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Talking with: Maurice Evans, Part I

UPDATE (8-6): We're on the road today, so expect a delay here and there in comments getting posted.  We'll do our best to keep up, as will HQ.

As some of you may already know, Lakers swingman Maurice Evans recently took part in the NBA Player's Assn.'s "Feeding One Million" campaign, a partnership with Feed The Children to help provide food, clothing, medicine and other essential items to 1 million children in Kenya.  Evans accompanied Ron Artest (Sacramento Kings), Theo Ratliff (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Etan Thomas (Washington Wizards) to Africa, embarking on an eye-opening journey into a plight and poverty most of us are lucky enough to find unimaginable.  I caught up with Mo by phone a few days ago, and we discussed the goodwill mission, how the trip affected him on a personal level and, of course, hoops (Lakers or otherwise).  Here's Part 1 of what he had to say:

Andrew Kamenetzky:  How did you find out about the trip to Kenya?   

Maurice Evans:  Actually, I have been with Feed the Children already prior to that.  They did the "Feed the 5,000," which was feeding 5,000 families in Oakland.  We did that when I was in Detroit.  We fed 5,000 families there.  And last year, with the Lakers, we went to New York and a couple guys from the team were involved with that as well.  (Players Assn. President) Billy Hunter knew that I had been involved in the first two and called me over the summer and asked me if I was interested in doing (the trip to Kenya), and I was like, "without a doubt."  I wanted to help these people.

AK: Had you heard before about them looking to go overseas, or did this take you by surprise? 

ME: I didn't know that they planned on doing a project that feeds 1 million people somewhere in Africa, something like that.  When he told me about it, it just sounded like something special, something that I definitely would try to get involved in.  It made it that much better to go to Africa to actually give it to people who can't really measure poverty, in my opinion.  I mean, people are hungry and starving whether it's in the United States, whether it's in Europe or Africa -- it's all the same.  But to be able to go over there and actually see how people are living there and to feel like you could make a difference, it was really cool.

AK: Obviously, you knew going over there that you'd be seeing people living in dire straits.  But even with that in mind, was the level of poverty still shocking?

ME: Yeah.  It was very shocking.  Like I said, you can't measure poverty, but there's so much poverty amongst children.  It's really eye-opening.   For children, who obviously don't have a hand in what they've been dealt.  They didn't have any part in the hand they're dealt, you know?  There are children who have limited opportunity to even get an education that are in that situation.  We went to the school when we first got there.  This building is for educating children and it was one room, two chalkboards, rundown benches, just a long picnic table.  The kids sitting there with probably one or two teachers trying to educate a room full of kids.  There's no individual attention.  There's nobody raising their hands and saying, "I don't understand.  Can you explain that to me?"  There was nothing like that. 
And kids go as much for food as they do for the education.  Even more so for the food, because they know that by going to school, the motivation is that you're going to get a meal while you're there.  It was so bad that you eat that one ration and you have to provide your own bowl.  And some kids couldn't even afford their own bowl, so they had to put it in their pocket.  It was beans and rice, and the rice is submerged in, like, juice.  So the kid's pockets is all wet and he didn't have any shoes on.  And you see the kid with the bowl and he was trying to get as much as he can in it, because it's not only going to feed him but it's also gonna feed his brothers and sisters later that evening. 

AK: Is that the worst thing you saw or did it even get more upsetting?

ME: Well, you know, the thing that's so crazy about the situation there was that as poverty-stricken as it was, there was still a bigger discrepancy between "the haves" and "the have-nots."  Before we left, they did show us the nice areas in Kenya, where you have nice restaurants.  We went on a safari for a couple days.  We were able to go see their malls, some of their government buildings. 

Probably one of the worst things we witnessed: We went to the Ray of Hope Clinic, and that's where the player's union actually donated money on behalf of all the NBA players.  They have these people who have AIDS.  And they also help out children, help these people out.  I noticed there was a kid standing there who didn't have any shoes on.  And he was right in this area called "the slump."  "Slump" meaning exactly what it sounds like.  Like "slump, that's terrible."  And he was walking around barefoot.  There's glass.  There's rocks.  It's hard walking there with shoes on, let alone without.   I could see that he was cut all over his foot.  I had a little bit of money with me, something like 250 bucks.  I see this guy, a vendor, he's selling shoes.  I just took the little kid over, tried to get him a pair of shoes.  And it wasn't like they were Jordans.  They were just like some shoes.  Some leather shoes.  We took him over to get those shoes and then the next thing you know, here comes another kid who didn't have shoes.  And then another kid and another kid. 

Before too long, there was a super-long line of kids, and they were realizing that they were going to get a pair shoes if they got in line before the money ran out.  I felt so bad that I didn't have more money, you know what I'm saying?  You just feel how much of a difference something just small like that will make in their life.  When the kids had these shoes, you could just tell the difference.  Now they're running around and playing.  The kids are playing soccer, kicking a rundown soccer ball with no shoes.  Now it seems like when they're playing soccer, they're excited.  Little stuff like that.

AK:  Did that almost feel surreal, because there are some guys in an NBA locker room who basically get a new pair of shoes for each game? 

ME: Yeah.  Exactly.  It obviously put things in perspective, because even the shoes that we wear for multiple months and multiple games, by the time they're done, they're still in such great condition that anyone would love to have them.

AK: Did these kids know you were in the NBA?  Does that mean anything to them?

ME: No.  Because the NBA, nice cars, nice houses and lots of money, it's intangible to them.  I don't even think they realize what that is.  That's not a reality for them, the NBA.  I bet you could bring some of the bigger stars that we have and they probably wouldn't be able to recognize them.

AK: Did they know you were basketball players?

ME: They knew we were basketball players, but they knew we were there to help.  I'm sure they were extremely appreciative that we were there and we were able to help them out. 

AK: Was it weird being there with three other NBA guys and not having people ask you about the Lakers?  About Kobe?  The NBA? 

