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Live from Staples- Lakers vs. Knicks

BK here.  Pardon my typos.  I haven't live blogged for two games. 

Lakers open with pregame montage set to Sympathy for the Devil.  Nice little change of pace. Rock solid classic rock.  Crowd seemed to like it, too.  Then into the traditional Baba O'Reilly.  All in all, it's been a big night for old school iconic bands. 

Starting lineups- Kwame, Luke, Kobe, Fish, LO.  Knicks- Curry, Richardson, Crawford, Collins, Randolph.

Apropos (sp?) to nothing in particular, how much fun would it be if the Knicks got Morris Peterson?  Then they could have Zach Randolph, Randolph Morris, and Morris Peterson all on one squad. I bet that sort of thing never happens.  Anyway,


11:00- Nice work by Kwame on Curry to avoid picking up his second foul as Curry backed him down on the post.  The Knicks have fed the post on every possession thus far.  With a quick foul on 54, they'll keep at it, I'm sure they'll keep at it. 

9:00- Kwame gets sent to the line, but that looked like a pretty clean block from Curry on the dunk attempt.  You can still tell 54 doesn't have much lift, because that's a shot that goes through if he goes up with two hands.  Brown misses both FTs, and the score is still 4-4.  The Lakers have done a lot of good work on the offensive glass early.  If that keeps up, they'll earn a lot of cheap buckets.

7:30- Luke misses another clean look from downtown.  He just can't buy a shot. He had one earlier, as well, and that one clanged, too.  At least he's taking the looks when they're available.  You'll know it's turned real ugly when he passes wide open jumpers (no, that's not supposed to be a reference to Cleveland). 

7:00- Kobe gets to the rack for an easy deuce, then Kwame draws a charge on Curry at the other end for his second foul.  Nice work there.  Lakers up 10-9. 

6:30- Wow.  The crowd was rally buzzing after Kwame missed that layup, then got it back and put it back in.  I'm sure a lot of people worried he'd miss again.  But nope, he put it in. But like I said, folks were atwitter.

5:10- Timeout on the floor, Lakers up 18-9.  Good start early for Kwame, with six points and four boards, but he's still not quite all there, especially on the offensive end.  But nobody guards him, so it's important that he keep moving and make himself available.  He did a nice job on Curry on the other end, though, and as we know, that's what he's around for.  Hopefully strong work on one end will engender some confidence on the other. 

Lakers KILLING NYK on the glass, 12-2.

3:39- Watching Zach Randolph move defensively must make basketball coaches cry.  Turiaf in for Brown, Vlad Rad in for Walton, who heads straight to the locker room.  Not sure why, yet, but keep an eye out for some news. 

2:51- Timeout, Lakers.  An LO TO leads to a nifty Crawford finger roll, after two consecutive defensive breakdowns (one presub, one postsub) that gave David Lee easy layups.  PJ doesn't like what he's seeing, and calls the TO.  20-18 LAL.

2:31- LO picks up his second personal, but there's nobody to put on the floor for him, really.  He'll just have to be careful.  On the next possession, Vlad feeds Ronny down low with a terrible, and I mean terrible, pass, which forces Turiaf to go down to get the ball, and probably costs LA a chance at a bucket.

Sasha in for LO.  Lakers go real small.

END OF THE FIRST: Knicks up 29-28.  Lakers are controlling the boards, but bombing too much from downtown. 2-10.  On the one hand, if those start to fall, they're in business.  On the other, when they don't, they're making life easier for the Knicks.  They've hurt LA in transition a few times.  Four TO's isn't outrageous, but cleaning that up will help, too.  Neither team has really taken any sort of control of this one. 

AK will have the second.


Hey all.  Just got word on Luke Walton.  He's got a hip pointer and won't return.  While I realize Walton's play of late will likely make some of y'all cheer upon this announcement, this ain't a good thing.  Aside from the obvious "most reasonable Laker fans won't ever wish injury upon their own," it leaves them even thinner up front, especially with Kwame and Vlad still rounding to form, Ronny battling a toe issue and Mihm not back yet.

