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Kobe speaks!

Oh, wait.  It's actually Ric Bucher talking.  Typing, if you want to get technical.  But given how things have operated with #24 of late, that's about as close as it gets.  Bucher's written a new piece describing the New Jack Bauer's mood of late and the gist is ...

1) Balling with Jason Kidd during Team USA practices hasn't exactly made Kobe second-guess his earlier contention that the Lakers should have shipped Andrew Bynum's ass out to land the point guard.

2) Since nobody's counting on Boston flipping KG the Lakers' way, the commonly proposed formula for reassuring the New Jack Bauer is now off the table. 

3) Luke Walton, Chris Mihm, Javarris Crittenton and D. Fish (all sentiment and friendship aside) aren't likely enough to make Kobe buy in.

4) Kobe took the Lakers adding Coby Karl as a mockery of him, a team basically daring him to leave.  "There's a million other cats with your name we can replace you with, pal.  Oh, look!  Here's one now.  Spelled different, but close enough.  Nobody will ever notice the difference, hot shot!"

OK, that last part I made up.  But even if Kobe did have a "this town ain't big enough for two variations of my name" attitude, Bucher thinks he'll keep it to himself.  For that matter, he predicts Bryant won't say much publicly about anything and simply let what he sees as inevitable front-office inaction speak for itself.  But if it means anything to Kobe, there are some fans echoing his sentiments.

-- AK

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Kobe will stay.

Lakers will make the 2nd round Playoffs and eventually get eliminated again.

Kobe will opt out.

Eddie Jones just signed with the Mavs - the latest in players leaving Miami. They are getting stretched thin, and turning to Smush Parker to save them. Ouch!

As much as I hate what's happening to the Lakers this summer, I'm sure glad we ain't the Heat.

I still think he'll show up at training camp... but I'm not convinced he'll be happy about it.


Also, I wanted to repost this from the last section - slightly enhanced. It got swallowed by a couple of monster long Mamba roll call posts - which I love by the way (when they don't obscure my own). Its my assement of our current roster and I wanted to see who agrees and who disagrees.

KOBE is one of the top 3 players in the game today. Maybe THE top.
LAMAR has superb skills but has never been a great team player or contributed to a real winning team. He just doesn't integtare his skills well with others, be it D-Wade and Caron or Kobe and the Lakers.
KWAME is an awesome physical specimen but can't shoot or catch the ball in the post and mentally takes himself out of the game whenever calls go against him.
LUKE is the anti-Lamar. Plays team ball superbly but has very limited skills both offensively and defensively.
FISH has a lot of heart and takes a charge better than anyone, but he's an inconsistent shooter that's well past his prime.

Those are our starters. As for our bench:
VLAD - lost, except when on a snowboard
FARMAR - lacks experience
CRITT - ditto
BYNUM - long on potential but short on performance
MIHM - wasn't that great even before he got hurt
TURIAF - great heart, very limited skills
EVANS - semi-decent role player
COOK & SACHA - do I have to say anything??

Nash has Amare and Marion
Duncan has Parker and Genobli
now Garnett has Pierce and Allen

NO WAY the Kobe does anything with this crew other than barely make the first round and go out. We need a SERIOUS trade for some All-Star support for Kobe!!!!! Which means JO, unless anyone can come up with a viable alternative.

I wonder why we didn't go after Eddie? He's still a solid player. I think we could have fit in a 2year $4million contract.

What the hell?

My thoughts on the Ric Buchler column.

Why can't we find out who the insider was? He or she needs to be
exposed and confronted. If possible, that person should be fired. I'd opt for
the guillotine, but that may not be legal anymore.

In the article, it states that Kobe is upset because Jerry Buss didn't leap to
his defense. While I cannot get inside JB's head, the reason that he didn't,
is because he had already done so, at least a dozen times.

Lastly, while I admire Jason Kidd, let's not kid ourselves. He getting along in
years, has had numerous injuries the last few years, and has yet to prove he can put a team over the top. How many NBA crowns has he won?
How many conference championships has he even played in? And not because he hasn't played on good teams, most of them better than the current Lakers.

Maybe Kobe is willing to sacrifice the Lakers future for a quick fix, but I'd
rather build a team that can compete for years to come.


Once again no need to panic. Kobe won't sit out because of his competitive nature and another hit on his image.
Although I'd love to win a championship every year we're only a few years past of those back-to-back-to back seasons. Its not like another Nba teams is becoming a dynasty ! Unless Indiana or Sacramento comes to their senses we stand pat and see what a healthy team can do !

I think Kobe is just being quiet. All this latest stuff is nothing but selling papers or getting hits to their sites. Everything is based on what Bucher had heard from Kobe before Kobe stopped talking. Bucher then sees what the Lakers have done and is putting the logical two and two together. But he's getting nothing from Kobe right now as no one else is.

I think the whole Lakers squad is on quiet. With the posting of the Lakers schedule on the Kobe's web site...that tells me he'll be in camp. I honestly think that management has convinced Kobe that this squad when healthy can compete. And I also think management has assured Kobe that they will keep Phil Jackson on a short leash. That's what I think.


yay Ric Bucher out to ruin kobe's image again!

O wow that dude just amazes me, Kobe says NOTHING and he named it QUIET ANGER....i am glad he is making up crap so he can sell more papers and get more hits on the site. Last time he was the one that always said having KG won't appease kobe, and then reports came out that KG is the only one that can pacify kobe. I mean yea i agree Kobe should shut his mouth, but its journalist that makes up crap even when nothing is happening that hurts kobe the most and alienate lakers fan from each other.

Damn the espn

Ric Bucher,

Was he ever on anyone's radar? He started to get major TV face time when he started talkin' Kobe. He's the new Jim Gray.

When Kobe shows up in camp after nothing happens this summer, Ric is gonna lose something of the top of his national profile.

Kobe will be forgiven everything with the first jumper that goes down. Sportswriters don't have that kind of Teflon outer layer.

Is it me or did Ric Bucker have more credibility? Now it's like he's a gossip columnist...out to tell us the next gossipy thing about Brangelina.

Kobe is not a idiot. If it's true that he's devious enough for all the things he's accused of...then he should be smart enough to know how dumb it would be to sit out or continue on this "trade me" barrage publicly. Even my goldfish knows!

The real issue isn't even him anymore...but what the heck are we gonna do to improve this roster.

What's up all my West Coast insiders?

Let me say this... Kobe may be considered many things but he sure as hell will not be unprofessional. He will show up at training camp...the man has character.

I share in his frustrations with the front office once again. The KG trade to my hometown just made me sick to my stomach (as crazy as that may sound). I haven't even been online, or watched tv since the trade to avoid reading all of the ridiculous "Celtics will be champs" rantings all over the net, newspapers, and tv. I'm just sick of it. I actually saw the bastard on his way out of the Boston Harbor Hotel to the now "infamous" press conference. I wanted to take off my heels, tear off my business suit, and tear him a new a**hole...needless to say I wasn't happy.

