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Lakers Acquire Trevor Ariza for Brian Cook, Mo Evans

Ariza We now interrupt the "What to do at the center spot?" post I was going to put up for this announcement- The Lakers have traded Brian Cook and Mo Evans to the Magic for forward Trevor Ariza.  The fourth year forward, late of UCLA, averaged 8.9 points and 4.3 boards a night last season in 22.4 minutes a night. He's under contract this season for $2.7 mil, and assuming I'm reading the salary page correctly (it's rough on the colorblind), has a player option next season for $2.9 and change.

My initial reaction: They lose some offense on the outside, obviously, since Ariza can't shoot at all.  But he's extremely athletic, runs the floor well, and can finish around the rim.  He's a very active forward defensively, is long, and can rebound.  And at 22, Ariza still is considered a player with a lot of room to grow.  (For those of you interested in this sort of thing, John Hollinger's evaluations compare him to a young Al Harrington.)  This isn't going to win them a championship this season, but since Cook and Radmanovic's skills were redundant, moving Cook won't hurt.  And I don't think he was all that popular among management.  Mo, for all his lack of polish on that end is a more versatile offensive player, but isn't quite big enough to defend larger threes.  Great guy, but since Ariza can play some D, losing Mo won't really hurt.

In a couple years, this could turn out to be an outstanding deal for L.A.  Right now, my initial reaction puts it at positive, and well above the "no harm, no foul" threshold.  At the very least, I can't believe it'll make 'em worse.  The two for one move also opens up a roster spot, which could be used down the road, or in the near future depending on Kwame's health. 

Press release below.



EL SEGUNDO – The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired 6’8’’ forward Trevor Ariza from the Orlando Magic in exchange for forward Brian Cook and guard Maurice Evans, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

Ariza, currently in his 4th year in the NBA, averaged 8.9 points and 4.4 rebounds in 22.4 minutes per game last season with the Magic.

Ariza was originally drafted by the New York Knicks with the 43rd overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft.  Ariza is originally from Los Angeles (Westchester High School) and played one season at UCLA prior to entering the NBA.  He averaged 11.6 points and 5.5 rebounds in his one season at UCLA.

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anyone is better than cook but i hope he's worth evan's defensive mind

I wonder why the Lakers felt the need to include Mo Evans in the deal. Cookie for Ariza was probably enough.

It does open up a spot for another player.

Chris Webber, anyone?

Just kidding.

I hope.

Whoa - I guess that means Cook isn't starting tonight. I really like Ariza's game but I wonder about the team getting even thinner at PF. That also reduces the number on the roster to 14 and would allow the Lakers to pick up another body in free agency (if there were so inclined). Hasn't Ariza played some shooting guard? Maybe he's being brought in to give Kobe a stronger defensive reliever. Questions, questions...

Glad Cookie is gone for good... I can see why Magic asked for Mo as well... Cookie was for salary matching purposes I guess...

Lakers have gotten rid of the cancer ( Cook)

Um. Why?

why is evans included on the trade?

i know he hasn't shown a thing yet this season! but he is a great role player!
sad to see him go!!

but i guess the Lakers is pretty excited on javaris!!
im pretty sure Javaris will take Kobe spot off the bench!!!

anyway... The Cook era is over at the laker land! that's the only good news about it!

I think we're all glad Brian Cook is gone but Mo Evans brought some great energy off the bench. He was in sync as part of the Bench Mob.

I'm wondering if PJ will slip Ariza into Mo Evans' spot or give that time instead to J Crittenton? We'll see.

ok its nice that cooks gone... but this guy is not really a big forward, so there better be a good reason that we got rid of mo evans and his good defense (maybe so luke can get minutes at 2)

This doesn't feel like a standalone move. Is there more coming?

That opens a spot for The Critter!!!!!

Now all the Lakers need to do is get rid of Kwame!!!

Smart move by the Magic...who second in leading the east I think.

Cookie will give DHoward someone to throw the ball to. He couldn't do it legitimately do it with us, but he can with a legit presence inside like Dhoward.

Hate to see Mo go though. Thanks for the memories Mo.

Kobe and Mo Evans are pretty good friends right?
i just thought they were coz Kobe always teach Mo some of his moves!

is Kobe going to be happy with this trade?