11:15 - While it was nice to see Sasha debate going up to block Eddy Curry's dunk, it was probably wise that he quickly decided to let the big man have it.  That could have left Sasha flatter than Debra Messing.

9:20 -Instead, Sasha sticks with what he does best (and not just according to reputation): Hit three pointers.  Gotta say, as someone whose spent almost all of Vujacic's career doubting his ability to play at this level, the dude's cobbling together a considerably better season.  He's starting to play under much more control and, like he's paid to do, actually sink some baskets.  Only 2-5 now, but he's generally been better.  If anyone needed (and has worked hard) for a year like this, it would be Slovenia's Favorite Son. 

8:45 - Vlad follows suit with a three ball of his own, also his second of the game.  Man, it would be huge not only for himself, but for his squad, if the Former Cat Stevens could pick things uyp.  He wasn't playing great before the ankle sprain and without the glut of injuries, might have played his way out of the rotation.  But they could use some contributions in a big way.

7:18 - Kwame gets raked in the face by Jeffries going up to the hoop, missing the two handed dunk.  He misses both chances at the stripe, but earns a small "MVP" chant from a few yahoos in the crowd.  The NBA: Where good natured ribbing happens. 

7:07 - But that ain't half as bad as the shot Sasha just took in the punin from Renaldo Balkman.  Dude leveled Vujacic, who actually ain't afraif to scrap.  On the next play, Vjacic fouls Balkman and the two get a little chesty as Balkman heads to the line, receiving the most boos he's heard since draft day 2005.

6:35 - The good: Kwame draws Curry's fourth foul of the half.  The bad:  He misses a gimme made no tougher by the ensuing foul.  But he sinks both freebies, eliciting a huge round of applause from the crowd, who seem to be somewhat amused by Kwame's topsy-turvy, but actually fairly good outing.

By the way, if anyone needed further evidence that Curry is just an atrocious defender (and one doesn't, but for the sake of arguement), seriously, who the hell bites on a Kwame Brown headfake?  We're talking about a guy who spends half the game unguarded.

4:29 - Stop! Mbenga time!

2:30 - Two consecutive possessions where Kobe does a fantastic job organizing the offense.  First, he motions to the right spot for the Critter to head, then pops the ball back to a cutting Ronny, who connects from just inside the arc.  On the next play (after Mbenga does a nice job challenging Q on a point blank shot, then the putback attempt), Kobe recieves the loose ball, busts a couple quick gallops, then skips the ball crosscourt to Fish for the 20 footer.  Good stuff from Bryant, who's already sitting on six dimes and could have easily had about nine by now, were it not for a few misses.

1:38 - Great job by Ronny of connecting on an alley-ish oop.  I say "ish" because Farmar's pass was both short and too far right, forcing Ronny to stretch and recover before throwing down.

38.5 - Mbenga does a seamless job covering for Kwame, in that neither can hit a layup. 

HALFTIME- 61-58 Knicks.  Not a good performance from the Lakers, especially defensively.  In the second quarter, they started moving the ball a little better, and knocked down some shots, but they've had some really inopportune tunrovers, which have hurt.  But mostly, they've put up very little resistence on the defensive end.  The Knicks are getting clean looks outside, they're getting penetration inside, they're doing well in transition. If the Lakers can tighten up, they'll be fine.  But they'll need to avoid foul trouble, adn keep guys healthy.  With Walton's injury, they're short one more dude.

More to come.


Vlad Rad starts on the floor in place of Walton. 

Both teams off to slow starts in the quarter, not all that shocking given how ludicrous the pace was early.  Although as I say that, the Knicks convert on two straight trips.  65-60 NY.

9:34- Kobe gets T'd up for saying a magic word that refs (or television censors) don't like to hear.  I believe, loosely translated, that Kobe wanted a foul on that last drive to the hole. 

8:06- Kobe picks up his third foul.  The pace of the game, though, has slowed down considerably.  Unfortunately, the ball movement for the Lakers has died along with it, and they're having trouble generating good looks on the offensive end.  But to see nine points on the board almost halfway through the quarter in what was a hyper game seems a little weird. 

