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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Tuesday there was a game, Wednesday reaction to it.  Thursday, the Lakers Universe got back to the same subject that has dominated every purple and gold conversation since the start of the summer.  KobeWatch! was in high gear, in the form of reaction to Magic Johnson's comments during TNT's broadcast Tuesday night, and reports that Kobe himself has vetoed potential deals to Chicago that would bring the Lakers Luol Deng in return.  In other trade news, Mark Cuban says the Mavs are out, and a potential three-way deal that would net the Lakers Ron Artest and Ben Wallace for Kobe isn't going to happen.  (Feel free to take a moment to exhale in relief.) 

Kings Prez Geoff Petrie told the Sacto Bee that rumors of the three-way deal were erroneous, and that his team wasn't involved.  (Interesting note in there about how no NBA team will ever grant another player a no-trade clause.)  Not that he'd say otherwise, of course.  Another avenue for creating some movement could be a sign and trade with Bulls FA forward PJ Brown, but Brown's agent says nobody has contacted him about that sort of thing.  Not that he'd say otherwise, of course.  Meanwhile, the deadline for Ben Gordon and Deng to sign extensions with the Bulls passed without any ink on dotted lines -- are they ever really dotted anymore? -- meaning both are more easily moved than they would be had they signed.

Meanwhile, there was some more news on the home front, and not a lot of it was good.  If you were wondering where Dr. Jerry Buss was on opening night, the answer was ... well, not at Staples.  The team's owner was suspended for two games by David Stern in connection with Buss' conviction on a misdemeanor drunken-driving charge. 

The news wasn't much better for Lamar Odom, who was involved in a two-car accident Tuesday night on his way to the game.  It is believed that Odom ran a red light and hit a Downey woman's car, suffering a slight concussion and sending the woman to a hospital, where she was in stable condition Wednesday.

The boos Kobe absorbed Tuesday were still a topic of conversation at practice Wednesday.  Kobe reiterated that he wasn't worried about it, and that he was happy folks seemed to come around by the end

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Laker fans, you are fake, fake, FAKES!
You booed your own star for goodness sakes
You sided with the FO, and let them feed you slop
Falling for the oldest con, good and bad cop.
You let a crackhead jockey go and pull your strings
You let them dis on Kobe then let them dis 9Rings
A house that is divided, can and will not stand
Just ask Dr Buss, he got punished aint that grand
He tried to con everyone, and make the bad guy be Kobe
Stern busted Buss the Drunk, with a 2 game penalty
A lot of so called fans said trade him, he dont want to stay
Would you stay for dinner, if garbage was on your plate
They tried to smear Kobe, say watch him take a dive
So he went out and on the Rockets, dropped a quick 45
Then he asked the Rockets, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT
Yao said I got this Kobe, Kobe blocked his freakin shot.
Then they said get him Tmac, come on you’re the new MJ
9Rings put Kobe on him, Tmac couldn’t get a shot away.
Folks don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Yeah it taste oh so sweet
But that’s to hide the poison, that knocks you off your feet
Kobe is good as gone folks, that train done left the station
If you put up with this crap, you are all fakes Laker Nation
This is it for Mamba24, I punched my ticket this is it by by
Thank yall for your love, but this FO crap dont fly
To my blogger sister FAITH, Take care I’ll love you forever
To my mentor EDWIN GUECO, a storm is coming get a sweater
To my inspiration and blogger brother, see you later take care THA SHOW
You said it, I understood it, youre right , Time for me to go
You want the truth well you got it, LAKER TRUTH knows why
other teams now look upon the Lakers, FO as a pig sty.
To the renaissance man, they call him GENERIC ONE
Man you’re a genius not generic, you’re second to no one
To KEIFO my blogger twin brother, stay strong and stay on course
I’m sorry my friend and brother, I got to ride the Kobe horse
To blogger sister EAST COAST JESSIE, big kudos sis to you
To root for the Lakers over KG, damn girl respect to you is due
To a man a lot respect, but just as many love to hate
you got skills MIKE T dont give up, Only God controls your fate
To utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER, like KRS ONE I got to fly
Keep on posting keep on believing, hold that banner hold it high
To fellow warrior ANGRY LAKER, you think you’re angry listen to this
That water that fell from Staples, that aint water but Buss piss
And finally MAMBA FAMILY, from this nest this mamba must fly
Godd@mnit ithis didn’t have to happen, let me go before I cry


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Jordan Farmar, Jarvis Critterton, JERMAINE ONEAL???, Larry Fulcher


One simple move can change the whole outlook on the Lakers immediately.

Hire Magic as the final say on all decisions basketball. Have Magic become that 'one voice' that we need.


Will you at least provide us with a list of blogs you are willing post on?

How long have you been a "Laker fan"? Since the late 90's?

How 'bout my boy Gil's opening night? VERY KOBE-ESQUE.

34 pts, 10-25 shooting, makes a spectacular buzzer beating trey to send it to OT, then proceed to lose to the helpless, JO-LESS Pacers.

Wizards, BTW were full strength, playing with all 3 of their ALL-STAR PLAYERS.

Kobe and Dr. Buss should both come out and say it: KOBE IS STAYING! None of the rumored trades, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, appears to be going through, and if we are to believe some of the louder anti-Kobes here, nobody would want him anyway. Which suits me just fine. I want to see Kobe win again as a LAKER! No matter how long it takes. That said, the Front Office better get going and assemble a better supporting cast. But alas, I'm not Dr. Buss.

Mamba24...I'm with you on that one.

While I have no problem with trading Kobe, I don't see any point, unless we get fair value in return. Just tell him point blank, that the Lakers aren't going to trade him, and then we can get on with the season. I still like the idea of having cap space, and then being able to deal with any free agent in the future. Lose Kobe's salary, and Kwame's too, while were at it, and there should be plenty of cash available to land 2 or 3 top notch players, when they become available. Of course, if Kobe stays, it should be publicly stated that he will not be traded, at least until after this season is over.


if we dont get AT LEAST both gordon and deng, the lakers FO will have made the two biggest mistakes in sports history. we didnt even get the other team's best player last time, we DAMN better get him this time!


I don't understand why you're leaving? You ARE a Laker fan right. Just because Kobe's leaving doesn't mean the Lakers cease to exist.

I love Kobe as much as the next guy and plan on rooting for him where ever he goes. But at the end of the day I'm a LAKER FAN and will root for the guys that come back in the trade.

I don't believe it. I actually read an LA Times article that criticzed the front office. Sure, the criticism was fairly mild, but nonetheless, I am in shock. I didn't think it was possible. This must've been a gross oversight by the editor after a few drinks. An article without a vindictive agenda, with a little substance, and not entirely dedicated to bashing Kobe. What in God's name is going on? Is it 2012 in the Mayan calender already? Next thing you know, cats and dogs will be making love, Cook will have a great attitde, Luke will start playing shutdown D, Kwame will look like Jerry Rice, Jerry Buss will comb his hair back, not sideways, and Jim Buss will quit the crack.