ME: It wasn't really strange to me, only because I knew what the purpose that we went over there for.  It's almost like once we got there, seeing the area, the poverty, what we were in for, we didn't even think much about the fact that we were in the NBA anymore.  It was almost like, we're here.  Let's see what we can do improve the situation while we're here.  Ron brought a video crew so he could document everything that went on and kind of take it in.  I think that we did some good things while we were there.  All four of us.  Theo, Etan, Ron and myself, we all four had a really, really good experience.  We really tried to do as much as we could and really tried to be involved with the kids.

AK:  Ron learned about his upcoming suspension while you guys were over there.  Did that put a damper on anything, or did the circumstances and surroundings make it feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things?

ME: I don't think it put a damper on it, because Ron did a really good job of doing the things to stay positive.  He understood.  Obviously, he's going to continue to grow and mature every day in this league.  He still turned it into a positive.  Everyone wanted to call and talk about the dispute that he had with his wife to get suspended.  But all he talked about was the good that he was doing and bringing light to the fact that they need even more help over there and around the world.  I think he did a really, really good job deflecting that and turning it into a positive. 

AK: I read he's looking to build a house in Kenya, just so he can go back and keep tabs on things.

ME: Yeah.  Well, I know he also donated money for the Ray of Hope clinic so they could build a lab there, so they can actually help with the medicines and administer them to people.  That's one of the pieces they were really lacking.  It only costs about $20 to deliver a baby at the Ray of Hope clinic.  The people still couldn't afford to pay the $20. The problem is also that they don't turn anyone away.  They're there to help people, so it's pretty much free.  Also, when they deliver the babies, the problem isn't delivering the baby, it's that they deliver the baby and have the woman go to the recovery room for two to three hours.  She'll just sneak out and leave the baby because she can't afford to take care of it.  When you're dealing with issues of that magnitude, anything obviously helps.

AK: Did this trip make you think a little differently about the world or put certain elements of your life in perspective?

ME: To be honest, I can't really say that.  I can't say that I didn't appreciate life or that I didn't appreciate being in the NBA, given how hard it's been for me.  But it makes me want to succeed that much more, so that maybe I can be able to help out even more so on a financial level.  I think it serves to be a motivation.  Not that I lacked any at all, because I really want to be accomplished.  I want to have a great year.  I want to build upon the things that I did last year and I really want to expand my role with the Lakers.  Just really make an impact for a long time in the NBA.  So I think it just serves as extra motivation.

AK: It adds another level of what can come from those accomplishments, aside from the direct  basketball results.

ME: It shows you what more can be done.  It shows me that there's so much more that can be done.  It shows me an extra path where I can really help and affect, in terms of people's lives. 

AK: I imagine the answer is yes, but do you plan on staying involved with these programs?

ME: Yes.  Like I said, I've been involved for the last three years, and I'm definitely going to continue to be involved and continue to help out in whatever way I can.

Part II to follow soon.      

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"Lmfao, dude can't wait to hear what the hater in you will say. And oh to the apologists, pipe down, this does not mean I want to see another o'neal in a laker uniform. I'd much rather see kobe in a knicks jersey (oops, guess i still made y'all mad)"

he ain't here yet.


"Shaq and Kobe had only role players like Horry, Fox and Fisher!"

i think you mean Shaq had role players like kobe, horry, fox fisher..

please don't rewrite history....

tha show

"glad you could take that in jest."

hey, i'm ready to eat crow if JO comes to LA.

I hope we don't give up LO. I think JO, LO and kobe can do some good things if they all play team ball wih the right role players.



"I am not trying to censor you and have read enough of your posts to know that you can act responsibly and intelligently. All I ask is that you make a conscious effort to do so. It will earn you more respect and shared enjoyment from the blog than your self-assumed role as our anti-Kobe iconoclast. I know you have the brains to do it but do you have the heart?"

regarding the "olive branch", i didn't realize that's what you're trying to achieve. assuming that is what you are trying to achieve with me, i will reciprocate in kind.

please consider that my brand of humor is not for everyone and i don't mean to offend any blogger personally. i will defend myself from other bloggers when attacked if it's egregious enough. if you've read my prior posts, you'll note that i limits my attacks to kobe bryant and kobe loyalist who act as though kobe's singular actions (on or off the court) excuses kobe for the state of the lakers; which I attribute to be the majority of kobe’s fault.

With all due respect, please disregard my exaggerated jokes (ie, “F-U” and kobe is the Big [fill in the blank] etc.) as what they are, jokes meant to liven up the discussion. I will acknowledge that you appear to be extremely passionate about the laker team and have gain the respect of many bloggers. Take care.


aloha mke

"Yet another Miami free agent, Eddie Jones says F U to the big Pork Chop and signs with the Mavs."

touche. Big Pork Chop? LOL.

People don't operate from a realistic point of view.

It's unrealistic to think that the Pacers would go for Kwame, Bynum, and others for O'Neal.

It's unrealistic to think the Lakers are going to send LO and Bynum and others for O'Neil.

Why even propose those dumba$s trades? It's not going to happen.

Both the Lakers and the Pacers have got to give something to get something.

If the Lakers have to give up Odom with Bynum then the Pacers have to give up Granger. It's that simple. Anything less is outright stupid on the part of the Lakers.

Why would the Pacers go for Kwame, Bynum, and others for O'Neal? That would be dumb on the part of the Pacers. Neither Kwame or Bynum are established offensive players. Why would the Pacers jump on that for an established scorer who can also block shots? They're doesn't make sense. Odom has to be part of the deal. But with Odom, Bynum, and others the Lakers would be overpaying for O'Neal. That's why Granger has to be part of the deal.


i was looking at the salaries to make a trade that involves o'neal (who's a max player, ~20 mil) work.

lakers bad contracts: vlade
indy's: tinsley, dunleavy, murphy and jo if extended...

realistic trade scenarios:
(a) lo + bynum + filler for jo--indy does this deal in a heartbeat, but mitch/lakers smartly refuse.

(b) lo + kwame for jo -- only reason indy does this is for cap relief, but they have 3 other bad contracts and i think bird wants bynum more.

