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Guess who everyone's still got their eyes on

For those who said "Elton Brown," solid guess... but wrong.  It's actually Kobe Bryant.  If los ojos belong to Phil Jackson, he's peeping his star these days over a preseason penchant for turnovers.  It's a habit the Zen Master insists must be broken when the games start to count, although Kobe isn't all that stressed, since he sees the errant play merely the result of necessary tinkering.  If the staring is courtesy a member of the media, it's likely the result of Kobe's desire to be traded, a situation where Peter Vescey sees PJ as a buffer between player and ownership.  And as far as TNT's Kenny Smith is concerned, it wasn't that Kobe asked to be moved, but "how," in a big, bad way. 

Actually, a few scattered looks are being aimed in a direction other than #24's.  Those living in the Utah area remain interested in Ex-Jazz Man Derek Fisher, whose family is doing well after a serious scare.  Fish's old team will survive his absence, but would never claim it's not being felt.  We'll see how they're doing as they square off against the purple and gold this evening in Anaheim.  7:00 pm PST.  KCAL 9.  Be there or be square. 

(UPDATE: From's Andrew Kamenetzky- some of you may have heard of him- comes a guide to L.A. based fantasy hoops.  Or more specifically, which Lakers beyond Kobe, LO and Maggette can help your squad.)

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A halt on all posting!

your post time should be used to vote for Charles...Im doing a lot of voting becasue as you know Im long winded...

If this Lakers team can play good fundamental defense, it is because they are executing at a high rate on the offense end, limiting turnovers, and thereby halting transition and early opportunities for the opposing teams. I think limiting turnovers is a huge factor in the Lakers ability to play sound defense. Our front line is so big, if our perimeter defenders can stay in front of offensive players, opposing teams will force a lot of outside shoots in the half court set. Staying in front of the offense has been an issue with the Lakers guards over the last three seasons (I.E. lack of containment and defensive sliding from Smush and Chucky), but Fisher does a much better job of using his feet and body, and Farmar learned from one of the best defensive college coaches in Howland. I am starting to get some confidence in our On-ball defense. If our big men can not get back down the floor to set up half court defense the Lakers have problems keeping opponents out of the paint and under 100 points. I think at this point it is obvious that Kobe is better as an offenses weapon than Jordan, but I do believe that Jordan/Jackson Bulls teams were one of the greatest teams in NBA history at half court defense (See - on ball defense, help side defense, guarding the pick and roll, defending the paint, and defensive rebounding). If these Lakers can get to 75% of those bulls on the defensive end, I believe we have the fire power to win 55 games and home court advantage at least in the first round. Once in the dance, and once we get defense rotation down to a professional level, we have the trump card assassin mamba. If there is one thing Kobe we always be known for, it is his ability to close and hit the clutch shots. We have got to like our team in May or June, with Kobe Bean Bryant on the squad.


I voted. Good luck.

Man, I woke up this morning, looked out the window and saw bright red huge flames coming down Mt. San Miguel here in San Diego. It was an amazing and frightening sight. Those flames had to be 50-60 feet high. And that was the 5th rated fire out of 7 in San Diego County. The wind has died down for the time being. God Bless those firefighters.

Go Lakers!

Does the world need another DJ called Chester??????


nik kannan,
Nice post. Your comments are an observation I haven't heard before on these blogs. Thanks Again! and I will be looking for this in games.


When the season opens for the Lakers on Oct. 30, Kobe Bryant is likely not to be on the team, according to a few L.A. sources.
The Lakers are likely to take a trade that isn’t fully equal in talent in order to be rid of Bryant, who has become an extreme nuisance
to the Buss family owners. Phil Jackson has apparently been given control to make whatever personnel decisions are necessary
but the Busses have made their intentions clear: Get Kobe out. (New York Post)

"Does the world need another DJ called Chester??????"


I'm writting a recursive routine right now to vote automatically.

(2) KIWI
(3) MAMBA24


your post time should be used to vote for Charles."



Unless Chester's routing is up and running already.

This is BS I got a routine running and yet the percentages remain static.
Come on Blog go to K bracelet and vot e for charles

Dear Bloggers,

I am also a DJ for Sirius on "Indie Soul" and "Down Tempo Electronic" stations. If you want free promo music let me know I will email you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much mamba and kiwi on this thread and the last 3 threads (Kam Bros and the Senior Bloggers) who keep voting for me. Love and Respect to you guys all....