This is getting ridiculous. Kobe demands a trade. But he also controls the trade. He has the power to screw the Laker organization. The no-trade clause is going to prove to be very bad business for the Laker FO. They will not be able to get fair value if Kobe has his hands in everything.

I do say the FO has brought this upon themselves by bowing at the temple of Kobe, giving him all he wants. They should have figured out that someone that demanding would not stop being demanding.

-They supported him through Colorado
-They moved Shaq
-They pay him boatloads of money

But it's not enough.

Shaq was definitely annoying at times, but Kobe's on a whole different planet.

Chicago must be loving the fact that Kobe is trying to keep more talent in Chi-town.

LA front office rolled the dice on the Prima Donna. They are losing big.

Wow. LeBron was so much better than Kobe last night.

I hope you read this before you go. I share your disgust with the whole situation. That's why I couldn't bring myself to contribute to the blog until 24 hours after the opening game.

The Lakers seem rudderless. The blog is reduced to a sea of minuitae since there's no big picture for any of us to grasp.

All that said, thanks for being here for us every morning. Maybe if light ever appears at the end of the darkness, you'll find it in your heart to return. Every one of us who has contributed to this blog is in your debt. Peace.


To the man they call KL, lots of others called the beast
You saved my life for that I thank you, our friendship shall never cease
Exheldrvr they call you, dont know what it means but this I'll say
For your humor and your knowledge thank you brother for coming this way
To the Gods of the blog AK BK, yout work to hard guys get some rest
Knowledge, wisdom, skill and kindness thanks you guys you are the best

batman, im with you on that one. i dont understand how buss could be so stubborn. we're obviously better off WITH kobe, so why not put the ego aside and actually get the right pieces to bring us back to contention? kobe has already publicly stated numerous times that he wants to be a laker for life and as long as he puts on that jersey he will compete harder than anyone.

Sled Dog-

"-They supported him through Colorado"
They gave him their jet to be able to make it to games after court to make the game winnig shots for them.

"-They moved Shaq"
Becasue Shaq was the Antaine Walker of the 2004 Lakers

"-They pay him boatloads of money"
He's made them 100 times as much by himself.

No worries bro but the LAKERS are no SAINTS here. Just want you to realize that. Actually they are THE PROBLEM. (Maybe Kobe's DESIRE TO WIN is a problem too)


Fallen Laker-

We DIDN'T las time, we CAN'T this time. Hell if I was Kobe I would make the life HELL for the OLD F....

Roger B.

"Just tell him point blank, that the Lakers aren't going to trade him"

That is waht we were hoping Buss does. Actually I think that's what KOBE was hoping Buss does. but he got DRUNK TOO MUCH (Like the other day whenhe got busted) and talked too much.

kobe is a pretty damn good business man.

so is dr. buss.

kobe has his trade veto power that no other player in the league has.

and dr. buss has turned a city (region: so cal?) against its once beloved star player in a matter of 3 months (mostly by the star player's own doing).

now it is all coming to head, hopefully.

something has to give, either kobe's trade veto or the lakers willingness to continue this shirade.

for those hoping that the lakers will add some talent to help kobe, that ship has passed.

Sled Dog

why are you on this blog if you're a Jazz fan?

Bring on the added depth. It is true that the Lakers might be stuck in the doldrums for a while(If they make a trade, esp regarding Kobe), but the truth is, this team is not a championship contender and unless we can win our 16th world championship, I see no reason why we should continue the charade of Kobe masking our lack of talent.

I thought Kwame play very well on Tuesday....running the floor, catching the ball, and finishing. I don’t suppose I can expect him to make his freethrows?

I was at the game on Tuesday, and noticed something of glaring deficiency in Bynum's game. HE JOGS BACK DOWN THE COURT ON D-FENSE. He needs to sprint back under the hoop and then find a man. It was like he was walking back down the court to play Ming, but Ming already had crazy post position and it was foul after foul. Can someone light a fire under this 20 year old?

I really wish Kobe would be a little more conducive to us getting a player or two back of some value; it is like Kobe wants to be traded for Viktor Kryapa, two beers, two tacos, and two cheap hookers.

I just think at this point, we have to make some move. Unlike what Cupcake was saying earlier in the summer, we at this point do need to make a move, just to make a move. Even if it is as mundane as getting rid of cook for a 2nd round pick, or trying to resurrect the JO deal. Or obviously trade Kobe…and truthfully I think that any comination that includes Tyrus Thomas is a good trade for the Lakers. He is explosive and raw, but needless to say he was the number one overall pick two years ago. Let the Bulls keep Noah, but trade away the other piece away for Ron Ron.

Artest/Walton/ Snowboarder

In this situation our second unit may be as good as 75% of the 1st units in the league, with obvious defensive stability for our starters. I have always like Artest's tenacity, and anyone whose that mental has to scare most NBA players. I think i like that trait of RON RON a lot. Besides he could give some lucky fans at staples love taps(aka Punches).

Anything will do as long as we get some change. I am sick of hearing all these rumors, I just want a chance to gain some momentum, get into the playoffs, and let the dice roll. Hopefully resolution is near.

I agree with Steven A. "Kobe's got one of sports all time best contracts."

Up to 70% of his salary up front per year. A no trade kicker. VETO POWER, and max dollars...

From a fans perspective, the F.O. got beat by the agent. Which brings us back to the problem at hand. Bad decisions by the F.O. didn't just begin they have been going on for a long time. Magic can't help, Buss has lost it, lil Jimmy never had it, and poor Mitch is just content collecting a check. This whole saga is bringing a new meaning to die hard fan.... when you try hard, you die hard!

The Lakers front office is as dumb as they come. You don't trade Kobe you get him help Deng isn't going to sign an extension, the bulls don't want to pay him more than 50 million because they won't be able to keep gordon too.

During free agency a team will sign Deng for max dollars you can bet your life on that one. The bulls won't, what you do is swing a deal to get Deng. Kobe wants to play with Deng, he see's what Deng will become the bulls will give him up if you give up Bynum.

Lakers add Odom to take the deal over the top and add Farmar/ or Critter and the bulls add Wallace to fill Odom's salary. Both rosters are helped tremendously and the Lakers look like one of the best front offices in the league again.

Instead they want to trade the best player in the game and watch him win championships with Deng in Chicago. The fall of a franchise or do the Lakers believe OJ Mayo is the next Jordan........ IDIOTS!!

Mamba -
A sincere thank you!!!
And kudos for having priciples and morals.
I admire you for your decsion. In this day and age everyone questions the term loyalty...Why would you be loyal to something you no longer believe in?

Where will you be heading, wherever Kobe goes?????

All the best!!


No thanks. I don't want Ben Wallace. Trade him to some other sucker team.

The Lakers did more than just give a jet to Kobe. They could have suspended him. They walked alongside him in support despite the fact of his boorishness.

I do say the FO has screwed this up. Kobe is an off the charts talent, but he is also a head case. He has a knack for destroying relationships. Jerry Buss poured everything into Kobe, and it will in the end injure the Laker organization for years.

