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Filling in for BK... Mom!

January 21, 2008 |  7:31 pm

Seriously.  For reals. 

BK is in Colorado right now doing some X-Games reporting for ESPN, so I needed some help.  And who better to ask than my mom, who happens to be a very big Laker fan.  For those unfamiliar with Mom's purple and gold passion (as well as her often unusual observations of the team), the "Mom on___" thread provides her greatest hits.  But in a nutshell, she started following the team as best as she could from St. Louis purely as a means of having something to talk about with her oldest, Laker-fanatic son.  But before she knew it, Mom turned into a genuine fan.  Thus, I thought she'd be pretty stoked at the opportunity to see her kids' gig up close and personal.  Here were the highlights before the game.

Mom scored a quick Q & A with Coby Karl and knocked it out like a pro.

Mom: What are the biggest challenges with being a rookie?

Coby Karl: Patience and then obviously not playing.  It's kind of postponed gratification, knowing that it will come. 

M: Were you nervous before January 10th (when Karl's contract became fully guaranteed) came around?

CK: A little bit, but I'd kind of come to the conclusion that whatever happens, happens.  I have faith that I'm talented enough and skilled enough and that I have enough intelligence and perseverance to stay in this league.  So if it wasn't here, I'd certainly find something someplace else."

(Mom let Karl know she agreed, having seen him play)

M: Is it at all odd playing against your dad?

CK: It's a little weird, but I think it's more fun than anything.  He's been here, whatever, 25 years, but I think it's fun for him to see me come up.  I haven't been the All-Star player my whole life.  He's seen me grow and keep working hard.  I think he never knew how much I wanted to be here until i started to grow in college.  I'm happy to be here and hopefully, we can play against each other today. 

M: Any chance your dad told his players to let you score?

CK: Nah, I don't think so.  He might have withheld some information  that he might know about me, but I don't think he's gonna let them go easy on me, since we beat them two times in a row.

Other pregame observations

"I know him.  That's the guy who looks like my mom." - On seeing the sign for the "Chick Hearn Press Room." (oddly enough, Chick really did kinda look like my grandma).

"I'm the shortest person here.    I look like there's something wrong with me.  Like I needed a growth spurt."

"What a nice man.  Aw!!!" - Seeing Ronny Turiaf stop to sign autographs for some kids. 

"Oh my God!  He's cute!  He's really cute." - When Luke Walton passed up to warm up.

"We have those bands at jazzercise class." - Watching Walton stretch out using those long rubber bands on his legs.

"He's good.  He never misses." - Watching Sasha Vujacic can a string of long jumpers.

"Wait until he's 60.  He'll be nothing but an orthopedic nightmare." - On Trevor Ariza's recent fractured foot.

"Oh my God.  I think you have the neatest job in the whole world."

She's right, by the way.