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Kobe speaks!

August 4, 2007 |  9:18 am

Oh, wait.  It's actually Ric Bucher talking.  Typing, if you want to get technical.  But given how things have operated with #24 of late, that's about as close as it gets.  Bucher's written a new piece describing the New Jack Bauer's mood of late and the gist is ...

1) Balling with Jason Kidd during Team USA practices hasn't exactly made Kobe second-guess his earlier contention that the Lakers should have shipped Andrew Bynum's ass out to land the point guard.

2) Since nobody's counting on Boston flipping KG the Lakers' way, the commonly proposed formula for reassuring the New Jack Bauer is now off the table. 

3) Luke Walton, Chris Mihm, Javarris Crittenton and D. Fish (all sentiment and friendship aside) aren't likely enough to make Kobe buy in.

4) Kobe took the Lakers adding Coby Karl as a mockery of him, a team basically daring him to leave.  "There's a million other cats with your name we can replace you with, pal.  Oh, look!  Here's one now.  Spelled different, but close enough.  Nobody will ever notice the difference, hot shot!"

OK, that last part I made up.  But even if Kobe did have a "this town ain't big enough for two variations of my name" attitude, Bucher thinks he'll keep it to himself.  For that matter, he predicts Bryant won't say much publicly about anything and simply let what he sees as inevitable front-office inaction speak for itself.  But if it means anything to Kobe, there are some fans echoing his sentiments.

-- AK