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Knicked them good enough

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Remember, Purple, Gold, and Blue starts at 11!  We're hoping to have Eric Pincus of fame on today. 

Even taking into account the degree to which the Knicks have increasingly jelled during the decreasing presence of Stephon Marbury (a shocking development, I'm sure), they're still a 14-win team and the Lakers are still about to hit the road in grueling fashion, meaning the need to snap a three-game losing streak at New York's expense was fairly clear.  The 120-109 win did the trick, although the victory was rather slow in development.  Phil Jackson told his squad- a touch uptight during this losing stretch- to let the game come their way and relax a bit.  The "relax" part was perhaps taken too literally, as their 58 halftime points were actually bested by the Knicks tally (61).  It wasn't until the fourth quarter that scoring was accompanied by some honest to goodness D.   In between slowing Jamal Crawford and flaring Nate Robinson's temper (the former tougher than the latter), Sasha Vujacic exploded for a dozen final frame points.  Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom- who's been in dire need of a pick me up game- were decidedly on the same page, creating a chapter that included a winning box score.  The only downside to the victory was Luke Walton's hip pointer injury that makes the roadie even lighter on dudes of any size.

It's not always easy to remember with the Western Conference so ridiculously tight, but D.Fish is indeed correct that the playoffs are a ways away.

Another day, another dollar's worth of Jason Kidd speculation. A boatload of scenarios, many of which are on the complicated side, will predictably emerge in bushels as February 21 grows closer.  Dallas remains part of the conversation and if the Cavs can find the pieces, they're into the idea of Kidd y' LBJ.  And Isaiah Thomas is apparently intrigued by the notion of pursuing a good player for a change. The Lakers?  As always, the rumor mill sends mixed messages.  According to one "handicapper" unaffiliated with Vegas, the Lakers aren't within the top 5 possibilities for a J-Kidd destination.  But the professional stats-crunching types see L.A. as the spot Joumana's ex touches down.

Of course, Kidd's new home may not reveal itself until a higher profile PG, one William Henry Parker, is officially off the market.

Some "Magic" character spoke a bit with Hoopsworld.

An update on LakersBlog semi-icon Cheick Samb.

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Good morning !

I love Kidd. But I definitely believe it is a PF/C we still need. With Kwame + Mihm (does anybody know if Mihm's player option still in play if a team accepts his contract? Or does it get voided?) we have about $13 million to play with.

I hate to say it but the injury to luke may be a blessing, giving more time to Sasha and Vlade who can actually knock down shots and aren't afraid to shoot. PJ can stop obsessing on mini-Walton. Kobe at SF is out rebounding Walton, is a better passer, and of course a better scorer by a long shot. We really need AB and Ariza back but maybe this injury will alter the rotations to get the real contributors ready for the playoffs.


a shootout with the new york knicks.

and if it wasn't for sasha - we lose by 10+ points.


kwame's double-double? how about his several missed layups?

not gonna bash kwame, it's too easy. little jab...kwame has played so poorly that he has even silenced mike t...who woulda thunk it?

nine game roadie awaits, starting thursday in detroit...yikes!

let's take a quick look at this 9 game road monster (without bynum & ariza)...i'd thrown in luke & mihm but they have been missing all season:

@ detroit: LOSS

@ toronto: 40% chance of winning, would be more except this is a back to back roadie

@ washington: kobe goes off for 50, and the lakers squeak by.

@ new jersey: vinsanity & jefferson play their asses off in an ugly 87-83 win for nj.

@ atalanta: another back to back roadie, lakers play well for 3 quarters but run out of gas. hawks win.

@ orlando: dwight howard. dwight howard. dwight howard. lakers lose.

@ miami: kobe versus dwade...just what the doctor ordered...lakers win.

@ charlotte: bobcats ALWAYS play the lakers tough...and this time the bobcats win.

@ minnesota: jefferson has a good game for the wolves, but lamar finally decides to show up in the ninth & final game of this roadie. lakers win.

summary: i see the lakers going 3-6 on this road trip...4-5 at best.

with that being said, an injured bynum & ariza have plenty to do with my predictions...

love the lakers, i just know this team is very injured right now...and their defense has suffered greatly as a result.

bynum, the lake show needs you. keep up the rehab - hope to see you back in action come march.


thanks for the magic johnson interview with eric pincus.

i've always respected and looked for magic's opinion on the lakers.


At last. A player who doesn't defer to Kobe and is not afraid to shoot. As much as I would like to see Luke Walton succeed, I cringe when I see him freeze up, unable to make a decision, waiting until the moment has passed to make his move. He needs to loosen up and relax instead of being so uptight.


Stranger in the Night's Worst Nightmare,

I can assure you that despite your obvious bias against King Kwame, King Kwame is indeed a great post player and easily this best post player on our team. I don't blame you for being fooled by the FOOL'S GOLD MASTER Andrew Bynum. But Young Andrew is weak. You can see by staring at his legs for a long long time and watching his every move and only focusing on his long legs during the game. He has no leg strength, which was why is completely fell apart last season after the all start break.

But who was bringing it every night last year? That's right King Kwame. King Kwame was killing the Suns the last two years in the playoffs and the only reason we didn't win is because Phil Jackson don't like minorities and wouldn't play King Kwame enough.

I know this stuff because I have been studying this for many many years. King Kwame closes the lane, making it all but impossible for guards to penetrate. That has a profound impact on our team's success, which is why the Lakers are like 30 games over .500 over the last 2 years when King Kwame is starting and getting big minutes.

Young Andrew may get a lot of stats, but I know basketball and true basketball fans will understand that King Kwame is the best post player on our team.

Young Andrew's day will come. I predict he will be a good center in the future, but not now and not for the next few years. It will take time for his young legs to develop.

Defense wins championships and King Kwame is 100 times the defender of Young Andrew. Plus Drew clearly has great chemistry with the second unit. Why would we want to mess up that chemistry by forcing Drew to play more minutes than his Young legs can handle?

Fact is, Lakers fans hate on King Kwame because they are jealous and how good he is.

I have studied all this for many many years. I have watched King Kwame's Kalves develop over the last several years into trobbing fast twitch muscle genius.