I gotta get back to voting. Go Blog and Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!


From Vescey's piece:

>>> I complimented Jackson on the Lakers' depth, ball distribution and new-found devotion to defense. However, something is missing if the team has serious plans to make a playoff indentation past the first round.

"We need a big power forward, someone who can really rebound, block shots and cover people," Jackson said. "We tried to get Kevin Garnett but couldn't." >>>

I was thinking the same thing the past few days. The 4 is the weakest position right now. LO says he wants to get lighter and play the 3, and that's where he should be. I love Ronny on the team, but he'll never be a legit starter on an elite team. He will contribute nicely as a back up at the 4 and sometimes 5, but not more.

Since the Jazz are lamenting Fish so much, how about Fish and Vlad Rad for Boozer. I'd like to get my hands on him. Think they'll bite?

Mamba were did u find that Kobe artical in the New York times? and what sources does the writer use?

mamba24 congratulations on the routine...I have long suspected you are some kind of genius.




>>>This is BS I got a routine running and yet the percentages remain static.

Maybe KLAC has VTB and Steve Hartman approve the votes before they're posted?

"Unless Chester's routing is up and running already."


I just voted for Charles (yao), he's back to 37% again. He must be going against a robot, the lakers blog family is no match.


You must be living in the downtown area to be spared from evacuation. For folks who are not from Southern California, the new evacuees more than 300,000 have million dollar homes now they sleep in a tent at Qualcom Stadium (hope of the Chargers.) I guess that's how global warming gets you, not only the poor low lying residents of NO but also the famous owners of the flashy homes in Malibu, Canyon Country, Irvine, Fallbrook and Rancho Bernardo. How many of these folks thought last week that they would be homeless today? Our thoughts are for the victims and the firefighters. The 6,000 of them are already weary, finally some Military at Camp Pendleton thought of the right thing by aiding fellow Americans fleeing in the monstrous gridlock along I-15 & I-5, rather than going to other lands meddling with other people's wars, why not help neighbors, local police manning the traffic lines and helping firefighters put off these terror fires? All we ask from readers in the blog are your prayers that we will have a cold weather, a rain or at least the gusty winds die down to spare from further destruction.


Your adversary is a voting MACHINE. It's creeping up, but I know the guy is on the other end voting like crazy to hold you off, all those votes and the percentage barely budges.


Is KL banned from the blog?


Sounds like you live in the "East County". We saw the same thing last night; we were coming home from vacation and drove in from the east about midnight. Pretty scary sight.

Hey guys!! I'm in Ohio this week. How can I catch the game?

You know, last year about this time several bloggers were locked out due to "excessive" posts. After several months they were able to get unlocked.

KL & Gunner post SOOOOO much and for the past several months that I wouldn't be surprised if typepad booted their IP. As much as I like them both, I must say, the blog seems to function much smoother when all those excessive posts aren't being made. I just hope this is the case and not fire, so I definitely hold them in my prayers to remain safe from danger.

I rarely post, but read everyday....I have my whole office voting for you Charles....good luck


Thanks again for the votes. I believe Chester the other contestant must not work.... He sounds really young and where does he find all this time to vote like crazy.....

I have been voting like clockwork on the job too!!!!

To the Lakers... I personally believe Kobe only works as a facilitatror when another Dominant Scorer is available. He would run the offense during the 1999-2004 years and his turnovers (distributing at the top of the key) seemd worthy enough. I believe Kobe with Lamar (When Healthy) Fisher, Luke, nd looks like Farmar should have enough people to run the offense and make plays. I firmly believe drive and dish is great for Kobe as a way to earn assists.

Thanks A Million....

Go LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Mamba were did u find that Kobe artical in the New York times?

"We need a big power forward, someone who can really rebound, block shots and cover people," Jackson said


SMUSH = THE PG (1) problem
KWAME = THE PF (4) problem

"rebound, block shots and cover people" KWAME WHERE IS YOUR DEFENSE?

ANDERSON VAREGAO still available. A bigger version of Turiaf.


Gee, Habby. That's just not nice.

I "know" you're kidding, but still.

Hope everyone is safe and sound from the fires.