(c) bynum + cook + kwame + filler for jo--fairer deal but indy would either have to take farmar/crit + sasha or vlade (which lakers would prefer). this deal is essentially bynum + cook for jo. bird, after making so many poor decisions, wants to come out on top especially when dealing with the lakers; that's why i think he's asking for lo. he can let lo go in 2 yrs or trade him a yr before his contract expires.

trading for jo will tie up the lakers for at least 2 more years. if he plays well and the lakers win, kobe is happy, and we can extend them both along with lamar. we have a core trio in their prime, but we will be stuck with them and have to hope mitch can do a better job of building a supporting cast. he did poorly when we had shaq.

if things dont go well, all 3 could be gone, we lose bynum and have nothing to build around. i just hope mitch doesnt make a trade for the sake of making a trade or takes on any of indy's bad salaries.

Hello Laker Blog,

I am new to this forum, but believe me, I share the same passion and frustration that obviously resolates through your many posts. I have a suggestion: maybe we could start a movement to remove the incompetent and complacent Laker GM Mitch "Cupcake" from his position. Start an online petition or boycott in front of the Staples Center and demand this idiot's resignation. JO is practically begging to be traded to the Lakers ( and this albatross of a GM will do nothing about it. While Cupcake is at the helm, I have little to no hope that this thing will turn around.

I see us getting the 8th seed and another 1st round exit this upcoming 07-08 season with Kobe leaving soon after. This is the curse and greatness of having one number #24. While he is greatest player on this planet, able to carry an entire organization on his back and into the playoffs single-handedly, he at the same time prevents us from becoming a lottery bound team and improving through the draft.

May we hope and pray for Mitch's resignation in 2007-08 season.

Shaq and Kobe had only role players like Horry, Fox and Fisher!

JO and Kobe can also have role players like MIHM, RAD and FISH. Besides Kobe into his prime at 28 is much better now than four-five-six years ago. JO also going into his prime at 28. I think giving up Odom and Bynum is the obvious thing to do.

Shaq can not make free throws and is always fouled at the end of games, JO will play at the end of games and will be a threat at defensive end and at the offensive end! HELLO! How good do you think KOBE AND JO will be together at 28! How good of role players are we going to need? We already know HORRY< FOX< FISH worked out the last time. We alreday have so many role players in this roster, what we need is another ALL-STAR like JERMAINE ONEAL at the LOW POST at his PRIME!

If I am the GM of either Pacers or the Lakers this deal would be done already! As I think neither the Pacers nor the Lakers need Lamar Odom badly. Pacers has DIOGU, SHANE WILLIAMS, GRANGER, MURPHY, DUNLEAVY. Lakers will have ONEAL, TURIAF, VLAD, WALTON.

Lamar Odom should not be a deal breaker for both teams. Lakers and Pacers should want Kwame's contract MUCH MORE, than the need of Odom's position and 14 M a year!

It won't hurt to have LAMAR with Kobe and JO, if Mitch can pull it thru. But to say we need LAMAR to make us an elite team is an over statement. KOBE and JO with the right role players the LAKERS are already an elite team. I would rather have Kwame's expiring contract knowing I have Turaif, Vlad, Walton, Evans.

Although I would rather keep Bynum if i could and offer Odom and Kwame for JO, but that's impossible because we all know BIRD is after BYNUM. You see if KWAME was not a failure an ODOM/KWAME would have been attractive!

That's why I keep saying........ the cause of all Lakers problem is not MITCH, defintely not Kobe, not Shaq leaving... it is KWAME BROWN! Smush and kwame fooled a lot of people, but atleast they only got me fooled for one season 05-06. After that i kept saying these two are CANCERS BIG TIME GALORE!

We have the BEST NBA PLAYER IN THE WORLD! We just got fooled by the Smush and Kwame. Otherwise it will all be different. JO and role pplayers will be enough to get us back to the top without Smush and Kwame as role players of course!!

Just another Kobe incident that won't affect the team! and another reason I could not stand this clown since he was drafted by the lakers!

Time for a reality check. We need to get a third team involved (maybe a fourth) in any trade involving Oneil. If Bird wants to rebuild he is unlikely to want Odom's contract. I can't see how we would want to keep Odom if we acquire Oneil.

First, Odom is an odd player. He is a mismatch for anyone trying to defend him, big or small. The problem is that he is also a mismatch waiting to happen defensively. He is not quick enough to guard the SGs or SFs, he is not strong enough to guard the PFs or centers. He is a defensive liability no matter what position he plays. We are trying to get better defensively? Right?

We need to expand any trade so that we get Oneil and a defensive player either at center or SF. If we trade Bynum AND Brown we are really going to be hurting at center. It would make more sense to only trade one or the other. It may take more teams involved to get what Bird wants. It will also take giving up draft picks and the 3 million max in cash.

I admire Odom for how he has handled himself this past year. Now, we can keep him and feel good about rewarding a class guy or we can try to improve the club. If we can get Oneil and another strong defensive player we may just have to take the chance. WHAT SAY YOU?

Lawler's Law,

Tell me what the divorce rate in America is. Its like we act like if players are god. They are just ordinary human being like you and I, finding their way through life. I hope the story is not true, since big news reporting chains havent carried it. But the divorce rate in America is high, and I think its unreasonable to hold athletes to a suprior standards, when every day men cant stay in monogomous relationships either.

michael h,

Great post.


"Shaq and Kobe had only role players like Horry, Fox and Fisher!"

i think you mean Shaq had role players like kobe, horry, fox fisher..

please don't rewrite history....AGAIN


Peace, fellow Laker fan. Thanks for your response to the olive branch and glad to see you are also hoping that we can end up with JO without giving up Lamar. I don’t see how anybody could be a Laker fan and not see that that would be a great move and break for the Lakers. Of course, I am sure there will be someone who will find a reason why not to make the deal.

Kobe, JO, and LO would make a great trio. I am especially hyped after hearing JO’s comments. What a contrast with KG, who really seemed to be content with losing and only agreed to leave Minny after they told him they wanted to trade him.