Wow this came out of nowhere. I'm sad to see Mo Evans go, but glad to see Cook leave. lol.

A young Al Harrington ain't half bad.

No Cook. That's step 1.

Step 2 is ensuring the rise to startdom of Javaris Crittendon.

I say this because I am waiting for the day when his licensed "Java Critters" become trademarks for a successful upstart coffee chain that will usurp Starbucks and make one H. Schulz sorry he ever F'ed with the Pacific Division.




This also creates a roster spot for us to pick up a guy like P.J. Brown, who we could maybe lure out of retirement. I doubt they' do that, but it creates the opportunity.

Scoring is not a problem on this team. Cookie I could care less about. So any offensive losses I'm fine with. I really liked Mo, but I agree with BK. He's a big 3, and that means we can play Vlad more at the 4. HE's he's as good defensively as I've been reading about (above average defender) then it's not a bad trade for us at all. That, and we open up a roster spot. always good for posibilities. Who knows, maybe we bring Marc Gasoul in. (I have no idea, I just pulled the first name out of my butt)

Wow...a 2-for-1 shocker. I can see the reasoning behind Cook (due to the logjam and minutes) but Mo was a good reliever on both SG and SF. Wish it would have been Sasha instead of Mo.

Will he fly down and play tonight in Indy???

Looks like we can see time for JC now... GO LAKERS!!!!

Double post-

Another Bruin, as well. Ought to make Jordan happy :)


Good to see FO making some "polishing" touches.

Don't recall ever seeing the guy play, but from your description, he sounds like an AK47-light. You can never have too many defensive hustle guys on a team.

>>>extremely athletic, runs the floor well, and can finish around the rim. He's a very active forward defensively, is long, and can rebound.

That's good stuff!

We had to move Cook. We needed a different type of help at Forward spot. What's interesting here is the roster spot that opens up.

It was a good trade. We save a few million on B. Cooks contract next year.


Very mixed feelings here.
I'm glad we got rid of Cook but I also hate seeing Mo Evans leave.
Mo always was a spark off the bench offensively and defensively.


You guys think that Ariza could be part of another deal being cooked right now?

The D.

You win comment of the day today. I howled at the Schulz reference :)

More reason for the saying...

You have to give up something, to get something back.

And Cook is not enough "something" lol.

We saved 500,00 for next year. I have a feeling this is going to lead to another move. The Lakers know they need some frontline help on the defensive side of the game.


It's a bittersweet trade for me, in that I'm ecstatic about finally getting rid of Brian Cook but am very sad to lose Mo Evans. I've loved his energy and solid defensive presence. I like Trevor Ariza a lot when he played at UCLA and felt he made a huge mistake coming out after 1 season; I'm sure he wished he could take it back after falling deep in the 2nd round to the Knicks. While he won't be a starter, he does have a chance to showcase his skills with the Lakers. He didn't seem to fit with Orlando, so this is a good chance to get him back into a groove. Overall, I'm still very happy.

As for the Brian Cook era, I remember seeing a couple of Illinois games, thinking a lot of the guy, and I was really glad to see the Lakers get him. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to that guy from IL. I felt that he and Smush represented the low basketball IQ segment of the team, and his constant mistakes, complete lack of defense, tentative shooting habits and whining to the refs seemed to be way more trouble than his sporadic offensive outbursts were worth. I'll miss those amazing quick release three-pointers, but that's about it. I was looking at the last few NBA drafts last night on, and I still can't believe he went before Leandro Barbosa. What could have been, eh?

Anyway, I'm not going to live in the past - welcome to the Ariza Era in the Land O'Lake(r)s!

For those of you wondering.

Cook could not be traded on its own. He had to be coupled with another player because of his contract.

You guys mind detailing the deal for us.

Yeah, what RayRay said!

We just sent 5 million dollars for 2.7 million and created a roster spot.

Look for more defensive frontline help to come. That roster spot is the key. The Lakers might buy out Marc Gasol's European team to bring him in earlier than anticipated.

Good move by the F.O. They're getting active.



Yeah so thank you Cook is gone..not really a PF anyways, and finally the Lakers realized that they are paying players at redundant positions.


anyways..that being off my chest, awesome move. Ariza is much longer than Mo Evans and I think has a better upside....think a Sefolosha without the the way YOU TUBE Ariza and you'll find some sick dunks..

