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Still feeling the high?

After all, it ain't often that the Lakers, or any NBA team for that matter, put the smack down in such fashion as last night's 123-109 win over the Jazz.  Some garbage time sloppiness from the second unit helped create the appearance of a slightly more competitive outing, but in truth, the Lakers owned this showdown from about the opening tip onward.  Crisp ball movement, plus a relentless (and often successful) attack towards the basket kept Utah on their heels all game, allowing the Lakers to quickly fill up the bucket towards a large lead.  75 points in the first half (a season record) often creates such gaps, especially when the defense is allowing fewer looks than a pitch black blindfold.  And coming out of the halftime break, instead of letting up, the good guys found necks and stepped on them.  Thus, the scrubs got some extended run, allowing Kobe to conduct a triangle tutorial for Andrew Bynum and LO.  With any luck, the extra lessons will bear fruit in a future box score

For the Jazz, the loss was a sad way to see the "Gordan Giricek era" wind down.

With the team now inspiring some to picture a parade, the Laker Nation is starting to pull the pins out of their Mitch Kupchak voodoo dolls and actually throw a little praise his way.

The glee permeating throughout Staples Center wasn't prompted solely because of an opponent's thrashing.  Kwame Brown was back in action after rehabbing knee and ankle injuries.  Playing through these ailments required a special tape job by Gary Vitti and a knee brace roughly the size of Alaska, but that's a small price to pay for being on the court, especially in a surprisingly productive and fluid fashion. 

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p.s. I expect the Lakers to lose against the Celtics.

Yes, I'm still feeling the high. Especially over the Simpsons reference in the Utah post-game blog.

Actually, I think it has more to do with the OG Kush than the Laker game, but either way, yee haw!

ummm who told you about the voodoo dolls?

The argument on this blog between Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown ( IE Mike T. vs. everyone else), has been mediated. It isn't one or the other. It is in fact both of them. I just hope we really baby Kwame coming back into the rotation so we can sign him for cheap in the off season. The 5 position on the Lakers is set, not Kwame, and not Drew, but both of them in a combination that might be the best 1-2 center combo in the league. I asked a question yesterday about the roster and their ability to win the championship. I am confident that the Lakers are a top 5 team in the league. Wins over the Spurs, Warriors, Pistons, and two wins against; suns, nugs, and jazz, shows this point clearly. We should have beaten the Magic and Nets, and we will beat the Celtics tomorrow. Sky, is the limit and we might even shatter those expectations.

First Time Poster Here...

Last night's game was reminiscent of The original Showtime era....unselfish ball movement, aggressiveness on the glass, first to loose balls, and above all, Fun!

Is someone selling some OG Kush on this blog?

"a special tape job by Gary Vitti and a knee brace roughly the size of Alaska, "

I have this picture in my mind. Its Sunday, we are playing the Celtics. Kwame is trying to run ahead of the Celtic Pack of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen on a fast break.

On the sidelines, Mike T. is standing and yelling to Kwame, "Run Kwame, run!" As Kwame's brace and tape are falling apart off his legs. Kwame leaps from the Free Throw Line, and in slow motion skies through the air, only to dunk and shatter the backboard into a million pieces, whilst Mike T. looks on with admiration, with tears welling up in his eyes.

I expect a good ball game against the Celtics for a number of reasons

1. Im not all that worried about the "others" outside of KG..PP..RA! Rajon Rondo? Pulleeaaassse!! Big Baby?..awww comeon!! Yes they beat the teams they were suppose to beat..but how lucky it must be for there 1st West coast trip against Sac and Seattle..then Utah (all of which have loosing records! LA will dismantle that so called D they have..and they better hope for a blowout win in they can rest there starters for the Staple Stampede

I got some OG Kush ^2...they call it OG2 brought to you by the state of california


No, just enjoying. Legally I should mention.

Ok can someone explain to me how ACTUAL standings work...right now the Lakers and Hornets have the same record and both have a better record the Nuggets...however standings go as follow:

1.) spurs
2.) suns
3.) hornets
4.) nuggets
5.) Lakers
6.) mavericks
7.) trailblazers
8.) warriors

so how come the Lakers dont get the 3rd spot?

Could maybe some kind chum with ESPN insider post the Chad Ford chat so we can get the low down on trade rumors?

A million por favors.


I just love that passion and emotion rite there from lamar!

I just love that passion and emotion rite there from lamar!

> Is someone selling some OG Kush on this blog?

Mike T is smokin something so must be gettin it somewhere :)

(With no due respect to Mike T) Obviously the Lakers have a much better chance against boston with Kwame back to clog up the middle. Will we see a front court including both Bynum & Kwame? That will be interesting to behold - how will teams defend against that and can they get plenty stops?

Drew and Kwame the best 1-2 combo in the league i dare anybody to come up with a better combo at center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bobie - top 3 spots go to top team in each division regardless of record.

Kwame Hater List:
Charles, Long Time Laker Fan, Laker Lover, Bynum FAN, and Bonez

Kwame Stats

7pts 5rebs 2 blocks 1 steal
3-4 from the field

Bynum stats

10pts 9rebs 1block
5-11 from the field
26 min

Please leave Kwame's name out of your mouths if it is going to be negative!!!!

