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Talking with: Maurice Evans, Part I

UPDATE (8-6): We're on the road today, so expect a delay here and there in comments getting posted.  We'll do our best to keep up, as will HQ.

As some of you may already know, Lakers swingman Maurice Evans recently took part in the NBA Player's Assn.'s "Feeding One Million" campaign, a partnership with Feed The Children to help provide food, clothing, medicine and other essential items to 1 million children in Kenya.  Evans accompanied Ron Artest (Sacramento Kings), Theo Ratliff (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Etan Thomas (Washington Wizards) to Africa, embarking on an eye-opening journey into a plight and poverty most of us are lucky enough to find unimaginable.  I caught up with Mo by phone a few days ago, and we discussed the goodwill mission, how the trip affected him on a personal level and, of course, hoops (Lakers or otherwise).  Here's Part 1 of what he had to say:

Andrew Kamenetzky:  How did you find out about the trip to Kenya?   

Maurice Evans:  Actually, I have been with Feed the Children already prior to that.  They did the "Feed the 5,000," which was feeding 5,000 families in Oakland.  We did that when I was in Detroit.  We fed 5,000 families there.  And last year, with the Lakers, we went to New York and a couple guys from the team were involved with that as well.  (Players Assn. President) Billy Hunter knew that I had been involved in the first two and called me over the summer and asked me if I was interested in doing (the trip to Kenya), and I was like, "without a doubt."  I wanted to help these people.

AK: Had you heard before about them looking to go overseas, or did this take you by surprise? 

ME: I didn't know that they planned on doing a project that feeds 1 million people somewhere in Africa, something like that.  When he told me about it, it just sounded like something special, something that I definitely would try to get involved in.  It made it that much better to go to Africa to actually give it to people who can't really measure poverty, in my opinion.  I mean, people are hungry and starving whether it's in the United States, whether it's in Europe or Africa -- it's all the same.  But to be able to go over there and actually see how people are living there and to feel like you could make a difference, it was really cool.

AK: Obviously, you knew going over there that you'd be seeing people living in dire straits.  But even with that in mind, was the level of poverty still shocking?

ME: Yeah.  It was very shocking.  Like I said, you can't measure poverty, but there's so much poverty amongst children.  It's really eye-opening.   For children, who obviously don't have a hand in what they've been dealt.  They didn't have any part in the hand they're dealt, you know?  There are children who have limited opportunity to even get an education that are in that situation.  We went to the school when we first got there.  This building is for educating children and it was one room, two chalkboards, rundown benches, just a long picnic table.  The kids sitting there with probably one or two teachers trying to educate a room full of kids.  There's no individual attention.  There's nobody raising their hands and saying, "I don't understand.  Can you explain that to me?"  There was nothing like that. 
And kids go as much for food as they do for the education.  Even more so for the food, because they know that by going to school, the motivation is that you're going to get a meal while you're there.  It was so bad that you eat that one ration and you have to provide your own bowl.  And some kids couldn't even afford their own bowl, so they had to put it in their pocket.  It was beans and rice, and the rice is submerged in, like, juice.  So the kid's pockets is all wet and he didn't have any shoes on.  And you see the kid with the bowl and he was trying to get as much as he can in it, because it's not only going to feed him but it's also gonna feed his brothers and sisters later that evening. 

AK: Is that the worst thing you saw or did it even get more upsetting?

ME: Well, you know, the thing that's so crazy about the situation there was that as poverty-stricken as it was, there was still a bigger discrepancy between "the haves" and "the have-nots."  Before we left, they did show us the nice areas in Kenya, where you have nice restaurants.  We went on a safari for a couple days.  We were able to go see their malls, some of their government buildings. 

Probably one of the worst things we witnessed: We went to the Ray of Hope Clinic, and that's where the player's union actually donated money on behalf of all the NBA players.  They have these people who have AIDS.  And they also help out children, help these people out.  I noticed there was a kid standing there who didn't have any shoes on.  And he was right in this area called "the slump."  "Slump" meaning exactly what it sounds like.  Like "slump, that's terrible."  And he was walking around barefoot.  There's glass.  There's rocks.  It's hard walking there with shoes on, let alone without.   I could see that he was cut all over his foot.  I had a little bit of money with me, something like 250 bucks.  I see this guy, a vendor, he's selling shoes.  I just took the little kid over, tried to get him a pair of shoes.  And it wasn't like they were Jordans.  They were just like some shoes.  Some leather shoes.  We took him over to get those shoes and then the next thing you know, here comes another kid who didn't have shoes.  And then another kid and another kid. 

Before too long, there was a super-long line of kids, and they were realizing that they were going to get a pair shoes if they got in line before the money ran out.  I felt so bad that I didn't have more money, you know what I'm saying?  You just feel how much of a difference something just small like that will make in their life.  When the kids had these shoes, you could just tell the difference.  Now they're running around and playing.  The kids are playing soccer, kicking a rundown soccer ball with no shoes.  Now it seems like when they're playing soccer, they're excited.  Little stuff like that.

AK:  Did that almost feel surreal, because there are some guys in an NBA locker room who basically get a new pair of shoes for each game? 

ME: Yeah.  Exactly.  It obviously put things in perspective, because even the shoes that we wear for multiple months and multiple games, by the time they're done, they're still in such great condition that anyone would love to have them.

AK: Did these kids know you were in the NBA?  Does that mean anything to them?

ME: No.  Because the NBA, nice cars, nice houses and lots of money, it's intangible to them.  I don't even think they realize what that is.  That's not a reality for them, the NBA.  I bet you could bring some of the bigger stars that we have and they probably wouldn't be able to recognize them.

AK: Did they know you were basketball players?

ME: They knew we were basketball players, but they knew we were there to help.  I'm sure they were extremely appreciative that we were there and we were able to help them out. 

AK: Was it weird being there with three other NBA guys and not having people ask you about the Lakers?  About Kobe?  The NBA? 

ME: It wasn't really strange to me, only because I knew what the purpose that we went over there for.  It's almost like once we got there, seeing the area, the poverty, what we were in for, we didn't even think much about the fact that we were in the NBA anymore.  It was almost like, we're here.  Let's see what we can do improve the situation while we're here.  Ron brought a video crew so he could document everything that went on and kind of take it in.  I think that we did some good things while we were there.  All four of us.  Theo, Etan, Ron and myself, we all four had a really, really good experience.  We really tried to do as much as we could and really tried to be involved with the kids.

AK:  Ron learned about his upcoming suspension while you guys were over there.  Did that put a damper on anything, or did the circumstances and surroundings make it feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things?

ME: I don't think it put a damper on it, because Ron did a really good job of doing the things to stay positive.  He understood.  Obviously, he's going to continue to grow and mature every day in this league.  He still turned it into a positive.  Everyone wanted to call and talk about the dispute that he had with his wife to get suspended.  But all he talked about was the good that he was doing and bringing light to the fact that they need even more help over there and around the world.  I think he did a really, really good job deflecting that and turning it into a positive. 

AK: I read he's looking to build a house in Kenya, just so he can go back and keep tabs on things.

ME: Yeah.  Well, I know he also donated money for the Ray of Hope clinic so they could build a lab there, so they can actually help with the medicines and administer them to people.  That's one of the pieces they were really lacking.  It only costs about $20 to deliver a baby at the Ray of Hope clinic.  The people still couldn't afford to pay the $20. The problem is also that they don't turn anyone away.  They're there to help people, so it's pretty much free.  Also, when they deliver the babies, the problem isn't delivering the baby, it's that they deliver the baby and have the woman go to the recovery room for two to three hours.  She'll just sneak out and leave the baby because she can't afford to take care of it.  When you're dealing with issues of that magnitude, anything obviously helps.