Hey what was wrong with the post, Calling William Wallace (Will-Wal) or my Pink Floyd ref.

rayray note to hisself-
Do not talk about Jerry 'JDRUNK' Buss DRIVING DRUNK.

Bottom line: Buss, Kobe and Shaq all have their dysfunctions. So things are bound to continue in a lame manner...

can you imagine Kwame and Big Ben together on the same court? OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION!!!

Anyone read Riles sour grapes quote?

It went something like this (not word for word)

Its interesting how the league sets up its schedule...After 2006 when we won the championship, we played our bitter rivals (the Bulls) on opening night...This year, the spurs drew the Blazers, who were basically the worst team in the league last year...

Correct me if I am wrong, but I recall the Lakers playing teams like the Nuggets on opening night, when they received their rings, after winning a championship...

I used to admire Pat. But ever since he left the Lakers, he seems to always be looking for excuses.

Sled Dog-

That's fair. I love KOBE too much to call him a head case (And let me tell you: he is not, his desire to win all the time being the TOP DOG hurts him some times but all ALFAZ are that way) But what you're saying is PRETTY FAIR.

Never thought I'd say this, but I absolutely HATE KOBE BRYANT! Dude is screwing us so many different ways - can't keep Shaq in LA because of his whiney butt and we got stuck with Kwame + L.O., now we can't get Deng and all the while we have to listen to him complain and watch concume our offense, which is not basketball by the way. I HATE KOBE BRYANT. Ship Kobe out! Keep Bynum!

tha show-
Fo Sho

>>>This is getting ridiculous. Kobe demands a trade. But he also controls
>>>the trade. He has the power to screw the Laker organization. The no-trade
>>>clause is going to prove to be very bad business for the Laker FO. They
>>>will not be able to get fair value if Kobe has his hands in everything.

I don't really see it that way. Kobe can't really screw the Laker organization,
because they ALSO have veto power on any trade. Kobe does NOT have
the power to say "you will trade me to this team for this exact set of players".

It now sounds like Kobe wants to keep Deng on the team at all cost, but it's
okay with him if Ben Wallace goes out in the trade. Or that could all just
be speculation by the media.

There really aren't that many possible combinations of trades that actually
work right now. Kupchak and Bryant and Paxson should just sit down
at the table and review every possible combination and see if there's one
that all three can be happy with. If so, do it. If not, then you know it's
not possible at this time.

Kwame would come off the bench sixth man style for bigger centers in my proposed trade but the lakers front office isn't that smart.
Kobe get yours my man, be the only man in history to single handedly destroy a franchise then win chamoionships and laugh at the league.

The problem with Kobe is not his abiltiy, but the size of his head. He lacks the grace and humilty of a Garnett or LeBron. I'm all for a passionate desire to win, but must it always be the excuse for his destructive ways? MJ was purely competitive, but knew how to carry himself. MJ even knew how to make lesser players play better. Kobe seems to lack this ability.

Fallen Laker-

Riles has always been complaining. He's complained his way into 5 rings playa.

Anyone think Magic would be an effective GM for the Lakers?

a letter to Jerry Buss:

Please don't DRINK and DRIVE. You can kill somebody OLD MAN. Somebody's life is not the Lakers fans emotions you can PLAY with. And tell your SON to put the BONG away. (Is this acceptable?)

Did I mention that I hate Kobe Bryant?

The Lakers were not winning last year or the year before and Kobe was not a "distraction" then. They need some help. Why would anyone deal with the Lakers so called management? Anyone who has a Phd. and insists on being called doctor and drives drunk with 22 year old girls has problems. Mitch has had four years to build a team and all we hear is that it is too tough to make a deal and we have a lot of young inexperienced players. He does reseign everyone or make deals like the Vlades. It is time to sell because you can't get rid of this "family" managemnet team any other way. Jim Buss is the son! "Dr" Buss had been a great owner but he has lost it. Move on. Buy the team Magic!

"A source with knowledge of the trade talks said Deng has been included in proposals swapped between the teams, but Bryant has continually threatened to veto almost any deal in which Deng would be included. Bryant wants to be sure that the team he joins has enough talent remaining to compete for the NBA title."

.....stop watching and reading espn... thats like watching fox news for an unbiased report on the country

I"m happy a player controls their own destiny. Never before has a player had this kind of power, it's business. Organizations don' t give a flying F about you, when it comes to money they would kill your mother. The Lakers supported Kobe because how good he is if it was Sasha they would have cut ties.

Produce and they love you, fail and they would spit on you. It's the nature of the beast so Kobe do what you need to do. It's business, you know if you were a bum they would screw you over and laugh in your face.

So do what no man before you has ever done, be a player GM put the people around you You want to play with. In the process do to a franchise what THEY have done to players in every sport.

If you destroy a franchise on they way out so be it!! They would destroy you!!

And yea I like Kobe respect his game. I worship no man but I also don't give a crap about the name on the front of the jersey. Jerry Buss doesn't give a flying F about me so why should I care about his business?! It's a product I look at sports as a analyst not some crazed fan.

To be honest I could care less is the Lakers win another game. I respect Kobe's game, he's the most entertaining and I hope he can get to a winner. I like Garnett the same way hope he wins but to say I ride or die with a 80 year old caucasion man's team lol yea right.

P.s. it's not a black white thing it's a "real" thing. I can identify with a basketball player a lot better than the owner of a team. My dad played division 2 ball. Kobe's doing what's best for him F everyone one else get yours.

I hate to say this and it is sad that it has come to this but Kobe needs to go and the sooner the a 30 + fan oftheis team I can no longer take it. Trade him now!

Thank you Kobe for all the good times and best of luck in the get your butt on a plane to Chicago.....stop blocking the trade....let us get Deng and move on.

MJ didn't make his players better, they just were better.

You can put 92 MJ on this team and Cook will still be Cook.
Mihm will still be Mihm.
Kwame will still drop the ball (into the opposing teams basket).
Sasha will still only hit shots in practice.

Some people give the dude way too much credit.

He was lucky to have a kick-ass supporting crew in his later years. Kobe just wants the same.

Sled Dog-

I think Magic would make a GREAT GM. He's the only one who seems to have any sense in the Lakers organization!

Bob is right on. The Lakers as my mom used to say got to big for their britches. Buss and his PR and marketing people think that they will always sell out to corporate ticket holders. Kobe could change all that and I hope he does even though I have been a Laker fan forever. Maybe Magic, Jeanie and Phil, and Kobe could take over the management. And Phil, let us hear you say you agree with Kobe one more time.

Sled Dog: "The problem with Kobe is not his abiltiy, but the size of his head. He lacks the grace and humilty of a Garnett or LeBron."

I believe KG in that statement but not LeBron. When I hear LeBron talk, it sounds to me like he's playing a role. He's trying to be the "unselfish" to Kobe's "selfish". Kobe has given him something to play off of. Fact of the matter is that LeBron dominates the ball more than Kobe does. The majority of Cleveland's plays are run for LeBron. They do that run LeBron off of double screens thing ad nauseum. KG I believe. LeBron I don't. But that's purely a subjective thing.