We now have a 2 headed monster.


Let's Go Lake Show

Everybody has to stay positive about all 14 players.
We no longer have the cancer at the point.
Smush is gone.

If I here you guys hating on Kwame I am on your neck for the rest of the year.

We are a team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Together Everyone Achieves More.
That goes for Kobe and Bynum and Kwame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kobe has realized it, so why haven't the haters realized it yet.

Kwame needs to throw a Cake at one of your guys. LOL

The Celtics have a very distinct weakness down low, KG is not exactly a great down low player, he prefers rather to take 18 ft jumpshots, also Rondo is not a great point, he will get eaten alive by Fish/Farmer. Prediction LAKESHOW BY 14!!!!!

"bobie - top 3 spots go to top team in each division regardless of record."

Actually, a division winner cannot be seeded any lower than 4th. And, the top 3 seeds will be the top 3 teams with the best records in the conference.

The way the rankings work, I believe is this, the three best records (so, hornets instead of lakers b/c they are identical but they beat the lakers...) and if all the divisions aren't rep in the first three, the fourth place is for that division....and then it goes in order again. However, home court goes to the best record. So, lakers right now would play denver but they would have home court advantage.

It used to be the first three were the division leaders, which would have made denver third, and punished the Lakers b/c they would have to play a presumably better team. A few years ago there was speculation that teams in fifth place were actually trying to lose on purpose to get into sixth place to match up with the weaker team, so the league wanted to try to prevent that motivation.

Andrew suffered in kwame's return he didnt look as confident knowing someone could come and steal his minutes,,and kwame played fiairly well.iiiiiiiiif he woukd give us anything offensively that would be awesome.Instead when he's on the court it four on five and that could catch up.The reason why the the bench couldnt score in the first is that they dont look for drew which is why he should start.With kwame on the second unit he can do what he most comfortable doing which is defense and rebounding something the subs are in desperate need of,so I hope this isnt fools gold as we all belive this team has always showed flashes,we need to sustain and improve everytime we touch the court and believe we are the better team when we touch the floor no matter who it is!I have a ? With all the losing that lbj and d-wade are doing, why are their faces all on t.v. commercials is the league or sponsers promoting losing basketball and indivduality now?Just right when kobe gets off losing and self. funny isnt it

Laker fans- be careful for what you wish for. Now that the cake throwing Kwame is back look for Bynum's progress to slow down if not totally regress. It wasnt a coincidence Bynum was playing great when Kwame went down and Mihm was on the pine because he was getting big minutes and his confidence was sky high.

Now that Phils pet Kwame is back expect him to play at least 20 mins a game and Bynum to get about 25 to 30 and his production to decrease.

The same can be said for when Luke comes back- whats going to happen to Ariza, who has already showed he is more valuable to the team than Luke will ever be. Luke will be playing 20 to 25 minutes too, he is one of booster boys pets too.

I know its chic to say depth is good but depth can be bad too- there is not enough minutes for everyone to play and be productive.

All is well when the team is winning- look at last year. If the lakers start losing games is when you will see problems like Cook and Smush last rise up because guys want to play. I blame Phil for the bulk of the problems because the coach is supposed to be the leader of the team and his zen hands off style did nothing to help the team get through rough times. He looked like a deer in headlights last year in the second half. I dont care if he has 100 rings that was a terrible coaching job.

And yet the Lakers resign him for 12 million a year when a coach like Skiles is fired. What does that tell you about the two organizations?

And lets not lose sight of the fact Fisher, while he is a nice guy is an inconsistent shooter ( 2-9 yesterday) and slow defensive player. The Lakers cannot win a championship with Fisher as the starting point guard.

I like what Im seeing in the lakers youth movement- Farmar, Bynum Ariza but Phils history shows he will revert to the veterans and that can only hurt the lakers not help them win games.

I love Kwame's role as tough enforcer-type backup to Bynum and would love to get him signed to a three year deal for around 18 million.

Then we have almost every need filled while remaining one of the biggest, largest, tallest teams in the NBA. This is our great fortune. We’ve been able to acquire talent without sacrificing team size. I have a feeling this is going be a deciding factor in some important post season games this year.

We don’t need much right now. Ariza is the athletic defender at the 3 we've needed since forever. We could use another shooter and Vlad could and hopefully will regain the outside shot that could make us neigh unbeatable. Kwame looks like he could be the hydra’s other head that along with Bynum just morally disintegrates the opponent’s front line and gives us a center tandem that is bigger and stronger than any other in basketball.

I guess the PF spot still has some question marks around it but the solidification of the center position has made it stronger by default. Another blogger mentioned Lamar grabbing boards on the side of the rim that wasn’t enveloped by Bynum. I saw it too, several times—Lamar squeezing into some nook or cranny to snag a key rebound. Turiaf, Odom, Mihm, Sasha--size, size size…(my God, I’m sounding like….) Farmar’s become the high octane sixth man we’ve needed and we still have the mid levels to sign one veteran superstar each year who wants to play for a championship to a reduced cost contract.

