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Seven years, $65 million

Terms weren't disclosed, but I'm fairly certain that is not what Chris Mihm got from the Lakers when he re-signed today. Assuming the Lakers are serious about only carrying 14 dudes this season, barring a trade or another transaction, the roster is officially full.  Especially now that D-Fish has, as expected, cleared waivers and will officially sign tomorrow

Obviously, the devil is in the details regarding the Mihm signing, but assuming the Lakers didn't go hog wild with years and money, it certainly doesn't hurt.  Even coming off an injury, Mihm is almost certainly the best big remaining on the FA market (unless I'm missing a blue-chipper somewhere).  I'm sure more info will come out tomorrow at D-Fish's news conference.  Click below the jump to read the news release from the team.  SLIGHT UPDATE: The deal is for three years

Or maybe not.

EVEN BETTER UPDATE: Terms are in.  Two years, $5 million.  That's a very good figure for the Lakers.  No harm, no foul.  If he's healthy, Mihm will be much more than a $2.5-million value.   

-- BK

EL SEGUNDO –- The Los Angeles Lakers have re-signed free-agent center Chris Mihm, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak.  Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not released.

Mihm, 28, missed all of last season while recovering from surgery on his right ankle.  Originally injuring the ankle in the closing seconds of the Lakers' March 12, 2006, contest versus Seattle after tallying 20 points, 13 rebounds and three blocked shots, Mihm missed the remainder of the 2005-06 season, with the exception of a brief appearance in the team’s season finale, and was forced to sit out the Lakers first round playoff series against Phoenix.

In 59 games (56 starts) during the 2005-06 campaign, Mihm averaged a career-best 10.2 points on 50.1 percent shooting from the field while averaging 6.3 rebounds and 1.24 blocks in a career-high 26.1 minutes.  On the year, Mihm recorded seven double-doubles while leading the team in scoring once and in rebounding on 16 occasions.

Finishing his collegiate career as the University of Texas’ all-time leader in blocks (264) while ranking second in rebounds (945), second in double-doubles (47) and 13th in scoring (1,404), Mihm was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the seventh overall pick in the 2000 NBA draft and was named to the 1999-2000 Schick NBA All-Rookie Second Team.   

In six NBA seasons, Mihm has posted career averages of 8.0 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.07 blocks in 395 games (251 starts). 

In two seasons with the Lakers, Mihm is averaging 10.0 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.35 blocks.

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"Ok, lets see... in my book, the early 2000's is from 2000-2003. And when was Dwayne Wade's rookie season? 2003-2004. You know, it would really help if you got your facts straight before you start playing armchair GM."

i meant after the 3-peat, but thanks for the clarification. BTW, i didn't say i would do it, but imagine had Mitch & Co foreseeing what would eventually happen when kobe was up for free agency in 2004 and planned ahead instead of just letting the train wreck happen? BTW, i notice you refuse to acknowledge my olive branch (welcome) to you so i guess we'll be adversaries on this blog? it's all good, i can play nice or nasty depending on the game. you take care.


" if the lakers had the cajones to trade kobe away for a DWade while shaq was still dominant circa early 2000s, we'd still be competing
for championships."

Nice thought, but remember that Kobe was an unrestricted free agent, so the Lakers couldn't trade him for anybody. I think the
choice was basically pay Shaq 30 million plus a year for 4 more years and let Kobe walk away for nothing, or trade Shaq and Kobe
would re-sign for the max (less than half of what Shaq cost). There was no "trade Kobe" option.

I realize that the trade below is highly unlikely, but if possible, it would be an interesting move for all 3 teams involved. It would change the rotation for the Lakers, moving Odom back to the power forward position. Although I strongly believe that he is best suited as a small forward, I wonder what making this instead would do for the overall functioning of the team. Here it is.

Houston receives Ron Artest
Sacramento receives Jordan Farmar and Vladimir Radmanovic
Los Angeles receives Luther Head and Shane Battier

Houston: Rick Adelman really did some surprising things with the Kings during the second half of the season and the first round when he acquired both Artest and Wells. He clearly liked having both of them on the team and managed to have them work well together. Perhaps reuniting the 3 of them in Houston with better players surrounding them, would allow this team to be that much better. Defensively, they would seemingly be one of the best.

Sacramento: Believing that they still secretly want to part ways with Artest, this would be a good move to make. Although Vlade’s contract makes him a questionable acquisition, his ability to shoot, would fit nicely in the pick and roll offense with Mike Bibby. Jordan Farmar would instantly become the reserve point guard they have been looking for to backup Bibby. He is young and promising.

Los Angeles: This would be a slightly different approach to handling their needs at forward. Odom would remain at power forward, however, they would experience a significant upgrade at small forward. Battier has the right mix of defense and offense to fit in nicely with this team. Turiaf would become the main backup to Odom and Cook would remain as the 3rd power forward.

Lineup would look like this.