Hopefully you guys should remember Ariza on UCLA so you get a sense of what sort of player he is. I think this is a major upgrade because Ariza is a versatile player just as Mo Evans with more athletic/slashing ability. Losing Evans' leadership is rough, but if it took him to get rid of Cook than so be it. Its not like Mo Evans is leaving to a bad situation. He's going to the best team in the East!!! He might even start right away alongside Jameer Nelson, since he is better than JJ redick..and Keith Bogans is not as good version as Evans.

BTW I forgot which blogger it was (JJ, weaveman?) that we compared Cook and Garrity...well now they are teammates! haha.

Wonder if Farmar and Ariza are buds since both are UCLA products and practice down here in LA.

PG Fisher/Farmar
SG Kobe/Ariza
SF Odom/Walton
PF Turiaf/Vlad
C Mihm/Bynum/Kwame

The only thing I worry about is messing with the Bench Mob's chemisty...however I can see J Crit getting those Mo Evans minutes while Ariza is worked into the system.

So glad Brian Cook is gone.
Trevor Ariza is so much better as an athlete.
Yes Cookie could shoot and hit the jumper but you have to set him up to get it off.

He does not rebound and adds nothing to his game in the SUMMER.

Good trade off.
Now Mo Evans is surely nice to have around and I think Ariza has his work cut out to do what Mo does and more. He has a chance to do that though.

Vlad Rad is the same as Cookie but more is invested so he needs to do Cookie's job.

Not a bad move by Kupchak. It was low risk and has a chance for reward but minimal loss is possible.

Cook's contract leaving is good too.

Good Trade...but according to ESPN trade machine the Magic are over the salary cap with this trase. anyway, we can nowlook for a veteran for the 15th spot..SIGN PJ BROWN OR CHRIS WEBBER..

And it was actually a good trade for Orlando, too.

It's a different structure over there. Brian Cook could do well over there and Mo Evans is going to help no matter what.

Orlando just strengthed their bench without messing with their starting line-up.

Lakers are wheeling and dealing...something else is coming! No way you can only have a 14 man roster with Coby Karl being the 14th man.


as much as i like Ariza for cook i hope that our bench will still put up big numbers and outplay others' bench despite the lack of mo evan's defense and chemistry with the bench.

A nice low-risk, high-reward type trade for the Lakers. While Ariza's defensive metrics indicate he's not as good as someone that athletically gifted should be, he's only 22 and Phil should be able to ingrain some better technique on D. Ariza is a MONSTER athletically (go check out YouTube and find highlights of him dunking over Ben Wallace, over Emeka Okafor and over Alonzo Mourning). He'll be a great finisher as part of the second unit with Farmar pushing the ball. Mo Evans was gonna become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year anyhow, so I think it's a nice gamble to make. Getting rid of the duplication of skills that existed with Radmanovic/Cook is a good thing--Rad's played much better and Cook is a PF for designation purposes only. Not sure about that open roster spot as Phil's pretty much mixed and matched 12 man game rosters based on the opposition's strengths (more guards with Phoenix, more bigs with Houston/San Antonio).


Whats the word on the starting lineup tonight? If Cook is not the starting PF...any indications what the line-up will be? Is Ronny healthy? Or will he go with Lamar? The Lakes will be somewhat short handed since both Mo and Cook play significant minutes lately. As of right now we have Mihm, Bynum for Center, and Odom and Vlad for PF...Luke and Kobe for SF? and J.Crit Kobe Sasha for SG? Not sure how we are going to match up against JO, Danny and Dunleavy..

Also Yi and Villaneuva present match up issues with us as well..

just thought.

Trevor is a better defender, rebounder finisher, as well as more athletic than Mo... His much more bigger wich allows us at times move Fish to the bench or even have Trevor in with the starting unit at either 2 or 3.... But I can get use to a line-up of

Kwame/Bynum Mimm

This is a killer of a line up, specially defensively

Lake Show-

Has there been definitive word yet that Ronny won't play? That obviously would solve some of the problem... But no doubt they'll be a little shorthanded tonight.


