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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Tuesday there was a game, Wednesday reaction to it.  Thursday, the Lakers Universe got back to the same subject that has dominated every purple and gold conversation since the start of the summer.  KobeWatch! was in high gear, in the form of reaction to Magic Johnson's comments during TNT's broadcast Tuesday night, and reports that Kobe himself has vetoed potential deals to Chicago that would bring the Lakers Luol Deng in return.  In other trade news, Mark Cuban says the Mavs are out, and a potential three-way deal that would net the Lakers Ron Artest and Ben Wallace for Kobe isn't going to happen.  (Feel free to take a moment to exhale in relief.) 

Kings Prez Geoff Petrie told the Sacto Bee that rumors of the three-way deal were erroneous, and that his team wasn't involved.  (Interesting note in there about how no NBA team will ever grant another player a no-trade clause.)  Not that he'd say otherwise, of course.  Another avenue for creating some movement could be a sign and trade with Bulls FA forward PJ Brown, but Brown's agent says nobody has contacted him about that sort of thing.  Not that he'd say otherwise, of course.  Meanwhile, the deadline for Ben Gordon and Deng to sign extensions with the Bulls passed without any ink on dotted lines -- are they ever really dotted anymore? -- meaning both are more easily moved than they would be had they signed.

Meanwhile, there was some more news on the home front, and not a lot of it was good.  If you were wondering where Dr. Jerry Buss was on opening night, the answer was ... well, not at Staples.  The team's owner was suspended for two games by David Stern in connection with Buss' conviction on a misdemeanor drunken-driving charge. 

The news wasn't much better for Lamar Odom, who was involved in a two-car accident Tuesday night on his way to the game.  It is believed that Odom ran a red light and hit a Downey woman's car, suffering a slight concussion and sending the woman to a hospital, where she was in stable condition Wednesday.

The boos Kobe absorbed Tuesday were still a topic of conversation at practice Wednesday.  Kobe reiterated that he wasn't worried about it, and that he was happy folks seemed to come around by the end

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Okay Mike T. Here's some scientific evidence to support your theory that it's
better to have Kwame on the floor than Bynum. These are the "adjusted +/- numbers"
for all of the Lakers from last year. Adjusted +/- is like regular +/- but statistically
adjusted for what other players are on the floor.

Kobe Bryant +8.70
Brian Cook +3.48
Lamar Odom +1.57
Luke Walton -0.76
Sasha Vujacic -0.91
Kwame Brown -1.56
Jordan Farmar -1.59
Vlad Radmanovic -2.03
Maurice Evans -2.52
Ronny Turiaf -3.07
Smush Parker -3.91
Andrew Bynum -5.95

So Mike T is right (wrt last season anyway). The team does much better with Kwame
on the Floor, despite the better offense from Bynum. Despite Brian Cook's complete
lack of defense, he had the second highest adjusted +/- on the Lakers. So Mike T,
I expect to see you using this information to promote Cookie as much as you're
promoting Kwame. And while you're at it, you can promote Luke Walton and Sasha
Vujacic as well, since they BOTH have better adjusted +/- numbers than Kwame.


Since the Lakers added DFish this season, I thought I'd throw in his stats:

Derek Fisher +2.74

Good to have another player in the plus column.


Here's the stats of a few players the Lakers didn't manage to get to help Kobe
in the last few months:

Kevin Garnett +12.35
Jason Kidd +8.74
Shawn Marion +4.01
Jermaine O'Neal +3.30


And in case you're wondering about some of the players that have been in the trade
rumors for Kobe, here are their numbers:

Gilbert Arenas +8.80

Shawn Marion +4.01
Amare Stoudemire+1.25
Leandro Barbosa +0.88
Raja Bell -0.85

Jason Terry +3.97
Devin Harris +3.69
Josh Howard +1.79

Luol Deng +5.58
Ben Gordon +3.03
P.J. Brown +0.97
Tyrus Thomas +0.23
Thabo Sefolosha -0.01
Kirk Hinrich -0.62
Ben Wallace -1.00
Joe Smith -2.08
Chris Duhon -2.43
Andres Nocioni -2.72

Ron Artest +6.25

Here's a link to the article where I got these numbers from:

