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Kobe and O'Neal II: Electric Boogaloo?

That's the talk on the street right now.  But will such a sequel, this time a pairing of Kobe Bryant and Jermaine O'Neal, come to fruition (and will it match a level of sequel excitement that's 100% Ice-T approved)?  The issue remains up in the air.  For that matter, what O'Neal actually said in regards to his desire to relocate West is also being debated, mostly by the man himself.  While attending an L.A. charity hoops game, O'Neal let it be known that he'd be more than cool with a trade that paired him with the Mamba, that he'd opt out of his contract in a season if things don't pick up in Pacer Land, and even played a little backseat G.M., saying he doesn't want to play for a new team that's been gutted, a likely scenario if Larry Bird gets his way

Well, maybe he said all that, because O'Neal was pretty quick to clarify and/or soften stances.  For starters, it's not a trade "demand," per se.  Just a concept that he's open towards.   As for the critique of Larry Legend (who issued a statement of his own), JO maintains those words never even left his mouth.  In any event, the Lakers (and maybe even Kobe) would consider moving Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum as a solid example of "gutting," which is reportedly the root of any holdups.

And finally, for any Laker fan losing sleep over the notion that a divorce would prevent Rick Fox from ever appearing on "Ugly Betty" with his ex, you're now back to getting eight hours a night again.

(Also, we're on the road again today, but we've let mission control know.  Hopefully, the comments will go through at a reasonable clip.)

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"Who do you pay more respect to at the end of the day? Who made a greater impact this summer, Kobe of Mo Evans?
kid with cancer or thousands of starving kids without shoes?" Why don't you ask the cancer-stricken kid that Kobe visited
before just assuming the answer? You should pay equal respect for anyone looking to help others less fortunate.
It's not important how you help or who you help, but simply THAT you help. If everyone took as much time doing what Kobe does,
Mo does, or just spent time with hundreds of other charitable outlets, the world is guaranteed to end up a much better place.
How the energy gets divvied up isn't nearly as important as the energy simply being expended. AK
Posted by: Andrew Kamenetzky | August 05



(1) Laker Tom (2) Marty (3) Hobbit (4) Fearless Whack Job (5) Mamba24/10
(6) David Whang (7) BD (8) Dan Dan the Laker Fan (9) Long Time Laker Fan
(10) Roky (11) JoninJapan(In Canada)

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Maurice Evans, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Luke Walton, Brian Cook,
Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum, Coby Karl, Chris Mihm, Sasha Vujacic
Jordan Farmar, Jarvis Critterton


First we lose Chick, now we lose Hal Fishman. The LA media landscape will never be the same.

In case you haven't seen it, here's a major TiVO alert: We're about to hear from Kobe for the first time since his encounter with TJ Simers. Bryant is making his first appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday.

This blog will be burning up with commentary on whatever Kobe says, to be sure.

Do we want JO absolutely? Do we want to give up
LO and Bynum to get JO? Absolutely not.

The New Jersey Nets, Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers are all looking for things that could very well be acquired all in one complex trade. Here is a simple trade that works for all three teams.

New Jersey receives Andrew Bynum, Vladimir Radmanovic

Indiana receives Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, Jordan Farmar and Cash (Approx. $1mil)

Los Angeles receives Jermaine O’Neal, Jeff Foster

It is my belief that all parties would accept this transaction. Considering the earlier transactions that have taken place this summer, this trade is definitely in line with all of them. It provides most, if not all, of the things each team desires. However, it doesn’t cost any of them, more than they would be willing to give up in exchange.

Nets New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Jason Kidd, Marcus Williams
Shooting Guard – Vince Carter, Bernard Robinson
Small Forward – Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar, Antoine Wright
Power Forward – Vladimir Radmanovic, Josh Boone, Sean Williams
Center – Jamaal Magloire, Andrew Bynum, Mile Ilic

Pacers New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Jamaal Tinsley, Jordan Farmar, Darrell Armstrong
Shooting Guard – Mike Dunleavy, Kareem Rush
Small Forward – Danny Granger, Marquis Daniels, Shawne Williams
Power Forward – Troy Murphy, Ike Diogu, Brian Cook
Center – Nenad Krstic, Kwame Brown, Jason Collins, David Harrison

Lakers New Depth Chart (Includes additional signings of Chris Webber and Melvin Ely)
Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans, Sasha Vujacic
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton
Power Forward – Jermaine O’Neal, Ronny Turiaf, Melvin Ely
Center – Chris Webber, Greg Foster, Chris Mihm

*If the Lakers are unable to make this trade happen, the suggested secondary plan would be the following.

New Jersey receives Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown
Los Angeles receives Nenad Krstic, Jason Collins, (Jeff McInnis Trade Exception - $3.6mil)

This would then be followed with the signing of Chris Webber and the waiving of Sasha Vujacic.

Lakers New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Vladmir Radmanovic
Power Forward – Nenad Krstic, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
Center – Chris Webber, Chris Mihm, Jason Collins

Nets New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Jason Kidd, Jordan Farmar
Shooting Guard – Vince Carter, Marcus Williams, Bernard Robinson
Small Forward – Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar, Antoine Wright
Power Forward – Kwame Brown, Josh Boone, Sean Williams
Center – Jamaal Magloire, Andrew Bynum, Mile Ilic


First off, whoever says Bird doesn't make trades unless they're tipped Indy's way doesn't know squat.

I live in Nor Cal and I know intimately what ridiculously overpaid contracts Murphy and Dunleavy had and how just plain DUMB it was to take them on. How does a team "rebuild" with two slow big guys that can't play D or even shoot consistently being paid 8-12 mil a year for the next four years?

That being said, no one is talking about the REAL TRUTH of the KG or possible JO Trades:

I know from my own work that the choice of who you make ANY business deal with is always about RELATIONSHIPS. Bird did the trade with Mullin because of the mutual respect relationship they developed during the years Mullin was with the Pacers. And need I say ANYTHING about McHale and Ainge and the KG trade????

So the bottom line is KUPCAKE can NOT get the deal done because of his relationship (or lack of it) with Bird. Sure Mitch and Larry played against each other a few times, but Bird was an MVP leading his team while Kup was a 12-minutes-off-the-bench guy.

So WHAT do we do??? Simple. Who is the player (outside his Celtic teammates) Bird is closest to, that he respects most? How about the man who was most associated with him as a friend and competitor throughout his entire career. We have him HERE as part owner! It's MAGIC!!!!!

Why don't we let Earvin take on the negotiations of this deal as a "special consultant" or whatever we need to call him to save Mitch and Buss' egos. Just PUT MAGIC IN CHARGE OF IT and the JO DEAL WILL GET DONE IN A WEEK!!!!


I wouldn't want Webber anywhere near my Lakers, especially at the Center spot. Kwame is a much better option at center than Webber in my opinion.

"Lakers New Depth Chart
Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Vladmir Radmanovic
Power Forward – Nenad Krstic, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
Center – Chris Webber, Chris Mihm, Jason Collins"


I would never trade Bynum and Kwame for Krstic and Collins!!
If we won't trade Bynum for Kidd, do you think we'd trade him for Krstic?!!
I's rather stand pat.