PG - Derek Fisher, Luther Head, Javaris Crittenden
SG – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans, Sasha Vujacic
SF – Shane Battier, Luke Walton
PF – Lamar Odom, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
C – Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm


"To sum it all up, yes, I do think the addition of an "X-Factor" has the potential to give the team a shot at going deep into the Playoffs."

first, thanks for the candid response. i mostly feel the same way. i think Fish is one of those "x-factor" guys. we could use another. i'll revert back to my obsession (joke) with kobe and say that we'll go as far as kobe takes us. if we play as a team keeping the game within reach til the last 5-7 minutes, then letting kobe be kobe, i like our chances. i we start up with kobe ball again, forget about going deep in the playoffs. it'll be fun to watch.

This is still a poor-mediocre defensive roster, but it has improved to some extent offensively. That will help the defense somewhat, as being in an offensive "flow" makes the transition to defense easier. Having the capability to score a few more points a game also makes up for defensive lapses to some degree.

Probably not a contender this year, unless the young players make quicker-than-typical improvements. (Crittenton, Farmar, Turiaf, Bynum). But if they progress "normally", and Kwame's contract can be traded mid-season for a decent PF, they look pretty good in 2008-9.


No offense but who in their right mind would have traded Kobe Bryant away at the end of the 2002-2003 season? The Lakers had just won their 3rd championship in 3 years.

Are you suggesting that you would have been happy with them trading away half of the tandem at that point before the following season for a rookie? You do realize that Shaq missed a lot of games the following season and Kobe had to carry the team until February when Shaq returned to health?

It is easy to look at the past and correct stuff, but that just isn't realistic.

Well, Fisher is the only improvement on veterans while Critt' is refreshing news to play as Lakers PG. In the case of Mihm, it would be great if he could be the same player he was with 10 pts average 2 YEARS AGO. That's a long time in NBA. What's so doubtful how come 5 other teams who tried out Mihm did not consider to include him in their roster being a rare seven footer commodity. They are unanimous that he does not belonged to their 5 at a price of MLE. Perhaps, $3M was the right price but who cares, it's Jerry Buss' money after luxury taxes. How I wish to pick up some new faces and new blood from Yue, Karl and other Summer League standouts from other teams. It is best invest on players have not seen than players who already have a history of quitting during the playoffs. Always remember Lakers are not judged by their season performance but during the playoffs.

What frustrates many Laker fans, summer of trading and drafting is about to end, & the boastful GM was not able to make any kind of trade that could have packaged Kwame, Walton, Mihm, Sasha, Vlad, Farmar and Cook. That's really a big frustration. All he can do is HYPE the return of fisher and the acquisition of Critt'. He failed to address the rants of Kobe and yet he kept on assuring fans that he would start making noise from draft date. Our biggest problem is that we always depend on Kobe. We surround him players who are just not as good as him and later on, blame him that he did not try to make these players a wholesome group. That's the point of controversy after the departure of Shaq. At that time, he was just one of them, now he is the only dependable player seasonwise and playoff bound.

It is hard to predict the Lakers' performance for this season, but definitely they are not the championship calibre and w/ Francis joining his old team, Rockets made them above the Lakers. Spurs, Mavericks, Suns, Jazz, Rockets, Warriors, Blazers, Grizzlies are the teams to beat in the West. The Lakers could be above the Warriors or behind the Grizz depending on how Kobe, LO and Fisher can carry this team throughout ths season. Whatever Mihm, Walton, Vlad, Kwame, Sasha, Bynum, Mo, Farmar, Critt', and Cook can contribute will be gravy, they have to step up to make this team competitive in the West.

At that price the Mihn deal was a good deal. It's what they should have done with Walton. I mean let him test the market instead of giving him 30 million when no one was bidding against them.



You don't go from being a 7th seed and first round exit to talking championship the next season.....that isn't wise. However, you should always be focused on winning championships.

When Phil Jackson first came to the Lakers he said that they would get off to a slow start that season and possibly round into form by playoff time. He said that he hoped to be in real championship contention by the following season. WELL.....they got out to like a 18-5 start and went on to post a 67-15 season heading into the playoffs. They also went on to win the championship.

My point is that the Lakers should prepare for being the best team every year, but they shouldn't make it a public statement. They should go out and play their best making consistent improvements and if things fall into place, go for the championship. How many people thought Miami was heading to a title 2 season's ago? How many thought that Dallas was a sure thing to get there this past season? Things don't always work out like we predict, so it is necessary to just go out and keep working.

This is why I am also supplying the statements with "ifs" attached. Apparently you all don't like that. It's fine, but just realize that "ifs" are all we have when we can't see the future. You can put together the most impressive team like the Suns keep trying to do and still at the end of the comes down to "if" everything goes as planned.


Should have named this thread "In other news, Mike T is FURIOUS"....

I would have giggled.

THe problem with your analyses is that you string together a bunch of unrealistic IFs, and then get mad if people say that it isn't likely to occur.

