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Smush Parker. Kicking ass in Miami!

Smush Not necessarily on the court, mind you, but man alive if our man Smush isn't throwing his weight around in other places.  Like at the valet stand.  No word yet if the conflict described within this link involves the Smushcalade.  We can only hope.  At least Smush plans on growing from this incident, or so his agent says.  This sort of news reminds me there's still a piece of my blogging heart that misses ol' William Henry.  Not in a "Von Wafer" or "Slava Medvedenko" way, where I'd consider donating a kidney to bring either one back to L.A... but really, when you do what AK and I do for a living, a guy like Smush can be pretty handy to have around.

Try to remember the good times.


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Parking Attendant: "Smush Parker, that will be $12."

Smush Parker: "Oh, ha ha. I actually already paid last night, after I got back from losing my game."

PA: "Actually, no. You didn't pay last night."


PA: "Sir, this is madness!"

SP: "Madness?....


THIS IS SMUSH LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Kicks over attendant podium with his foot.)


PA: "Sir please calm down! There's a WAMU across the street."

SP: (Comes back from WAMU.) "Heres your cash, now GIVE ME THE KEYS!!!"

PA: "Sir, you have to pay for the destroyed podium."


(Fight breaks out.)

They don't even know his name in Miami...I could have sworn it is William and not Henry...

payback's a beach. riley got shaq from la and to balance the scales he listened to tex winter's endorsement and signed smush. lol. there is a god.

Trying to forget is so much harder!

Worst 2 years of my life!

Smush= addition by subtraction, same with Cook.
I just gotta wonder what happens when we get rid of Luke & Kwame.

There must be a lack of leadership in Miami.

I hopefully imagine a day, in the not so distant future, when a fan could win any round of sports trivia with the name Smush Pakrer.

At Smush's present pace, maybe next Thursday...

Gaddamet Smush don't hit a woman! (lol)


I feel your pain 100% and God forbid we run off the tracks like the Celtics for most of the last 15 years or so, but take a trip on the way back machine with me...

It's the 1991-1992 season. We lost Kareem to retirement 2 years ago and were shellshocked from a thrashing in the finals by the Bulls, followed by Magic's surprise retirement. On the other hand we still have Worthy, Scott, Perkins, Green and a up and coming Vlade; we just need one really great player (preferable at PG but maybe a good one at that position and the great one at another position. No problem--we've got the best GM in the business.

Result: Our 91-92 Lakers let intended backup Sedale Threatt settle into PG without making any major deals during the season and finish 43-39, losing to the Blazers 3-1 in the first round of the playoffs.

But we've got Jerry, so the 1992-93 Lakers will be better. He's made big moves, too: replacing the departing Dunleavy with Randy Pfund as head coach; drafting the future Mr. Jackie Christie; and picking up a promising center who hadn't lived up to his tremendous upside potential--Benoit Benjamin. Sure he's making more than anybody else on the team, but you mark my words, Benoit's going to finally set this league on fire!!!

Result: the 39-43 record was a little worse, but we had the #1 seeded Phoenix Suns (62-20) on the brink of elimination after winning the first 2 games in the 1st round playoff series before dropping the last 3 in a row.

But that's okay because we're getting ready for the 1993-1994 season: 3 years A.M. (after Magic). The season gets underway and we see Jerry's no fool: he's drafted Nick V. Excel, who's definitely got the talent to be a really good player in the Association; we've lost Byron Scott, but hey, Kurt Rambis is back; and let's not forget the addition of Sam Bowie (picked ahead of M.Jordan in the draft just a few years before) and Danny Schayes (Mark Madsen wishes he was that athletic).

Result: a 33-49 record and 3 coaches in one season.

Not to worry, though. After just 2 more seasons, Jerry works his salary cap magic and we've got Shaq and Kobe. After 3 more , and we've got Phil and a championship only 9 years after Magic's first retirement.

That was with the best and the brightest at the helm. So unacceptable or not, it's time to start being realistic (as Rick Pitino once said...)