AK: Did this trip make you think a little differently about the world or put certain elements of your life in perspective?

ME: To be honest, I can't really say that.  I can't say that I didn't appreciate life or that I didn't appreciate being in the NBA, given how hard it's been for me.  But it makes me want to succeed that much more, so that maybe I can be able to help out even more so on a financial level.  I think it serves to be a motivation.  Not that I lacked any at all, because I really want to be accomplished.  I want to have a great year.  I want to build upon the things that I did last year and I really want to expand my role with the Lakers.  Just really make an impact for a long time in the NBA.  So I think it just serves as extra motivation.

AK: It adds another level of what can come from those accomplishments, aside from the direct  basketball results.

ME: It shows you what more can be done.  It shows me that there's so much more that can be done.  It shows me an extra path where I can really help and affect, in terms of people's lives. 

AK: I imagine the answer is yes, but do you plan on staying involved with these programs?

ME: Yes.  Like I said, I've been involved for the last three years, and I'm definitely going to continue to be involved and continue to help out in whatever way I can.

Part II to follow soon.      

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Being that it seems its OFFICIAL now, that JO indeed does want to be a Laker, what should we do?
I'm torn because I wouldn't give up Both Odom and Bynum for JO, but it seems like we might have no option at this point due to the fat that NJ can put together a more attractive package than LA at this point. (Jefferson, Kristic, Williams)

I just hate giving up Odom for JO period...I feel we need both of them to compete in the West. Giving up Odom along with Bynum would put us back to square one. The best we will do will be getting to the second round.

I like Odom too.

Why don't we just make the DEAL now? Let's meet change with change and take RISKS!

Please don't procrastinate, time is of the essence.

JO wants to be here, so when is the FO gonna make this happen?! With the comments that have come out today, all the pressure switches to Indy. They pretty much have to move him now, or have a major distraction going into, and throughout the whole season. Indy should be more willing to compromise now, so all Mitch has to do is put together a better offer than New Jersey.

Jersey's best offer will probably include Kristic, and Jefferson, two good players, so Mitch is gonna have to step up. I don't want to lose LO but if we're gonna bring in JO it's probably gonna happen. Our offer should look something like this:

Indy gets:

We get:

They get what they want, plus more.

10 milliondollorZen

Dude, Kobe just cant go to europe and play a year and become a free agent. Where do you get stuff like that. He has a contract with the Lakers. He has to play 2 yrs with the Lakers before he can opt out. Lakers could sue for breach of contract and after a year in Europe he would still owe the Lakers 2 years of service. Just like the Lakers cant cut him without paying him, he couldnt leave the Lakers without some kind of buy out. And when you consider his 20+ million contract that figure would be huge.


I want Jo ., but not for BOTH Lamar and Socks. We can do to the Pacers like the Heat did to the Lakers. Socks, farmar, Vlad, Cookie, Sasha and 2 #1's. Can you imagine a starting line -up of:


Automatic favorites in the West. W/ Critt/Luke/Mihm/Evans off the bench.

Pacers get 2 future starters and salaries to make it work. Plus they get the 2 #1's to build for the future.I think they're options are limited. Yes, we get the better end, but I don't think the Nets want to gut their team. Make it HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the link posted was meant to be for Magic's comments on Laker offseason moves it does not work. Its about Rafer Alston's arrest

Just heard on ESPN radio that JO has asked to traded to.... the Lakers, period. No other team mentioned. Could have been a slip up by ESPN, not mentioning other teams but if that is true, it could really strengthen our bargaining position. Taking Lamar out of the equation, the Lakers have more to offer a team wanting to rebuild then New Jersey, the only team that seems to be a player and they dont have the prospects that we do. The biggest piece Jersey can offer is Jefferson and you are not going build a team around a good, not great SF. You rebuild around a big and a PG, and we have both. And Indy already has Granger, a SF with potential. If Bird is truely interested in rebuilding and likes Bynum, which seems to be the case, then we wait, to get our deal. We have to stay focused on what it takes to win a ring and that is 3 quality players, not 2. Personally I do not think Bird deals with Jersey until the trade deadline if nothing gets done with the Lakers. Jerseys deal just isnt enough.


The Lakers need to do that trade for Jermaine O'Neal! Jermaine led the Pacers to a 60 win season in his career! He was third in the MVP voting that year! He score 57 points in a game! He's a all-star too! Some of y all idiots think trading Lamar and Byum is too much! Some of y all think the Pacers is going to give up Jermaine for kwame and Byum! Some of y all fools think this is a good offer for JERMAINE O'NEAL! The Pacers do this trade, they must be on crack! To y all laker fans think kwame and byum is a good deal for Jermaine O'Neal then y all on crack!

AN THERE IT IS.........

How aout trading Odom and Sun Yue to Bucks for Yi and Mo Williams? China's Yi won't come to Milwaukee but SunYue will want to have a chance to play for NBA! Yi would come to LA in a heartbeat!


Indiana Pacers' O'Neal pushes Lakers trade
By Mark Montieth
[email protected]
August 6, 2007

Indiana Pacers forward Jermaine O'Neal wants a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, and says he will opt out of his contract after the upcoming season if he doesn't get one.
O'Neal, speaking with a reporter for Sports Illustrated's Website, made his comments while appearing at a charity basketball game in Los Angeles.
O'Neal did not play in the game, as he continues to recover from off-season knee surgery.
"I would welcome a trade to the Lakers," O'Neal said. "Indiana has given me the opportunity to establish myself as a really good player in this league, but they're into rebuilding and going really young, and I'm just not in a position physically to go through another five to six years with a lot of losses and a lot of down time."
The Pacers and Lakers are believed to have discussed a trade involving O'Neal this summer, but have been unable to reach agreement. Various reports have claimed the Pacers are holding out for Lakers center Andrew Bynum to be included, while the Lakers have refused to do so.
O'Neal, who said he also would welcome a trade to New Jersey, will earn nearly $20 million in the upcoming season. He can opt out afterward and give up the $44 million he would be owed over the final two seasons of his contract.
He said he will do that "if things don't work out this year."

Pacers president of basketball operations Larry Bird issued a statement saying the team would have to get "fair market value" in a trade.

“In response to Jermaine O’Neal’s published comments today regarding a trade, we have stated repeatedly that if we can make our team better through a trade, we will do so. Jermaine has become an All-Star player with the Indiana Pacers and in any discussions regarding him or any of our other players, the expectations for the franchise and our fans is to receive fair market value in return if a trade is to be considered," Bird said.

Reactions on the blog sometimes tend to be weird in the conclusions they draw. I made a simple comment on a complex issue pointing out that the problems of Africa go beyond solutions linked to the charity of athletes and got accused of disparaging such acts of charity and Kobe in particular.

Another post focused on removing the historical blame from the US and placing it solely on Europe. Come on! It's not a question of who's less to blame but of how we can move away from renewed forms of exploitation. When a continent is weakened by history, who isn't going to try to exploit its weakness? That's the way our system works and rewards people. Bill Gates's charity is great, but, when you look at what's behind it, his policy is one of shameful exploitation. Read the articles the LA Times published earlier this year about how his investment policies work against the official mission of the charities he heads. (And part of his vision is getting backward Africa up to speed with Windows).