MCJMAN32 - why would Phoenix do that? They're trying to win a title this year.

Okay, one more thing. How good an organization are you if you loss Jerry West, Shaq and Kobe? Forget about Robert Hory etc.

What is wrong with some of you people??? Sure Kobe could've handled it a little better, but this is not his fault. Stop blaming Shaq on him, and stop blaming him for being FRUSTRATED for the front office's complete lack of good decision making. How could you fault him for not wanting to watch his great years be ruined by the organization's (Jim Buss) fixation on Andrew Bynum. While Tim Duncan collects championships, Lebron makes the Finals with a crap squad, Steve Nash steals MVP's, and Shaq won again, Kobe has become the undisputed best player in the league, and has to play with mediocre talent and a #2 who is either hurt, or half there. Call him a baby all you want, but gives it his all on the floor.....for someone who doesn;t want to be there...he sure was trying to WIN that game against Houston. this team can still be good, because of Kobe, and only because of him. Why should he let the FO's ineptitude ruin his career and legacy. Kobe owed it to the fans to handle it better, but he does not owe it the FO to Jim Buss to piss away the franchise.
While I will always remain a LAker fan, but I will never forgive them if they trade away another LEGEND. That will make 2 of the greatest EVER to play basketball to be traded in a span of 3-4 years. No, I can't forgive that. If they make this trade, or not change their (Jimmy's) stubborness, this team will be haunted for at least 10 years of the cellar. Look how long it took Chicago to climb out. The FO has already proved it's worthlessness. So now we might have the Andrew Bynum years. That's what it is all about. Their refusal to part with Bynum. He BETTER pan out!!! And by pan out, I mean TOP 5 EVER. I cannot stand by and watch my team turn into the Clippers, by sheer ignorance and idiocy by the Children. KOBE IS RIGHT ! and I will HATE seeing him go. I will be in limbo. While I can;t change teams, and root for the BUlls, I will root for Kobe. I will alwys be a Laker fan, but I will feel scorned by them, and I will resent them for taking away the chance to watch one of the GREATEST 2 players ever wear a Laker uniform. We lost Magic prematurely, and now we're losing Kobe.......

Anyone think Magic would be an effective GM for the Lakers?

Posted by: Sled Dog | November 01, 2007 at 10:27 AM

I doubt it. I love Magic to death, by far my favorite player of all time, but no, not an effective GM. Did he succeed as a coach? A talk show host? Ok, joking there.. He is too busy with everything else, sort of like the K's. It's a big job, there is more to it than making a couple of deals a year. You have to be focused and single minded.

Seems like former superstars can't make it as coaches or GM's. Role players do a better job. Look at MJ, Bird, Elgin, McHale, Zeek...Who am I missing?.. They all SUCK BIG TIME.

It would appear that being a superstar player and an effective manager requires a completely different set of skills...

Perhaps the Lakers should consider Torre while he is still on the block:-)

AK / BK,

LA Times runs lot of little surveysand features like who would you want to keep as Laker or Kobe's mood meter.

Have they run a survey asking the readers ...

1) Will you renew your season tickets if there was no Kobe?

2) How will you look at Lakers if Kobe was traded? Favorably, Unfavorably or Doesn't Matter

Mamba24, I know you're mad. But most of the bloggers I've seen here feel the same way you do. Look at me! Who would have imagined 6 months ago I'd be defending Kobe Bryant in any respect?

This problem was, in hindsight, inevitable. The FO made a bad trade and was in "rebuild-denial" mode. They traded away a franchise player with little in return. Depending on whom you choose to believe, they promised their new franchise player they'd get him superstars to play with when they knew or should have known that they ddn't have the assets or cap room to do that. And they made some really dumb moves with what they DID have. Re-signing Cook? Trading Butler for Kwame? Come on. And then, finally, Buss goes public with a conversation Kobe understood was private.

Kobe's had his problems too. Magic nailed it, so I won't repeat it.

But the choices the Lakers made after the 2004 Finals doomed them to this fate. A lot of us saw this coming. No one could reasonably believe that the Lakers could top the Spurs, Suns or Mavs with the remaining talent, no matter HOW brilliantly Kobe played?

The latest fan reaction baffles me too. But it comes from frustration. Laker fans ALL feel it. I used to call myself "Exlied" for a reason. I felt the same way you did, but for different reasons. But when you spread the blame appropriately, and take a real objective look at the sitch-ee-a-shun, you realize that the Lakers are in for a tough road for a few years to come, and it will take major strategic and organizational changes to make it back towards the top.


You maybe right on the size of Bron Bron's head and the "selfish/unselfish" role playing.

The big difference, however, is that LeBron "GETS" that WINNING is first and foremost, and it's what gets him the real glory. Kobe doesn't. LeBron is genuinely happy when a "Boody" hits a game winning 3 in a PO game, Kobe is isn't.

LakerFaze - The agents usually win in these situations. They may have given Kobe some uprecedented concessions in his contract but it's not as if the guy isn't earning his keep. You know where the agent really won against the Lakers? Arn Tellem in negotiating the sign-and-trade for Kwame Brown. But I digress.

The front office still has power. They don't have to trade him if it's a deal that would further cripple the Lakers (assuming they'd recognize that). If Kobe starts tanking or sitting out, sit him out the entire season. Go Terrell Owens on him and villefy him to the point that Rob Pelinka is holding press conferences begging the league to step in because "the best player in the game" deserves to play the game he so desperately loves. You couldn't do that to a KG but you could do that to Kobe because of how bad his image is right now. Anyone who believes he ran Shaq out of town, raped that girl or, at the very least, is a selfish basketball player wouldn't hold it against them. I'm not advocating that. I'm just saying that no one should limit what either side can do in this situation. There are a lot of possible moves and it can get a lot uglier than it already is.







You know I had a well thought out and much more erudite and longer post written that detailed mistakes our so-called front office has made and suggested alternative courses of action we might take. But I'm too angry and disappointed to say anything but what I just did - which pretty much sums it all up anyhow.




Sled Dog

you didn't answer my question. Why are you on this blog if you are a Jazz fan?

Please Kobe approve the deal with Deng coming to LA...PLease!!!

Being a long time Laker Fan this is just sick. Enough!

Get Deng, go the youth route and in 3 years let's see what we have.
The worse case situation is we get to see team ball again. I have had with the Black Hole. Really strange isnt when th 2nd team seems to chemistry and get this, they actually move the ball around. Hey, they actually run the Triangle, what a concept.

See ya Kobe, please approve the deal, yes we will get the short end of the deal but a new start will be good for the team and city and its fans.

Lakers forever!!!


Did Kobe secretly hire Karl Rove while we weren't looking? This strategy of making himself out to be the victim is looking pretty good. Ignore the past and frame the argument in the present. Identify the weak link in the opposition (Jim Buss the pony-tailed pony-trainer clown) and exploit him. Getting everyone saying he's such a good player that he only deserves to be in a tailor-made situation where he's competing for championships every year is genius! It's only fair right?