Good ol' Smush, always thinking he deserves to get more than what he has.

And to think we gave him up and added Fisher!!

Somebody kick Mitch in the ass!!

go back to d league

Don't cry BK. We still have Kwame Brown don't we?

Parker with the big one handed dunk!!!

kwame and smush are just alike on and off the court. Glad we got rid half of it, it's time to get rid of the other half.

We do not need Kobe 20MIL, Odom 14MIL and Kwame 9MIL.

We should rebuild with Bynum and Crittenton. A Center and Point Guard to start on is perfect to rebuild.

What we need are the likes Aldridge as PF, Granger as SF and Kevin Martin as SG. We do not need superstars or trying hard to be stars.

Lakers need good character players. No more dramas and injury prone, just pure good exciting basketball.

Lakers should not resign Kwame and Odom, trade Bryant for young talent and high draft picks. Trade Walton and Sasha too.

Turiaf, Vlad and Farmar should be role players coming off the bench.

Aldridge type
Granger type
Martin type

Let's face it Kobe, Lamar and Kwame had failed. It's time to move on.

Lebron beat the Celtics with little help. Kobe can not carry a team. Kobe is the cause of Lakers failure, not being able to bring the best of his teammates is his biggest failure. Kobe just wants to be a hero every single game, it shows every time he plays. I'm tired of it. Ship his ass out!

Lebron James baby! Trade Kobe, Lamar and Kwame.

Lebron James can win with this line up. Lebron is only 22 years old.

Bynum 20
James 22
Crittenton 20

Kobe will be 30 next year. He is too old in this year and age.

Start creating CAP SPACE for Lebron James. Lebron deserves to be in the best basketball market in the world and Los Angeles deserves to have the best player in the World.

Kareem and Shaq got traded to the Lakers, we can get LEBRON, the key is to get rid of KOBE, LAMAR and KWAME first.

yeah, let's rebuild. stock up on draft picks and young players who hopefully become great. just like seattle, portland and the rest of the nba teams who did that. you know, just like ah ah ah.. . . . wait, who did manage to do that?

manage to win a championship.

Treacherous Baloons,

I'm a realistic individual if that is your concern. However, many of us cannot stand mediocrity and young fans who adore mediocres. We are only commenting on Alec because he said that he's happy with .500 performance. With .500 performance, you don't need Kobe, LO and even Fisher, or paying Phil Jackson for $ 10M, go with the Sonics route, that's a .500 Club.

I'm willing to bet if the Lakers go with youth, you will reduce the audience by 30%, we're not saying that we should always be in the Championship round but at least compete. If they lose we understand but at least we know they tried their best.

With your historical perspective from 91 -95, I enjoyed those years, sometimes we last up to 2nd round of the playoffs, vanexel was fun to watch with eddie jones very athletic and later on chise' ceballos, sedale threatt, sam perkins, only Sean Rooks was out of place or Benoit for a couple of games. We don't like Harris but there is semblance of a team that is not expected to win but they compete in every game. Today, we have Kobe and the high profiled Lakers since Shaq left, Jerry Buss has maxed contracts to the luxury threshold, what do we have?....still a high maintenance of mediocre and inconsistent dudes......mind you, I'm not the only one saying this, read the live games comments on that thread and you will read "Pathetic". After the victory, what do we hear? Trade Kobe, trade Lamar, trade Bynum.....are these guys realistic?

My posts can be stinging and annoying addressed to the Owner, General Manager and the Coach and bloggers who adores mediocrity and no holds bar. An optimistic fan will not appreciate my posts except my fellow senior, LakerTom. He can fathom my crankiness and our craziness too. As a fan, we have the right to address those issues, take it or leave it. I don't feel the pain, and after following the Lakers for almost 35 years I learned to roll with the puches but for as long as I see something that does not fit, stinging criticisms will always be present. That's one objective of the blog, there may always be posts that may go against the grain of optimism. The objective is not to destroy but to improve. Another objective of the blog is to entertain by giving you all the sides mixed with pasion, emotion, realism, idealism, negativism with all pretenses of aiming for the moon. If the message fell short, at least we enjoy the day conversing about the Lakers.