And also, here's a link to where they're keeping the stats from this season (though with only
1 game played, statistics aren't realistic):


Here is an abstract from The Jordan Rules, which chronicled his 1991 NBA season:


The most gifted athlete ever to play the game, Michael Jordan rose to heights no basketball player had ever reached before. What drove Michael Jordan? The pursuit of team success...or of his own personal glory? The pursuit of excellence...or of his next multimillion-dollar endorsement? The flight of the man they call Air Jordan had been rocked by controversy. In The Jordan Rules, which chronicles the Chicago Bulls' first championship season, Sam Smith takes the #1 Bull by the horns to reveal the team behind the man...and the man behind the Madison Avenue smile. Here is the inside game, both on and off the court, including:

Jordan's power struggles with management, from verbal attacks on the general manager to tantrums against his coach

Behind-the-scenes feuds, as Jordan punches a teammate in practice and refuses to pass the ball in the crucial minutes of big games

The players who competed with His Airness for Air Time — Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Bill Cartwright — telling their sides of the story

A penetrating look at coach Phil Jackson, the former flower child who blossomed into one of the NBA's top motivators and who finally found a way to coax "Michael and the Jordanaires" to the their first title
A provocative eyewitness account, The Jordan Rules delivers all the nonstop excitement, tension, and thrills of a championship season — and an intense, fascinating portrait of the incomparable Michael Jordan.


No Kobe to the Bulls. Now bring in J O' Neal and Ron Artest here!

Kobe had a choice in 2004 to go to Chicago, if Kobe only knew then that Kwame is the promise help by Jerry Buss.

Basically the young Bulls has improved and KWAME has not and never will.

Every problem of the Lakers has only one root cuse. KWAME BROWN no Improvement!


The Lakers have more than enough drama going on right now. We don't need yours too! If you want to leave, then leave! If you want to stay and contribute to the blog like you always do, then stay. Make a decision and stick with it. We fellow bloggers cannot keep this hanging over our heads for long! Stop worrying about stuff you cannot control. Just post and have fun.

Sled Dog

welcome to the blog

"The BULLS are willing to get KOBE! That is the only ONE that is truly important."

Now you all see how important that is. This is all going to go very quiet.... then ...BAM!!! kobe or the Lakers will blink.. Now the Kobe's and the Lakers know PAXSON can close the window as fast as he can open it.

NOW, PAXSON won't deal and wheel until the two bozos (Kobe and Lakers) are ready to move quickly.

Media interviews from today's practice are up:

No talk of a fight. Just that today's practice was "spirited". Kobe, LO and PJ were interviewed. I thought the media was starting to get Kobe-watch fatigue since their questions started off avoiding that issue but it eventually came up. "Playing hard" is a good message to be coming out of practice. LO predictably got asked about the accident and rehab. PJ didn't have much to offer other than saying that Buss has reiterated they don't want to trade Kobe but have to listen to offers. Not much new all around.

I wonder how much they've gotten in the mode of preparing for each opponent vs working on offensive/defensive fundamentals. There was no talk of any specific gameplan against them from either Kobe or PJ other than playing hard.

PAXSON.. is simply telling the two bozos (Kobe and the Lakers), let's move fast or SHUT UP.

Kobe and the Lakers getting a BIG SLAP from PAXSON. I have an NBA team to run, not a drama series to watch.


Either way this trade will happen. The BULLS are willing to get KOBE! That is the only ONE that is truly important.

KOBE and the LAKERS, one will blink because they can not stand each other anymore. They both don't loose that much if either one blinks first, not much is at stake..

Either way it is a WIN_WIN situation for all three parties, BULLS, KOBE and the LAKERS.

Posted by: Staples 24 | November 01, 2007 at 02:03 PM

this trade is not going to happen....get over it.

The likely scenario is that Kobe will not be traded and plays the rest of this season with the Lakers. Therefore, it's time to mend fences between the Lakers principals -- Buss and Kobe. Kiss and make up, boys. Let cooler heads prevail.

The plausible way is to keep Kobe and begin focusing on building a respectable roster around him. Get creative by packaging a deal that would include Bynum and Lamar and expiring contracts plus future draft picks for some serviceable 4s or 3s. Get rid of Bynum while his market value is still attractive.