Who can be so naive as to think that the whole point of global business is to seek advantage and to take it wherever it's easiest to claim? That was the spirit in which Africa was despoiled by Europe (at a time when America was part of Europe), but when Europe started having qualms even Thomas Jefferson ("all men are created equal") encouraged and defended slavery (for his own personal benefit as well as out of political convenience). And, of course, it wasn't just slavery. Slavery was an instituion reserved for Africans.

I live in France. France is both relatively enlightened about Africa and hopelessly hypocritical, just as is the US, but in a different way. I was one of the first to applaud Mo Evans on this thread and without efforts like his, we would all fall into the deepest cynicism. But let's not delude ourselves that we're not responsible for what has happened to Africa. Yes, corruption is a vast problem (several years ago I started negotiating a plan to boost education in the Ivory Coast with private investment and when I mentioned appealing to the World Bank the people from the ministry told me to forget it, World Bank money would only go to the channels of corruption). But corruption has also become an excuse, a way of blaming Africans for their problems. The French are notorious for propping up corrupt governments to allow French industry to exploit their resources. The US has tried a different approach but with the same underlying logic: take advantage of weakness. There's more than one way to bribe people.

Africans have collectively suffered for centuries, far more than the people of any other continent. Yes, we need to encourage charity, but we also need to change our thinking and stop defending those aspects of our own culture that make it easier to persist in keeping them in a position of weakness.

Many thanks, on the other hand, to Sunny Ballfest (sorry about the return of favor) and Rocky for listening with a sympathetic ear.

And now, in defense of Kobe against the haters (in particular KL and Gunner), I throw out the question of how do they account for Jason Kidd's and Jermaine O'Neal's remarks about playing with Kobe?

I just had a nickname idea for young Coby Karl:

co-Kobe, or, Cocoa Bean, not be confused with Kobe Bean.


I'm 100 percent right now. I really want an opportunity to rejuvenate myself. At 28, I'm going into my prime. The game is slowing down for me, I understand it a lot more, so I'm ready to go out and show people what I could really do."

First BIG props to Mo Evans! Every little bit helps my brother!

thanks tha Sho*
Is Mitch still napping or what? Snoop Dogg is out recruiting and networking for J.O. and our front office is nowhere to be found? Can't we just bump into him in the parking lot or something... Mitch has gotta do this, the writing is on the wall. Both, J. Kidd and J.O. want to play with Kobe and we can't get a deal done that will bring either?

Don't worry about loosing Odom and Bynum... Our current roster can withstand loosing two in exchange of the one we need down low!

Mihm/Kwame = servicable centers
Oneal/Turiaf = great low post offense/defense
Vlad/Walton = great combo for shooting and all around player
Bryant = great perimeter player offense/defense
Fisher/Crit = solid PG, decent shooter, decent defender, great chemistry

Our new five is well balanced to the needs of the team, better than having Bynum and Odom.

Michael H, though you maybe right...

I won't put the faith of the Lakers on the hands of Bird and the Nets and wait fro something not to happen.

I will take action action and get Oneal now. Offer Bynum/Odom for JO and close the deal! I repeat do not wait and take what you want.

So, JO wants to be traded to the Lakers and play alongside Kobe.

All the more reason for Mitch NOT TO BLINK. As I've said a zillion times here, we need KB24, JO and LO.

The Pacers now have their back to the wall. Don't blink!




5 for 1

fish/ jc
kobe/ evans
vlad/ luke
LO/ Turiaf
JO/ Mihm

And just like that, the Lakers are back!

Fish Guy,

WE would all love nothing else than to stick it to Indy and not give up Odom in the trade, but wake up and open your eyes, the trade will not, I repeat, WILL NOT go down without both Bynum and Odom. Why would they take Bynum, Farmar, Cook and others when they can have Kristic, JEFFERSON, and Williams from the nets. If you were Bird, which would you do?

I think the only reason this tarde is taking too long is because the Lakers has seen something in Bynum during summer workouts and are having second thoughts of giving him up.

That is something they see and we don't. But I would go with Oneal a proven all star coming into his prime at 28. Matches perfectly with our superstar Kobe Bryant at 28.

Just heard on ESPN radio corfirming hat Jermaine O'Neal would prefer the LAKERS and also the NETS, but he says those are the only two only two team he wants to play for ---remember though, Garnett's song sounded kind of the same a few weeks ago, and now look where he's at......I think when given an opportunity that a player didn't perhaps think about before, they reallize that things sometimes need to be shown to them before they see that horizons are bigger than they thought, so to, I wouldn't be surprised if another team got into the mix......

Now, Kobe can certainly "retire" from the NBA for the time being and then re-enter when the length of his previous contract is complete (or even a little before, if some things are agreed to)---

and I do believe that he can play in another non-affiliated league, and although he would lose salary dollars, he would reap international endorsement dollars- as one of the huge American stars playing oversees---I'm not %100 percent sure this if could happen (I'm searching about it right now) but I belive their is precedent, certainly in baseball with a couple players who have left to play in Japan----

Again, I'm just saying that if NJ can find away to get JO with pieces similir to what the Lakers were to offer, JO says he'll be happy with that deal too, and it just seems, unless all information we've read is just beyond false, that it would establish that the Lakers are not willing to help Kobe in the immediate without jeopordizing their future, and it really would be in the best interests of both parties, the Lakers and Kobe, to trade him.

We'll see......

Larry Bird speaks out:

Report: O'Neal wants trade to Lakers, Updated 5 minutes ago STORY TOOLS:


Jermaine O'Neal wants to be a Los Angeles Laker.

The Indiana forward said he "would welcome a trade to the Lakers," and would opt out of his contract after the 2007-2008 season if he doesn't get one, according to a report on the Indianapolis Star's Web site.
O'Neal made the comments while speaking with a reporter for Sports Illustrated's Web site at a charity basketball game in Los Angeles, the report said.

According to the report, O'Neal will earn more than $19 million this season, and would lose the $44 million he would be owed over the final two years of his deal if he opts out next year, which he said he will do "if things don't work out this year."

Larry Bird, Pacers president of basketball operations said in an issued statement: "In response to Jermaine O'Neal's published comments today regarding a trade, we have stated repeatedly that if we can make our team better through a trade, we will do so. Jermaine has become an All-Star player with the Indiana Pacers and in any discussions regarding him or any of our other players, the expectations for the franchise and our fans is to receive fair market value in return if a trade is to be considered."

Last season, O'Neal averaged 19.4 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocks per game for the Pacers.

The lakers have all the leverage now with the pacers. If the pacers are not willing to trade JO for either bynum or Odom as the trade package, but no combination of those two, then JO can be a free agent when he opts out. Imagine that there is a possibility of not giving up either Bynum or Lamar, and we can sign JO next free agency period.

But what will happen is that the pacers hopefully will do bad, and by next yrs. trade deadline the pacers will be willing to get what they can for JO unless they dont get another at all for JO and JO actually opts out.

I would rather have JO through free agency next year and not give up Odom or Bynum. Imagine a team like this, and by next year I bet you bynum will be contributing in the league significantly.

Next years starting lineup team ,2008-2009:

Damn!!!! that is a good team, with playoff experince like no other.

Nice to hear JO say he wants to come here and play with Kobe. To be honest, a trio of Kobe-JO-LO and the supporting cast would be a tough competitor.

If in fact Indiana is looking to rebuild, a package of Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, Kwame Brown, Maurice Evans, Sasha Vujacic, $3 million cash (going to be needed for them to buy out some of these guys) and two first round picks gives Indiana exactly what any rebuilding team needs, expiring deals, young prospects and draft picks.

We have the big three and role guys Derek Fisher, Chris Mihm (who actually becomes a starter), Ronny Turiaf, Crittendon, Brian Cook, Luke Walton, and Vlad Radmanovic.