Open Letter to Mamba24
Fan of Mamba

Hello fello warriors....As you know I have come from thee all consuming light to help thee clan destroy the darkness that as attack the Laker blogoshere.As I talk we are now preparing for battle.Men I know you are ready to persevere and stand up for the great name Kobe bean bryant and the Laker dynasty. I take this great privilege with my fellow soldiers to help thy destroy the bacteria that has effected this blog for several months. Hallelujah Men let us conquer; glory be thy sword and honour I humbly give thy life for the cause.


I just voted for Charles (yao), he's back to 37% again. He must be going against a robot, the lakers blog family is no match.

NO NO NO Edwin...the percentage has gone up over 2% in less than two that rate Charles is in with a chance particularly as more bloggers jump on the bandwagon and his oponents friends tire and wane as is the inevitable result if one has friends called Carson Duke...Charles on the other hand has friends called Mamb24,Exhelodvr and Kiwi...and yes even the mighty Edwin who posesses strength deep inside that he doesnt know exists...are you Smush parker or Kobe Bryant? Kwame Brown or Ronny Turiaf,Vlad rags or Cobe Karl?

Open Letter to Mamba24
Fan of Mamba

Hello fello warriors....As you know I have come from thee all consuming light to help thee clan destroy the darkness that as attack the Laker blogoshere.As I talk we are now preparing for battle.Men I know you are ready to persevere and stand up for the great name Kobe bean bryant and the Laker dynasty. I take this great privilege with my fellow soldiers to help thy destroy the bacteria that has effected this blog for several months. Hallelujah Men let us conquer; glory be thy sword and honour I humbly give thy life for the cause.

Edwin & ex,

I live right in the middle of Downtown and East County in the Paradise Hills area. From my place, I have a nice little partial (haha) view of Mt. Miguel about 5 miles away. There were three huge fire lines spreading across the mountain lighting up the smoke filled sky. From my vantage point, the view was super clear as the smoke was blowing in another direction. Amazing stuff. I've never seen anything like it.

Today the winds have died down dramatically, the helocopters are in the air, things are looking a lot safer than they were early this morning. My pad is covered in ashes though. Hopefully those winds don't pick up again.

Edwin Gueco

Why do you have to bring your political viewpoint to this blog.And by the way you sound very UN American and why do you bash the united states armed forces the greatest fighting machine in the history of the ...Go LAKERS

I voted for charles yao

Go Lakers

Anyone know why Josh Smith and Andre Igoudala aren't getting extensions? You'd think Atlanta and Philly would lock them up as soon as possible!

If we come in under the salary cap, how does that impact how much we can offer potential FAs? For example, if we come in at 53M, and the cap is at 55M, can we offer 7.2M as starting salary? (Assuming that the MLE is 5.2M for next year)

For this year, since we still have something like 1.8M to spend, can we carry that forward to next year? Don't we also have the BAE next year? Can we add all of this up?

Questions, questions!

if KObe leaves, i don't know if i can bare to sit to watch lot of Lakers game. i would hate to see our beloved lakers lose lot of game this season. but anyway, i hope for the best.... everyone play lot better this yr and get pass 2nd round.

The conspicuous absence of the Beast and Gunner gives me an eery feeling. I experienced similar feelings after speaking my voice in the early 70's. John Kay (Steppenwolf) put it this way:

(paraphrased) "Don't critisize the fatherland or those who shape your destiny, because if you do, you'll lose your job, your mind, and all the friends you knew, they'll send out all their boys in blue, they'll find a way to silence you"

Where are KL and Gunner? Are they preoccupied surviving the raging fires? Are they banned from this board? I sincerely hope that the correct answer to this set of questions is "none of the above".


Two things about the Vescey article:

"Every small forward must be guarded deep, which opens things up inside, and two of them, Luke Walton and Odom, are the team's foremost precision passers."

"We need a big power forward, someone who can really rebound, block shots and cover people," Jackson said. "We tried to get Kevin Garnett but couldn't."


Jermaine O'Neal qualifies as that type, too. Negotiations broke down over the summer when the Pacers wanted Bynum (off limits) and Odom. There also was a snag involving salaries; Indiana wanted L.A. to assume $5M per more (Troy Murphy's deal) than the contracts they would pick up.

Will the O'Neal trade talk be revived when Odom shows he's healthy? Is another defensive-minded, rebounding power forward available for a couple of L.A.'s assets?

"I'm trying to make Bryant understand it's not over," Jackson said. "Just because the season is about to begin it doesn't mean we've stopped trying to improve."