I'm not a hater, I'm simply expressing how I am feeling. How about you "Average Joe"? which is obviously a extra alias. How are you feeling? Do you feel different when you post under one of your other aliases?

btw - that window that you can see in the video behind Kobe as he's being interviewed from practice today is Jim Buss' office.

Rocky gets it right on the button with Magic. He is the ONLY Laker who is a Laker. I trust and love him - so does everyone in Los Angeles. Thank you, Rocky - didn't take too much thought, did it?

Mamba24 - goodbye.

To those breathing a sigh of relief that the Bulls trade won't happen, don't get too happy. Paxson left the door open for a trade down the road. He might be waiting for both the Lakers and Kobe to get so desperate that they make and approve a trade sans Luol Deng. If both the Lakers and Kobe remain desperate to get a trade done in the short term, it could mean that the Lake Show engineers yet another bad trade for a HOF-er.

And, suppose the FO does pull the trigger for a JO. Then Kobe opts out. JO isn't franchise-player material, sorry, so if Kobe leaves after JO gets here, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your 2009 Los Angeles Pacers.

I still have a bad feeling about this.

gosh i hate it when LO chews gum while being interviewed... SPIT IT OUT!

anal, i know ...but it's a pet peeve for me to watch people chew and talk...and everytime LO talks, he's chewing

Average Joe - Speaking of drama. Anyone who has ever been to a recent Lakers game knows that right before they introduce the starting line-up for the Lakers, Staples goes dark and big white sheets drop down from the top of the scoreboard all the way to the court on which they show some sort of hype video. Opening night the video went something like this:

Ominous music


Clip of Kobe Bryant


Clip of Jerry West


Clip of Magic Johnson (doing that thing where he pointed to the crowd over and over)


Clip of Shaq


Clip of Phil (making a triangle with his fingers)

Clip of Kobe (holding up 3 fingers)


D-Fish against the Spurs


Kobe going off against Toronto

It gave me the chills. Good stuff. But the subtext of the "drama" message wasn't lost on me. Very nice.

my take...

agree with Magic... just make a damn official statement!!! If youre trading kobe then trade him, if not stop acting like children and play ball!

this is exactly why kobe lost faith in management... they dont have the balls to make decisions or take action to an already obvious stand...

one thing is for sure - kobe or no kobe - were stuffed for the next 3 years...

Lamar looks stoned on that clip from today.

Jason F

We're not at the point of no return.

Stars would like to come play here.
It's hard to acquire players or do much of anything working around the cap.

We could have had Ricky Davis but we're un-aggressive.

We need to keep Kobe.
Those same Bulls players can't win the East.
How can they win the West.

Yall just want change.

I do too and did this summer but I got nothing as we made NO MOVES.
We did not get JKidd at All Star break either so
get used to it.

We should keep Kobe for 2 yrs at least.


I tell ya what,

some of Kobe and Lamar's money will be a wash with current cap space and if we let Kwame expire it will wash some away too but we will have cap room.
The biggest contraces will be Luke and Vlad Rad in summer 2009 if Kobe and Lamar are gone.

We will be in position for LeBron at that point.
2010 is the summer for LeBron.

If Kobe's gone, he'll come.


Where are ya go'in now, big guy? You're go'in back to playing SG for the Lakers for the next few months, that's where your go'in...

Posted by: TaosHum | November 01, 2007 at 02:03 PM

Apparently, this is still Kobe's team. LOL. Can you watch the Lakers with Kobe in it? Will your hatred allow you to appreciate Kobe's game savers? Will it not eat your guts to see him score more 50's and above per game. The question should be, what are YOU going to do now? Let me guess, Cleveland? Ha ha ha ha.

Thanks for the Roland joint, good to hear the other side. A very one sided story in favor of kobe but there have been tonnes of one sided stories against bryant lately, so hey guess it's balanced.

Haven't been posting a lot lately. Your boy KL and co kind of turned me off this blog plus been busy getting my act together lately ( translation, had to let go of the dro and the kush cuz all that smoking was raising hell within me and no man needs that ). Anyway like most have said, this blog needs you. I mean who else could roll with Taliq and KL at the same time, that's as extreme as it gets (not so). On another note I'm laying the name Taliq to rest, that was my alter ego and he's buried with my demons (hey we all got some, right?) now. Don't plan to post much on here in the future either but if I do it'll be under the name Razaq.

