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Game Thread - Lakers vs. Grizzlies

Grizzlies star Pau Gasol is from Spain.  What's Spanish for "The Lakers should beat the crap out of this team?"


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Hello all, wow, it's been almost two years since I've posted, but I have been reading!! Great job AK/BK. This is for those that want to watch the game online just click on this url or copy and paste it and there ya go! Unforunately, it's the Grizzlies announcers but hey, atleast we get to watch.


"Los lakers deben batir el crap fuera de este equipo."

GO Lakes!!!!!!!!!!

Go Lakers!

Andrew Bynum is not playing well defensively.

Milicic is not this good. Come on Drew!

Tushar 24/7!

Thanks maaaannn!!!!

Mike Miller is always game when Kobe guards him.

Come on smart.

Where's the defense?

The offense is going...where's the freakin defense?

We look ok , need a few stops , should be up by 10 by now
Go Lakers !!!

i like this new full court press the lakers have employed.

LO game today baby!

Gay got 0 points and 2 TOs. good job, Luke!

Andrew Bynum is not playing well defensively.

Milicic is not this good. Come on Drew!

Posted by: Faith | January 08

Relax, Milicic scored two of his baskets when Andrew went to help on someone else.

There's no way Grizz gonna stop Bryant FIsh & Co ...

Offense scored 30+.

Defense held them to 20+ but it still isn't the D I want us playing.

not a bad start to the first qtr. hopefully the bench can do a better job tonight. fisher's needs his legs for manana.

Great start Lakers! Here's hoping we're up by 40 at halftime and can rest all our starters the whole second half.

Gotta give Luke some credit against Gay...

On track for another 160 point game... ok, I'd settle for another 120 pointer
and the bench playing the entire 4th.

C'mon Lakers! Beat them down!

Lakers closed the quarter with some nice defense and some nice shooting by Fish, Kobe and LO. Lakers are really tough to defend when their sharing the ball. Twice the Griz try to lob it to Gasol only to have Andrew step in and cause two turnovers.

Tushar 24/7, you are the man! D-Fish is showing some form!

Farmar showing the UPSS!!

I guess Sasha's still not 100%... J-Crit gets another early entry.

Ariza. gotta love those instincts.


it's not so much the makes...though that's nice thanks, but how easy it is. He's a step slow in everything from rotations to guarding his own man making it easy for them. The only reason we have the lead (though we started to pick it up with TA on the floor) is coz they're worst than us in defense.

Trevor Ariza is playing like a Stud. Again I repeat...well I won't.

Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

Kobe's the BEST!

Take it easy Critter. run the offense unless it's a clear lay up.

Lakers are playing some tough defense tonight.

We're playing great D and rebounding great. That last call on LO was bogus...foul on Gay!

The Grizzlies are discombobulated offensively. This is what I'd like to see from the Lakers D on a night to night basis.


it's not so much the makes...though that's nice thanks, but how easy it is. He's a step slow in everything from rotations to guarding his own man making it easy for them. The only reason we have the lead (though we started to pick it up with TA on the floor) is coz they're worst than us in defense.

Posted by: Faith | January 08, 2008 at 05:46 PM

Thanks Faith. I'll keep watching. Go Lakers!!!

Faith 23 points in a quarter is a good defensive quarter for the Lakers. Over a whole game that's just 92 points.

You're tough woman to please! lol


Want to know how bad they are on D?

They left Fish wide open...he hasn't missed like ever!

Los Lakers le están dando una paliza a este equipo!
"The Lakers are beating the crap out of this team!"

Vamos Lakers!
Go Lakers!

Great team defense... I love it

lol Xodus. It's not my fault they suck offensively. I'm picking on tendencies lol.

I don't want us to get behind dribble penetration, because tomorrow it's going to be a different story.

Question for y'all, since there are a lot of Laker fans in the building.

When Kobe got that steal off Miller and passed off to Walton, were people chanting "Loooooke?" Or was that actually "boo?" I honestly couldn't tell.


What's up with Kobe's free throws tonight?

Bynum late on that rotation. Too far away from a jumpshooter. You know he's going to shoot it.


We're not that bad on D, part of the reason why we give up so many points is because we play at such a fast pace. Of course we're not as good as Boston, SA or Detroit on the defensive side of the ball but we're pretty good.

I do agree that we're better defensively with Ariza and a little better overall with him, though. I just don't want you to be so upset. :) lol

Since Fish's mom is so cute, and she's a Laker fan. I believe she got them to chant "Lukeeeee" lol.