After this year the next couple of years will have a lot of interesting FAs that we’ll be looking at.

Lit it roll!


"see problems like Cook and Smush last rise up because guys want to play."

LOL! Smush was playing last season, and the backup was a rookie with two years of college ball. Look at the problems Smush has had with Miami since he got there. Cook did not give the Lakers reason to play him more, and has barely played with Orlando, so apparently that wasn't just a fluke. For you to blame Jackson for Cook and Parker's problems while with the Lakers is silly.

If Bynum keeps performing significantly better than Kwame, than he will get significantly more time than Kwame.

"And yet the Lakers resign him for 12 million a year when a coach like Skiles is fired."

That the Lakers still realize that Jackson is one of the top coaches in the game, and that stability in the front office of an organization is a key ingredient to a team being successful.

Smooth D- I agree with you 100 percent its up to the lakers 12 million dollar booster boy to tell Bynum hes the starter no matter what- that they are sticking with him. Thats how you instill confidence in a young player- something 9 rings has to prove to me he can do.

I still say 9 rings isnt the right coach for this laker team. What other coach openly rips his players in the media and expects that to motivate them?

Thats worked really well with Kwame hasnt it?

exhelodrvr - everyone on this blog knew Smush was a cancer yet your 12 million dollar coach started him for 2 years. I dont care who the backup was Phil had other options and chose to start Smush. Explain that to me.

As you can see this year the pg doesnt need to be a ball handler, and last season Kobe and Lamar were running the offense so 9 rings could have gone with several other players

Bottom line 9 rings went with the wrong guy for 2 years and the lakers re-signed him for 12 million.

What makes you think Phil is one of the top coaches in the league? His 0-3 record in the last 3 playoff series. Ripping his players in the media. Losing in the 1st round 2 years in a row?

Just curious how Phil is put in such high esteem.

Ex- how long did it take Riley and the Heat to get Smush out? less than 1/4 of the season

Now how long did it take your coach with 9 rings to get Smush out? 2 years AND he started Smush

Explain why it took 9 rings 2 YEARS to figure out what Riles did in about 2 months.

Laker Lover,

First you call Kwame Phil's pet, then say he rips Kwame in the press and insinuate he's limited Kwam's development. Which is it?

Secondly, you say Fish can't be a championship starting PG. Fish has 3 rings that say otherwise.

No offense, but you're not very good at BBall analysis.

Laker Lover & smooth d,

I would have to disagree with you. These are professionals, or at least supposed to be. They need to be able to perform through scrutiny. They need to have that mental toughness. Kobe has been through it all and STILL performs. Michael performed. The 3 Peat Lakers could play through any drama. The Patriots have performed throughout the Spygate scandal, and true professional shouldn't have to have their coach reassure them constantly. I know Bynum is young, but the Lkaers have made their choice and Bynum has been thrust into a situation where he must grow up and grow up fast. HE has to have it. He looked fine yesterday, but this team is gunning for Championship caliber play NOW. If a player can't deal with that, he's not at that level. Scrutiny turned Tony Parker into the player he has become, and the threat of competiton for his job had brought the best out of Jordan Farmar. This is what Phil needs to see. Mental toughness, and Bynum has to just accept it and respond accordingly. The strong survive. Go ask the Suns or Mavs. Phoenix is still crying about getting 2 players suspended, and the Mavs are still shell shocked from 2005. Or look at a player like Steph. Winners are tough, thick skinned, singularly focused individuals. Bynum has responded to Kobe's "ship his ass out" remarks by making the Laker brass look smart, not by Kobe holding his hand. He is proving his mettle, not being handed it.

>>>so how come the Lakers dont get the 3rd spot?

Each division winner has to be in the top 4. That's why the Nuggets, Suns,
and Spurs are in the top 4. Of the remaining teams, the Lakers and Hornets
are tied with the next best record, so it goes to a tie-breaker to decide.

First tie-breaker is head to head. New Orleans beat the Lakers the only time
we played them. Thus New Orleans 3rd and the Lakers 5th.

Holy cr@p!

Sasha has gone down to injury.

Now I'll need to spend the next month stating how much the Lakers NEED
Sasha in addition to that other shooting guard on the roster. Sasha and his
strong wrists for shooting threes.

And I bet Zakee and Mike T will be saying we should trade Sasha. :-)

Actually, Sasha will be missed if he isn't able to play, about as much as
Kwame was missed. The good news is, if Sasha misses a few games,
maybe we'll get to see some big minutes from Javaris Crittendon!

J. Walter Weatherman- That was Fisher of the past when the lakers 3 peated I mean todays Fisher. Do you believe the Lakers as is with Fisher at the starting PG can win a championship?

And its both- Kwame is Phils pet and he has limited his own pets development by ripping him in the media. Obviously you disagree so help me understand what Phil has done to help develop Kwame the last 3 seasons? Has he improved in any area, not the least of which is being able to stay un-injured?

Kwame will play over 20 minutes when 9 rings is the coach of the lakers because he values something about him only Phil can see.

As I said lets see how it plays out- I expect Kwame to play 20 plus minutes and Luke too. If that happens it means less minutes for Ariza and Bynum. Can you see it playing out another way?