Laker Nation
There was a time when I was rooting for Kobe 100% and as far as I was concerned laker FO was totally to blame. Reality is in life there are very few extremes, George Bush isn't entirely stupid and not every Denzel Washington movie is oscar worthy. My guess is both parties have enough blame to go around. Anyway my message to you all is have faith, where I come from they say if "two siblings have a quarell and then go into a room to settle it. If they come out laughing then they haven't spoken the honest truth to each other". So yeah a lot of dirt is being thrown back and forth, but maybe in this whole chaos a lot of people within the laker organization will be able to voice their opinion behind closed doors as to what sort of sincere actions need to happen to salvage the situation.

Whatever the case maybe remember it's just a sport. So whether it's kobe rocking the purple and gold, or it's Deng, or Bynum turns out to be the next Shaq just have some fun y'all. And maybe tune in to watch a kid like Chris Paul play ball, he's got a sweet game and I'd like to see him go head to head against deron williams in the playoffs. That actually seems like a more fun matchup than watching kobe going for the jugular against either of them or Bynum dunking over them.

Yeah you were right when you said "In Kobe we Trust" is a bit extreme, some sayings just shouldn't be messed with. So lemme bow out on "In God we Trust" and hopefully the blog nation got more to ask the good lord for than keep kobe in a purple jersey.

Lastly in the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit I'm kinda rooting for Kobe in a red and black jersey, but if he retires in a purple and gold jersey that would work as well. Last time I checked he ain't given none of us a piece of his paycheck so no need to pop a vein however the story ends. Take care y'all.

Razaq (the blogger formerly known as Taliq)

Edwin Gueco, "bob is a good housewife blogger". Now that was a one heck of a sexist remark.


Rollo Tomasi,

"The plausible way is to keep Kobe and begin focusing on building a respectable roster around him. Get creative by packaging a deal that would include Bynum and Lamar and expiring contracts plus future draft picks for some serviceable 4s or 3s. Get rid of Bynum while his market value is still attractive. "


Dr. Buss,

Consider the suggestion of Rocky to use Magic Johnson as your problem solver and use the formula of Rollo Tomassi - BINGO, WE HAVE A TEAM. We don't want to part with Bynum or LO but they are the only players on top of Kobe who have values to other leagues.Kwame is the logical guy because of his expiring contract but there are no takers on a guy who can't catch the ball. Let's develop our young like Javaris, and this real ticket seller and soon the pet of every Laker kids on this young lad, Coby Karl. Please Dr., let us do the clean up from bottoms up. You can spot talents and differentiate them with raw talents and also separate the mediocres, why not do it? Why does it take you so long to put more values or more beef to your investment? Kobe is great, what he needs are great mentors and support group?

Here is my formula:

At the end of the season, don't renew PJ as the head coach, apply the Peter's Principle by demoting him to a GM position. With his aching hip, a romantic fling with Jeanie, but a great basketball mind - this is the reward for a Hall of Famer, the job of being the Coach Emeritus for the Lakers being the GM.

I have a question: Where are the golden years of the Lakers? My answer: The Showtime Era. This is like the movie Dirty Dozen, find them where they are right now? Byron Scott coaching the Hurricane Katrina players; Coop motivating the lady hoopsters, Big Game James doing analysis of the game, Stu Lantz, doing the color commentator, Kareem Abdul Jabbar on a dead end job in making Bynum a Lew Alcindor but couldn't find any similarities; Kurt Rambis, the hustling center relegated to motivating Kwame, Mihm , Vlad, Luke all developing but could not take-off to decent heights,; Brian Shaw, a motivator for the guards; Gail Goodrich, just a banner in the rafters, we're not using his talents; the Silk Jamaal, he just a mere spectator; Norm Nixon, the talented point guard who could compete to any trackster during his days is a mere analyst on the local networks and finally, what Rocky has suggested: Magic Johnson the quintessential assist man of the Lakers.

These are a talented bunch of professional Lakers. Nobody in NBA could argue that you have weaknesses on these legends. Use their basketball talents frozen at the back of minds, get them active in making the Lakers go for another dynasty.