I'm the first one who proposed this...from previous thread =)










It's okay (usually even good) to believe. To come out the other end and be able to change your mind is even better. You took the same journey as the rest of us with Smush. It just took you a little longer to come around. :P

I recommend looking at the reader comments. There are some funny ones. forum.aspx?tsn=11&nav=messages&webtag=kr-miamitm&tid=21353

Posted by: luc longley | November 29, 2007 at 12:56 AM

blech!!! excuse me i just threw up.

I know that i shouldnt read into things but Bill Simmons saying that Kobe ok d the trade for Kwame is a little disturbing......Why bring this up now?


(6) VMAN –
(10) TIM-4-SHOW
(11) XODUS
(12) JAN
(13) ALEXINH017
(16) ROCKY

Hey, Edwin,

I didn't mean to imply I'm unreasonably optimistic this season (quite the contrary in fact), nor that we shouldn't try to hold anyone accountable. I only singled your comment out because you introduced some historical perspective (the 60s-70s) and I was just trying to add some of my own.

Namely, that we've been through something similar not all that long ago. 1991-1994 was a fairly rough patch with its share of false starts before we started putting things together--and that was with the Logo in charge. We had an overpriced big man like Kwame who didn't live up to his potential, a thrilling 1st round series where we had the #1 seed on the brink, some mid-round draft picks that had the potential to be good but not great players, etc.

I loved the Lakers' run during the 60s and 70s except for those annual championship defeats that had me seriously doubting the existence of a benevolent higher power in my childhood (remember the 7th game at the Forum in the '69 series? it's the source of my screen name).

We lost 2 of the greatest at the end of our 80s championship run and it looks like we'll soon lose the 2nd from our most recent one. It took us 5 years to land Shaq and become relevant again. These things take time, even if you're the Logo. I'm just hopeful that we can be relevant again after another 2 or 3 in the desert, that's all.


Where did you read/hear Simmons say that about Kobe/Kwame/Butler?



Do you know if Karl going to D-league means the roster is now trimmed to 13?

What happens if a team with a full roster of 15 trades 1 player for 3? Does it have to place 2 of the 17 players on waivers?

Edwin Gueco,

You proved what I find from many of the bloggers here: willing to take people to task on one specific point and completely disregard the entire argument. Questioning fanhood in a roundabout method is low and uncalled for, especially when you go on to say that some players are "unworthy" to wear a Laker uniform.
Where is this "here" you are speaking of? I don't know how many people have enough money for a 2300 dollar ticket, but I' know you can get tickets for a hundred bucks or so. Tickets are expensive everywhere: I recently moved from LA to Chicago and getting tickets here are about as expensive as Lakers tickets, if not more. Seeing a marquee NBA game in person will always cost a pretty penny. So if you want to see the Knicks, the Lakers, the Heat or whatever fits your concept of an NBA game, it will cost a pretty penny no matter what. It's a business, right?


It was from Simmons' marathon chat on ESPN yesterday. Here's the relevant portion:

"peter (chicago, IL): bill, what is your take on the kobe-lakers saga? who's side on you on? I don't believe you've ever addressed this.

Bill Simmons: I agree with Kobe in that the team is wasting his prime by pseudo-rebuilding with young players (Bynum, Farmar, Crittendon, Kwame, etc.), but at the same time, he wanted his own team and he never should have allowed them to give away Butler for Kwame, which was one of the five worst moves of this decade. From what I hear, Kobe has been allowed to okay EVERY major Laker move starting with the Shaq trade and they run everything by him. If he wanted to block Kwame-Butler, he could have. But he didn't. So it's his own fault.

Bill Simmons: I don't understand why Houston and LA can't just trade T-Mac for Kobe. What's the holdup? Make the trade already. "

I watched Evans and Cook last night on NBA TV. I sure hope this trade pays off for the Lakers. I liked Evans spelling Kobe and Evans energy. When is this new dude going to play?