I thought if I came out here [to Los Angles], it would help persuade me to make the decision that I need to make. My decision is for me to get better as a player, and if things don't work out this year, I have an option in my contract next year and I will opt out and become a free agent."

why is THIS quote not the big headline???

i wouldnt want webber anywhere near the lakers either. i've heard some ugly rumors about him with the kings

JO is right, Bird is a hard man to deal with. LO and Bynum are way too much for JO. I really don't understand why Bird is being so stubborn with this situation when he himself pulled the trigger on a trade involving Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington for Dunleavely and Murphy! Does that sound like fair market value?! Maybe he prefers white players. Not trying to stir the pot, but given Birds past comments that the NBA has way too many black players then it could be a very real possibility. I mean, why on earth would you bring in two under performing players with bloated contracts?! If that's the case, we can throw in Vlade and Sasha.

I like J.O. but if we have to give up Lamar and Bynum for J.O. then it not worth it, we are just in the same situation...

I hope we can give up Bynum, Kwame and draft picks..


Wait a minute, Krstic and Collins? Collins is considered by many to be the worst player in the league, and Krstic is coming off major reconstructive surgery on his knee.

I'll pass.

I did read on another blog that Golden State might enter into the mix for JO, and we know that Mullin and Bird have been able to work together in the past. If Indiana wants to rebuild they definitely can get a better deal from Golden State than they can from us.

For Jo? Not Lamar and Bynum together. We could POSSIBLY use either player for trade bait.

Jo= Bynum + Kwame and another throw in to match salaries.
Jo= Kwame + Lamar.

If they want LO and Bynum, then add Vladimir and Cook or Sasha to match salaries to acquire Granger to LA...

Peace Party People.

24/10 Mamba you don't stop.! JJ, I like the line up and trade, but do we have enough $ to sign Ely and Webber?

Jay Jay:

While I doubt it would happen, I like your idea of getting Magic involved, especially since he and Bird became pretty good friends once their careers on the court were over. I still think Mitch will get this deal done and do it without giving up Lamar. He may have to give Bird a better deal but he will get it done. You also have to love how JO has come out in favor of the trade and playing with Kobe. We need this deal to go but we still need to play out our hand. It is the winner.


Would Kwame, Bynum & Cook for JO & Granger work?


“Indiana receives Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, Jordan Farmar and Cash (Approx. $1mil)”

Why would Bird want three so-so centers - Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic, and Kwame Brown – when his original interest in trading with the Lakers was to get Andrew Bynum? I believe that Bynum is still the key to the trade. Mitch just needs to stand firm. If Bird wants Bynum, he cannot have Lamar. Peiod.



Nice post dedicating the day to AK. Got to give the man some credit for the great job he does. Also liked the 55-Win Bandwagon leading into the roll call. Great job as usual.


Did Hal Fishman pass away? I'm out in San Antonio right now for the week.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

I have decided that this week I will be running my own advice column. To get us started off, I thought I'd answer some letters that Abby just didn't get right at all.

Feel free to write in on anything you'd like!



My intelligent, wonderful daughter is determined to develop a sense of humor in her own 8-year-old by responding to her queries with, "Are you crazy?" or, "Have you lost your mind?" I think this is detrimental and damaging to the child. Please advise both of us.



I decided to combine "Granny" with "Reno" whilst addressing you purely for my own amusement. I encourage all members of your family to call you "Greno" as well.

You are indeed correct to assume the worst, but not all is as you think. Your daughter and her 8-year-old are attempting to drive YOU crazy. It is a conspiracy against you. Watch out for the garden gnomes - they aren't what they seem.

-- G1


My husband and I were recently asked to join another couple, "Johnny" and "Brooke," at an upscale restaurant that we would not ordinarily frequent. We decided to join them and had a lovely, if extremely expensive, dinner.

When the check came, Johnny took several gift cards out of his pocket and applied them to their half of the bill. (They covered the majority of it.)

We had no idea that this was the reason Johnny and Brooke wanted to eat there and were shocked that they had not said something earlier. We might have declined.

Of course, we paid our portion of the bill, but when we discussed it later, we both felt that we had been duped. Had the tables been turned, we would have applied the gift cards to the entire bill. Were we duped, and were they cheap?




-- G1


I just learned through a good friend of mine that "someone" sent out a mass e-mail to all my friends complaining that she wasn't invited to my wedding. Abby, this person is a friend of a friend. I do not have her phone number, e-mail, address, etc., and we haven't seen or spoken to each other in more than two years.

I never enjoyed hanging out with her because she loved to lay guilt trips over every little thing. This is just another classic example. How should I handle her behavior?



First of all, I normally don't accept letters from people in Nebraska. That's bat country. Or is that Nevada? I can't remember. Regardless, I'm sure there's some reason that I don't like Nebraska.

You should write in to an advice column about it; complaining and whining and making sure to be consumed with self-pity. Maybe you'll learn to be a better friend next time and just invite her to your wedding. Yes, I realize you're already married, but I guarantee it won't be your last time at the alter. You're a divorce waiting to happen.

-- G1


My son came home from school the other day with bruises on his body. When I asked her how he got them, he told me a little boy beat him up at recess. I went to the school to talk with his teacher, but nothing was done, and my son came home with another bruise yesterday. What should I do?



Congratulations! You have officially ruined your son's life. Now that you've ratted out your son's attackers, they will hunt him down and make the remainder of his days at school miserable. Teach him to man-up and start taking him to Ninja school - it's the only way he's going to get respect.

-- G1


My question is a simple one. Which way should a woman wear her engagement and wedding ring set? I wear mine so the wedding band is inside and the engagement ring is outside. My friend wears hers the opposite way. Which is correct?



Why even bother? You're just going to cheat on him anyway. Probably with his best friend or maybe an old flame when you go to your high school reunion. Just leave the ring off and tell him that you'll probably be making adult movies within the year. It'll save a lot of time and trouble.

-- G1


I was dating my girlfriend, "Gwen," for about a year and a half. After my birthday last April, she began acting weird. She became very negative and seemed unhappy about everything. After attending a family vacation in June, Gwen told me she wanted to "take a break." She said it was nothing I had done, but she needed time to figure things out because she didn't know what she wanted. That was her only explanation.

I have talked to Gwen only a handful of times during the last few months. I still love her, but I find myself wondering if she still loves me back.

She mentioned that she had been hanging out with a friend who recently came back from Iraq. She told me they have gone camping and done other things, like attend a concert. She also said they have kissed -- but nothing else. I know this isn't cheating, since we are on a break, but I can't help feeling mad and upset at the same time.

Should I try to contact Gwen so we can talk, or should I let her be and hope she comes back?



I have one word for you, dear Pitts: Zombie. Stock up on aluminum bats and military rations. The Zombie Outbreak is upon us.

-- G1

Jay Jay,

You words are very true. That was why it was great having Jerry West as our GM. Its all about connections. And Mitch does not have the connection.


The demand to include Lamar and all the other stuff is just smoke and mirrors to get a better deal. In the end, Bird needs Bynum. And that’s why Mitch needs to hold firm and not agree to give Indy Lamar as part of the deal to trade for JO. He can almost throw anybody else that Bird wants – with the exception of Kobe, of course – into the deal but not Lamar. It is Bynum that Bird has identified as his center of the future – and he may be right. That is what is going to lead him to accept a deal without Odom. That is why he will make the trade to the Lakers when McHale wouldn’t. In the end, he thinks the Lakers will regret trading Andrew Bynum. And if Andrew becomes a dominant center, Bird may have his ultimate laugh. But he is going to have to blink first to get that chance.

