability of Kobe Bryant. I admire him since i was in the grade
school. However, in his prime, I really feel that he needs to step up his game
to another level especially when bynum is out. If Jordan can do it with Luc Longley and Scottie,
I do believe he can do it with Kwame Brown and Lamar Odom. If he can do that, he can be the league mvp

Purple and Gold,
"because he have many other options"

No offense, but really this isn't anywhere near the truth. Andrew in the middle keeps the defense honest, and when the defense is honest, they're at a disadvantage. It's not about replacing stats, it's more about the functioning of our offense against their defensive strategy.

Lamar can rarely create his own shot in a half-court set. This is why he's not yet a viable #2... he won't force teams to keep their defense honest.

Whoever said we need Farmar to penetrate more, I agree. You can see, it's not so easy for Fish to get open looks anymore without Socks in the middle.

When you have Kwame, Lamar, and Luke in the game... it's really 2 good players against a defense of 5. And on defense, it's like having three guys trying to guard 5... against Seattle, we could get away with it, but against Phoenix, it's a recipe for an easy LOSS.

Let's hope next time Kobe takes this many shots that he shoots better than 47% and/or draws a lot more fouls. When Kobe takes 44 shots, I want to see a 70pt outburst... I know, I'm finicky...

I really hope the Lakers don't panic in this situation. We still have Kobe, who trusts his teammates more than before. We have Fisher and Odom. Kwame, though still not fully recovered from injury, will at least rise to his 2006 playoff form. We still have Farmar leading the bench crew. Turiaf still brings a spark, plus we have Ariza, who's developing an outside shot to go along with his tough defense.

In other words, we still have a team. Sure, we're weaker than before, but these last two games show how we'll play in a knee-jerk reaction. I think, once the dust settles and we go back to having confidence, and beat down on everybody (provided we don't have more injuries). And then, when Bynum returns, he'll be frosting on the cake.

That's the best case scenario, anyway.

Oh, and let's make sure Generic-One gets a free pass to all future games. The magic must last.

Can we just stop about "everybody else involved" thing? Kobe involves people who can actually shoot the ball. Before Drew went down we did not hear all this crap, because any given night we've seen how people got involved with Lakers being one of the leaders in assists. You can not make some one involved if he is shooting 3 of 15. And we're talking about Lamar, who supposedly can take anyone to the hoop for layup or dunk. Well, yesterday was a perfect opportunity. Instead it was jump shot after jump shot sometimes mixed failed layup. Defense was even more laborious, Collison having night of ALL-Star consideration. Maybe it's time to look into this 3+ years of experiment and say what we already know long time ago, it's failed experiment and time to move on. Maybe it’s system or lack of fire, I don't know...

Anyone see this article yesterday comparing Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant? The author offers what he claims to be irrefutable evidence that McGrady is and always has been the better player. Its pretty funny.

Kobe took a ton of shots last night and, while I don't think you want that over the long haul, I think it was a temporary thing. Thats true crunch time play though, if you can take that many shots and score that many without getting any help from the refs (only seven free throws; that's crazy) and still hit the game winner AND lock down the other teams best scorer when necessary.

Here's to Kwame getting off the ground to block some shots. Let's focus on the good for a bit though: first place in the big kids' league. Freaking awesome :)

Go Lakers!


you dared us to say something stupid
there you go 5 stupid AS@ THINGS I SAID

so basically we have the same team we did last year at this point of the season with even a few upgrades like Fish and Trev. i don't know if you guys remember but we were rolling along pretty good last year before Odom went down. I love Drew and all,he's got a great future but this team can still freaking compete.

Kwame does well against physical center not finess ones. And can anyone tell me when we are gettin vlade and rad back these guys have been missing for awhile. Well Kobe's scoring average will most deffenitly go up during these next two months. Does anyone know how many of kobe's assits goto bynum.

So what other guard-big man combinations are there that are better than Kobe-Bynum?

At the moment I think only Duncan-Parker and Garnett-Allen, and both of those are arguable. Did I miss any? Nash - Stoudamire on offense, but they aren't as good defensively.

If you read between the lines of PJ last night. Its obvious what he is telling Mitch.

"Do something, and do it now!"

My prediction: 'Do it now' translates to Weber signing with the Lakers.

Ok Laker FO, its your turn now, Prove you are worthy to get that ring.

got to find the oz coz we need

courage for walton
heart for odom
brain for kwame
way home for kobe

darn what a tease!!!!!

Did anyone notice the collective team love at the final buzzer last night?