I'm surprised the valet didn't kick him in his Smushticles.

Woe to the person who questions another's fanhood.
They make television commercials about about such deeds.



What you said may be true, I have no information on the cost of tickets there in your area. Based on NBA reports, the Staples tickets to watch the Lakers are the most expensive in the nation, more expensive than their LA counterparts which are the Clippers.

With regards to the unworthy players wearing the uniforms, some fans here are "weary" in watching them meltdown at the height of competition. This started in playoffs where they were leading 3-1 later lost three consecutive games became 4-3. From that time on, these player are under close watch because that situation was very unlaker-liked. So for people who have been watching them for so many years, there is a pattern, sometimes no so good years as narrated by Treacherous Baloon but they don't easily fold, you can see the athleticism, the fight to the end. However, what you said that you're happy of that .500 performance struck a cord among oldtimers, starting from JayJay comments to you, it is really unpalatable for us to go on absorbing mediocrity. We are not laker fans if we just go silent with that abysmal failure.

Alec, you may be expressing your own views and you are entitled to it, we just have to comment on our experience with the team.

Smushy is pushy in Miami? No surprise.
They knew he was a Parker when he signed.


Treacherous Baloons,

"We lost 2 of the greatest at the end of our 80s championship run and it looks like we'll soon lose the 2nd from our most recent one. It took us 5 years to land Shaq and become relevant again. These things take time, even if you're the Logo. I'm just hopeful that we can be relevant again after another 2 or 3 in the desert, that's all"

If that is the case, we are in the same wavelenght but using different frequencies. I think we can still save this year, although as Mike T said it is impossible to expect them to compete for the Championship but they could make noise with the present line up. I like the prospects of Kobe, LO, Fisher, Bynum, Farmar then these new additions, Crittenton and Ariza. These are athletic core of the team. The others may have some handicaps here and there but they have valuable assets as well if properly utilized. Luke as a fascilitator in short minutes but you sacrifice D; Mihm as a Center for short minutes while resting Bynum or injured Kwame or protecting them from further foul troubles; Kwame as a defense specialists on the best PF and C but sacrifice offense; Sasha and Vlad for point productions depending on their moods for the night but give you a so-so D. If all these players get alligned we can win big similar to Phoenix Suns victory on a road game.

All in all, what is needed is Courage & common Sense while the Coaching staff should make timely rotations and should not wait for virtual defeat in one quarter of mediocre T/O's and missing 3 pointers. As I said, we cannot ask for more, if they lose fighting, at least they fought valiantly and did not give away the game.

I enjoyed reading about laker history from 91-95 really detailed information.
For those of you posting trade Kobe,Lamar and Andrew for Labron,because he bet the celtics one game are not real laker fans, You do not trade this guys behind one caviler win as for the Smush parker brawl he sould have showed proof of payment.

Treacherousballoons.......Thanks for that i just woke up.......

Ak ....Im not to sure how much cred this guy deserves ...or is he just trying to stir the pot with Kobe.....


>>What happens if a team with a full roster of 15 trades 1 player for 3? Does it
>>have to place 2 of the 17 players on waivers?


The D,

>>>I'm surprised the valet didn't kick him in his Smushticles.

LOL. Funniest post of the day

Traders! How dare you guys talk about trading Kobe... WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, KOBE !!! Not arguably, THEE best basketball player in the world. And trading anyone else is also crazy talk. The Lakers are looking way better than last year. Last year, Kobe bailed out the team half the time. This year, they are holding leads a little better, closing out 4th quarters better, and playing smarter. Lamar Odom's crappy defense, or at least what he thinks he's doing, is the weak link right now. Watch that Utah game (and others), most of the point were score by Odom's guy or in front of him. I hate to say it, but Sasha is another weak link. Reason I hate to say it is because I don't see the Lakers being able to trade for him. He'd probably just be dropped. Anyway folks have faith, with Smush and Cook gone the Lakers are playing smarter, better team basketball, and Kobe sees this. Which is why he's trusting them more, which in turn distributes the point around more.



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