In a way, not getting KG might end up being a blessing for the Lakers. I never really wanted to trade Lamar. He is the kind of team player with a warrior’s heart that you build championship teams with. Getting JO WITHOUT giving up Lamar may give the Lakers a stronger team overall. One thing I think should not get overlooked is the attitude that JO has shown versus that of KG. Jermaine has come right out and said that he wants to be traded to the Lakers and that he thinks he and Kobe can take the team to a championship. I know it raises the stakes again for us Laker fans as we anxiously await news of a deal. Jermaine’s comments want to make me tell Mitch to make the deal at any cost. But we need Lamar if we are really going to rise to the level of an elite team. JO is definitely an upgrade but not enough alone to elevate the team to the elite. For sure, JO looks like manna sent from heaven right now. He is proof that God is a Lakers fan. If the devil in shamrock doesn’t screw it up, the Lakers may have an answer to their prayers.



Chris Webber must be a much better player than I had originally believed, if he is able to start at center for the Lakers while coming off the bench for the Mavs at the same time!

That poker playing experience should come in handy for Jerry Buss these next few weeks ...

I agree cupcake get's no respect from any one around the league.
MAGIC would be a perfect G.M. if WEST doesn't come back......because when MAGIC talk people stop what their doing to respect who on earth doesn't respect MAGIC.......on an off the court.
An as far as trade's let's keep it simple
it works for both teams
lakers get an allstar who works on the block's
an the pacers get a young center with upside......LAKERS win now pacers win laters.

I still think the number one problem that holds up trades to the Lakeshow is..... Kobe. Who wants to play with a guy who dominates the ball, fails to pass in any vial situation, and rips his teammates when things don't go his way? Talk about relationships influencing trades. Name me one difference maker Kobe has lured to LA since the Shaq trade. One? Vlad? Knucklehead. Kwame? Washington would have given him away for a few buckets of Gatorade. Who WANTS to play with Kobe and has made the effort to get here? No one.

The only way Kobe stays next season is if KupKakes can do some damage next off season when guys like JO opt out. Lets see, how likely is that...? Bu bye, Prima-Diva Kobe. Don't let the door... well you know.

Maybe they can convince Kobe to be the new hero for Atlanta and we can get Joe Johnson and Josh Smith for him. I'd do that trade right now.


I think Kobe has already apologized and said that he wished he had handled the situation better. At any rate, I don’t think he should back off his demands at this time. What is done is done. The pressure still needs to be on the Lakers to bring in the held the team needs to become an elite team that can compete for a championship.

Without getting into an irresolvable argument about Kobe, it’s not easy to play great team basketball when the rest of the team has problems catching the ball or making a shot. I thought Kobe did a great job the first half of the year. Then came the injuries and the failed Kidd trade and Kobe sort of went off trying to do it all himself because he lost confidence in the rest of the team.

This is the flipside of the competitiveness that makes Kobe such a great player. Surround him with guys who can play and he will become the consummate leader and team player, as he was during the Shaq years. If I am not mistaken, that is what we all want. Better players around Kobe and Kobe playing great team basketball. Right?


The thing for me is the question: Is JO even an all-star in the West? Probably not. In fact, in terms of ranking I would put JO at about the Lamar/Gasol tier in the West:

Tim Duncan, Dirk, Melo, Lamar, Gasol, Josh Howard, Marion

Basically, in the West JO is a fringe all-star...same as Lamar. So all this talk about getting a ‘proven all-star’ doesn't strike a very good note with me. Plus he would have to learn the triangle (which took Lamar 2 yrs to do). Plus plus, the dude has a big time contract.

Another question I have is, if one puts JO on a team with Lamar, will Lamar’s game get sucked up like it does by Kobe. Kobe and Lamar never seem like a “one-two combo punch”. It is more like a big uppercut by Kobe followed some time later by a pretty jab by Lamar. So with both JO and KB on a team with Lamar, would his impact be even further eroded?

So, we know KB and Lamar is NOT the answer, and…

KB and JO is likely not the answer either, and…

I have some reservations about KB, JO and Lamar together…

Can’t Mitch get KG somehow???


“If Indiana wants to rebuild they definitely can get a better deal from Golden State than they can from us.”

Yeah, just like the last deal that Bird did with Golden State. You DO remember that deal, don’t you, Andrew? It’s why Bird is now desperate to make a move that will get him some good press for a change. Getting fleeced badly by Golden State last time has left a very sour taste in his mouth.


If the lakers are going to make this deal to get J.O they should not give up Lamar or crittenton to get him.
I think this team that we have will be fine with some adjustments of course I would like to have J.O to I
just hope the lakers use wisdom if they are going to make this deal with Ind.


Brilliant transaction. The best I have seen. Good work. We need to pass this along to all of the particulars. GET IT DONE!

Dear Generic,
I see the entire world through the prism of my "I hate Kobe" glasses; no matter what the subject is, I am able to twist it in my mind so that Kobe is at fault! I'm really proud of that, and would like to share my skill with others. Do you know if there are any chat rooms or internet sites where I could find people with a similar viewpoint?


Who do you think has the most pressue on them in this situation, Bird or Kupchak?

For whatever reason, good or bad, that Mitch doesn't cave into Bird's demands in a JO trade, the headline will read "Kupchak can't get it done, Kobe was right!!", and Mitch Kupchak will be done. Not only has JO said blatantly that he wants to come to LA, he has said he has talked to Kobe about it and they love the idea and think they can win championships. So, if this is the belief between the biggest star available on the market and your "outspoken" frnachise guy, then why didn't a trade happen?

I am personally excited about JO's comments because I think it would push the front office to act. However, we'd all be fooling ourselves if we think it took the pressure of Kupchak. He's under more now. If he doesn't get JO, the Lakers are done.

Point Guard – Derek Fisher, Javaris Crittenton, Coby Karl
Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans
Small Forward – Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Vladmir Radmanovic
Power Forward – Nenad Krstic, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
Center – Chris Webber, Chris Mihm, Jason Collins

I guess we weren't slow and unathletic enough last season.

Laker Tom,
"Nice post dedicating the day to AK. Got to give the man some credit for the great job he does.
Also liked the 55-Win Bandwagon leading into the roll call. Great job as usual. Tom "



All we need and all lamar wants to do is run the offense. When he was on the team with Caron and Wade, all lamar did was run the offense and got Wade and Caron in position to do their damage on offense. That is what we need from Lamar if he pairs up with Oneal and Kobe. We need him to run the offense to get those guys in position to do what they need. We need him to get a rebound and sprint down the court and get guys in scoring position. Lamar will be the first to tell you he doesnt want to be the main guy, just the guy that makes everybody's job easier.

Phil and the rest of the guys know that lamar is great playing as the set up man. Hes not comfortable being a scorer. He will get his points but you cant predict how he goes about getting his point. With Kobe and JO, you know where they like to attack to get points, their offensive games are set. This is the same reason why lamar doesnt know if he wants to attack primarily from the post or the perimeter. In a team with him and just Kobe, he has to pick one of those two. He cant have it both ways. But with a team with Kobe and JO, he can play what offensive game he feels like, which is just to be free, set people up and put up points when he is comfortable.

When lamar had Wade and Caron, you knew Wade was the perimeter guy, and Caron was the post guy, and lamar was able to put both players in a situation when they made havoc on the court. Lamar, Wade and Caron were one of favorites team of all the time. I actually thought they would be together for a long time, until the trade with Shaq broke that team apart. And the year they went to the playoffs, and actually did alot of damage, nobody saw that coming at all. I loved watching all three play, and they were an exicting team.

"24/10 Mamba you don't stop.!"