First of all, what options did Phil have?

Secondly, ask yourself "Self, if the Heat are paying Parker 2.3 M, and the Lakers only paid him 800K, which team made the bigger mistake?"

Thirdly, think next time before you click on "Post."

Laker Lover,
"As you can see this year the pg doesnt need to be a ball handler,"

Fisher and Farmar aren't ball handlers?

Laker Lover,

PJax took two teams with Smush Parker as a starting PG and Brian Cook logging significant minutes to the playoffs. THAT'S why he is getting $12M. You're looking at it the wrong way.

If you want to look at Phil's last 2 years and ignore the previous 14, then you're just hating and selectively choosing a sample size to fuel your hateration.

The Lakers young bucks getting another year of growth, Bynum getting stronger and the Front Office ignoring Kobe's demands for a trade are just as responsible for this record as Phil's coaching...but if you think Phil is doing a poor job, you're out of your mind.

Willie - good points- but dont forget Phil had the best player on the planet and odom too on those teams and Mike Brown and Lebron got a team with much less talent to the NBA finals. Bottom line is can PJ get the most out of young players- he has to prove to me he can do that with this team. I havent seen anything this year that tells me Bynum or Farmars development has anything to do with pj's coaching except for getting away from the antiquated triangle offense and letting the players play.

I still say pj isnt the right coach for this team. Obviously thats not a popular opinion but I stand by it. Id rather have a skiles coaching the lakers.

Laker Lover,

Look at Smush's stats this year compared to his previous two seasons. All of his numbers including his PER are down across the board. I'm not saying all of that has to do with Phil, but Phil and his triangle offense had something to do with it.

You're speaking as if Phil had Chris Paul buried on the bench and wasn't playing him.

Laker Lover,

You are such an snartea.. to judge Phil, better keep your mouth shot than spill all your hatred!!! Phil is like a general, he lets team figure out on their own rather then babysit adults playing for $$$. He prefer to lose a battle and instill confidence and responcibility to make sure when time comes they would be able to handle pressure and win the war. Yes he is not jumping every 5 pts lost and calling timeouts, this is why he has 9 rings and trust of his team.

Skiles already coached "talented" Chicago team - where is he? His players just quit on him.

Laker Lover

Yesterday was one of the demo why trianglwe very much relevant not matter what you say. When Utah switched to zone defense Lakers use classic triangle setup to bust zone with crystal crisp passes to cutting player.

Laker Lover,

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Fortunately The Busses, Kobe, and Mitch all seem to agree that Phil's the right guy to coach this team, and I happen to trust their collective opinion more than yours.

Laker Lover,
" havent seen anything this year that tells me Bynum or Farmars development has anything to do with pj's coaching "

Of course not. One of them hardly played any ball in high school, and nothing in college. The other only played two years of college. Now one is being mentioned as possibly having an All-Star caliber season, the other is one of the better backup PGs in the league. But it has nothing to do with PJs coaching, the staff he has put together, the offense he runs, the environment he has created.

Of course, in Chicago, PJ had nothing to do with the development of Pippen, Grant, or MJ, did he? Just a coincidence!!

Dear "Abe in Orlando", "never", and all the others who post "first" or "second" or whatever, in order to state that you've achieved some milestone by getting the first or second comment of the blog,

I hate you.


P.S. Stop it. Seriously.
P.P.S. I think that may be the longest salutation line in the history of salutation lines.

Talent can only go so far...after that they have to work.

Continuing to work is our mojo here. Hope we continue lol.


You wrote: And lets not lose sight of the fact Fisher, while he is a nice guy is an inconsistent shooter ( 2-9 yesterday) and slow defensive player. The Lakers cannot win a championship with Fisher as the starting point guard.

I'm reasonably certain that of the last 3 championships that the Lakers
won, Fisher was the starting pg. The slow defensive player also got
a nice charging foul called on all-star boozer. The inconsistent shooter
also went toe-to-toe with Mr. 2-time MVP/best pg in the NBA Steve
Nash and did remarkably well. 22 pts for Nash vs. 17 for Fish.

D-Fish is the best pg the Lakers could have gotten with the exception
of J-Kidd last year. [ Please note I did not say he was the best in the
league. ] He's good defensively, offensively, a dead-eye free throw
shooter, a tremendous competitor AND has great chemistry with Kobe
and Phil.

D-Fish rocks! With him at the point, we are competetive with any team
in the NBA.

Laker 'Lover',

Can you please explain to the rest of us how your name is 'Laker Lover' if you keep bashing PJ and his '9 rings'?

If KOBE, as in OUR ONLY FRANCHISE PLAYER AS OF TODAY, is in his corner what makes you think he's 'not the right coach for this team'? A few months ago who was the one who backed Kobe and tried to mediate the situation between the star and management? Yea... Let's take Rick Carlisle, Scott Skiles, or any other former coach/ESPN Analyst and see him try to work through the situation as Jackson has done so admirably. Skiles couldn't handle a bunch of young players, lead them through the trade talks, and have them perform at a high level.


What team is that? Sounds like the Lakers as much as it sounds like the Bulls team that could have been.