Correction: My bad @ $2.5 million per year (that is an LA Street price) that was a good sign for Mihm, I thought it was another Walton deal of $ 5M a year. That was a good price, the right price for him would be $ 3 or $3.5M

Edwin Gueco,

I can see you putting the 5 teams that had a better record than the Lakers ahead of them for this coming season. However, I can't agree with the Warriors, Griz or Blazers being ahead of them. I am curious as to what would cause you to think that they would be?

PLus, you have forgotten to even include the Nuggets. I culd take this better if you even had them or the Clippers ahead of the Lakers starting out. But not the Blazers, Griz or Warriors.

I'm worried about Kobe getting injured in international play. It really seems like he's revved up to play, and I'm concerned he might over-extend himself in the process of competing. Just a gut feeling I have. I hope I'm wrong.

NBA ref investigated by the FBI for fixing games 05-07?

OK, Conspirators, this is better than iambic pentameter. All those calls Kobe didn't get? Those were obviously the guy with the gambling problem. I've heard stories before about players game fixing but always thought refs could do it easier and voila.

So, in review, we've got guns and rape and wife beating and brawls and now game fixing by refs with gambling addictions. Maybe he should hire Jerry Buss to clean it up. It takes one to know one.

The ball's back in your court, Mr Stern. How you gonna draw an audience when the outcome is rumored to be fixed? I think I heard the Mark Cuban "I told you so" all the way from Texas last night.

I hate to bring the injury issue into every discussion, but the Mihm signing kind of reminded me. If you were to make a list of a few things the Lakers could have wanted to acquire this offseason (not all) some of them would have been:

Veteran PG (Triangle and playoff experience preferred).

Got D-Fish

Front court player with offensive post skills, solid rebounder and shot blocker. (Triangle experience preferred).

Got Chris Mihm (yes he was on the roster but didn't play at all, so it's like getting a new guy...sort of).

A shooter to help stretch the defense (Triangle experience preferred).

Well, Radmanovic being healthy and able basically adds a player that we didn't have last year. Even if his playing time was limited, you have to think he learned SOMETHING about the Triangle.

Add to the fact that Andrew Bynum got WAY more minutes than he probably would have had Kwame and Mihm been healthy, hopefully speeding his development, and there are a few positives to take away from the offseason, baring any further moves.

I definitely like the drafting of Javaris since athletic combo guards seem to be all the rage these days in the NBA.

Anyway, if this is the roster going into camp, I'll be happy. Like I said I think we can be in the hunt for the playoffs come the All-Star break and hopefully make a trade using Kwame's expiring contract to bring in top line talent.

I don't expect us to contend this year, but next year I think we should have a shot.

Mike T,

I think the difference between Mihm and Walton is that Walton's value was more or less established from the jump. Between what I've read and people I've talked to, I've never heard any predictions lower than 4-5 mil or so, and many projecting a full MLE. Guys like Kapono and Carroll, who aren't even as good got 6 mil deals. That works in Walton's favor. So unless his workouts for other teams were absolutely awful, if you let Walton go out and test his value, the odds favor the Lakers having to pay more, not less. Plus, it's a deal they've wanted to make all along, so they're better off getting it out of the way so they can focus on other things.

In Mihm's case, though, I totally agree with you. Letting him establish a market value makes more sense. He's coming off a huge injury, which makes it tougher to assess what he could command. And especially since his agent was talking a pretty high number in the beginning, it's better to feel things out and see what's doing. The Lakers have an advantage, anyway, since they likely can outbid most teams if necessary using Bird Rights. Not that such a scenario seemed likely, considering he hasn't played in 1 1/2 seasons, but you know what I'm saying.


something is off, especially if these Odom for Gerald Wallace rumors are true, because if we had done that deal, who would have played PF? Certainly not Turiaf, I like Turiaf but he's also a foul machine and I'm not certain he can handle full time minutes for 82+ games.

With Kobe blowing up and if the Odom/Wallace rumor is true, then it would seem Odom is gone, the experiment has ended. Wonder who they are looking at? Probably somebody who has not been posted on the message boards? Who knows with Phil... who saw Vlad Rad coming last year? If the Lakers do the Luther Head trade, what's the point of keeping Farmar or Sasha? So in theory, the guys in play are:

Vlad Rad?
next year's first rounder?
Kwame's expiring contract


You may be right! I had the same immediately reaction that the ref must have been one of the guys who worked the Heat/Mavs Finals two years ago. It will be interesting to see who this turns out to be and what the fallout will be.


So AK do you still believe there's no conspiracy theory, after the FBI is investigating a ref for fixing games?

I guess in some way we(fans who believe games are fixed) were right.

Lets see who the ref was, and what games he worked on. Let the NBA pray is not last years finals, between miami and dallas.

I know the ref played for difference in points in a game, not who would win, but we all know that determines the outcome.


Nice trade idea with Houston and Sacramento. I would prefer Artest but Battier would be an upgrade defensively at the 3, which is what we need, and the Kings would not be giving us anybody, which would make them less paranoid about trading with the Lakers. Unfortunately, you are right that the trade is very unlikely.