You will see, I am working very hard on a study that I am going to publish on this very website in 106 weeks. I am also having talks with a publisher to have my study in print and sold across the nation. This study will rock Lakerland to its core and possibly get Phil Jackson fired.

I don't want to give away all the points of my studied until it is published so I will close for now.

I have only one thing to say about Stranger in the Night's Worst Nightmare's posts:


People say Kobe doesn't make players better:

Role players who have fallen into oblivion since they left the "bean"
1) Billy "Smush" Parker
2) Slava "never saw i shot i didn't like" Medvedenko
3) Brian Cook
4) The Kobe Stopper (& he only defended kobe from other teams!)
5) Glen Rice
6) Dennis Rodman
7) "Mad Dog" Madsen
8) Samaki Walker

Debate all you want, but with these guys, the fall was immediate

Faith may have been cheering him on longer here on the blog, but as the
guy who started the Sasha Vujacic Breakout Bandwagon, I really enjoyed
last night's game. You watch, if Luke plays limited minutes on the road
trip, The Machine will pick up the slack, and you can bet your bottom Tolar
that he won't be reluctant to shoot, like Luke has been lately.

Faith! It's like our little boy's all growed up. ;-)

I would trade some combination Farmar (albeit reluctantly), Walton, Kwame, and V-Rad for Kidd. I think we would have to throw in Farmar because the Nets would definitely want a good young PG in return.

Of course, there's probably no way Kidd comes to the Lakers with that $20 million contract. We would have to give up 4-6 tradeable players to match that.

Anyways, I agree with Charles that we need more size at the moment. Our guys are dropping like flies.

Oh, well. A win is a win and we finally got back in that column last night. Here's to better defense while we're on the road. Stay hot, Sasha; just relax and concentrate on the boards and making layups, Kwame.

Go Lakers!


Why stop at Kidd? Lets get Jersey to throw Vince and Jefferson in there as well.

"Kings" lose crowns
people stay intelligent
certain peoples opinion on this blog are clearly irrelevant
Especially when your not nba material
wake up every morning to your Kwame Brown cereal
Dr Jerry Buss has a college degree
True Laker fans can clearly see:
Kwame Brown is a B-U-S-T

I can only assume that Stranger in the Night is Kwame's father. His mom named the happy little accident "Kwame" derived from the French "pour qui mois?" which means, "Why me?"

"[krchchchc] Search your feeelings, Kwame [krchchchc] you know it to be true..."

Stranger in the Night

"You will see, I am working very hard on a study that I am going to publish on this very website in 106 weeks. I am also having talks with a publisher to have my study in print and sold across the nation. This study will rock Lakerland to its core and possibly get Phil Jackson fired."

PJ's tenure will be close to over by then.... If that is the highlight, good luck.

"I have only one thing to say about Stranger in the Night's Worst Nightmare's posts: SHUT UP!"

This a blog and it is meant for exchange and conversation. I don't agree with a lot of people's points, but to tell them shut up?

4-5 on this road trip.

The road trip is crucial in building mental toughness for this team which will pay huge dividens during the playoffs.


my favorite kwame post move is when he gets it down low, and wows everyne with an explosive move to the basket, then throws it up over the back board ..making it seem so effortlessly, looks like he does all this with his eyes closed

i would say Kobe is the best post up player on the team

Stranger in the Night,

Can you please send me an excerpt of your studies? I don't know if I can wait 106 weeks.

A note on the Knicks.

Yes, they are a 14 win team, but 6 of those 14 wins came in their last 12 games,
including victories over Detroit, Washington, Chicago, and New Jersey. Since
they stopped playing Starbury, they have been a much better team. So having
to scrape to get a win against them is no shame. It was only a little over a week
ago that they beat Detroit BY 24 POINTS!!!


And while I'm at it, a note on Seattle,

While it may have looked desperately bad to have to go to overtime to beat
Seattle at Seattle the day after the Lakers lost Bynum, it's not looking so
bad today, the morning after the Sonics BEAT San Antonio.


You can spin it either way - either New York and Seattle aren't as bad as
their records indicate or San Antonio and Detroit are fading a bit. But it's
good to see the Lakers are still taking care of business against teams they
SHOULD beat, when other top teams sometimes arent (need I also mention
that Phoenix has lost to Minnesota TWICE this season).

Nice game Kwame!
Kwame, LO, and Sasha played very well last night.

Hopefully they can carry this over to Detroit.
The problem with these guys is that every once in a while they have a breakout game and really contribute.

I hope that Kwame has a great game against an elite team for once. I mean really step up to the challenge and be a beast against Detroit.

That would improve his trade value greatly and we can finally get something back for putting up with his inconsitent, injured, not in shape a$$ for three years!

tha show,

>>>@ detroit: LOSS

Don't be so certain. Detroit isn't nearly as impervious this year as in recent
years. Are you aware that the Knicks beat them by 24 a little over a week

I'm not saying the Lakers are going to walk all over the Pistons, but I don't
think it's a gimme for the Pistons either. If Kwame and Lamar play like they
did last night, the Lakers have at least a sluggers chance of pulling off a
W to start the road trip.


Great Post!


"Stay hot, Sasha; just relax and concentrate on the boards and making layups, Kwame."

Thats right! Have a great day bloggers! Peace!


"my favorite kwame post move is when he gets it down low, and wows everyne with an explosive move to the basket, then throws it up over the back board ..making it seem so effortlessly, looks like he does all this with his eyes closed"

LOL! You made me chuckle in the office!

"i would say Kobe is the best post up player on the team."

Most definitely! Who would you say is the next best one?

Have a good one man!

i am assuming stranger in the night is a parody of Mike T....or perhaps Mike T. himself. Some dumb idiots have infiltrated this blog and sending it sinking.

Anyhow, back to the Jason Kidd scenario what did you guys think of the possible scenario I brought up yesterday?