Second as far as your statement that 'Fisher isn't the PG to lead us to the championship' - Goodness gracious. His leadership and his experience is worth more to Los Angeles than any of your ridiculous posts will ever be. Even if he isn't the PG to lead us to the championship, which I see where you are coming from, he's a hell of a lot better than the Smusher. Championship teams do not necessarily need stars PGs to lead their teams. Their leadership will come from all around, and hopefully from their best player ala Garnett and Kobe (he's done a great job of being a TEAMMATE this year). The Cs come into town tomorrow and they've got a second year player starting at PG and they're doing quite well in case you haven't heard. Leadership does not have to come from the PG slot. The Lakers won the last of their Three-peat titles with Fish starting... Yes you read that right Laker Basher... THEY WON THE TITLE. HE STARTED.

Lastly, as far as Smush starting, for those two years - sure he started and as someone else asked before me, WHO WERE THE OTHER OPTIONS? An injured Aaron Mckie? An imported, undersized Shammond Williams? You make it sound as if Jason Kidd, even the Jordan Farmar OF THIS YEAR, was sitting on the BENCH last year. The Smusher won by default if only because he was younger and than any other PG option and had size.

You notice how basically everyone has called out your name and responded to your posts?

Yea it's not for a great reason either... You've said some ridiculous things.
Like someone said before me - 'THINK before you click POST'.

I'm out like Laker Lover's pride.

-The Kid

Laker Lover

Your obvious hate towards Phil Jackson has clouded your vision and you are becoming more irreverent on this blog by the day.

Laker lover....

Statistics don't always tell the complete story of a player's performance. OK, DFish may have only been 2-9 from the floor, but can anyone say he didn't have a good game? He had 8 assists and strong defense against one of the best point guards in the game. 10 points, 27 mins. zero turnovers. Plus the inspiration for the beatdown came from his shabby treatment in Utah. His teammates had his back. Got to disagree with you on this one buddy.

Fisher was also the catalyst for one of the most remarkable post season runs in NBA history. During the Laker's second championship in the Shaq era, Fish played off the chain. That was the team that went 15-1 in the playoffs. Never underestimate the will and skill it takes to be an NBA champion. The Lakers made a big mistake by not resigning Fisher when he wound up in Golden State. Fish was looking for the type of contract that the team wound up giving to Luke and VladRad, two players who don't have his championship pedigree. I'm glad Fish is back with the team. It just feels right.

"Like BK, Kwame's bad stint/press in Washington, combined with the fact that he hadn't gone to college, led me to expect a much more surly, less articulate player when he arrived in L.A. Thankfully, that couldn't have been further from the case.

AK "

You guys never answered my question about Farmar and Bynum regarding their personalities. Considering they are cornerstones of the Lakers future, do they have the personality it takes in this city. How well spoken and smart are they in person? Are they friendly? Showboats? "Typical youth"? as you would think of Kwame? Or can they be the next big Hollywood stars of LA?

i think laker lover is actually smush parker... obvious hate towards PJ, bashing the D-Fish for the PG position... you've got to be smush... or you could be smush's sugar daddy... or sugar mommy..

get a life "laker lover"

Laker Lover sounds like he's been hanging around Mike T, drinking all day, and laying down a bet about who can make the most outrageously stupid statement and/or get flamed the most by this blog.

Laker Lover (and dude, we know it's YOU who desperately needs the love), I gotta give you the trophy for this gem: " Id rather have a skiles coaching the lakers."

BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one, dude. What this Laker team needs is a SKILES??!!!! No rings? Not even a job? THAT Skiles?! Stop it, man. You're killin' us with your awesome basketball knowledge.

Mike the man. You lose the bet.

-Laker Lover,
"J. Walter Weatherman- That was Fisher of the past when the lakers 3 peated I mean todays Fisher. Do you believe the Lakers as is with Fisher at the starting PG can win a championship?"

"todays" Derek Fisher is having a fantastic season, he is shooting a career high .476 FG%, .898 FT%, and has more assists than his career average. I'm definitely pleased with his production this season.

Personally, I do think that Fisher still has what it takes to be a championship starting PG.

LakerLover, you aren't a Laker Lover.

Phil is the best coach for the Lakers when they have a championship caliber team. Phil is a closer - the type of coach that takes teams over the hump toward a championship. Phil does need players who are mature and "adult", however. He needs men not boys to coach. His championship teams had men as players, not boys. Now that the Lakers players are starting to look like men, they are playing better with Phil at the helm. Scottie Skiles would have been ignored as a coach by the Lakers just as the Bulls players ignored him. He is better as a college coach. In the pros, his teams end up losers.

Fisher lead the Lakers to 3 championships as their point guard. He is a championship caliber player. He is a man, a leader. He is a big reason the Lakers have become much more emotionally stable and mature as players and as a team.

Bynum does have a challenge now that Kwame is also available. I think that Bynum will continue to start since he is such an offensive force. I think that if Bynum is smart, he will take Kwame's presence as a challenge to be more mature, to continue to grow and be aggressive as a player, rather than to wilt like a spoiled kid - as Smush would have.