Now i know, Mo Evans was brought to the Lakers to acquire Kevin Garnett because they are cousins. But it did not materialize, so they let Mo Evans go.

i saw two laker games live last year... and both times i waited at the lower level during pre-game and yelled at players to get their attention. mo evans was one of two players who smiled and waved at me both times.

nice guy.

that's my mo evans story. sad to see him go. i wish him good luck in the future.

cook, poor chap, never improved from his rookie season. it was long past time for him to go

i also think kwame and sasha are living on borrowed time as well.

Evans was overrated defensively; he never gave the Lakers what they hoped for in that respect, so they aren't really losing anything, other than some understanding of the triangle.


I just read your post that introduced this thread. That was an excellent breakdown.


Ariza and Farmar will make an explosive run and gun backcourt for the second unit. Ariza will increase team speed and athleticism, and is a very good finisher. I can picture Ariza starting against certain teams for defensive matchups. Although the trade is not a huge improvement, it is an improvement nonetheless. Considering Jimbo's past trades, even a slight improvement feels like I just won the freakin' lotto. Ariza will also hopefully cut into The Big Liability's (aka Luke's) minutes as well.

Go Bruins!!!

Is this a move to make a push for Kidd?? Marion???

There is definitely more goings on here!!!

I am glad Cook is gone and the Lakers learned what the Pistons knew about Mo, that he is replaceable.

i think im in heaven... two local products playing for the lake show.

good trade! had to give up mo evans (eventhough he was a productive player for us) but with both ariza and mo there wasn't going to be pt for both!

Wow! This is awesome. I was beginning to doubt we'd ever be able to unload Brian Cook. Worth letting him start those two games that Ronny was out so everyone could see him (not that I believe there was anything to see).

I'm surprised about all the favorable comments towards Mo Evans. He was never really dependable from night to night, and has been of limited value to the Lakers so far this season with his bad back. I've thought from the get-go that Javaris would be a better shooting guard, though it is likely he will have to share some of those minutes with Sasha.

Ariza's UCLA cred, his reputation for D, and ability to finish around the rim are all positives for the Lakers. I think his style will be a plus for the Bench Mob, whereas Mo Evans really hasn't contributed much to either the offense or defense.

It's encouraging to see that Kupkake can actually get something done on the trading front. Also on the plus side is getting the roster down to 14 players. Looking forward to seeing J-Crit and Coby2 actually getting some minutes.

There are only upsides to this move. The team will benefit from a more balanced roster, and have a chance to get even better in the weeks ahead.

I like how we're rebuilding a UCLA graduate squad (Farmar and Ariza). The Lakers have had good luck when it comes to picking up "locally" (Kareem Abdul Jabbar or the artist formerly known as Lew Alcindor). Anyhow, sort of sad to see Mo leave. He was solid. Hops. He was strong and so played pretty strong D. Spark off the bench. Am a bit sad to see Cookie go but now that Rad is actually earning his paycheck it'll be 'ah-ight. Rebuild, rebuild Lakers. Do watcha gotta do to keep The Man (aka Kobe) happy and here! Happy & Here. I'm going to start that as a new slogan. Keep Kobe Happy & Here. Double K double H. Double K and Double H. Got a nice ring to it. I learned a while ago that even Magic Johnson asked to be traded once from my precious Lakers. So, I guess I'm not so sore at Kobe anymore. Still, it's on the TEAM (ahem...Dr. Buss...and not his son or mother twice removed) to keep Kobe happy and here! Happy and HERE! Not elsewhere. Damnit I want to attend a parade!

If we are all about "team" and about the culture of the team, then this trade was a HUGE plus.

None of us are pleased that Mo had to be part of the deal. It's sad that Cookie was so lousy and had that horrible contract that we had to package him. Orlando is looking at the bread... folks, we need to remember what was sandwhiched in that bread. Let's just say it rhymes with "hit".

Now, Ariza has some athletic talent. He's young, which may not make Kobe happy, but I could guess that Mitch knows KB couldn't have been happy starting along side of Cookie these past two games.

I hope coming back home to LA works out for him. Trevor, work your tail off and the home town fans will love you.
Meanwhile, this gives Critter a chance to get some PT and hopefully make some progress.

I've been one of Jimbo's biggest critics, but this idiot might actually be learning from his many past mistakes. A wise man once said, Even a monkey will stop grabbing the scorpion if he gets stung enough times.