What is remarkable is that JO might not only unite the Lakers in their quest for a championship but also the Lakers blog. lol. That would be the grandest and most ironic outcome of all.



"Shaq can not make free throws and is always fouled at the end of games"

would you like to petition the NBA to recind Shaq's Finals MVP and award it to the real MVP...kobe?

I'll sign the petition all 3 times...

I think we should sign 2 more petitions, Billups 2004 and Wade in 2006. I truly believe those belong to kobe as well becuase had kobe not tried so hard to be the 2004 finals MVP, Billups would not have won cuz the lakers would have beaten the Pistons. Wade owes his finals MVP to kobe as well cuz had kobe not have chased away shaq in his prime (albiet latter part), Wade would not have won a championship.

so to conclude, i believe kobe is owed 5 finals MVP awards, 3 from shaq, 1 from Billups and 1 from Wade.

Wanna try for Duncan in 2003 or Parker in 2007?

Aloha Laker Tom

Completely agree with you. Mitch do not blink. At this point there is only one other team out there that seems to be a player for J.O and that is New Jersey and their offer really wouldnt make as much sense to a rebuiling program. Yes Jefferson is a very good player but I do see him ever being good enough to build a team around. And the pacers already have a good young SF in Granger. And Kristic is a decent 24 yr old center. He was having a carrear year last year before he was very seriously injured.(something else for bird to think about) 16.4 ppg. 6.4 boards and .8 blocks per 32 minutes played. Of course he is a Euro and I have never heard his name and defensive stopper in the same sentance. But he is solid. But solid enough to build around?

Now the Lakers have offered Andrew. At 19 he is now 7 1 with a 7 6 wing span. He will tip the scales at over 300 pound in a couple more years. He ave 7.9 ppg 5.9 rbs and 1.6 blocks in only 21 minutes per game. Will Andrew become a star? Who knows. Does he have a chance to become a star? Absolutely. Will Kristic become a star? No.

The Lakers can also offer a young PG with potential. As much as I hate to do it, I would offer J-crit to the pacers because I think that Kid is the real deal and versitle enough to play 3 positions. Add in expiring contracts(Kwame, sasha & Mo plus a pick or 2 and It is a better deal then Jersey. More risk but more potential upside. Considering Jeresy isnt offering anything that will make Indy great but what the Lakers are offering has the potential to make them great, you grab the chance because lets face it, they are going to lose a lot for a few years reguardless of which deal they take.

So Mitch, stay the course, I am with you Tom, I think Bird will blink. Maybe not until the season starts or even the dead line but he will blink.


You guys really want to trade Bynum away and possibly Crittenton. I don't think it really matters who Lakers get in return. Kobe has already made up his mind. He will opt out in 2 years no matter what. Then, the Lakers has no one to show for. You lose Bynum, you may lose the franchise. Kobe's heart is already gone. He himself will be gone soon enough.

Mike T

"It's unrealistic to think that the Pacers would go for Kwame, Bynum, and others for O'Neal.

It's unrealistic to think the Lakers are going to send LO and Bynum and others for O'Neil.

Why even propose those dumba$s trades? It's not going to happen."

Mike, I think you have a good point that based on their actual skills on the floor, the deal doesn't make sense. But I think you also need to look at each team's position. The Pacers are trying to rebuild. The Lakers are trying to win now. This means that the Pacers would be looking for expiring contracts, young prospects and draft picks like Minnesota did. No one thinks that Minnesota has Ratliff in their long term plans. Right now Indy's cap figure is around $61 million and this year's salary cap is $55 mil.. If they make a trade with Kwame in it, next year they are already under the cap with an additional $6 mil coming off the year after with Jeff Foster's contract expiring. In any trade involving O'Neal, they would want a PG and a C, with Daniels (maybe), Granger, and Diogu taking the 2, 3 and 4 slots. Throw in Bynum and Farmar or Crittendon and a pick or two along with some immediate cap relief, and it doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

On the Lakers' end, Prospects and Draft picks aren't as important to them if they're trying to contend right now. So if they can keep Odom in the deal, they can be contenders for the next three years or so.

One more thing: If the Pacers are really trying to rebuild, Odom wouldn't really make sense due to his age and his apparent demand for a max-type extension if traded.

If you were to compare this with the Boston-Minnesotta deal, it's pretty much the same type of deal: a star for a prospect, expiring contracts and draft picks. Thats about the going rate for a star demanding a trade (even though JO hasn't yet demanded a trade)

Dude, Sounds like a upright and truthfull source for news if I ever saw one.


Staples 24
"JO and role pplayers will be enough to get us back to the top without Smush and Kwame as role players of course!!"

That type of thinking is why Kobiatch has no help right now. "JO and role players?" You make it sound like he's not even an allstar.

"We need to expand any trade so that we get Oneil and a defensive player either at center or SF. If we trade Bynum AND Brown we are really going to be hurting at center."

I hate to say this, but there's no way Indy goes for Bynum and Brown. Kwame is here in LA for at least one more year. I will agree with Mike T scenario. I think LO will be the reason this deal gets done or not. If Lakers want this deal to go through, they in return has to ask for Grainger.

Bynum and Brown is not enough. But, if for some reason Bird takes that offer, that would be the second worst move in history. And I'm sure you know what the first bad move in history was? (Shaq)

I just don't think Bird is that stupid because he's losing scoring and in return Bynum and Brown is not going to recoup that scoring loss.

"This is the curse and greatness of having one number #24. While he is greatest player on this planet, able to carry an entire organization on his back and into the playoffs single-handedly, he at the same time prevents us from becoming a lottery bound team and improving through the draft. "

Welcome to the Blog. Second, if it wasn't for Kobe pursuit of being the man for the last 3 years and kicking out Shaq, we would not be in this mess right now. But, hopefully Kobiatch redeems himself and get on the phone line and try to help with the JO Deal or you're right, first round exit is in the near future.

"Wasnt it Kobe that made that three point shot in the all star game in JO's face when Micheal came back to play for the wizards. I remember Kobe nailing that three all over JO's face, and JO's expression was like that MOFO is the best player ever. His expression was priceless, and since that game I felt how much respect JO has for Kobe."