Dude, don't go. Your blog brothers weren't the ones doing the booing. Don't punish us. You're a very important part of the Laker Blog experience, and it would be a shame to deal with the void you'd create by leaving. You're the Magic Johnson of the blog, carefree, emotional, but always upbeat, doling out the assists and sometimes, when necessary, taking it to the basket yourself.


I'm completely over Kobe Bryant. Let's send him to Chicago yesterday.

Here's what I do if I'm Jerry Buss:

I send Kobe Bryant and Brian Cook to Chicago.

Chicago sends Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Thabo Sefalosha, PJ Brown S & T, and a No.1 pick to the Lakers.

Done deal.

Air is cleared, everyone moves on, and I like our squad.

We would have incredible amounts of trade assets and salary flexibility moving forward and the biggest, greatest thing I could ever imagine, the Kobe Bryant Era in LA would be over. Thank the guy for his time and dedication but the headache and drama is too much for this city and organization to handle anymore.

The new era in LA Laker basketball begins and I'd completely welcome it.


Posted by Roland at October 30th, 2007

The one thing to come out of the Kobe Bryant turmoil this fall? Coach Phil Jackson’s power within the Los Angeles Lakers organization is increasing.
The team is in the process of sweetening its new contract offer to Jackson, who is in the last year of a three-year, $30 million deal.
Saying he would wait to determine if he wanted to keep coaching the team, Jackson had held off on accepting a new deal. But in recent days the coach has begun sounding like he will stick around.
The team is preparing to up the ante by as much as $1 million or more per season.
It makes sense too.
Lakers owner Jerry Buss has long known that he needs at least one superstar on the roster to sell his high-priced tickets to Hollywood’s high rollers.
With Shaquille O’Neal long gone, and Bryant himself kicking to be traded, that leaves only Jackson with enough star quality to sell tickets.
One thing is sure, Lakers fans do love the Zen Master.
This is not to imply that Jackson is seeking to shore up his own importance by driving away Bryant. Far from it, the coach has done virtually everything possible this fall to keep Bryant in the fold.
Bryant has maintained privately that he has no trust left in Jerry Buss. That trust, in Bryant’s mind, hung by a thread through the off-season. Then Jerry Buss chose during an October training camp interview to make public his private conversations with Bryant. That left absolutely no trust, an infuriated Bryant revealed to those around him.
Jackson and other coaches talked repeatedly to Bryant, telling him the team would not trade him because there was no way the Lakers could receive comparable value in return.
The Lakers had already dealt away one superstar in a terrible deal. They couldn’t do that twice, at least not and recover.
Bryant, though, has steadfastly held on to the belief that somehow a deal will be worked out with either Dallas or Chicago.
The Lakers acknowledge that they have continued to talk trade possibilities, but working out a deal is very difficult.
Some analysts, such as TNT’s Charles Barkley, have projected that Jackson’s recent criticism that Bryant doesn’t have his heart in the season will serve to sever the relationship between the player and the coach. But that’s not true.
Bryant and Jackson understand each other. Where once they had virtually no relationship in Jackson’s first tenure with the team, they now know each other well.
The situation, however, has once again meant that Bryant has taken a horrific beating in the press for his actions this fall, sitting out three days of training camp and playing poorly in exhibition games.
The recent incidents have caused many of the team’s fans to forget that Bryant has given an exemplary effort to the team for more than a decade.
Fans will perhaps soon enough realize that Bryant’s anger and disgust is similar to that of longtime team executive Jerry West, who understood the true, unrevealed nature of Jerry Buss.
Buss in recent years has turned over the full responsibility of running the team’s basketball operations to his son, Jim Buss.
Dating back to when West ran the team, the Lakers basketball staff has long considered Jim Buss a loose cannon within team operations.
In the years since he has had full power, Jim Buss has made some wild moves, including the hiring of Rudy Tomjanovich in 2004, a unilateral decision that cost the team millions of dollars.
The L.A. Times’ Mark Heisler recently took me to task for reporting that it was Jim Buss, not Jerry Buss, who hired Tomjanovich. But Jerry Buss has been busy in recent years covering Jim’s mistakes and taking public responsibility for them. Surely Heisler realizes that.
There are those around the team who maintain that Jim Buss is behind the 2004 firing of Jackson and the disastrous trading of O’Neal. Certainly Jackson believes Jim Buss was behind his firing.
Through the process, however, it has become perfectly clear to those in the team’s employ that Jim Buss is going nowhere. His father is determined that his son will remain in charge of the team’s basketball operations.
That’s a big part of why Bryant wants out. It’s one of the reasons that West left.
Jerry Buss’ insistence that his son run the team confirms his utter lack of understanding that used to drive West crazy. Think about it. Even those extremely close to the Buss family acknowledge that Jerry Buss has been unbelievably lucky during his tenure with the team.
He bought the Lakers in 1979 after they already had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and had already drafted Magic Johnson. They won five championships in the ‘80s when West stopped Jerry Buss from angrily trading James Worthy.
They won three championships from 2000-03 after West labored mightily in the ‘90s to get O’Neal and Bryant.
Jerry Buss never won anything that Jerry West didn’t giftwrap for him.
The current joke around the team is that Jim Buss has put his friend/former bartender on the scouting payroll.
Of course it was Jerry Buss who hired a former NFL cheerleader as a scout.
Like father, like son.
Jerry Buss isn’t totally whack, though.
He turned the business operations of the team over to his daughter Jeanie Buss, Jackson’s girlfriend for the past seven years.
Jeanie has long shown her competence as a sports executive. One of her recent moves is to chase away the team’s ancient penchant for secrecy. The team’s website now offers revealing interviews with Jackson. And watchdog PR man John Black has been reined in, pulled from Jim Buss’ supervision over to Jeanie Buss’ business side.
The two sides of the organization have even agreed to regular meetings, so that one side of the organization can keep track of the other (translation: the loose cannon can be tied a bit).
Jeanie Buss is even contemplating a reality TV show that reveals many aspects of her unusual life.
Perhaps the new openness will reveal to fans what the once super dedicated Bryant has come to realize—Jerry Buss has virtually ensured that this franchise’s glory days are all behind it.
Then again, perhaps it would be a failing to count out that Buss luck.
Maybe there’s another fairytale left in the pot. You know, they manage to hold onto Bryant. Lamar Odom gets healthy and stays that way, as do all the other casualties from last season. Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown, etc.
And Phil Jackson works a bit of coaching magic for another title.
All those who believe that raise your hands. We’ll get you a ride to games on the California Dreamin’ Buss lines.

If the Lakers do decide to trade Kobe to Chicago, they need to make sure they get the most out of it possible since they won't end up getting star power player....
KOBE, MO Evans, Brian Cook or Vrad for


This is the only trade I would take if I were the Lakers...
I would look to signing Anderson Verragio for a 4 year 35m, in turn cutting Kwame Brown for tax luxury purpose.....

With a line up of


Notice All of our current starters will be moved to the Bench...