I think Ariza will continue to start, with Luke coming off the bench and to also lead the second unit. It is obvious that Ariza complements the starters better than Luke. Ariza gives them an athletic, quick, defensive presence at small forward, while really allowing Lamar to blossom at the Power Forward position, his most natural position. With Bynum as a post threat, Lamar and Ariza can do what they do best - which is to slash and attack the rim. Luke, with the first unit, is just too passive an offensive threat. With Ariza as a threat to go to the rim, teams have to pay attention to him, freeing pressure from Kobe. Ariza is great as a finisher. Ariza's defense makes up for deficiencies the Lakers have with Bynum and at times Fisher. Ariza more easily than Luke, can become to Kobe what Scottie Pippen was to Michael Jordan. Ariza can certainly cover players from multiple positions just like Scottie did. This freed Michael Jordan from having to spend so much energy on defense, freeing him on offense.

This Lakers team is a very deep team, with a great bench. They could use another power player - a player who can score on his own - as well as defend. Perhaps, if not through another trade, they can get one. But they do have some upside in their players so that perhaps they can develop one in the organization. I think Ariza, if he works on his scoring, can become a power player. I think if Lamar can stay aggressive and continues to attack the rim, can become a power player. I think Bynum, if he can work on improving his legs and lower body strength, can become a power player.

laker lover you must be smush parker.... your obvious hate towards coach PJ, your dislike over D-Fish who took your position away from've got to be smush parker... or you're his sugar daddy or sugar mommy...

get a life laker lover...

Laker Lover,

When LA came back to beat Portland to get to the finals they exhibited what all Phil Jackson's teams do, they showed mental toughness. How many coaches in this league would ever allow Denis Rodman to go compete on wwf during a playoff series.

So yes he may not get his players fired up for every regular season game, his hands off approach might cause them to crash more often than they need to, but come june his approach has been proven to win championships provided our talent is on par with the opposing team.

Laker Lover

And lastly. You don't need to like Phil as a person as long as you have respect for what he's done. And it's not my words, it was Kobe's more than 2 years ago. Yes Phil always had pretty good teams but they have not won anything before his arrival. It was true for MJ/Pippen in Chicago, it was also true here for Shaq/Kobe. Great players - 0 results before Phil took those teams to another level. And this is what happening here - players bought into Phil's system, Phil made adjustment for faster game to utilize our fast guys like a Farmar. This what great coaches do, instill confidence in players and adapt system for personel on hand. He also signed extention, I'm pretty sure not because of the money (he's is at the point of his life when money do no play major part in his desicions) He wants to take this team back to the glory days and in the process dispel "popular" opinion that he only works with "ready-to-blast" teams.

Always fun to pile on rediculous posts, eh? On another note, I notice the DEAFENING silence by the usual LA Times tools who love to character-assassinate Kobe. I guess they follow the this basic principle: If you don't have anything bad to write, don't write at all.

Go Lakers!!

can we get an "over-rated" chant going tomorrow at staples?

thank God Derrick Fisher came back to the Lakers. i can't imagine our return to respectability without him. even when his shot is off, there's always a critcal point in almost every game when i think that, just like the last time he was here and people didn't think he was any good. Derrick understands how to win. most of the NBA is looking for that.

Lakers Lover = simple and ignorant

"how long did it take Riley and the Heat to get Smush out? less than 1/4 of the season

Now how long did it take your coach with 9 rings to get Smush out? 2 years AND he started Smush"

How stupid is Riley that after seeing what a non factor Smush was for the Lakers for 2 years, he then signed him to a multi-million dollar contract. Explain that

Lake Show

Farmar definitely is a little cocky. No doubt about that. Fortunately, his confidence is backed up by the fact he works very hard and is driven to be very good. Clearly he spent a lot of time in the gym this summer improving his game, to his credit. The (or at least a) knock on him both at UCLA and coming into the league was that he wasn't as good as he thought he was, which made him tough to work with on the court. I worried more about him last year than I do now, because it's clear that while he's got a ton of confidence, he also takes improving himself seriously.

Bynum is much more of a "typical teenager," albeit a very tall one. He's starting to show more veteran tendencies, in terms of interviews, focus, etc. which makes sense b/c he's been in the league now for a couple years and knows the routine. He's definitely, at least as far as the media goes, more reserved and quiet, but is a nice kid. I don't really see problems with either one.



That was a beautiful picture you painted in your first comment. *sniff*


Boston narrowly escapes Utah with a win. Utah had a chance in the final seconds, but couldn't do it. Celtics didn't look that good to me, especially since they were playing a Utah team that just got blown out the night before and were playing the second game of a back to back. However, they got the win just as the Patriots did in going undefeated. I really believe that our Lakers will be ready for them tomorrow night. Go Lakers!!!

Guys, does anyone watch Boston - Utah game? Looks like Utah put up some fight. Do you think Lakers will have some advantage against Boston, because Boston playing back to back? Any thoughts?


Thanks for the reply! that would make sense then why Phil Jackson will yank farmar when hes not playing well. Farmar probably gets too cocky at times aso then he likes to keep the heat on him. Also makes sense because Farmar is sort of the leader of the bench and is usually the guy Phil holds accountable, especially as PG.