ESPN has reported that Kobe has lost 19 pounds and is gearing to go.

ex and Andrew:

You guys are almost sounding GHF. lol. Good analysis, though, but lots of ifs as always. If we can get off to a great start and then get something good in return at the trading deadline, this team could be a winner.



"At that price the Mihn deal was a good deal. "

Good to see that even Mihm greatest critic realizes that this is a good deal for the Lakers. Nice to see you back to posting more reasonably, Mike.

I share your concern about our defense at the 3. Unfortunately, the cost for getting a defender who can help at small forward may cost us Kwame and his expiring contract. I hope Kwame can be ready by the time the season starts. It will be a contract year for him and I have a hunch he might have his best year for us.



Yeah, it does sound like fishiness could be afoot. But in fairness to me, nobody here ever suggested that suspect ref whistles were the result of officials on the take for a mob-based betting ring. That's a far cry from a conspiracy the league was in on and orchestrating, which is what everyone here was claiming. Readers may turn out to be "right," in terms of certain games being crooked. But hardly for the reasons they actually suspected in the first place.



I think "helpless optimist" is an oxymoron. Optimism enables you. It's the pessimists that are helpless and hopeless. Classic GHF vs. GHE. Last year was a GHE year for sure. This year is going to be a GHF year.



I think there are a couple teams that are going into this season without any (or very, VERY few) ifs. Everyone else has some major questions to answer.

I generally like the make-up of this team. I have mentioned before that I think the front office has done a good job putting together a very good supporting cast, one that will get better with age since it's relatively young. The next step, and this one is huge, is acquiring another All-Star talent, upper tier guy. That's where our big IF is. Without that its going to be more of the same.

I also applaud the front office for not acting irrationally in the face of the Kobe rants. That was handled well.

All things considered I like the team we have. And I'm more than ready to start the engine on my 48 win bandwagon again come November.


I don't disagree that we may still need a trade but if we can't pull off the big deal, I still like the makeup of this team, especially compared to last year. I also like how we have stockpiled a couple of promising young guys overseas and added trading chips to the roster. It's a win-win situation. Now we will get a chance to see how much better Andrew is going to be and whether this roster can produce while being in a good position to make a big deal for KG, JO, or RA if the opportunity arises. That's a good job as far as I am concerned by the front office. I do agree with you that the job is not done.,



All year long Walton was saying he wanted to stay in L.A. And with a rib joint...come on. Those projections are ridiculous, at 30 million. The guy was terrible in the 2nd half of the season. In the playoffs he got killed. But what is done is done.


"The guy was terrible in the 2nd half of the season. In the playoffs he got killed."

Yeah... it's not like he was playing injured or anything. ;)

Mike T,

You're right that Walton's second half and playoffs weren't great. But he also had a bum ankle and hand. I imagine most GM's recognize that he was playing hurt, and thus judged him based on how he played when healthy (which makes then most sense, anyway). When Walton was healthy, he was much better. Thus, his asking price shouldn't have changed much, if at all.

Since you mentioned them, all kidding aside, if you can stomach the idea of giving Walton a little extra cash, I hear those BBQ joints are quite good. I know you like chicken. You could probably get some good BBQ'ed bird. haha


Cuban will scream at a decible level that breaks windows if this ref turns out to be the guy that helped Dwayne Wade break a free throw record.

They'd have to take back the championship, the rings, put up an asterisk as big as a basketball. This is a whole new kind of bad that taints the entire game when the game couln't take another low blow given the ratings.

Stern better get every player and coach in Staples center and ask them if they think they're worth the kind of money they're making outside the game of basketball. If the answer is no, then they'd better shut the f@2k up when a foul is called this coming year. Their Golden Goose is gasping for air.

kwame at 9 million, are you kidding me? The guy was terrible the whole season, and in the playoffs he got killed. but what is done is done.

Andrew Z,
You are forgetting your roots. I think you mean the "34 loss bandwagon", don't you?


So true, so true.


Now that you mentioned it, a little BBQ for lunch sounds good.

for the sake of perception, the league will need to announce a new plan involving the referees when this comes out, possibly make wholesale changes moving say, 50% of the referees out or retiring them or whatever bringing in new blood and some kind of accountability program. There can be no doubt as to whether a game is being called fairly, they might even have to go extensively to using video replay on close calls, depending on how bad this gets.

Makes you wonder what will happen with all the "veteran" calls, that guys get after being in the league for a couple of years, vs. the "rookie" fouls that are doled out. Could be the new refs will be awed by superstars like Kobe and give them even more leeway?

I'm sure the NFL and MLB are scrambling behind the scenes as well, if there was a compromised ref in the NBA well...


Olive branch? I'm sorry, I just got so used to scrolling through your posts, since 99% of them are full of hate, and all you talk about is how nobody wants to play with Kobe or how Kobe ran Shaq out of town. Just like Kobe and Shaq, I look forward to "burying the hatchet" with my "adversaries".