Bulls get: Kidd, Kristic
Nets get: Lamar, Ben Wallace
Lakers get: Nocioni, Sefelosha

It works for all the teams. Kidd gets paired with Heinrich for a solid backcourt (Kirk is really a SG on offense since hes not the assist type and he defends the SG anyways). Plus Kristic gives them a few points down low. Nets get Lamar for the PF slot who can help run their offense and fits in as the 3rd wheel which he likes. Plus they get Wallace who can play just enough D to make that team better.

And the Lakers get Nocioni and Sefelosha which is solid. Nocioni is the kind of scorer we need when Kobe gets a rest, plus he's a tough guy.Sefelosha is another Ariza type who can play a couple of positions and play some D.

I know it seems like a long-shot, buts it the kind of deal that can happen when a Jason Kidd gets traded. Keep in mind that only a couple of teams have a legit shot at Kidd. Its because there are two qualifiers..1) that he wants to play there to play for the playoffs and 2) can handle his salary. A team like the Hawks wont happen sorry Atlanta, because Kidd wouldnt go to Atlanta lose in the first round of the playoffs. Hes thinking championship caliber.

I seriously am all over Kidd to the Bulls beacuse hes a big missing piece. Yeah they need an inside scorer, but that offense is plain stagnant, all they do is shoot jump shots. If they actually ran an Offense that was smooth, they get more than enough points. The Bulls would have to make it work so they have to get someone to take wallace. The Nets would take Wallace IF they got another good player to compliment RJ and VC. Who's better than Lamar Odom?

Dont be suprised if that happens. I had trade scenarios involving Ray Allen and Jason Richardson a couple of days before the draft, before any of you had an inkling that it was a possibility and guess what happened.

Also Id like to point out that while I think Kidd is great, Im not getting rid of Farmar or Crittenton to get him. A promising young point guard is not that much worse than an aging star PG. I rather bank on the idea that both end up so good that we trade one of them for a PF. See its not smart to only have one promising young PG, when thats one of the most sought positions. Crittenton or Farmar is worth Emeka Okafor, Charlie Villanueva, Wilcox, etc in a trade right now.

Sashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is back!

Kwame is servicable... resign him for 4 million... he is a big body and although he doesn't block shots, catch passes well, and is a brick around the basket (as is Lamar) he does keep the opposing center's big man away from the basket (even better than Bynum). Mike T (stranger in the night) is very accurate about this.
We must keep Lamar also, though not worth of his salary, he's a jack of all trades, though a master of none. As time passes and his shot comes around he will be a formidable presence come playoff time similar to the way Robert Hory use to pick it up. I'm not saying he's "Big Shot Lamar" but if he can stay healthy for once we will see his true value to the team.
I am still not sold on Farmar, he his a defensive liability and is not a true point guard, he will never be a Nash or a Paul who make up for their defense with offense production. Besides, Crit will be the man and he can be the man sooner if Phil doctor plays him mor, plus he ought to play Coby more, he is the purest outside shooter on the team.
Kobe's near triple double last night is not represenative of what will happen against the tougher teams, his game was similar to the Denver game, these teams play no defense. if Kobe tries to play that way against the defensive minded teams look for another 9 turnover game as he had against, who was it ... Cleveland SanAntonio? then who are you going to rely on Fish Farmar?
Our needs are at point guard and replacing Mr. Predictable Puke. Who was it on this blog that said it was time for him to have an injury? Nice Call, like death and taxes.
Since most of you don't want Kidd, we still need to find a point guard.
Some of you might say the Triangle doesn't really utilize a true point guard, okay, just give me someone who can dribble and make good passes with no turnovers. Too many times does Farmar just want to jack up the three point shot, and then when he tries to penetrate he gets sandwiched in the paint and turns it over, this is not college, unless your Kobe DWade or LBJ who can get a shot off after driving, its best you don't, especially in the Triangle offense. Now if we used more pick and rolls ala SA for Tony Parker and NO for Chris Paul I'd say go ahead but Farmar is never going to be quite that fast to pull off that drive to the basket on a consistent basis.

Keep Kwame
Keep Lamar
Bench or trade Luke
Look for a true point guard
Play Crit and Coby more

I found this little gem about our weakest link Kwame while reading True Hoops on ESPN:

Video games are so lifelike now it's scary.

Jon K.

I hope it is 5-4. But 2 back to backs? uh! Hope your well man! Holla when your in LA and checkout some of the Arnis - Eskrima groups out here!


I've said it before... I'll say it again...

If we hit the free throws... we'll win most games!

23-33... not going to get it done on the road people!!!

What's the problem here???????????????

>>>I would trade some combination Farmar (albeit reluctantly), Walton,
>>>Kwame, and V-Rad for Kidd. I think we would have to throw in Farmar
>>>because the Nets would definitely want a good young PG in return.

Actually, I think they'd be just as happy with Crittenton as they would with
Farmar, and if they trade for Kidd, the Lakers would be better off with Farmar
than Crittenton. (I can hear the screams of "remember Bynum?" from the
Critter lovers now).

For starters, Farmar is extremely productive right now. His shooting has been
stellar, and he's also a very capable distributor, as he showed last night with
9 dimes and no turnovers. Crittenton shows little flashes of brillance when
he gets on the floor, but this season he has yet to play well when he's been
in during crucial minutes of a big game.

But another thing - Kidd is a tall, strong PG, who is losing a step of speed
by this point. Thus he's good at guarding taller PG's, but not so good at
guarding short quick PGs. That's where Farmar comes in (not to mention
Sasha). Farmar and Sasha are not bad at chasing around the smaller
faster PG's. That's why Fish wasn't in the game in the fourth quarters
against Dallas or New York -- because he isn't as good at chasing little water
bugs like Devin Harris or Nate Robinson around the court. Farmar and
Sasha don't completely shut them down, but they're not bad on them.

Faith- I have to give it up to your boy Sasha last night, he played well and defended Crawford pretty well too. Sure Crawford shot the Knicks right out of the game in the 4th but Sasha played well none the less.

if he is shooting well, he needs to be in the game because without Bynum the lakers will need to outscore teams to win, they cant count on defense to win these games.

Phil can talk about defense in the 4th until hes blue in the face but the lakers scored 35 points in the 4th quarter, that wins alot of games.

