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Some quick tidbits

Hey, all:

Just got back from the madness.  We're gonna get some copy from various players up ASAP, but just wanted to throw out a few observations in the meantime.

I wouldn't read anything into Kobe being the last player to enter the gym.  From what I heard, he was getting his physical.  But even if that weren't the case, walking in 20 minutes after your teammates doesn't really "say" much of anything, given the back story and context.  If you wanna make a statement, don't show up at all.  Even taking into account Kobe's proclivity toward decidedly odd logic, if anyone tries to create a large issue of this, I'm not buying it.

Andrew Bynum looks bigger.  BK thought Brian Cook looked decidedly more lean (in a good way).  Cook told him he didn't so much lose weight as redistribute it and shed a little body fat.

Hair update:  Kwame Brown's now braidless.  Vlad Radmanovic and Jordan Farmar have buzz cuts.  Sasha Vujacic is sporting a shaggy mop that could have landed him a gig as an early-era Beatle.  Finally, LO has (and this is not a joke) a couple stars shaved into his bald dome, symbolizing the All-Star season he plans on having.

Recovering from hip surgery, Phil Jackson is still walking with a cane, which made me nervous during his time surrounded by a swarm of reporters.  I kept picturing one guy losing his balance, knocking into a writer and creating a domino effect that ends with the Zen Master bedridden and coaching via text messages to Kurt Rambis.

Coby Karl is a dead ringer for the ex-Daily News Lakers beat writer Ross Siler, who now covers the Jazz.  I realize this will mean nothing to most of you, but every member of the media found it rather amusing.

Smush Parker did not appear to be missed.

More to come ASAP.

-- AK

Couple minor things to add:

My first impression of Javaris Crittendon is that he's a very solid kid.  Well spoken, said the "right" things and seems to be taking nothing for granted.  Nice to see.  And he screams "athlete."  How all of that translates into results in his first year remains to be seen, but there are minutes to be had behind D-Fish, and if he shows some aptitude defensively, he could grab some. 

Chris Mihm told me he's never been this excited to start a training camp.  Normally, the grunt work that goes into it isn't exactly enticing, but given what he's gone through, the chance to get out and play overshadows anything else.

Bynum told me he's put on about five pounds or so, but much more has been redistributed.  Cook, as AK mentioned, was definitely leaner and more athletic looking.  No net gain in weight, but he's shed some "unnecessary" fat.  Hopefully it'll translate to increased quickness on the defensive end.  Should that be the case, that p.t. he wanted last year could get more consistent in '07-08. 

-- BK

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QUESTION: Kobe, did you have a change of heart or are you just accepting the situation for what it is?)

KOBE: I'm going to do what I need to do here to help us win. You know what I mean. It's not... When the season starts, it's not my place here to say, `OK, this is what we need to do here and this is what we need to do here.' That's something that they need to do. It's not my job. My job is to come out here on the floor and help us win ballgames, help Kwame Brown be better, help Lamar be better, help Luke be better, and that's what I'm going to do.

We know D-Fish is going to start. "help Kwame Brown be better, help Lamar be better, help Luke be better, and that's what I'm going to do."

Kind of leads you to believe who else is going to be starting.


Mike T,

"We know D-Fish is going to start. "help Kwame Brown be better, help Lamar be better, help Luke be better, and that's what I'm going to do." Kind of leads you to believe who else is going to be starting."

Assuming you're willing to believe Kobe truly has a hold on that starting 2 Guard spot, of course. haha

All kidding aside, your observation could very well be true, unless they did some refiguring with the 4 and 5 spots, allowing LO to start at the 3. I talked a little with Kwame about his thoughts on playing the 4. I'll get them up either later today or tomorrow. In a nutshell, he's willing to do whatever is asked, but he definitely prefers to play closer to the basket.



I appreciate the updates. I'm a Lakers junkie. Are you ready for the onslaught of a new season? I hope you don't talk our heating exchanges personal. You know sports...the passion can't get out of hand at times. LOL!



Thanks sir!!!

Mike T,

Of course I'm ready for the season. Always am, always will be.