Fish hits a three, and the Lakers cut the deficit to 69-65.

5:59- Timeout, Lakers, down by 3.  71-68.  This game has come to a screeching, grinding halt.  On the one hand, they've tightened up a little on defense.  On the other, they've stopped moving on offense.  Lots of jump shooting, not much initiation of the O. 

Great play by Kwame off the Kobe missed FT after the TO (it's like I'm texting) to keep the possession alive, tipping the ball to Ronny.  It pays off with a made bucket for Fish.  This is easily the strongest game he's played in a while. 

3:19- Crawford hits a triple to give the Knicks a five point lead, but Sasha (just in for Kwame) gives the Lakers those points back with a three of his own.  Nate Robinson then takes them back for NY with his own three.  Fish comes back with a long jumper, which was about a foot away from a three.  Good thing, two, because after "bomb" I was out of synonyms for three point shots. 

Knicks get the ball inside, Richardson gets the layup.  Timeout on the floor, Knicks up by 5.

1:21- Kobe's having an unusually tough time hitting his FTs.  Odd.  Let's see if LO can do any better, after doing a nice job on the glass to give the Lakers a second opportunity to go to the hole.

Sort of.  He makes one of two, but the lakers get the ball back.  Farmar does some more good work on the boards, tipping the long Kobe rebound to Ronny, who earns a couple FTs.  Lakers down by two, 85-83.

END OF THE THIRD- Lakers down 87-85.  The pace of play slowed down, at least for a little while, and LO started to get a little more active at the end of the quarter.  He's sitting on 12/10, and has a chance to leave the game with a nice number on the board.  It's been a pretty quiet double double, but there's some production in there.  The balance offensively has been great.  Kobe hasn't done much, but the Lakers are sitting on 85 points through three.  Already five guys in double figures, with the chance for at least a couple more to get there, too. 

But again, they need to get some stops.  AK with the fourth.


11:09 - More of the same.  Ronny hits a pair of free throws, putting the Lakers within two.  But before I can even compliment this nice happenstance, Lil' Nate pops a three ball into the net and widens the Knicks advantage.  To paraphrase Paul Abdul, two steps forward, six steps back.

9:34 - I don't know if it'll ends up part of a winning effort, but man alive, was that dunk by Kobe ridiculously sweet.  Great feed from LO.

8:46 - Sasha connects from behind the arc, but as has been the case, it's the back end of a traded trey ball (this time from his nemesis Balkman).  These buckets have to come on the heels of a stop or else it's all just the makings of a faulty shootout.

7:35 - Another threebie from NY's wee one.  This shrimp is seriously en fuego right now.   Twenty seconds later, LO goes to the line and Kwame checks in for Ronny.

6:52 -0utstanding play by Kobe.  Balkman ends up in the post with Farmar guarding him, a serious New York mismatch.  Balkman puts up the shot, and Kobe streaks into the action for the weakside block.  The crowd is undertandably gaga.

6:36 - Liliputian Nate takes exception to Sasha wrapping him to prevent a layup, and gets all up in his grill telling him.  RObinson requires considerably more effort to be restrained by teammates and he's eventually T'd up.  If I'm Sasha, I'd look to bait him.  The 5 footer is a serious hothead and not hard to rankle.  A second T would get him tossed.  And the Lakers could use him taking an early shower.

5:29 - Not that Kwame shouldn't manage to block a shot from Midget Nate, but I'll still take the swat.  By the way, has anybody noticed how hard I'm working to avoid recycling the same "small" adjectives?   I hope y'all appreciate the labor.

4:31 - Curry checks back in.  What's the over/under on how quickly he picks up that 6th?  One nano sec?  Four?

2:52 - For a second, I'm worried Sasha's dash to the hole will turn into another indecisive pass out of the paint (as well as he's played of late, that's still a habit), but he ends up shuttling it to a nearby LO for the dunk. 

2:30 - Very strong board by Kwame between Zach and Curry.