But now that the KG saga is over and done with,it's time for the Lakers FO to step up and make some moves. I understand the salary cap limitations but if the Knicks and Celtics can operate over the luxury tax threshold, why not L.A. Isn't L.A. known as the "larger-than-life" city. You've got some of the wealthiest people, some of the most faithful b-bal fans, a sold-out Staples center at almost every Lakers game and you can't afford to pay a few mill in luxury tax????

Comeo on man...this is just getting ridiculous. I wouldn't blame Kobe is he chose to opt out next year (which he'll do anyway to get the most money).

It seems like the FO is giving this team another year to see how they do. Everyone was talking about how the lakers were getting close to the elite last year until the injuries. I saw things differently last year. I saw a team with little passion or energy when out of the floor. Going through the motions so to speak. The main culprits were Smush, Cook, Bynum. Seems to me the 3 that were giving Phil Jackson LIP SERVICE. To me, effort is key. Jackson needs to start employing an Effort team like Chicago. I would rather have effort than talent. All players in the NBA have talent or wouldn't be there, but not all of them have the desire or effot. With that, I was disappointed that we didn't get Garnett because he brings it every nite.

BUT!!!.. Everyone is annointing Boston, but Piece, Garnett, and Allen all missed the playoffs last year. Which one has made it to the finals or even conference finals except Garnett (1 YEAR with help). I don't see what makes this treo so special. Both Piece and Allen are getting up in age and both injuried. And signing Garnett for another 5 years???!!! $60 million in 3 players???!!! NO THANKS!!

As I was reading hoopshype, I came across the deal of Wizzards on Carlos Navarro to the Grizzlies for future draft picks. Wow, we lost in acquiring the best SG in the Euroleague for a future draft pick and to the Grizzlies, the last place of the Western Conference. What a travesty to be a Laker fan nowadays, a semi-new franchise bypassing an old traditional one with histories of acquiring the best players in the 2nd largest market of the nation. Had we offered cook & sasha or sasha & farmar? I think Wizzards would gladly accept that offer, or perhaps invest by footing that $2M buyout from F C Barcelona that could improve the Lakers shooters. Why don't we listen to Euro bloggers like Alexinho17 or even Tsphere on what Carlos Navarro can do for the Lakers. We kept on harboring excess "china eggs with cobwebs" for future use. This F/O is blatantly inept, only GHF people feel comfortable with Mitch Kupchak's moves.,1426,MCA_475_5658873,00.html

i havent posted in a while...but did that guy just ask how many conference championships has Jason Kidd been to or won? ummmi dont know how long uve been watchin the NBA but Kidd took the sorry nets from the bottom to back to back NBA Finals and was robbed of the MVP by Tim "stretch marks" Duncan.

Aloha Edwin

I really do not know how hard we went after Navarro. We have eight guards on the roster and in J-Crit a guy who can play SG as well as PG. And since Gasol and Navarro are best friends, if all offers are close, they probably sent him to the Grizzlies thinking that at least for a while their draft picks will be higher. There is a lot one can dump on Mitch, I just dont see this as one of them.


Why is it everytime I hear Bucher's name, I hear a horse whinny in the background?

J-KIDD has made the Nets a playoff team every year he's been there- he's taken them to two finals, and the second round every other year except for one ----(also, remember this Lakers fans, 2004, second round, Jersey leads the Pistons 3-2 going back to home, and Kidd hurts knee, so much so that they lose a game 7 in which he scores 0 points, first time that's ever happened - if that knee didn't get messed up in that series (which hasn't slowed him after his surgery since, btw) things could be different all over the NBA.....

Anyway, a total career of success, and Prince is correct, Kidd's coming #2 in the MVP race of 2002 to Duncan was a horribe rip off- he took a twenty something team and turned them into a 50 win team that made the NBA finals...

Repost from last thread:

Since some of y'all seem determined to see Kobe go, what do you think about this:

Chicago gets:

Lakers get:
Ty Thomas
Ben Gordon
Chris Duhon
Ben Wallace
1st round pick

Yeah the FO loses the best player in the league, but at least they only lose a center they don't want, and an unproven PG. You add these guys and the roster looks like this:

Gordon-Mo Evans-Sasha

That lineup could win some games.

"Why can't we find out who the insider was? "

I thought it was pretty much assumed fact by this point that the "insider" was
Jimmy Buss. He's the only guy in the Lakers FO who's incompetent enough to
say something like that to the press.

While Jerry ain't going to fire his son, I'll wager he's told him to shut his pie hole and
get out of Mitch's way for awhile.


You are right. I should have checked the record books before posting. As to how
long I have been watching the NBA - since the mid 1950s. I have to admit, however,
that I watched very little of the Nets in their championship runs. The outcome was
never in doubt, as the weak Eastern Conference was no match for the Western
Conference. Heck, if the Lakers were in the East, we'd probably be a top 4 team.


"Why can't we find out who the insider was?", somebody is enquiring in regards to Ric Buchler's column.

There is no insider. He wants to play games with your mind. It is Buchler's fantasy and imaginatiion.

I will usually help when I see facts are being distorted or people are confused.

Wow AK,

Quite a little hornet's nest you stirred up. I guess I'll weigh in, too.

1. Kobe will play for the Lakers this season. He needs the endorsement money, the merchandise money, and the salary. He's not walking away from any of the above. The Lakers will not move him, this season. Too many ticket holders will demand their money back. Dr. Buss likes his cut of the merchandise sales, too.

2. Mitch should not blink on the JO deal. The Lakers need Kobe, O'Neal, and Lamar if anything good is going to happen. Add Jermaine and lose Lamar and it's pretty much net even in terms of games the team will win.

3. That said, I believe O'Neal will be a Laker no later than the All-Star break. I think it will be sooner, but the Pacers WILL blink either sooner or later.

4. There will be smaller deals before the start of the season. If no one will take Cook or Sasha, at least one of them will be dropped. It is troubling that we've not moved more quickly on the free agent market, but prices for some of these guys will drop or other teams making pickups will be ready for some swaps.

5. As far as Ric Bucher goes, the way I read the quotes he has no new information and is just trying to get face time on the networks and on the web.

6. None of my comments above should be taken as an endorsement of the front office. Speaking of short leashes! If the Lakers don't advance beyond the first round of the playoffs, Kupchak will be gone. That is absolutely the first card Buss will play in an effort to placate Kobe.

Long Time Laker Fan,

I'm responding to your post from the last thread:

I think that deal is good for both teams. As far as Crittenton goes, I agree with you, but I just threw him in because I thought Chicago would like his potential. Him or Farmar would work though, and it would probably be the FO's decision on which guy they would rather give up.

