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Shot down at the Shootout

Last night's Lakers-Clippers match up was the winner's circle contest from the annual four team preseason "Shootout" tourney.  But judging by the way the Lakers played during a 112-96 loss, it would be easy to assume the Lakers got into the finals via a bye received.  There were scattered bright spots, with Andrew Bynum and especially Jordan Farmar coming to mind, but for the most part, the squad played like collective (if newly fast paced) caca during their box score time.  In particular, Kobe Bryant had a rough performance (1-4 shooting, 7 turnovers), although the off night isn't likely enough to temper the Laker Nation's enthusiasm for #24 or another team's interest in obtaining his services.  Even if they consider such a notion pipe dream-ish.  Know what else is a pipe dream?  A Laker season without some drama, even if Phil Jackson considers a certain amount to be a success requisite.

The Mamba is profiled in Esquire Magazine.  About time this guy got a little ink.

A Pacific Division preview, courtesy of Yahoo!

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Something tidbits I forgot to mention in my report from last night's game. The Lights Out lighting system is still being used. Pizza Hut has been replaced by CPK. The onion strings on my texas dog were especially spicy. Most of the merch in the Team LA store was 30% off and there were a number of fans wondering aloud if they should even bother buying anything with Kobe on it. You can now get mojitos from concessions.

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Farmar looked great last night, and Bynum may have a breakout season, but if Kwame's contract gets extended I will have lost all faith in upper management. Does anyone count the number of assists the team could have if Brown didn't bumble passes constantly?

I'm sympathetic to Kwame's psychological issues, but damn, it's his 6th or 7th year in the league, get it together or move on. At least learn to shoot free throws.

mamba 24, love the laker fan tribe. sign me up for the start farmar bandwagon. i dont think they should even consider trading him. i think he has a lot of potential and he can be the successful point guard of the lakers future. im getting antsy for next tuesday.



Those bandwagons are a mockery. Props to you for actually keeping records of this stuff.

I actually like what you bring to the blog, even though I do not like the lists and bandwagons. The poems are cool.

Call me a partypooper if you want, but all of your ass kissing and jock riding needs to stop. Like Jim Rome says, "Have a take, and don't suck"

How 'bout a chill with the jock riding bandwagon?

Sorry guys, just speaking my mind. I don't want to offend the mamba, as he/she is a vital member of the community who has empowered many bloggers who otherwise wouldn't have much of a voice. And I'm just a plain old Lakerfan who bleeds purple and gold.

Let the Rocky bashing begin...I promise not to respond about this issue or bring it up again.

The Esquire piece is as exhausting as Kobe must be. Someone so dedicated to the art of winning basketball is almost too intense for normal human contact.

If you can do everything, the thing would be picking the right thing to do at the right time and that's the only thing that Kobe can't perfect. Last night you had to wonder if even he could catch the passes he throws.

His choice of movie hero says it all. Bond and Bourne move quicker alone. He might be better served to re run the Lethal Weapon series, you know, a nice "buddy" series.

He's a lone agent in a team game. And wherever he goes, there he'll be, going it alone.

"Sorry guys, just speaking my mind. I don't want to offend the mamba, as he/she is a vital member of the community who has empowered many bloggers who otherwise wouldn't have much of a voice. And I'm just a plain old Lakerfan who bleeds purple and gold.

No Rocky bashing here. I'm with you. You don't know involve in keeping track of
names who is etc. So how about a once a week table listing. Does that workd for you?

Last night, Mychael T talked about how Farmar is developing into a scoring PG rather than creating for his teammates. Jordan talked last year about modeling his game after Steve Nash. Seems like he's turning into more of a Tony Parker type. Either way, he'll need to hope that PJ sees those qualities as an asset rather than try and reel him back into the triangle. If he doesn't, then either PJ really will be willing to opening up his style of offense, or he is preparing to leave and opening the door for the Lakers to hire a coach that fits what these young players can do.