Like in any corporation, you have the qualified board members, I don't think any one of them would refuse to sit on the board and talk about the Lakers Of The Future. Collectively, with the participation of PJ, they will set standards in hiring, they will set the objectives, the strategies and tactics. There will be debates, airing of point of views like jurors but they could come up with solutions. They will find the Coach, perhaps within the boardroom itself to implement the tasks laid out and finally, determine the players all over the world who will be the Lakers Of The Future.

Reward Mitch Kupchak a golden handshake for being a loyal soldier, Let your son, Jim and daughter, Jeanie manage your stock placements, other businesses not necessarily connected with basketball ownership.

That's the whole formula, Dr. Buss leave the basketball part of the business to the professionals. This will be your lasting LEGACY to the Lakers fans.

Edwin Gueco, "bob is a good housewife blogger". Now that was a one heck of a sexist remark.


Posted by: West | November 01, 2007 at 07:19 PM

no it's not...I am a good housewife blogger. If he didn't know I was a house wife I guess it would be sexist.


With regards to your comments on a sexist remark: bob is a good housewife blogger.

It has been more than a year now that we knew bob is a housewife;
We dealt before a post about her hubby and what she does aside from blogging;
bob is also a passionate laker fan, a mind of her own not afraid to air on what she believes in.

In the ensuing exchanges with Hab who is also a passionate Laker fan with his own ideas of what the team needs
The conversation is getting heated up that led to an uncanny remark:

"I got the good s**t. Wanna come over and try some"

I just posted a caution button, that hopefully they would not lose respect with one another. It is just a precaution, no malice, no agenda just being concerned that we would still be within the flow of their argument.

That is the simple reason why I intervened in describing bob which u consider a sexist remark.

Lamar looks stoned on that clip from today.

Posted by: hariyahu | November 01, 2007 at 06:13 PM

He's gotta torn labrum, Dude.


Critter SOUNDS stoned whenever he opens his mouth. Even though he isn't. That's the one I worry about. Hope that's not gonna be a problem for him. I have my doubts.


There is nothing wrong with calling an alien an alien or a housewife a housewife. Some of these people are just nuts with all that PC crap. It's way out of hand.

Edwin and bob, no problems on the housewife part, was commenting on the "good" part. Like in good black boy, good immigrant. To each his own I guess and if bob is not offended on being called a "good" housewife maybe I should not be also.

Lakers, Kobe need to have a talk to resolve this thing, so everybody is on the same page, starting the season. I wish Kobe would give his teammates a chance this year and have more trust in their abilities to play with him. I've always thought this team can be pretty competetive if everybody is healthy. With everyone, we can get better at our execution and defense. Don't trade Kobe for now and just wait and see how things develop. Give this team a chance to compete. This Lakers team isn't that bad. Let's go Lakers!!!

After all the talk, all of the speculation and rumors, I think it really boils down to this - Kobe can't opt out of his contract until the summer of 09. As a result, the Lakers do have some leverage because at age 31, he will have gone over the apex of his career and will be headed subtley down the slope. with diminishing contract value. So I'm going to suggest a purely hypothetical scenario where our FO actually has some intelligence and savvy (I know, I'm reaching here) and simply tells Kobe - you are with us for the next two years, like it or not. Then, we make a credible effort to actually get better by trading Bynum, Odom and anyone else for talented, complimentary players. If Kobe decided to opt out in 09 - at least we have cap room and a clean conscience in knowing that we tried to build around one of the greatest players of all time. I can live with that.

No worries West, Hab, bob;

"was commenting on the 'good' part. Like in good black boy, good immigrant"

"nothing wrong with calling an alien an alien"

"I did imply if he was high so I guess I had it coming"

the are good aliens and bad aliens....are there really aliens in this world?

there are good immigrants and bad ones too....that's the greatness of being an American, in China you can't afford to be a bad one.

Adjectives are meant to describe not to offend. Of course, there are always wild interpretations on "slang" semantics. Perhaps that's the beauty of living in this country, speaking a second language language other than English, we have a mindset of Simpletons in the midst of complexities.