I've studied most of the other teams rosters, and I don't see too many teams that have what the Lakers would want in exchange for Kobe. I know a lot of people on the blog think Kobe is being unreasonable by having a short list of teams he would be willing to get traded to, but in reality there are only a short list of teams that would have what the Lakers want anyway. Whether they keep Kobe and bring in another star, or decide to trade him this is gonna be a very hard process. It's definitely not gonna be any easier when you've got 3 people (Both Busses, and Mitch) doing a job that is made for 1.

Ric Bucher is a moron who was never an important journalists at ESPN until he started covering Kobe.

But seriously, this column by Ric Bucher is nothing new, no new information. He is just making stuff up to save his ass because a month ago he said Kobe wanted to leave no matter what. Now that Kobe has changed his tune, Bucher doesnt want to look like hes lost credibility in the situation.

This article is nothing different than the one Ken Berger wrote for Newsday when the Garnett trade happened.

I think Bucher is making stuff up. He said the Lakers stopped an Odom for Artest trade?? When did that ever happen??


I can understand if he only knew about the Lakers trades (maybe) but somebody reporting from the Kings would have talked about this trade. All we hear about is the Knicks. Sonny Bellfast, can you help us out?? Or is Ric Bucher making that up???

Secondly, I would actually trade Artest for Lamar Odom...but only if they traded for a power forward.. Im wondering if the Lakers keeping Odom is to get Jermaine O'neal instead.

Is there any other Power Forward we can acquire via-trade? Our roster has a bad problem. We have 3 point guards and 3 Centers, all of which who arent versatile enough to play another position

We could trade Odom for Artest

Farmar, Kwame for Drew Gooden???? (get cavs out of a contract to pursue big free agent next year)

Lakers lineup
PG Fisher/Crittenton
SG Kobe/Evans
SF Artest/Walton/Radman
PF Gooden/Turiaf
C Bynum/Mihm

not to bad.

here are ur options
BYNUM = reported potential (reported cuz i have yet to see it) that MAY develop into a solid post player. how many years it takes is up to him.


KIDD = guy who at even his old age (not too much older than steve nash btw) averaged a triple double for a playoff series. that would give the lakers 2 guys in da KIDD and LO who can potentially put up triple dubs any nite of the week.

listen i dont know bynum and im not one to bash. but most of the time work ethic is something developed very early in age. the difference is obvious between those who have it and those who are tryin to achieve it or appear as though they are.

forget a fan im irritated that the lakers wouldnt jump at the shot to have 2 POTENTIAL triple doubles a nite next to KOBE instead of a potential post player who has yet to show even consistent glimpses of this potential that we've been told exsist

That Phil Jackson is an excellent coach cannot be questioned. He will leave his mark as one of the greatest of all coaches in professional sports. Ninety percent success rate at championship games understates his achievements. He won 9 out of 10 in champioship games he participated.

BUT. He won the championships with teams that other coaches COULD have fumbeld with. One glaring character of his teams was they were matured and the core of his teams were experienced players. Also, it did help him to have at onetime or the other the best player in the league at that period.

The current crop of the Lakers are not only un-talented but also not very experienced. Phil Jackson has proved to be not the right fit for such a team..
Andrew Bynum has not progressed in many people's eyes. Part of the lack of progress should be shouldered by the coaching staff. Has he been given the opportunity to be successful?. He will have to learn from failure.
Radmonvic's unsuccessful campaign last season puzzles me. He was a much sought after free agent, and the Lakers were lucky to have him. He came over and has become almost a bust.
Smush Parker was seen as a the worthy point guard to play along side Kobe two seasons ago. He performed miserably. He played without confidence,
Brian Cook was the big 10 player of the year when he played in his senior year. He was highly regarded when he was drafted. He had his contract extended. He has not had, to say the least, productive seasons two years in a row.
I am beginning to feel that the two recent additions in Farmar and jarvis may face the same fates of not living to their potential.
Maybe we have found the enemy, and the enemy is the system they play in.
Could it be the system why free agents and players who have had their contracts bought out refuse to consider playing for the Lakers.

re Bynum
I certainly was his greatest fan last year, as many of us were. Hope looms eternal, but we have to grow up and face the facts.

Age is no excuse for determination. Bynum may not have the skills yet, but where is the fire? He has learned to go back some, but is it age that prevents to rumble back with anger and energy?

Am I being too hard on him? Am I wrong in saying that the future of a player is recognized from the first step. He my stumble and be outsmarted but a future Laker will not take it without trying twice as hard.

Only hope is that I will have to eat my words next year.

Go Bynum, fight. Otherwise we may or may not make the playoffs.


1. I don't get riled up by Vlad because he is not going to help us now or tomorrow.
2. Odom is SO inconstitent. Love the guy but he will disapear sometimes.
3. Everybody else is a role player (except DFish who will make a slight dent into our lameness)

That Leaves Bynum. He either gets going or next season will be deja-vu-again.

Weave-Man Paxson is not as stupid as Mitch!!!

He will never take Kwame and Kobe will probably stop any deal with having to work with 'Butter Fingers'

Please refrain from fantasy trades!!!!



jay jay -

Odom is a GREAT team player. He's such a team player that it's almost a negative. He lead Caron Butler, Rasual Butler, and Dwayne Wade into the eastern conference playoffs (4 years ago?) and they were rolling. He's a guy that will always look to run and share the ball.

He doesn't have a great outside shot and can be too much of a team guy (passive) instead of looking to take the game into his own hands.

Oh, and he almost never goes to his right hand.

Is there really a chance that Kobe could sit out? Has that ever happened in pro basketball? I'm not talking about a coach or owner sitting a player out. And I don't mean a guy sitting out one play, like when Pippen wouldn't go in. I know it happens all the time in football. Baseball? No idea...does anybody really still watch baseball?

If he sits out, it'd be like cutting his own throat. Sure, the Lakers would suffer. But they'd still be respectable. Kobe, on the other hand, would be reviled, and not just by LA fans.

Pro athletes don't stand for the same things they used to when I was a dumb, naive kid. Back in the days before huge TV contracts, and ESPN highlights. I remember when an offensive lineman walked into Vince Lombardi's office with an agent. The guy was canned the next day. Not that that was a good thing. Players were abused, and deserved a bigger piece of the pie. But today, a lot of them are so spoiled and privileged, it's hard to really get behind them.

I used to be a big Kobe fan. I know KLBeast likes to go on and on about Kobe bad-mouthing Shaq, but Shaq did the same thing to Kobe for the first 4 1/2 years. Innuendos, little daggers in the press, and Kobe just shut up about it. So I gravitated toward Bryant because I thought he was different: no tattoos, no partying with the team, family guy, just did his thing and played great.

But little by little, I started hearing things, from reliable sources. And I realized I was wrong. There are some great guys in the NBA. But since it's almost impossible to know who the real good guys are, it's a lot easier to root for the home colors.