In the meantime, the above duties are the responsibility of the amply energized and undersized Ronny Turiaf."

At the end of last season this is what I said. The Lakers need a new PG and a SF or if they shifted Odom to SF, then they would need a PF. This is part of the reason I was upset over the Walton and Mihm sigining. They could have went shopping for a PF. Now that it seems that Odom is indeed going back to the 3 spot now the Lakers realize that they might need a PF. This part of the article makes sense, which can only mean one thing...there are still leaks coming from either the FO or the coaching staff.

My bet is Tex Winter. The man is old and needs attention. He feels unappreciated by the basketball community for not being elected into the basketball HOF and so he makes himself relevant whenever he can, especially when reporters give him a call. The guy loves talking basketball. I'm telling the man is talking.

Tex is our "Fredo." Remember the Godfather II? Remember when Michael was on trial in from the congress? It looked like Mike was done. What did he do? He called in Fredo. In that scene Fredo was being questioned by Mike. In the questioning Fredo let Mike know how he felt. Fredo said he was passed over (That's Tex and how he feels about being passed over for the HOF) and he pointed out that Mike was his little brother. And then he said something like this: Do you know how that feels? Mike said: It's how pop wanted it. Fredo said: Well, it's not how I wanted it. I'm smart...not like everybody says. Stupid. During this scene Fredo was sitting in a chair and and he looked like a weak puppet.

My point. Fredo was passed over...and so he was talking to the enemy. In this case the enemy to the Lakers situation is the media. And everything Tex says in the media is his way of say: I was passed over.

That's Tex Winters.


Wasn't it Peter Vescey who wrote, last year, around this time: Sources within the Lakers are saying that the organization is tiring of Kobe Bryant's antics and they are convinced that system that wins ballgames?

Don't you people remember that? The system? That's Tex Winters all the way. He's our Fredo. He's our leak.


man the media needs to shut up about all this kobe talk
nothing is happening right now its like if there looking for anything to talk about
c'mon cleaning his locker
its retarded
oh and go lakers tonight against a better utah team this should show us something about our team
go lakers

Hey y'all-

To let you know, we have a chat coming up at 1:00 pm. Go to (I believe), then click on Sports Chat to get in.



Numbers Game: NBA Breakout Candidates

Every year a number of young players take the next step in their development and become productive NBA players.

Here are a dozen possible breakthrough players for this season:

Andrew Bynum, C, L.A. Lakers - Still just 19 years old (he turns 20 on Saturday), Bynum enters his third season amid a great deal of pressure. The Lakers have been unwilling to deal Bynum in any potential trades that would bring in proven veteran help for Kobe Bryant and Bryant, who has more immediate objectives in mind, has been critical of that approach. For his part, Bynum improved quite a bit last season and, with ten double-doubles, started to show the kind of game that the Lakers expect from him every night. Chris Mihm will be returning to action this season, which will make it even tougher for Bynum to hold his spot in the rotation, but if he takes the next step in his development, Bynum can take over as a starter and let Mihm and Kwame Brown battle for backup minutes.

Rudy Gay, SF, Memphis - An athletic wing player, Gay emerged in the second half of his rookie season, scoring 13.6 points per game and adding more range to his perimeter shot. If the Grizzlies are going to make a substantial improvement this season, they need Gay to keep getting better and nearing the potential he showed when he was at UConn. New Grizzlies coach Marc Iavaroni has been impressed so far, telling the Memphis Commerical-Appeal, "Right now, he's the only player we have that would swing between perimeter and post positions. That's the biggest swing there is. Three and four is a big learning curve, and he's handled it well."

LaMarcus Aldridge, C, Portland - The second overall pick in last year's draft, Aldridge had a decent rookie season but it ended prematurely due to a case of dehydration. Nevertheless, with Zach Randolph traded to New York and hyped rookie Greg Oden injured, Aldridge is the Blazers' best post option.

Walter Herrmann, F, Charlotte - Glued to the bench through February last year, the Argentinian forward came on late in the year to be a surprisingly productive player. His style is unusual, but he hustles up and down the floor, can grab some boards and shoot the three. Now that Sean May and Adam Morrison are both expected to miss this season, Herrmann will have an opportunity to produce right from the start of his second NBA season.