Seems like that Farmar-Bynum unit is more of a post-Kobe next generation of Lakers type thing. Meanwhile, the Kobe unit is Kwame (contract expires this yr), LO (contract expires next yr) and Fisher (who may retire once his contract here is done). Ronny fits with either squad. The Kobe unit runs the triangle or Kobe-watches. The F-B unit pushes the ball more and operates with a little more freedom. The Kobe unit is built for however long Kobe is to remain here. The F-B unit is prepping for the future.


You're obviously a cool person. You can do whatever you want with your lists.

I like to read your posts. Sometimes I just get annoyed with the ass smell that comes out of them. That's all.

dustin b,

"Farmar looked great last night, and Bynum may have a breakout season, but if Kwame's contract gets extended I will have lost all faith in upper management."

I was thinking the exact same thing. I know Kwame's in a contract year, but even he if busts out and plays like a former #1 overall draft pick, the Lakers should let some other team reward him. Either way, with Bynum improving and Mihm healthy, Kwame's got to be the odd man out.

Kid Licorice


Your azz must be sore from riding all those wagons at the same time.

Rocky ,
I like to read your posts. Sometimes I just get annoyed with the ass smell that comes out of them. That's all."

I hear you buddy. Hopefully by the time the season starts - which is next week -
These lists will be history.

"Either way, with Bynum improving and Mihm healthy, Kwame's got to be the odd man out."

Talk like that is going to make Mike T. come out of his cave ranting and raving.

Be very quiet. :)

MAMBA24, Your azz must be sore from riding all those
wagons at the same time.

Ka Ching! hahaha LOL! Don't worry bout my @ss Frank
just make sure yours is still there after a post like that. LOL!

>>Last night, Mychael T talked about how Farmar is developing into a scoring PG
>>rather than creating for his teammates. Jordan talked last year about modeling
>>his game after Steve Nash. Seems like he's turning into more of a Tony Parker type.

Uh. Jordan is getting more assists per game (3.4) than Fisher (1.2) or Critter (2.4).
The point guard in the triangle does more shooting and gets less assists than the
point guard in other systems, so it is important that Jordan improved his shooting

I'd be overjoyed if Jordan played up to the level of either of the players you compared
him to. In fact, I'd be satisfied if he played as well as Derek Fisher did in his best
seasons with the Lakers. Right now it looks like he could be better than that.

There's this bug of a concept that's been knocking around in my head ever since
the Lakers drafted Farmar. In his rookie season at UCLA, they barely made the
tournament and go d knocked out in the first round. But in his sophomore season,
they made it to the NCAA championship game, with Jordan leading the way. Part
of it was UCLA had a lot of young players and they had to get used to each other and
to the system they were running. And part of it was that a couple of players stepped
up the level of their games, especially Jordan and Aaron Afflalo.

There's sort of a parallel with the Lakers. They have a lot of young players - Bynum,
Turiaf, Crittendon, Farmar, Vujacic - even Kwame's only 25. And they've had to
take time to learn the system and learn each other's tendencies.

So when they drafted Farmar, the first thing that occurred to me is, in his second
year with the Lakers, he'll take them to the finals as well.

Probably wishful thinking on my part, but if Farmar, Bynum, and Turiaf have
improved as much as they appear to have improved in the pre-season, this is
better than a 7-8 seed team.

In 2005-06, Utah was a 41-41 team. In 2006-07, they went to the Western
Conference finals. And all the main players were exactly the same. It was just
a matter of staying healthy (Boozer) and improvements by young players (Boozer
and Deron Williams). The Lakers could make a similar improvement this year.


Ha ha...thanks for the warning.

Kid Licorice

Kid Licorice,

I don't ge the small hands problem either, I'm 5'10" and can catch basktball passes, and his hands can't be much smaller than mine. Can anyone find out how big his hands actually are? I'd be curious to know if that's a stat somewhere.

I'm looking for Farmar to come off the bench to start and end up sharing the minutes about equally with Fisher. I love Fisher, but he's not a top notch point guard in this league. Hopefully Farmar can become one. He's not big enough to become the next Magic, but if he and Bynum get the hang of playing together, this could be the start of a "Stockton to Malone, Malone with the dunk" kind of thing.