I don't care who's on the court come October. I'll still be pulling for the purple and gold. That's one you can put in the refrigerator.

Wow, dig this.

Navarro is taking a 540,000 contract to sign with the Griz. That means he has to
pay 2 and a half million out of his own pocket for his first year in the NBA.
I have a feeling that Pau Gasol is throwing him a little sum-sum on the side
to get him to join the Los Grizzlies.


"Why is it everytime I hear Bucher's name, I hear a horse whinny in the background?"


That wouldn't be Marty Feldman would it?



The system to question is the one that took on this sorry lot of players. They all lack character to play at a higher level.

Baby Bynum received the gift of the greatest personal coach anyone might want.The lack of self-confidence and maturity is on him. Other 19 year olds had the character and swagger to enter the NBA and make an impact. He is simply childish and not willing to make the effort required.

VladRad has never fit in, wherever he was, and except for occasional brilliance has always disappointed. The guy not only went snowboarding in violation of his contract, he lied about it. Is this a guy you would ever want for a team mate? He also was incapable of the effort required to learn the offense.

Smush Parker knew how to play in the Lakers system. The coach gave him more rope as a starter than any other coach would just to maintain his confidence. Smush's problem was overconfidence. You'll notice he hasn't been able to stick with any of the teams he played on. The Heat will find out why very quickly.

Brian Cook has been given multiple opportunities. The Big 10 isn't the NBA. He is too stupid to remember his defensive assignments most of the time, and when he remembers them, he still doesn't play effective D. Doesn't say much about his college coaching.

Famar and J-Crit will be fine.

Jackson is the greatest coach of the modern era. Let me know the first time you see another coach with 9 rings.

Rick Friedman-
i agree with your all your points.........and i to belive thoughs events will unfold....i to have been saying a "jo" trade works if we only get to keep "lamar" a trio of kobe, lamar, jo is a definate roster improvment......great post!


"I know a lot of people on the blog think Kobe is being unreasonable by having a short list of teams he would be willing to get traded to, but in reality there are only a short list of teams that would have what the Lakers want anyway."


I definitely think that's right. In fact, they not only have to have players the Lakers
want, but they also have to have enough good players that they can give away
2 or 3 and still have 5 to 7 good players left. Kobe isn't going to want to go into
a situation where there's him and two other good non-allstar players and not
much else.

As I see it, here is the complete list of teams that could swing a trade, assuming
both they and Kobe were willing:

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Golden State, Milwaukee,
New Jersey, New York, Phoenix, and Utah

Aloha Rick

I agree with 100% I think Indy will blink. Remember, at 1st they wanted both Kwame and Lamar and we take Murphy. Now it looks like they backed off that and its down to Kwame or Lamar. You are absolutely right, we need both Lamar and Oneil to become a true contender. And I think Indy is under more pressure then us because JO can walk NEXT year. So I think we wait, Kwame, Andrew, A choice of young PGs and picks is fair for JO. Mitch has my support in this poker game.

Aloha Weaveman

Just thinking about your Chicago trade and while I understand that Wallace has to be included due to salary matching, man 16 mil for 4 more years is a bad contract for him. What do you think about trying a 3 way with say Atlanta or Charrlotte, both lack real centers. In Atlanta, Josh Smith is becoming upset because Atlanta will not extened him( Atlanta's FO makes Mitch look like West) I just dont want to be saddled with Wallace that long at that salary. and I dont think we need to even include one of our PG's for incentive this year. We are talking Kobe freakin Bryant here. Next year if it still looks like Kobe will walk, then you might have to add incentives but at this point, Bostons upgrades should be incentive enough for Paxton to re-examine what he needs to do to keep up.

Hey Prince

You never saw ANY poetential in Andrew? Did you watch? That was the whole point, Andrew did demonstrate potential. It was consistancy that was lacking but at 18/19 that was to be expected. 5.9 boards, 8 points and 1.6 blocks per 20 minutes played is not bad for someone his age. The guy is now 7" 1 with a 7' 6 wingspan, in 2 more years he will be 300 pounds, with soft hands. Thats potential. And if hes working hard like its been reported then maybe he is growing up mentally as well. What were you like at 18/19? I know I wasnt exactly Mr responsibility. Now I am not saying I wouldnt include him in the right deal, I would. All I am saying is the potential HAS BEEN demonstrated.


"have 3 point guards and 3 Centers, all of which who arent versatile enough to play another position"


Critter is fine at SG - at least he was in summer league - though Jackson
probably won't play him much at all. I think Mihm is also capable of playing
some PF, but his health is still a question mark.

The "Wisest" of all,
"Andrew Bynum has not progressed in many people's eyes."


Maybe in blind people's eyes. Bynum made a HUGE improvement from his first
year to his second year at both ends of the court. If he improves as much this
year, then the Lakers won't need to go fishing for a low post player, because
Socks will be the man.

The best move we could make would be to trade Bynum, Odom and fill in the blank (Radmonovic, Walton or Cook) to Indiana for JO and Granger. JO would give us the best power forward in franchise history, add attitude and swagger, provide better structure to our offense, improve us defensively, and he would be able to use his athleticism while Kobe draws the double teams. Granger gives us a tall, athletic small forward who can score and rebound. In just his second year in the league - he averaged 14 points and 5 boards a game - and he will get better. He would be the steal in that trade. Our line up would look like this:

PG D-Fish, Farmar, Crittendon
SG Kobe, Evans
SF Granger, Radmonovic or Walton (whichever one stays)
PF JO, Turiaf
C Brown, Mihm

Long Time Laker Fan: "That wouldn't be Marty Feldman would it?"

Nice one! Actually, growing up, it seemed like every celebrity named Marty was really strange: Feldman, Martin & Rossi, Rowan and Martin, among others ... So yeah, I grew up deranged. Of course, there was Dean Martin... that one wasn't so bad.

About Bynum: How much basketball did this guy play before turning pro? My understanding is, it wasn't that many games. His first season, he looked confused, and often didn't run down the court. Second season--he was maybe three times as good, made huge strides... but still wasn't starter material. And didn't have the stamina to finish out the season hard.

I think he's going to surprise some people this year. With a good year of experience, better conditioning, and a better understanding of the game, this could be his breakout year. When he was drafted, everybody knew he was a project -- 3 or 4 years away from contributing. With as little basketball as he played before coming to L.A., it's amazing he's been as good as he was.

Plus, this season he's got something to prove: Not everybody gets a nation-wide, humiliating kick in the pants splattered all over the internet.

Laker Tom/Marty,
Sign me up for the 55-win bandwagon. I am sick of the negativity and hate on this blog. My expectation is for the Lakers to win every time they tip off. At the end of the game I will be either happy or depressed. This cheering for my team has continued uninterrupted since 1962. How many games will they win this year? Who knows, to many variables? If I am wrong like last year, what is the worst thing that can happen? The GHE guys saying we told you so, or Ireland calling us wack-jobs.
That is not so bad, I rather watch each game with optimistic anticipation.