Including Farmar in the trade for Kidd would be a mistake. But LO plus Brown/Mihm/Crit or any combination thereof would be good. Doesn't sound like it's gonna happen though. Truth is, once Andrew's back, who needs Kidd and his $20 mil salary?

Sasha Vujacic to be suspended. (source:

Stu Jackson, VP of NBA Absurd Rulings and Suspensions has ruled Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers will be suspended one day without pay for his blow to the elbow of the Knicks Balkman.

"After reviewing tape, its obvious to anyone looking that Vujacic provoked and fully deserved the elbow to his face.

This is the second time this year Sasha has been involved in a play where he caused a player to hurt him. The first being Carmelo Anthony choking him. Again, another Sasha Vujacic provoked incident.

We can not, I repeat, can not tolerate this behavior in the NBA. In order to protect other players, I felt compelled to suspend Sasha Vujacic.and fine Kobe Bryant $250,000 for encouraging Sasha's aggressive behavior."

Stu Jackson added this warning. "If Sasha continues with this unacceptable behavior of being hit, kicked, elbowed, or choked, we will act with even harsher fines and penalties."

The suspension will take affect immediately against the Detroit Pistons Thursday.

Long Time Laker Fan - one of the differences between the lakers and the likes of the Spurs Dallas Pistons is those teams are coasting at times during the season whereas this laker team is fighting for wins every night. Those elite teams know what it takes to win in the post-season and are veteran teams. So all wins and losses in the regular season are not created equal.

The Spurs are shutting down Tony Parker for awhile so he can be ready for the playoffs. The Lakers dont have that luxury with this team.

Lastly isnt it ironic that the lakers who are at times called a "young team" have so many injuries year after year.

In Hollinger's article, he proposed a Lakers-Kidd trade that hasn't really been
brought up here. The Luke haters and Ariza lovers are going to scream bloody
murder, but here's what he suggested:

Lakers send Kwame, Mihm, Ariza, Crittenton and a first round pick
to New Jersey for Kidd.

Jersey would get two good young players in Crittenton and Ariza, plus
expiring contracts in Kwame, Mihm, and Ariza (if they decide they don't
want Ariza), and a draft pick that will probably be somewhere from late
teens to mid 20's.

Start Kidd - Fisher - Kobe - Odom - Bynum

Kidd is taller, so he and Fish could cross-guard the PG-SG of the opposing
teams. Kidd-Kobe-Odom-Bynum would be SERIOUS, even in the West.

And it would still leave Walton, Farmar, Vujacic, Radmanovic, and Turiaf
as role players.

It leaves them paper thin at PF/C, so they'd need to shore up that a bit.

Since Jersey would end up with more than 15 players in the deal, and
would have to cut someone anyway if they did a 4-for-1, maybe they could
be persuaded to include Malik Allen in the deal. He's a big banger who
can hold his own in the post and hit the 15-18 foot jumper (a lot like Kurt
Thomas, actually) on a minimum contract.

The Lakers would still need to pick up another center for the rest of the
season, but it works for me.

Laker Lover,

I don't think it was so much 35 points or the much as we stopped turning the ball over. When you turn the ball over so much it gives them easy transition baskets...which as we saw in the previous 3 quarters, killed.

I think Sasha's defense wasn't so much he locked down Crawford (all props to him by the way), but that Crawford and his teammates (not to mention Isiah) didn't recognize that Sasha was overplaying him the whole game. He was stuck to his hip...if I was Crawford, I'd have faked, gotten a lot of calls on Sasha, and called on for more high picks.

Still Sasha did indeed play well. If for nothing else he saved us from a headache brigade headache for one night lol.

lol did indeed start it. You, greek dude and I are proud fans today. Sasha's just a different player this year (like most of us hoped).

I think Kwame has potential, just like LO, but they are both somehow scared to use them at their fullest. And trade Jarmar for Kidd? Jarmar is a young, promising guard who will be good for 10+ years, and Kidd is only maximum 5 more years? You got to be kidding!!! And if you look at Farmar vs. Kidd stats:

Farmar : FG% 48.8%, only play 21.1 min for 9.8 PPG with 41% 3P%
Kidds: (for his second year): FG%38.1%, play 37.5 min for 16.6PPG and 34% 3P%
--> choose Farmar

Laker Nation – The Machine saved us from the ultimate embarrassment yesterday!!

1. Unfortunately, I agree with Tha Show, I see 3-6 as well. Back to backs are a bear when the team is one walking bruise. Also role players play smaller and slower on the road.

2. J-Kidd is not happening per PJ in the LA Times. Also see Hoopshype, he's close to joinning Clipper Darrell.

3. Any legs to Ben Wallace rumors??

The Lake Show,

>>>Bulls get: Kidd, Kristic
>>>Nets get: Lamar, Ben Wallace
>>>Lakers get: Nocioni, Sefelosha
>>>It works for all the teams.

Ah, those magic words, "it works for all teams". :-)

Actually, it would probably work for all teams if New Jersey were looking to
compete right now and didn't mind taking on more salary and giving up
their most promising young front court player. But they're not.

If New Jersey trades Kidd, it's to rebuild. Thus they want to keep young
players and not take on any big contracts. Kristic is one of the players
New Jersey will want to keep (as well as Boone, Wright, and both of the
Willamses). The purpose of trading Jason Kidd is to get rid of a big contract
and get back some cap space, not to get back more salary than they're
sending out and take on a LONGER big contract of a player who's playing
worse (Ben Wallace).

While I like the idea of getting Nocioni for Odom, it doesn't really work.


>>>I am still not sold on Farmar, he his a defensive liability and is not a true
>>>point guard, he will never be a Nash or a Paul who make up for their
>>>defense with offense production.


First of all, you must realize that Farmar was on the floor in the fourth last
night BECAUSE he is better at defending small fast guards than Fish is.
He's not a lock down defender, but he's reasonably good. I would say that
BOTH Farmar and Sasha are WAY WAY better defenders than Steve

And Chris Paul is actually a very good defender.

I know you've got a burr in your knickers that Crittenton isn't starting for
the Lakers, but so far Critter has been more flash than substance.
He makes a spectactular twisting, behind the back, juke and jive move
to the hoop and then bricks a layup or does a behind-the-back pass to the
other team. Farmar is more plain in his style, but he has an assist to
turnover ratio of about 2.