We haven't seen that in a mid season game since Magic hugged Kareem in SAn Diego a hundred years ago.

That attitude wins.

Last nights game was a perfect example of why Bynum is overvalued.

Sure, Bynum may have the best fg% in the league, but that is only because other people are setting him up for dunks. He can't make moves on his own as we all know. And the only reason Bynum gets all those rebounds is because he is out of position on defense and stays close to the basket. And the only reason Bynum gets all those blocks is because he can't move his feet like the GOD Kwame Brown.

Yes Lakers fans, if there is anything that Kwame Brown's magnificent performance showed us last night it is that Andrew Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD. Don't believe the Bynum hype--he is a joke and unreliable.

Kwame Brown, as you witness last night, is a double double MACHINE. And more important, Kwame Brown is a defensive GOD. Did you see how Kwame shut down the Sonic penetration and how he basically dominiated the paint defensively?

Kwame Brown is the REAL DEAL. Andrew Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD.

With Kwame Brown back starting you will see the Lakers start to win games again.

Posted by: Stranger in the Night | January 15, 2008 at 09:30 AM

Damn, I just stepped on some serious bullsh*t!!! LOL!!!

Barkley said the Lakers are the most overrated team in the West and that we are a "one and done team." With Bynum out, he may be right on the latter.

May not with a bullet?

The Suns would beg to differ.

"Oh, and let's make sure Generic-One gets a free pass to all future games. The magic must last."

I don't think he was even at the game; he just made that up to try and get some free tickets.

Another quick point dont you all think that Drew is starting to sound a little like Kobe in his interviews.


you dared us to say something stupid
there you go 5 stupid AS@ THINGS I SAID

Stranger in the Night - That was hilarious. I laughed pretty hard until I realized "Oh scheisse, this guy might be serious!" I sincerely hope you were joking. Otherwise you'll have to change your name to Stranger to Reality. If you were joking, well done. These were my favorite tidbits of lunacy...

"The only reason Bynum gets all those rebounds is because he is out of position on defense and stays close to the basket."

"The only reason Bynum gets all those blocks is because he can't move his feet like the GOD Kwame Brown."
Calling Kwame a god is sacrelige to every exisiting religion.

"Kwame Brown, as you witness last night, is a double double MACHINE."
He finished with 10 and 10 - barely a double double - in an OVERTIME game. Bynum had 9 rebounds in the first HALF of the game where he got injured.

"And more important, Kwame Brown is a defensive GOD. Did you see how Kwame shut down the Sonic penetration and how he basically dominiated the paint defensively?"
Yep, Sonics outscored the lakers 56-46 in the paint. Collison went off for what seemed like 100 points. And Sonic point guards penetrated with ease to the tune of 20 combined assists. Points well taken.

The only thing more putrid than Kwame's "performance" was Lamar's. Come back soon Baby Bynum.

Marty, the Lakers should be in full panic mode. Yeah... Kobe trusts his teammates... when there's another legitimate threat on the floor in Bynum but besides Farmar and Fisher, who else is going to come through now that teams don't have to worry about trying to double Kobe AND Bynum, leaving everybody else and lanes for that matter - open?

What??? was that from Odom last night? I didn't realize we had Dennis Rodman on our team, 6 points and 14 rebounds? It seems the more scoring we need from the guy, the less we get! First thing we should do is take Odom away from the 3 point line. Don't even let him stand there, don't let him touch the ball outside of the 3 point line. The second thing we should do is... uh... TRADE HIS BOOTY FOR SOMEBODY WHO WILL AT LEAST BE A THREAT TO SCORE!!!! Ok... just wanted to get that out of my system... hey, at least make your opponent work SOME on defense... jeez...

Sadly... Chris Webber solves a lot of problems for us as a short term type thing if he were to split time at Center with Kwame, question is, what do we do with him when Bynum comes back? It will be too late to trade Kwame... so... ??? and Mihm holds the option on next year so he's coming back unless the Lakers buy him out...

I have a question. Isn't there ONE PF/C guy in the DLeagues we could try? Not ONE? I mean... wasn't that the whole point of having these minor leagues, so teams could find replacements for fallen warriors? Instead we're trawling around for PJ Brown and C Webb... hey, what's Shawn Kemp up to? Don't laugh...

Jeff Foster? what about that dude?