Kobe is not going anywhere!

He will stay here for another 2 years and secure more scoring titles!

Then his scoring title legacy will be secured! Then after 2 years, we will finally become a true team again.

We will have cap space for DWADE in 2009!

Bad AK. Bad.


Rick Friedman

1. Kobe does not need the money. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. The money is secondary. It's GUARANTEED. The guy blew up because he's a sore loser. He'll come back because of competitive nature and the fact that the LAKERS own his rights.

And Kobiatch feels good playing with Jason Kidd because he sees now how a true #1 should play.

And he's starting regret running Shaq out of here. He sees that the #2 spot (ala Pippen, Robin) is where he would excel the most. Not trying to be the #1 (Batman, M Jordan)

If the LAKERS would act like the big DOGS they are they could handle situations like Shaq's trade and the Kobe situation better.

They own KOBE's rights. He has to play for 2 yrs. That's the way it is and I'd play him for 2 yrs.

As for Shaq, if they had utilized the entire LEAGUE to solicit trades as oppose to just the Eastern conference they would have gotten a better deal.
Why fear Shaq or Kobe?
Shaq would not have won in Dallas yet the Lakers would win with Nowitzki and Nash with Kobe.

Kobe might or might not win in the West but why not try to get talent from the talent rich West as oppose to just taking deals from the EAST.

If Jerry Buss is really a poker player then he'll act like one someday.

Jim Buss is the insider. That's why the insider has not been chastized publicly.

Not a bad idea if the numbers work Lake Show.

We need something.


What did I do this time?


Lincoln Laker -
I LOVE that trade. Best variation I've heard in a while that Bird might accept. But it'd have to be Rad that goes - Walton didn't sign the contract he did to be traded to Indy before the season even starts. Actually we'd have to throw in Cookie as well to make the numbers work, which is no great loss!


Kobes money is only guaranteed if he plays. If he sits out he forfiets his pay, period. And you can not sit out a contract either. If he sat out a year he would still owe the Lakers 2 years of service. As far as endorsements, he has recieved up front money but if he sponsers pull his adds due his hold out he would lose residuals from any of the adds. And his sponsers could ask for some of the signing money back as well. So yes there is a money element here. Especially if the rumors are true and his marraige is in trouble, he will be losing a big chunk of change there as well. That said I agree that Kobe will play. He is a competor and he has to realize that his bruised public image would take another significant hit, that could affect future endorsements.

Lastly a note from the last thread. The Kwame, Andrew, PG and picks for J.O is not my trade. This is what the Lakers have offered for JO. I read that Indy has backed off us taking Troy Murphy and now the sticking point is Lamar vs Kwame. The salaries do work. Remember you only have to come up with 75% not 100% value and while I am not sure how much, picks do carry a monetary value. That is why you see some players traded for picks. I think Mitch is doing the right thing in not giving in at this point. He understands that to become a real contender we need both JO and Lamar. And Bird is under even more pressure then Mitch because JO CAN walk next year. I think we hold our cards and wait for Bird to blink.



Yeah, buddy! You're in. Since '62, huh? You beat me by almost a decade. I sort of followed the playoffs when we lost to the Knicks, and started going to games the following year. I was there for, I think, Game #19 of the 33-game streak. I've never looked back.


Kobe haters. Just realize, if you get your wish and the Lakers loose Kobe it'll be 20 years before we draft another player as good as Kobe. Look at the banners and do the math. Sure, we'll rent a few aging stars a few years after their prime, but that wait betweem Jerry West and Magic Johnson, then Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant was a big fat juicy 20 years.


You know, I dont know why more GMs follow the model of successful football teams, or baseball teams.

For instance, whats the best model for short term and long term succuess??

You put your best players as the main players and then you have your young guys as back ups.

Okay, maybe this is way harder than it sounds, but the Lakers seem to trying to to do both, so maybe they can work on this. For example

the win now guys on the Lakers:
Kobe, Lamar, Luke, Fisher, Vlad,
These guys are the guys who are signed to bring the Lakers to sucess today, whether buy free agency, trade, or draft. Obviously this isnt a very good collection, but thats who they have. these are the guys that the Lakers have made a long-term committment to.

the win in the future guys:
Bynum, Farmar, Crittenton,
These are the future mainstays of the Lakers. Bynum=center of the future, and the two point guards. Many GMs also like Turiaf if he gets more minutes

rest of the team:
Kwame, sasha, cook, evans, Mihm,
These guys are ones who are bandaids, fit a need, or something else. These guys are really expendable.

So then lets rearrange the roster in that order:

win now future
C C Bynum
PF Odom PF Turiaf
SF Walton/Vlad SF
SG Kobe SG
PG Fisher PG Farmar/Crittenton

So herein lies our holes: A center for now, and a SF, and a SG of the future.

Will crittenton be a SG? probably not in the NBA, hes not that sort of player. So its either Farmar or Crittenton. Crittenton is probably the better prospect, so that means Farmar is expendable too. Also, vlad repeats Luke's position, so he could be gone too

So expendable players:
Kwame, sasha, cook, evans, Mihm, Farmar, Vlad

Those are 7 guys who the Lakers dont need in their current plans.

So possible trades could be:

1.) Farmar, Kwame for a C (for a team that needs a future point guard and cap space)

2.) Cook, Evans for a SF ( for a team that wants a shooting big man and and hustler off the bench..most likely a contending team looking to get rid of an expendable scoring only guy)

3.) Mihm, Farmar for C

So this then can help us with coming up with trades in combination of trading someone like Odom:
We can trade Odom for Jemain O'neal straight up. then we include Kwame and Farmar for a starting c or a young swing man
Odom+ Kwame+Farmar+vlad for O'neal+Granger/Williams

Or maybe we can look at trading Mo Evans and Cook for a guy like Ricky Davis
Or maybe Farmar and Mihm for Salim Dalenbert
Or maybe Farmar and Kwame for Malik Rose, Kurt Thomas, Diasanga Diop?

How about packagine a bunch of guys:

Kwame+Farmar+Vlad+Evans for a guy like Al Harrington and Jasikevicus??

Its evident the Lakers want a future and a thats probably how they are thinking..but whether they are is a different story.

And I think Indy is under more pressure then us because JO can walk NEXT year.


Nope. This year was JO's option year. He didn't opt out, so he's stuck for 3 years,
whether it's with Indy or whoever they trade him to.







michael h,

"Wallace has to be included due to salary matching, man 16 mil for 4 more years is a bad contract for him."