Thought this might be interesting:

Pacers get : Bynum, Jefferson, Sasha

Lakers get: JO, Kristic

Nets get: Odom, Granger, Evans

Pacer line up
C Bynum
PF Diagu
SF Jefferson
SG Daniels
PG Tinsely

Nets Line up
C Magloire
PF Odom
SF Granger
SG Carter
PG Kidd

Laker Line up
C O'neal/Mihm
PF Kristic/Turiaf
SF Walton/Radman
SG Kobe/Karl
PG Fisher/Crittenton

Then I would package Farmar and Kwame for a team looking for cap space and a young point guard...maybe the Clippers for Corey Maggette, the Wizards for Etan thomas or Brendan Haywood, Denver for Marcus Camby, or Cleveland for Drew Gooden.

Michael h.,

"He ave 7.9 ppg 5.9 rbs and 1.6 blocks in only 21 minutes per game. Will Andrew become a star? Who knows. Does he have a chance to become a star? Absolutely. Will Kristic become a star? No. "

Last year, Nenad Kristic averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds a game. OFF A MAJOR INJURY.

In his three seasons, he has increased his point total each season. He's 24.

Now I am sure Bynum's potential ceiling is higher, and with his shotblocking and size could be a much higher impact player. But you also dont just not take a guy who can be a career 15 and 7 guy...Those are Toni Kukoc or young Rasheed Wallace type numbers...

All I am saying is that the RJ and Kristic deal, looks better than Bynum and does RJ fit in a rebuilding process?? I dont think hes that type of player...But neither is Odom.

The best way the Lakers get pry Oneal from the Pacers is to get a third team involved.

But how that happens I have yet to come up with a realistic idea.

mitch should better do his job right now...he has to keep his self back rather he has to get the lost reputation and integrity he had (do he really had one)...he should better do real good this summer...we are tired of theses messes he had done....

if mitch doesn't bite this opportunity right now of getting JO, then i would get to believe that is something up to or he is with someone to topple down kobe...sigh!

Pincus article makes sense, as to why you shouldn't get your hopes too high:

O'Neal Visits LA
By Eric Pincus
Aug 7, 2007, 04:46

With the Kevin Garnett fantasy finally extinguished, the focus quickly turns to Indiana Pacer Jermaine O'Neal.

I was lucky enough to catch O'Neal at the LA Stars Charity All-Star Basketball Game on Sunday. Check out my colleague Preetom Bhattacharya's write-up of the interview, "Jermaine O'Neal Not Interested in Rebuilding."

Of course the blowback from O'Neal's statements has already begun. The thrust of the interview was that O'Neal doesn't want to go through a lengthy rebuilding process in Indiana. Given the opportunity he'd welcome a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers or New Jersey Nets.

The following is from the Indy Star:

The ESPN story also quoted O'Neal as criticizing Bird for wanting too much from the Lakers in a trade. "Larry Bird is a hard man to deal with," O'Neal was quoted as saying. "He tries to make unfair trades. He wants to gut a team, but the Lakers are trying to get over the hump. I want Indiana to benefit, but with some nice young players and draft picks. I want to make it clear that I don't want to gut a team that I come to, because then it'll be like Indiana all over again."

O'Neal denied making that statement Monday when it was read to him. "Wow," he said. "I didn't say that."
I can clarify that those specific comments were not made by O'Neal when he spoke to the small pool of reporters on Sunday.
He was hit with a barrage of questions about the Lakers and answered them openly and honestly. But then I couldn't help but think that if he were at a charity event on the East Coast his answers may have been nearly identical . . . just substitute the words "Los Angeles, Lakers and Kobe" with "New Jersey, Nets and Kidd."

Contrary to a published report, I did not hear him say that the Lakers were specifically the team he wanted to be traded to.

Now you have a situation because someone is lying.

I can only attest to what I witnessed. It's certainly possible that O'Neal made additional comments later in the night . . . it would be pretty outlandish for a major news organization to misquote anyone that badly.

Speaking to O'Neal, there was never a sense that he had given the Pacers an ultimatum. It's obvious he'd like to move on but he only has so much say in the matter.

As far as his opt out clauses . . . he simply has too much guaranteed money to walk away from. The Pacers still hold the cards and can trade him at their discretion.

Then there's the question of why O'Neal would show up in Los Angeles at a charity game that he wasn't playing in. He had to know going in the kind of questions he would be asked by the local reporters. Unlike most players Sunday, O'Neal made himself readily available to the media.

Perhaps he was hoping to kick-start the process.

O'Neal may be the best player available that the Lakers have a shot at.

Sources close to both parties indicate neither the Lakers nor Kobe Bryant feel a trade sending out both Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum for O'Neal is a move worth making.

Whether pressure from O'Neal himself will help or hinder a compromise remains to be seen.

If the Pacers would consider a package built around Bynum, Kwame Brown, Brian Cook and Aaron McKie (thrown in via sign and trade to balance the salaries), the Lakers might have a solution to the Kobe Bryant crisis.

If not the Lakers will have to look elsewhere for help or risk standing pat. As it is, Bryant still views the Chicago Bulls as his destination of choice.

It's also why the Pacers feel they can just wait the Lakers out.


okay, only cuz i need to respond: "welcome to the blog?" i'm pretty sure i've been here longer than you (about 2 years), although admittedly, i don't leave a plethora of senseless comments every other hour...

the thing is, sometimes (and i use that word liberally) you give good comments (this kinduv applies to you too, sonnybelfast), but most of the time it's just rants and kobe bashing that honestly, everybody's tired of. if you don't like kobe, fine, and if you want to express it, cool, but you don't need to remind us all that you hate the dude every other hour. i think people would generally take your opinions a lot more seriously if you didn't bring up kobe's rape charges every time you posted a comment, and like another person brought up before, if you hate kobe so much, start your own blog. i'm pretty sure the domain is still available.

and on a side note, i don't think you read all my posts above, cuz the way you took my description of kobe's schedule was completely out of context. but it's cool, i'm not expecting you to read all of my comments. like Emma pointed out, the commenting system on this blog makes it difficult to follow lengthy conversations.