I don't want Jerome James anywhere near Bynum, I don't care how badly we need a Center... you just can't risk the attitude possibly rubbing off on Bynum but... it would seem logical we could possibly move Vlad Rad's contract AND something for a marginal Center???

oh, wait a minute... Michael Olokowandi!!! Ahahahahaaa! Oh come on... with Kareem working with the Centers here? That's a tv show right there...

Something I've noticed...

And frankly I'm quite pleasantly surprised. Has anyone else noticed that it seems Ariza has consistently been knocking down his outside shot lately? I know he's a slow shooter, but it's comforting to know that if he's left open enough to get his shot off, he actually has some range. Ariza is notoriously a lousy shooter, but the past handful of games he's really knocking them down!!!

Conversely, has anyone else noticed lately how Lamar's outside shot seems to... (well, you can fill in the blank).

Morning after thoughts:

1) With Bynum out, the Sonics had absolutely no respect for our D. They did whatever they wanted to do. You could tell how pumped and how confident they were. Even Collison posterized Kwame on a dunk, not to mention half a dozen uncontested put backs. (26 pts, 18 rbs!!!). Kwame not only has hands of stone, he's got feet of stone too. Too much base, I guess.

2) Oh, oh. The high screen and roll (our old nemesis) is baaaaack. Ridnour just toyed with our guys all night long. Wait till Nash gets a look at the tape of last night's game. Here's why it's back. To beat it, the guy guarding the screener can't just slide sideways off his man, he's got to jump out and push the dribbler higher, not allowing him to turn the corner. Bynum did a great job of pushing the dribbler way up, thus defeating the roll. Kwame didn't. Ergo, we're going to get sick of seeing everybody run it on us.

3) For all of Kobe's heroics (seriously, this guy is the greatest clutch player EVER),if he has to keep playing this hard for this many minutes, HE'S the one who's going to break down by the time Bynum gets back. Phil's rotations up till now have been giving Kobe terrific long breaks to re-charge his batteries. Whatever the situation from now on, Phil's got to keep resting Kobe to save him for the playoff run.

4) The Bench Mob lives!!! Farmar, Crit, Ariza, Turiaf...WOW. These kids can play serious ball. Phil, let The Force be with them. Turn them loose and use those fresh legs to run the other teams ragged. We LOVE these guys! Even if we lose a few games, I like how rapidly they're developing. It will save Kobe and you'll have a really well-honed, young, fresh-legged rotation to throw at our playoff opponents.

5) Big-Temps-R-Us...I vote for Jelani McCoy rather than CWebb or PJ Brown.He was a great blocker at UCLA. He might turn it on again with the emerging BRU-CREW on the Lakers (Bruins: Farmar, Ariza, ???). They know how to run the court and how to play defense.

Last nights game was a perfect example of why Bynum is overvalued.

Sure, Bynum may have the best fg% in the league, but that is only because other people are setting him up for dunks. He can't make moves on his own as we all know. And the only reason Bynum gets all those rebounds is because he is out of position on defense and stays close to the basket. And the only reason Bynum gets all those blocks is because he can't move his feet like the GOD Kwame Brown.

Yes Lakers fans, if there is anything that Kwame Brown's magnificent performance showed us last night it is that Andrew Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD. Don't believe the Bynum hype--he is a joke and unreliable.

Kwame Brown, as you witness last night, is a double double MACHINE. And more important, Kwame Brown is a defensive GOD. Did you see how Kwame shut down the Sonic penetration and how he basically dominiated the paint defensively?

Kwame Brown is the REAL DEAL. Andrew Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD.

With Kwame Brown back starting you will see the Lakers start to win games again.

Posted by: Stranger in the Night | January 15, 2008 at 09:30 AM

Kwame is the god of planet dodo. Only b*tches and sn*tches hide behind a fake tag name!!! LOL!!!

KWAME -- I really think KWAME needs help with his psyche. Seriously he is physically gifted but I think he's deficiency is internal. Besides the aching heel and knee I imagine the pressure must weigh heavy on him. Can anyone close to KWAME (Phil, feel free to slip in a motivational book) please help him get his inner self straighten out. Oh and that spin move to the left is not fooling anyone.


Been catching the highlights on the espn news loop. Who is the short player that Kwame's hugging? He's got a purple band on his left wrist.

Nemaia Faletogo,
I can't say for sure becaue it wasn't me... but I think the Sinatra fan "Stranger in the Night" was being sarcastic with his Teniente impersonation... the person was showing just how illogical those claims are.


That's what I'm talking about. Things have changed. Last year there wasn't the collective team love that was shown last night. It's gonna to take a couple of games to adjust to new people in the rotations and playing together in a different way than with Bynum in, but the Lakers will adjust.