They need to go a little more inside to the post. Go Lakers!!!


I agree. I'm still having nightmares about Chris Paul's Brokeback offense lol. The Grizz aren't bad offensively though, they're averaging 100 points a night.

See that? All the way to the hole. Damnit.

Dribble penetration by Paul plus Peja equals brokeback lol.

Something none of us want to see or hear lol.

We're not doing a good job on dribble penetration tonight either, not at all.


Aside from the reason you (X) just cited (upped pace), the other reason the Lakers give up more points is the turnovers. I haven't been able to track down the exact stat (if it's even kept), but I'm willing to bet the Lakers are in the top-10 for points allowed in transition. If they cut that habit down, the numbers would be more indicative of the D otherwise being played, which has improved quite a bit.


Nice finish to the half, fellas.

Bad finish to the 2nd quarter there... Offense got stagnant. Kobe tried to
do too much instead of moving the ball. Lakers need to come out in the third and step on their throats.

I'd like to see a big 3rd out of LO.

C'mon Lakers! Beat them down!

second quarter i thought was horrible. we didn't run the offense. we tried to run too much with the second unit on the floor,
then wehn the starters came back in they started to extend the lead, but they got away from what got them the lead inthe first
place.they need to go inside out more. bynum hasnt been looked for at all this game. kobe isnt letting the game come to him. he
is foring the issue and its not boding well for the team. it wasnt very fun basketball towatch for the most part. not enough
passing and not enough assists.too much one on one.

in the second quarer for a couple of mins we looked really good with lamar and kobe farmar trevor and i think kwame or bynum,
after starters all came in,we didnt look so fluid in our offense.

just some thoughts

Our turnovers led to fast break points you're right AK.

But check out our fast break D...there's often only one back...sometimes 2. You expect to be undermanned in fast breaks...but you're supposed to run as fast as you can to get back...I don't see us doing that much.

Outside of Braveheart that is.

Da Fish!

Other than Lamar's travel, this is a good start to the half so far...


Luke doesn't play the passing lanes D bad. Good job on that one Luke.

that last play by luke looked like it was running on the X-Mo replay. hahahahaha


Oh, don't get me wrong. The transition D is still a weak area. Which is why they need to cut down the turnovers. Granted, as you point out, some of it can be effort. But at the same time, this team doesn't really have the athleticism or enough good individual defenders to whip back and cover with continual success. Obviously, they should never stop trying to improve, but the more sensible and realistic method to help would be nixing the TO's. Do that and they'll find themselves defending more while set, where they actually have improved.


Bad play on a good pass by Kobe. Bynum's got to recognize and react.

Good challenge on that one by Drew.

Darko just pushing Bynum around the box.

Good job Lake Show.

Blow these dudes out by 30 by the end of the 3rd and then rest the starters for tomorrow.

That's what HUNGRY teams do!

Not having the athleticism and the individual defenders (though outside of a choice few, I think we got ourselves good possibilities on individual defenders if they just work on it)...makes it more imperative we challenge shots.

Challenging shots is sometimes just as simple as putting your hand up there lol.

Great shooting night for Fish... he needs to bring his Mama to all the games!

You CAN'T leave Miller alone at the 3-point line...

Kobe just picked up his 4th foul

Man, Mike Miller is on fire. I like to see fellow Gators do well, but he needs to be cooled off lol.

Gotta love the Fish.


Mr. Kupchak,
I'd like to take a moment and apologize to you personally, not only for the numerous ways, I attacked your competency, intellect, heart and desire to keep the Laker Organization, synonymous with greatness, but for second guessing what the "Logo" himself, instilled in you as his personal protégé'.

Watching the 07-08 Lakers, its become apparent to me, my armchair GM'ing would've set the franchise back years now in hindsight. The core nucleus of the team is young, quick, athletic and appears to have a tremendous upside with unlimited potential. The acquisition of Ariza was brilliant in terms of the "fit" for the team and by now, its no secret Bynum has progressed into something a lot of us scoffed at as little as 9 months ago, and now, outside of KG, D.Howard and "maybe" 1 or 2 others, there isn't a GM in the league that wouldn't pull the trigger on a deal for the Kareem protégé' now.

You stuck to your guns Mitch, you took one for the Buss family. You did the unthinkable. You told the best individual nba player since Jordon,to shut up, do YOUR job and allow me to do MINE. You put your nads on the chopping block when most of us Laker fans wanted to chop them. I see flashes of brilliance with this young team, I see flashes of a Jerry West, shrewdly and quietly constructed, mini dynasty in the making. Although I believe we're still one, maybe two more pieces away from Championship status, I have a restored sense of faith that you, not only learned a thing or two from the Logo, but you're blazing your own trail now and leaving YOUR fingerprints on the organization and in my own humble opinion, doesnt look bad at all. Not at all.