1:14 - Kobe works a few dribbles against Q's solid D (dude's actually made Kobe work for a few this game), then dishes to Sasha, who converts from behind the arc, his fifth three-ball of the game.  Also the 11th dime for Kobe, who's two boards short of a trip-dub.

Kwame winds down the game by snagging his 11th board (a miss from Tiny Nate Robinson), securing a game already in hand.  Lakers 120, Knicks 109.  To say the least, this one wasn't always pretty (especially on the lockdown front), but the Lake Show got the job done in the fourth quarter.  They put up 35, held NY to 22, and got the important rebounds down the stretch.  They needed this one heading out on the great wide open, so we'll take it.  Thanks for dropping by.  More to come later. 

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have the Lakers won a tip with Kwame "jumping" the middle?






We need this win!

Gotta make these freethrows Kwame.

PS: anyone have a link?

I'm expecting a lot from you BK..Isiah in the house.

Prime opportunity lol.

Can Luke please hit a wide open jumper!

I'm following ESPN gamecasts and it says "Mardy collins blocks Luke Walton Layup"

brutal start already.

by the way, Lamar scores 4 quick points...which means he will now disappear for the rest of the game.

Kwame has rumpitis ( posterior enlargement usually in males 38-50 ) he might have caught this from Mike T. or at the Cake Factory a new outlet for the Hotess Co.

people that should have a short leash:




this is why kobe's assist count is always so low.. stop blowing freebies! my god.

I love how Kobe's looking to get Kwame easy shots. Kobe's doing everything but putting the ball in the basket for Kwame and I'm sure if he could he'd do that as well.

Luke should just make like he's invisible I think.

Less aggravation on the part of the fans.


I think you forgot to mention Luke.


Kwame Brown 3-4? His teammates must really like him. He should really pray to God in thankfulness.


Man Jamal Crawford scares me.

TV Link anyone?


What the hell are you talking about? Kobe has lead the team in assists like half the years he's been with the Lakers.

Go drink Drain-O.


LO's a great ball handler.

Not so smart though.

i think the lakers are scared of that thing on crawford's shoulder

oh yeah, Xodus lol.

Must stop the fast breaks. It's killing us.

We're horrendous in fast break defense. seriously.

Any takers for Lamar? Lee will own him all night long

Luke is still a disaster

dump pass by kobe away from the basket

stop. the. turnovers.

Vas-y TURIAF!!! 3 blocks and a dunk already

This team makes HORRIBLE decisions on offense

Ah yes. Luke's just in time for his monthly injury.

here is a link :

lakerblogging while sitting in class discussing Agee. All in a Tuesday night.

Lakers playing horrible defense, even on the computer...must step up, cant let David Lee get cheap points. When will Kobe get a rest tonight???

Mbenga clearly needs to come in and snap David Lee's neck.

That's what a 10 day contract is for!

Go Mbenga!


Vonislav Waferdenko,

"This team makes HORRIBLE decisions on offense."

I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to hear someone named Vonislav Waferdenko make this particular observation.


10 threes in one quarter?

What, is Rudy Tomnavich coaching again?

Word on Luke is a hip pointer. He won't be back tonight.

Be nice, people. They're running out of dudes.


Luke got hurt?! Damn it :( are we cursed?

kwame is 3-4 6 points in the first.........
bull shhhhh
98% is off of KOBE drives............
the other 2%
because new york being the knicks.
( Y )........this is what kwame look like when gaurding the paint.

Wow. NOBODY guards Kwame. You wouldn't think a dude that big could be invisible, but there you go.

As long as he makes 'em pay, it works for L.A.


dare i say that kwame is our top offensive player tonight?

shudders at the thought

way to play hurt Luke.

What's it matter anyways, it's not like he plays all that well healthy lol, jk.

Turiaf's new hairstyle has elevated his game! haha!

MMMMM i love the predator.....


Every once in a while, he has to let the braids breathe, you know?


great to see Vlade knocking 3s down.

Plain & Simple: You can't win with injury prone players.

It's unfortunate but true.