How screwed up are some bloggers, saying they rather lose with Bynum than win with Kobe. Dang that's messed up!

It's like some bloggers have forgotten we started out 9-8 with Bynum on the floor every night. Boston royally kicked our asses twice with Bynum on the floor so come on people. The Lakers can win or lose with all of their best players on the floor i.e. Boston home and home against the Wizards.

The win wasn't pretty, it wasn't textbook basketball, but it is a win. I personally prefer that the Lakers not lose at all and until the time they can adjust to new schemes and rotations, I'll take a win anyway we can get it. Kobe scoring, Kobe passing, Fish scoring, Fish passing, Lamar scoring, Lamar rebounding and passing, Kwame scoring (ok, ok I know this probably won't happen but I was on a role) LOL!

Just win baby!

Go lakers!

with all the kwame bashing, anyone reading this blog would hardly know that it was lamar and luke who stunk up the joint. if they'd played just average games the lakers woulld have won by 15.

Looks like Mike T is too ashamed to come back here under his own name and get his booty kicked by Laker Nation, so he's posting as Stranger in the Night. Mike, yo! I hear your computer and it's saying "You've Got Bail!"

Corner J
Like the idea of Jelani Mcoy for a 10 day if we don't sign a Free Agent. No need to panic....yet.

And you're right, with Drew gone for two, Kwame is now, probally untradeable.
We're stuck with him for the rest of the year.

The Kurse of the Kwame, Kontinues.

I hope and pray that everything works out ok for Nene..........

....Stranger in the night......If you hurry you might get a brain real cheap of e-bay


"First thing we should do is take Odom away from the 3 point line."

Yes, yes a thousand times yes.

The one 3 he took in over time was 2 feet off, but who's counting? We're talking the backboard is probably still shaking. He banked one in against Memphis, didn't call it.

He's had games where he's hit mid range Js 50%. Problem is, when they're spacing the floor for Kobe, he's out beyond his range to start.

Hasn't the league sort of passed up Lamar's skill set? There are a lot of versatile 6'10 players now which wasn't the case when he came in. His best moments came in team USA and the one year in Miami. That year the east was pretty much just Detroit.

He needs the ball in his hands and the Lakers need a Boozer. Somebody posted today that he's not the number 2 scorer "yet". YET? The experiment didn't work out. I like him but the team needs what he doesn't do and his pay scale should buy one.

Yeah, Boozer's not available, and LO's what we have, so in the interim, pleeeeease, NO 3S.

2 one point wins against two of the worst teams in the NBA isnt anything to write home about. yes a win is a win but at what cost?

Kobe shot 44 times and had 2 assists and 2 rebounds, meaning he wasnt playing within the offense enough. Yes he hit a great shot to win the game but the lakers got a lead by SHARING the ball. Kobe-ball showed last year its not beneficial to anyone but Kobe and his scoring titles. It wont help the rest of the team develop or get in rhymth.

The problem is the starting lineup doesnt have enough scorers, Luke cant score, Kwame cant score Odom is a role player and Fisher cant get his own shot.

For those who think Kobe had to take 44 shots because the rest of the team couldnt make a bucket- check the stats.

Kobe 21-44
Fisher 5-10
Kwame 3-4
Odom 3-15
Walton 1-6

those are the starters and guys who finished the game. The bench

Ariza 3-6
Farmer 5-6
Turiaf 3-5
Critt 3-6

thats 14-23 from the bench or 60% shooting

Outside of Odom and Walton, only Kobe didnt shoot 50% for the game.

Blame your 12 million dollar booster boy for going with the starters down the stretch when they werent scoring.

This is why booster boy is over-rated as a coach. He is smart enough to know Kobe shooting 40 times a game isnt a good plan yet he LET it happen, same as last year. Thats the type of coach you all rave about, a stubborn coach who "lets them play" and makes ZERO in game adjustments.

You think he might tell Kobe - hey Kobe PASS the ball so the other guys can get some shots, 2 assists are you kidding? You will never see a game with Lebron getting 2 assists.

The more I stew on the Laker's situation, the more I believe Drew going down, could be a blessing in disguise. Giving Kwame the opportunity to get more playing time and get back into proper game shape will prove to be huge for us when Drew gets back. If Kwame can stay on track with a 10/10 performance on a consistent basis, that gives the Lakers a potent big man combo for the playoff stretch. Not to mention it would give us three players (Drew, Odom, and Kwame), who haul 10+ boards a night. That adds even more to the Laker's depth, which in my opinion has been just as important as Drew's emergence, in the Laker's return to the top 4 teams in West.