This all assumes that the Lakers still won't deal Lamar AND Bynum. I'd ship Bynum out a lot sooner than LO due to the fact that Kobe-JO and pieces still wouldn't be competitive. You keep LO and pair him with the Kobe-JO duo and I think we compete with any team in the league.

Makes me appreciate everything I have and think twice before complaining about anything ...

Because JO makes almost $20M, LO and Bynum wouldn't be enough to make the salaries match. Perhaps Bynum is the piece they want but the kid only makes $2.1M this year and LO makes $13.5M. Any additional filler the Lakers have to include just hampers Indy's salary cap considerations.

Considering our front-office's track record, I doubt a deal for JO happens this summer. If they pursue this at the trade deadline, then Indy might be enticed to take LO and Kwame's expiring contract. That's $9.5M in cap relief they can cash in on next off-season and LO's $14.5M is an expiring contract the season after. If a team can't get equal value in terms of talent and production, cap relief is the next best thing LA has to offer.

That also brings up an interesting point about LO. Since he is only on contract this year and next, is LA really going to considering offering him a long-term extension that begins with a raise from $14.5M and nice bumps for an additional 4-5 yrs beyond that?

Interesting quote from Brian Urlacher, in Peter King's SI.COM column today, in relation to the Lance Briggs holdout:

"Urlacher: "No, but I didn't get involved in it. That's his business. I'm so glad he's back. I can't be the player I am without him. And that other stuff, I don't blame him at all. I totally understand. In fact, he called me at one point and told me, basically, 'I love playing with you but I want to be the guy somewhere.' I totally understand. Who wouldn't want to be the man?''"

Of course, it's bad when it's Kobe who feels that way.


You don't know all the circumstances to make comments about Kupchak like that. Maybe both players wanted the full-level, and now they are settling because nobody wants to pay the full mid-level to them. At this point Webber and Posey are taking what they can get. They are desperate now.

A Paul Pierce Celtics need a KG and Ray Allen to get to the top.

A Kobe Bryant Lakers need a JO to get to the top.

The differnec is clear! The future clearer!

Celtice/Lakers 2008 Finals

The Ainge-McHale-Bird greatest NBA coup deta..... Bring back the Lakers/Celtics rivalry and takeover the NBA once again!

by: Staples 24

Regarding a possible LO and Bynum package for JO, I think it wouldn't be that bad. Bynum's production this year won't be much more than what Chris Mihm will provide.

Immediately, we lose LO and what should be our third string center for an All-Star.

Seems kind of no-brainer-ish to me.

And I still like having Kwame's expiring as the year goes on.

"I just hate giving up Odom for JO period'.

We know already that Kobe + Lamar tandem doesn't work.

What else need to happen or we have to wait to recognize that .

If laker's can keep Lamar....Wonderful.

If they have to make a choice between Socks/Lamar and Jermaine. Jermaine is the obvious one.

But, hey...we are talking about Mitch/Jim Bus brain here.
Guys who see elephants in the moon...
Guys who take gold colored toys as 18 kilates.

O.K the JO trade interview is posted on and oh, K.L and Gunner, its the LAKERS that he is asking to be traded to. And he takes a few swings at Bird. He says Larry trys to make unreasonable trades. That he is a hard man to deal with. And that he trys to gut a team when making a trade. J.O goes on to say that he doesnt want the Lakers to have to gut their team to get him. That a few promising players and draft picks would be fair. (Looks like JO understands that they need to keep Lamar as well.) Anyway, it,s crunch time Mitch. Keep your cards and do not fold. This is turning into Indys version of the Shaq deal.


Anybody else check the Lakers web site lately? Believe it or not, Smush Parker is still prominently featured.

coby karl nickname = kobe light.

light skin and light game

JO for drew, farmar, kwame. salaries should match up. c'mon larry legend, do it.

Right on, Michael.

We can give them a young big, a starting level PG, role players and draft picks.

My big thing is when was the last time someone truly wanted to be here?? Aplayer of JO's magnitude. That is huge and we need to take advantage of it.

I don't think Bird wants to come out empty handed out of this. And when was the latest "big" trade a team made where they sent their "stud" to their own same conference?

The possibility of JO/LO w/ Kobester together has bigger ramifications and effect than just getting KG in my humble opinon.

"Kwame's expiring contract. That's $9.5M in cap relief they can cash in on next off-season "

Since they are already over the cap, the only benefit they will get will be the amount below the cap that the expiration of his contract creates; which will be quite a bit less than his contract value.

I want JO badly but not at the expense of losing LO and Socks. If they both go, we're going to be in the same bind, but we'll be shifting our problem from the Center to the PF position. I love Bynum, but if it's only him and other parts in a deal for JO, then let's get it done. I do think we're the front-runner if it's only between NJ and us - Bird would much rather trade him out of the conference than to a rival. Imaging that Kwame would be included in the deal, I'm still worried about only having Mihm as a backup to O'Neal, because Ronny isn't really a center. However, I'll take my chances on this team:

1 - Fisher/Crittenton
2 - Kobe/Evans
3 - Luke/Vlad
4 - Odom/Turiaf
5 - O'Neal/Mihm

Bench: Karl, FA

If we do relent and give up both LO and Bynum we need to add more salary. I think they should have to take back Vlad and his contract. Add a first rounder and we're all set.

If not they can have the Bynum-Brown pu pu platter and we can go about holding up our end of the deal of the Celts-Lakers 2008 Finals.

is the tide turning?

more pro-jermaine o'neal posts than in recent weeks.

the blog is also KL Beast and gunner free.

if jermaine o'neal can make the consistent KL Beast and Gunner stay away from the blog, i'd say he's ALREADY done wonders for the laker fans just by saying he'd like to play here.

make the deal happen kupchak.

let's build around our best player NOW.

instead of hoping to eventually build around a potentially good center 4 years from now.


Keep either Socks or Lamar, but don't give up both. The problem is that Larry hates the Lakers and he will never help the Lakers.

He's crazy if he thinks JO is still an all-star. It doesn't count if your injured all the time.

My .02 on the Jermaine O'Neal situation.

From JO's interview, he and Kobe have been talking a lot this summer, which is a very good sign.
I hope the Lakers try as hard as possible to get the job done. I wouldn't sanction the trade that
Larry Bird was pushing for (Odom+Bynum+Brown for J.O.+Todd Murphy), but I wouldn't balk at
giving up both Odom & Bynum. If I was Mitch, I'd try for an either-way package first, but if all
else failed, I'd offer a stripped down Odom + Bynum package.

Offer #1: Bynum + Kwame + Farmar OR Crittendon + Evans + Vujacic + a first round pick

It's the young players and expiring contract buffet. perfect for a team that's
rebuilding. If the Pacers prefer, the Lakers could keep Evans &/or Vujacic and throw
Brian Cook instead.

Offer #2: Odom + Kwame + Crittendon OR Farmar (Indy's choice) + a first round pick

If Indy wants, they could add Tinsley or Daniels or Foster and the Lakers would
add Vujacic (big contract for expiring contract) to sweeten the deal. No Dunleavy
No Murphy.

Offer #3: Odom + Bynum + choose 1 from {Rad, Cook, Vujacic} + a first round pick

If Radmanovic is the third player, then the Lakers could take back one of Tinsley,
Foster, or Daniels.