Right now, Farmar is like hearty soup and bread. Nothing fancy, but
nourishing. And Crittenton is like a shrimp, spinach, and arugula souffle
that's gone bad. It looks really fancy, but it might make you sick.

Be patient. Crittenton's time will come. And he will shine, or he will fall
flat on his face. I personally think the former, but until he proves it on the
court (as Farmar has), I won't rule out the latter.

I think I just found Mike T.

If this was already posted earlier.. my apologies. enjoy and GO LAKERS!!


>>>Stu Jackson, VP of NBA Absurd Rulings and Suspensions has ruled
>>>Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers will be suspended one day
>>>without pay for his blow to the elbow of the Knicks Balkman.


Good one, AN1.

Listening to purple, gold, and blue; I now realize that it does take a certain amount of skill and talent to do radio talk show hosting.

You guys are getting better, I will admit. But there is a lot of dead air, umms, and overall uncomfortableness on the air. It's understandable as you guys are obviously rookies.

And why do I hear you guys breathing? When your not talking, take your mouths away from the mic.

At this point I'd rather have Jefferson, but I wouldn't trade Farmar. Critt is expendable as is Kwame, but you still need front court help as in a scorer/rebounder from the forward position. I like the Chicago scenario, but I don't see it. Maybe the nets will choke on their jerkey the way minnesota did in trading Santana. I'm just glad the Heat are toast with shaq, riley, and wade. The nets got a fair offer for kidd last year and tried to screw us, so bunk them too!!

>>>And why do I hear you guys breathing? When your not talking, take
>>>your mouths away from the mic.

Yeah. Turn your heads like that Chocolate Rain guy. :-)

The Lake Show,

One problem with your trade, or maybe more than one, but this is one is glaring - Nets never take Ben Wallace type of contract back. If they shopping Kidd they are ready to basically admit they going to into rebuilding mode. I would not be supprised if next on the trading block will be Carter or Jefferson.


>>>At this point I'd rather have Jefferson, but I wouldn't trade Farmar.

Hmm. I wish Jersey were as willing to trade Jefferson as they are to trade
Kidd. What would you think of this deal:

Lakers send Kwame, Ariza, and Crittenton to New Jersey
for Richard Jefferson and Malik Allen.


>>Right now, Farmar is like hearty soup and bread. Nothing fancy, but
>>nourishing. And Crittenton is like a shrimp, spinach, and arugula souffle
>>that's gone bad. It looks really fancy, but it might make you sick.

Still makes me hungry


Chris Webber signing w/ the Warriors only indicates to me that he really didn't want to play defense as his old Sixers coach O'Brien stated. I think if Webber had any real value left and wasn't a cancer, the Pistons would've wanted him. They clearly were happy w/ their young bigs instead of taking on a washed up prima donna. So, management in my eyes did the right thing by standing pat and getting DJ. I think defense(something that a player can bring every night) is better than an old jump shooting PF.

Go Lakers!


>>>Still makes me hungry

Yeah, me too. He kinda reminds me of Kobe in his rookie season.

Faith - Yeah I agree I was sure Crawford would torch Sasha since he was being over-played but Crawford didnt play smart and head fake or drive around Sasha like most guards do.

I never worry too much about turnovers in a high scoring game unless the number gets really high- like over 25.

over the last several years, what I see is a team that gets to 100 wins a high percentage of games. As such, I would think teams would go into each game thinking they need to score 100 points. For example the lakers are 26-5 when they score 100 points and 2-10 when they fail to score 100 points.

KBros and Eric Pincus,

I tried calling in but kept being redirected to the main menu! I tried though and great show.


Lakers looking to make a move? (Hoopsworld link)

Magic is optimistic for the future with Bryant and Bynum as the cornerstones of the team.

"If Bynum is not out, I'm telling you right now we'd have the best record in the West," said Johnson. "You know [Laker owner] Dr. Buss and Mitch are smart enough to add the pieces that are necessary for us to really compete. Now that we know what we've got, the Lakers make a move to win the championship. We're excited about the future and I'm sure Kobe is too."

Does that mean Laker fans can expect a deal by the trade deadline?

"I can't tell you if the Lakers are going to make a move or not. We don't normally talk about things that we want to do," laughed Johnson. "Of course, we're like every other team. We're looking. That's a part of it."

So Magic feels we are close and will try to make a play for this years, and future years title runs.

The Lake Show is back.

How many here wanted Sasha traded coming into this season? I admit I did. I just didn't think he was going to develop. Now he's part of the coming future Lakers championship. And a part of what will be recognized as one of the best benches in the NBA in coming years (when every one is healthy, of course).
But until they get healthy, there is nothing much to brag about. Again the Lakers were fortunate to beat another weak team at home. The road trip could be a disaster if these guys don't decide to play some defense. And all those 3 point attempts seem a bit lazy to me.

If they can just keep about .500 and tread water until Bynum gets back we should be okay.

By the way, is Mbenga, Kwame Mk II?

Hey, after Sasha schooled them last night on both sides of the ball, do you
think they might be willing to trade David Lee for Sasha?

just a thought. :-)


"Listening to purple, gold, and blue; I now realize that it does take a certain amount of skill and talent to do radio talk show hosting. You guys are getting better, I will admit. But there is a lot of dead air, umms, and overall uncomfortableness on the air. It's understandable as you guys are obviously rookies. And why do I hear you guys breathing? When your not talking, take your mouths away from the mic. "

Hey, thanks for the honest feedback. We really do appreciate it, even if it's not all positive.

As far as the dead air and things along those lines, the beginning of the show was hit with some technical difficulties where we spent a while not being able to hear each other very well, which may have been noticable. But in general, one specific challenge the show format presents is BK and I being in different places. It's tough when you can't make eye contact, become forced to anticipate when the other is about to talk, etc. (By contrast, when we do the Steve Mason Show on 710 ESPN Radio, we're all in the same room, which makes it considerably easier and smoother.)

