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It was pretty clear early there would be no tacos

There were serious questions, however, about who would take this eventual 120-109 Lakers win.  Perhaps inspired by the presence of Eddy Curry, mutual defense took a holiday in the first, second and third frames.  In particular, the quarter before Big Games James' show witnessed a particularly porous showing from both teams, with the Lakers' 55% shooting clip representing the lesser effort.  The 61-58 Knicks lead heading into the third was obviously not the sign of a trend positive.  The third saw a shrinkage in New York baskets, but this was a moot point, considering the Lakers also forgot how to put a roundball in its proper home.  Sluggish ball movement (only four total assists) and a slew of bricks created action equal parts herky-jerky, odd and, frankly, dull.  But down by two and with a dozen final minutes of regulation, the Lakers finally got it into gear. 

After some trey-balls were traded between both squads to help create a 104 tie, the Lakers went on a 14-4 run, with everyone adding their two cents (and points).  Aside from Kobe's near trip-dub (the slacker was too satisfied with a 24/8/11 to grab that extra pair of boards), big contributions came from several Lakers, especially those six fellas (Kobe, Kwame Brown, Jordan Farmar, Lamar Odom, Ronny Turiaf and Sasha, who raised the dander of both Renaldo Balkman and Wee Nate Robinson) who played in the closing frame.  It would have really been a bummer for the Lakers to do their version of "Easy Rider" while riding a losing streak, so the triumphant box score will help settle some nerves, if not completely placate all those involved.

BK's breakdown is below.


The Good:

  • Kwame Brown: Easily the best game he's played this season. He'll always look shaky on offense, but he made the Knicks pay for leaving him open in the first half, going off for 10 points on 4/6 from the floor.  The rebounding was particularly encouraging, as 54 went up aggressively to grab a few of them, something he doesn't always do.  In the fourth quarter, he came on for Ronny and made a big impact on the game, especially defensively, helping the Lakers tighten up down the stretch.  A couple big blocks (he finished with four overall), a couple big boards, and very active play.  The Lakers were a much better team defensively down the stretch when he was on the floor.  A good game for a guy who desperately needed one. 
  • Lamar Odom: Another guy who needed a big game, Odom had a quiet 7/4 in the first half, but was big in the third, and down the stretch in the fourth. More and more he showed his ability to influence a game, whether by working the glass or getting inside.  LO finished with 22/12/2, giving an idea of how much his level stepped up over the final two quarters.  Plus, he did some good work on Zach Randolph, who is a pretty talented player offensively.  Just like with Kwame, it's nice to see Odom have a positive effect after some spotty performances. 
  • Sasha Vujacic: He provided a massive boost off the bench, something he'll need to do if Walton is out for any length of time.  Or, really, if Walton isn't out for a length of time.  Given the issues in the frontcourt, the Lakers are going to be forced often to go small, moving Kobe to the three and opening up a bigger role for Sasha.  Tonight, he helped stretch the floor (5-11 from downtown) on his way to 20 points.  Plus, he made some nice defensive plays, too.  We've been rough on Sasha in the past, but more and more he's putting together solid performances when given the opportunity.   As I wrote earlier in the year, he's becoming a guy who shoots because he wants to, rather than one that does it because he feels he has to.  The quick trigger is still there, but he's much more fluid.  As Kobe says in his audio, Sasha has evolved from a 12:30 to a 7:30 player. 
  • Kobe Bryant: He was two dimes from a triple double, at 24/8/11.  Hard to say he didn't influence the game in a big way.  In the first half, he only scored six points on 2/6 from the floor.  But the Lakers scored 58 points, showing how well he was helping distribute the ball in his 19:34 on the floor.  In the second, he blew up for 20 points, but still moved the ball around (four dimes).  He controlled the flow in a lot of different ways.  An all around great game.
  • Other good things:  Ronny Turiaf- 14/9, with five blocks.  He provided a boost on both ends.  Derek Fisher- Didn't play much in the second half (matchups, as the Knicks had the All Quick Brigade out on the floor) but hit some big shots in the first, and finished with 17 points in only 24:53.  Balance- L.A. had six guys in double figures.  Someone can check on this for me, but the number being kicked around after the game is that they're 13-0 this season when they get that kind of distribution.  There's a lesson in there somewhere, I think. 