Daniel Gibson, SG, Cleveland - A second-round pick last season, Gibson emerged in the postseason as a viable starter at shooting guard. With Sasha Pavlovic still unsigned, Gibson has to be atop the depth chart going into this season and while he may barely reach double-digits in scoring, Gibson's deadeye shooting from the outside (41.9% on threes last season), along with his ability to play some point guard, could make him a worthwhile fantasy pick.

Rajon Rondo, PG, Boston - A fantastic athlete who can't shoot worth a lick, Rondo stuffs the stat sheet with his hustle and he'll make an outstanding complement to the Celtics' Big Three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Without even trying, Rondo should be able to rack up assists.

Jason Maxiell, PF, Detroit - A sleeper pick last year, Maxiell couldn't work his way into the rotation consistently last year. This year, though, it appears that the power forward spot is his to lose as long as he keeps playing with the kind of abandon that sets him apart. "People know about the great dunks, the shot blocks and that I'm strong," Maxiell told "But a lot of people don't know what got me here. It was a jumpshot, a 15-footer, that got me to the NBA. In college, all I worked on was a 15-footer." If Maxiell can knock down a consistent jumper in addition to his ferocity in the paint, he'll be a force.

Travis Outlaw, SF, Portland - Call it persistence or just stubborness, but I had Outlaw as a breakout candidate last year and I'm keeping him on the list even though it appears that Martell Webster is set to start ahead of him at small forward this year. Outlaw's athletic ability sets him apart from the other Blazers wing players so, even if he isn't starting, he can earn a lot of quality minutes. Even if he scores just a little, Outlaw's steal and block potential give him valuable potential. It's about time the 23 year-old reached it.

Ronnie Brewer, SG, Utah - A sensational athlete coming out of Arkansas, Brewer struggled to earn consistent minutes as a rookie, but a year of maturing has prepared him for a much bigger role this season. Without any proven options ahead of him, Brewer should be the starter at shooting guard. While he's not going to be the first option offensively, he should be able to contribute buckets in transition.

J.J. Redick, SG, Orlando - So highly-touted coming out of Duke, Redick was virtually a non-factor as a rookie, so he's hoping for a fresh start under new coach Stan Van Gundy. Redick, a long-range sharpshooter, is likely to earn minutes in the Magic rotation in any event, but the extent of his role will depend on how well he plays when he doesn't have the ball. "There's nobody on our team who wants it anymore than he does," Van Gundy told USA Today. "He's played well (earlier in training camp), but when things don't go the way he thinks they should go, he takes it to heart almost a little too much. I've told him to relax and that he's going to play. He can be a good player, but I want him to keep working on his defense."

Tex Winters suffers from "Fredioitis." Fredoitis, as everyone knows, is incurable. It ravages the mind and leave you as a babbling (fill in the blank).

The merciful thing to do is to put him out of his misery.

Scene: The Lakers ask PJ to go on a scouting trip and to take Tex along.

PJ: Hey, Tex, pack your bags we're going to Reno.

Tex: Reno?

PJ: Yeah, I hear there's a recruit out there that we're thinking of signing.

Tex: Is he out of High School, yet?

PJ: Don't ask questions, just pack your bags and we'll talk on the way over there.

Tex: Maybe we can get in a little fishing trip while we're up there.

PJ: (Looking at Tex with sympathy) Sure we can, Tex.

Scene: On the plane to Reno.

Tex: Did I ever tell you how I used to recruit?

PJ: I don't think you have.

Tex: I have a little secret.

PJ: What kind of secret.

Tex: Well, before every recruiting trip I say a little Hail Mary.

PJ: A Hail Mary?

Tex: Yeah, I always had the best teams and we perfected the triangle.

PJ: Cool.

Scene: Before the recruting, PJ and Tex go for a little fishing trip. As they're about to get into the boat PJ's cell phones goes off. He listens, says OK, and hangs up.

PJ: Change in plans Tex.

Tex: What?

PJ: I'm being called back to the offices. Seems there's a problem with Kobe.

Tex: Damn, Kobe!

PJ: You go on the fishing trip yourself and afterwards go to the recruiting trip. Then I'll call you and you can tell what you've seen. Then I'll report that to the FO.

Tex: Sure...Go ahead.

Scene: PJ leaves Tex as Tex gets into the boat.

Tex: (Whispering) Hail Mary...Full of grace




I'm a little north of you, also about 5 miles from Mt. San Miguel.