Sometimes in an effort to avoid talking over each other, you end up talking to little in spots. Unfortunately, save driving down to the actual studio in Calabasas (which would be very inconvenient), the Nowlive and skype systems, for whatever reason, get a lot of feedback with us on headsets in the same room. Thus, it's a permanent challenge we have to work with.

As for the breathing, I don't actually hear it. But the problem, on some level, could be the result of working with headset mics (as opposed to regular ones). You work with the mic next to you the entire time (trying to raise it up and down would make things worse), so perhaps it picks up a lot of otherwise subtle noise. Not really sure, otherwise.

Mind you, none of this is meant as an excuse for whatever needs improvement. We'll definitely keep trying to make it better. I just wanted to let you know how some of the stuff works, if for no other reason than to provide a little bit of explanation.



Can no player play ball looking over his shoulder knowing any little mistake he makes he's getting yank from the game..........
That pisses me off because,luke , lo , kwame , make a ton of mistake's, an the worst part it be the same mistake more than once...........
but yet they play 30 plus min a game.............

if we are dong a 3 way trade w/ Chicago / NJ ... Ben Wallace is who we should be talking about getting ...
the way our big men have been going down ... clearly this is where we need depth ...

Maybe Kwame and Lamar should drink some of this before every game:


Thanks for the explanation. I can see how coordinating that can be difficult.

You guys had a rough start, but I thought you guys stepped it up after about 10 minutes and things started to go a little smoother.

The breathing caught my attention as well as the scratching of the day old shave. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good show. A lot better than the first one I listened to, so you guys are improving. (This was the second show I've listened to)

Like anything else, it takes practice.

I will say this, I thought Andrew came stronger than Brian. AK, you had Pincus actually ask you to confirm some Laker knowledge and he's supposed to be the expert. That was interesting. I think once you guys start getting good interviews, your show can be an unstoppable force just like the blog.


props for the eloquent HISTORY lesson presented to the Cav's fans.

I suggest that u follow up your morning greetings to the bloggers with
a daily morning "random thoughts".

one short phrase will give all of us better spirits and a more acute/positive perspective on Lakers/life?!


I think its just PJ's way to embarrass and degrade players. It makes them a much better person in the end. And I really think they enjoy being mistreated in this manor. lol

I noticed it was after the bad TO by Vlad when he got benched. But I was thinking it had to be something else, maybe a defensive lapse? A simple TO can't get a player benched, can it? Or was it a mismatch problem with David Lee?

Either way, we never saw Bad Rad again, did we?

Also, unrelated, someone slashed PJ's tires after the game. Lakers security people have no idea who did it. jk

PHIL JACKASS HAS TO GO...............

I AM A BIG VLAD FAN...........
Remember GLEN RICE....... AN ALL EVERYTHING ALLSTAR ...........
But one year under Phil Jackass.......... an that damn triangle......
he was handcuffed.......GLEN RICE had one of the best jumpers in the game....
but jackass turned him upside down........pulling him out the game for little or nothing .........talking bad about him to the media.........limiting his shots because.........JACKASS wanting to run the offense...........DUMB....DUMB........

thank god Luke Walton got injured... I'd rather see Sasha get his minutes anyway... what does that mean??? what am I saying??? Wow... how things have changed since the start of the year...

Also, Lamar is hiding some kind of limp or something so now I kinda feel bad saying he sucks and all though... when you put up 4 points, you do kinda suck but... if he is playing hurt I just wanna say, "I love you, Lamar. You're a handsome man. Don't, don't look away... I, I just wanna be near you, yes I do..."

Nothing like WHOMPING on a crappy team to get the mood up around here. I'm also glad Walton is injured because that means more playing time for Crittenton. He needs to get in there and make some mistakes so he can learn from them. I say STICK HIM IN THERE!!! Let him make a few turnovers, then he can start doing great things, GREAT THINGS I SAY!!!

If Sasha continues to improve, it will be another good decision by this horrible, horrible front office.

Last night, he managed to shoot well in spite of Phil being on the sideline.

lol Ex.

Good decision, or bad decision turned good? Via the player. Don't overlook the player.


Lamar's definitely fighting a limp. Which is bad news when we're going out on a 9-game roadie.


But imagine how well he would shoot if Phil weren't holding him back!

Latest Jason Kidd rumor from Rotoworld:

"The Nets are reportedly in discussions with the Mavericks and Blazers in a deal that would send Jason Kidd to Dallas.

While nothing is confirmed, the potential deal would send Kidd, Malik Allen, Jamaal Magloire, a draft pick and cash to Dallas. The Nets would get Devean Goerge and Jerry Stackhouse from the Mavs, and Travis Outlaw, Jarrett Jack and Channing Frye from Portland, while the Blazers would get Dallas PG Devin Harris. Whether this blockbuster happens or not remains to be seen, but the Nets are reportedly scrambling to move Kidd sooner than later."

the Lakers will have a long trip without a Custom Comfort Matress

global warming is responsible for all the injuries in the nba.

Staples, I-5, the lakers players, Carmelo and the latest is Varejao

after Kobe going 24, 11, 8 yesterday....I decided Kidd should get more props.

trip doubs are hard!

made shots by DJ, and Kwame and Kobe's got the trip doub...but oh well we won the game, that's the most imp.

COMPTON'S FINEST - Didnt you know booster boy takes guys out when they are making too many shots. Vlads a guy who needs a lot of shots to be effective, and yes he makes mistakes defensively, but lots of other lakers get a pass like Kobe Luke for doing the same things. Booster boy definately has his favorites, for better or worse - I say for the worse. A good coach cant be afraid to call out or take out his star player(s) and make them accountable. Thats called leadership, something Phil lacks.


I guess you have to go TOO, because you like it or not Phil our coach for another 2.5 seasons. I feel sorry Lakers FO forgot to ask your opinion on Phil, triangle and Glen Rice, when they signed him to extention. I guess we'll see you in 2.5 seasons

Xodus, oh good, you noticed it too. I didn't hear anybody say anything about it, though... if I wanted to rip on somebody today, it would MOST CERTAINLY be our sucky announcers because I don't really listen to them but... by the way... I actually liked Michael Cage working with Norm and Bill, I thought he brought an "element" there that is somewhat missing when it's just Norm and Bill. It seemed to loosen Norm up anyway...