Kwame doesn't look or sound like a guy going into a contract year. He's probably set for life already anyway. Some team will give him a couple of mil to hang around a put a body on someone.
I'm just surprised you didn't hear about him spending the off-season doing hand-eye coordination exercises or something like that if he had even the slightest desire to get better.
There must have been something he could do that would help while rehabbing.
If he wasn't a Laker I could care less. What a bum...

The preseason turnovers (over 20 a game) are a bit disconcerting. It was a problem last year. Do you think it will stop once the season starts?
Kobe & LaBron were 8th and 9th in the league in TOs last year. I will admit there are a few pretty good players ahead of Bryant (Nash, Carmello, Iverson) but since it is a problem for this team, Kobe's TOs are only going to increase as a facilitator.
I know mistakes are a part of the game but each TO is another shot for your opponent. The less TOs the less often you have to play defense.
It's a start anyway for a team that struggles with D.

I've been seeing some of the preseason replays and have decided that these 5 group of guys actually play with real chemistry even more so than the starting lineup.


PF -Cook
SF- Walton
G- Crittonton/Farmar

Look to see these five players playing together for many minutes this coming season.

dustin b,

I completely agree with you about Farmar. There will be less pressure on him if he's
coming off the bench than if he becomes the full-time starter right away. But by
the end of the season, I expect him to get at least as many minutes as Fisher, if not
more. OTOH, If he consistently plays as well as he has in the last few games, he
may be starting by mid-season.

Andy B,

I think the turnovers will subside a bit when they start playing more normal rotations
of players. So far in the preseason it's been a mish-mash of who's on the floor with
who at any particular time. Once the rotation settles down, so will the TOs.

LTLF - Half of those are Mychael Thompson's words and we both are reacting to what we see on the basketball court. The PG in the triangle argument becomes less and less viable when you hear things like PJ talking about wanting to make something happen in the first 7 seconds of the shot clock and, if that fails, falling back into the triangle. I compare him to Tony Parker simply because I see the similarities in how they play. Simple as that. If Farmar dribbled in and out of the paint and all around the court like Nash does, then Tex Winter would have a heart attack. But PJ is allowing Jordan the leeway to use more of his natural PG skills and it's a good thing for that unit. Seems like Mychael just wants to see the kid pass more rather than force the issue.

Dan Dan "The Laker Fan"

I'm with you...what time we meeting up?

Phil makes me about taking something that is unsettling and negative in every way and spinning it back to the media like its not only not that bad but also a good thing...Phil Jackson knows he can come out with things that are basically indecipherable nothing statements (or as they like to say in the UK...a load of 'bollocks') and idiots will write articles that romanticise it.

Playing the media is one thing but that just takes the pi$$! If anyone else said it theyd be laughed out of the place...makes you realise how intimidating phil and his zen is...The zen thing was the cleverest sales pitch anyone ever thought up...another way of saying I can do whatever the hell I want and dont need to justify it...

Its moments like these that 10 mil looks like money well spent.

The reason why Kwame will start no matter what Mihm or Bynum do is because his defense keeps the scores low. Even last night when he wasn't at his best offensively the Clippers lead was only three points when he left. Mihm and Bynum can score all they want because they cannot stop penetration. When those two are in the game the games get ragged. The pace changes and usually we get outscored. When Kwame is in the game the games don't get ragged. When we bring Odom into the mix the offense will improve as our defense will improve when Odom replaces Walton.



Thank you for revising your interpretation of Blog Genesis. However, at this time our attention to the LA Lakers is just a 2nd fiddle to our wild fires. Southern California is burning as I speak, hot and smoldering embers are jumping from one city to another blown by gusty winds on dry vegetation. Perhaps, billions of dollars have already been lost. I hope we do not have a blogger here lost his homes but many are threatened in widespead areas from Malibu, Porter Ranch, Lake Arrowhead, Encinitas, and Rancho Bernardo and many more. I hope the Good Lord will spare our homes here and moved the fire on the butts of Laker players on the opening day. In order to put out the fires effectively, we need the rain.