When last season ended, the team had three huge defensive liabilities on the roster.
-Smush was let go.
-Cook has now been traded.
-Two down, one more to go.




Kwame Brown is not living on borrowed time. Without Kwame the Lakers' defensive is living on borrowed time. Why do you think they made this trade?



The only problem with this trade is that with both Smush and Cook gone, we have no one to hate on.


Not sure how I feel about this as I know very little about Trevor's game. Now let's get rid of Kwame!!

So BK, ,who starts tonight? Do they let Cook/Evans play as if nothing has happened, until they actually fly off to Orlando?


They're not on the team anymore. They can't play. My guess is that Ronny will play (I think he'll be healthy) with Mihm. If not, Vlad will likely start there, with Mihm.


Mike T. wasup bro???

Been awhile..Anyway I like this trade for us it gives Lamar Odom a Big relief from guarding those fast Small forwards and we all know Luke has problems guarding them. My brother grew up in Los Angeles playing with Trevor Ariza and he is alot better than you guys think. And he always give 110%. issue is he has problems staying healthy.

BTW.- Xodus, Faith, Edwin, bob, Wow, Korey??? wherever u are lol. Sup ya'll

2 former ucla bruins in lakers uniform: farmar and ariza. bench mob rules!!!!!

I don't understand some of these comments. i'm sure you're all sad to see Mo gone, but seriously, he didn't really do much. Sometimes you'd forget he was even on the floor. I'd rather another defensive forward, then a uard who typically has no difference in the game. I think he has been somewhat of a disappointment. What we get is a forward who will be able to defend and rebound.

Mike T.,

Kwame can only play a guy straight up. That's great and all, but his D isnlt as great as you would like to think. He has no clue how to help, or defend the pick and roll. He's a reason why we get roasted by good and quick point guards. Nash just toys with him.

Bringing Areza into the fold is a forward thinking move for sure.

As much as it must pain you, you know that I've known it all along. Being one of only a handful of contributors here (over the last couple of years) who has refrained from bashing individual Laker players (apart from Smush and the Saint) and who never elevated the man-child at their expense, allow me to extend hearty congrats on your exciting young squad which is developing cohesion and moving forward at a nice pace. Just imagine. You have all of this in spite of the Mamba malignancy, which seems to be in some type of remission for the moment. Did you hire a snake charmer or something?

I draw a comparison to contracting the Black Mamba with the dreaded venereal disease Ling Lang; endemic in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam War era. It will eventually kill you, unless of course the affected part just rots and falls off on its own, which is sometimes does. Please do allow this withering on the vine to continue. Bynum, Farmar and the boys are doing it, tempered only by the fact that you started out gang-busters last season before the fizzle.

Don't allow Kobe to impede the destiny of your squad.


"Ariza hadn't yet joined the Lakers, and Cook and Evans weren't with the team, leaving Los Angeles short-handed for Tuesday's game."

This is from Yahoo. i imagine that means that the Lakers left for Indiana without Cook and Evans.

someone please post the Insider article on Ariza for those of us without access.




"The only problem with this trade is that with both Smush and Cook gone, we have no one to hate on. "

There was Kwame, but I feel bad picking on a cripple.

I think we've all been letting Frank Hamblen slide lately....LET'S GET HIM!!!

Also, I always confused Matt Barnes and Trevor Ariza. Kind of the same guy. I like this trade a lot actually. Roster spot opens, money is saved, and we still needed to get more athletic. I think Laker fans will like Ariza. He was drafted by Isaiah, that has to count for something (as opposed to being signed as a free agent or traded for by Isaiah, which basically means you are overweight and have a huge contract).

Poor Cook was always a conflicted person. On one hand he was very tall and solid and developed a great shot, so he got categorized as a basketball player. On the other hand his brain was slow as molasses and really couldn't keep up with the constant necessity for immediate decision-making on a basketball court. It wasn't like he was physically incapable of any particular action -- he just always required more time to suss things out than the game of basketball allows. He would have done just fine as a tight end or defensive lineman, where he could have planned out all of his moves inbetween each play...