I'll do my best not to take anything personally and always try not to let anything reach that level to begin with. I think we (and all the bloggers, really) can disagree, even passionately, without it turning into personal/character shots. But I do appreciate you saying that.


Stars shaved on LO's head? Ship his A$$ out!
BTW, isn't Siler in Utah now?

coby karl kinda looks like ron weasly from harry potter, minus the freckles

"I think we (and all the bloggers, really) can disagree, even passionately, without it turning into personal swipes. But I appreciate you saying that."

That wasn't alway the norm here. it's better now.l

"Finally, LO has (and this is not a joke) a couple stars shaved into his bald dome, symbolizing the All-Star season he plans on having"

haha at least he has his mind set in the right direction

Here's the key to me, as far as blogging goes, it's about basketball. I talk a lot of what I think of the players, coaches, and even the owners. People talk crazy to me because I do. To me Laker personal is the subject. When people take personal swipes at each other then I think their off target.


LO hair is the s**t man, he should of been an allstar last year and l predict now that he will play the whole year and be an all star. It the hair man, its the hair!!!

Its a huge relief for Lakers Fans when Kobe showed up. I know, you are not going to approve this, but the Lakers will reach the Western Conference Finals without the injuries. thats my early prediction.


I was wondering how vlad (aka cat stevens aka mark madsens dancing with the stars partner) was progressing this year. I noticed last year that he had lost a lot of weigh after the.. ahem.. accident. I believe that he has the talent to become a legit number three to the 24/7 combo. the question from me is does he have the drive and testicular fortitude...?!?

(sigh) i hate being frusterated/in love with the Lakers. It's like pursuing a really really stupid/amazingly hot girl who gives you the best sex of your life one day and for the next few years considers sex a foreign language not to be spoken by her oh-so-dumb lips!

btw...i hate you sarah! damn you to hell!

go purple and gold! for life.


Said kobe: "I was frustrated, so I blew up. Now, it's about taking this team that we have and take it to new heights. I think the important thing for everybody to understand is I want to bring a title back to L.A."

boo "f-ing" whoo...

i get frustrated all the time, but do i badmouth my colleagues? no! do i badmouth my boss? no! do i badmouth the president of my company? no!

Where's the apology?

Kobe fans are like beaten spouses (no gender discrimination here) willing to take abuse and say "it's my fault, i deserved it".

Kobe's first assignment to the fans: Convince Laker FO that kobe was being a stupid jerkoff this summer and that kobe wants his actions to speak for itself and do what it takes to bring Marion, AK-47 or Jermaine O'neal to LA without having to give up too much (like both LO and Bynum). One way to accomplished this is to convince laker FO that kobe is in it for the long haul and taking a BIG risk in Marion or JO will pay off down the road.

As far as this "I want to bring a title back to L.A." garbage, it's.....well....garbage unless something is done. Lip service is cheap. KLBeast wants to see actions.


Hi AK / BK and all of you guys and gals

Finally we are back to basketball. Biggest news to me is that D-Fish is back; he will be our badly needed stabilizer and rudder.

Anybody knows what is going to be broadcast?



AK/BK, I have a theory about Ric Bucher.

He is really a reincarnation of 'Richard Thornburg' that hack from 'Die Hard 1 & 2'.

Has somebody hit Ric with a stun gun because he has been awfully quiet!!

So much for Kobe not wearing the 'Purple & Gold' again!!!
Well he was technically 50% correct because he was wearing the 'Home' jersey.
Kobe has thrown Ric under the bus and expect some harsh commentary from him all season. He will be up there with 'Simmers' on the H.H.O.F (Haters' Hall OF Fame). Ric has totally lost all his credibility and was obviously making up stories. What am I saying, that is just an occupational hazard that comes along with the job LOL!!!



Mike T, don't get me wrong, I love your posts, you see and interpret things nobody else even considers and I think that is fantastic. It makes every new post by you a real box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna ge-ut. I was just screwing around at the end there, nothing bad intended, I was just thinking you might almost consider Kobe's comments a jibe back at Phil after Phil seems to have backed Kobe during his HOF ceremony day and now is saying Kobe needs to be here not just mentally and physically but with his heart as well.

jorema, they aren't married so Bynum wasn't cheating on Kareem and I'm actually pleased Bynum got some instruction from another outside source in Gerald Wilkens as some of the things he may have said may have resonated where something by Kareem didn't but Kareem isn't out of the picture by any means. Believe me, if Kareem was down on Bynum, with all the pressure Kobe has brought, he wouldn't be here.