I am just thinking aloud, if they can create air-to air-surface missiles intended to kill as many people, why can't they invent an air-to-air missile retardant to put off wild fires? I guess, there is more business in killing people than putting off fires.

It has nothing to do with the size of his hands.

If you stood Kwame there and fired passes at him he would probably catch almost all of them.

His problem is making layups, and his horrible free throw percentage. He is thinking about finishing after the catch too much. He also avoids contact to try and keep from getting sent to the line. These things floating around in his head distract him enough so he drops passes that should be caught. He needs to work on catching passes in traffic and finishing.

This should come naturally to ball players, but it doesn't for him. He over thinks it every time.

I would not bank on Mihm getting back soon into shape he was before getting hurt. I was watching yesterday's game and he has plenty of rust to shake off. His timing was off; he was beaten to the ball several times and etc. That is why I will hold on shipping Kwame’s sorry ass anywhere via trade. Drew is improving but he is not ready to play 30+ minutes every game during the whole NBA season. It just bugs me how in the world Kwame seems to don’t care about his future bearing in mind it’s contract year and after Lakers experiment and bad rap baggage form his Wizard’s days what king of contract he thinks he is going to get after this season?

the ballad of the lakers was the best thing i have read in a while. thanks for brightening my day. that was hilarious.

Andy B,

That's really unfair of you to single out Kwame Brown. I will have you know, he averaged 50 points per game in his summer league... on NBA Live. From the reports I've heard, Kwame's game really accelerated in this league and he wound up winning a title. Have some patience, Kwame's hard work and dedication to NBA Live will transfer over to the hardwood.

LAL_ fan

Heady post...I hope Kwame doesnt give up if things go against him.My guess is someone will pay him a pretty decent sum of money regardless of what he does this year.Your point is was the same with Smush he got too caught up in the minutes and starting thing and if he had just shown he was cool with whatever was required without attitude issues someone would have given him more than the minimum contract he got from Miami (he did average double figures for two seasons)

kwame is interesting...they dont need to have him play well in some respects because he will be traded for his expiring contract rather than his play or potential...that begs the question...will the lakers conciously use subtle means to ensure he has a bad season so they can resign him for very little next year... they can then work on improving him while he flies under the radar..I still think he has potential and I feel he has been unfortunate in certain ways but if he pulls a Smush and gives could cost him a lot of money becasue someone will offer it to him if he looks like he has a half a clue even in limited minutes.Trades,development and conspiracies aside he has everything to play for this season.Its his defining one and the lakers front court isnt really that good... if he is playing well enough he will play.

frankfrizzo: "...He is thinking about finishing after the catch too much. He also avoids contact to try and keep from getting sent to the line. These things floating around in his head distract him enough so he drops passes that should be caught."

I think it's amazing you know what's going on in Kwame's mind. Is that like E.T. and Elliot? What was Kwame thinking when he threw the cake? Inquiring minds want to know!

I know kobe's usual has a high turnover when the season begins. I also know as the season progresses that rate goes down. Im glad he has such a high number during the preseason, hopefully he will be in shape to make the necessary adjustment by the time the season starts.

The article on Kobe was the best I've read in years. Most important thing have seen is that he has grown up. Whether or not you like it. No matter what we all have to say, Kobe has his family. If you have your family, all what people have to say means nothing. You don't get the kind of love you get from you family. Has his kids learning two languages, thats how you should raise your kids in the 21st century.

The lakers will be fine, Im glad they are experimenting alot this preseason. Kobe will get into a groove. The most important stats is that Kobe is not forcing shots. I will rather have Kobe force passes at this stage, rather that force his shots. He hasn't been jacking up shoots like he does, he is trying to play this role again after being a dominant scorer.

The lakers will be fine this year, and Kobe will remain a laker.

Hey Guys,

I just got the NBA League Pass and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what you see on the screen during the day when there aren't any games. My cable provider says it should be on, but the screen just says Sports In Demand.

Watched most of the game last night.

Farmar is doing well. Cook is trying to do well, but I'd still ship him.
It looks like Vlad's tendon problem was legit.

