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Back to the drawing board

January 16, 2008 |  9:40 am

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Be sure to tune into Purple, Gold, and Blue today at 11.  We'll be kicking around the Bynum injury, talking about where the Lakers go from here, FAs and potential trades... all with Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko.  Click on the show widget on the side of the page, and feel free to call in!

The Clippers did the Lakers a solid, beating Phoenix last night at Staples to allow the Lakers to maintain their perch high atop the Western Conference.  (Ah, the Suns ain't that good anyway, right?) Ask Phil Jackson, though, and he'll tell you that if they'd like to stay there, LAL can't be a one man show as they were Monday night against Seattle.  Everyone, from Kobe on down, needs to maintain the mindset of getting involved and staying that way.  As it is, the Lakers- or at least some Lakers fans- are trying to suppress feelings of injury induced deja vu as nicks little (Sasha, Vlad) and big (Bynum) start to add up.  It's widely suspected that the Lakers will add another body to the mix, to shore up the runway model thin frontcourt.  PJ Brown says he's not interested, but Chris Webber is certainly an option (this deja vu thing really has legs).

What they'll be a mover and a shaker at the trade deadline is an open question, as there are good reasons to deal, and bigger limitations that could keep it from happening. 

One silver lining to the Bynum injury?  It shows how much Kobe believes in this team when he's healthy.  There are, though, some lingering questions (and answers) about the injury aftermath.