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Game Thread -- Lakers at Spurs

If everything is bigger in Texas, so too should be the sweet, sweet spoils of victory, right? First big road test for the depleted purple and gold. Another one of those big games, where the "how" is almost as important as "the result."


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Bill Walton called TJ Simers a "brilliant columnist."

What an idiot. I think he should remove his mouthguard when he talks too.

Hey guys, any links to watch the game online?








I like Bill Walton because he's a Bruin, but he sure says some stupid things sometimes.


Interesting lineup indeed for the Spurs... B. Barry at PF?? Kobe just put a nice move on Scissorhands!

Both of his freethrows? Good job, Kwame!


You're having technical problems. Everything posted is crossed out.

Bill Walton is funny. OK Bill, is your son's "ankle" the reason he just made that bad pass/TO?



Kwame with the hook!


Is it available through


And a dunk!

Nice hook shot Kwame!



You wrote: Do you study Aikido? I studied Aikido for a spell. A beautiful martial art! I really enjoy the footwork and philosophy behind it, but I find it a little impractical on a beginner and intermediate level.

My response: I did. I'm currently studying a variant of aiki-jujitsu. The footwork is
SUPERB! I rate it in my top 3 of Ba Gua, Muy Thai, Aikido. How do you define
philosophy? It could be the reasons why you strike/move when you do. It
could be the motivation for action. [ it being philosophy. ] I do question the
motivational aspects when looking at "troubled" neighborhoods. :) I think the
teacher affects how practical it is. Drills done at speed exaggerate weakness
in the technique. Either the technique becomes better or a different technique
becomes your staple.

You said: But, in short, I've never trained or spoken with a significant master who has never put at least one person in the hospital over their career.

My response: Interesting .... I'm not sure that that is true of some of the masters
I've trained with/know. I'll certainly ask them. Another facet to consider is the
conditioned response. The faster you move the faster they move. It's not
volitional at higher levels.

Edwin Guerro,

You wrote: I don't know if you are aware that knowing martial arts carry a lot of responsibility if you used it to someone who is not trained and did not apply it for self defense purposes.

My response: umm ... YES! I am extremely aware of this. Circular arts are very
nice for disguising one's "intent". i.e. falling while you have an arm bar or
joint lock. Hypothetically speaking.

Great D Kwame.

The Lakers look very confident.




Thye game is on ESPN 360.

Go to espn, then "scores" then click on the 360 icon by the laker score and download the player (15 seconds) and it's on.


dunk Lamar, dunk


Tough second foul on Kwame...

not a good start for Mbenga

What;s up with Lamar. He seems really out of it tonight. Bad pass. Missed dunk opportunity.

Why in the hell are they passing to Mbenga!! He hasn't played for two weeks, AND he doesn't know the offense, try setting up other players!!

Mbenga is 7 ft tall and a black belt in judo???

That is sick! You don't get black belt without
fighting for YEARS!

He *should* have fantastic sensitivity to physical
movement and great balance. I'll be looking for

If he played the "sticks" he'd have better hand-eye


You're confusing VMan and I. Dude, I've got a black belt in Pa Qua (Ba Qua)! Right on!

And you're totally right about circular arts!

Tell me about aiki-jujitsu using Lakers metaphors!


How did our big men both have 2 fouls already?

I'm not sure I remember that last time I was wanting Kwame to get back in there, haha! Well DJ is trying, he's just a little over-amped.

Ok nobody panic, calm down... my mojo is on point tonight..DJ is trying too hard, which is understandable because he's trying to get a contract.. longer term.. LO is playing frustrated right now because he's working and not being noticed.. all that aside.. we WILL WIN... I just know..

Phoenix is down 15 to MIN. Lovin it.

Dammit, perimeter D, perimeter D, arrrgggggggghhhhh.


I kept looking at FLEA'S old blog and didn't even know there was a new address!



Nice way to close the quarter!!!

Ha.. I got tha feelin Ha... I got THA FEELIN! HA......


You SHOULDN'T get a black belt for years. I'd say 75% of the schools in the United States are basically belt factories now. The problem isn't as profound in California.