Mihm is trying and I believe he'll get better as the season progresses.

Mo Evans is stressin'. Sasha is doing better than last year.

When we signed Fisher I said 5th seed and I'm sticking by it.
I like Farmar's attitude. I don't think J-Crit is going to be able to
move past him on the depth chart.

The Kobe fascillitator stuff needs to stop! He's not a fascillitator. He's
a scorer/killer. Running into traffic and rifling passes at Kwame or
throwing cross court passes thru traffic is going lead to a lot of turn
overs. Instead of asking him to be a "fascillitator" he should be asked
to play basketball. i.e shoot when you've got a clean shot. pass when
you don't. go to the hole when you can. This fascillitator crap is
stopping him from getting into a rhythm. He is not a pg. He's a sg.

A lot of talk about Kobes 7 turn overs last night and what that means. It means 4 of them were to Kwame. Andrew would have caught at least 2 of them easily and scored.There was the one that Kwame was pushed in the back, but I think the ref just figured he would miss the free throws anyway and let it go. This begs the question, is Kwames defense so good that we live with his offensive failures? If he were good on his defensive rotations and a great rebounder, then it would be but he has holes in those aspects as well as offense.


"I think it's amazing you know what's going on in Kwame's mind. Is that like E.T. and Elliot? What was Kwame thinking when he threw the cake? Inquiring minds want to know!"

Lol, pretty funny sizzle chest.

The cake was one of those "specialty cakes" that had a big picture of Michael Jordan on it. Kwame saw the image, and the Jordan face started barking and berating him. He threw it in a flash of terror. When the cake smashed on the floor, he realized it was only his imagination. :(

i say trade Kwame Brown to Milwaukee for a block of swiss cheese...
they both have just as many holes in 'em and at least the cheese doesn't know any better!

-Fowl Out

Hey Blog Seniors,

Scandalous plug time…

I haven’t been actively contributing to the blog due to this contest on AM 570 to be Joe Grandes’s Co Host. It is very tiring and trying. If any of yo’all are open to voting for me that would be awesome! Charles Yao is the name under the K bracket…

Here is the link:


Happy Blogging guys.


Mike T

why is it that you trash walton for being a one-trick pony and then praise kwame for being the same? just as much as walton is garbage on d and is a liability on that end of the court, one can say the same exact thing about kwame on offense.

Michael H,

If you have not seen Kwame, you will say it has something to do with the ball or the passer. As we have seen him in the past three years, he has some weights under his feet, he could not elevate high enough or the muscles are just so firm that they are not flexible to catch the velocity of the pass. Nowadays, we termed it ball turnover not Kwame's fault. If you know that he can't catch, why pass it to him? Secondly, he tries the alley hoop, not on the ring but on the board. haha!

Don't say he has holes, you might wake-up Mr. Basketball Mind, it must be the fault of PJ to utilize Kwame for offense when he is known only for defense. Did you also notice those missed free throws? He must be in the 30% brackett, FT's should be tied with his contract as well. lol

Clippers post-game video is up:

Good interviews with Farmar and Bynum.


Just voted for you. Looks like a close race. Good luck.


I have a hard time trying to figure out this guy, I mean Kwame. Yes a lot of things went wrong against him earlier in his career. Like you know #1 bust and MJ heavy hand and some other stuff, I can see this. But with Lakers he got like 2nd chance to prove everyone in this league and his doubters, ‘Hey I can do it, I belong here’ You know in NBA physic I mean body and raw talent just not enough, some hard work must and desire to get better, you competitive fire. Kobe, for example, with all his stuff, even his most harshest critics would agree, hardest working man on this team, constantly trying to improve aspects of his game and etc. Kwame, I’m getting feeling like he really doesn’t care, for example free throws. You know Shaq was bad free throw shooter, but Shaq back in good old days was bringing so much everything else. Still how many times Phil was ended up putting him on the bench to avoid ‘Hack a Shaq’ strategy. Kwame as of now making less than 50% free throws and looks like he seems to really doesn’t care. But you know, what was OK for Shaq definitely not OK for Kwame.