I think the first deal (which keeps LO) would vault the Lakers up into the top 4 in the West.
Though the other two wouldn't move them up quite as far, it would get them one piece closer
to getting up there. And in the third deal, they'd still have a few tradeable pieces around
(notably the two young PGs with potential and Kwame's expiring contract), so it would be
possible that at the trade deadline they could get someone as good as Lamar.

Trip Game,
you summed this up well.

WE would all love nothing else than to stick it to Indy and not give up Odom in the trade, but wake up and open your eyes, the trade will not, I repeat, WILL NOT go down without both Bynum and Odom. Why would they take Bynum, Farmar, Cook and others when they can have Kristic, JEFFERSON, and Williams from the nets. If you were Bird, which would you do?

However, if Andrew Z is right and we can pile a bunch of shit up for Indiana with some #1 picks in the 20s of the draft too and keep Lamar Odom that might be a great way to go.
We can put together a very similar deal with SOCKS playing the role of Al Jefferson. Hopefully we can keep Mo Evans and Crittenton with the throw in's.

Man did we need this shot in the arm after the KG situation.

One thing about Rod Thorn, he's old school, savvy, and when he raises up to fire from a draw, he fires to hit something.

This scares me with Mitch and Jimbo at the reins.

We need to be ready to toss Odom and Bynum if it has to happen.
If this is the Jason Kidd screw up all over again, we really should trade KOBE cause as someone above in the blog said it would make it CLEAR that the Front Office wants to save pieces for the future and just make MONEY off of KOBE.
Winning is a long term puzzle in their eyes if so.

No speculation, no guessing, no hoping.

Direct quote from Jermaine O'Neal:

"If I'm here, I'm going to help this team win a championship. We can get the Lakers to elite level," O'Neal believes, adding that his recent surgery to repair a torn meniscus will have him completely healthy for the first time in two years. "People need to realize that my last two years weren't down years. I didn't go into the last two seasons healthy at all. I'm healthy now and, at 28, I'm in my prime. The game is slowing down for me. I understand it a lot more. I'm ready to show people what I can do."

for those Lamar lovers, i'd like to know what he plans on doing for the lakers...

get j.o....give up bynum,kwame,cook,farmar and who everelse they want but dont give up lamar......bird's sweating it right he going to fold

nets offer is a slightly better one Kristic, JEFFERSON, and Williams........i hope that the nets are over it......

or work out a three team deal

get it done mitch

dont give up lamar

Listen, I know I losing LO will hurt, but we HAVE to make this move. If we stand pat like some suggest, we are not going to get anywhere. As you can see, FA's will only take less money to go to a TITLE CONTENDER. As much as I would like to believe we are, we're just not. If we were we would be the ones negotiating with guys like Webber, and PJ Brown. Instead we're sitting here begging our FO to make this deal happen, while Dallas, and Phoenix are fighting each other for ways to get stronger, and closer to a championship.

O'Neal might not make us favorites by himself, but the FA's he'll help bring in will. If we could put this roster on the floor we would be vaulted to the top of the conference:

Kobe-Mo-Coby Karl

Maybe not #1, but we could beat any team in the league (Hell, we could run with the big 3 from our conference last year). We're MUCH better defensively, get more veteran leadership, we're deeper and the best part is our main guys will be HUNGRY!!! Kobe, and JO have both gotten negative press lately, and both feel they have something to prove. Neither Patterson, or Webber have been close to a CHIP so you know they're hungry. And the rest of the squad is pretty strong.

PS: I think Patterson is more of a realistic pick-up than Webber, but even someone like Mutombo would definitely help.

Who doesn't believe that if you don't mortgage your future for instant gratification (you only hope) now, that Kobe will be a non factor (except in terms of further disruption of the team) this coming season?

If you turn loose of Bynum, you'll deserve what you get, and it won't be pretty two or three years down the road, if not much sooner.

On the other hand, if fools you must be, we'll take Andrew off your hands.


"Any comments on Oneal demanding to be traded to the lakers... How is this any different from what Kobe did."

Well lets see....Did JO embarass Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh by calling them an idiot? Did JO go on all radio station and become a biatch about the situation?

I think you have your answer why this is not the same as Kobiatch.

"I want to make it clear that I don't want to gut a team that I come to because then it'll be like I'm in Indiana all over again. If I'm here, I'm going to help this team win a championship. We can get the Lakers to elite level," O'Neal believes, "People need to realize that my last two years weren't down-years. I didn't go into the last two seasons healthy at all. I'm healthy now and, at 28, I'm in my prime. The game is slowing down for me. I understand it a lot more. I'm ready to show people what I can do."-Jermaine O'neal

This is music to my ears.

Get it done Mitch!

* Its like asking Shaq to dunk if there's no defender on him.
* Its like asking Nash to make a pass to an open man.
* Its like asking Juan Pierre to steal a base if the pitcher's not looking
* Its like asking Michael Vick to go to a dogfight.
* Its like asking Gunner to say something bad about Kobe.

*** If Mitch can't pull off this trade after O'Neal's practically TELLING Bird to do it, he's the biggest Lameass GM in the history of professional sports! Period.

Jermaine O'neal
Danny Granger


Farmar or Crittendon
1st round pick or two

Get it done Mitch!


"But, hey...we are talking about Mitch/Jim Bus brain here.
Guys who see elephants in the moon...
Guys who take gold colored toys as 18 kilates."

What language is this? Somebody who writes like this has all the answers for what the front office should be doing? LOL!

I say let's replace Mitch with jorema, right now! Can you imagine the insanity? I'd love to see the press release following a trade.

"the player... did not see the elephant, so we thought we would put some zip in his lips and traded him along with his gold colored toys for a player with a better brain and more zip in his lips"...

LOL! Do it Mitch!

"Sunny Ballfest"

The best one yet.





If O'Neal had to choose one destination, however, it would be Los Angeles. He recently sold his home in Westwood after getting an unexpectedly good deal but said that he and his wife were already searching for a new house in Los Angeles and would love to make it a permanent residence.

"I love L.A.," O'Neal said. "I normally train here every summer. The last two summers I haven't trained here because I got hurt, but I love it here. My daughter loves it. My wife loves it. This is one of the prime places that if I were to be traded, I would allow Indiana to trade me here."

The main reason O'Neal would welcome a trade to Los Angeles has little to do with the sunshine and shopping that his wife and daughter enjoy and more to do with playing alongside Bryant, whom he entered the league with in 1996 as the only two high school players selected in that draft.

"We've spoken a couple times this offseason," O'Neal said. "Me and Kobe have been on each other since we were 15, playing AAU basketball, adidas All-American Camp, Nike All-American Camp. It's been a long relationship that we've had. We talked about maybe playing together. ... We just want to make sure that our thought processes are similar and now we're going to let the business handle itself. I mean, we could talk for years, but if [Lakers GM] Mitch Kupchak and [Pacers president] Larry Bird don't decide to make the deal, then it's all talk."


The idea of O'Neal coming to New Jersey quickly put a smile on Kidd's face.

"I think that would be a great addition for us if we had an opportunity to get a guy like Jermaine," Kidd said. "He comes every night to play and he's a great person and a great basketball player. It would be a huge move."

MITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"So the Mavericks are using their mid level to sign Webber and Posey...Hmmm.....The Knicks are rumored to be close to a deal with Sac for Artest...Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....
The Lakers signed Coby Carl.....Hm. I was ready to forgive Mitch and give him a second chance, but this offseason has proved his uselessness."