Good Luck and Thank You for being Hard Headed.!

Bad call on that charge on Ariza... Miller got there late


Miller's willingness to play off the bench in the past, along with having spent a lot of time with mediocre teams, has led a LOT of people to underate him, I think. Your fellow alum can play. Not a sick athlete, but his all around game is pretty solid. I'd love to have that guy on the Lakers. Seems like a great triangle fit to boot.


How old is our team...we got ourselves some pimply folk. Kobe with one on his cheek, Lamar on his forehead lol.

Gasol's turkey neck is starting to bother me a little bit.....

garbage time... you gotta love it. im talkin about gasol's turkey neck and faith is talking about kobe and LO's zits.

This game would have been over already had we not traded baskets and gave them the Mo.

Come on Lakes!

Kwame actually caught a pass and finished... again, I'm impressed...
until his next turnover, that is.


Miller is definitely underrated, he can shoot with the best of them. And how many guys can say they've led their alma mater's to the NCAA title game, won rookie of the year, 6th man of the year and play for the US National team.

He's not a superstar by any means, but he'd be a valuable cog on a championship contending team.

And like you said he seems like the type of guy that'd fit well into the triangle. I'd love to see him in purple and gold.

John Ireland talking about this stupid Elvis day every time his segment comes up is just lame.

no challenge on Gay. Come on Trevor!

I wonder why Phil hasn't played Bynum and Fish in the fourth.

Oh Jackie Johnson! I love it when you wear the black outfits. I'm watching the news tonight for sure!



boo Joel lol.

Gave up 100+, yup I'd say our defense failed us lol.

Not the preceptor I'd like to see before a big NO game. But I hope we fix our holes for that game.

This game was never in doubt... I don't mind the lapses... I think sometimes
the starters lose their rhythm in the 2nd game of the back-to-back when
none of them play at all in the 4th.

Now that was a good game!

Let me tell you why! Did you see the Grizzles defense? It was actually pretty good. They played Bynum very well! They were waiting for everything Bynum had been doing. Milicic, Gasol, and Swift were sticking to him pretty good. Bynum hit 5 out of 11 shots, which was pretty good because there was defensive resistance!

The eight first half points were pretty good. 2 off of a inside position. 2 points off a lay-up. 2 points on a pic' 'n roll. And 2 points off of a couple of free throws.

Now the first 2 points Andrew had to fight for position and got his bucket.
The points off of the lay-up were good because they came off of our defense and led to the transition basket. And the two free throws. Those are good points to me because they came off fighting against a defense that was actually paying attention to him.

The points that I consider to be "garbage" are when teams are playing lousy defense. That stuff is just garbage to me.

But the Lakers, tonight, were scoring off of their defense. The other thing that caught my eye was when the 2nd unit came in there was no change in philosophy. The spacing and the set up of the offense looked like the 1st units. That was cool!

That was a well played game!



"I wonder why Phil hasn't played Bynum and Fish in the fourth."

I just followed on Gamecast but I have to believe tonight was a good time to get D-Fish some rest and also give Kwame some minutes to get back in game shape. This thing never seemed close from my vantage point, so it's a good time to get some guys some rest, others some run.

Tomorrow night is a pretty big game, my guess is PJ feels the same.

Another double digit, in control the entire game, win for the Lakers.

I can get used to this.


I wonder why PJ rested Fisher and Bynum (and Odom most of the time) in the 4th, but kept Bryant on the floor for 40 minutes, considering that we a have a huge back-to-back game tomorrow.

Is he that serious about being 100% sure that we close the deal on the Grizzlies and get the win or is it related to not having a reliable SG backup because Vujacic is injured and Crittenton did not play well in the last couple games?

I don't think Luke or LO played the 4th either. I guess Phil wanted to rest them.




The one pic' 'n roll play with Bynum and Kobe was good to me because it came only once in the game. It only came once because the Grizzles defense was on guard. When a team plays proper defense the most you're going to get off a pic' 'n roll 2 maybe 4 points. If the teams gets 6 points off of the pic' 'n roll...well, that's just bad defense by the opponent.