The Bad:

  • Defense, defense, defense: Did I mention the defense?  The Lakers were absolutely atrocious on that end until the fourth, allowing the Knicks to get out in transition, to operate inside, to get clean looks on the perimeter.  Basically, it was video game/All Star D.  The breakdowns were frequent and costly, and forced them to play a 48 minute game against a team that flat out sucks on the road.  It was as if they were just waiting for the Knicks to stop doing things to exploit the holes, and they never did.  The good news was that they got to share in the breakdowns as a group.  That's teamwork!  They tightened up when they needed to down the stretch, but it was only because they were so bad early that the late improvement was necessary. 
  • Luke Walton: No, not his play (though he did miss a couple open jumpers) but the hip pointer that forced him from the game in the first quarter.  He hasn't played well of late, but given how thin the Lakers are getting, they can't afford to lose bodies, even slumping ones.  PJ said after the game that they "doctored" him up, and that Luke will travel with the team tomorrow.  No word yet if he'll play in Detroit Thursday night or Toronto on Friday, but if the Lakers were forced to keep him at home, it would have been a bad sign. 
  • Vlad Rad: He hit a couple big shots in the first half, but it's clear his role on the team has diminished.  Defensively, he's all over the place (not in a good way).  If Walton can't play later in the week and Vlad still plays 10 minutes or so?  Wow, is that dude buried.  Word is he's bringing his own shovel on the trip.   Speaking of which, I was told after the game that Chris Mihm won't start the roadie with the squad, but they're hopeful he'll join the team at some point on the trip.

AUDIO: Some good stuff tonight, from PJ, Sasha, and Kobe. 


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well i dont know if ne one posted this yet but i thought it was a really interesting article about kwame:


Renaldo Balkman should be suspended for 1 game for that "Unnatural Basketball Act" to Sasha's chin. If he isn't, the NBA is a pathetic org. I thought he should have been tossed from the game.

Any intentional blow to an opponent's head, should be an automatic ejection.

Go Sasha!

Most of our defensive breakdowns tonight came from the lack of rotations. I don't know if it was because some of the players haven't logged much time together or not...but that's simple stuff. We need to learn to meet picks, to switch, to challenge.

The Knicks got far too comfortable in the game. Lotsa transition baskets, lots of open looks (esp for Nate Robinson)...but then again they're the knicks, so they lost anyways.

Still valiant effort from one Sasha Vujacic (aka Faith's man) and we pulled out with the win. I shudder to think how we as fans, and the blog as a whole would have felt had he lost this game.

Go Lakers!


Good breakdown of the game. That you mentioned this is Kwame's best game of the year really says a lot. I guess one good game out of seven is what we can expect from him including this upcoming road trip. He'll probably have another game like tonight against the hapless Heat unless Shaq is back by then. Anyway the rest of the breakdown was excellent although I would've put Turiaf and Sasha ahead of Kwame, but I understand your reasoning for putting Kwame atop the good category since it rarely happens. Go Lakers!!!

You can't count on good shooting, but it sure is the antidote to a depleted roster.

Sasha's had his hot game for the month, hopefully Farm, Fish, and even Vlad could ham and egg a couple of wins out of this road warrior marathon.

I'll be riding this sinking ship!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I just checked on the standings... we're now fifth in the west with the fourth best record... not bad at all... just keep on playing guys do whatever it takes to win... also i've noticed how weak the east is... u'll see that the 9th-11th seed of the west is better than 7th seed of the east.. man talk about being stacked up in one conference... it's really a tough season for the west teams there will be at least two good teams that would be left out... hopefully that's not the lakers... c'mon lake show... bring on the east... we can still get it done til bynum and ariza is back

look lonely

I really hope Lamar can play like this once every 2 games. Am I asking too much?


After reading your analysis have you ever considered the possibility that hey maybe Luke Walton shouldn't play at all?

Why is it that every scenario includes somehow Luke Walton playing?

The Lakers were so much better down the stretch with Sasha and Farmar in the game because they were able to stretch the floor for Kobe to do his other words they complemented Kobe better than say......I don't know........LUKE WALTON!