Okay. First of all, it's 15 and a half million this year, and then it goes DOWN each
of the next two years. (14.5 milion, 14 million). Second, Big Ben would be
awesome for the Lakers. As some people have correctly pointed out, the
Lakers don't need more offense. They need more solid defense, and Ben is
as solid as they come. He'd give the Lakers security at the center position
until Bynum comes into his own.

On the other hand, I wouldn't take a deal in which he was the only good player
from Chicago. Gordon and Thomas adds a couple of good players at other
positions without completely gutting Chicago's core.

Faith - you're right. Bucher used to be halfway credible. Now he's like some gossip hack for ET or worse.

Roky - that is so excellent. Spoken like a true fan.

Dave M


Mark Cuban wasn't going to trade Dirk to the Lakers in a Shaq deal, and I guarantee you they Lakers would have dealt within the Western Conference if a great deal came along (but it would have required a team to give up another huge superstar). Big deals are a rarity, and they are even rarer in the same conference. When was the last blockbuster intra-conference trade? Ray Allen just went from the Western Conf. to the East, as did KG. Iverson switched conferences and so did Artest. It's not just the Lakers - any team is going to require more in a deal to trade within their own conference. I blame the FO for not finding a way to bite the bullet on a max deal for Kobe while suffering through Shaq's remaining years. After Mitch's public comments about trading Shaq, it truly was an untenable situation, made worse by Kobe's opt-out coming at a very innoportune time. Let's just move on and focus on what the team can do to improve for the future - I enjoyed the dynasty years, but they're long gone. If Kobe leaves, it'll hurt for a long time, but all true Lakers fans will still bleed purple and gold.

Lincoln Laker,

"Bynum, Odom and fill in the blank (Radmonovic, Walton or Cook) to Indiana for JO and Granger."


One of Indiana's big problems is lots of long contracts for players who aren't
worth what they're being paid. For that reason, I doubt they would take either
Radmanovic or Cook, or give back Granger for that matter.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be okay with a deal where we get rid of Rad's contract
and get JO and Granger (even at the cost of Bynum and Odom), I just think
Indiana won't give up that much.

The only one of the three Indy might be interested in is Luke Walton, since he's
actually worth what he's paid, but even that would add another long term
contract so I doubt they'd go for it.

Oh, AK. Didn't see you there. Uh, just that incendiary article about Kobe. Not too incendiary, but just enough to warrant a boo hiss.












Long time laker fan

Sorry but next year is J.O's option year. Just go to espn's list of 2008 free agents and you will find he has a players option that year. Or read the article on all the potential free agents in 08, thats an interesting article as well.


Laker Lincoln & Jay Jay,

"Best variation I've heard in a while that Bird might accept. But it'd have to be Rad that goes - Walton didn't sign the contract he did to be traded to Indy before the season even starts."


Best for the Lakers, but it sucks for Indy. Take a look at Indy's roster:

Murphy - 4 more years from 9 million up
Dunleavy - 4 more years from 8 million up
Daniels - 3 more years from 6 million up
Tinsley - 4 more years from 6 million up

And not one of those four players is worth what they will be paid. Why would
they want to add Rad (4 years at 5.5 million and up) or Cook (3 more years
for 3.5 million per) when neither of them has lived up to their salary either?
Basically, they would view us adding Rad to the trade as the same as when
they added Murphy to the trade. They wouldn't go for it unless they were
desperate to get Lamar and Bynum. The only manager in the NBA who
would screw up their cap space further by taking on more and more bad
long term contracts is Isaiah Thomas.

And you want them to give up their best up-and-coming player (essentially
their equivalent of Bynum) in the deal?

You have to look at the trade from both sides and see if it looks reasonable.
I think you've skewed it about as far in favor of the Lakers as the deal Bird
offered was skewed in favor of Indiana. To make the deal work, it's gotta
be somewhere between the two.

Who will win this years "MSP" (most surprising player) for the Lakers?

I'm hoping it's going to be Turiaf or Bynum and not Critterton. If its Critterton it'll be because he comes in and plays well and gets good min from Phill. Nice, but not as nice as the possible upside from Turiaf and Bynum. If Bynum or Turiaf surprises us it'll probably be because of increased consistancy (bynum) or lack of foul trouble (Turiaf). We REALLY win in both cases. If Turiaf can keep the energy and stay on the court we'll have our own version of...what's that guys name? Played for Portland and the Nicks...power forward with all kinds of tricks up his sleeve...darn it...JEROME KERSEY! If Bynum is the MSP we all know what that means--consistancy, four to six blocks a game, 20/10...

Who knows...(she might):


Angry Laker,

Actually if Paxson made that deal he would be one of the smartest GM's in the League. Why you ask? Because not only does he get the best player in the world, he gets cap space with him. It's such a simple idea that I didn't think I had to explain it.

Look at Boston. Yeah, they brought in one of the best big men in the league, but look at their cap situation. They are stuck with those 3 guys for a while, and if they don't win a championship they will be in cap hell, and without any young up and coming players. The Bulls on the other hand(if they did my trade) Would get the BEST player in the game, and almost 10million dollars in cap relief!!!! Tell me another GM that's done that in the history of the game?

As far as fantasy trades go, I don't post fantasy trades unless I'm EXTREMELY bored. Most of the trades I post on here are well thought out, and are always put through the trade machine to make sure they work. Now, if you see me post a 3 team trade that is possible, but has a snowballs chance in hell of actually happening, then you know I'm bored, and thinking fantasy.

michael h,

"...Murphy and now the sticking point is Lamar vs Kwame. The salaries do work. Remember you only have to come up with 75% not 100% value and while I am not sure how much, picks do carry a monetary value."


Nope. According to the CBA, picks count for $0 for salary matching purposes.

Let's work the numbers to make things clear.

Jermaine makes $19,710,000 next season. That means the Lakers have to
send back somewhere between $15,688,000 and $24,737,500 in contracts
to satisfy the CBA.

Here are the 3 principals:

Lamar Odom makes $13,524,000 next year
Kwame Brown makes $9,075,000 next year
Andrew Bynum makes $2,172,000 next year

To consider all three possibilities:

Odom+Bynum = $15,696,000 - That's enough that neither side would HAVE
to include any other players, but if the Lakers don't, then they're adding
4 million in salary PLUS 4 more million in luxury tax, so they'd probably want
to add in one more player to balance things out a bit.

Odom+Brown = $22,599,000, which is plenty of salary, but not enough talent
Add in Crittendon on the Lakers side and Tinsley on Indy's side and it's close
to a fair trade.

Bynum+Brown = $11,247,000, which means they'd have to add $4,441,000
in salary (or cash) to make up the difference. Radmanovic is the only single
player left on the team other than Odom or Kobe that makes that much, and
as I stated before, I doubt Indy would take Rad. They view Bynum as a maybe,
and they want one definite player in addition to Bynum to get the deal done.
Luke might be good enough to make up for the fact that he's on a multi-year
contract, but the Lakers can't trade him until December 15. Maybe they would
take Cook and either Farmar or Crittendon, but that depends on their view of

So as you can see, it's much easier to get the math to work if Odom is included
in the deal. If it's Bynum and not Odom, then you have to convince Indiana
that it's worth giving up JO for 2 or 3 players with potential and 9 million in
cap space.