Charles when it comes to trading LO, I can't afford to. Hopefully
there's someway we can get JO without trading LO but JO's
contract makes that almost impossible. I'm almost of a mind to
say no matter what do not trade LO but since Kwame is the only
other Laker with a sizeable contract it almost looks like any
major trade we make will have to include LO. WAIT!, I'VE CHANGED


In case you have not been reading the latest headlines, let me just give you an update. JO: "It's time for me to move on," he said. "And the Lakers are the team I want Indiana to trade me to." Jason Kidd: "Vegas was the first time I got to play with Kobe during practice and games. He's an amazing talent, the best offensive player in the game. All I can do is wish, and think what it could've and should've been like to play with Kobe." You pose the question "name one knucklehead that Kobe has lured since Shaq left?" I counter by saying name one knucklehead that Lebron has lured? Point is anyone would love to play with those two, but bringing in players is mainly the responsibility of management. Don't spew biased nonsense because it makes your argument that much weaker.

*************** JO UPDATE ************************
According to ESPN radio JO now claims "if he is
not traded he will welcome that with open arms."

What kind of wishy washy BullSh*t is this. JO to hell
with your broken down down a#s, I'd rather have
LO any damn way>

I once was a handsome prince, but some vile wretch of
former humanity turned me into a Zombie. Is it wrong for me
to want to turn my former girlfriend into a Zombie also so
we can continue our relationship. As a further compliction
I'm also a vampire so I"m and Undead, undead. Should I
worry about my future children if I turn my Girlfriend.

I want O'Neal!!! JO that is. I hope Larry Bird can accept our offer of Brian Cook, Sasha, maybe Bynum, and a couple of draft picks for him. I think it would be the sweetest of deals if we didn't have to give up either Odom, Bynum, and BRYANT!

So I see the Celtics picked up Pollard on the cheap. I wish we had done that - I've always liked the dude. Not sure why we didn't just wait for training camp to bring in Coby Karl.

re: JO, maybe it's just a matter of Bird wanting to wait and see what kind of shape Kwame's repaired ankle's going to be in. If Kwame comes out banging bodies and playing with energy this fall, it might raise his trade bait value. As it stands, he's got a rep around the league for getting hurt too often.

Dave M

Laker Tom and Andrew Z....

I see that you focused on the second suggestion but said nothing about the first. Typical approach by you too. Obviously, the second suggestion is not the one of choice. I was simply offering a backup plan. Plus, I have a hard time understanding how Krstic is such a bad player when he has better stats than either Brown or Bynum. In fact, his stats are almost as good as both of them combined based on minutes played. As for Bird not wanting him, i don't see where there is any validity to that. To my understanding a trade was on the table that involved him, but it was declined because Marcus was not included. Obviously, Bird wants a guard as well in his trade if possible. This is why I identified Farmar as part of my suggestion.

As for you Webber haters....I saw him start for both the Sixers and Pistons last season at different times. He was playing center with the Pistons once he arrived there. What I saw was a decent player still producing. He fell off in the playoffs, but prior to that, he was a big reason why the Pistons were being picked as a possible championship contender.

I fail to understand how some of you continue to be so overly critical of some of the potential acquisitions on the market yet other teams are going after them. Do you know more than them? Who would you choose for the Lakers to go after?

By the way, those continuing to hold on to this "pipe-dream" that the Lakers are going to get O'Neal without including Odom, are just living in a fantasy world. As stubborn a player as Bird was, he is even more stubborn as a GM/President. If he wants a certain package, he is going to hold out until he gets it. It isn't about Mitch at all, it is about Bird. If the Lakers aren't careful they are going to get nothing out of this situation. They would be wise to try and find a third team that could help satisfy the Pacers, or else they are going to be empty handed.

After reading all the JO articles yesterday about him wanting to be a Laker, I am trying to figure out what day he signs with the Nets.


i agree with you about jo in the west. not saying he isnt good, but the west is a lot harder than the east, of course. thats one of the reasons i wouldnt trade both bynum and lo (even if it was just them alone-sorry ctp) as far as lo game not clashing, think about this: who is the opposing team gonna focus on? kobe, jo, and lo can cause opp to want to double up on any one of them. who really can take anyone of them one on one consistantly? few can. that would be awesome for the tri; great spacing would make these guys superb! if another triple threat team (ie: phx) put their 3 on the laker three, the lesser guys like fish, mihm, luke,etc. can potenially have big games. if kobe, lo, and jo stay out of each others way and space out properly and let the facilitators facilitate, this team can be exciting to watch!


Magic : Hey Larry, its Earvin. How you doin?
Larry: Good to hear from you man, its been too long
Magic: So listen man, Dr Buss is tryin' to get this thing done to bring JO to the Lakers. What can we do?
Larry: Well we had talked about Lamar and that young center of yours Bynum.
Magic: Yeah Bynum is gonna be real real big in this league, but he's still a year or so away. Listen, we need to hang on to Lamar, but maybe there's another way we can do this
Larry: I'm listening
Magic: Well Kwame can fill in the middle for you this year and when Bynum is ready next year you get 9 million in cap room
Larry: Sounds good, but we'd need more than just Kwame and Bynum
Magic: Well what can I do for you my friend?
Larry: Now we could use some help at guard - I like that white kid Sacha - he's a good shooter - and also that new point guard you drated.
Magic: You mean Farmar?
Larry: well.. I was talking about Crittenton
Magic: I don't know, he reminds me of a young me - he could be a great one someday
Larry : Well Earvin I'd at least need him or the deal wouldn't make any sense for us.
Magic: You drive a hard bargain Larry but you always did play me even so I suppose I'll have to give this one to you my friend
Larry: Great, it's a deal. Hey we'll have to get together for dinner or golf sometime soon.
Magic: You got it brother, and I'm buyin'...


Wait, I thought no one wanted to play with Kobe? Maybe it's only Jermaine O'Neal, then ...


Well, let's be fair about this. There are guys that have made the All-Star Team out west that would be hard pressed to make it in the East. It goes both ways. Plus, the All-Star selections are so subjective even with the ones determined by the coaches. There are always guys left off the list that really deserve it.

The bottom line is simple, O'Neal and Odom, although similar in stats, play entirely two different styles and impact games entirely different. IF Lamar is going to be slated as a power forward and is then compared to O'Neal as a power forward, I'd take O'Neal any day. Plus, is it not possible that part of the Lakers inability to truly function correctly is because Lamar and Kobe still don't mesh effectively as they are currently positioned?


I have a whole post written and offer 2 suggestions, and you choose to focus on the backup suggestion as if that was my preferred option. I love how you guys do that on here. It is always the same. You are always looking for something to criticize.

Do have anything to say about the primary option?

Laker Tom,
Again, I like your analysis. However, with JO, we will have a 3 headed monster and 3 salaries totalling $55M - practically at the salary cap by themselves. We will be luxury tax h*ll for two years, but could probably compete for championships.

After that time we probably lose Lamar, unless he takes a significant pay cut. Also, Kobe and JO have to take a little less for us to be able to surround them with something besides Smush Parker.

Unless the FO gets some of this long range planning done before the trade, we could be completely gutted by the 3rd year (Kobe's first availability to leave).

Just a little thing to think about while we are thinking of celebrating an NBA title.


I think you have been misinformed. There are no prisms in "I hate Kobe" glasses. In fact, there aren't even lenses. People just wear them for the name brand and usually don't even need prescription eye-wear.

One should take extra precaution in wearing them, for they seem to attract bears.

-- G1


First of all, please email your address to: I would like to bring you a cricket ba... I mean a nice plate of cookies to welcome you to the undead.