I guess Bynum then remains a mystery. I happen to know a bit about Jersey, and Meintauch (sp) or Plainsboro, where he's from, is actually a well to do suburban neighborhood and St. Josephs is a pretty good school. So you would think that Bynum has a very serious upbringing, which is good because you dont want certain things to be an issue for him here in LA.

I was curious because as Phil and Kobe have said, some people need to have the whip cracked on them and others need teaching. I would probably put Farmar in the "whip category" and Bynum as sort of the in between, but mostly the "if you talk to me nicely and teach me, I will learn" category.

Also....I am proud of the Giants tonight. They played way better than I thought they would. Graceful and valiant losing, even when there is nothing riding on the game, is a reason for fans to be proud of their team. I think the way the Giants lost today was bigger than the way the Giants have won. They just set different tones.

I say that, because last year the Lakers losing killed me. This year we've had a couple of those losses. This year, if the Lakers are going to lose, at least they have to do it with heart.

Laker Lover,

Other options besides Smush? Who? The Lakers had no one else at point guard Except Farmar and he was a rookie. Phil did start farmar finally during the playoffs because he knew Smush would be gone.

The Lakers have won 9 out of the last 10 when Bynum starts. Got to love it.

zen- I dont have the roster for 2 years in front of me but I know sasha was on the roster last year so he could have played pg. If what everyone on this blog says is true, that Smush was a cancer with a bad attitude, then anyone other than Smush would be an improvement wouldnt it? Even someone from the D league. As much as Kobe and Lamar handled the ball it didnt have to be a classic ball handling PG. Thats a hallmark of Phils teams going back to the days of Pippin and Jordan.

I'm so excited about the game tomorrow- IT's my one game I get to go to for the year, and I'll totally lose my voice. IF you hear a loud, obnoxious guy that cuts above everyone else, chances are that's me.


Wow, finally, 3 laker articles in the Times sports section. I hope its not just because the Celtic are coming.

I am hoping Trevor continues to start. I think he can handle Pierce. Kobe will be on Allen and Andrew and Lamar can double KG. Force the no names to beat us.

I think we beat the Celtics by making them run, not in the half court. The Lakers are a very unique team. We run like the small ball teams but we have the SIZE that the Suns, Warriors etc lack. I cant recall a real successful running team with size since show time. If we stay healthy, I think we really can challenge this year.


we need to play some defense against kendrick perkins tomorrow.

Sasha was even worse than smush last year. He's a lot better this year. The Lakers also couldn't sign anyone else because of the salary cap.

sorry for misspelling Derek's name........

spambot because i misspelled Derek Fisher's name.

Phil Jackson's teams have never quit on him, like so many other NBA coaches.

He knows how to lead and manage. This means he's a good coach for any type of team: young, up-and-coming, or veteran. It doesn't matter. These distinctions that people make are humorous. Coaching is coaching. He's won a title in the CBA, for pete's sake, or should we suppose he had "superstars" on that team, too. Phil Jackson would be winning state titles if he coached a high school team.

For tomorrow, I want to see Kwynum neutralize the Celtics' front court contributions. I also think that our second unit is going to be the difference, because the Lakers' depth is their biggest advantage against Boston.

I'm no gambler but I just discovered that the Lakers are currently (early) two point favorites to win tomorrows game against the Celtics. I've been anticipating a Lakers win however I'm always very optimistic about our team; its good to see that the smart moneys also with the Lake Show.


Fish can get it done. remember the D he played on iverson in the finals years ago. this team is really underrated its so early in the season the ball movement is looking really good and kobe still has another lever.



I never cared much for Fisher to be honest...during his first go around with the Lakers. I always thought he was just an average point guard.

But during this second stint, I must say I'm becoming a Fish fan. His contribution is not his points but definitely his leadership. Not passing to Kobe all the time is the best thing he's ever done for the Lakers and for Kobe.

And yes, there was that LATimes older brother analogy too.

I've always thought Mitch drafted good talent and it's starting to to prove itself right now.

With the emergence of Bynum as a #2 scorer, there is no other player better than LO playing next to Kobe, every comment LO makes is complimentary towards Kobe. Kobe and his ego could not live with a Robin that criticizes Batman. LO has no ego but he has pride as evidenced in his Playoff performance last year.

Just like Batman and Robin...Batman gets the glory but Robin has been known to save his behind on many an occasion.


at pg last year we had:

Smush, Farmar, Shammond Williams, Aaron McKie & Sasha.
Smush was and still appears to be a cancer. I have *NO* idea
why Smush started/played as much as he did. Suffice it to
say that he was part of the reason Kobe wanted to leave.
In my humble or not so humble opinion.

Tonight I expect Ariza to slow down Pierce who has kept
Boston from losing the last few games. Kobe shuts down
Allen and Bynum/Brown slow down KG. That would give
us a pretty good chance to win.