"Who do you pay more respect to at the end of the day? Who made a greater impact this summer, Kobe of Mo Evans?
kid with cancer or thousands of starving kids without shoes?" Why don't you ask the cancer-stricken kid that Kobe visited
before just assuming the answer? You should pay equal respect for anyone looking to help others less fortunate.
It's not important how you help or who you help, but simply THAT you help. If everyone took as much time doing what Kobe does,
Mo does, or just spent time with hundreds of other charitable outlets, the world is guaranteed to end up a much better place.
How the energy gets divvied up isn't nearly as important as the energy simply being expended. AK
Posted by: Andrew Kamenetzky | August 05



(1) Laker Tom (2) Marty (3) Hobbit (4) Fearless Whack Job (5) Mamba24/10
(6) David Whang (7) BD (8) Dan Dan the Laker Fan (9) Long Time Laker Fan
(10) Roky (11) JoninJapan(In Canada)

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Maurice Evans, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Luke Walton, Brian Cook,
Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum, Coby Karl, Chris Mihm, Sasha Vujacic
Jordan Farmar, Jarvis Critterton



you basketball knowledge comes up quite short.

a jermaine o'neal deal now falls on the shoulders of kupchak, jim buss and dr. buss.

trying to make a case that kobe needs to play gm to get this deal done is plain and simply stupid.

kobe asked for jermaine back in april or may. that has already been established. the lakers f/o already know kobe would like to have jermaine o'neal.

then a few days ago, jermaine o'neal made it clear he would also love the chance to play with kobe.

so both players have already PUBLICLY asked to play with one another.

it now comes to down to kupchak & buss versus larry bird.

please stop making things up.


If we give up Odom, we have to get Granger. Bottom line.

Granger is a championship type of player. Fundamentally sound, good shooter, solid D. He would fit in perfectly with Kobe and JO. While Lamar's game, I'm thinking, would kind of clash playing alongside those two.

Starting five:

With this, JO can focus on his offense while Kwame handles the post D. And our perimeter D would be as strong as any in the league. This could be a recipe for a championship.

Man, I hope Mitch can get this done.


"Kobe, JO, and LO would make a great trio. I am especially hyped after hearing JO’s comments."

i'm assuming you're referring to the comment that JO made about kobe finally realizing that he'll need help to win. that was a bit of encouragng news for me that perhaps kobe has finally understood what it takes to win as the #1.....teammates.

not to nitpick, but i'd like to see kobe make a statement that he'll back off on the trade request and make a generic apology to the those that me might have offended (fans, teammates and manaement/owner). i think having that hang out there is a distraction. just my take.

in case you don't know that quote i'm referring to, here it is.

"Kobe's in a position right now where he knows he needs some help. He's the world's best player, and he's got a good group of guys around him, but he needs somebody to come in there and give him some support. He knows I want to get back onto the court and prove the naysayers wrong.

Mike T,

If Indiana trades JO, they're rebuilding. When you rebuild you don't trade your best young prospect, in Indiana's case, Danny Granger. That would be like us saying we're going to rebuild, shipping Kobe to Chicago and including Bynum in the deal. Doesn't make much sense right?

So according to your logic, this deal won't happen.

That's all good, and it probably won't happen, but Granger's name will never come up.

Man, if JO doesn't come to LA, Mitch Kupchak is going to get lynched. On a lot of levels this trade could be very bad for the team and the organization. But if he doesnt' come here all fans are going to see is "Kobe was right, our front office can't do anything! FIRE THEM ALL!!"

Lose-lose for old Mitchy.

................I DONT WANT TO GET JO IF WE GIVE UP LO...........
Lamar suck lets face the facts.....he misses freethrows........blow's alot of lay-ups because he does'nt attack the rim.........cant go right for shiii.......his weak side rotation is weak.........his help defense is just as bad as luke's...........block's little to no shot's per game........HE IS NOT A FLUCCING POWER-FORWARD...........
Kwame can man-up the DUNCAN'S.... MING'S...K.G.....HOWARDS.......ODEN'S........WHILE JO CAN HELP FROM THE WEAK SIDE.........
It's that simple folk.......your making it harder than what it really is.......cupcake is stupid he has no real vision.......Some-one gave a great post........"If this was WEST deal would've been done an buy now,an working on role players"
GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!
What we have here is a lot of youtube basketball......sportcenter......stat boy.....FANS......who does'nt watch the game's they watch sprotcenter look at the stat sheet an try to paint a picture.
Come to your own conclusion stop going by word to I came to my own conclusion......LAMAR nice having you here but it's time to part way's best of luck BROTHA......
COMPTON..........YOU ALREADY KNOW..........

KL Beast,
"not to nitpick, but i'd like to see kobe make a statement that he'll back off on the trade request and
make a generic apology to the those that me might have offended (fans, teammates and manaement/owner).
i think having that hang out there is a distraction. just my take."

Beast I couldn't agree more. You keep this up and I'm going to be coming to
you for basketball advice.

Andrew Z,

I disagree. Not all Laker fans want this deal to happen. Listening to the Loose Cannons yesterday, a lot of Laker fans want to see Kobe get shipped out. People in LA got to see some really good TEAMS in the past. The Lakers haven't been a team since '04. That being said, it might be lose-lose for Mitch in a different context. If he doesn't make a significant move for a star player, he loses Kobe and those that support Kobe. If he trades Kobe in order to preserve the future of the Lakers and get good value for him in his prime, then he loses Kobe's star power and the fans that are plainly loyal to Kobe and not the Lakers. So in that aspect, you are right. It is lose-lose for Mitch.


"...but Granger's name will never come up."

I would'nt be so sure about that. The Pacers also have Shawne Williams and Dunleavy. Plus, if they get Lamar, they'd probably start Troy Murphy at the PF, and Foster/Bynum at C, leaving the SF for Lamar. Where would that leave Granger? I think it is very much a possibility that Mitch could lure Granger to the Lakers. And that would be great for the franchise.