As far as your children are concerned, if you manage to turn your former girlfriend into a zombie, you need not worry about offspring being undead as well. Two undead make a not-dead. I think that's right. Don't quote me on that. Just try it and send pictures. Of your girlfriend.

-- G1

"Undead, undead"

Those cancel each other out; like a double negative. You should be fine.


Your first trade is good by me, but propose that to Indiana fans and they would absolutely laugh in your face. They get almost nothing of any significant value in that trade. Krstic is a nice piece, but not enough of one where you would give up your franchise guy his prime for.

New Jersey does alright because they get Bynum, but they are in full fledged "Win Now" mode with Kidd and Carter giving it their last stand, a huge project like Bynum doesn't do them any good.

The reason I criticise a lot of your deals is because some of the packages you suggest other teams get are horrendous. It has to make sense for them too. If you want to get an idea of what certain fan bases feel about anything, do to and then each teams site. If that isn't enough info then go to and on the left hand side he links other teams blogs.

I think you'll realize how other teams feel about our players and what we can offer.

LakerTom, all that money Kobe makes in salary comes with a certain responsibility. This is the circus, afterall, that is where all this money comes from in the first place. People don't want to see or hear this whining crap about how he is so oppressed making $20m/season and that the team paying him $20m/season doesn't support him. Whether anybody wants to admit it or not, this is NOT a bad team Kobe has. Maybe it is not an elite team but is there a rule that only elite teams can make the finals? Maybe Kobe isn't up to the challenge of making the players around him good enough to have a shot at the finals? PG is VASTLY improved from last year, I don't see how anybody can argue that. We are also possibly, I did say possibly sitting on the equivalent of a significant free agent signing if Vlad Rad steps up this year, which is entirely possible.

Everybody is in a hurry to dump Bynum for ONeal but... look around the league, Chris Kaman is making A LOT of money compared to what we are paying Mihm and Bynum. Would anybody trade Bynum and Mihm for Kaman, just for this year? LOL! I am definitely in the NO! category for giving up Odom and Bynum for ONeal and just barely agreeable to sending Bynum and Kwame, etc. for ONeal. The best move the Lakers could make is to sit on Bynum and let the fans with the 2 minute attention spans scream their heads off! Then next year, they'll look like geniuses.

waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle...

JO's gonna hurt his thighs from riding the fence that hard

these nba superstars play too many mindgames. just be honest or don't speak at all FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!


If Don Nelson returns to Golden State, I really cant see them even going after JO. He isnt a good fit for their system.


With Kupchak and Bird stirring the pot, this trade is going away just like the others. huh! Bird is playing stubborn and Mitch is just smart, what you call an overkill and overstatement of the day? If the lakers sucks for another year, this could be the beginning of the end of franchise.

Why not take the risks and move on.... we did in Brian Winters exchanging a white guy and several others against a Black Muslim follower of Malcolm X, hey is a genuine bruin....we did in trading a HOF Gail Goodrich to open a slot for #1 spot Magic...we traded Norm for Scott on and on....that has been the laker tradition, taking risks. Stop being cowards and dreaming in a La La land, that we'll have Kobe, Bynum, Lamar, JO just take the risk, let Kobe and JO handle the rest. If at the end of the day we have Lamar, that would be great, if not so what? just move on, other opportunities will come if you have good players with you. If you want to be optimistic and be a member of the exclusive GHF, go all the way, why bank on dreams on half-baked players also half-consistent, half-healthy and half-scrubby.

AK/BK, I'm blogging several thousand miles away from home so I hope you don't censor this post which you did on one of my posts that was said in jest.

This is what I posted yesterday (not exactly but the gist of it): we lost the opportunity on the following players in the past under the watch of Mitch Kupchak

Derek Anderson '05
Lorenzen Wright '05
Ron Artest '06
Carlos Boozer '06
Baron Davis '06
Al Harrington '06
Chris Webber '07
Jason Kidd '07
Luther Head '07
Bonzi Wells '07
Steve Blake '07
Papaloukas '07
Juan Navarro '07
Kevin Garnett '07
Jermaine ONeal is getting colder again...another lame excuse of being good steward.

Are there any lakers insiders who can comment on Andrew Bynums summer progress??? Has he gained anymore muscle? How's his moves looking? Is he still working with Kareem? What's his attitude like now?


I got your back! Roll call Remix!!!


No doubt both guys have heavy pressure to make a deal. They both lose if they cannot pull of the trade. It will be interesting to see who blinks first. I am also excited about JO’s comments, especially that he has talked to Kobe. It almost makes me willing to cave in and give up Lamar plus Bynum but I still believe strongly that Bynum is the prize that Bird covets. While this obviously ups the pressure on Mitch, it probably puts even more pressure on Bird because JO clearly said that he will opt out if there is no trade. Bird will blink. Bird will blink. Bird…


The guy on 1st and 10, Skp something or the other, just said the Lakers should offer Odom, Bynum, and Walton for JO. I'm no Walton fan but what kind of thinking is that?


Bird sets his price!

Just heard that Bird is asking for LO, Bynum and Walton

for JO

JJ, that trade doesn't work for Jersey in so many ways, it blows my mind...why the heck would they want to get Kwame and Bynum but giving up Kristic? That's a team that's looking to win now, they want an upgrade this season. If they're keeping Kidd, they want JO, not Socks.

indy wants bynum, lo, and luke for jo...riip offf!

G1 - You crazy, man. Keep it up. yeah, I think Pittsburgh is a good place for a zombie outbreak. So's LA...

I still think if anything gets done with JO, it's just as likely to happen with the Nets. I think they can offer more without gutting their team as much.

Oh, AK? Nice link, that Electric boogaloo stuff cracked me up. It's been a while.


hahaha! for even a fraction of that was to happen its already bordering on surreal! goood for you though!

Let's say this whole JO thing doesn't happen because neither side will budge on the Lamar-Bynum package (not completely unlikely). Kobe's reaction is not going to be pretty. That being said, I've tried to think of some teams that Kobe wouldn't have a problem going to where we could get value back and one of them is Dallas. Now, Dallas doesn't have the expiring contracts that we would want, but that's where a third team comes in.

So here you go:

Lakers trade Kobe Bryant and Jordan Farmar or Crittendon
Lakers receive Josh Howard, Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop, Jason Williams, 1st in 2008 from Dallas

Dallas trades Josh Howard, Diop, Harris, Terry
Dallas receives Kobe Bryant and Farmar/Crittendon

Miami trades Jason Williams
Miami receives Jason Terry

Why for the Lakers?

If the Kobe situation gets to a point where we can't make him happy (could very likely happen, and the only reason you trade him) we would get $11+ million in expirings in Jason Williams and Diop, Josh Howard who is a young All-Star, Devin Harris who is a top PG prospect, and a draft pick.

Why for Dallas?

Um, they get the best player on the planet. Done.

Why for Miami?

Really, Smush Parker is your big off-season addition? Really? Need a PG in the worst way, Jason Terry is good. Enough said.

We're not going to get equal value for Kobe no matter what, and of course I'd love to ship him out East, but we add two young starters who are HUGE defensive upgrades at the positions we got abused at most last year (the 1 and 3) and we will have over $20 million in expiring deals that come off the books (anyone for Gilbert Arenas as free agent to play the 2?).

Even without that we'd have this

PG Fisher/Harris/Farmar or Crittendon/Williams
SG Howard/Evans/Sasha
C Kwame/Diop/Mihm/Bynum
SF Walton/Vlad
PF Odom/Turiaf/Cook

Of course that's 16 guys on the roster, but you could definitely package a couple or more for impact guys if you so desire. The thing is, overall we'd be better and in a much better place moving forward to rebuild.