I'm still waiting for the anticipated Buss Report. Where is it?

I hope the guy didn't ref Kobe's 81 point game.

He was playing terrible for 2 weeks before the injury.



Speaking of BBQ, I lived out in KC, MO for about seven months and damn... they certainly have some of the best. Never made it up to St. Louis, but I assume it's pretty similar as far as deliciousness is concerned. Unfortunately, the BBQ was the only thing remotely appealing to me in KC. Much, much happier back on the West Coast.

greek dude,
You shouldn't waste your time. Mike T will never respond when he's wrong about Kwame. He only posts to bash Walton and every other white guy in L.A

Is the D-Fish press conference going to be televised? Does anyone know the channel or weblink?

A true Laker is coming home.

2 years at 2.5 Million

Thats what I am talking about. Wihm needs to fire that agent for telling him to go shopping for a full mid level. I have said all along 5 for 5 is way tomuch for not having a game played for a year and a half. Heck, Karl Malone could command that and he is OLD now, and would still run circles around Mihm. We could get Rodman and be better. Saw that guy recently around town and he is still a freak of nature.

We still need another star to rise in the west though. Lets make it happen.



I will be out in KC for a wedding in October. I am very much looking forward to trying some of the BBQ out there, which might be the only solace I have for being in Kansas City in October. Oh, and the wedding reception is being held in a brewery, that's pretty cool.

Any BBQ joints that you recommend I try?

You're right about the chicken. LOL! Gee, I guess I don't need a profile page. Speaking of chicken, I have these chicken breast stuffed with cheese and asparagus I have to defrost. At 48 years of age BBQ is really high on my taste of good food. Although, if I had a plate in front of me I'd probably eat it all.



"Olive branch? I'm sorry, I just got so used to scrolling through your posts, since 99% of them are full of hate"

if you go back and do a search by "hal9000", i've welcomed you to the blog many times and i was glad to hear that i was able to be a part in your participation on the blog. i welcome all opinions, good or bad. if you take a closer look at my post, most of it is shtick although i really believe that kobe ruined our dynasty and has not taken responsiblity for his actions. anyhow, i harbor no ill will towards you or any blogger except lakertomgirl becuase he comes on the blog like a hypocritical preacher and rips me (and guys with my views) a new one for expressing extreme views, but doesn't rip the other side for doing the exact same thing. then the little girl in lakertom attempts to have me censored and blacklisted. i enjoy diversity of opinion and i would never censor someone who disagrees with me. take care bro.

yeah zen i know, it's a futile effort

Good news for the Lakers....

"The Suns traded center Kurt Thomas this morning in a move that relieves some salary-cap pressure.

Thomas goes to the Seattle SuperSonics, along with the Suns' own 2008 and 2010 first-round draft picks in exchange for a future conditional 2nd round pick and a trade exception, worth about $8 million."

So... are the Suns intentionally trying to sabotage themselves just to stay under the luxury tax cap? First James and now Thomas, their best interior defender. Good news is, we should be able to kill them with our bigs.

kobe apologist

"I'm worried about Kobe getting injured in international play. It really seems like he's revved up to play, and I'm concerned he might over-extend himself in the process of competing. Just a gut feeling I have. I hope I'm wrong."

you're asbolutley right, kobe wants to prove that HE'S a winner and a champion (as oppose to a whiner and a loser). since HE can't prove HIS worth with HIS lakers, HE'LL try and brow beat HIS (i say that loosely) USA team to follow HIS lead. will they follow? we'll have to see. if kobe is in fact the "best player on the planet" and HIS team sucks because HE has "bad teammates", logic would dictate that USA is a lock for the gold..............UNLESS............b-ball is a team sport and no matter how good the INDIVIDUAL is, the team concept will always prevail all things equal.


GENERAL KUPCHAK: Where are you going, Sergeant?

SERGEANT KOBE: I told you, I’m leaving. I’m not going to die here on this rock.

GENERAL KUPCHAK: Wait Kobe, I have good news.

SERGEANT KOBE: What? You’re discharging Private Bynum?

GENERAL KUPCHAK: No… we have more reinforcements coming…

SERGEANT KOBE: This had better be good.

GENERAL KUPCHAK: Yes, apparently, Private Mihm is on his way

SERGEANT KOBE: Private Mihm? Didn’t he die in battle?

GENERAL KUPCHAK: No, he’s still alive… he got bit in the ankle by a rattlesnake and we had to send out one of General Buss’s ladies to suck out the venom.

SERGEANT KOBE: And that took an entire year?

GENERAL KUPCHAK: You’ve obviously never been “rehabilitated” by one of Buss’s beauties.

SERGEANT KOBE: Well, there was that one time at the Colorado Tavern…


SERGEANT KOBE: Never mind.

PRIVATE MIHM: Hello everyone. It’s great to be back.

SERGEANT KOBE: I’m glad you could join the fight, I guess.

PRIVATE MIHM: Fight? What fight? I came back for more treatment from the Buss babes!