Webber to Kobe: "F-U"
Posey to Kobe: "F-U"
Artest to Kobe: "F-U"

Dude, blame mitch all you want, but the definition of an "at will" employment via free agency is that mitch can ask all he wants (hell, mitch can even offer to have sex with free agents), but if guys don't trust or want to play wih a malcontent kobe bryant, mitch's hands are tied.

yeah, i know, "artest would love to play with kobe, BUT". SUPREFICIAL "KOBE'S THE BEST" WILL NOT CUT IT. Guys need to sign on the dotted line. as AK would put it, "end or story, period".

i know my view's aren't poplular (hell, to some on the blog, downright "cruel"), but you can't deny the merit of my arguement that when kobe was being a jerkoff to Shaq, everyone in the league took notice, and now, the fruits (or poison) of kobe's sin's is haunting the laker organization.

on a side note, i really like Mo's game.


Any word on Kobe and his wife splitting up??? I've heard a couple of rumors, but have seen nothing to validate it.










After the charity game, played at USC's Galen Center, O'Neal, who didn't play, smiled and laughed as Lakers fan after Lakers fan, including Snoop Dogg, tried to persuade the five-time All-Star to come to Los Angeles. It's a plea he's heard many times before but one that especially hit home this time as he contemplated the end of his seven-year career in Indiana.

"I tried not to come out here this year. I wanted to stay away from a lot of the talk because it's an emotional time for me to talk about being traded," he said. "I get emotional talking about it because I always told Reggie [Miller] I'd win a championship for him, and for whatever reason we've had some tough times up there [in Indiana]. I thought if I came out here [to Los Angles], it would help persuade me to make the decision that I need to make. My decision is for me to get better as a player, and if things don't work out this year, I have an option in my contract next year and I will opt out and become a free agent."

DO IT MITCH!!!!!!!!

Oooo, I'm not sure if anyone said it yet and you bet imma repost it if there's a new thread.

Jermain O'Neal to KLBeast ... FU ....

Lmfao, dude can't wait to hear what the hater in you will say. And oh to the apologists, pipe down, this does not mean I want to see another o'neal in a laker uniform. I'd much rather see kobe in a knicks jersey (oops, guess i still made y'all mad)


We've spoken a couple times this offseason," O'Neal said. "Me and Kobe have been on each other since we were 15, playing AAU basketball, adidas All-American Camp, Nike All-American Camp. It's been a long relationship that we've had. We talked about maybe playing together. ... We just want to make sure that our thought processes are similar and now we're going to let the business handle itself. I mean, we could talk for years, but if [Lakers GM] Mitch Kupchak and [Pacers president] Larry Bird don't decide to make the deal, then it's all talk."


"Kobe is a busy man. he has to play 82 games a year, train every single day, go through media blitzes, different endorsement meetings, along with i don't even want to know how much other stuff, like taking care of his kids, his family, and maintaining a happy relationship with the wife. the dude is BUSY. he often sleeps 4 hours a day during the season."

Chris, welcome to the blog.

Now pull your head out of kobe's a$$, you're stiking up the blog with your shizzle.


WAS KOBE TOO BUSY TO CALL FREE AGENCTS AND GET THEM TO PLAY IN LA? Why was kobe so absent when KG was available?

KOBE'S A SELFISH PRICK WHO MAKES EXCUSES (JUST LIKE KOBE LOYLAIST) AND DOESN'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS TEAM. The same team that kobe took away from shaq and now is crying because nobody wants to kiss kobe's a$$ except for koby loyalist.

Where are all the guys "who would love to play for kobe but...."? All these other guys are playing on other team with real MVPs. Let's do an inventory, we've signed the following heavy hitters since shaq's departure:

*Vrad=man from mars, wanna snowboarder
*Shammon=lifelong roleplayer
*Smush=street baller
*Dfish=great role player who's playing in LA for secondary reasons to other real-life issues
*Coby=undrafted dude who has a great story
*Proft=i never heard of the guy
*Divac=Mr Flop who's was at the end of his career
*i'm sure there are more, but you get the point

lont time

"By the way, in case Gunner and KL missed it, here are some quotes from the article about J.O.: "I would welcome a trade to the Lakers," said O'Neal"

first off, i appreciate the discourse that we had on the previous post. although we don't agree, i respected that you conversed with me honestly (at least you appeared to be honest). now back to battle.

I acknowledge that JO is making a declaration to join LA. What's kobe gonna do? is kobe going to sit on his a$$ like he did with KG? is kobe going to make a public statement like "JO would make a great addition to brining the laker team closer to a championship"? or is kobe going to have his mouthpiece Ric Bush-eater say "kobe still wants out even if JO signs with LA" like he did with KG.

How about kobe making a public statement like "if we can get JO, i'm willing to recant my trade demand"?

There are alot of things kobe can do besides sit on the sideline with his hands crossed and sucking on a pacifier. Let's keep our fingers crossed. if the lakers are smart, they'd offer up bynum and whatever else for JO and keep the threesome of kobe-JO-LO. that's my 1.5 cents.

Make that deal!




Kobe makes O'Neil better. O'Neil makes Kobe better. Fish makes them both better. The two of them make Fish better. Fish makes Walton matter. And, if Vlad can still shoot, he makes everyone else better.

Even if Vlad can't shoot anymore, I'll take Kobe and Fish taking the big shots anyway. Plus, unless I'm wrong, O'Neil has never shied away from that shot either. He also makes his fair share of them as well.

Having three clutch performers on the floor at the end of games is a huge plus. No more Smush airballs, or Walton handing the ball back...

Fish might not be a 35 minutes a game guy anymore. But, the dude is clutch. Has always been clutch. Will probably always be clutch.

Please make this deal. Please.



Shaq and Kobe had only role players like Horry, Fox and Fisher!

JO and Kobe can also have role players like MIHM, RAD and FISH. Besides Kobe into his prime at 28 is much better now than four-five-six years ago. JO also going into his prime at 28. I think giving up Odom and Bynum is the obvious thing to do. Kwam'es expiring contracts also a huge plus next year! Crittenton, Marc Gasol and SunYue could be excellent role players in two years for Kobe and JO.

Although if I am Larry Bird, why would I want to take Odom's contract? McHale did not want Odom's contract for his rebuilding team. I would ask for Bynum, Kwame's contract, Crittenton, Vlad (match the salaries) and 1st rd draft picks.

Pacers will have a young prospects at C and PG with Bynum and Crit. They already have a young talent in forward positions like Diogu, Shane Williams, Granger! They really don't need LAMAR ODOM? Odom's position is a duplicate to the young talent they need to give playing time and considering Odom's contract at 14Million in two years? It does not make sense for Larry Bird and the Pacers!

I just hope he does not get Crittenton and take Farmar instead.

Our offer is better than the Nets. Jefferson is a duplicate to Granger. Bynum is a true C and has more upside to Kristic who is a PF. A Kristic/Diogu front line would be a smaller and weaker than a BYNUM/DIOGU combo..


“Nice to hear JO say he wants to come here and play with Kobe. To be honest, a trio of Kobe-JO-LO and the supporting cast would be a tough competitor. You keep LO and pair him with the Kobe-JO duo and I think we compete with any team in the league.”

I agree with your surprisingly GHF view of our team if we were able to get Bird to trade JO without requiring LO. I also think that your trade pieces should make it a good deal for Indy as well as LA. I would like to hang on to Mo Evans, as he is one of the few players we have who can play defense, but we do need to make this deal. It was heartening to hear JO come out in favor of being traded to the Lakers to play with Kobe. It was also good to hear he is motivated to prove he is a better player than he showed the last three years due to injuries. It’s primarily his interior defense that I like. I still remember as a youngster seeing him come off the bench and block shots. He is the defensive upgrade that we need at power forward. I hate to lose Andrew but I think we need JO if we can keep LO.