Just voted for Charles. He's behind so needs your vote. Go bloggers. Vote early and often for Charles.

"why is it that you trash walton for being a one-trick pony and then praise kwame for being the same? just as much as walton is garbage on d and is a liability on that end of the court, one can say the same exact thing about kwame on offense."

Because we, as a team, can withstand one and still get away with winning. But the other is losing for sure. In this case, with this roster, the lack of Kwame's offense can be absorbed by Kobe, Odom, Fisher, and Odom and we can still win. I admit if Kwame would improve we would be unbeatable. But with Walton that's a breach in the defense. In other words the opponents are scoring too much. No matter how much we score if we can't stop people we lose anyway. That's why I don't favor Walton as a starter or as you say "I trash him."


C'mon, Charles. The Blog is not a place for shameless self promotion. I mean, you don't hear me talking about things like Purple, Gold and Blue with Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky, heard live from 12-1 at (or via the widget on the blog page) or constantly dropping plugs for, your one-stop shop for L.A. sports news, information, and original content, do you?

Let's try to keep some sense of professionalism, here.


(BTW, I voted for you.)


The games are played at chanels 751 and above, when there are no games like during the days there's nothing to see. But there is NBA TV, it comes with NBA league pass, it's on Chanel 601, this runs 24/7 ALL NBA.

Don't listen to BK Charles, I just voted for you too. He just pluggede his commercials.

Based on what Mike T said about Kwame and Walton, would it not be great if we trade Kwame/Walton with Clippers Al Thornton and future 1st. rd.draft picks? You removed the T/O producers, increased offense and defense intensities at the minimum pay. It frees caps space for player Zero in '08.


I voted too, but you were down 43.88 % to 56.12% to Chester Duke Carson when I did.

If it menas anything to you, I have no idea what I was voting for. Good luck!

Kid Licorice


"But you know, what was OK for Shaq definitely not OK for Kwame."

Shaq has the highest FG% in the league while Kwame has the highest CT% only (no value for cake-throwing). lol!


BK was making a funny. :)

I voted.



"The Kobe fascillitator stuff needs to stop!"

if you hadn't noticed, the team played AS A TEAM when everyone's involved.

Tried to vote. Blocked by work.

This site if forbidden.
Category: Internet Radio and TV;Bandwidth PG

Sorry dude.

"Yi puts up 15 and 12 with 6 assists
Associated Press, Updated 1 day ago

MILWAUKEE (AP) - Yi Jianlian finally had a game to smile about.

Yi, the sixth overall selection in the 2007 NBA draft, had his best game so far. He scored 15 points on 6-of-9 shooting, hustled at both ends of the floor and grabbed 12 rebounds in his third start as the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 106-97 Saturday night."




You just got another vote. And Joe Grande's a good guy, so you'll have fun if you win. Good luck.



This is the other Roky, Squirrel/Raccoon vintage. I am not on the start Farmar Bandwagon, because Fish should start. The last few games though, the team played best with Farmar at the one. Last nights game was almost not watchable except when Farmar was running the point. If I were not Tivoing Dexter, I would have watched that instead of the game. I have not missed a game intentionally since rocks were soft.
Please put me on the Bynum breakout bandwagon, because we will not win 55 (my other Bandwagon) without a huge Bynum year (19 & 9). Also, please put me on the trade Kobe now Band Wagon, time to build with yungsters. Shaq asked to be traded and was granted his wish, Kobe should be accorded the same curtesy.
AK and BK do a great job, yet you Mamba24 fulfill a needed function of cheer leading, peace keeping and most importantly, motivating and inspiring us, the Laker faithful. Thanks for your presence.

Rocky, Yo!