SERGEANT KOBE: So they fooled you too, huh? At least I’m not the only one…

Re the Ref Scandal--
The NBA should return all fines and suspension money to every coach and player involved in any of the games that were crooked.
David Stern needs to back off on jumping all over every owner, coach, and player who disagrees with his refs.
The League is responsible for policing its officials and obviously has done an extremely poor job
This black eye is on the commissioner.

This ref story, if true, is going to be the biggest story to hit the NBA in a very long time. Honestly, it would make some games I've watched make a lot more sense. This is DAvid Stern's worst nightmare,
and god help him if the ref worked the Finals two years ago. Cuban will have his guts for lunch.

That's an excellent price for Mihm. Good deal.

From the espn article:

"Coach, I'm ready," Bryant declared, according to Colangelo. "And I want the best player on the other team every single night."

Enough said.


“No offense but who in their right mind would have traded Kobe Bryant away at the end of the 2002-2003 season? The Lakers had just won their 3rd championship in 3 years.”

you’re 100% right, that’s why I said management would have to have huge cojones to do something like that, but the nutball fan in me can speculate, can’t i?

“It is easy to look at the past and correct stuff, but that just isn't realistic.”

hey, Monday Morning Quarterbacking is the cornerstone of nutball fans.


You normally have more "ifs" than I do.


I have an idea for next season's blogging. You know how you always have an extra extra posting? In those post you always have the links to what other writers are saying about the game and stuff like that. That helps because then I don't have to from page to page to find Lakers stuff.

But I was thinking that next year you should have another catagory for inhouse basketball analysis. We can call it THE WAR ROOM. That way people who don't like what I have to say can stay in the extra extra and people who want to be realistic and talk basketball can do it without the idiot comments that go on over saying something that is true.

The idiots can pat themselves on the back in the extra extra section. And the real basketball fans can go at it in the WAR ROOM.

We can call it: MIKE T's WAR ROOM.


"'m still waiting for the anticipated Buss Report. Where is it?


At least this years team will be a deep team.
There are various starting combinations that will be interesting.



Coming of bench: Walton, Evans, Farmar, Jarvis,Cook, Turiaf, Susha,Mihm

This seems like at least a deep team.
The Lakers can afford to rest Kobe to save him for the playoffs.

And give players less minutes to reduce risk of injury.

Long time Laker fan

"Nice thought, but remember that Kobe was an unrestricted free agent, so the Lakers couldn't trade him for anybody. I think thechoice was basically pay Shaq 30 million plus a year for 4 more years and let Kobe walk away for nothing, or trade Shaq and Kobewould re-sign for the max (less than half of what Shaq cost). There was no "trade Kobe" option."

you're right, i was just talking out of my a$$. the Shaq Apologist in me says that shaq wasn't really demanding $30 million a year in an extension. Maybe shaq forsaw what was going to eventually happen in LA when kobe's up for free agency and was indirectly telling management to trade away kobe bryant? what do you think?


The Lakers are 16 games above 500 when he's the starting center. I'm not wrong about Kwame. But I'm actually hoping Kwame gets traded just so the Lakers can lose and I can say: I told you so. Boy I will be rubbing it in all year long...just for revenge.



You're right! This is about revenge. Next season it's on. By the time I'm done the players, the black players, will openly defy Phil Jackson. I already have the plan. When I'm done Phil Jackson will crawl out of Los Angeles.



""Coach, I'm ready," Bryant declared, according to Colangelo. "And I want the best player on the other team every single night."

Translation: Kobe lighting it up for 30 a night.....30 shot attempts that is. Watch out, kobe ball is just around the corner.

AK, did you delete one of my posts?

Mike T,

Why don't you just go start your own blog and then people who want to discuss things with you can go there. That way you don't have to deal with the rest of us who just make the idiot comments.

It would totally stroke your big and delusional ego if you had people posting over there. Give it a thought.


I speculated that Seattle was looking for another big body. I guess now they have it. Surprising that they went for someone so old considering their youth movement.

As for Phoenix, they....meaing Kerr....must have made up his mind that they are not going to try and straddle the fence next season. Dallas has tried and they continue to miss the championship. Phoenix was starting to try the same thing. It looks like they have decided to play small ball completely...even if it kills them.

We'll see how it works.

Michael Teniente |
"We can call it: MIKE T's WAR ROOM."


Andrew Z:

Which brewery? Is it Power Plant? If so, that place is pretty cool. Not as good as some of the breweries we have up in Seattle, but still pretty good.

As far as BBQ is concerned, the three top joints that I liked are:

1) L.C.'s BBQ
2) BB's Lawnside Barbeque
3) Oklahoma Joe's Barbeque (located on the KS side of KC)

And even though it's a chain, Arthur Bryant's is pretty damn tasty.


Yeah, I did. And in fairness, we shouldn't have cleared the one that you were responding too, either. Sometimes they slip through. I'm trying to find it to pull it down.



"Lets see who the ref was, and what games he worked on. Let the NBA pray is not last years finals, between miami and dallas."