Laker Lover (and all who have responded to him)

You are right that Kwame's return and encroachment on Bynum's minutes is an emotional obstacle for Drew to overcome. You are wrong if you think it automatically dooms him to failure. Being a success in basketball (or anything) is all about overcoming obstacles. EVALUATE + ADAPT + OVERCOME = SUCCESS. This is what winners do, and I think Drew is a winner. Losers treat obstacles as excuses. The mentality on this team is a winner's one (fyi, embodied by Derek Fisher) and Drew will adapt and overcome.

Also, I agree with everyone posting that we have the best center combo in the league. But I also remember Kwame saying that he really prefered being a power forward. Could we start these 2 together? Can you imagine the physical presence of Kwame, Drew and LO as our front line? Kwame could switch to the 5 on the 2nd unit...Ronnie, Kwame, Ariza, Farmar & Critter (til the return of Sasha).

Laker Kev


Great point about our size and ability to run.

My wife pointed out a pretty good look-alike comparison: Crittendon - MLK, Jr. That's a pretty good human being to look like.

OH, sorry - That wasn't an in-depth analysis or rip on Kwame Brown. My apologies.

One of the great things about Kareem Abdul Jabbar was that he was still very competitive when he was in his late 30s and early 40s.

During this time, huge centers, such as Mark Eaton, were present. Kareem, being of thin frame, was getting pushed around and looked frail.

However, Kareem worked hard on improving his leg strength during the off-season one year. He increased in lower muscle mass and strength.

This was very noticed by the centers of his day. They noted how much harder he could push them off. They noticed how much bigger a butt he had - muscle mainly.

I hope that Andrew Bynum also works this year and in the off-season on building his leg strength. This way, opposing players can't as easily push him out of position.

When Andrew does this, he will be a monster player, and all-star - unstoppable and able to get his own shots - better than Dwight Howard will ever be. Just as Kareem became in his late years as a player, Andrew can do this at a much earlier stage in life.

some people *cough* generic_one *cough* just don't have a sense of humor. your hate over something so silly makes others, including myself, want to further irritate you. obviously the blog moderators don't have as big a problem with the "first" and "second" posts otherwise they'd prevent them from being posted on the blog. i hope you take care of whatever issues you have going on in your life so you don't have to release your frustrations out on this blog. good day to you sir.

now as for my laker take:

i don't think having kwame and bynum on the court on the same time would be optimal for the lakers since it would thin out and reduce the options the lakers would have with their bench. as much as kwame would want to play the PF spot, his lack of any mid-range game doesn't make that a reliable option. kwame would be best served coming off the bench to solidify the second unit's post defense and give bynum time to rest so he is not overused throughout the season. as much as bynum recently feels he can play another game after playing 40+ minutes, it's in the lakers best interests to keep him fresh for the end of the season and the post-season so the lakers can be at their best when the stakes are raised. like kobe says, the most important thing is a championship.

When they beat the Celtics tonight, every moron analyst, "expert", and even super hater, which ever the way the wind blows Charles Barkley will hop on the wagon, and sing Kobe and all the Lakers high praises, blah, blah, blah , etc....And what I don;t understand, for the life of me, is why and HOW it's a surprise. If any of them paid attention the past 3 years, it should be no surprise. Am I crazy? Is this all a well timed conspiracy, manipulated by the NBA to maximize the plot at the right time? Haha, makes you wonder, because there cannot be this much incompetence on the air.

Laker Kev,

While we lost an emerging Sasha Vujacic, this is indeed an opportunity of Crittenton to shine as a new member of the new bench mob line up and most of all, Karl has a chance to play at garbage time. They should practice to remove the jitters as rookies and lack of playing time. I just have a little recommendation on the composition of your 2nd stringers, I would put Ariza on the first as we have right now, and replace it Luke Walton on the second team.

So it would look this way:


In tonight's game, Lakers should play 48 minutes of running game. The challenge will be touch, a combination of Phoenix-Utah tempo but with the services of three stars plus the energetic role players, it has to be strong man-to-man. I would warn Bynum to be watchful with his fouls he will have his hands full in the post with KG's presence. We need to sacrifice Kwame and Mihm in mid quarters and reserve Bynum in the end. It will be like a high noon gunfight at 6:30pm at Staples Corral. Advantage to the Lakers being the home team but the best record remains with the Celtics. Aside from having a home game, the only edge Lakers have is the coach, PJ looks more dignified than the villainous player who later became coach, Doc Rivers. You bet, during their time as players: the Celtics GM, Danny Ainge and Coach Doc Rivers could make you sick after the game with their dirty tricks. haha!

amazing happens- Phil Jackson's teams have never quit on him, like so many other NBA coaches

Apparently you forgot the 2nd half of game 7 against the suns 2 years ago when Kobe quit on the team.

Its hard to tell when a team quits on a coach, or a coach loses a team

People can laugh at Skiles but I think of it this way

Skiles Bulls over-achieved last year. What PJ coached team has ever "over achieved"? Certainly the last two years the Lakers under-achieved. To me thats the difference between a good and great coach.

"Certainly the last two years the Lakers under-achieved. "

That's one of the funniest statements in a long time. Any other coach, with the roster and injuries of the Lakers the past two seasons, would have been happy with 35 wins, and ecstatic with the playoffs. Over that two-year span, Jackson did the best job of any coach in the league.



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