To me, bandwagons are a way to indicate a Bolger’s opinion without restating the same stick over and over again. For example, KL, Gunner et all could just start a I hate Kobe Bandwagon, they would be on the list and it would not be necessary to kill all of those cyber-trees with the prodigious hate Kobe posts. There are others on this blog that could use a more quality over volume orientation. This blog could again become a less is more reading experience vs. skipping through posts to find the nuggetts of interesting Laker information or the fresh point of view .

just watched all the recent videos on and two things popped out at me. first kobe said that his 7 turnovers were do to experimentation. he said he wanted to see who could do what. he wants to know who can catch certain passes and lobs(clearly kwame cant). so no concern there although i dont like how he talks down about his teammates(even though he is a lot better). he still doesnt seem like his hearts in it. hopefully a good start will cure all. second thing that i thought was interesting was dfish said that the lakers chemistry was "average." i actually think our chemistry i pretty good as long as everyone stays healthy but what do i know. he did say that he says its only average because he knows it will get better as the season goes on so thats a good sign. just wanted to share that stuff with you. all the videos are on the practice from todays about 25 min long too.


"For example, KL, Gunner et all could just start a I hate Kobe Bandwagon, they would be on the list and it would not be necessary to kill all of those cyber-trees with the prodigious hate Kobe posts."

KL and Gunner are goofballs who don't deserve airtime.

Kwame is the quickest big man I've seen since Hakeem O. If he could handle his own quickness, learn to control the line between quick and nervous, he'd be a low post god.

At this point, you'd have to bet against that ever happening.


Most definitely...He has had a rough run with injuries and the timing of them.He wasnt healthy all of last year.I think getting hurt in camp last year was a blow but he is also too mentally fragile to dust himself off or play through it or as you say to use the time to work on his free throws etc.I think hes at a crossroads this season and he will either disapear and accept being a body that someone will always pay or fight to salvage a chance to begin fulfilling his potential....signs point to the later.

Just to point out that neither KL or Gunner have made an apearance on this thread...isnt that 'starting it'? or maybe the blogging equivalent of talking about someone when they are not around to defend themselves? either way theres something not quite right about it lol...

I agree - I don't think the "Kobe-as-facilitator" is going to fly. The man's a scoring machine. Kobe's alright when he sometimes choses to pass out to an open man while driving (but his first option is: scoring). He is what he is; I never bought into that idea that he needs to make everyone else better. That's the point guard's role.

BTW, how can someone "smell like ass" by posting on a message board?? I keep smelling the screen, but...nothing.

I'm not able to get to every thread so I may have missed something, but lately I've not seen anything authored by the Beast.

Did something happen? Why is he not here?


and where in the hell is Arthas?

"KL and Gunner are goofballs who don't deserve airtime."

Personally I have more respect for having and voicing an unpopular opinion that going with the mainstream.

KL and Gunner who have correctly predicted the Lakers cannot win a championship with Kobe as the leader and that he would blame others for the failure, instead of taking ANY personal responsibility.

There is a huge difference between saying I need new players ( Kobe) and saying I need to help make my teammates better (Fisher).

Take the names away and all the stats and who is the better leader?

Vman -Kwame is the quickest big man I've seen since Hakeem O

What about D Howard in Orlando?

Is it possible that both the Beast and Gunner are caught up in a fire somewhere?

Philadelphia waived Derrick Byars, SIGN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"KL and Gunner are goofballs who don't deserve airtime"

They don't and you do? Please explain.



I know BK is kidding, I am too. Charles, you're behind by 2/3, you're only 37% against your opponent.

Lakerville, Charles needs help.

*sigh* This Kwame debate should be a good reality check for the blog. Fans of other teams have to look at this and just pity us. You can't laugh because it's just too sad.

Let's be clear. Kwame Brown is not Ben Wallace. He is not Dennis Rodman. He is not Charles Oakley. He is not at all in the conversation of defensive specialists whose offensive short-comings historically have been forgiven because of their value defensively. Kwame does not control the boards. He's not a shot-blocking monster. He denies position. That's it. The guy has never even sniffed the All-NBA Defensive Team.

The guy doesn't lack offensive production, he puts the team at a disadvantage.

You are right; KL and Gunner are missing today. They have become a part of the Blog tapestry, yet I did not notice their/his absence today. Hope they are not having fire problems.


"Kwame is the quickest big man I've seen since Hakeem O. If he could handle his own quickness, learn to control the line between quick and nervous, he'd be a low post god.