Wes Joe,

Hey, don't kill the messenger. I didn't write the thing. I just posted it. haha


Weave-Man heads up, I apologise!!!!

I feel that Kobe and Evans will be dealt to the Bulls for Ben Wallace & Ben Gordon. I cannot see how Kobe can come back after all that has passed 'Under the Bus'. I just wish the situation was sorted out quickly. What do you think"!!



Aloha Michael h,
Thanks for your astute response to Laker Bake.

Long Time Laker Fan,
There is NO evidence that Bynum has the character or the work ethic to become a major force in the NBA. If I'm wrong, it will still be years before he matures physically, mentally, and emotionally enough. He is a project. Let him go.

We do agree that J-Crit can play SG. I'd like to see him become Kobe's back-up when #24 takes a breather on the bench.

Lake Show,
I don't see how any of those trades help the other team. It has to be win-win for a deal to work unless one of the parties is a chump.

And no way we should give up Lamar to Indy for JO. It'll take KB, JO and LO playing with D-Fish and whomever -- to have a solid starting 5.

If the NFL Network reruns the HOF inductions, make it a point to watch. Charlie Sanders' induction speech said everything you'd want to know about a "Hall of Fame player in ANY sport. And the way Jerry Jones talked about Michael Irvin portrayed everything you could want in an owner. Go through the Lakers' roster and ask yourself how many of these guys meet the Charlie Sanders character test. And it'll become quickly apparent when Jerry Jones steps up to introduce Michael Irvin that Jerry Buss is no Jerry Jones. Lastly, when you crank up your trade machines, ask yourself if the guys you want to bring to the Lakers are Hall of Fame caliber players when it comes to character. If they don't pass the test, we don't want them.



There's no need to apologize man, I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not just throwing out half-a$$ed ideas. As far as the Kobe situation goes, I think everything CAN be worked out, but the FO and Kobe have to meet each other half-way. What's the half way point? I don't know for sure, but if I was the FO I would go to Kobe and say:

"listen, we have to take this a step at a time, we're GOING to get JO, and that will be step 1, but we need to know that our efforts to please you aren't in vain". I believe that if the FO sits down and talks to Kobe like MEN, and lay out a clear, and concise plan he will listen, and be willing to stay. Has the relationship been strained? Hell yeah, but if it's going to get better they (Kobe, and FO) have to come to some type of middle ground. Hey, maybe I'm thinking like one of Laker Tom's GHF people but I think a solution can be reached. If not, then hopefully they can trade Kobe quickly, and hopefully both parties can benefit.

Looks like KG went to Boston over LA for the love of money.. Read the NBA rumor section on website. KG apparently wanted $20mil (which Boston was willing to give including the $8mil upfront) and the owner of MN wanted to give him only $12mil.




Long time laker

Again, the deal I mentioned is what has been reported. Perhaps only the major players were listed in the article, that is often the case. Perhaps Sasha, Evens or other expiring contracts are thrown into the mix, I dont know. Just commenting on what I read. And trading for JO and keeping Lamar is the only thing that makes sense. Think about our competion in the west the Suns, Dallas and Spurs all have a super star and at least 2 other quality players around them. Adding JO and Losing Lamar will not cut it. Now I just do not understand why some people are willing to give away the store without waiting to see how this plays out. I believe that our offer is fair and Indy will need to get real or JO probably will walk next year.


Rick Friedman,

Okay, I'm confused. If I'm not mistaken, your last post read something like (and
I'm paraphrasing):

1. Bynum sucks
2. Trades have to be fair to both sides
3. We shouldn't trade Lamar for JO

Are you saying the Lakers shouldn't trade for JO? Because if you're not, then
it's kind of a contradiction. Bynum = low value + Kwame = expiring contract.
Where's the value there if not Bynum?



JERRY'S LOOSINGGGG IT BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Long Time Laker Fan,
Fair question.

Bynum sucks in terms of the Lakers immediate needs. The Pacers are re-building; the Lakers are trying to be a contender on Kobe's watch. The Pacers have demanded Bynum as part of any deal and while they are in rebuilding mode, they are prepared to deal with a "project." Kwame's contract = the $$$ to compensate them for JO. Then they can decide to (a) keep him, or (b) let him go at the end of next year.

Bynum + Kwame + ?? is fair to both sides since (a) the Lakers want JO to meet their present needs and the Pacers have chosen to go younger and want to get rid of him, and (b) the Lakers free up needed roster space while the Pacers get to rebuild and not spend money once Kwame's deal is up they can use elsewhere. It is win-win.

Hope I satisfactorily answered your question.

Hey blogsters,

Has anyone considered some trades the Lakers could do with the Rockets, they must have like 20 players on their roster since they just added Mutambo for another season. The Lakers have made some initial contacts to obtain Luther Head. Some players like Battier or Bonzi Wells could be made for some our guys. But I don't think the Rockets are going to give anything away on the cheap. Just my $.02


Aloha Rick

Dont forget the Pacer will get one of our young PG's in the deal as well. Both have upside. So you are looking at 2 young guys with a future, plus cap space, I think it would probably be J-Crit, which I hate to think about because he is the real deal but if it makes the deal happen....


I hate to say this. As a "classic" athlete and fan, I don't believe in a player controlling the game. It just seems wrong.

That much said, I believe Kobe is right.

I don't hate him, but Kupcheck has to go and we need Jerry West back.

We need Jerry West back, if only for three years.

It needs to happen.

Jerry West has the respect that Mitch Kupcheck doesn't have. Jim Buss and others will not be able to manhandle him as Mitch Kupcheck has been manhandled.

We need Jerry West back.

Dr. Buss, I hope you read this. Your son means well. He wants to prove himself. Bynum has a lot of promise and COULD be the next Kareem (his 16 points against the Knicks in one quarter two years ago was amazing!), BUT the relationship between Jim Buss and Mitch Kupcheck is clearly not going as it should.

There needs to be some balance.

We need someone stronger. Jerry West. Yes, he's old. That's why we need him for three years. He needs to complete his legacy.

Listen, Kobe's a competer. He may be a jerk at times, but he wants DEEPLY to win. We should listen to that maniac inside of him.

We're Lakers. We need to win too.



Unless things change, I beleive you are right.


****** HERE'S THE TRADE **********

Given that the Pacers want to rebuild, how about we do a 5-for-1 with them like the Celts did for KG. I checked the numbers and this works:

For JO we give them Kwame (expiring contract), Bynum (coveted prospect), Farmar (another strong prospect) Sacha and Cook. Neither of the last 2 is that expensive, nor are they tied up for 4+ years like Rad & Luke.

