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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

November 1, 2007 |  9:11 am

Tuesday there was a game, Wednesday reaction to it.  Thursday, the Lakers Universe got back to the same subject that has dominated every purple and gold conversation since the start of the summer.  KobeWatch! was in high gear, in the form of reaction to Magic Johnson's comments during TNT's broadcast Tuesday night, and reports that Kobe himself has vetoed potential deals to Chicago that would bring the Lakers Luol Deng in return.  In other trade news, Mark Cuban says the Mavs are out, and a potential three-way deal that would net the Lakers Ron Artest and Ben Wallace for Kobe isn't going to happen.  (Feel free to take a moment to exhale in relief.) 

Kings Prez Geoff Petrie told the Sacto Bee that rumors of the three-way deal were erroneous, and that his team wasn't involved.  (Interesting note in there about how no NBA team will ever grant another player a no-trade clause.)  Not that he'd say otherwise, of course.  Another avenue for creating some movement could be a sign and trade with Bulls FA forward PJ Brown, but Brown's agent says nobody has contacted him about that sort of thing.  Not that he'd say otherwise, of course.  Meanwhile, the deadline for Ben Gordon and Deng to sign extensions with the Bulls passed without any ink on dotted lines -- are they ever really dotted anymore? -- meaning both are more easily moved than they would be had they signed.

Meanwhile, there was some more news on the home front, and not a lot of it was good.  If you were wondering where Dr. Jerry Buss was on opening night, the answer was ... well, not at Staples.  The team's owner was suspended for two games by David Stern in connection with Buss' conviction on a misdemeanor drunken-driving charge. 

The news wasn't much better for Lamar Odom, who was involved in a two-car accident Tuesday night on his way to the game.  It is believed that Odom ran a red light and hit a Downey woman's car, suffering a slight concussion and sending the woman to a hospital, where she was in stable condition Wednesday.

The boos Kobe absorbed Tuesday were still a topic of conversation at practice Wednesday.  Kobe reiterated that he wasn't worried about it, and that he was happy folks seemed to come around by the end