On another note, I thought Kobe claimed he went to the Laker facility and apologized to Mitch and Bynum was there the same day and Kobe had apologized to him in person? Guess not? Now the story is that Bynum never answered his phone so they texted. Whatever. They need to have a clearing out as Bynum first said he hadn't seen the video and then said it was messed up. LOL! I thought he covered it well though as he said he hopes everything is cool. Kid is learning about the media at a very young age...


Here we go. A re-run of The Last Season. The failure of Phil Jackson and the Laker front office to a commit to a contract extension for PJ says one thing. It's all over.

Fans should enjoy what they can of the last season of KB24 in a Purple & Gold uniform and Phil Jackson on the bench. That's the real reason we don't have Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O'Neal or Shawn Marion.

Jimmy and Mitch will gut the team after this season. That seems to have been the plan all along. Milk Kobe for all the filled seats, sales of merchandise, and anything else they can get. Then, KA-BOOM!

Was I happy to see Kobe at Media Day? You bet. But look at the Photo Gallery on the home page of Do you see joy? No. Do you see enthusiasm? No.

Do you hear words of true optimism? No.

Is the town overjoyed that at last the long off-season is over? No. Last time I checked, more people were reading about Britney Spears than reading about Media Day.

We've been had, fellow bloggers. All summer long, we wrote hundreds of posts, shared our angst at the team's prospects, and added names to the 55 Wins Bandwagon. For what? To be swindled by Buss, Buss and Kupchak.

Are we willing to be swindled all season long? Probably. We'll all be glued to reports out of camp, pre-season exhibitions, and all the televised games. Let's face it. We're junkies. We need our fix. Instead of track marks on our arms, we'll wear our hearts on our sleeves right up until the final game (and beyond). We'll drink all the Purple & Gold Kool Aid we can get. But when it's all over, count on the Kool Aid to leave a bad taste in our mouths.



All-Day & All-Nite
Asian Sensation
JF's Lakers
Tex Winter
Fish Sticks
Hawaiian LakersFan
Buss's Bastard Kids
Pit-os Tigers
Santa Barbara Pimps
The Fat Tires
L33t Ballers



- the champ, Magic's Johnson

Proof of kobe bryant's a-holeness...

On Planet NBA, Kobe and the Lakers can coexist

Why does the word "coexist" alway follow kobe bryant?

"Bryant's most admirable trait -- the one that made Lakers fans gravitate toward him instead of Shaquille O'Neal and stick with Bryant even after he flirted with other teams in 2004 -- is his professionalism."

Adande has his head up kobe's ass. "Professionalism"? WTF is J.A. A-Kiss-Ass talking about? "Professionalism" like calling our your teammates, then "apologizing" by sending a text message? "Professionalism" like ratting our your teammate then "apologizing" via a "mutual friend"?

Kobe is a snake. Period, end of story.


"Its a huge relief for Lakers Fans when Kobe showed up. I know, you are not going to approve this, but the Lakers will reach the Western Conference Finals without the injuries. thats my early prediction."

Do the "beast" a favor? Take a picture of the flying pig while you're at the game. Thanks.

LO and his Stars will have a great season and I know he will dominate SM in the postseason down in the post. This is the year LO becomes what we all believe he is, it was happening last year but will happen now and Bynum hopefully proves his worth this year.


Bynum is indeed YOKED. Check out this picture. Kwame is one of the biggest, strongest guys in the league and while Bynum isn't that big yet he is A LOT bigger than last year:

I bet Bynum can push Chris Kamen (the Beautiful People) around now... as well as Camby, Dampier and some of those other guys.

Sasha looks ridiculous, not a good move when he is fighting for a spot on the team...

Kwame ditched the braids?

Thank GAWD!

Jeez, I might have 2nd thoughts about trading him if he's gonna stop looking like the first african-american red-neck.

Then again, that whole cake thing still makes me queazy.

Save your posts!!!!