Mbenga doing Judo? That's serious the last art I'd expect him to do. Lanky guys usually suck at Judo. Maybe that's why he choose it.

Man, if he got his black belt from a good school AND he's 7 foot, they guy's got to be good.

Maybe he'll snap one of Manu Ginoblii's limbs tonight. That would be entertaining.


why is the blog in italized font. It is not good in the eyes. or just in my browser, and yahoo score is not fnctioning right now, hope they can fix it quick.

I didn't know it was a foul to be near an Argentinian when he slips.


Go Lakers!!!! Smoke them up... Nice 1st quarter for both KB..

"Kobe Bryant - what a selfish ballhog."

Can't wait to see the people who change their minds about him.

Nice Sasha!



Lamar's offense looks like it's getting worse every year.


Braveheart's playing great!





Close that strikethrough BK!

Ha... Bayyyyy Bay Bay Bayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Bay, Bayyyyy Bay Bay Bayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Bay, Bayyyyy Bay Bay Bayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Bay.. Bayba Bayba.... Eyes Got THA FEELIN !!!!! HA

You're having technical problems. Everything posted is crossed out.

Posted by: Rick Friedman | January 23, 2008 at 06:16 PM

use internet explorer and it's not
i have the same problem with mozilla

Pho 13 down at end of 3rd Q. Go MIN.

Monster slam from Braveheart and 10 points!


Is that Kobe to Ronny or Stockton to Malone????

K Brothers,

It's been 20 minutes since your last update. What gives?


wow 10 pt lead!!!

Lakers moving the ball really well -- I wonder if it's the Spurs D not being on cue, or we are just playing great ball. Overall the Lakers definitely look very sharp.

Kobe damn Bryant !

Grrrrrrrrrr I've rekindled my "man crush" on Kobe.. Damn I love this dude... MONEY!!!! How the Logo knew what other GM's didnt, still amazes me.. Logo, Magic, Cap, Shaq, Kobe,D-Fish my fave 5

Feed the machine!!!!!!

We're rebounding great! Centers look good.


What a great team leader kobe has become. Not only making every play on the floor, but tutoring the rookie on the bench!



How did Luke Walton become a rebounding machine?


Wow Lakers look great, but why did Lamar shoot a three? Just never shoot threes Lamar, you're not good at them. And the next possession he gets a dunk, there you go Lamar!

im just following the game through the boxscore on,
thaught that AK/BK would post something.. GO LA:)


ei guys somethings wrong with yahoo... can u guys give me a link where i can view play by play/boxscores... tnx!

Wes and Jon K,

Thanks a lot guys.

Usually a watch on sopcast or TVants.

Didn't know it was on ESPN 360.

Ronny rocks.

Odom will do anything possible to kill the momentum.

guard the 3 LINE and we win

LAMAR STOP shooting 3

LAMAR STOP shooting 3

any link for this game?

Thank you for the loose ball foul Odom

Manu Ginobili is very possibly the only star in the league who is a better flopper than he is a player

LOVE the way they didn't buckle when it got close

Kobe is tired. Great game KB !!!

Question: How many offensive moves does Michael Finley have?
Answer: One
Question: What is that?
Answer: stand outside, catch and shoot 3s

Lakers should probably add this to their defensive scouting

ei guys somethings wrong with yahoo... can u guys give me a link where i can view play by play/boxscores... tnx!

Posted by: look lonely

in, and there is a live audio for free :)
but you have to register first if you want the audio

Good first half, go for the throat. Texas hold them tonight.

I'm hanging with Lakers4reals here in Colorado Springs, the way a game should be enjoyed.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

turiaf was so amazing for first half,, i hope he'll continue to play like this...

we're up by 9 points!!!! great game!! but finley is hot from three point range!!



Another thing...

Very interesting...

Kobe's interviews have changed in the last few weeks--distinctly.

He always seemed to me like he was posing somewhat, thinking about how he should answer questions instead of just answering them. Not now.

He has a different kind of attitude now, like the mask has fallen off and he realizes he has nothing to hide.

I can’t explain it, but I can see it.


Why does Bill Walton keep talking? I guess when you get over a painful childhood studder you just start talking and never shut up.


