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July 23, 2007 |  9:16 am

OK, the chant is probably a little much, considering America was pretty much guaranteed a victory no matter how yesterday's US Hoops intrasquad scrimmage shook out.  But don't tell that to Kobe Bryant, who swelled with pride after his Blue team emerged victorious in squeaker fashion.  Pride over his 26 points.  Pride over his D on LeBron James down the stretch.  And pride when it comes to pulling that patriotic tank top over his head, a simple act of putting on a shirt that Bryant considered long overdue, especially for an old-school cat like himself.  Another act Kobe might consider long overdue was his teaming up with Jason Kidd, a duo-ization that tickles the Mamba a red, white and blue shade of pink.  But even if he can't help but picture the pair doing their thing in Laker unis, Kobe's leaving that subject untouched.  Or any purple and gold topic, for that matter.  The New Jack Bauer would prefer the talk remain international hoops-centric, or at the very least, not "What does Kobe want-centric."

As one would expect in this day and age, the Tim Donaghy YouTube montages are beginning to emerge.  Despite an exhaustive search, I couldn't find any clips of low-level heavies making Donaghy an offer he couldn't refuse, but I do expect this storyline to appear on "Law & Order" in the near future.  Scenes will include a gaming expert testifying how it can be tough to spot a scheme and Donaghy's peers worrying that they'll get lumped in with their co-worker.  Tim Donaghy, this is your life. 

-- AK