I agree with you to a certain extent. I understand people being upset about Kobe vetoing a trade that includes Luol Deng, because as a team trading one of the best players in the game you want to get their best player back. Obviously, that's not going to happen and we can just look at the Shaq trade when we were unable to pry Dwyane Wade away from Pat Riley.

But people always say that the Lakers have supported Kobe, and I agree, they did. But did they support him because they love him so much, or because he's a hell of a player? It's because he's a hell of a player. If Mark Madsen had rape allegations, he would have been deactivated. Kobe owes management nothing because the Busses have made more money from Kobe than Kobe has made from them. That's why they can afford to pay him $20 million.

Now, as a Laker fan it's disheartening because the player and team I've loved since I was 9 or 10 are about to split. And that is the only reason it saddens me. As far as Kobe's veto power, that's all business.

Sports is the only place where management can think in terms of business but employees (the players) are expected to be loyal to a fault.

Andrew Z

"Air is cleared, everyone moves on, and I like our squad."

You like it but I don't....that team sucks

it amazes me, the same people who don't want to trade kobe are the same people who did not want to trade bynum/odom for jermaine o'neal.

trust me, had we made a deal for o'neal over the summer - we wouldn't be going through all of this.

so instead of dealing a often injured player (non all-star) and a potentially good center during the summer, we are on the cusp of trading the best player in the nba.


this IS surreal.

ok new poll....Mamba24 you have to stay to count the votes.

Who is the bigger problem...Kobe or Jim Buss

I think this poll will tell us what bloggers think is going on.


It's like I always say: No one said Michael Jordan made his teammmates better until he got better teammates.

'That's the most important thing. They know. (The) smart thing (for them is to) kind of read between the lines and decipher for themselves what's really going on. I just let it be. I don't want to add any fuel to the fire. I just want to go out there and play the game I love to play."
well between the lines..he said this bcz he loves the lakers and he wants to stay here..hes just not happy about the way the FO handled things...draft..trades..etc

"LeBron is genuinely happy when a "Boody" hits a game winning 3 in a PO game, Kobe is isn't."

Are you joking, or have you started watching the Lakers only a few years ago?
Yeah, Kobe was pretty pissed off all those games Horry and Fish hit big shots. He was sulking pretty hard when Fish hit the .4 and when Horry shot the 3 against Portland and Sac. The difference on this team is, with 3 seconds left to go, we have a better shot with Kobe shooting against a double or triple team, than Kwame, Lamar, Luke or Smush shooting it. Kobe knows it, Phil knows, and YOU know it. Last year, Kobe would've never passed to a teamate if he had a shot to win the game. You have to earn trust. Is it any wonder that Kobe passed to Fish without even flinching against Houston? The trust is there with Fish.

You're irrational hate for Kobe is seriously blinding your basketball judgement and/or memory.


HAB - I think the reason why LeBron is fine with winning no matter who takes the shot is because he's in a situation where he gets the credit for the team's success anyway. Oddly enough, Kobe has had that same situation since the Shaq trade but is perceived much differently. I remember last year where he passed the ball to Cook (on the pick and pop) who drained a 3 pointer to send the game into overtime against Washington. They ended up losing that game but I don't believe Kobe regretted Cook making that shot. However, that was a much different time wasn't it? Lakers well above .500 and Kobe talking about how he was a big brother to all his teammates and how much fun it was just to see them develop.

A good GM is more than Drafting or trading.

It requires leadership.
It requires keeping all the forces and voices of the franchise united in a same
vision and goal.
It requires compromise and negotiated decisions.
It required humility to recognize errors and skipped
It requires a complete knowledge about basketball, human being egos and fans
It requires to judiciously separate small parts of the team, vital parts and the engine and accommodate those in a intelligent and adequate manner.
It requires great communication between players, coaches, scouts, managers and everybody that is part of the team.
It requires more than a family name, a famous persona, a ex basket superstar.

For more that our loving, gracious and sympathetic Jerry Buss wants to convince us that his son is doing OK. We know reality. 95 % of the people concludes that Kobe is playing with low level talent. So, when Jerry come across publicly to defend the good job of the GM office, he choose a path of denial.

Truth, Kobe and the idiot word and the radio-crazy-ton make wrong the way that him, as a messenger, used, but not the message, Mr Buss.

You aren't a fool, Dr Buss...Us? Neither. Let's get sincere and do what is needed to put this franchise in a victorious way again.

If your ego dictate the course: Kobe will be out, the soonest, the better.
If you understand Kobe desire to win and you try to excuse his wrong way of expressing it, Kobe will stay and you will do the changes needed to make
the team competitive.

Now the more this decision is delayed, the more your business suffer.
Kobe would play with Lakers, and you know, he is very at. He will put Staples under his feet. The more he play, the more the fans will see he isn't the problem. You are smart, Mr Buss. Keep the same common sense

As Laker fans, we want them to win, right?

Why, then, is everyone so angry with Kobe? That's what he wants to do also. Win!
All he wants to do is play with people that actually care about playing basketball and people that PUSH themselves to be the best thay can be!

He was right about Shaq! If Shaq really wanted to, he could've been the greatest ever. He did not approach his career in a professional manner and that pissed Kobe off. Shaq could have asked for less money to keep the dynasty going but unlike quality players, like Tim Duncan, Magic, etc.
he refused to see the big picture and demanded more money.
Granted, Shaq did work while he was with LA. There is no disputing that.
Whats worth disputing is that he let professional jealousy get in the way and then he took less money to play in Miami.

ITS THE LAKERS FAULT THAT THEY ARE WHERE THEY ARE. Take Kobe out of the picture. Are Kwame, Luke, Turiaf and Fisher really deserving of starting roles? Really?
This team is just not that good...thats coming from guys like Rick Carlisle, Hubie Brown and Jeff Van Gundy. Guys that know a little something about coaching in the NBA.


It's like I always say: No one said Michael Jordan made his teammmates better until he got better teammates.


"This is why, last season, the Lakers should have shut down Lamar and Kwame when they got hurt."

I believe I posted that exact sentence, in the present tense, last March. That would have been the San Antonio move and the smart move. Higher draft pick, and the surgeries out of the way would have given them trade bait that even McHale couldn't turn down.

In that scenario, you could also make the case that Kobe would not have gone as mental having not gone through the Phoenix beating and knowing there was a sun rising on the horizon.

Xodus: "Sports is the only place where management can think in terms of business but employees (the players) are expected to be loyal to a fault."

Obviously you've never worked in the entertainment business. Or, for that matter, faced a lay-off or pay cut or merger or have had your Christmas bonus taken away. It's like that in business across the board.


wow LAKER TRUTH just put you in your does that feel?

hey mamba, what the hell you doing? i thought before you were joking around, but if you leave because of this...ill have to find you and slap you cuz you lost it. come on man, these things we dont have control over. it dosent mean you cant come here to talk. you know like a blog analyist. a lot of people here appreciate you and your effort here, even if its not always shown. i never see a negitive post about you even though you have your favorites (j/k)! more importantly, dont leave us with the computer programs like below avg joe, lakers lies, and some others. last time i cheked, snakes dont gve up, they bite sombody! bite yourself! COME ON! (unless the ball and chain got ya by the stones, in that case good luck haha)

I think it's important to remember that management doesn't want to trade Kobe; they've said so from the very beginning. Kobe's the one who's demanding to be traded. Dr. Buss tried to talk Kobe into staying and Kobe refused and insisted on being traded.