Just because Phil chooses to play Walton doesn't mean that playing Luke is what is best for this team. It could just mean that Luke has pictures of Phil having sex with a monkey and he's Blackmailing him..........

Also don't be so quick to judge Vlad Rad who I feel is twice the player Walton is........if he is given consistent minutes. Phil is good for retarding the progress of players by sticking with his choices.

Last year Bynum's play didn't diminish as much as Phil simply didn't play him and give him the confidence to develop........You can make the same argument for Farmar Last year as his development was short circuited by Phil's insistence on playing that idiot Smush Parker...........who by the way is not even in the league anymore.

Where is your analysis of Phil Jackson's coaching decisions?

Prior to tonights victory the three game losing streak in my opinion should be laid at the big feet of one Phil Jackson and his questionable substitution pattern.

If Sasha or Vlad Rad or Farmar had been in the Cleveland game at the end instead of Luke Walton any of these players would have known to shoot the ball with a second left on the clock............I know the perception is Luke has a high IQ.......but does he? Or is that just some rationalization for this clown to garner so many minutes and sign a 30 million dollar contract. Sounds and appears to be a result of "the good ole boys" network to me.

Oh well......with any luck we will not see Luke for awhile considering this is usually the time of year that his frail body breaks apart............

Open letter to the laker blog

Hello folks well you wont have me to kick aroud the next few days,what do you guys call me( the red headed dork) that cant shoot staight,its ok somday you will miss me the big goofy and thats me luke walton if you dont like me, so what!!! they didnt like my daddy either bill walton hes even a bigger dork than iam,see ya later.


When I do the breakdown, that stuff comes in no particular order, just so you know. It's a list constructed as the game goes on.



In the fourth quarter, Farmar was pushing the ball in transition. Kobe wriggled free from his defender, and was open on the wing, calling for the ball. Most guards would have just thrown it to Kobe - after all, he was open. But Farmar spotted Lamar up ahead in the key and tossed it to him for the easy bucket. I was surprised, because I was watching Kobe too, on television and expected the ball to go to him.

I thought that particular play was instructive. Farmar and Fisher seem to not to be as weak-willed in settling for just passing it to Kobe because he is open. They are looking for the best play possible. I don't mean that they deliberately ignore him, but they don't mindlessly give it to him just because he is available - there may be a better play or option at the time.

I've heard people blame Kobe that he shouldn't call for the ball, but that's not Kobe's fault any more than it is a wide receiver's fault if he tells the QB "hey, I'm open". It's up to the QB to make the right decision.


There's no point in rehashing the argument about Walton. Yes, I think he's a decent role player, no I don't think he's some sort of HOFer, and under better circumstances he's a 20-25 minute a night guy. The numbers seem to indicate that he generally has a positive effect on games, despite the fact he's played fairly poorly of late. You think he's terrible and part of some grand whitey conspiracy. I don't. It's really that simple.

And as I wrote earlier, I'd have had Sasha on the floor for him at the end of the Cleveland game instead of Walton. I would consider that a mistake on PJ's part.

As for Bynum, you're just wrong. His play, by almost every standard diminished in a big way. He got plenty of playing time, especially while Kwame was hurt. If you look at his splits, after a strong January he tailed off considerably, while still playing a fair amount of minutes. He ran out of gas, and his play suffered on both ends. There was a little rebound in April in shorter minutes, but overall, it was downhill. Ask Drew, and he'll tell you the same thing.

As for Farmar, he played more when he played better. Like many rookies, he tailed off as the season went on. But I'm sure it's Phil's fault that as a rookie PG playing in an extremely competitive conference that his TO/Asst ratio in the last few months of the season wasn't very good, and that he was shooting about 30%. I'm sure with another coach, he'd have been a ROY. Why stop there? He'd have probably been an MVP.

But again, there's really no point in arguing with you, since you don't a) read or acknowledge the arguments of others, and b) have your mind made up and your agenda clear. I get it, you don't think PJ is a good coach. When they lose, it's because of him, when they win, it's in spite of him. If players don't play well, it's because he's stunting them, if they do, it's because they've overcome his coaching.

Am I forgetting anything?


Okay, yeah, the Lakers have a hard 9 game road trip coming up without
Bynum or Ariza (and with Luke and Mihm probably coming and going). But
they aren't the only team in hardship...