Your post about Edwin Gueco caught my attention, so I scrolled around until I found it. Granted, this blog isn't necesarrily the ideal place for political discussions, but it wasn't irrelevant either, considering that those of us in So Cal are all thinking about these fires. Unless I was reading something else, Edwin Gueco never bashed the U.S. military, as you say. And, in fairness, you're reply was every bit as political as his post.

Also, I'd like to start a bandwagon, if I may, for Jordan Farmar as the leagues most improved player award.

Kid Licorice


I think your cat ate my quote..

Which of my "not nice" comments did you refer to?


Your competitor there puts up MAD votes. I'm talking about 1 vote every second. I can't think of a way to put them up that quick. Maybe Mamba24 would have an idea? At the very best, I can crank out a vote every 5 seconds using about 7 or 8 tabs, voting, hitting refresh, and then moving onto the next tab and then just cycling through. This guy is doing something totally different.

Jay El,

Many thanks for the vote.... Lets hope the judges vote a matching percentage for me... But feel free to vote as mantimes as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!




I cant understand it either. I do the exact same thing you are doing and I have 2 cousins and other friends helping out too. You think it is worth complaining? I was online at work and at home going non stop... All day yesterday!

I won't stop till midnight I guarantee it. Thanks for your support.



What the hey man... every time it creeps up towards 40%, it's like a machine... I saw your percentage drop about 9 tenths (about 30 votes) in 5 seconds. Crazy! Who is that guy? You may want to solicit more bloggers from around the globe. It's nuts.

mike t,

"At the end of last season this is what I said. The Lakers need a new PG and a SF or if they shifted Odom to SF, then they would need a PF."






Except Kwame isn't the 4. And Bynum is going to be the back-up center this year. I guess you didn't listen to Mitch at the halftime report of the, I think it was, the Sonics game. Mtich, basically, said Bynum will be the back-up center this season. As you can plainly see Mihm isn't up to par on the defense to be the starting center. Quit rambling and deal with the facts. Bynum is not the starting center. Mihm is not the starting center and we need a PF? Get the message and quit rambling.


I'm mean Kwame didn't even play the 4 spot last year.



Don't forget, though, that's the position they brought him in to play. Over the course of the season, health permitting, I think you'll see them try to put Kwame and Mihm at the four at different times, depending on matchups, to help give them more flexibility. Especially if Bynum plays well.

But the idea of Kwame playing PF isn't exactly outrageous. It's not that the Lakers don't want to, but Kwame doesn't like it there.


Just a heads up - great profile on Kobe in the Esquire (Charlize Theron on the cover!)

The writer really gives you a good feel of what it's like to be around Kobe. It's not overwhelmingly positive or negative - he puts out what he sees and lets the reader judge.

I like one part where Kobe talks about how he's taking advice from MJ, and trying to keep everything out of the media now. That's good.

What I hate are the people who won't allow him to change his position on talking about his trade desires. He regrets talking about. He even says he regrets taking Shaq on in the media back in the day.

Can a guy be allowed to mature, even at 29? If he doesn't want to talk about it, he shouldn't be criticized for it, just because he did it before. I understand that reporters prod, but at the same time, they should respect it when he says "I don't want to talk about it" for the third time.

And he's not "trying to have it both ways", where he talks about it one day, then not the next. He has said he wants to keep it private. As he should.

It really doesn't matter to me because there's one thing I know for sure. Bynum can't protect the rim as of this point in his career. If he could he would be the starting center right now. Because he can't, and it's painfully obvious that he can't, Bynum is the back-up center. Now matter how well Bynum plays on offense it won't make up for the lay-up that are given up when he's in there by himself.

Heck, if Mihm could protect the rim he would be the starting center. The only way Mihm or Bynum are the starting center right now or at any time during the season is if Kwame is moved to the 4 spot. Until that decision is made Kwame is the starting center.

A Mihm/Bynum combination at the 4 and 5 spot and we'll get killed on the defensive end. A Mihm/Turiaf combination nets the same results. A Bynum/Turiaf combination nets the same results.

Kwame, either at the 4 or 5 spot is the only one who can protect the rim for us. I'll tell you why that is:

Look at the photo:

What do you see? Check out the calves. It's the calves that make Kwame effective. That's what gives him the ability to hold his ground and not get pushed around down low. Those calves, if I understand correctly, are from his genes. He's cornfed. He has natual strength. He plays with his legs. Mihm plays with his upper body. Mihm uses his hand and arms a lot. That's why he picks up a lot of fouls.