Everyone is saying the Laker's will drop out of the top 4 for the eight weeks Drew is out... But in my opinion, look for them to stay in the top 3. I said it first: The Lakers will still be one of the top 3 teams in the western conference during Bynum's absence.

dude.. u got lamar shooting 3-15 or wateva the f it was... and ure next options are kwame in the post.. or luke from the perimeter... man id jack up 44 shots too....

Last night's game was uncomfortably familiar.

The thing is, this team with Bynum playing/improving at the level he is can compete for a title this year. They're not a favorite, but definitely should be mentioned. I think Kobe sees that, PJ sees that, and the front office sees that and will do whatever they can to bring in a stop gap until Bynum returns.

Why not send Kwame and a 1st rounder to the Bucks for Gadzuric and Villanueva? Look into Philly or Atlanta for bigs? And then sign C-Webb as a good offensive big.

I think this team is closer than most think and it's time to act accordingly. If they can play at .500 or better until Bynum returns, and he can get back into the flow by the playoffs, the Lakers could be dangerous.

If Kwame Brown is the starting center and no big man help is brought in, this team is done.

Mike T,

I actually agree with you on one of your points.

The Lakers have grown USED to Bynum in the middle, and they're going to have to adjust to playing with
Kwame in the middle. So I think they'll be choppy for a few games (as when Bynum replaced Kwame),
but will eventually stabilize and be okay with KB54 in the middle. Not as good as with Bynum there, but I
think they can play better than .500 ball until Bynum gets back if nobody else gets injured.

But then you have to go off and say other things that show that you're so ignorant it hurts.

Your blaming Luke and Lamar for Kwame's inadequacy just shows how little you understand what's
going on on the court. With Bynum at center, the Lakers have been holding teams at under 44% shooting
and at 33% on 3-pointers. Do you understand how they do that? Hmm? Do you Mike? Let me explain it
to you. I'll use small words.

If you have a good shot blocker, then your perimeter players can play their man closer and defend well
against 3-point shooting. When you play the perimeter closer, it makes it easier for those players to drive
past you to the hoop, but if you have a good shot blocker there, then he can block their shot or alter it.

Are you with me so far?

Thus with Bynum on the floor, Odom and Walton are used to playing the 3-point shooters closely, knowing
that if someone drives past them, Bynum will defend the rim. That's how they have been used to playing
for the past two months.

Now they have Kwame behind them. So they defended the three point line fine, but when anyone drove
past them, Kwame was back there with his matador cape allowing a layup drill. And THAT is how the Lakers
got outscored in the paint by one of the worst teams in the league.

Between now and Thursday, the Lakers will rework the defense to account for Kwame's inadequacy. They'll
go back to Luke and Lamar (and Kobe and Fish) playing more off of the 3-point line to prevent penetration more,
since Kwame is incapable of help defense. And the other teams' 3-point shooting will increase, but the defense
will be as good as it can be with Kwame as the anchor.

Let me give you a precise example of this - New Orleans. When Kwame was the starter, the team stayed with
penetrators to make up for Kwame's lack of skill, and that left Peja wide open for a barrage of threes. The
second time the Lakers played New Orleans, with Bynum in the middle, the rest of the team could defend the
three point line knowing that they had a good center defending the rim.

First game against NO - 56% 3-point shooting. Lakers lose. Second game against NO - 9.1% 3-point shooting. Lakers Win.

Watch on Thursday. Phoenix will shoot >45% on their three pointers, but the layup drill (at least in the half court)
will be greatly reduced. Whether the Lakers win or not will depend on whether Luke and Lamar can shoot a higher
percentage, and whether Kwame and Turiaf can stay out of foul trouble.

Lastly, I find it completely offensive that you are HAPPY that Bynum got injured. You are a terrible fan.
Please go cheer for the Celtics if your fandom means wishing for some of the best players to get injured.
No, I take that back, I wouldn't wish a bad fan like you on any team. Just go away.

Judging by last night’s game, the rest of the league has to secretly give a huge collective sigh of relief with Bynum going down for the next 8 weeks.
The Lakers are now back to normal and can be beat. It is now a giant gut check for this team to see what they can do without him.

The Lakers were lucky to win last night. They allowed a pretty downtrodden Sonics team to glory in its offense. Of course it was a back to back and everyone wants to beat the Lakers no matter what the circumstances. Odom and Walton shot less than 20% combined although they rebounded well. At least Lamar was shooting. Hopefully he’ll start to finish at the basket soon. They are going to need him now, big-time.