At last we can start talking about basketball!!!

These past few months of skipping hate posts, have been worth it. As AK has already posted several times, it best not answering these posters because it is complete waste of your energy trying to have a logical discussion with a someone 'stuck in the Hate Gear'.

So I am looking forward to some interesting discussions and some great basketball.

Welcome back Lakers basketball!!!



I'm glad Kwame doesn't have braids, but if he doesn't, then does he have a mullet??

surprising that an employee should never be disgruntled with management OR ever have talked trashed about a manager.

well, along with saints and upper-echelon beings, is where the beast belongs. i'm sure you've never talked trash about a co-worker, a friend, a colleague, or a boss. for that i give you the halo award.

Way to get in some of those LA Times shots BK! Guess you don't need to go home for the holidays this year, you can just send those out and tell them you're busy being a big-wig reporter!

holy crap... Kwame Brown looks like a buff version of Elden Campbell.....





Remember how he used to do that stupid hang his head and huff and puff with his mouth open and teeth showing?

Oh no! The Beautiful People is going to have a short haircut this year. That's wrong!

Short hair is IN this year.


>>Adande has his head up kobe's ass. "Professionalism"? WTF is J.A. A-Kiss-Ass
>>talking about?

Kobe's JOB (in case you've forgotten) is to play basketball. And he does it very very well.
He works hard on improving his game, and every season comes in improved in some facet of
his game. One year it might be shooting with the left hand, the next year it might be 3-point
shooting. If every player on the Lakers worked as hard as Kobe at improving their game,
the Lakers would be in the NBA Finals this year.

It's not Kobe's job to coddle his teammates. It's not Kobe's job to recruit players from other
teams, and in fact by league rules he can't (unless they're free agents). It's not Kobe's job
to suck up to the KL's of the world (and even if he did, you'd find some other reason to
talk smack about him). It's Kobe's job to play basketball. Period.

You're just getting all whiny because Adande insulted your precious Shaquille. Coming into
camp overwieght every year is unprofessional. Having surgery on "company time" when you
could have had it over the summer is unprofessional. And WRT other players -- going
snowboarding and getting injured so you can't do your job is unprofessional. Sulking
because you're not getting as much playing time as you want (Cook, Smush) is also

>>>Kobe is a snake. Period, end of story.

KL, I was listening to the Dead Milkmen today while I was reading one of your bile-laced
posts and a song came on that was utterly appropriate. So now any time you or Gunner
posts, I'll be thinking in the back of my head...

"Once I smelled just like the bathroom
after grandma'd used it, and she'd been eating prunes.
Other times I smell like a city garbage strike,
when all the horseflys grow to seven inches long.

These are a few of my many smells!
Won't you come and smell me?
Won't you share my stench?
Won't you come and smell me?
Won't you share my stench?"

Someone says: i get frustrated all the time, but do i badmouth my colleagues? no! do i badmouth my boss? no! do i badmouth the president of my company? no!

My Goodness, no one knows what you did last summer.. You ain't Kobe....


>Do the "beast" a favor? Take a picture of the flying pig while you're at the game. Thanks.

Oooh! Are Pink Floyd playing the WCF?

"These past few months of skipping hate posts, have been worth it. As AK has already posted several times, it best not answering these posters because it is complete waste of your energy trying to have a logical discussion with a someone 'stuck in the Hate Gear'."

So true...

I just hope that everyone else will do the same,which is to ignore those "broken-record" posters who are trying so hard to get anybody's attention.

Man, can't wait for the season to begin! Let's go Lakers!!!

As good as J Crittenton has looked in summer league and all the good things thats been written about him I believe it will be D-fish and Farmar as the 1-2 at the point. Farmar's IQ in the LAKERS triangle and the year under his belt playing with Kobe will surpass Crittenton.

I know Crittenton played the triangle in High School, but not the triangle with Kobe in it, and I havent heard about his D yet??

Thank God Kwame had his hair cut!!!

We know from the bible, that when 'Samson' had his hair cut he lost his holy powers of 'Super Strength'

Hopefuly, Kwame will lose his 'Holy PowerS of Super Fumbleness' and just maybe I will not have to say 'Fumblelayah' every time Kwame drops the ball.