Now that the Kobe to Chicago speculation has been settled, let's IMPROVE this team. How about:

PG-Fisher, Farmar
SG-Bryant, Evans
SF-Walton, Radmanovic
PF-O'Neal, Turiaf
C-Bynum, Brown

Doesn't that look a lot better than a bunch of young, unproven Bulls? I would say that lineup is capable of competing with anyone in the West. KB+JO IS ALIVE!!!!

One simple move can change the whole outlook on the Lakers immediately.

Hire Magic as the final say on all decisions basketball. Have Magic become that 'one voice' that we need.

Posted by: Rocky | November 01, 2007 at 09:16 AM

Hear ! Hear ! Thats all its going to take ! Move Mitch and Jim Buss ! Thats ALL that is needed. Why isnt Jerry Buss able to see that. Hes probably blinded by love for his son! His nepotism is going to cost the lakers and bryant(his other son *rolls eyes*).

To all Kobe's Haters:

Don't hate Kobe because he made stupid statements about wanting to be traded and/or critical of Lakers' management and ownership. The guy just want to win the championship AGAIN, what's is wrong with that? The Lakers organization suffers greatly after Jerry West's departure. Sure, Jerry Buss spent money bringing Shaq here from Orlando but it's Jerry West who crafted that deal and placed all other skills around Shaq that allows the Lakers to win 3 straight championship. Like Magic said the other night, blames should be spread all around, not just Kobe. Kobe is guilty of speaking his mind, Jerry is guilty of speaking while intoxicated, Kupchak is guilty of not speaking at all and Jim Buss of stern support of the Andrew "Bust" Bynum.

It's tough time in Lakersland nowadays. WIth little talents to support Kobe, no chance of championship in the near foreseable future unless the Lakers take some risk trading for players that have a desire to win (Artest , J O'Neal & Bibby) and get rid of overachievers such as Bynum, Cook, Evans, Radmanomic and Brown. These players are products of Kupchak and Jim Buss. Ironically, they are not the same calibre as Jerry West in evaluating basketball talents. On the dark side, they probably could get Shaq back since his attitude is sour with Riley and Miami is going no where with the current roster. But $$$$ is the issue and Jerry Buss would not open his wallet for high priced over the hill player like Shaq (Last night 7 pts/9 reb.).

Turiaf, Farmar, and Bynum will all be on new contracts by then, which will chew up a bunch of the money. If you sign "crap" players to replace Kwame and Cook (I know, how will you be able to tell the difference) then you'll end up with a team of mediocre players, and maybe 20M for LeBron. Probably not enough money for him, and even if it was, why would he come to a team that won't be able to compete? He would be better off staying in the east.

Why are we developing young players when we should be trading for veterans and experience in order to compete NOW? Which, this FO claims had been doing for the last three season, and is still the official goal at the moment.

Rookies, projects, potentials don't win playoff games.

Long Time Laker Fan,

Thanks for the stats with the explanatory site. Good stuff.

I have been a Laker fan since 1961 and I am extremely disappointed in the response of the Laker front office. This used to be a " Class Organization", and now it is a crass organizatioin. Jerry Buss is spending so much time chasing young girls, that he doesn't seem to notice that his dynasty is going down the tubes. Mitch couldn't pour piss out of a boot,when the instructions were written on the heel, so enough said in that respect. Magic seems to have forgotten his threat to leave the Lakers in 1981, resulting in the firing of Paul Westhead. All of these clowns would have you believe that they had nothing to do with the trading of Shaq, and the entire blame belongs to Kobe Bryant. Pardon me if I missed something, but when did Kobe move to the front office? The very idea, that he had more clout than the Owner, and Minority owner, makes me laugh. If Magic had any sense, he would not have made the stupid comment, that he made on TNT, about Kobe gettig rid of Shaq. Even Shaq was gracious enough to acknowledge that fact this summer, that he knew it was Jerry Buss rather than Kobe, who initiated the trade because he wanted more money. Jerry Buss has become rich on the talents of these players and his thanks for their talents and dedication is to throw them under a bus. I dont blame Kobe for asking for a trade, if they arent going to surround him with decent talent, as they said they would. If Jerry Buss had been smart, he should have tried to keep Jerry West on staff, because he was the only one with any common sense.

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