So people here need to quit complaining about management wanting to trade Kobe. They don't want to, Kobe is forcing their hand.

Now it seems as if not only is Kobe demanding the Lakers trade him, he's demanding they get screwed in the process. IOW, he's saying "Trade me, but I'll veto any trade where you get anything resembling fair value in return". Disgusting.

About halfway through opening night's game I seriously thought about just turning it off (and I haven't missed a Laker game in 10 years). I simply cannot watch Kobe jack up 30+ shots--many of them ridiculously forced--while everyone else just stands around. I don't care what sort of talent you have around you, you're never going to win that way. Who wants to play on a team where at best you're going to get 8 shots a game, more than likely 3 shots per game? Unless you have a team of Mark Madsens, there's just no excuse for that.

All that's going on now is Kobe is playing these games for himself, and it looks like the rest of the team knows it.

Magic was dead-on with half of what he said. This latest round of Kobe-drama (which has been going on since he came here) is weighing on this team. But I don't think management can say "Kobe's not going to be traded", because all that's going to do is make Kobe even angrier and more passive-agressive in how he plays. They say that and we're stuck watching Kobe trying to beat his 81 every night.

We need to trade him ASAP. I personally would like us to get not only two good young players, but a potential lottery pick as well. That way we'd have our good young players (Bynum, Farmar, and J-Critt), the two youngsters we'd get in return, our draft pick (which would probably be pretty high because we're rebuilding), and another high draft pick. That would give this team a fresh start and a very high likelihood of having a very good team in 2-3 years.


I like the value in your deal if the Lakers do a deal but I'm not interested in a deal to be honest.

Andrew Z,

That is a piss poor deal you drew up. You're just tired of it and wanting to give Kobe away.

I say, keep Kobe for the 2 yrs. Kobe and Lamar will roll off the cap. Hope that in 2 yrs someone will take Vlad-Rad or Luke to get them off the books too.

In this 2 yrs, YOU GET THE BEST OF WHAT KOBE HAS LEFT, and you never know, you could win.

I think someone will bite on the Lamar Odom trade or Andrew Bynum trade by themselves for an All Star like Jermaine O'Neal.

Now everyone sees why the team was stupid not to get Ricky Davis.
It would not have hurt nothing but the team is too stupid.


It's like I always say: No one said Michael Jordan made his teammmates better until he got better teammates.

LAKERTRUTH: "The difference on this team is, with 3 seconds left to go, we have a better shot with Kobe shooting against a double or triple team, than Kwame, Lamar, Luke or Smush shooting it."

I disagree. Kobe shooting a nutbanger (sorry, that's a word from the espn boards that means any ill-advised shot beyond the three point arc over multiple defenders when you have open teammates) isn't better to me than a wide open Lamar, Luke or even Smush. Kwame I'd agree with though.


I've been a laker fan since 1970.

I live in Utah, and sure do enjoy getting great seats to NBA games at a fraction of the cost of LA, and I enjoy watching Jazz basketball, but I am and always will be a Laker fan. I got to go to a Lakers-Jazz game last year...excellent seats (sideline about 20 rows up) for about 65 bucks! Lakers won that one!

I lived in Sac-town for a couple of years and an unfortunate side-effect is that my daughter pulls for the Kings. My son pulls for the Jazz. Between those two I'd pick the Jazz. The whole Maloof organization is strange (Petrie is a solid GM, though).

It's like I always say: No one said Michael Jordan made his teammmates better until he got better teammates.

Great post!!!
I have been saying this forever!!!

Wait til Kobe plays with some actual talent. When he did look what happened. The Lakers were great and won three championships!
Look what happened when he played over the summer with real players.
Team USA looked ridiculously good. More so than in years past!

I think its time he goes, but as a Laker fan I hope we never face him in the playoffs or Finals.


Kobe said at the start of the summer that he wanted them to improve the team and put some warriors on the roster to play with as oppose to what he had or TRADE him. They did not and they seemed reluctant and ass backwards in trying to improve the team.
THey re-signed a BUM in Chris Mihm.
They got a gift in Derek Fisher which is a living miracle.

Next, Kobe keeps quiet while they could continue to pursue Jermaine O'Neal for Lamar Odom only or other deals or JO for Bynum only and other deals but instead DR. BUSS BREAKS UP THE TRUCE and yaps about what he might do cause he's a rich man and does and says what he wants.

He's screwing with OUR TEAM.

Regardless of what happens to Kobe, Magic should be in his rightful place as the leader of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Just the simple proclamation that Magic has control over basketball decisions would signal that the Lakers are on the right track.

Magic is the only one who has intelligently stayed in the background in all of this Kobe drama.

Magic has Kobe's utmost respect.

Magic has a great basketball mind.

Magic not having any influence over any basketball decisions relating to the franchise is ridiculous.

I would feel a sense of security if Magic was the one making the basketball decisions over Jim Buss.

Magic is the greatest Laker of all time, like Jerry West before him. It's time for Magic to fulfill his destiny and lead the Lakers from the front office.

Fallen Laker,

"can you imagine Kwame and Big Ben together on the same court? OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION!!!"

Thanks. That was pretty damn funny.


Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has people call her Dr. all the time as well. It's the proper term of respect for people with Ph.Ds. A Ph.D means that your field recognizes your ability to make original and meaningful intellectual contributions. Given that these programs require 4.5 to 7 years typically to complete (after a bachelor's degree), I'm inclined to show individuals that have gone through this pain in the ass process some respect.

That's just me.

See these comments from Chris Brussard of ESPN

The Lakers should just CHILL for real as Magic said too and improve the team with KOBE.

Chris Brussard writes:

The Lakers should not trade Kobe Bryant this season. Period.
They need to put an end to this circus ASAP, and they should do so by coming out publicly and saying Kobe will remain with the Lakers, that they're no longer listening to offers.
The offers they've been getting are a joke. The latest talk, as reported on Wednesday, by my colleague Ric Bucher, had them receiving Ben Wallace and Ron Artest in a three-way crash with Chicago and Sacramento.
And that makes the Lakers better how?
David Stern should take the franchise away from Jerry Buss if he makes that deal. In fact, he should fine him for even considering it.
First of all, Big Ben is not the Big Ben of old. He's just old. Yes, he's still a good player, but he's no longer a major impact player, certainly not on a nightly basis. At its height, Ben's game was based on athleticism, and with that declining due to age, Ben is ordinary on many nights. Plus, he's owed $28.5 million the next two seasons after this one.
Do I even have to discuss the red flags attached to Artest?
You're going to trade Kobe to alleviate turmoil by bringing in the King of Disruption? It took a new coaching staff, several trades and a couple of years before Indiana even began to work its way out of the mess Artest left them in.
I don't mind bringing Artest to L.A. if Kobe's there, but without Kobe, I don't touch him.
My point is that the Lakers are not being offered anything of substance for Kobe. Teams are trying to get him on the cheap.
Not even Chicago's best offer, which would include Deng, excites me. Put this exact Chicago team in the West and they're a lower-rung playoff team at best. I'm not so sure they're better than a healthy New Orleans squad. They definitely don't have a Chris Paul or a Tyson Chandler.
Plus, the Bulls' players (who would become Lakers players) don't have the pizzazz the fans in L.A. like to see.
Throw in the fact that Kobe is nixing any deal that includes Deng (because he wants to play with him in Chicago), and I see absolutely no reason to deal with the Bulls.
John Paxson is correct to try and do everything he can to get Kobe, especially if he can keep Deng too, but the Lakers need to chill.
Again if I'm L.A., I tell Kobe, "We're keeping you.'' At the very least, I say, "Unless you waive your no-trade clause, we won't move you.''
There is plenty of time to smooth this whole thing over. Kobe can't opt out for nearly two years.
Remember how bad things were between Phil Jackson and Kobe a few years ago? Phil blasted him in a book for crying out loud!
But over time, Phil eventually became Kobe's confidante. Given time -- and a little bit of success on the court (which is not out of the question judging by the Lakers' opening night performance) -- this can be worked out, too.
And keep an eye on Jermaine O'Neal. Let's see how he fits into Jim O'Brien's new, up-tempo, trey-heavy offense. O'Neal's not happy in Indy, and he's one of the few remaining reminders of the aforementioned "Artest Nightmare.''
If Indy continues to play well, and O'Neal's not a big factor in their success, maybe the Pacers will be willing to send him to L.A. without getting Andrew Bynum in return. The Lakers could at least explore a three- or four-team deal that might enable them to keep Bynum and get O'Neal.
Kobe, while he still wanted to be traded, was actually behaving very professionally before Buss came out and publicly said the Lakers are open to trading him. That's when he began to sulk, and the circus started anew.
Also, if Kobe remains unhappy this season, the Lakers will probably get better offers around the draft.
And remember, when Kobe can opt-out of his deal in 2009, it's not like a lot of teams will have the cap room to sign him for $20 million plus per year, certainly not many good teams that are ready to compete for a championship.
By then, Kobe will be almost 32 years old with 13 NBA seasons under his belt. Plus, almost two seasons worth of playoff games. I'm sure he'll still have a couple of great years left, but his best days will almost certainly be behind him.
Just to put that type of wear-and-tear into perspective, Michael Jordan played 11 full seasons with the Chicago Bulls, plus two seasons worth of playoff games.
My point is that Kobe's opt-out clause won't give him as much leverage as he thinks it will.
And while few teams ever go this route, what's wrong with letting Kobe walk after two years (if he insists on doing so) and getting nothing back in return?
Obviously, he's a great talent, but rather than get chumped in a sign-and-trade deal, why not just let his $21 million roll off their payroll? Lamar Odom's contract will end that year as well, giving the Lakers plenty of cap room to work with.
Bynum, if he's ever going to be anything, will be balling by then, and you could add top-notch free agent pieces. Everyone wants to play in L.A.
Remember, LeBron will be able to opt out of his deal the year after that in 2010. If Cleveland can't put the right pieces around him (you know, I hope they can), who's to say LeBron won't be ready to go rejuvenate the Lakers.
Bottom line is this: If I'm the Lakers, I don't let Kobe push me around and trade him just because he's unhappy.
Dr. Buss has clearly taken this thing personally, but he has to be smart enough to make the right business decision.
And that's to tell Kobe and the world that he's off the market.


"You like it but I don't....that team sucks"

The team we have right now, playing with all this baggage, sucks. Even worse off is we have very, VERY limited resources to make it better.

If that deal was made we could turn Thomas or Noah, Kwame, PJ Brown and draft picks into Jermaine O'Neal.

I think a starting line-up of D-Fish, Ben Gordon, JO, LO, and Bynum is much better than what we have now. Add a bench of Walton, Sefalosha, Farmar, Mihm, Vlad, Thomas/Noah, Evans, Crittendon and Mihm and we are extremely deep and talented.

Hell, with Ben Gordon not signing an extension you could use his newly aquired Bird Rights in the offseason for a sign and trade (Arenas anyone?). Problem with everyone is they think building this franchise back into a contender is a one move and done scenario. It's absolutely not. But by using Kobe to get as many assets as possible we can speed up the process and open tons of doors to possible moves.

First things first though, got to get rid of Kobe and his drama.


>>>I think the reason why LeBron is fine with winning no matter who takes the shot is because he's in a situation where he gets the credit for the team's success anyway. Oddly enough, Kobe has had that same situation since the Shaq trade but is perceived much differently

Yeah, well, why is that? LeBron, Shaq, Kobe all have huge egos. But LeBron and Shaq get their "little borthers" to perform close to their max ability, while Kobe is a buzzkill.

to make kobe leave by waiving the no trade, BENCH OR EVEN BETTER, SUSPEND HIS ASS! then we get deng. kobe will have too much pride to stay around. i rather them play team ball anyway.


That's exactly what I'm saying! In every form of business including sports management thinks in terms of business. And the same holds true for employees. But in sports, athletes are expected to be loyal to a fault, and live with whatever management decides to do.

Look at a guy like Ben Wallace. He decides to leave Detroit (who didn't want to give him a big deal) where he was very successful and is trying to help build something over there. How do you think Wallace felt when he turned on ESPN yesterday and heres he was a hair away from being a Bull?

People need to hold athletes and management to the same standards.

Andrew Z, GINO

Let me ask you guys,

Why not just keep him, mgmt chill out, and let him play for L.A. during the best 2 yrs of talent he has left.

The next 2 yrs are the best 2 yrs because he's younger then than later.

Let's just keep the guy and keep quiet.

He's already showing up and working.

Let's improve the Lakers as they are.

Jason F.,

I'm right there with you.

xodus: "No one said Michael Jordan made his teammmates better until he got better teammates."

I personally don't like using the phrase "made his teammates better" because it's ambiguous and doesn't accurately reflect what any of the great players who get tagged with it actually did.

Magic was a floor general and got his teammates the ball in positions where they could succeed. Same with Stockton, Kidd and Nash.

Jordan commanded so much attention that there was often a teammate who wasn't being guarded. Same with Kareem, Shaq and Duncan.

What all those players have in common is they demand(ed) excellence from their teammates. If they held up their end of the bargain then they expected the same from the other players on the floor.

jason your right, but peolpe here are thick-headed. they are fanatical kobe worshippers when kobe is the one who wants to go. NOBODY wants kobe gone but him. there are a few here that realize this.

Trading Kobe is like trusting that management will some how become competent....

So we trade kobe and get all these new players and great draft picks. Then what? What if those players opt out in a year or two...What if we keep picking wrong in the draft? what if we keep making bad trades?Just because kobe is gone doesn't mean it solves our problems. Is that when the fans are going to ask for new management? Shouldn't we be doing that now?

Just some questions I'd like answered....

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