We need Kwame to be bitten by a radioactive spider!!!! or Send him in a space shuttle while being bombarded by 'Cosmic Showers' and he can make his hands bigger like Mr Fantastic!!! LOL



i heard in an interview when he got drafted, he said he takes it as a personal insult when someone scores points against him. so he is either pissed off easily or takes pride in his defense.

Lamar Odom playing with a chip on his shoulder this season !!! GOOD ! Amare having knee surgery tomorrow, not sure the extent ! Good news for us Laker fans !

The Kobe haters are fun to read... much in the same way that prose written by ADHD addled 8 year olds is. There's moments of faux clarity punctuated by wild rants of bellicose haterade. It just tickles me pink.

Of course, none of them know Kobe personally, (or Snaq for that this case the true object of their obsessions). But they'll keep writing tired whiny BS pretending to actually know something of substance.

It's just sad and kind of pathetic.

Rick Friedman,

Fear not! The once mighty Lakers will rise again! We must have faith! Despite the innane Jimmy "Daddy's Boy" Buss, there are some guys on this team with some talent and character. We my not be the best team in the west, but I do believe we will go farther than last year, and that will be good enough for me.


Yes, hope springs eternal every new NBA season for every team, but as it is written, "without a vision, the people perish". To give up before the season has ever started? Never!

As a professional counselor, I am very aware of the power of the mind. The Clippers struggle most every year I believe not only because of an inept owner, but also, deep down inside, the players know they are the the sad, pitiful, second-rate Clippers!

The Lakers have a storied history of greatness, and its only a matter of time before there are parades downtown in June once again. Why? Because they expect to win. As long as this team can stay relatively healthy, their attitude will not suffer like last season, they can stay positive and confident and go quite far.

55 wins? Sure, Why not?


Sourpusses and "realistic thinkers" drag down enthusiasm. Think about it: If we the fans all came out to the games and just booed the hell out of the Lakers, or didn't shown up for games, do you think it just might have a negative effect on the team?

Soooo, Why not stay positive and hope for the best, cheer the WHOLE team on and believe that there can be greatness in this team?
****Why can't Vlad Rad make us forgive and forget all about his adventure in the snow last year with a great year this year?
****Why can't Kwame show composure and reliability?
****Why can't Sasha hit the "J" like he does in practice when it really counts this season?
****Why can't Brian Cook be known his improvement on both sides of the court this year?
****Why can't Chris Mihm come back with a fire in his belly as he clears out, grabs the rock and pushes Socks and kwame to play better or lose P.T. ?
****Why can't Andrew Bynum show stamina and the "15 and 10" the way we know he is capable of this season?

****Finally , why can't we believe that Kobe can be a unifying versus destructive force this season?

Lakers fans,


How 'bout a "7 win November" bandwagon?

JK, about the bandwagon.

I looked up the word hater in the dictionary and it had a picture of KL Beast next to it. Hmm.

Rick Fox BUSTED betting on street fights!! BREAKING NEWS!!

Personally, I don't mind people who harshly criticize Kobe's style of play or even his personality. What amuses me are the hypocrites who call Kobe a malcontent while simultaneously being oblivious to Shaq's childish and unprofessional behavior when he was with the Lakers. I think both Kobe and Shaq are great players (although Kobe is in his prime and Shaq is in decline; I think that's obvious). Both also have their faults.

I'm optimistic about this year. And I love Lamar's new haircut (other than that I don't understand the focus on hair; Steve Nash has the worst haircut in the league and that boy can play).

Angry Laker,

"Thank God Kwame had his hair cut!!!

He was talen by Valosta Police for mug shot, that's why? They got caught at wee hours in the morning for being drunk and driving erroneously from clubbing or it could also be those Valosta cops were racists. See there is no injury when it comes to booze but not when playing professional basketball.


Fear not addressed to Rick F.

Even PJ is not sure of his team....this is what he said:

Jackson acknowledges the Lakers now are, "realistically, a second-tier team in the West. We want to crack that [top-four] tier. We have to step up into that place where Utah got last year."