I noticed Lamar wasn't hustling on some plays and was going to rip on him and then noticed he was moving in a protective way, he's not fully extending his legs when he runs which leads me to suspect something along the lines of plantar fasciitis which would be unbelievably unpleasant for a basketball player. Hey, if he played golf, who would care? You can play through it but you have to vigorously massage the calf area and depending on where it is, you can have extreme pain say, if you lift your foot up with the toes pointed back, if that's the area that is strained. So when you run, you actually land on the ball/front of the foot that is hurting vs landing on the heel first, more of a choppy step. Strangley, I don't know how it might affect his game, I'm sure it will wear him down some but if it's his left foot he can just jump off his right as... he ALWAYS goes left. LOL!

Oh... I'm sorry Lamar... I didn't mean to say you suck when you were hiding an injury... now... Luke Walton sucks! But... that's because he's always injured and can't play but you... you, my friend... you are, ok in my book...

Lake Show,
I agree 1000%. Stop with the Jason Kidd nonsence. Farmer or Crit MIGHT become all-stars in 2 or 3 years and we will be better for it. If they happen to both excel....well then we use one of them as trade bait for a player we need to extend the dynasty.

David Lee is someone I would trade Sasha for, even though I like Sasha a lot. Problem is, I doubt that they would do it cause they have lots of "Shooters", and David Lee is about the only guy on that team that does any of the "Grunt work". But you never know though.......Isiah has made a lot of stupid deals.

Compton's Finest,
I agree we need to see if we can get VRad back into form. I think he will get a lot of time on the road trip out of necessity. If Sasha and VRad are both on their game.......We would be IMPOSSIBLE to defend.

How Can I Prevent A Hip Pointer Injury?

1. Proper protective equipment is key.

Faith should have ask AK/BK to throw the underware to Luke and not to Sasha

2 Additionally, developing appropriate skills and techniques may help avoid a hip pointer.

That did not occur in the last 3 years.

3. Ultimately, however, there isn't much an athlete can do to prepare for such a blow.

I really believe that after Luke made the great play in the last seconds of the Cavs game, he promoted his ineptitude on a national televised game moderated by his dad. He cam back in the Knicks game and played terrible. So the team/FO wanted to spare him the total embarrassment and nervous breakdown and came up with the Hip Pointer injury. as your read in the article, one should eliminate all activities for 7-10 days.

In his case they just iced it down and he will be ready to go ?!

Laker Lover

I agree that Vlad should've gotten some more time especially when he hit his first two threes, but he shouldn't be getting heavy minutes by any means. As much as people complain about Luke defensively, Vlad is probably worse. And he's far too mistake prone on both sides of the ball. Did you see that play when he caught the ball on the baseline and made a move towards the basket, but after seeing he didn't have a lane passed it directly to a Knick.

Those are the types of bonehead plays he makes consistently.

The Lakers had a great win last night and this nine game road trip is going to be a great test for the team. I truly think that the road trip is a bit overrated because San Antonio is on a road trip of 9 games right now as well, losing their first two games. The Lakers should be able to go a minimum of 5-4 because they play 5 teams under .500 and hopefully they can even pull of a 7-2 or 6-3. I would enjoy a winning record on this trip because that would put them at or above .500 since Andrew Bynum has gone down (currently 3-4). Luke Walton went down last night. To see a full recap and preview of the upcomin trip check out the article at

I'm just wondering how many morons on this blog will not accept fact, Phil our coach for another 2.5 seasons. Yes he benched Vlad, because Lee was killing him and not because of the single turnover. Yes he has his favorites, do you know any other coach who don't. Yes he is playing LO/Luke more than Vlad because on 2nd year in the system Vlad still have no clue where he suppose to be on the floor when running different sets of triangle. And yes he does not like Glen Rice, because back then Glen wants to be a second option and Phil choose Kobe. Bad choice? Result - 3 peat. And yes he is not God and has his share of mistakes and bad decisions, like any human, but he also achieve some amazing results (9 rings), before Bynum's injury Lakers were top team in Western conference, and yes injury out of Phil's control, because, as I mentioned above, he is not a God.

Kobe actually was two rebounds short of the triple double, not two assists. He had 11 assists. As a matter of fat, the Lakers had 30 assists on 43 baskets. Thats a solid number!! Kobe had 11, and Jordan has a stunning 9 assists, to go with 6 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and the best part, 0 turnovers and 0 fouls. But his shooting could've been better at only 2-6 (both 3-pointers).

Laker Truth,

>>>While nothing is confirmed, the potential deal would send Kidd, Malik
>>>Allen, Jamaal Magloire, a draft pick and cash to Dallas. The Nets would
>>>get Devean Goerge and Jerry Stackhouse from the Mavs, and Travis
>>>Outlaw, Jarrett Jack and Channing Frye from Portland, while the Blazers
>>>would get Dallas PG Devin Harris. Whether this blockbuster happens or
>>>not remains to be seen, but the Nets are reportedly scrambling to move
>>>Kidd sooner than later."

Huh. This is another one that doesn't work.

Dallas would need to send out 7.2 million more in contracts, and Portland
would need to send out about half a million more in contracts to make that

So that means Dallas also has to send either Dampier or Terry somewhere,
and Portland has to send off at least one more player too.

You know, speculative trade news is a lot more fun if you imagine it being read in the style of William Shatner. Try it and see if you don't agree.

The D,
Is that original Star Trek Shatner, or Boston Legal Shatner?

my had it as assists.

Then damn Kobe, get those rebs!

Balkman suspended for one game and assessed a flagrant two.

Farmar to the All Star Super Sophomore game. yeah

"Good decision, or bad decision turned good?"