I think that JO’s comments definitely put more pressure on Bird to pull off a deal. What still worries me is Bird’s reluctance to help the Lakers because of his Celtics background. The only thing that works in our favor versus New Jersey is that I believe Bird sees a superstar down the road in Bynum whereas Nenad Kristic is a 24 year old journeyman type of center than could not anchor Indy’s future hopes to be a championship level team. Something tells me that Bird wants nothing less than championships and that may lead him to actually pull the trigger on the Bynum Brown et al trade for JO. Mitch needs to hold firm and not bend. We cannot exchange LO for JO. We need them both to give us our big three with Lamar. Get it done, Mitch. Save our summer for Celtic despair.


Im sorry!!!!!!!!!!
As of right NOW I could care less about LO.......
I hate when people keep using the word potential..........the dude is 27-28 the same age as kobe what you see is what you get........their is no more potential.
To me he is standing in the way of Ronny T getting real min.
Im trying to keep him on the floor as much as possible,to me he has a better upside than BABY DREW........People are not understanding he's at sqaure one an has a lot to work on before he could become an not a great center but a good center.
Young cats coming into the league sorry baby drew is not there yet.

Once again LO and Bynum for JO is NOT worth it ! However a Odom and Kwame and filler would be ok.

Kidd. KG (until he was talked out of it). Davis. O'Neil.

Four pretty good guys who WANT to play with Kobe and who are on record as such. He seems to attract pretty good talent.


Kwame (9), Cook (3.5), Bynum (2.1), Farmar(or Sasha or Evans), plus cash (max allowable 3 mill) is enough FINANCIALLY to obtain JO. Maybe you throw in a 1st and 2nd rounder and Bird realizes he gets some good youth and picks...
Hopefully Mitch and the FO hold firm. No reason to give any more.
Let's say that trade does go down, i feel the lakers still need a piece or two to complete the roster:
- another big to back up JO and Mihm; someone like Marc Jackson (some beef to throw at Yao)
- more athleticism at SF (doesn't have to start, we just need help off the bench); perimeter quickness to solidify our defense - Udoka, Posey, Ru Patt or Linton Johnson

Adding JO would OBVIOUSLY be a plus. But, in order to compete for the rings, this Laker team would need to patch some holes and add some depth.

There's no way the Lakers can deal LO and Bynum for JO without having to throw in more contracts.

There's no way the Pacers are going to take Kwame and Bynum as the center of the deal for them.

There has to be comprimise.

If the Lakers have to give up Odom and Bynum then they have to insist on getting Granger involved, too.

Odom = $13,524,000
Cook = $3,500,000
Bynum = $2,172,000
Farmar = $1,009,560
Total: $20,205,560


O'Neal = $19,710,000
Granger = $1,516,800
Total: $21,226,800

That's as fair as it's going to get.


If Mitch and Jim Buss can"t make this trade work with everything
falling to their tale...It's the last embarrasment they can cause
to Lakers fans.

O'Neill is pressing, already I already like him more than Garnett, who was a cynic, a mercenary,
waiting for everything for his own benefit.

But, let's comeback to MITCH....we are talking here about "the Kwame Brown of the NBA"s gms".

A guy so lost in his own bubble of mediocrity and indecisiveness, that he can manage easily to be outplayed by New Jersey.

If JO come and we keep Lamar, the result would be better than getting Garnett.

I hope ONeill strong words make Bird panic and do the trade without Lamar.


Is something worth it.

Fish Guy,
"a starting level PG"

Who would that be?

tha show

"if jermaine o'neal can make the consistent KL Beast and Gunner stay away from the blog, i'd say he's ALREADY done wonders for the laker fans just by saying he'd like to play here."

LOL. Come on Show, as mark jackson would say "you're better than that".

From that O'neal story, Larry Bird is quoted as saying that they would be willing to trade JO if they get the market value....

Which means hes pretty intent on getting what he wants.

Kristic and Jefferson is a really nice packaged deal, and its better Bynum/pieces.

the only way the Lakers match that is through Odom/Bynum. But that is WAY too much for Jermaine O'neal. Think of this. The Celtics just got Garnett for one young guy, and role players and draft picks.

JO is very solid..but he's not Garnett.

In an odd way, perhaps the Garnett trade allows the Lakers to get JO for a cheaper deal, because in a sense, Garnett drove the price of other players down. That is, unless the Nets are willing to give up so much for JO.

The Pacers have to take a package of Jefferson, Marcus Williams and Kristic if its offered to them. Williams is a future starting PG for sure..Kristic and Jefferson are starters now and also still young.Are the Nets dumb enough to do that though? If they traded those guys, they would have some serious holes in that team still.

However, having said all of that, O'neal should be traded for less than Garnett. That means they should accept a trade of Bynum+Farmar+Kwame+ Cook + draft pick.

Bynum+Farmar+Cook+Kwame = Jefferson+Gerald Green+Gomes+Ratliff

Come on Mitch, JO has made it known that he wants to be a Laker. That should give us at least one brownie point. Make it happen.


The demand to include Lamar and all the other stuff is just smoke and mirrors to get a better deal. In the end, Bird needs Bynum. And that’s why Mitch needs to hold firm and not agree to give Indy Lamar as part of the deal to trade for JO. He can almost throw anybody else that Bird wants – with the exception of Kobe, of course – into the deal but not Lamar. It is Bynum that Bird has identified as his center of the future – and he may be right. That is what is going to lead him to accept a deal without Odom. That is why he will make the trade to the Lakers when McHale wouldn’t. In the end, he thinks the Lakers will regret trading Andrew Bynum. And if Andrew becomes a dominant center, Bird may have his ultimate laugh. But he is going to have to blink first to get that chance.

In a way, not getting KG might end up being a blessing for the Lakers. I never really wanted to trade Lamar. He is the kind of team player with a warrior’s heart that you build championship teams with. Getting JO WITHOUT giving up Lamar may give the Lakers a stronger team overall. One thing I think should not get overlooked is the attitude that JO has shown versus that of KG. Jermaine has come right out and said that he wants to be traded to the Lakers and that he thinks he and Kobe can take the team to a championship. I know it raises the stakes again for us Laker fans as we anxiously await news of a deal. Jermaine’s comments want to make me tell Mitch to make the deal at any cost. But we need Lamar if we are really going to rise to the level of an elite team. JO is definitely an upgrade but not enough alone to elevate the team to the elite. For sure, JO looks like manna sent from heaven right now. He is proof that God is a Lakers fan. If the devil in shamrock doesn’t screw it up, the Lakers may have an answer to their prayers.


TSphere - Good point. Africa's basically been screwed for centuries, and that hasn't stopped. People might wonder why a continent with so many natural resources has so many poor people.


glad you could take that in jest.

c'mon lake show!

time to shake things up.

Webber to Kobe: "F-U"
Posey to Kobe: "F-U"
Artest to Kobe: "F-U"
Kobe to KLBLeast: "F-U"

Last I check Kobe is not GM

It's 4:00 AM from where I'm staying. Have we gotten JO?

Got this like Garnett all the way before the draft day, I kept on peeping on the internet, paying per hour to see if the Lakers are alive again. So far the fans are dying gradually in suspense and our assumption is deadoo

Come on Cupcake make the deal. Are you waiting for Bird to blink at the last second? Give it to Magic, he knows how to deal with Bird.

Michael Teniente,

your deal makes the most sense.

both teams benefit from that deal.

pacers get all around player in odom, potential good center in bynum, a shooting power forward, and a sub guard in farmar.

lakers get the true power forward they need in o'neal and a potential pippen-like player in granger.

hopefully the lakers follow your blueprint.