"Orlando sends Trevor Ariza to the Lakers in three-player deal; Also waives Bo Outlaw

November 20, 2007

Orlando, FL – The Orlando Magic have acquired forward Brian Cook and guard Maurice Evans from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for forward Trevor Ariza, General Manager Otis Smith announced today. In addition, the Magic have waived forward Bo Outlaw.

“Brian (Cook) helps bolster our frontcourt,” said Smith. “He is a power forward who shoots the ball extremely well, while also bringing added toughness to our roster. Maurice (Evans) is a tremendous athlete, a solid defender and capable of playing multiple positions. Both Brian and Maurice fit in very well with what we are trying to accomplish.”---

Well this is my take, Orlando having huge success with Rashard Lewis and Hedo T, as forwards who can shoot 3's, opens up a lot of space for Dwight Howard down low. Trevor Ariza is not a shooter. Orlando's starers has Rashard at PF and Hedo at SF, Cook gives them the option off the bench to play PF and Rashard can slide to SF. It's the 3 point shooting they want from Cookie obviusly. MO Evans is a duplicate of Keith Bogans at SG.

Trevor Ariza is an excellent trade to solidify our dfense in the perimeter. He can play SF and SG for the Lakers. Noting that Odom is injury prone, Traviza is an insurance at 3, and can see action behind Kobe. It is also obvious that Radmanovic will be seeing a lot of action at PF coming off the bench, which is excellent playing alongside Bynum and Farmar to keep the paint unclogged.

Nice trade for both teams.

By the way, this also opens up a spot for karl or javaris at 2 spot. Though Sasha will be the first off the bench.

lol Xodus.

Hey Paul Lee!

is ariza gonna play tonight?

Andrew Z,

I like Ariza from the little I've seen of him. Although from what I've heard he's not much of a shooter. He seems to be more athetic and longer than Matt Barnes tho. And Barnes has a better stroke, no?

What's up Paul Lee!

Orlando's GM said Brian Cook will "bring added toughness to our roster."

If the Magic are relying on Cook to bring them toughness, they are in deep trouble.

New member of the "Bench Mob"!

There will definitely be more highlights with the addition of Ariza.

I love how Andrew Bynum wants to claim every rebound for his own.

No Kwame for 2 months and no Cook forever and no Smush forever! What's going on! We are getting all the lucks all of a sudden! Kobe's summer rant making a huge difference! Love it!

and the 15th man is ...... one more early christmas present coming from the Laker's Jim Buss and Mitch?

Lakers making little tiny smoooooooooooth moves. Loving it!

The Lake Show,

>>>Ariza is much longer than Mo Evans and I think has a better upside....think a Sefolosha without the shot..

Ariza shoots better than Sefolosha, actually. But neither of them is great.

Orlando's GM said Brian Cook will "bring added toughness to our roster."

Well, you know....

Brian is one tough Cookie.

I don't know about this.

Trevor's a West Coast child, so I like that part. I just don't know if he offers individually as complete a package as Cook and Evans together.

Evan and Cook were also working better in the system. Now Ariza's got to learn it from scratch, which means he won't contribute for months. I don't know how wise this trade was to make now.

I really liked Evans's energy and I'm sad to see him go.

We'll see.

Anyhow, Trevor, welcome to the Purple and Gold.

I'll have to do a Bio-Chrono read on you.


I don't know why there was so much negative feelings about Cookie Monster. Yes, with Rad Vlad, he was someone redundant, and his defense wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't like he was Smush Parker or anything like that.



I think Phil Jackson had something to do with this trade.

Hey. sorry to delete a couple posts, but if you have comments about the game, throw them in the game thread. We don't want to put spoilers in for those planning on watching the game on the magic picture box.


Didn't the FO say that Phil has complete control over personell discisions right now?

I remember Ariza from last season and I believe he played well when we saw him. I am really wondering when he shows up. Obviously Cook and Mo were not along for yesterdays ride so I wonder when Ariza with show up Will he suit up this week or next?

I will miss the Mo-mentum from the bench, but Ariza may work well into the system. I hope so. It seems like forever since the FO made a trade during the year. Maybe they heard us screaming at them. Lets hope this one works out for the best.


Turiaf must have started today

We got rid of Kook!!! Now he's gonna start nailing clutch jumpers from deep while the Magic stomp the east.

Probably a good thing we got rid of Evans too. That guy's done once his pogo stick wears out.

