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Still feeling the high?

December 29, 2007 | 10:38 am

After all, it ain't often that the Lakers, or any NBA team for that matter, put the smack down in such fashion as last night's 123-109 win over the Jazz.  Some garbage time sloppiness from the second unit helped create the appearance of a slightly more competitive outing, but in truth, the Lakers owned this showdown from about the opening tip onward.  Crisp ball movement, plus a relentless (and often successful) attack towards the basket kept Utah on their heels all game, allowing the Lakers to quickly fill up the bucket towards a large lead.  75 points in the first half (a season record) often creates such gaps, especially when the defense is allowing fewer looks than a pitch black blindfold.  And coming out of the halftime break, instead of letting up, the good guys found necks and stepped on them.  Thus, the scrubs got some extended run, allowing Kobe to conduct a triangle tutorial for Andrew Bynum and LO.  With any luck, the extra lessons will bear fruit in a future box score

For the Jazz, the loss was a sad way to see the "Gordan Giricek era" wind down.

With the team now inspiring some to picture a parade, the Laker Nation is starting to pull the pins out of their Mitch Kupchak voodoo dolls and actually throw a little praise his way.

The glee permeating throughout Staples Center wasn't prompted solely because of an opponent's thrashing.  Kwame Brown was back in action after rehabbing knee and ankle injuries.  Playing through these ailments required a special tape job by Gary Vitti and a knee brace roughly the size of Alaska, but that's a small price to pay for being on the court, especially in a surprisingly productive and fluid fashion.