San Antonio: also on a long road trip. Tony Parker out indefinitely with a bone
spur in his heel. They're 5-5 in their last 10, but half of those were at home,
and 4 of the 5 wins were Minnesota, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Miami.
Now they have 7 road games, 5 of which are against winning teams. The
only "easy" games are Indiana and the Knicks.

Utah: not very good on the road. 5 road games in the next 2 weeks, plus a
home game against New Orleans.

Dallas: Devin Harris out at least 2-3 weeks with a bone bruise on his ankle.
The Mavs are pretty average on the road. Their next three games are
@Boston, @Detroit, @Orlando. They also have games against Portland
and @Phoenix before the All-Star game.

Things are a little easier for Phoenix and New Orleans, but they play each
other next Wednesday, so someone has to lose a game.

I seriously think the Lakers can come through with 5-4 on the road trip and
stay in the 5 or 6 seed in the West till the All-Star break.

The silver lining to the Bynum/Ariza injuries is that some of these players
like Sasha and Rad and Lamar and Ronny are forced to play bigger minutes
which will give them a better chance of re-gaining their mojo.


NO........That about covers everything

..........Did I mention that Luke Walton is horrible? I can't stress that enough!

wow bk, you really pour it on pfunk.. LOL

anyway, nice breakdown twas really informative... keep up the good work

go lakers!!!

look lonely

I second to that LTLF.. i also viewed thier schedule and only phoenix has a very favorable one.... i realy think we're still good though we've have a 3 game losing streak... i mean those are against good teams(some very good) and we are not really blown away... we can hang with them so i think we can handle them with our complete line up... as is said befor.. only boston is a better team than us right now (with bynum & ariza ofcourse) and we will not meet again until the finals... that is IF boston reaches that far... but i think they will really fade come the playoffs...


look lonely

Lakers win with the Machine.

Sasha is the man. At 6:36 to play in the fourth quarter with the Lakers down by a few points Sasha fouled Nate Robinson hard and actually did a good job in selling to the official the fact that he got fouled as well "Did you see that" is what Sasha told one of the officials. Nate resonded by saying "Hey dog I didn't push you". Nate's own teammates then got on Nate and at one point he almost got in a scuffle with his own teammate Reynoldo Falkman. Sasha wasn't pushed at all (saw the replay a couple of times) but nobody in the entire world would have believed him not even his very own team. Who looks more trusworthy to you afterall? Would you believe Nate over Sasha? How sad. Well anyway that was the start of the Lakers run in the fourth. What ensued was a technical free-throw by "The Machine" . Nate Robinson who was killing us was shut down after that. My point in writing this is that Sasha is good at disrupting the rhythm of teams by his intensity at the defensive end. Last year Sasha was too hesitant and was clearly not starter material,but now he's shown tremendous improvement and overall confidence and I think that he should be considered as a starter now that Luke is injured (even if Luke was healthy I see that Sasha's play can bring more for the team in the long run). Luke getting injured might be a blessing in disguise after all...

was that really luke walton?

I was very happy to see Kwame start playing like a man. Keep it up big fella, we all want you to succeed.

LUKE WALTON...A Few Thoughts

Luke Walton is strictly a role player who's biggest strength is ball movement and running the offense. Does he deserve a 30 mil contract? Maybe, maybe not. I personally would've given him a tad less money. But that's all said and done.

As far as this season, Luke is really having a particularly bad shooting season. There was a time last year when he was leading the league in 3-pt shooting %. I'm definitely not saying that he's a good shooter, coz he's not. I personally think that he is a below average shooter, especially from 15 feet and out. That really is a problem for the Triangle offense coz it's a shooter's offense and the irritating thing for myself (and other fans) is that Luke knows the offense so well that he gets plenty of open looks just as a result of being in the right place during the offensive sequences but CANNOT drain the jumper. He has to at least figure out a way to shoot the % he was shooting last season before he got injured (I think his overall shooting % was pretty decent at that time).