Lake Show Y'all.

What I like most about this trade:

1. We unloaded Cook.
2. We saved a few bucks.
3. We opened up a roster spot.
4. We got rid of Cook.

Things I dont like:
1. We got rid of Mo.


Didn't the FO say that Phil has complete control over personell discisions right now?

Today is a no defense night. Getting up dates on my phone. Game is underway in Indy and we are up 2 at the end of 1. 37-35. Like I said, NO D TONIGHT!


1 thing for sure the perimeter defense just got a lot better. This is a great trade. Kwame your next.

lakers getting killed on the boards.

I say they package Walton and Ariza for Artest. (December 15)
And elbow George Karl and say hey, we’ll give Coby more minutes. Here’s Kwame in Feb 2008 give us Camby. You’ll get cap relief.

Starters : Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Turiaf, Camby
The Mob: Farmar, JC, Artest, Radman, Bynum
Fillers: Mihm, Coby & Sasha

Killing it for the 07-08!!!!!!!

Now I lay the pipe!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the memories Cookie and Mo. Welcome Trevor to the Showtime II Lakers.

Trivia question: Does anyone remember how many times Cookie lost his shoes during the game?

Loved the trade - I've been calling for defensive help at the perimeter for a while now. Ariza, Outlaw (Portland) are inexpensive options that allow us to stick someone other than Kobe on the opposition's best player. He was doing well on the Knicks before getting traded to Orlando. I'm concerned about how much we'll get to see of him behind Odom, Walton and Radman - unless Odom slides over to PF.

"It's for the best," Ariza told the Sentinel. "I just wanted to play, and I wasn't getting to do that here. We were winning and I couldn't really argue with that. But me being a competitor I wanted to play.

"I hope I get a chance in L.A. -- that's all I can ask for."

Ariza, who played briefly at UCLA, said "I'm excited. I'm going home."

Ariza said he had a "feeling" he might he dealt. "It's a business. Everybody knows that."

gonna miss Mo, he was cool. but if Ariza is also defensive minded but taller with more potential, than cool. And he's an LA guy!

:::Celebrate Good Times Cook's Gone!!!:::

>>>Lakers are wheeling and dealing...something else is coming! No way you can only have a 14 man
>>>roster with Coby Karl being the 14th man.

Well... one possibility (and one I don't like to consider, but is at least a possibility) is that Kobe really is going to Chicago.

It's possible that the Bulls and Lakers worked out the details of a deal to send Kobe to Chicago, but that it involves one
or more players that can't be traded until after December 15. If the Lakers have 2 power forwards and a shooting guard
coming back from the Bulls, then they might want to get rid of a PF who isn't producing for them.

Now that we have an open roster spot we should really think about taking a hard look at Dale Davis (who's still available). The guy's always been a tough player and he's got plenty of playoff experience. With Kwame injured and Cook gone, we could really use another big, even if it's just for insurance.

Dave M

As for us, well, nobody, I mean nobody is even looking at the Sacramento Kings right now, and even fewer expect them to make noise anytime soon. I view this as a good thing, although flying under the radar may be short lived.

We started the season worse than bad, but are now 4 and 1 at home. Like your team, we have talent. At the two and three spot, we have two of the best at their respective positions. Ironically, Ron is an even better four and will be seeing time in that role. Beano's arrival (steal of the year?) initially did little more than keep us from stinking up the joint. Now, he is integral as a facilitator and scorer. We badly needed that true point guard. Multipositional Salmons is more than solid all the way around. Mikki Moore seems to be finding his niche, Brad has come to play this year, and 19 year old Spencer Hawes is aggressive, has great skills, and is catching on quickly. Garcia continues to improve, as does Douby. Bibby, who had a great start to the season may be playing for someone else by late season.

With us, as with you, it is only a matter of chemistry, cohesiveness, and effort to define success. Theus is a tough SOB who has skirmished with everyone except (and ironically) Ron Artest, who has become a model player. Reggie is the coach and is going to have it his way, period. Things are coming around. I like what I'm seeing.

The only question remaining is who among you will root for the Kings of basketball, your wonderful and exciting neighbors to the north, when they eliminate your Lakers from playoff contention at the end of the season. Although I'll soon be relocating to the Big Island, I'll be there to see it.


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