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Kobe and O'Neal II: Electric Boogaloo?

August 7, 2007 |  8:45 am

That's the talk on the street right now.  But will such a sequel, this time a pairing of Kobe Bryant and Jermaine O'Neal, come to fruition (and will it match a level of sequel excitement that's 100% Ice-T approved)?  The issue remains up in the air.  For that matter, what O'Neal actually said in regards to his desire to relocate West is also being debated, mostly by the man himself.  While attending an L.A. charity hoops game, O'Neal let it be known that he'd be more than cool with a trade that paired him with the Mamba, that he'd opt out of his contract in a season if things don't pick up in Pacer Land, and even played a little backseat G.M., saying he doesn't want to play for a new team that's been gutted, a likely scenario if Larry Bird gets his way

Well, maybe he said all that, because O'Neal was pretty quick to clarify and/or soften stances.  For starters, it's not a trade "demand," per se.  Just a concept that he's open towards.   As for the critique of Larry Legend (who issued a statement of his own), JO maintains those words never even left his mouth.  In any event, the Lakers (and maybe even Kobe) would consider moving Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum as a solid example of "gutting," which is reportedly the root of any holdups.

And finally, for any Laker fan losing sleep over the notion that a divorce would prevent Rick Fox from ever appearing on "Ugly Betty" with his ex, you're now back to getting eight hours a night again.

(Also, we're on the road again today, but we've let mission control know.  Hopefully, the comments will go through at a reasonable clip.)