Man, this J.Oneil interview is AWESOME!

It really smack down the face of every KOBE haters who say no one wants to play with KOBE.

and J.Kidd's comment on playing with Kobe is a vindication of all of us who supports KOBE all the way.

Go lakers!

Go Kobe!

Actually Ex, despite the problems with corruption in some African countries, the biggest problem is that the world's largest corporations, and many governments WANT greedy ba$tards in charge. It's easier to bribe one guy than to have to deal with environmental issues, with trying to set a decent monetary policy, and the possibility of competition in several areas. Nah, better to have people kill each other for diamonds, or oil.

I kind of doubt JO's statement is going to make the Lakers move any faster. I mean, they've known this for a while, and everybody's pretty much said it months ago. I wonder if it'll make Indiana more pliable?

Jermaine said: "I LOVE LA"

If Mitch does not get O'Neal, let's sue him for "murder" for killing all Laker fans softly and gradually. He seemed to be not aware that he's dealing with a Celtic head lephrechaun To piss him off, he will send JO to the Nets. OMG, if that happens I die a thousand times in a foreign country under the watch of Mitch Cupcake!

- Al Harrington
- Chris Webber
- Jason Kidd
- Luther Head
- Bonzi
- Papaloukas
- Kevin Garnett
- Juan Navarro
JO, make it positve +++++++++++++++++++++ PLEEEEEEEEEASE

kupchak sucks

odom sucks and is a choker in the clutch....please trade him for JO
any of you idiots who say that bynum and LO are not worth JO are retards who dont follow closely......make the move already


You’re dead right. That’s the lineup I would like to see. It’s worth repeating. Especially considering the second lineup is not bad either, except we suddenly need another center…maybe Marc Gasol comes to the U.S. from our stock in Europe, which is exactly why we drafted him so we could store him. Maybe Sun Yue, too.


And we would still have a bench with Mo, Luke, Rony, Crit, and Vlade. But the starting lineup has the level of talent AND experience to go all the way. GHF if Lamar comes to LA.


You know, if Jersey is really a player for JO, they'll get him. They can offer a better package. That would suck.


Your counter of Granger if Bird insists on Lamar is not a bad counter. I would still prefer to get JO so Lamar could slide to small forward, but Granger would not be a bad second option. In any event, we need to solve the starting small forward issue with more than the possibility of Vlade beating out Luke and we need a number three guy with game to give us our trio of stars. I still think that it is Bynum that Bird has his eyes on. He is thinking he is going to steal the next great center from the Lakers. That’s really the only reason he is even willing to trade with the Lakers. He wants to screw us. He needs Bynum and he will blink first. We’ll have to sweeten the deal with money and picks but Jermaine will be coming to the Lakers. This will prove to be a better move than a trade for KG where we gave up Odom. Mitch needs to stand his ground.


Guys, Indy will not include Granger in a trade with us. This is a team trying to move their star PF so they can start their rebuilding project. Why would they include their SF of the future, when they absolutely dont have to. The deal will go down with Indy taking Andrew, one of our young PG's(I would give them a choice here) Kwame, picks and fluff, maybe something like Sasha or Mo bothhave expiring contracts. Now if Jim, I mean Mitch is still trying to hold onto Andrew then we are totally screwed and Dr Buss should take away Jim's, I mean Mitch's Bunny ranch VIP card. Isnt there another sports team Dr Buss can buy and put Jim, i mean Mitch in charge of? Maybe some pro hurling out fit in Scotland or something?


Up to now I've been a proponent on NOT trading Bynum and/or Lamar, but after reading Jermaine O'Neal's comments, I think the Lakers would be wise to make a trade. O'Neal seems to understand - like Kobe - that he's got a short window of opportunity. Two guys in their prime who understand the time is now.

I think it'd be great to somehow keep Lamar if possible. How about this...

Lakers get: Jermaine O'Neal; Pacers get: Bynum, Kwame, Crittenton, and a 1st round pick.

This gives the Pacers something to build from: an up and coming center in Bynum and the Critter, who I think is going to be a terrific point guard. Lord nows they need both.

New Jersey is NOT including Marcus Williams in ANY trades!!!! That's why JO's not already in Jersey. We have to be willing to negotiate, and compromise. It would be great If we could make a deal without giving up LO, but his contract almost has to be involved for Indy to get what they want. Another thing people keep forgetting is Indy has a full roster. We can't do a 5 for 1 trade unless they're gonna cut the guys they just signed, and half the players we send them in a trade.

Another thing to remember is salary CAP RULES. We can't just send them Kwame, Bynum, Cook, and Farmar because JO makes over 19mil, and those four salaries only total 15-16mil. Indy probably wants to dump one of their bad contracts on us, so unless they change their mind LO has to be part of it. On the plus side though, I've studied Jersey's roster, and they CAN'T take on one of Indy's bad contracts. They don't have the salaries to do it. If Indy wants anything close to fair market value, they pretty much have to work with us.

I don't want to rain on the parade, but let's see if I have this right. Just in round numbers we pay Kobe around $25 M this year, (including prorated bonus), LO around $14 M, and if we get JO another $20 M. I think that adds up to around $59 M. With the Luxury tax threshold around $65 M, if I'm figuring right, we only have $6 M left to pay everyone else on the team. After the magic $6 M number everybody's contract is double to the Lakers. Half to the player, half to the NBA.

With that in mind, if we use Mike T's idea and keep Kwame, his $9 M salary becomes $18 M out of the Buss kitty. Luke's salary would be over $10 M, (5 to Luke, 5 to NBA). No matter how you cut it up, that's just not good business.

tha show,
"if jermaine o'neal can make the consistent KL Beast and Gunner stay away from the blog, i'd say he's ALREADY done wonders for the laker fans just by saying he'd like to play here."

Saying and coming is two different things. Let's see when he calls old Kobiatch what will be the verdict after that. I truly believe this deal can be done alot quicker if Kobe makes a phone call to Mitch and tell Mitch "What do you need from me?" "I want JO so, let me give him a call."

It's easy to say a guy wants to come here to play with Kobe but if the thought aint reciprocated, (like what happen with KG and how Pierce stayed in his ear this summer), then there will be no deal.

When KG got traded, it felt like the world was coming down on the lakers

And today, its like a rebirth of sorts for yours laker fans. I feel good, I feel really good. Our team might be even better than a team with just KG and Kobe.

One move can change our entire summer, and I hope this is the move. We have JO unlike KG willing and vocalizing that he wants to team up with the best player in the world.

Wasnt it Kobe that made that three point shot in the all star game in JO's face when Micheal came back to play for the wizards. I remember Kobe nailing that three all over JO's face, and JO's expression was like that MOFO is the best player ever. His expression was priceless, and since that game I felt how much respect JO has for Kobe.

Make it happen Mitch, get another team in the mix so we only let lamar or bynum be included in a trade package. But I would rather have JO opt out of his contract, and sign him via free agency.

Regarding O'Neal (the cheaper version)....

"I [J. O'Neal] think Kobe's in a position right now where he understands that he needs some help," O'Neal said. "He needs some help to get to the position where he wants to be. I think he's the best player in the NBA and the world, but obviously no player can do it by himself."

First off, i am willing to partially recant my earlier assertion that "nobody wants to play alongside kobe bryant". I'll restate my position if [assuming kobe doesn't screw it up] we can acquire JO without giving up LO. My new position will be only JO is willing to play alongside kobe bryant....kidding. let's hope for the best....

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