Bynum is building himself up but he doesn't have natural strength.


I mean, look at his calves to his feet. Those are like trunks. No way Bynum/Mihm/Turiaf will ever improve past that. Plus Kwame has footspeed to go with those trunks? Please!


Maybe we have the crux of the problem here: Kwame should be catching those passes with his calves!

The combined cornfed calves and Kwame footspeed is what makes him able to be effective defensively. Bynum will never have the footspeed and the natural strength in his legs to be effective defensively. Bynum is pure offense. Mihm is pure offense. Mihm came into the leagues as a skilled offensive player. He's finesse on the offensive end. That spells zero ability on the defense. I would trade Bynum right now for some kind of help at the 4 spot. I think we can survive with Kwame taking 32-34 minutes and Mihm getting 14-16 minutes as the back-up. I base that on, which I consider to be fact, that Bynum will never be the defensive stopper that we need for this roster.


"Maybe we have the crux of the problem here: Kwame should be catching those passes with his calves!"

Kwame ability to catch or not catch the pass is not our problem. Our problem has been clearly defined. DEFENSE! Everyone is talking about defense. If we lose it won't because Kwame dropped a pass. It'll be because our defense is in shambles.

Again, if Mihm or Bynum could protect the rim one of them would be the starting center. There's no question about that. But since they can't Kwame has to be our starting center. Because Kwame does protect the rim. If that weren't true there's no way Kwame would be the starting center.


I'm naming my next fantasy football or hoops squad "Cornfed Calves." Done deal.


Mike T, your opioions are about as annoying as anyones can get. Having big calve muscles has NOTHING to do with the way someone plays defense. Have you ever played basketball? Are you gonna tell me Tim Duncan or Marcus Camby dont protect the rim? Look at their CALVES OMG THERE NOT HUGE! Kwame Brown is playing the wrong sport he should be a DE on a team in the NFL not in a sport that needs coordination for his position. Because he doesnt have any.

>>>It's the calves that make Kwame effective.

It's the wood that makes it good..

If people can quote Larry David, sure I am entitled to quote Newman.

Oh ya also Mike T,

Kwame is NOT our starting center, i will bet the house that Bynum will start the season.

Steve from Jersey.

How big is the house?

"Marcus Camby"

I'm telling that Camby doesn't protect the rim. The Nuggets problem last year was penetration. It's the media who votes for DPofY. But I really don't want to get into it. I explained in the summer time.

In the playoffs Camby didn't even guard Tim Duncan. Nene did. Tim Duncan pushes Camby around...I wonder why? Skinny calves? LOL!

Either way you cut it. Kwame Brown will be the starting center. Now what does that say about Bynum and Mihm? Both who seem offensively effective. What does it say?


Steve from New Jersey:

I guess you didn't check the Bobcat game:

From the last, rest in peace (as I do the sign of the cross), Jackson Journal entry:


The Charlotte Bobcats game.

OK, first let me say this: Mitch Kupchak appeared on the FSN broadcast. He was interview by Myers and Lanz. Nothing much was really said but he did say something a lot of you might want to know. He, basically, said that Andrew Bynum wasn’t going to be the starting center for the Lakers this year. I don’t want to debate about it. I just want to pass that information to those of you enjoy Lakers information but aren’t in Los Angeles. He also said that Bynum could start for a lot of teams. That’s just FYI stuff.

I see your from New Jersey. Isn't Bynum from New Jersey?

Better hold off on betting the house. I hear it gets cold in Jersey.

No offense, pal, but Bynum cannot protect the rim. Why do you think he's getting all the back-up minutes? That's his and his alone.


As for Tim Duncan...he's always had help. David Robinson and now great team defense. But I really don't know because I've never seen him in any other situation.


"I'm naming my next fantasy football or hoops squad "Cornfed Calves." Done deal."

How about for the name of your band when you go back for your twenty year high school reunion?

Steve from Jersey:

You're right. Bynum might be the starting center when the season opens. But there's no way that happens without Kwame being the starting 4. Bynum left alone out there doesn't work.


As much as I like them both [KL and Gunner], I must say, the blog seems to function much smoother when all those excessive posts aren't being made. I just hope this is the case and not fire, so I definitely hold them in my prayers to remain safe from danger.