If it was, then the culprit is probably Bennett Salvatore. His calls were more than 2 to 1 in favor of Miami, including
many of the dubious calls.


I think that Seattle did it more for the draft picks than anything else considering they're definitely in rebuild mode. Robert Swift is going to be back as well as Sene. Thomas just seems like a bandaid signing while some of their bigs with "potential" eventually fill out, especially considering he only has one year left on his contract.

As far as the Suns are concerned, they'll be looking at a rotation of seven players this season and they're just one Grant Hill injury away from being down to six. If they don't do anything there's no way they'll last in the playoffs and with Marion and Nash about to be on the downside of their careers (in a few years), they're certainly going to be in full rebuild mode fairly soon.

Mike T,
We can call the room "Mike T's War Room" in your honor, but you won't be there. Remember after your Buss report, your outta here. Even though it will be sad to see you go, we all know in here very well that you do what you say and your a man of your word. An alpha male. Don't let us down, Mike.


We are cool man. I disagree with your constant bashing of Kobe but at least you are consistent. I too am guilty of pulling the Monday Morning Quarterback.....

"Why don't you just go start your own blog and then people who want to discuss things with you can go there."

Because I'll never let you punks have this blog to yourselves. Can you take a hint? How many times has it been said that without me this place is boring? That means because of the things you write, which is basically nothing.



If we give you a "War Room" do you promise not to bring your ignorant, racist posts to Extra, Extra? If so, I'm all for it. We can call it "Mike's Reich."

Apparently you don't read what you post. You will propose something that is unlikely to occur, such as a "Lakers trash for X teams gold" trade. And when it is pointed out that no team would be dumb enough to make that trade, you will angrily respond "Well, then propose something better." when literally dozens of more likely scenarios have been discussed at length over the past several months.

Or you will say something like "if this Laker and that Laker and those Lakers have career years then this team will be in the Finals" It will be pointed out that that combination of events is extremely unlikely, and you will then start pouting.

If you are going to discuss a possible event that is unlikely to occur, either say that "I know it is unlikely to happen, but ... " or else be prepared to reasonably address the criticisms that are aimed at your proposal.

Or you can keep on pouting when people disagree with you.

Mike T,
"But I'm actually hoping Kwame gets traded just so the Lakers can lose and I can say: I told you so."

That's odd. The rest of are all having the exact same thought as you. I never thought that would occur. Scary as hell!!

A lot depends on Vlad. I think it was Andrew Z who posted awhile back that this is like having an extra MLE this year, since the team got virtually nothing out of Vlad last season.

And the same applies to Mihm, too.

Wow. I guess that the Artist's suggestion is in line with his world view, that we only come here to talk about him...seriously Mike T, I won't ask if you're delusional,
but have you ever considered that you might be wrong about anything? You really think that the Brother's K should give you your own section? Why not start your own blog?

If you're the end-all and be-all of basketball you think you are, you should get plenty of traffic. Right?


" "Coach, I'm ready," Bryant declared, according to Colangelo. "And I want the best player on the other team every single night."

Enough said."

That quote actually confused me a bit. I'm not sure if it's a legitimate Kobe quote -- I think the writer is
poking fun at Kobe's tirade from 2 months ago.

Why do you try to make everything a black and white issue. I'm a black man, but I don't go out and try to turn everything into black or white.

Here's a suggestion....How about i send you a one-way plane ticket to Mississippi. Pick any corner of any street within city limits and just start spouting out your beliefs about black folks and white folks........and then see what happens.....

generic_one and JJ,

Phoenix isn't committed to small ball, they're committed to not paying the luxury tax. That owner is selling off first round draft picks like crazy and now trades a player basically for money.

Call me crazy, but I think that owner might be one of the worst around. He's strictly a banker. He's lucky he inherited such a good team from the previous owners because when those guys are gone, he's screwed.

Mike T,
We all know what the reality is. Kwame is decent, but he is not as good as you think he is. I think Kwame has more of an impact on games that Mihm does. Mainly because he stays in the game!

However, he is not worth 9 mil a year. He doesn't provide the numbers of a 9 mil player. I say his value is a little greater than Walton. I would give Kwame about 6 mil a year.

The reality of it is, Kwame is the best option that the Lakers currently have (Until Bynum develops). It doesn't mean he is the savior of the Lakers. He fulfills a need.

Who do you think Kwame is? An MVP? a superstar? He is a servicable big man worth about 6 mil.

Mike T,

"You're right! This is about revenge. Next season it's on. By the time I'm done the players, the black players, will openly defy Phil Jackson. I already have the plan. When I'm done Phil Jackson will crawl out of Los Angeles."

Put down the pipe. You have no bearing whatsoever on any of the Lakers players, coaches, or management.

Long time Laker fan,

I don't think it was Bennett Salvatore. I think it will be great though if that ref worked the finals Miami series. That way Shaq will always have an "asterick" with his title without Kobe. That will be great!