Even though I'd personally play Sasha more often instead of Luke at this point but I have a hunch about PJ's philosophy of trying to play Luke more and more in spite of his shooting woes. Luke, being a legit 6'8, 240ish lbs, is bigger and stronger than Sasha which at the very least helps in the rebounding department and Luke's team defense isn't as bad as his one-on-one defense. So, if Luke somehow discovers his groove and gets his shot back to a respectable %, he really does bring a bit more overall than Sasha. And in the long run, it's very important that Luke Walton finds his rhythm back because it gives the team a little more versatility since he can play a little bit of PF and it's just good for a team to have one of it's nicer guys and one of the more experienced member to have good confidence. I think that's why Phil Jackson keeps persisting with Luke. I do think it is costing the Lakers every now and then on the court but I'm hoping, just for the sake of the Lakers, that Luke will bounce back soon.

But having said all of that, the impatient Laker fan inside me wants more of Sasha at this point since he does look more confident (at least with his shot, which is falling for now) than Luke and it will also be a good thing to work more of Sasha's game that will come in handy in the future (hopefully VERY near future).

That's my rant of the day.

Come on Coach Phil, I'm trying to be as understanding as possible but can we get just a little more balance with this whole Luke vs Sasha situation.

Go Lakers!

RG Gaznabi

I agree with Pfunk that walton is horrible.

Remember, I'm first chair on the CUT/Trade Walton Bandwagon

The win last night is solely because of non other than KING KWAME.

+ 27 for the night was the result of his strong double double.

King Kwame is proving all you haters wrong. Young Bynum is fool's gold and King Kwame is the real deal. Young Bynum only gets rebounds, points, and bocks because he is so weak and opponents push him so close to the basket. King Kwame, on the other hand, use strength and dexterity to contribute in so many ways.

I watched the entire game last night focusing on nothing but King Kwame's Kalves and it was glorious. In doing so, I was able to gain insight into the amazing working of pure fast-twitch muscle.

Kwame does so many great things that don't show up in the box sheet.

I am doing a study on this and I will post it for the blog in 94 weeks time.

Trade Kwame for Curry?

Who came up with that idea? lol

Yeah, it was only one game for Kwame, but Curry has about the lowest BB IQ I've seen from an NBA player in a long time.

Kwame a double/double? Incredible! He actually went after some rebounds.

See, a little cheering for Kwame can go a long ways.

Public service announcement: Lakers Fans, Please boo responsibly.

Luke has a well deserved rep for being a heady player.

But if you were judging him on his play this year, you wouldn't draw that conclusion.

If PJ can say Luke is timid, other teams have noticed Lukes lack of confidence and are playing him accordingly. Until Luke can exercise his confidence and make shots consistently, those passing lanes won't open up for Luke to make those brilliant passes we like to see from him.

I don't think you can say its all Lukes now chronic ankle problems causing his dip in shooting and often poor decisions. He's just not comfortable in the system even tho we are half way into the year. I'm hoping the road trip will help him focus better and we'll see a new and improved Walton for the second half of the season.

It could really help us compete if he does.


Gotta say, I think you were a little snippy with Pfunk36. While I don't agree with Pfunk that PJ is to blame for AB and JF's fade last season, there is a lot to question about how Phil manages his personnel and the flow of games. The coach played a major role in the losses against San Antonio, Dallas, and Cleveland.

Walton has been a liability on the floor this entire season, due both to injury and ability. He has been a starter (Ariza's injury excepted) in a large part due to his inability to fit with the play of the Bench Mob. In a perfect world, he'd play about 15 minutes a game, strictly as a sub, or better yet on another team.

As for Farmar, no denying his rookie fade, but Phil stuck with Smush about 4 or 5 weeks longer at the end of last season than was justified. Phil has much more patience with vets in general than with younger players. Example: look how long it took him to call out Odom and Walton; Odom's 22 points last night were in part due to Phil calling him "timid." The slow development of Farmar last season and J-Crit this season can reasonably be attributed to Phil's coaching style.

You and Pfunk36 can reasonably disagree. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. No denying that PJ is a HOF coach, but does he get the best out of both vets and rookies? I think not.

It saddens me that many post to these blogs tear down and ridicule our beloved Lakers' players.

I'm pretty sure that to a man in the Lakers' locker room NOBODY wants to play poorly, miss shots, create turnovers or do anything other than win.

While I’m a firm believer in "constructive criticism" when it is given with the idea of helping a person improve, this need to denigrate is totally unnecessary!