The good news (while it lasts) is the Lakers are tied for the best record in the west and for third in the league.
Man up boys. Defense got you here.

"You think he might tell Kobe - hey Kobe PASS the ball so the other guys can get some shots, 2 assists are you kidding? You will never see a game with Lebron getting 2 assists." -Lakerlover

hey pal compare records... oh yah.. and lebron is in the east...2

Laker (cough) Lover

Thank you for sharing with us how much you know about the game of Basketball.

To all Laker fans, no matter how we criticize our players it will not change the dynamics, it will only impede their progress. As long as they wear purple and gold, cheer them up and wish them well for the next game.

If you have a son whom you think he is stupid, you can't just call him stupid day-in and day-out - HELP him get out of the rut, deep into his heart,
he wants to improve and wants to excel so that you'll be proud of him. That's how our players react in reading our merciless comments. They won, give them some encouragement. GO LAKERS

Kupcake should make a bold move now. Not that It's apparent what teams are in the playoff races and how players are performing this season. Kwame and his contract are our biggest tradeable asset. Kwame for Big Ben. Chicago's been reportedly trying to trade him. He will provide some big time defense in the middle, which will be a problem until Bynum gets back, and Big Ben can play with Bynum in the playoffs, providing huge matchup problems for Phoenix, Golden State and Dallas.

The Laker starting line-up, with the exception of Kobe, looked scared at the end of the game last night. Nobody wanted to put up a shot and instead deferred to Kobe, who made big shots time and time again to pull out the win.

Somebody from the starting line-up better "man up" and not "tighten up" when the game is on the line. Kobe can't do it every night.

What an awful night for inconsisitent Lamar Odom. This is the right time to Trade Odom and Vlad to the Knicks for Eddy Curry, Jarred Jeffries and Malik Rose.

or this trade works...Lamar Odom and Vlad to Houston for Tracy McGrady..

If you think the Lakers have challenges over the next 7 games...

...I'm still having trouble finding a purple swingman Travis Knights jersey! Size 48 of-course.

Mitch-- That was great Stranger//Mike T.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Let's face it Kwame isn't as good as he should be. For his size and ability to dominate he just has no game. The same goes for Lamar Odom. I notice when he dribbles the ball he tends to be stiff. He needs to loosen up and exploit his length and quickness. He has the potential to be another Tayshaun Prince. Bynum makes other teams think twice about penetrating the ball, and thats why he gets more rebounds. Considering his age and the way he's been dominating the paint the rest of the league is starting to see the young center as a threat. Fisher and the rest of the team need to step up and start penetrating more, some ones bound to be open. Kobe is going to do what anybody else would do. Everyone knows how much the Lakers team has improved and with the bench holding their own they should be okay.

Dang...only 5 of us caught the fact that the "Stranger In The Night" post was an obvious joke. Embarassing.

I know why Kwame's plays the way he's playing lately. FEAR. He's scared of getting reinjured. He will not jump at all because, in his mind, he thinks his ankle/leg/knee is gonna get retweaked. There comes a time when a MAN has to face that fear dead on and conquer it. Kwame, THAT TIME IS NOW!

And Lamar needs to stop drilling perimiter shots. If he drove to the hole all night long, he woulda had 15 points and Kobe wouldn't have had to shoot so much. But, then again, maybe FEAR about retweaking his shoulder has him playing it safe. Gotta conquer that fear, brother!


Like you said to me...what good is that now? In eight weeks we'll see what it looks like.

Who were the ones who kept on saying that Kwame Brown was glass? Ben Wallace collapsed on Brown's leg and Brown went down. Last year Bynum crashed into Brown's shoulder and Brown was injured before the start of the season. Then going up to block Andre Miller's shot Kwame came down on Miller's foot and injured his ankle. Then Marcus Camby stepped on that injured foot and Kwame missed 5 more games. All the while all you people yelled for Kwame's head because he was made of glass.

Andrew Bynum, if he even touched Odom's foot, came down on his own weight and wrecked his knee. Is Andrew made of glass or straw?

I told you that "life" was going to come crashing down on Andrew Bynum.

Some said I was putting out bad "karma" on Kwame for saying such things. But those same people never considered all the bad Karma they were putting on themselves and their favorite players talking so dirty about Kwame Brown.

Well, the Judgement is in and your BOY is down for the count.