"It would totally stroke your big and delusional ego if you had people posting over there. Give it a thought."

This is how stupid you are. It's not the posts that count. It's the hits. You have between 5000-7000 hits on this blog per day during the season. That means people come on to read. The minority of people actually post. Most people just read. It's funny how you dumbasses think you hold the majority view of the 5000-7000 people who actually come to the site to read and not to post. I'm telling you, you're just a stupid MFer plain and simple.

All you have to do is look at the democrates and republicans. It's always the democrates who are yelling from the top of their lungs but it's usually the republicans who win the presidency. Why is that? Because people are naturally conservative. That means they keep quiet. It's the same thing on this blog. Most of the visitors come to read and not to comment on the dumbass things you people have to say.


TIM DONAGHY is the ref being investigated.

After some preliminary research, here's what I've found so far:

He did not officiate Kobe's 81 point game.
He did not officiate any of the Dallas-Miami Finals games.
He DID officiate game 4 of last years Lakers-Suns playoffs

More to come ...


Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have to try them out.

As for the brewery, it's Boulevard Brewing Company. I've never heard of it out here on the west coast, but hopefully it's good. And I have to agree, outside of San Diego and Portland, Seattle is the best beer city on the West Coast.

According to an article on, it is "Tim Donaghy".

Realistically, probably didn't have much of an effect on the who won the games in question, as it was more likely aimed at beating/meeting the point spreads rather than picking the winning/losing team.

But it will be tough to convince people of that, especially when there are questionable calls.

Mike T,

I actually feel Kwame is best used for defense on PF’s (on the low block) like KG, Tim Duncan, Elton Brand, and Carlos Boozer.

Then Switch him to the Center Role on offense.

Don’t get me wrong guys; I would take a Jamal Magloire or Tyson Chandler anyday over Kwame. (At least they will not drop the ball) But I feel the Lakers' staff will not pull any great moves to get rid of the guy. (We might as well deal with him being in the team.) Dwight Howard even mentioned that Kwame’s sealing in the paint is surprisingly tough.

If we play to use our bigs, my starting lineup would be : Kwame (On offense-Slide to the 4 for defense), Mihm, Lamar, Kobe, Fish

To play smaller lineups: Mihm, Lamar, Evans, Kobe, Fisher (Maybe JC or Farmar depending who's picking up the offense)

This is not a Kwame chant, just dealing with what we have.



Wow, Phoenix had to throw in two first rounders in order for Seattle to take that contract. Phoenix is basically pissing away the future. They do have Atlanta's unprotected 1st rounder next year, which could be quite good, so not all is lost.

However, I wouldn't be surprised that if it falls out of the lottery or late in the lottery they would try and package the pick and either Diaw or Marcus Banks to clear those bad contracts.

Dr. Buss shouldn't look so bad now. Sarver sucks!!!

Tim Donaghy also reffed game 3 of the 2006 playoffs between the Lakers and Suns (the Lakers won 99-92).

Mike T

I agree. Start your own blog, man. Sell advertising, give up the day gig, chics, money, fame, maybe a Nike sponsorship. That way, you only have to deal with the right kind of people, which will preserve the purity of your precious bodily fluids. Hi five to anyone who can place the latter reference.

"Mike T's War Room?" But such a place already exists! I believe the rest of us call it "the toilet."

"When I'm done Phil Jackson will crawl out of Los Angeles. "

Please, Mike T. Please don't make 9Rings crawl out of Los Angeles,
You're better than that. Come on Mike show what a Team Player you are

"the purity of your precious bodily fluids."

Don't br messing around with the purity of those fluids VMan. I know you
You waited for a chance like this to destroy the very esssence of MIKE T.

check out what I just read on it says that there's a deal pending for Kevin Garnett to come to the Lakers!!! cross your fingers laker fans!

Korey-" bet you that ref that was fixing games worked the NBA Finals 2 years ago when DWADE had like 30 free throws a game or some crazy amount like that!"

I just always assume the referring is terrible for both teams but that took the cake. I think the refs get caught up in the moment, and certain players get calls and some dont ( such as Bynum and Truiaf)

Mike T,

You are very fortunate that this site is run by the LA Times and moderated by the K Brothers. If this was in fact a privately run site like Forum Blue and Gold, Lakers Fanatics, etc. you would be banned from posting there because what you do rarley adds anything positive or constructive to the conversation.

One day you'll realize that people, myself included, keep responding to you for shear entertainment value. You're more like the clown of the blog than an informed and valuable member. There's more of a "toss a treat to the dancing monkey so we see what he'll do next" approach to you than a "that was an insightful comment" approach.

It's not that anyone thinks you're some knowledgable basketball fan, we just like to see what crazy thing you'll say next.

So I say, please K Brothers, start the "Mike T War Room" so we can all go there and watch the monkey dance from time to time when Laker news is a little slow.


If we give you a "War Room" do you promise not to bring your ignorant, racist posts to Extra, Extra? If so, I'm all for it. We can call it "Mike's Reich."

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