Did anybody notice that Kwame Brown had a decent line in the box score last night?!?!

Also his +/- ratio as calculated by was an amazing +27 !!

Please add me to the, "LETS GIVE KWAME SOME LOVE" bandwagon, and if there isn't one...there should be!!

Thanks for workin' hard big Kwame!!


Can Ariza be re-signed without taking the salary cap into consideration, or is there a "length of time with the team" factor? Just wondering if part of the MLE will need to be used for him.

Brother...........I could have been effective in the middle against power rebounding New York Knicks. They are pathetic yet they gave us all we could handle on our own floor. How many playoff teams win without playing defense? We out scored them. That's it. Two ugly teams playing one ugly game. Kwame is still no good. It is a blessing that Luke is finally out of the line up. Sorry he's hurt.....not sorry he can't play. We might win against the wolves and maybe in Miami. 2-7 is my prediction. We stunk last night....any decent team that plays minimal NBA defense would have extend our losses to 4 in a row.

That's what I'm talking about Laker Dodger Die Hard In Update NY. Just repreat after me and all will be better in Lakerland:

King Kwame's Kalves

King Kwame's Kalves

King Kwame's Kalves

King Kwame's kalves


Anyone know?

Who is the best Laker never to make an all star game?

Is it Byron Scott?

Who is the worst Laker to make an allstar game?



Queen Qwame sucks and is FOOLS GOLD. Queen Qwame has the weakest double doubles in the HISTORY of basketball and was only able to get it last night because we played the weak Knicks. His rebounds were the result of getting pushed under the basket by Curry, Randolf, Lee and Balkman.

Queen Qwame is so weak and is a big liability on both ends of the floor. We should trade him and his weak calves for a real player to back up the Amazing, Astonishing, Astounding and Awesome Andrew Bynum!!!

Queen Qwame sucks and will always suck!!! Queen Qwame is a curse to the Lakers legacy and is the putrifying waste in the Lakers collective colons which desperately needs an enema to flush him out.


Bird rules apply.


Roller coaster game, but I like that more players than just Kobe were able to really make the Knicks fear their offense for more than just one play at a time. I think this is important - other teams need to have painful associations with seeing other Lakers with the ball in their hands. This creates that extra microsecond for Kobe to operate on a Kobe level, which increases the chance that we win.

Even Kwame has a stretch where his monstrous presence seemed to be the focal point of the building. Lamar's attacks to the hole were just scary. (Dude, do that like all the time... seriously!) Fish seemed to give off a vibe like "the more important this shot is, the more likley I will hit it." Every time Farmar touched the rock it became an assist or a bucket. Ronny was hitting smooth midrange Js as well as getting to the rack consistently. (Plus he seemed to be everywhere) Sasha went all Machine in the fourth - to the point where it seemed surreal. And, of couse, Kobe was, well, he's Kobe F'ing Bryant!

Now.. about that defense.... Outside of Ronny's outstanding hustle and a late fourth q lockdown, esp. by Sasha, not so much.

WHAT NO TRADE TALKS.........oh yeah i forgot we we won last night
I guess everything is all gooooood ............KEEP THIS TEAM THE WAY IT

Wes- the worst Laker to make an All-Star game is Shaquille O'Neal.


I would guess best would be Byron. He could be the league's best to never go. I don't think Cooper got to ever go either - he's up there. Did Mikkelson ever go? I think Norm Nixon and Jamaal Wilkes went, and rightly so.

Harder call on "worst." Looking objectively at just that season's numbers, AC Green has to be up there, as does Kobe's first selection (he barely played for the Lakers, but was voted to start). 'Course Kobe's subsequent growth more than made up for that.

In terms of overall "quality" of player, as in "when would they get picked if this were a fictional gym class?"

Tho' I dug his hustle as well as his so-unhip-it's-cool jheri curl and (resultant) abstinence, Green again, as well as maybe Cedric "cherry picker" Ceballos. Nick van Exel and Eddie Jones were both inflated slightly because they played for a fun-to-watch Lakers team, but each was a serious quality player and proper selection.

BK, Rick F, Pfunk

I think there is growing reason to believe that PJ is not as "SHARP" as he used to be. I come from a large family and have seen more than one grandpa, dad, and uncle "Grow old".

