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Shot down at the Shootout

October 22, 2007 |  9:14 am

Last night's Lakers-Clippers match up was the winner's circle contest from the annual four team preseason "Shootout" tourney.  But judging by the way the Lakers played during a 112-96 loss, it would be easy to assume the Lakers got into the finals via a bye received.  There were scattered bright spots, with Andrew Bynum and especially Jordan Farmar coming to mind, but for the most part, the squad played like collective (if newly fast paced) caca during their box score time.  In particular, Kobe Bryant had a rough performance (1-4 shooting, 7 turnovers), although the off night isn't likely enough to temper the Laker Nation's enthusiasm for #24 or another team's interest in obtaining his services.  Even if they consider such a notion pipe dream-ish.  Know what else is a pipe dream?  A Laker season without some drama, even if Phil Jackson considers a certain amount to be a success requisite.

The Mamba is profiled in Esquire Magazine.  About time this guy got a little ink.

A Pacific Division preview, courtesy of Yahoo!