The judgement is signed, sealed, and delivered and you still don't know how to shut-up!


Anyone else think the game versus the Suns is the most important of the season so far?

They are going to bring it 100%, we have been shaky at best without Bynum, and we're playing for the top of the division. It's the biggest "something to prove" game we've faced all year. If we get killed it could some serious damage to our confidence, and vice versa.

Should be a very interesting game.


>>>Until the move is made to get a center does anybody see a starting front
>>>line with Kwame, Turiaf, and Lamar working?

Uh, yeah, that'll work. And the first backup at center is.....


And the first backup at PF is.....


And the first backup at SF is....

Coby Karl?

Okay, maybe this isnt' such a good plan.

Stranger in the night (aka Mike T), ur argument is not even worthy for our eyes. If Bynum is gettign set up by teammates and dunking at least his FINISHING every ffffin play.

They set up kwame just like andrew and he F's it up every time, going to the freethrow line and making 1 of 2 or missing both. If Kwame is a god then let me see him finish like the Andrew Bynum with no skills your talking about.

U know no basketball my freind. What you dont realize is other teams now respect Bynums presense. Bynum doesnt even have to score for us. Just by going inside to him, our players are more open on the sidelines, which gives our players a better shot everytime.

Im not saying Kwame sucks. He trys hard and is a big body, but you cant compare his presence to Bynums. he will convert 1 out of every 5 layups, which means teams dont give a shit about him and will hound Kobe 24/7 forcing our other players to step up.

I dont for one second blame Kobe for taking those shots. Do I want to see that?? No, not really I want the whole team to do well so they have confidence. But the fact of the matter is, I just dont see anyone else stepping up and making those shots.

Let Kobe be Kobe

I wish people stop asking Kobe to make his teammates better and share the balls more often. If Kobe has to pass his ball, whom should he pass the ball to other than Fisher and Farmar? Which Lakers do you have confidence that he can score an uncontested, wide-opened 15-18 feet jumper? Most of the points that the Lakers made during the glorious days with Bynum are from layups. All Lakers excluding the 3 above could not make uncontested, wide-opened jumpers. Lakers' 3-pointers are not so impressive either. I believe it is probably 33% overall, i.e. Lakers loses 2 possessions to score 3 pts. I have been complaining about how bad Lakers shoots in every posting. Apparently, no one really care. Now, Bynum is gone for 2 months and the easy layups are not longer available, we are back into the last year Lakers. We have Fisher instead of Smush Parker, but we also have the lesser Kwame, Odom and Walton. So, Lakers is now 5 losses away from elimination.

If people want to know what happen if Kobe does not take over the game by himself, they can watch how the second unit plays. Without Kobe, the second unit just passes the ball around. In several occasions, late in the possessions, they are still passing the ball because there was no layup and nobody knew who should be the scorer.

I would rather see 4 Lakers acting as linemen running in front of Kobe and let him shoot 100 points a game. This probably has a better chance of winning than PJ’s triangle.

Shooting is not that difficult, all you need is practice, practice, practice. The pre-contract Walton could make 3-pointers consistently because he allegedly practiced his in the summer. I can go on the limb (since I am not an insider) to say that he hasn’t practiced his 3-pointers after signing his contract. I will excuse Ariza or Crittenton because they are smaller. They have to jump like Fisher in order to hit the mid-range. The big guys like Kwame, Ronny and Odom have no excuses. When Odom raises his arms and shoots the mid-range, he has a clear-view and is above anyone, there is no excuse other than not practicing.

I can also go on the limb to say that PJ does not emphasize shooting. His favorite player is Luke Walton who passes the ball like a hot potato. I seriously doubt that PJ has noticed that his players cannot make uncontested shots even when they find an opening. Good shooters bail themselves out in the bad situation. If anyone has doubts just look at last night game and see how many times the Sonics bail themselves out!!


>>>we should look for more offense from farmar. he should try to drive more
>>>and get fouled. he seems overly comfortable from behind the arc lately.

The problem is, you need someone hitting outside shots to keep the defense
honest. If nobody shoots 3's then the defense can all back off and pack the
lane. When the machine and the snowboarder are healthy, Farmar doesn't
need to shoot the three too much. But with them out, Farmar's 40% three
point shooting is needed.

Mike T.

Quit acting like a god-damned prophet!!!

Andrew Z,

"he can get back into the flow by the playoffs"
That's a big if, for someone as inexperienced as he is.