Shaq and Kobe had only role players like Horry, Fox and Fisher!

JO and Kobe can also have role players like MIHM, RAD and FISH. Besides Kobe into his prime at 28 is much better now than four-five-six years ago. JO also going into his prime at 28. I think giving up Odom and Bynum is the obvious thing to do.

Shaq can not make free throws and is always fouled at the end of games, JO will play at the end of games and will be a threat at defensive end and at the offensive end! HELLO! How good do you think KOBE AND JO will be together at 28! How good of role players are we going to need? We already know HORRY< FOX< FISH worked out the last time. We alreday have so many role players in this roster, what we need is another ALL-STAR like JERMAINE ONEAL at the LOW POST at his PRIME!

If I am the GM of either Pacers or the Lakers this deal would be done already! As I think neither the Pacers nor the Lakers need Lamar Odom badly. Pacers has DIOGU, SHANE WILLIAMS, GRANGER, MURPHY, DUNLEAVY. Lakers will have ONEAL, TURIAF, VLAD, WALTON.

Lamar Odom should not be a deal breaker for both teams. Lakers and Pacers should want Kwame's contract MUCH MORE, than the need of Odom's position and 14 M a year!

It won't hurt to have LAMAR with Kobe and JO, if Mitch can pull it thru. But to say we need LAMAR to make us an elite team is an over statement. KOBE and JO with the right role players the LAKERS are already an elite team. I would rather have Kwame's expiring contract knowing I have Turaif, Vlad, Walton, Evans.

Although I would rather keep Bynum if i could and offer Odom and Kwame for JO, but that's impossible because we all know BIRD is after BYNUM. You see if KWAME was not a failure an ODOM/KWAME would have been attractive!

That's why I keep saying........ the cause of all Lakers problem is not MITCH, defintely not Kobe, not Shaq leaving... it is KWAME BROWN! Smush and kwame fooled a lot of people, but atleast they only got me fooled for one season 05-06. After that i kept saying these two are CANCERS BIG TIME GALORE!

We have the BEST NBA PLAYER IN THE WORLD! We just got fooled by the Smush and Kwame. Otherwise it will all be different. JO and role pplayers will be enough to get us back to the top without Smush and Kwame as role players of course!!

Enough said!

Go get Jremaine Oneal! It is what KOBE wants! KOBE gets!

Okay, how bout this for an idea.

For the people suggesting that Indiana will give up Danny Granger as part
of the deal, forget it. Indiana is rebuilding, so there's no way they'd give up
one of their main building blocks.

What they really want is Bynum (the center with potential) and Odom,
who's a good player now to insure that they don't end up getting jacked
on the deal if Bynum turns out to be average.

So make the deal Odom + Bynum + Vujacic for O'Neal + a first round pick.

Indiana gets
1. the two players they want most
2. another young player who is also an expiring contract
3. 2 million dollars of immediate reduction in salary

Lakers get Jermaine O'Neal and a draft pick from a team that's not likely
to make the playoffs next year (unless Bynum becomes an instant beast
of the East).

I know it seems like a lot to some people to give up both LO and AB
for JO, but JO is a better second option than LO. Socks is only like the
4th or 5th best player on the team at this point (Kobe, Lamar, Walton,
Brown, Bynum).

The only reason you wouldn't go for this deal is if you are SURE that
Bynum will be at an all-star level before Kobe walks away or forces a
trade. Are you sure? I'm not. I think there's a good chance, but
there's still a possibility he could peak as a good center and not a great

Thinking that Larry Bird would give Magic a better deal because he is a friend is a really silly, no, make that stupid, idea.

That is one of the most competitive individuals you will ever find. Bird will not make a worse deal for his team just because the guy on the other end of the phone is a friend. He has too much integrity for that. Just like he would not have given Magic a free trip through the lane on a layup.


“Andrew and LakerTom.

I see that you focused on the second suggestion but said nothing about the first. Typical approach by you too.”

I don’t know about Andrew, but my response was to your first option or “simple trade that works for all three teams.” I didn't even comment on your second option.

The reason I don’t think the first option will work is that I believe that Bird’s primary target in trading JO is Andrew Bynum, which is why I question why he would be willing to take Krstic, Collins, and Kwame in lieu. If you go back and look at the articles that first came out when a JO trade to Lakers was brought up, you will see that Bird’s objective was to get a star at center and Bynum was the player he identified.

As to my approach being “typical,” if you check back on my prior posts addressed to you, you will find that I usually am very complementary and appreciative of your posts. I have disagreed with some aspects such as your support for Sasha as a starting guard, but generally think most of your posts show excellent understanding and grasp of the game and the league. I have always considered myself to be in your corner but I guess I’m not.


Here we go again. Mitch please get JO. Kobe has already played his GM roles behind the scene. JO has come out to speak since Bird has done nothing since JO secret request to be traded has been made.

Now with JO, Lakers have a chance to dominate in the west. Larry will take Bynum and other assets without Odom (Please include Magic in the talks with Indiana and If possible Send KAB on loan with Bynum for at least a season). Lakers will be wise to then try and get Artest from the King. Kobe and Fisher can run the triangle. We will strangle San Antonio and the Suns will find it difficult to score since Kobe and Fish will practically mark down Nash.
These are the moves to make the Lakers relevant again. I say again, Artest is a better fit for the Lakers than Lamar. Our priority, get Oneil without giving up Lamar, then trade Lamar for Artest. Lamar takes time and the ball away from Kobe and they play similar roles which makes them a difficult 1-2 punch. Anybody remember what Artest and Bonzi did to the Spurs last 2 years. The spurs could not match up with either of them. Lakers have a good chance. And we might be able to get Bonzi Well from the Rockets....Please somebody talk to the Laker's GM..He needs to focus on these moves...We need a championship this year..........

"Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, Jordan Farmar and Cash"
I can't see Indiana being interested in that.

In Mamba's letter, he states "Is it wrong for me to want to turn my former girlfriend into a Zombie also so we can continue our relationship."

If his girlfriend is "former" then there is no relationship to "continue". He should have said "restart", or something similar.

I suspect a zombie - a lot of times they aren't very careful with those types of details. Sort of like the old saying "If you give a million monkeys typewriters, eventually every possible anti-Kobe post will be written." But it's not all that hard to find logic errors in those monkey-written anti-Kobe posts

Craig W:

I agree that having a trio of stars such as Kobe, Jermaine, and Lamar will definitely put us into luxury tax area but that is true of every other team out there with three stars, just as adding KG will put the Celtics well over the luxury tax.

The league is entering a new era of competitiveness and I think you will see more teams willing to pay a luxury tax in order to compete. In the end, the Lakers need to win and be an elite team to continue to reap in the money as a business. The formula is to spend more money to make more money. It will work if we compete for and win championships. If we don’t, then that is another story. We need to worry right now about building a team that can compete for the title. Otherwise, we will lose Kobe and have to start rebuilding from scratch.

We have this year and next to before Lamar’s contract runs out and Kobe has an option to leave and JO has just three years left on his contract. If the KB, JO, LO trio doesn’t win a title in the next two years, then the Lakers will have $36M in expiring contracts with Kobe and Lamar after 2008/9 season and another $23M in expiring contracts the following year. The team will actually be in an excellent position to get under the cap and rebuild with free agents and trades. It’s not like we are signing up for $60M tied up in three guys for the rest of the century. It’s just two to three years at most – unless we are winning championships. Then who cares how much luxury tax we pay. Like the Knicks, we are a big revenue team whose resale value soars when the team is in championship mode.