There is definitely not a magic formula to know how long to hold on to a player who is a slow developer. They waited too long with Kwame, but it looks like keeping Sasha was the right decision. (Although I think they would have been justified cutting him after last season.) I suppose attitude, work ethic, and practice performance are major factors - from what I have read Sasha does well in all those areas. (But that theory does make the Kwame extension more questionable!)

its Herm Edwards not Dennis Green who said "you play to win the game"
i dont know if it was AK or BK who got their black head football coaches confused on the broadcast today

I think that David Lee is a FA after this season....and if we can sign him and re-sign KB54 to a 4 mil contract, then we could have a super rebounding second unit next year (KB54, Ronny, David Lee) and potent guard play in the second unit (The Machine, Farmar, Critter). I'd assume that Ariza and Luke would split starting duties based on match-ups. If Jordan can put in the work this summer and bump his ppg up by another 2 baskets (around 13-14), Ariza works on making an open jumper, and Bynum puts in twice as much work (cause he's hungry), then I don't see why we won't be seen as a serious front-runner for the championship.

I really think that Critter needs to play summer league - having a bit more habituation with running the triangle can't do anything but help. If he can just start to learn where to use the quickness and where to stay within the flow of the offense, then we'll have a fantastic 3-headed monster at the point (veteran savvy; solid, steady play; explosiveness).

I'm really against the notion of the Lake Show getting J-Kidd. I'm not seeing how (with his terrible career shooting percentage) he would put us over the top this year. I'd much prefer to see Mihm working with The Captain over the summer and going to Pete Newell's Big Man's Camp so that he'll be ready for the season (and playing in some summer league games with the Critter wouldn't be a bad idea either).

All in all, we're going to be looking good as far as the next few years are concerned. Go Lake Show!


I am sad to say it, but you are dreaming. Best we will do on this trip is 4-5. I just hope it doesn't end up 2-7.


Based on Hoopshype Salaries table Lee signed through next season too.

New York’s Balkman Suspended One Game

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2008 – New York Knicks forward Renaldo Balkman has been suspended for one game without pay and assessed a Flagrant Foul, Penalty Two for elbowing the Los Angeles Laker's Sasha Vujacic in the jaw, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred with 7:07 remaining in the second period of New York’s 120-109 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Staples Center. Balkman will serve the suspension tonight when the Knicks visit the Utah Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena.

Can someone explain to me why in world Kwame's % of FT getting worse each season? Yes, with Shaq big attitude problem Lakers could not get him to work with free throw coach off-season. But Kwame, for God sake?


Any Laker Scouts ever take a look at my man Rod Benson:

RE: That Dallas-Jersey-Portland three-way that Laker Truth posted from rotoworld.

So it sounds like the deal there is that Portland is giving up two or three good
young players (Channing Frye, Jarret Jack, and Travis Outlaw) to get a more
promising young point guard (Devin Harris).

That part of the trade is actually plausible, since Portland has 3 draft picks
this summer, plus has Rudy Fernandez coming over from Europe next
season, so the talk is that they'd like to do a 2 or 3 for 1 trade to get 1 really
good player and free up roster spots for next season. And point guard
is the area where they feel weakest (despite having 3 decent ones in
Jack, Steve Blake, and Sergio Rodriguez).

It's making me grind my teeth to even think about it, but could this be an
opportunity for the Lakers?

The Lakers also have a young PG who's playing better than any of the
three for the Trailblazers. And he's almost playing as well as Devin
Harris... Jordan Farmar.

I'd hate to give up Farmar, but in a package to get back Travis Outlaw,
Channing Frye, and either Jack or Blake, I'd be awwwwwfully tempted.

Of course, Farmar's contract isn't big enough to match up with those 3.
I don't think Portland would want any long term contracts, so players like
Rad and Luke aren't possible to include to make things match. How about
these for a few ideas:

Farmar and Mihm for
Jarrett Jack, Channing Frye, and Josh McRoberts

Farmar, Ariza, and Mihm for
Jarrett Jack, Channing Frye, Travis Outlaw, and Josh McRoberts.

(one for the Odom haters - I'd never do it, but...):
Farmar and Odom for
Jarrett Jack, Channing Frye, Travis Outlaw, and Joel Przybilla

(two for the Kwame haters - I would consider these):

Farmar and Kwame for
Steve Blake, Channing Frye, and Joel Przybilla

Farmar and Kwame for
Jarrett Jack, Travis Outlaw, and Joel Przybilla


>>>I think that David Lee is a FA after this season..

Nope - he has two more years on his contract with the Knicks.

The reason Kwame is getting worse at free throws is that his hands are shrinking. Nobody is reporting on this, it's all part of the conspiracy. In a few years, Kwame's hands will be 3 inches max from thumb to pinky. It's all because he drinks Starbucks every day. His belly gets bigger and his hands get smaller. Can you imagine the panic if this information got out??? "They" don't want you to know the secret because of the enormous PROFITS involved! Starbucks coffee was reverse engineered from the remains of an oddly shaped cup found in Roswell. Two dudes flipped a coin over who would get what. One guy got semiconductors... the other... coffee remains... the guy who got semiconductors thought he won the flip, as a matter of fact, he raced ahead at the beginning, but the coffee guy, he knew... and he bided his time until 3/4 of the population couldn't make it through a day without a hit from his product. He eventually bought the semiconductor guy out and is now using newly developed semiconductor power to create a device to monitor your body so that when you drink his coffee, your body absorbs just less than what you need, leaving you craving for another hit. Profits are expected to triple when this item is perfected. There are plans... yes, plans for the creation of new Starbucks stores on top of the older Starbucks stores to meet the expected demand... people will buy coffee downstairs and then go upstairs for another hit... the stairs will be triple reinforced by the way, to better handle the new, larger population...

Kwame Brown... Pfft! Dude is just the tip of the iceberg...

Hollinger in the NYSUN: "The simplest is for the Nets to get Lamar Odom and a few scraps from the Lakers and call it a day, but L.A. would likely balk at that."

Huh? The Lakers should jump all over that, not balk, if that deal could be made.

I like the 5-4 prediction and would love nothing more than the first V to come in Big D!!! It would be a great way to start this trip!!

Loved how the team played last night and would like to officially announce the basketball man-crush I have for Ronny Turiaf!!! He's a beast and makes things happen on both ends of the floor!! If LO played like that he'd be Kevin Garnett!!!

5-4 on the road trip! Let's get it crackin'!!!

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