I am not trying to be funny.....It's just a fact. I'm sure you all have seen it.

Does anyone really think they are mentally as quick at 65 compared to 40? Look at him on the bench. He LOOKS OLD all of a sudden. The hip operations, all that adds to the decline.

I want to stress that I love PJ. I'm NOT a PJ HATER. But I think we need to prepare for more and more "Senior Moments" over the next couple of years till he retires.

Queen Qwame was the sole reason we almost lost night against the Knicks and is the sole reason we lost to the Suns, Spurs, Mavs and Cavs because he couldn't slow down their big man or stop any penetration at all!!!

I'll give my full report after only one game which is the next game against Detroit because only an IDIOT needs 94 weeks to prove what the world already knows, that Queen Qwame is the worst player and biggest bust in the NBA!!!

I've been sent to be a SCOURGE to Mike T and his alter ego Stranger in the night because Mike T can't fool me. It's easy to catch on to Mike T's pattern of writing and the language he uses in his Stranger in the night posts. Queen Qwame is FOOL'S GOLD and Mike T is just a FOOL in thinking people will fall for his Stranger in the night masquerade. As Queen Qwame has been exposed and unmasked, Stranger in the night has been unmasked right here as the idiot Mike T. Stop pretending to come on here and with your shallow analysis as Mike T and then show your true man-crush when you post as Stranger in the night. Someone in prison must've really turned you out for you to be so obsessed with Queen Qwame(maybe the guy in prison resembled Queen Qwame)and to be so insecure that you have to hide behind your "Stranger in the night" moniker. Whatever happened to you in prison to make you so obsessive with the ultra sensitive, weak minded Queen Qwame is a shame, but you'll get no pity from me because I'm a ruthless and relentless!!! Muaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhaahhh!!!!!

True Laker fans repeat after me:

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!


Stranger in the Night,

I'm eagerly awaiting your report. I'm sure it will be worth the lengthy wait. LOL


I'm pretty sure Bird rules apply no matter when you're acquired by the team.

Ak I don't agree with your negative comments on Vlad about his defense, I think he's actually a step up from Luke and can cover larger players a little better than smaller one's. I think he's often singled out by Phil as the cause of the defensive issues. I often think Kobe gambling to much or Lamar who has been looking lousy on D as well, allow their guys to get to easily to the basket which requires someone to come over an help out leaving his man open. But Phil isn't going to take them out and show them up so his fall guy is usually one of the others and it's easy to pick on Vlad since they painted this picture of him. Look at what he really does out there, he switches well with Odom on D, he chases the inbound pass trying to take time of the clock, often has to run back on the fast break to make up for someones long distance or lousy shot, he's a better team defener. The Lakers without Bynum are playing below the rim and that means they need to gamble less and play better position defense which starts by not allowing penetration, you can't keep blaming these types of players for the problems without first looking at the guys who are letting there men walts to the basket. This is the same with the other guys on the court , Bynum helped in the beginning of the season with the shot blocking to make up for those mistakes and Turiaf is trying to do that now. But you could see it in the game last night that Turiaf made a block and none of the guards would come to assist with the rebound or block out. Finally on Vlad, got to give him more minutes especially when he's hitting, 25 minutes he's a volume player, he'll give you 10-15 points a game with 5-7 rebounds, but the most important thing he does is take a small forward or power forward away from the middle so and opens the lane for Kobe to frive or kick and shoot. I know you saw that Vlad wanted to play this year by his performance in the pre-season and early on but when you don't handle the ball you're at the whim of the ball handlers (Kobe shoot alot) and Lamar (bad decisions) Odom.

All together now in unison:

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Queen Qwame sucks!

Who's the biggest wanna be, Qwame! Qwame!

Who's the biggest loser we see, Qwame! Qwame!

Who will ruin our legacy, Qwame! Qwame!

Who makes us want to pee, Qwame! Qwame!

a shootout with the new york knicks.

and if it wasn't for sasha - we lose by 10+ points.


kwame's double-double? how about his several missed layups?

not gonna bash kwame, it's too easy. little jab...kwame has played so poorly that he has even silenced mike t...who woulda thunk it?

nine game roadie awaits, starting thursday in detroit...yikes!

let's take a quick look at this 9 game road monster (without bynum & ariza)...i'd thrown in luke & mihm but they have been missing all season:

@ detroit: LOSS

@ toronto: 40% chance of winning, would be more except this is a back to back roadie

@ washington: kobe goes off for 50, and the lakers squeak by.