I remember the day when the Lakers made trades to win titles. No titles will be won with this sorry-ass group. Kobe will leave, and we will have nothing for a long, long time. Nothing to suggest, either. Front office is totally ineffective, lost inside the woods. No way out. Have fun this year, Laker fans.

Hey guys,

I just heard on AM570 Radio that Bird is only willing to offer JO in exchange for LO, Bynum AND Luke Walton. In other words, now that JO has spoken up about wanting to be traded to the Lakers, Bird has driven up the asking price. Even so, I'm sure if the Lakers didn't have a braindead GM and owner they'd be able to negotiate something more reasonsble.

Randy Hill in Fox sports about a possible JO/Odom trade:

"Removing the peripheral trade fluff, an Odom-for-O'Neal trade seems like a slight upgrade for the Lakers. While their numbers are similar (Lamar's assists make up for his lesser scoring), both players have injury histories and enough self-actualization to play a fine second fiddle to Bryant.

As a facilitator type, Odom often requires half of the shot clock before making his play. This can be a bit dicey when you consider that these maneuvers often are accomplished while Kobe waits on the perimeter, looking too much like an unreasonably optimistic panhandler.

While Odom has demonstrated guts and a willingness to sacrifice elements of his game for the sake of L.A.'s star system, he still spends an inordinate amount of time debating with referees and wouldn't go to his right after spending several hours listening to Newt Gingrich.

O'Neal, who — like Bryant — has spent considerable time under the representation umbrella of agent Arn Tellem, may be ready to join Kobe and engage in frequent battles with Western Conference bigs such as Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol.

But dealing Odom and Bynum would leave Kobe and Jermaine with fewer playmates than Tom Hanks had in Castaway. Getting rid of Bynum now also might create a public-relations crisis when fans remind us that moving him months ago would have yielded a lineup featuring Kobe, Odom and Jason "The Anti-Smush" Kidd."

mamba 24/10:

"According to ESPN radio JO now claims "if he is
not traded he will welcome that with open arms."

What kind of wishy washy BullSh*t is this. JO to hell
with your broken down down a#s, I'd rather have
LO any damn way"

The only reason JO has "backtracked" from his previous statements is that Larry Bird is pissed off about what he said. Larry probably called JO after he went public and gave him hell for saying that "Larry is a hard man to deal with" and basically taking the Laker's side in a potential trade.

JO still wants to come to the Lakers... it's just that he needed to tone down his request to calm down the Pacers management.

Skip Bayless think the lakers can content for a title if they get Jermaine O'neal. I agree with that! Kobe can run the offense better then Odom! Odom is a better post player then a backcourt player! JO is a great post player that draw double teams better then Odom! JO is a better shot blocker then Odom and Bynum combine! I'm tire of these guards getting lay-ups because are big men can't jump or lazy to try to block it! Remember JO lead the pacers to a 60 win season and third in the MVP voting! He play with a edge that Odom just don't have! We should be thankful for the pacers willing to do this deal for Odom and Bynum! I personaly think the Pacers must be crazy to give up J.O. for a no all-star Lamar and Bynum! To y all thinking pacers going to give that kind of a player without odom and bynum is a fantasy! JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!


"The best move the Lakers could make is to sit on Bynum and let the fans with the 2 minute attention spans scream their heads off! Then next year, they'll look like geniuses."

So, you're basically putting the team on Bynum's shoulders and making an unskilled, uninspired, lazy 7-footer the future of the franchise... good luck with that.

Then again, if you've saying the Lakers should literally "sit on Bynum", maybe that's the best move... suffocate him until he is motivated enough to play with passion.

People who discard Jermaione ONeill benefits in a game are just not aware about what make a team powerfull.

Look Boozer and how his game impact Utah. Without his powerfull game inside Utah is a mediocre team. Is clear Utah have some other very good pieces to keep defense honest without hanging around Boozer.

Now. Jermaine is way better than Boozer. Boozer doesn't have any kind of mid range shot. He is stronger than Jermaine, but in shot blockling Jermaine is one of the best in the game.

A trio of Fisher (Who meshed well with Boozer) Kobe and Jermaine, will be a force even in the west. If Indy want Bynum/Lamar they should give us something extra of value, a usefull role player without a bloated contract.

I just heard from the Cannons that the Pacers want in exchange for JO; Lamar, Bynum, and Walton. I think that is too much to go give up for JO. He would be a good fit, but I think giving up three for him is too much. We have to keep either Bynum or Lamar and just add someone else in the mix.
Here is my trade proposal that could work (or at least in my own opinion)

JO + Granger = Kwame, Lamar, BCook and Farmar.

Pacers will get a young PG who is promising, Lamar who is about equal or a litle better than JO, and Kwame who can basically fill in the middle. They can even throw in another player like Brian Cook. This trade will also match salary wise.
Lakers will then get JO and Granger. Lakers will get what they want in JO and still keep Bynum who is going to get better. It also leaves the Lakers with some room to get free agents for veterans minimum.

Here is what Lakers line up would look like:

Center Bynum/Mihm
PF JO/Turiaf
SF Luke/Granger/VRad
SG Kobe/Mo/Sasha
PG D-Fish/JC/Coby Karl

That is a total of 12 players in our roster. We need to fill in a few more spots through free agency signing.

C Chris Webber
F PJ Brown or James Posey

I think Chris will be a good addition in the middle specially with the Triangle offense. You don't need a big center to run the triangle. CWebb is an excellent passre and he can still shoot the j's from the perimeter. That is a big plus for the Triangle offense.
Granger is a very good player. He has a lot of upside in his game. He averaged 13.9 pg last year and 5 reb a game. He should have been picked before Bynum during the 2005 Draft, but we can't change that now. In his two years with the Pacers he has tallied a 11 pts pg and 5 reb a game. I think this makes a lot of sense.

Lakers line up with theis trade:

Center Bynum/Mihm/C'Webb
PF JO/Turiaf/Posey or PJ Brown
SF Luke/Granger/VRad
SG Kobe/Mo/Sasha
PG D-Fish/JC/Coby Karl

That's it. Good Luck Kupcake!!!!




unless your a member of the buss family or a season ticket holder, why would anyone care about the luxury tax? none of that should be relevant to anyone here. in fact, anything dealing with money shouldnt matter to us here w/ the exception of the salary cap. i know anyone can bring up the ticket prices, parking, yada, yada, blah, but 99% of us consistantly watch or listen to the lakers anyway.

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Kobe makes negative comments about his GM and he's a backstabbing
bad guy. J.O. makes negative comments about his GM and then
backpedals a bit and everyone ignores it.

Andrew Z,

No offense, but based on what you're saying, there is no trade the Lakers would be willing to do at this point that would bring back JO.....So why are we still talking about it????

I strongly believe that your view of what seems unreasonable to other teams is really not a true view. Let me put to you like this....would you have thought that Shaq could be traded for Butler, Odom, Grant and a draft pick? Would that have seemed possible to you? It happened. Would it have seemed reasonable or possible to you for Zach Randolph to be traded to New York for Steve Francis and Channing Frye? It happened. My point is that it all depends on what value the other team places on those players and how they fit into their future plans. I have thought for some time on here that people incorrectly value our players as well as others on the market. For instance, some really are criticial of Andrew Bynum, but then they suggest trades where he is the main piece. If you think so little of him, how can you value him so high in a trade? Some will claim that outside of Kobe and possibly Lamar the Lakers are nothing....yet they suggest that other teams trade someting for our nothing. It just doesn't make sense.