If I'm the Lakers I offer this deal:

Lamar Odom
Kwame Brown
Javaris Crittendon
Two 1st round picks

for Jermaine O'Neal

Saves the Pacers a couple million immediately with $9 million and $14 million coming off the books in subsequent years. It also gives them Odom who will contribute this year and Kwame who gives some bulk in the middle. Crittendon gives them a prospect at PG.

If Indiana won't take it, I don't budge and deal with the Kobe fallout later (and it will come, its just a matter of when).

Andrew Z,

"On a lot of levels this trade could be very bad for the team and the organization."

How so?

What levels are you referring to?

Very bad, eh?

nothing worse than trading for an all-star player and giving none in return.

and there's nothing worse than building around your best player (some might say the best in the league) instead of a kid who might be above average 4 years from now.

c'mon now.

you are probably just a huge lamar odom fan. nothing wrong with that.

so you'd rather hope to win 4-5 years from now with bynum, instead of making a move to win NOW with o'neal.

who the hell is gonna help bynum 4-5 years from now when kobe is gone?

bynum is an unknown factor.

kobe is pretty damn established. we know what we'll get with kobe.

i'd much rather build around someone that is known, rather than someone that is unknown.

Mamba 24/10:

Thanks for keeping track of the 55's.

Here's a question for anyone: How good is JO, really? I don't want to hear about all-star appearances, because if you make it as a starter, it only means you won a popularity contest. How extensive have his injuries been, and how chronic are they?

Also, any word on how LO and Kwame are recovering? They had some major work done. What are the chances we can get JO for those two? I'm sure it's been offered. Maybe throw in some corned beef and cabbage for that blarney-kissing, leprechaun-loving hick from French Lick. Where on earth does he think he can get Bynum, LO, and a point guard for JO?

lake show,
kwame and farmar for maggete? love your optimism, but that trade wouldnt go down in a videogame with a cheat code. thats outright robbery of the clips. he cant play defense anyway, so why would we need him?

The New Jersey Nets, Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers are all looking for things that could very well be acquired all in one complex trade. Here is a simple trade that works for all three teams.

New Jersey receives Andrew Bynum, Vladimir Radmanovic

Indiana receives Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, Jordan Farmar and Cash (Approx. $1mil)

Los Angeles receives Jermaine O’Neal, Jeff Foster

It is my belief that all parties would accept this transaction. Considering the earlier transactions that have taken place this summer, this trade is definitely in line with all of them. It provides most, if not all, of the things each team desires. However, it doesn’t cost any of them, more than they would be willing to give up in exchange.

Nets New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Jason Kidd, Marcus Williams
Shooting Guard – Vince Carter, Bernard Robinson
Small Forward – Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar, Antoine Wright
Power Forward – Vladimir Radmanovic, Josh Boone, Sean Williams
Center – Jamaal Magloire, Andrew Bynum, Mile Ilic

Pacers New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Jamaal Tinsley, Jordan Farmar, Darrell Armstrong
Shooting Guard – Mike Dunleavy, Kareem Rush
Small Forward – Danny Granger, Marquis Daniels, Shawne Williams
Power Forward – Troy Murphy, Ike Diogu, Brian Cook
Center – Nenad Krstic, Kwame Brown, Jason Collins, David Harrison

Lakers New Depth Chart (Includes additional signings of Chris Webber and Melvin Ely)
Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans, Sasha Vujacic
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton
Power Forward – Jermaine O’Neal, Ronny Turiaf, Melvin Ely
Center – Chris Webber, Greg Foster, Chris Mihm

*If the Lakers are unable to make this trade happen, the suggested secondary plan would be the following.

New Jersey receives Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown
Los Angeles receives Nenad Krstic, Jason Collins, (Jeff McInnis Trade Exception - $3.6mil)

This would then be followed with the signing of Chris Webber and the waiving of Sasha Vujacic.

Lakers New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Vladmir Radmanovic
Power Forward – Nenad Krstic, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
Center – Chris Webber, Chris Mihm, Jason Collins

Nets New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Jason Kidd, Jordan Farmar
Shooting Guard – Vince Carter, Marcus Williams, Bernard Robinson
Small Forward – Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar, Antoine Wright
Power Forward – Kwame Brown, Josh Boone, Sean Williams
Center – Jamaal Magloire, Andrew Bynum, Mile Ilic


First off, whoever says Bird doesn't make trades unless they're tipped Indy's way doesn't know squat.

I live in Nor Cal and I know intimately what ridiculously overpaid contracts Murphy and Dunleavy had and how just plain DUMB it was to take them on. How does a team "rebuild" with two slow big guys that can't play D or even shoot consistently being paid 8-12 mil a year for the next four years?

That being said, no one is talking about the REAL TRUTH of the KG or possible JO Trades:

I know from my own work that the choice of who you make ANY business deal with is always about RELATIONSHIPS. Bird did the trade with Mullin because of the mutual respect relationship they developed during the years Mullin was with the Pacers. And need I say ANYTHING about McHale and Ainge and the KG trade????

So the bottom line is KUPCAKE can NOT get the deal done because of his relationship (or lack of it) with Bird. Sure Mitch and Larry played against each other a few times, but Bird was an MVP leading his team while Kup was a 12-minutes-off-the-bench guy.

So WHAT do we do??? Simple. Who is the player (outside his Celtic teammates) Bird is closest to, that he respects most? How about the man who was most associated with him as a friend and competitor throughout his entire career. We have him HERE as part owner! It's MAGIC!!!!!

Why don't we let Earvin take on the negotiations of this deal as a "special consultant" or whatever we need to call him to save Mitch and Buss' egos. Just PUT MAGIC IN CHARGE OF IT and the JO DEAL WILL GET DONE IN A WEEK!!!!


great take. love the passion...lamar is a pretty good player. i think some lake show fans rate his game a little higher than it should be.

"It's unrealistic to think that the Pacers would go for Kwame, Bynum, and others for O'Neal." M> Tenie

The only thing Mteniente care is about Kwame and how to sell his mediocre game
He will compare Kwame to the China Big Wall in terms of protecting the paint, which is a falacy.