Luke Walton is injury prone. Lamar Odom is injury prone. Kwame Brown is injury prone.

Thats 3 guys in your core that are always hurt!

Those great CHI teams, how many times were Scottie and Michael Hurt?
How many games does Kobe play per year? Fish?

I'm starting to think one of the keys to building a team is not also talent evaluation but INJURY potential.

The Lakers are obviously filled with guys who often get injured.

It Sucks!

8 and 6 from kwame is nice too.

Oh, forgot to say:
Turiaf is injury prone.

That's 4 core guys!

Damn damn damn!

THE BENCH MOB.............

oh, I forgot to set my watch... no matter, I'll just re-set it when Luke Walton gets injured... what? he's injured? Well, ok then!

A little addition by subtraction? Radmanovic is back. Stick him in there, at least he'll shoot! Take out Walton, put Radmanovic in there for the same minutes... I'm thinking that's about a +12 on that one... we'll check the boxscore later on that one...

Kwame's gotta practice his FTs.

troy: LOL!!!!!

thank goodness we didn't sign Luke to a ridiculous full mid-level or anything like that.... *rolls eyes*

how we're not beating the worst team in the league by 20 at this point is beyond me. OH WAIT we're not playing the Heat... i meant one of the worst teams in the league.

I say we get rid of all players with first names that start with an "L" and anyone who's ever responded to a question with a response such as "we might not be alive tomorrow."

I love how Stu says every game about kwame that you can't be a position defender all the time. you gotta switch it up and ATTEMPT to block a shot.

Wow. Kwame's playing well.



Ouch. But good for Kwame going up aggressively with two hands. It's never going to look pretty, but he's doing some nice things tonight, including going hard after a couple boards.


Hey, did anyone notice, the Lakers are playing as a team!!!!!!

Look at how well the scoring is distributed. This is more like the Lakers of a couple weeks ago

Looking good at this point

-the cat

Hey, did anyone notice, the Lakers are playing as a team!!!!!!

Look at how well the scoring is distributed. This is more like the Lakers of a couple weeks ago

Looking good at this point

-the cat

Wow. Renaldo Balkman has some sharp elbows. Dude's all points and angles, as it is.


kwame's our best offensive player simply b/c he's "worked" curry for four fouls.

kid gets player of the game for that

what a hell does this dude do on the floor???? Kwame is a curse, he always puts his arms up but never to intent to make a stop it's just to pretend! He doesn't do anything... I would throw him right there to be a cheerleader still he would forget the steps.


question - Is Spike Lee like a traveling mascot for the Knicks? just saw him courtside haha

AK: "Who bites on a Kwame Brown headfake?"

Excellent question. Eddy Curry is horrible. Money well spent, as usual, for NYK.


Luke's gone.

We have no excuse now haha, jk.

the same people that don't jump on a Kwame Brown miss haha.

WRT Turiaf's blocks.

Have you noticed that a lot of Turiaf's blocks go right back to the player who
took the shot? On two of Ronny's blocks tonight (one on Randolph, one on
Lee), the ball went right back to them and they put it back in to score. I think
that happened a couple of times with Duncan in the San Antonio game

Who wants to bet that Balkman doesn't get suspended for that elbow? Not even a peep from the league office.


quentin richardson, as well as joe johnson, should've never left phoenix

now, where they victims of sarver's price cuts or did they bolt for the big bucks and bad teams?

Nets get
Ben Wallace

Bulls get
Jason Kidd
Nenad Krstic
draft pick

Lakers get

Why it works for the Bulls:
They get a point guard who can lift the offense. Heinrich is a more natural shooting guard, since he isnt one to really get the O involved. The Bulls are not out of the playoff race at all and Kidd goes to a big market. Kidd and Heinrich together in the backcourt is great Defense. Gordon off the Bench is still solid. They also get Kristic who can get some points in the paint. They lose Ben Wallace.