However, I think that a more likely stumbling block is the play of the rest of the team. To make it into the second round, they will need to get more, on a consistent basis, from the rest of the roster (other than Fisher) than they have been getting.

A little statistical blurb from espn's daily dime:

"Before he went down with a knee injury Sunday, Lakers center Andrew Bynum was averaging 13.1 points, 10.2 rebounds, and shooting 63.6 percent from the field in 35 games this season.

The only Lakers to average those numbers for a season were Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. "

Average Double-Double and 60% from the Field Single Season, Lakers History:
Player Pts Reb FG%
71-72 Chamberlain 14.8 19.2 .649
72-73 Chamberlain 13.2 18.6 .727
79-80 Abdul-Jabbar 24.8 10.8 .604

Long Time Laker Fan-

Watch Karl open up for 40 on his first night at SF. That'll prove you wrong.

While we're at it, I think Crittinton should back up Kwame, and Rambis, Kareem and Shaw should bust out the unis and sign a couple of 10 days contracts.

It's so crazy, it JUST MIGHT WORK.

Mike T. - you're an a$$.

I had the displeasure of watching the Sonics feed on NBA League pass last night, and you guys should have heard how the Sonics announcers bashed Kwame. At the top of the telecast they said he looks incredibly out of shape and slow. Then later, when going over a list of upcoming free agents the both shared a laugh when one of them asked the other if Kwame was worth a look.

You guys just don't get it.

Just Shut Up!

When you watch the game you watch all the players, including the cheerleaders.

When I watch the game, I put on my Kwame Brown jersey and ONLY WATCH KWAME BROWN. You see, I am studying Kwame's impact on the game. In about 3 weeks I am going to post my latest study.

Last night's game was a perfect example of how Kwame is a WAY better defender than Bynum. But if you don't watch Kwame on EVERY SINGLE PLAY then you aren't smart emough to see what I see.

Sure we got torched by dribble penetration and we were dominated in the paint, BUT THAT ISN'T KWAME'S FAULT. In fact, Kwame was the only person out there playing great defense.

Kwame Brown is GOD and Bynum is FOOL'S GOLD!


Until then,

Shut Up!


Very nice post explaining to the a-hole who is happy Bynum got injured what is actually happening.


Here we go again Laker Lover back again. Would you just shut up or go somewhere else for example, HATE PJ AND KOBE BLOG? Stop giving your 5c smart a.. remark about what should Phil do, so far he got this team to the place where we never thought they going to be, which is top of the contenders and he has 9 rings to show, I wonder what do you have?

You people will see. I have studied this stuff all my life.


Just compare Kwame's leg muscles to Bynum's and you will see the truth.

ANDREW BYNUM IS FOOL'S GOLD. Big Drew going down was a blessing for this team because it allows Kwame to dominate. You people just don't understand. If Kwame didn't play last night and Drew was in there the whole game then the Sonics would have scored 160 points.

Shut up!


Are there any rumblings on whether Chicago might want to rid themselves of Noah? Vlad and a draft pick for Noah and whatever it takes to make the cap work?

This is addition by subtraction (see ya Vlad...) and gets us an athletic young big with a future, instead of an aging, slow, one season patch. Somehow I don't see Noah disrespecting Nine Rings or his staff.


You might bring out all the offensive stat you want. You forget to mention that neither unit played any kind of defense at all. The Sonics could barely get 85points their last 6 games, and they scored 115 points on us.

When the bench had a big lead, the sonics game back quick because we made no defensive stop. We gave up to many loose rebounds. If you tell me that we put up 115 points and it was still a close game Ill tell u its a lie.

The biggest thing we need is for people to rebound. The lakers will score 106 points easily, whether Kobe goes for 40 or not. The key is that we play solid defense and not give up too much offensive rebounds.

The lakers need to pratice now. They will execute better on thurs, and hopefully Kwame can be huge on the defensive end. We need him to block shots, and change shots when the guards get in the paint. What Drew brought was a solid rebounder, and a paint presence that was huge. WE need kwame to fill that whole. The lakers will score no matter who gets the shot.

Voodoo Mike speaks!

We have apparently caused our own ills by turning our backs on god (Mike T & Kwame Brown) and now we must suffer god's wrath!

Hey, did anyone notice the games Caron Butler has been playing? He's leading the Wizards in two consecutive games against the Celts!

I say we should call up Washington and see if they'd be interested in trading back. we'd be foolish right? Trade big for small??? They'd be morons not to jump at the chance to get god back on their side, right?

Still, I submit.... my new chant "we want Caron! We want Caron!"

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