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Knicked them good enough

January 30, 2008 |  9:08 am

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Remember, Purple, Gold, and Blue starts at 11!  We're hoping to have Eric Pincus of fame on today. 

Even taking into account the degree to which the Knicks have increasingly jelled during the decreasing presence of Stephon Marbury (a shocking development, I'm sure), they're still a 14-win team and the Lakers are still about to hit the road in grueling fashion, meaning the need to snap a three-game losing streak at New York's expense was fairly clear.  The 120-109 win did the trick, although the victory was rather slow in development.  Phil Jackson told his squad- a touch uptight during this losing stretch- to let the game come their way and relax a bit.  The "relax" part was perhaps taken too literally, as their 58 halftime points were actually bested by the Knicks tally (61).  It wasn't until the fourth quarter that scoring was accompanied by some honest to goodness D.   In between slowing Jamal Crawford and flaring Nate Robinson's temper (the former tougher than the latter), Sasha Vujacic exploded for a dozen final frame points.  Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom- who's been in dire need of a pick me up game- were decidedly on the same page, creating a chapter that included a winning box score.  The only downside to the victory was Luke Walton's hip pointer injury that makes the roadie even lighter on dudes of any size.

It's not always easy to remember with the Western Conference so ridiculously tight, but D.Fish is indeed correct that the playoffs are a ways away.

Another day, another dollar's worth of Jason Kidd speculation. A boatload of scenarios, many of which are on the complicated side, will predictably emerge in bushels as February 21 grows closer.  Dallas remains part of the conversation and if the Cavs can find the pieces, they're into the idea of Kidd y' LBJ.  And Isaiah Thomas is apparently intrigued by the notion of pursuing a good player for a change. The Lakers?  As always, the rumor mill sends mixed messages.  According to one "handicapper" unaffiliated with Vegas, the Lakers aren't within the top 5 possibilities for a J-Kidd destination.  But the professional stats-crunching types see L.A. as the spot Joumana's ex touches down.

Of course, Kidd's new home may not reveal itself until a higher profile PG, one William Henry Parker, is officially off the market.

Some "Magic" character spoke a bit with Hoopsworld.

An update on LakersBlog semi-icon Cheick Samb.