Why it works for the Nets:
You get Lamar Odom who in the East can play a solid PF. You already have Jefferson and VC to score, so Odom is an automatic 3rd banana. Odom also can facilitate the offense. You recall in Miami he had Caron and Wade and that was working for awhile. Odom can also play some D in the Least. They get Ben Wallace who can do one thing only which is play some D. The Nets have 0 defense. Wallace with Sean Williams backing him up is solid at the C. You get two proven starters for Jason Kidd to address their weakness

Why it works for the Lakers:
I love Odom but he doesnt do what we need. We need someone who can score in spurts. Odom might score over a whole game, but we need someone can get us a few points in quick time. A strong 6th man. Plus we grab Sefelosha who is an Ariza replacement. Over the long term we'd get Nocioni at a bargain price. Right now we pay Odom 13 mil, but we have Nocioni locked up for less than 10 mil for the next 5 years. Try this core

PG Farmar/Crittenton
SG Kobe/Sefelosha
SF Nocioni/Ariza/Luke
PF Turiaf/Vlad
C Bynum

I think the refs have a Laker vendetta.

I mean it's been games of crappy calls.

transition baskets are killing us.

It doesn't help that we're giving them those and the fouls.



While you're correct about Joe Johnson, Q didn't really have much choice. Phoenix traded him. Bleieve me, he wanted no part of leaving the Suns.


thank GOD for fish!

Kobe directing traffic in the offense. He motioned for Critter to cut, and when he did, Turiaf popped up in the vacated spot for a wide open look. Nice look at the player/ball movement in the offense.


is mihm gonna make the road trip?

i think with kobe playing like he is right now....LAKERS will be much much much better when bynum and ariza return

it's just refreshing to see him do this things, in these difficult situation

Hey guys what you think of trading Luke Walton and getting David Lee!? They have ths same style of playing ball but Lee is way more aggressive and better player than Luke.

people...all these games are here:

If you have high speed internet...


Laker Critic-

Lee is more of a banger, but yeah, he's a better player. But even Isiah wouldn't trade Walton for Lee.


laker critic,
and why would the knicks trade us David Lee for Luke Walton?

Lakers is just going toe to toe with Knicks, NBA's lowliest team.
Looks like they're just in the same category... worse they might even loss

defense sucks.


It depends, do they hear the Luke propaganda all the way in NY? Let's ask weaveman.

garbage ass refs.

In a lot of ways, DJ Mbenga is a poor man's Kwame Brown.


this defense is UNACCEPTABLE!

Wow are we really going to lose to the knicks. Man its time to go to bed.

Mbenga's still not in the rythm

Turiaf's on fire!!!!

I've never heard of an insult like that.

A Poor man's Kwame Brown!!!!

That's a low blow...

Kwame and Mbenga should have had 8-10 more points between them, considering the opportunities they had. Can't miss those gimmes and expect to win many games.

I'm nervous. The first few minutes of the 3rd will determine it.

Good coverage of the game K bros. Always entertaining to hear what you have to say. I have laughed several times already and it's still the first half. I have to say the edge is going to BK right now now. Better pick up your game in the second AK.

I don't want to be cynical (okay, I'm cynical). The teammates have been forcing Luke to shoot the ball early in the game. He can't play hot potato anymore, so he comes up with the hip excuse. Well, I don't have Luke to kick around anymore. Let's see how the Lakers will do in the 9 games road trip.

Hey Wes,

God bless you! Thanks for the link!


I'm assuming Mbenga will be resigned for another 10 days? Thanks.

Poor man's Kwame Brown??? You can't get any more impoverished than Kwame, BK.

New name for Kwame

KB - Kamikaze Bro,

Go Lakers!! Go Mamba!! Go Kamikazeeeeeee!!

I just got back from a high school basketball game. These guys were down by 9, kept their heads up and finished strong for the victory.

I hope our Lakers can finish strong because THE NUEVE begins Thursday.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

Knicks with 61 pts at the half. This Laker team can be amazing, but they are playing like they don't even deserve to make the playoffs.


I think your comment about Mbenga in Lakers blog history. It's pretty hard to be worse than crappy.

Though I will give Kwame props for a strong, aggressive first half.

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