EVERY trade I suggest is not only based on what is financially possible, it is also based on several of the things those teams have voiced interest in obtaining. For instance, Krstic was already suggested in a trade scenario with Indiana and according to the reports, the reason why that trade didn't go through was because of marcus not being included. At the same time, Indiana has apparently...according to reports asked for Bynum and Odom as well as twice required that the Lakers take back one of their large unmoveable contracts...Tinsley or Murphy. Using all of that informaiton, and putting it together, it would seem to me that a trade where Farmar and Krstic are included would seem to be reasonable at worst. Considering that Krstic is currently producing much better than Bynum and Farmar is coming off of a decent rookie season, it isn't crazy to think that Indiana might be interested in a deal where they are the main pieces. Plus, Jefferson was part of that earlier rumored trade scenario, which means that Indiana was willing to actually take back a larger extended contract as well. now if they were willing to do that despite continued reports from Bird that their goal was to become younger and clear salary cap, is it far off to think that they would settle for salary cap relief instead?

My point is that I am not simply pulling these scenarios out of thin air. Unlike most on here, I am actually attempting to look at it from a reasonable standpoint taking both sides into account.

Now with the comments of JO, Cupcake must get this deal done now while the iron is still hot. Who cares if the team goes into the luxuary tax territory. Kobe will stay and LO and JO will take a little pay cut to keep this core together for years to come. In this day of age you need more than just 2 capable scorers to win the Chip.

"PG is VASTLY improved from last year, I don't see how anybody can argue that."

Anyone who says PG is "VASTLY improved" hasn't been paying attention. Derek Fisher had defensive issues THREE YEARS AGO when he left the Lakers. He is slower now than he was then. The Warriors let him go. Utah did not put up a struggle to keep him. That ought to tell you something. Look at his stats from the past two years. He is, at best, a mediocre shooter. Not as good as Smush, in fact. He is smarter, and a better locker room/bench presence. Overall, a slight improvement at best. People with your viewpoint vis-a-vis Fisher are thinking back to the three trophies and the .4 shot, NOT to the reality of 2007-8.

The question is not if this is an elite team right now, the question is this roster likely to become a serious title contender in the next 2-3 years. At this point, the answer is, "No, that is not likely to happen." I don't blame Kobe for not wanting to remain in the first round for the rest of his career.

zombies What kind of sick porn is that?

Four trades to improve the Lakers this off-season:

1. Trade Radmanovic to Heat and Odom and Kwame to Indiana for Jermaine, Murphy and Wright:

2. Trade Cook + (Hawks) 2008 #2 draft pick for Pietrus

3. Trade Farmar, Pietrus, Wright and (Lakers) 2008 #1 to Atlanta for Claxton, Smith and 2008 #2 draft pick.



I agree with you. I still like the team we have put together, especially now that we have replaced Smush with Fisher and Crittendon. I also believe that Bynum will become a star down the road. And I am against trading Bynum AND Lamar for JO, although JO’s recent comments have tempted me to say we HAVE to get this guy. If we can trade Bynum, Brown, et al for JO, however, that would give us a great trio of stars that would enable us to compete with anybody. That is what I am hoping will happen. But I agree that it is not the end of the world for this team, although it could get a little shaky with Kobe.


kobe apologist

"Wait, I thought no one wanted to play with Kobe? Maybe it's only Jermaine O'Neal, then ..."

i've restated my position that "nobody, but Jermaine O'neal, wants to play with a malcontent kobe bryant" fair?

in all seriousness, if we can con Indiana out of JO without giving up LO, I think we'll be in a good place next season if [emphasis on "if"] kobe can be a good teammate and leader, win or lose. we'll see my mortal enemy....

Come on JO. Don't back off your trade demands! What a looser. He's as limp as a boned fish...

He's so limp he reminds me of myself that time I paid $200 for L.A's ugliest call girl...

Both times...

Too bad about Hal. If he wasn't pure LA, I don't know what is.

Anyone else get the feeling Magic liked Bird more than Bird liked Magic?



"I think Kobe has already apologized and said that he wished he had handled the situation better."

in the interest of keeping peace in the midde east, i'll respectfully disagree with you.

"The pressure still needs to be on the Lakers to bring in the held the team needs to become an elite team that can compete for a championship."

i believe there is good pressure (ie, the way Paul Pierce handled his situation in Boston) and bad pressure (ie, the way Kobe handled a similar situation). i believe kobe's actions (or inactions) cost us a legitimate chance at KG, but that's water under the bridge.

"Without getting into an irresolvable argument about Kobe, it’s not easy to play great team basketball when the rest of the team has problems catching the ball or making a shot. I thought Kobe did a great job the first half of the year. "

we have different views about being a good leader/teammate. my definition of a good leader/teammate is sticking by the team, win or lose. it's easy to be a good leader during good times.

"Then came the injuries and the failed Kidd trade and Kobe sort of went off trying to do it all himself because he lost confidence in the rest of the team."

good leaders don't lose confidence in their guys.

"This is the flipside of the competitiveness that makes Kobe such a great player."

i respectfully disagree with. kobe's so-called "greatness" has been acomplished when shaq was in charge. post-shaq, i've seen nothing but individual accomplishments at the expense of the team.

"Surround him with guys who can play and he will become the consummate leader and team player, as he was during the Shaq years."

i believe during the shaq-era, shaq was the leader which produced several championships. kobe was not the leader, although he'd like to take credit for it, but a role player. so far, kobe as a leader has not produced anything meaningful in the context of team accomplishments.

"Better players around Kobe and Kobe playing great team basketball. Right?"

what i want is kobe to be a better teammate and leader and the good players will follow. i guess we have differing POV, but i respect your take.

I say we offer Indiana, Kwame, Radmonovic, Farmer and next year's first round pick. That's it. Don't give up Odom or Bynum.

Bird and the Pacers are losing leverage everyday. O'Neal can opt out after next year, which puts Indiana in a tough spot if they try and deal him to a team he doesn't want to go to. (i.e. - Garnett, initially turning down trade to Boston). Indiana is also in the market for a good young promising guard which they would get in Farmer, whose salary is low. Kwame as bad as he get's butchered by the blog is still a decent big and only 25yrs old. He also is going into the last year of his contract. If Indiana decides not to resign him (or trade) that's $9 milion off of their cap, which is weighed down with Murphy and Dunleavy's contracts. Vlad will give them offense from the parameter, ala Peja Stojakovic at only 5 mil a year. And then thrown in next year's first round pick.

All those whinning for the trigger to be pulled and send Bynum away we will the same people who worry about whether or not mamagement can keep him when he's a free-agent in a few years !
As for Kobe, time to step up make it a goal of averaging 8+ assists a game and making your teammates better !

The Warriors would be stupid to let Don Nelson go. He is a former Celtic - all he has to do ask Ainge, McHale, or BIrd, and they will give him anybody he wants off their roster. Those former Celtics will always ruin their own team to help each other.

JO, at 19, put up numbers worse than Bynum's last year at 19 and was considered a bust in Portland. Then he developed in a good, not great, big man.

Bynum and LO are much too much to give up right now, and this would be deal forced by Kobe and media and fan push to do SOMETHING, anything this off season.

I wouldl rather go into the season standing pat than doing this. The 3 headed monster of Kwame, Bynum and Mihm rather than JO at center, and LO still at PF.

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