So that one pic' 'n roll play by Kobe and Bynum in the first half was good as gold to me because it involved a little slip created by Kobe and Bynum. The defender was actuall there. But that little space was just enough to get Andrew to the basket. That beautiful because the defense resistance was there. They took that pic' 'n roll despite the defense.

When the defense is good that's all the pic' 'n roll you're supposed to get.


Andrew Z,

The weird thing about is that Kobe played virtually the whole fourth. I think he was trying to buy those guys some rest too, but it seems strange that he'd rest the other guys but play Kobe 40 minutes.

Mike T.,

I, too, cannot fricken believe how incredible Jackie Johnson's body is. My God!

She also seems nice!

Enough of this talk, back to the Lakers.


22 and 11 = 66.7% 82 x 66.7% = 54.7 wins, 55 win bandwagon anyone?

Andrew Z,

Good analysis.


Here is the trade the lakers need to do. Someone get this to Mr. Mitch.

Los Angeles Lakers

Incoming Players
Jerome James
Salary: $5,800,000 Years Remaining: 2

Eddy Curry
Salary: $8,947,543 Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 14.5 REB: 5.3 AST: 0.6 PER: 16.01

Outgoing Players: Vladimir Radmanovic, Kwame BrownNew York Knicks

Incoming Players
Vladimir Radmanovic
Salary: $5,632,200 Years Remaining: 4
PTS: 7.4 REB: 2.7 AST: 1.6 PER: 11.35

Kwame Brown
Salary: $9,075,000 Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 4.7 REB: 5.0 AST: 1.4 PER: 10.76

Outgoing Players: Jerome James, Eddy Curry

This trade would help both teams. It would put Curry with odom,kobe,fish, & bynum. Now thats a nice starting five. It would give the knicks some space for the off season because the season is over for them. Tell me what you think.

Hey K Brothers,

Human deficits aside... you two do a good job with this blog.

You honestly should do a poll to see how many sports writers at the L.A. Times deserve a raise.

I think you two would be among the very few that would be overwhelmingly voted "RAISE!"


@ complex brotha - Real nice honest letter.

@Mike T - garbage points? WTF?? When they start counting for a half point I'll agree with you. Till then...

BTW does your ever so inventive basketball lexicon include "garbage games" too? A win is a win is a win. The scoreboard don't discriminate.

Garbage time I understand. This ... stuff you talking... not so much.

LO came in for the last like minute and a half when memphis had cut the lead to twelve. I think Kobe played because Phil wanted him to get out of his funk. That didn't really happen but Kobe didn't exert a whole bunch of energy when he was out there anyways because the game was pretty well in hand. Basically all the starters except Kobe rested the whole fourth quarter and Kobe's will be just fine, wind wise, for tomorrow. We should be able to come out strong tomorrow against the Hornets. With their four days of rest, their might, just might, be some rust and an oppurtunity at the very beginning of the game (first couple minutes, at most) to start strong and lock in on defense. Pleased with the win tonight, and expecting a good game tomorrow. There is absolutely no excuse to be blown out tomorrow. We shall see. My gut feeling? I think we find a way, as we have all season. C'mon Lakeshow!

Mike T,

Great observations and posts tonight regarding the game. I agree that this was a good game and the post defense by two 7 footers in Milicic and Gasol would be tough on Andrew. It was good to see him try a couple of different things against them tonight because they were determined to make things tough for him in the paint. One thing I think Andrew can do better is when he catches the ball under the rim or backboard he needs to back into the defender and go up strong so that he'll either power it in or get a call. Twice he caught the ball underneath the basket and had it blocked by because he tried to finesse it in. This was a good game in the trenches tonight.

Also, one thing that I like that Kwame does really well is get out on the break. He gets out quick for easy dunks which is great. Andrew sometimes lags behind, but he's doing much better this year at getting back. Also good to see our team doing a better job of holding the lead. Go Lakers!!!

Andrew Z,

The weird thing about is that Kobe played virtually the whole fourth. I think he was trying to buy those guys some rest too, but it seems strange that he'd rest the other guys but play Kobe 40 minutes.

Posted by: Xodus | January 08, 2008 at 07:36 PM

I think PJ just wanted to keep a scorer and someone who can create his own shot and get to the free throw line in there because the second unit still was a little shaky in the second quarter. I don't think he wanted to take the chance of sitting all the starters and then have to bring them back if the second unit can't maintain the lead. Notice how even in the second quarter PJ had LO out there with the second unit. PJ's just trying to keep things under control. Besides, Jordan and Kwame were doing pretty good in the fourth so there was no need to bring Fish and Andrew back in. Great coaching tonight.

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