At this point, you'd have to bet against that ever happening."

Kind of psyched everyone up, then pulled the rug out from under them, there (haha).


Staples 24,


BTW, is there anything on right now? I just checked the channels and nothings coming up and I know there are two preseason games on tonight.

Kamenetzky Brothers, Rick Friedman, Edwin Gueco, Mike T, Sonny Belfast, and Kid Licorice!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I deeply appreciate it! If I win, Kam Bros will be our first intereview!

The senior bloggers will leave an impression of how a sports fan should be coz I will give you guys airtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this so bad, I'll be happy to donate the prize to a charity of choice. And I'll be happy to co-host for free on the weekends!

Other bloggers lets do it. Vote for Charles Yao

Peace and Blessings Family!!!!



"C'mon, Charles. The Blog is not a place for shameless self promotion. I mean, you don't hear me talking about things like Purple, Gold and Blue with Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky, heard live from 12-1 at (or via the widget on the blog page) or constantly dropping plugs for, your one-stop shop for L.A. sports news, information, and original content, do you?"

Larry David "Pretty, Pretty, Good." Curb your Enthusiam referrence. LMAO!!!!!!

Thank You and Respect.


Roky I didnt actually see your post only the goofball one which struck me as well...dull amongst other things...heres hoping theres no fire troubles and a little something in honour of the pair...

'kobe said that his 7 turnovers were do to experimentation. he said he wanted to see who could do what. he wants to know who can catch certain passes and lobs'

Are you kidding? super leadership that...can you get any more patronising? Kobe how about trying it in practise?...Im guessing you've been missing your shots while you work out who you count on for offensive rebounding?


Joe Grande seems like a good guy. My first major in school was Radio TV Film.... And anyone who can be articulate and interesting without using background music, earns my respect. Like the way you and your brother rattles off on your show. No dead air, and topics are well backed by information. Maybe we could get Rick Friedman to cover the Mamba24 jam????




Voted on two different computers.

It is truly nice that I don't need to keep on scrolling in the past few threads. Hallelujah. The posts are more meaningful and basketball related without the negative hecklers. So far so good. Sonny Belfast is understably anti-Kobe being a Kings fan. Laker Lover can be tolerated but not responded to.

Wish the season opens soon. Let's see where this team really is.

charles I voted too...I didnt listen to your opponent but Im sure you were better.Your presenting was like caramel to my ears and I spend most of my life listening to a french accent.

Good luck!

You got my vote also. Good luck.

Charles I just Voted....hope you win

"prodigious hate Kobe posts"

What's the difference between a hate-Kobe post...and a love-Kobe post??? If Love is the opposite as hate than they must be equal in value.

So that means if you think KL and Gunner are looney, than there's Jorema, Kobe_apologist, Staples24, Mamba_insert knickname, and the million other who this summer were over glorifying Kobe's accomplishments and their relevance to the Lakers.

Charle is at 53.46%
I just voted for you buddy. Good luck

Mamba from the east coast

KL, Gunner. Is it anything I said? If so I appologize.
You guys get on my nerve sometimes... What am I talking about? Most of the time, but y'all are a big part of the blog that keep the balance. Please do post your rubish, and I wouldn't like to see you be a Kobe fan either. alhoh back.

Mamba from the east coast

Mamba 24,
I hope you didn't miss my post from the previous tread. If you did : I've asked you to put me on the JIM BUSS IS THE CANCER bandwagon.


Mamba from the east coast

Tim-4-Show, Kiwi, Roky, Bob, Mamba24fan4life!!!!

Thank you so much! You can vote as many times you want on the same computer just so you know. I will be a soldier for our cause and unity for the Lakers......

Your Grunt for the Lakers,


Peace and Blessings everybody.....

OK blog Charles is down by almost 2 points. I've been voting my fingers out, but he's still down, So let's go voting for our fellow blogger, he asked for our help.

Mamba from the east coast

AK/BK, you may want to consider notifying the blog that KL has been banned and that KL won't use a different screenname to post...

just a thought.



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