We'd be a bit shorthanded and might have to shop for our last 2 bench spots in the cheap free agent market, but we'd now have this line-up:

C - JO, Mihm
PF - Lamar, Turiaf
SF - Luke, Vlad
SG - Kobe, Evans
PG - Fish, Critt

Given that Evans Vlad and Turiaf can each move up a spot as well this gives us a pretty versatile core. And I'd put our 3-headed monster of Kobe/JO/Lamar up against Garnett/Allen/Pierce any day, especially with Luke and Fish as super triangle facilitators. This lineup can win NOW!

Whaddaya say Mitch?? CAN WE DO THIS???????

the lakers have to make some kind of move......if not kobe will definitely opt out, and we will have NOTHING

it sucks to be an LA fan right now
usc football...choked
ucla basketball....close but no cigar
someone needs to win something

Jay jay
that makes the most sense to me of any JO proposal i've seen (certainly for the Lakers) ... that is a starting line-up to believe in ... they only thing that makes me pause is whether the Pacers would want anything to do w/ Cookie and Sacha?

maybe we throw in a draft pick to sweeten it if need be? i think it would still be worth it to pull the trigger...

Hey Jay Jay,

I would like to point out that Evans is not actually a 2 guard. He's a small forward that the Lakers are hoping can play some 2 guard. I'm not sure he has the foot speed to play the 2 guard. His best matchup position might be the 3. If he's healthy he might be our starting SF.

Even Celtics fans are telling Mitch to shape up ...

(Um, article also compares Shaq to Megatron.)



hey marty. . ive got one. . "word" for you


(i'm in)

I must ask. Can Ric Bucher propagate Kobe’s wish to be traded anymore? Especially with comments like,

“I have to think more and more people will empathize with his desire to be elsewhere.”

WHAT ARE YOU SAYING RIC? Should we Laker fans start feeling sorry for Kobe and come to his rescue by asking our FO to trade him? Should we be organizing protest rallies to get Kobe traded? Bucher you’re unbeleavable?

Poor Kobe? How about Poor Lebron. I read this blog all the time and all I see is people saying we don’t have a legitimate #2 or #3 star on this team. Lamar this and Lamar that. WHO is the #2 and #3 stars for Cleveland? Is it Hughes and Ilgauskas or Ilgauskas and Hughes. I can never get that right. Granted, they were in the East, but they did beat Detroit in 6, including 4 straight. How did we do against Detroit? 2 losses, one by 14 another by 15.

Also: What did Lebron say after losing to the Spurs? He backed up his teammates and said with harder work in the offseason, they would have a better shot next year. THAT’S the difference between being the best one on one player in the NBA (Kobe) and being one of the best team leaders and superstar's in the league. You build teammates up, you don't tear them down.

did he just say 'LIDGIT'?


did YOU just say LIDGIT

. . now i've gone and said it

LT79 Laker Fan,

"You build teammates up, you don't tear them down."


Oh you mean like LeBron built his teammates up when he said that after playing
with Jason Kidd it was going to suck to go back to his teammates? Is that the
kind of building up you're referring to.

I think it's ironic that both Kobe and LeBron disparaged their teammates in
comparison to Jason Kidd (Note: Kobe never said "Bynum sucks" or anything
remotely like that. What he said was that the Lakers should "ship him out"
to get Jason Kidd. So Kobe gets demonized for knocking his teammates.
But when LeBron says something very similar, people just let it pass.

LeBron is a very good player and he carried that team to the EASTERN
conference championship. But without a second star beside him, he wasn't
able to beat the varsity squad (i.e. the Western Conference champion --
In fact, I think the top 3 in the West all would have swept the Cadavaliers).

You're welcome to compare LeBron to Kobe or Michael or anyone you'd like,
but until he's got some rings on his fingers, it ain't gonna mean much.

Something interesting. Kobe has the Lakers 08 schedule posted on his web site.


Last year, we 're wondering what would be our roster in Hawaï. This came after a bad crash against Phoenix (after leading 3-1) in May 2006.
Now, we're back at the same period of the year. And again, in May 2007, we crashed badly against Phoenix. Again we are speculating about different tradings scenarii. Again, this FO is quiet while, on the other hand, they raise prices at the Staples Center. We know where their priorities are!
I think we need 5 more years to regain some respect in this league! It's not easy to collect several good players in order to have a real competitve team. It takes time and a good luck.
Now, let's pray and count our losses before our rebirth!!

First of all, EVERYONE don't even listen to Ric Bucher -- he's just a person who spits out stuff to get attention -- in fact, except for Hollinger and Simmons, that whole site is just crazy now for hits -- I don't blame them -- they are a company that makes millions on website advertising.

Anyways, regarding our team. Sign me up again for the 55-win bandwagon. I'm in. Forget trades now -- no more KG is fine w/ me. Lakers can do it w/o him. Keep our lineup -- we will do better if we don't have any injurries.

GO LAKERS!!! I say we pull the 4th seed this time.


Check out the Yahoo videos, especially the one with Magic, who seems to be in the know. But also Jason Kidd. They both talk about next year and Kobe's position. And they both contradict Ric Budher; who seems to be less and less in the know.

Magic also hints that there may be a trade before training camp. He even says "one or two moves" preceded of course by "hopefully". He concludes "now you look for somebody else to help your team."

Now, perhaps he said all that just to sound reassuring, for the fans and for Kobe as well, the message to Kobe being, "Hey, the guys in FO are still on top of this"?

Kidd, who is addressed as "friends with Kobe" says unambiguously that he thinks Kobe will be a Laker for life. He adds "he's a competitor, he wants to win, he's won three championships, he wants to keep getting better.

So it increasingly looks like Kobe lovers and haters will have to get used to a team that is built around him, but hasn't been fully built yet. Where Bucher is right is in challenging the FO to prove Kobe's case or, in everyone's interest, to disprove it.

I think it's interesting that so many people are totally discounting what Bucher has to say. I have no idea whether he's talked to Kobe or not. Neither does anybody else around here. We won't know whether there's anything to this until we get to camp, so it seems kind of silly to attack the man at this point.

But then, that's standard operating procedure for a lot of people, hear something you don't like, attack the person who said it. Truly pathetic.

By the way, our current lifestyle is unsustainable. No doubt I'll catch flack for repeating that.

This is just so frustrating. What is kupchak's job? If Ainge can do it why didn't the Lakers do the same thing. The reason is that Cooper got stuck with the Sparks. He should have become a general manager like Mchale. Any number of previous laker players were good enough to gm or coach in the nba. Unfortunately, the Celtic connection finally found out a way to create a championship team and the Lakers are stuck with Kupchak. Please, would someone FIRE Kupchack. We need a REAL GM.

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