I suspect KL and Gunner appreciate your kind thoughts. i also suspect KL and Gunner have been banned from the blog by the Gods...

Serves them right.

Ring, Ring, Ring...(A telephone goes off) Tex Winters answers the phone and listens. Then Tex responds.

Tex: I told you guys not to call here anymore.

Media: We just need a little more information.

Tex: You guys lied to me.

Media: All we want to know is what's happening with the Kobe situation.

Tex: Don't call me anymore. (Tex hangs up)

PJ walks in just as Tex hangs up.

PJ: Who was on the line, Tex?

Tex: Wrong number.



KL KL...Oh Captain my captain!

well maybe freedom of speech has ultimately lost out... but then again this is a more pleasant place to be without all the unnecessary angst.As I always said my problem was not so much with KL's posts as the way they were responded too.Gunner had a lot of very intelligent stuff to say and I would be surprised if he was banned...he shows up sporadically anyway.

Maybe KL felt his work here was done now Kobe is apparently on his way out and others have turned against him....or maybe he just got bored or got a girlfriend or something.

I wish Kwame the best this season. He plays 1 on 1 D well but what else does he offer? Nothing. I'll give Mike T's argument that his offensive deficiency gets a free pass since we have all the scorers we need, but to not get at least 9-10 boards per game and a couple of blocks does not warrant him playing 34 minutes per game. Forget the rebounds....boxing out? I think for 9 mil a year the least the guy can do is put a little more work in to his game. No cheap shots about cake tossing or any of that garbage. Get your @$$ to the gym and do something.


"Where are KL and Gunner? Are they preoccupied surviving the raging fires? Are they banned from this board? I sincerely hope that the correct answer to this set of questions is "none of the above"."

KL has been banned....

Gunner too i suspect...

oh well, good riddance.

>>>Since the Jazz are lamenting Fish so much, how about Fish and Vlad Rad for Boozer. I'd like
>>>to get my hands on him. Think they'll bite?


Yeah. Send Derek Fisher back to where he can't get treatment for his daugter, along with a totally unproven player
for their star player.

Think they'd take Kwame for Deron Williams, while you're at it?

Anyone see that sensational piece in the New York Post about Kobe being moved before the season started? The author claims that Buss is so upset with Kobe that he's willing to sign off on a trade, even one that would yield less value.

I doubt it. You'd have to believe that Buss, after 4 months, has just NOW decided to get angry enough and jettison his SECOND superstar for POOR value.

Cornfed Calves he stands alone,
So much meat upon dat bone
Shake o' the feet sends bodies flyin’
So what if those hands are made o’ stone?

Can’t root that boy outta da post
Them calves would beat a Chamberlain ghost
Don’t matter if he can score a lick
Them hams’ll turn white bread to toast.

It’s Calves that sent grown men to mama
Them calves could carry a full-size llama
“Those calves are the western evil, yes?”
cried a clearly scurred Osama.

Thanks guys for all your help!!!!

I'll say this I hope Phil finds a way to convince kwame to play the 4. Name me a PF as strong as he is hell he was bullying around Carlos Boozer last night. Now he didn't score but you can tell he was intimidating and if the line up of Kwamr and Bynum works that's danagerous for the league.

On defense have Kwame gurad the best post weapon and have Bynum lengths swat bad shots they put up over Kwame's D. Only thing is that Phil would have to tink the triangle a bit to fit positions cause Kwame (love em to death) has no jumper. But the kid can pass for a big a little too hard at times he jammed a players finger in washington once. If you can get them to play on offense together as well as they could on defense and i'd maych them against any bigs on defense.

Nik Kannen: Excellent post. You obviously are a student of the game and have the abilty to analyze well. The key will be the perimeter defense and big guys inside will profit if Kobe and the pg stay home and play defense. Kobe's hunger to score at the other end often has left him playing lackadaisical defense in order to get easy stats on the other end. Anyone can play defense and Kobe can play it very well when he feels like it(which has been very infrequently). Knock off the 60 point games and contribute where it counts to take pressure off the bigs. They aren't able to handle opposing guardsracing past defenders and getting in the lane and with the two guards playing defense(I won't worry about Fisher if he is one of them,he is a bulldog) that shouldn't happen,if the opposing guards are slowed the bigs once they learn to rotate and protect the weakside should be able to cause opponents some problems too.



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