Therefore, Rick is just re-echoing the concerns of everyone we can still make the lakers better by try, try again. Meaning get some help out there, don't just rely on rookies and NBDL players. Oldtimers know what is the difference between the season and the playoffs. Lakers are season bound but are they good enough to go all the way during the playoffs. Remain to be seen.

Glad the training camp is here and the Laker players are relatively healthy.

Let the Lakers united and get going for the title, not like that fool Simers, along with the Laker haters here, who wants to stir the pot bad.

Hey BK...
Do you get paid for this drivel?...Kwame's hair?...Phil's cane?...Coby Karl looks like some writer no one can remember? (if,as you said, it would "mean nothing to most of you", then why did you feel we needed to read about it?) Come to think of it, you must be getting paid to blog, or else why would you bother with this gossip-column blather?

Please don't post anymore until the subject is basketball.

The doubters sat waiting for them to fail
Training camp came and they began to jell
L.O. looked like an allstar to be
Kobe appeared to be the new MVP
Bynum came out like the second coming of Shaq
Can I believe my eyes Sahsa is on the attack
The Lakers appeared strong and stood tall
And Kwame, yes Kwame caught every damn ball
Dfish kept all of the crew in line
Not one Laker was heard to whine.
The triangle my friend was a thing of beauty
Even Scootie and Michael had to come to see
The season started and wouldn’t you know
In November The Lakers beat every damn foe.
December and January went the same way
The Lakers became the Team, teams were afraid to play
They held to under seventy the high flying Suns
That was the same game Kobe scored 101
The regular season ended and they were so great
They broke the Bulls record they were 74 and 8
Then came the Playoffs and I’m sure that you know
They ended up winning 16 in a row.
9Rings became 10 which made Phil the Best
For three years in a row The Lakers ruled the West
For each of those years Kobe won the MVP
Then Kobe retired and handed Bynum the Keys
But Bynum said NO! Kobe we both can drive
So when Kobe retired instead of 3 they won 5.
Which gave Kobe 8 NBA Titles and 5 MVPs
And Kobe not MJ became the greatest in NBA history
copyright@ LAKERBAKE
Oct. 1 NBA Europe Live training camps begin
Oct. 2 Remaining NBA training camps open
Oct. 6-11 NBA Europe Live tournament
Oct. 6 Start of NBA preseason schedule
Oct. 26 NBA preseason ends
Oct. 29 NBA rosters set for opening night, 6 p.m. EDT
Oct 30 Start of NBA regular season Houston at The Freakin Lakers

(1) Complex Brotha
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"We Are Out in the First Round Again if Kupcake Doesn't Get off His Ass and Do Something" Bandwagon.
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They call him the Matrix this I will tell
Because he can play all 5 positions so well
He glides down the floor and his foes he does mock
Just waiting for Nash to feed him the rock.
He jams with authority and knocks down the J
And before you know it he’s headed the other way
His D is terrific he’ll take you to school
If you blink for a minute you’ll look like a fool
One day the mighty Matrix looked at the sky
And from his mouth came this plaintive cry
Nash is a great one Oh Lord this I see
But he never wins titles just phony MVP’s
Before I die and am laid down to rest
Dear Lord let me play with Kobe he’s the Best
And the Lord said young Shawn I will grant your Prayer
And in a twinkling of an eye a Sun was a Laker
Mitch cried for joy and Jim gave up the crack
Jerry retook his Office the Lakers were Back
They won 3 more titles and Kobe won 3 MVP’s
Then Kobe retired and handed Bynum the Keys

Sure!!! im going to take pictures of you with Horns in your forehead..BEAST is'nt it? hahahah


While I believe AK was actually the appropriate target for your post, it's true. Every couple weeks, I get a direct deposit notification from the nice folks over at Tribune Company.

So yeah, I get paid for the drivel. I would also recommend lightening up.



First of all, this was my drivel, not BK's (which I'm sure is coming soon enough). Second, the kids love drivel and we're gunning for the coveted 18-25 demographic. What are we gonna do?



AK & BK -

Drivel rocks! Personally I always thought you guys were vying for the annual Jay Foreman 'Monkey Fishing' award.

Dave M


Please remove the stick from your ass and go somewhere else. We appreciate the K Bros "drivel". Thank you, have a nice day.



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