@ new jersey: vinsanity & jefferson play their asses off in an ugly 87-83 win for nj.

@ atalanta: another back to back roadie, lakers play well for 3 quarters but run out of gas. hawks win.

@ orlando: dwight howard. dwight howard. dwight howard. lakers lose.

@ miami: kobe versus dwade...just what the doctor ordered...lakers win.

@ charlotte: bobcats ALWAYS play the lakers tough...and this time the bobcats win.

@ minnesota: jefferson has a good game for the wolves, but lamar finally decides to show up in the ninth & final game of this roadie. lakers win.

summary: i see the lakers going 3-6 on this road trip...4-5 at best.

with that being said, an injured bynum & ariza have plenty to do with my predictions...

love the lakers, i just know this team is very injured right now...and their defense has suffered greatly as a result.

bynum, the lake show needs you. keep up the rehab - hope to see you back in action come march.


Lamar's 22 were mostly lay ups. Can he do it against Detroit?

With all his injuries, why hasn't he developed his mid range shot? Why doesn't he have a pull up jumper in his arsenal? A Duncan banker?

We've questioned Lamar's choices but his offensive choices are mostly centered around the fact that the man is hesitant to shoot.

Analyze his game, praise his versatility and all the subtleties there in but he should have places on the floor 15-18 feet from the basket he can't miss from. With his height and first step, that's the last piece of the Lamar All Star puzzle.

Queen Qwame has only TWO double doubles this year!!! HaHaHaaaa, what a joke!!!

tha show,

I agree with your posts regarding the upcoming games on the road but you forgot to mention that Queen Qwame will play like crap against his former team the Wizards and prove again why the Wizards got rid of the piece of crap. If Butler plays, he'll show why the trade was the worst in Laker franchise history. Like trading a Cadillac for a Pinto(actually an insult to compare a Pinto to Queen Qwame).

Queen Qwame will be lucky to get one double double on this road trip which I don't believe he will because he's no road warrior or a warrior at all. All his points last night were garbage points because he can't create his own shot. His only chance of getting a double double will probably be against the Heat unless Shaq plays and then we'll see how even an overweight, fading Shaq is still way better than Queen Qwame. In fact, I say it on here that we'll lose to the Heat with or without Shaq because of Qwame's deficiencies in the post. Watch Wade get to the basket with ease with Qwame in the paint.

I'll say it again, Queen Qwame sucks!!!

To the Jackson defenders, remember, he started Smush Parker for almost two full seasons when Parker was probably pretty close to the worst starting player in the NBA, and maybe just one of the worst players period.

I don't care who he had on the bench, there's no way in hell they should have stuck with Smush for two years. His prescence almost certainly cost us the 06 series with PHX and his "defense" on Barbosa in Game 1 last year kick-started that failure.

It's not 20/20 hindsight to say that last year, the Lakers could have signed a FA such as Jason Hart or somebody out of the D-League and gotten better production than they got from Smush. But Jackson kept starting him.

This year, he is going way too long with Walton and Odom. These two really should be backups playing low-pressure minutes against the other team's #2s. Jackson needs to react a lot faster. We don't need a re-run of the Smush debacle.

Mike T/Stranger in the night(same person by the way), come out, come out wherever you are...

Yo Daddy's right here waiting for your next STUPID post!!! I guess Queen Qwame has you back in his cell, good girl, good girl. Now keep yo mouth shut!!!

Thanks - did a little research.

If acquired by trade the BIrd rights come with the player, so the three year clock would start at the time of the contract signing. If acquired through free agency, the three year clock starts at that point. For instance, the max the Lakers could offer Mbenga would be the veteran's minimum, because he was acquired via free agency. Ariza has not come to a new team as a free agent, so he has 4 years towards Bird rights, which means that salary cap isn't taken into account if the Lakers re-sign him.

Thanks, BK


I think Kobe was two rebounds short of the triple, not two assists short.



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