Celtics lost! WOO HOO!


Timberwolves are going to beat the Suns? All right! Lakers might still be able to fight for the Pacific if the Suns lose to teams like the TWolves.


The game is online on ESPN...

Wait, maybe some of you cant download the player.


now what BARKLEY

the lakers duhminated in the first half


What a great first half. The only bad thing was having to wacth/listen to rancid Ric Bucher... guy reminds me of battery acid or skunk juice somehow... with Ken-doll hair. Suck-up synchophant.

Suns are about to lose. What a great night!


Celtics and Phoenix lose,

The stars are aligning and shining on the LA Lake Show

I think it's also important to note that the most hated basketball player on the planet known as earth, Manu Ginobli, is not getting away with his eurotrash flopping this year as he has in the past. I hate Manu Ginobli.

Sweet Pea

Boston lost. HA HA HA HA. Thats for you KG!

tnx darkh =)

my internet connection here in the ofc is pathetic so i have to content myself in viewing the play by play hehehe anyway yahoo seems to be working now thanks for your reply

Go Lakers!

Shout out from the philippines!

Did you see that block by Turiaf? on Duncan!!!!!?
Walton and Kwame played well too.

Go Kobe! Go Lakers!!!!

I agree about the black belt thing. I think they're being earned way too easily. When 3rd graders who have studied for 18 months have that belt it kind of dilutes its significance.


Go Lakers!

Who makes his teammates better? I can't hearrrrrrrrrrr yoooo!!!!!! No Bynum, no Ariza and we are leading by 9 in the half.. Are you kidding me? who's the guy behind all these? Haters give me some answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Lakers! Smoke them up..

Leandro Barbosa is the most one dimensional player in the NBA. He's a lot like Michael Finley. His offensive capability involves either:

a) dropping his head and charging towards the hoop for a layup
b) waiting for a pass outside the arc

Suns lose!


Go Lakers!

Sweet Pea

Hey guys.... Yahoo boxscore/play-by-play is functioning now

Hey, like that idea of hanging out to watch the games together

Is there anyone here in Brazil?
It's pretty difficult to get together to watch the games after midnight (Brazil is 6 hours ahead of Pacific time), but we could do that over the weekends or for the East Coast games.

Amare was virtually perfect (14/16), Nash had 16 assists, and they lost by 10. 4 of Phoenix's 13 losses have been the old Lakers and the new Lakers.


Jon K,

What style of Ba Qua (Pa Qua)? Do you have any idea how hard it
is to find a Ba Qua master to study with? I searched for YEARS!

re: the Lakers and Aikido. That would be WIERD. Kobe is certainly
warrior, but I wouldn't describe him as peaceful. I would say much
more Ba Gua or Judo. There is the essence of whatever you give
him/them will be used against you. [ Shooting vs passing. Perimeter
vs. low post. ]

you wrote: You SHOULDN'T get a black belt for years. I'd say 75% of the schools in the United States are basically belt factories now. The problem isn't as profound in California.

my response: umm ... it depends doesn't it? If you're looking at
shodan as technical skill, then it might not take years. If you're looking
at the philosophical component, then once again it might not take years.
If you're talking about being transmititing the ART, then it definitely
takes years. I spent 7 years on the mat 3 - 5 days a week. Closer
to 7 or 8 days if you consider the sister art that was taught as well.

you wrote: Man, if he got his black belt from a good school AND he's 7 foot, they guy's got to be good.

I would think that the school is less important in Judo, but that would tend
to make the schools better. In general, judo schools don't do well. The
attrition rate is too high. Judokas tend to get hurt over time and suffer
permanent injuries. To get a black belt, he's got to fight at tournaments.
That would expose him to other black belts who are theoretically from
good schools. To put it a different way: Have you ever seen a 3rd
judoka who sucked? I can say that about other arts, but not Judo.

BTW, I don't think I confused you with Vman. I was copying from
the last post/thread. I could be wrong though ... :)

I remember just a month or so ago.

The only hope--and it was rail thin--the only hope for the Lakers to keep Kobe and step back from the abyss was the improbable hope of leaving the off season's turmoil behind and winning immediately.

Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened.


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