This guy is a quitter and still a teeanger in terms of mental age.

But, hey MT...infatuation is a disease.

"Lakers New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Vladmir Radmanovic
Power Forward – Nenad Krstic, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
Center – Chris Webber, Chris Mihm, Jason Collins"



My new position will be only JO is willing to play alongside kobe bryant....


LOL. Nice one.

"that trade wouldnt go down in a videogame with a cheat code. "


Compton's Finest,
"..........I DONT WANT TO GET JO IF WE GIVE UP LO...........

LOL! LOL! Damnnnnnnn CF don't repress those feelngs tell us how you really feel>


"okay, only cuz i need to respond: "welcome to the blog?" i'm pretty sure i've been here longer than you (about 2 years), although admittedly, i don't leave a plethora of senseless comments every other hour..."

my bad on the "welcome". you have me beat by 1.5 years. i'll look out for your post in the future. BTW, my "rants" are part humor and part serious comments. take care.

tha show,

I think a trade for JO could be bad for the organization if it goes down and Kobe comes out and still says he wants to be traded and will sit out. Then you have JO and nothing else, save what you would get back for Kobe. I for one think that if we're going to have a $20 million a year guy on the roster, we'd be best served having Kobe over anyone else.

I would love for this trade to go down, and would have no problem if it was LO-Bynum-Brian Cook (to make salaries work)-and two first rounders. I think that's a good deal for both teams involved.

andy z,

no dissin, but that is a horrible trade idea for jo. bynum,odom,crit, and two first rounders?!?! jo is lo with more defense and post moves.unlike lo, he cant shoot. would you trade those guys (except lo) for lo?


if lo left in the trade, and jo got hurt at some point next year, who would you rely on to help out kobe? kwame? luke? sasha? at least with lo, this team is no worst should something happens to jo. say what you want, but lo can ball. he led a young heat team (except grant) to the playoffs, a potential triple dub any night w/o being a too much of a perimeter player, and hes a matchup nightmare, good team defender and hes a mobile big. dont that count for something? by the way, he can run an offense as well.

sorry thats supposed to be post player. but you can say both. i think he would be dangerous at the 3, anyway. could be more consistant.

thanks mamba. did that earn me a small place on your roll call? maybe just a "W"? hahaha!

ak bk, can you guys place my last 3-4 comments on the new thread when you approve them? more relevant there. if you cant ill copy and paste to there. just trying to save extra work. thanks! please dont post this. thanks!

" thanks mamba. did that earn me a small place on your roll call? maybe just a "W"? hahaha!"

Damn Wolf I apologize. Early signs of senility on my part. You will be on the next Roll call
in the first spot and again I apologize. Sorry Man!

Aloha J.J

Seriously, Kristic is not all that. He is a decent big. He scored 16. 4 ppg 6.4 rebounds and .08 blks in 32 minutes per. And his name and defensive stopper has never been mentioned in the same sentance. Andrew alone would bring more value then him. At 19 Andrew is now 7 1 with a 7 6 wing span. He will weight 3 bills in another year or 2. He averaged 7.9, 6.4 1.6 in 21 minutes. Andrews skill level is already with his. It was his stamina that was the issue and when he stops growing and continues his conditioning, that will improve away. You just do not trade that kind of potential for a Kristic.

As far as the three way deal, I doubt seriously that Indy would give up JO for Jordon, Kwame, Kristic and collins. Of those guys Jordon is the only one with any real upside, no one with the potential to build around.


Chris, I think you made an idiot out of yourself. Suffering is diffrent for everyone and you can not compare someones suffering with someone elses, one is not greater than the other they are just diffrent. I'll give you an example, my sister is 14 a month before her birthday she began to feel sick, lost her energy and it looked like she had a bad case of the flu but she just kept getting worse. She ended up in the hospital for a bit over three months, she spent Thanksgiving and her birthday in a hospital bed. She has a chronic illness that has as of now no cure, she lost her hair, gained weight and has to take 6 meds just to be able to get thru the day. For her a visit from someone like Kobe would of had a huge impact. Everyone in my family understands how lucky we are that she gets good medical care and it pains us to even think about the millions of other kids who can't get the most basic medical care. We don't compare her pain to someone elses and say "Yeah you might be starving but at least you don't have an illness that can kill you" we simply thank out lucky stars that we are able to get her medical care. To the kid with cancer Kobes visit might mean the world, just like Mo's visit meant so much to the kids an Africa, both are worthy causes. Do not diminish the pain the cancer patient feels simply because he is one kid at the end of the day he hurts just as much as the children who have nothing to eat.

First I would like to say the Maurice is a wonderful person and I've seen him at charity events of other athletes, keep staying humble and I wish you success ;o).

Secondly this is such a touching article and it's sad that people are bickering and discussing things completely irrelevant to the subject at hand. There are soooo many athletes that are giving back and have foundations of their own. Alonzo Mourning has one of the biggest and I have had the pleasure to attend his weekend charity event each summer in Miami. DWade is following in his footsteps and is launching his foundation. Yes there is soooo much poverty overseas,but lets not over look those same issues in the US. As for the comment about wishing that the "African-American athletes" would do more, DO Your Research I have a foundation of my own and work with several athletes who have foundations it is not a rarity. There are so many charity events hosted by athletes all over the world in the summer. It's sad because many of you won't donated $20 to a charity, but you'll pay $50 to go to a charity basketball game. These athletes aren't stupid that's why they have these events so the community will get involved because otherwise you won't. Many of these stories like Maurices trip you will not hear, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Also rich athletes are not the only ones who can make a difference. You can start mentoring/educational programs. There are so many things that can be done to change underpriviledged children & families lives that won't cost you anything. Many times all they want is your expertise so that they can make a better live for their children. There are so many people willing to volunteer time, food, clothes. I started my foundation with no m$ney so that is no excuse. Be creative. So before any of you point the finger at these athletes who you know nothing about - recognize the 4 fingers pointing back at yourself and get off your azz and do something.

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