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Guess who everyone's still got their eyes on

October 23, 2007 |  9:28 am

For those who said "Elton Brown," solid guess... but wrong.  It's actually Kobe Bryant.  If los ojos belong to Phil Jackson, he's peeping his star these days over a preseason penchant for turnovers.  It's a habit the Zen Master insists must be broken when the games start to count, although Kobe isn't all that stressed, since he sees the errant play merely the result of necessary tinkering.  If the staring is courtesy a member of the media, it's likely the result of Kobe's desire to be traded, a situation where Peter Vescey sees PJ as a buffer between player and ownership.  And as far as TNT's Kenny Smith is concerned, it wasn't that Kobe asked to be moved, but "how," in a big, bad way. 

Actually, a few scattered looks are being aimed in a direction other than #24's.  Those living in the Utah area remain interested in Ex-Jazz Man Derek Fisher, whose family is doing well after a serious scare.  Fish's old team will survive his absence, but would never claim it's not being felt.  We'll see how they're doing as they square off against the purple and gold this evening in Anaheim.  7:00 pm PST.  KCAL 9.  Be there or be square. 

(UPDATE: From's Andrew Kamenetzky- some of you may have heard of him- comes a guide to L.A. based fantasy hoops.  Or more specifically, which Lakers beyond Kobe, LO and Maggette can help your squad.)